Sex loving teen and a big toy

Sex loving teen and a big toy
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It was a warm day, nearing the end of summer months. It was the end of first week of school and the bell had rang to end class. I was walking down the hall and I seen Bethany walking towards me. She was in grade 11, a year ahead of me, she had blonde hair and blue eyes, and always had a tan due to going to tanning salons. She was about 5'5", had a really nice ass, perfect shape, and a pair on nice tits, not huge mind you, maybe a low C but they looked perfect and were firm.

I had always kinda thought she liked me a little (too good to be true I usually thought) My name is Chris, in grade 10 (the time of this story) I was about 5'7" or 5'8", not that tall by any means, kinda chubby but most people(usually girls) said it didn't really show, and I had fairly good sized muscles due to 5 years of football, 2 years of wrestling, 2 years of rugby, and I had been working out a lot for 3 years.

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A lot of people also told me I looked like I should be in grade 11 not 10. I had met Beth on the wrestling team, the only thing that stopped me from asking her out was the fact that her boy friend was 1)a really close friend of mine and 2)he was bigger than me haha So back to the story. She walked towards me and I waived "Hey Chris whats going on?" "Ahh, not to much really, just headed to rugby practice" "cool, so I hear your having a party tonight?" she asked "yeah I tried to find you earlier to ask you if you wanted to come by with Ryan(her boyfriend)?" "Yeah sure I'll swing by, but I guess Ryan didn't have a chance to tell you yet, we broke up, it was too hard to keep it up considering hes out of school now." "Oh ok, well swing by around 8 ok?" I told her "sounds great!" she said and kissed me on the cheek and headed on down the hall The rest of the night wasn't to eventful until then, rugby practice went well then I headed to the showers.

I came in late to the change room cause the coach asked me to stay late to work on a few things.

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I was just about to get out of the shower when I heard the change room door open, I looked out and nobody was there, must have been the last guy leaving I thought.

I went back into the shower and began to rinse myself off. Next thing I heard the door again, and looked and seen two friends of mine walking into the change room(they were girls by the way). One was named Charlete(nicknamed Char) and Sam. Char was about 5'3" with brown hair and brown eyes and I really nice rack.

Sam was about the same height but blonde and blue eyes, and she had a very nice ass. I ducked back into the shower they hadn't seen me.

I tried to think what they were in here for, I then rembered that this was the guys changeroom for rugby but the girls for volleyball, which was over.

I had no idea why they were in there, the season was done. I looked back out to find Char had her Shirt off and was removing her bra, and Sam had her shirt and bra off, and down to her panties. "Oh good!" it thought to myself, "they cant just be changing, they are gonna have a shower and find me in here!" Then I realized this was the guys change room and they shouldn't be here so I couldn't get into trouble, upon realizing this I though this would be a great chance to maybe by some sliver of chance, get with one of them!

I quickly took one more peek out.

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"Do you like my boobs?" asked Sam to Char? "More than mine!" she replied "Don't lie yours are amazing, mine aren't that firm or anything" replied Sam "No yours are perfect" said Char "Awe thanks" With that they headed towards the shower.

I quickly decided to pretend to be showering, but then thought it hopeless, they would know I'd seen them by my 7" erection. But I then thought I could use it to my advantage They entered the shower and seen me. "Oh my god!" said char and covered her eyes Then out of nowhere Sam said "You are HUGE Chris!" Then Char looked and said "Oh wow!" I answered "If there's anything to say wow about here its you two ladies" "Awe come on Chris, I'm not that good looking" Said Sam, and Char said neither was she.

Well I said "if you aren't good looking why did I have a hard on when you guys came in? its cause I seen you guys out there! and plus if I didn't think you were both gorgeous then why would I do this?" and with that I walked right up between them and rubbed my left hand over Char's pussy and my right over Sam's.

They both closed their eyes and let their heads fall back. After about a minute of lightly rubbing their pussy lips I went down on my knees and thrust two fingers into Char's tight pussy, and two into Sam's equally tight pussy. Since we were friends I knew that they both were virgins explaining the tightness. They both started to moan.

I then began sucking on Sam's clit while rubbing Char's G-spot. After about two minutes Sam orgasmed. I liked up all her juices then began sucking on Char's clit. She came in about a minute.

Then after they had both came down from that all they said was "Wow…" by then my cock was about ready to blow, I was so turned on. Sam then went to her knees and began sucking my cock into her mouth. Sam could only take about 5 inches in at first but eventually got it almost all in. I lied down on the cool floor, and enjoyed the oral bliss she was giving me Char then surprised me by going way down to where Sam was in a doggy style position and rubbing her clit.

I could feel Sam moan with pleasure, the moaning almost made me cum. After about 5 minutes or so I warned her I was about to cum, she just grunted and kept sucking. Just as I blew my load Char shoved 3 fingers into Sam's tight wet hole and made her orgasm and scream, causing the cum from my dick to run out onto her chin.

I just sat there for a minute regaining my breath and then realized Char had only came once. So I sat up and lied her down beside where Sam had lien down. I then slid down to her pussy.

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I kissed her inner thighs and then all the way to her little tuft of pubic hair. I then began fingering her and licking her clit. I continued this for about three minutes until I noticed Sam was masturbating watching us. I then reached over with my free hand, and jammed a finger into her cunt.

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I then pulled it out, covered with juices. I then touched her asshole with it and then slowly pushed my finger into her ass while she continued masturbating. Just then Char was rocked by an orgasm and used her legs to hold my head in place. Even after she had come down off of her high I continued cunniling her.

I kept pleasuring them both for another ten minutes until at once they both came.

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Just as Char was about half way through her orgasm I slipped a finger from my hand fingering her into her ass and she then had another orgasm. After lying there for ten minutes I realized I had to go, I asked if they would like to come to my party later. "Would I get to fuck you?" asked Sam? "Only after me!" exclaimed Char "All night long ladies" I answered, kissed them both and stood up and left the change room.

By the time I got home it was almost 7. I called a few friends to come over. The night wasn't too eventful until about 8 o'clock. Bethany showed up at the door and I let her in "Hey good looking" I greeted her "Look who's talking" she said with a sexy grin "Everyone's in the living room and kitchen right now making drinks, help yourself" Just then Sam and Char showed up in really tight sexy skirts.

"hey there!" I said They didn't answer. Sam planted a huge kiss on me and walked by, then so did Char I didn't speak, I was surprised my self, even though I guess I shouldn't have been after what had happened. Then Bethany stormed off up the stairs. "I was right!?!" is all I could think I then mixed her a drink and went upstairs, I found her sitting in my room looking out the window. "Hey whats wrong?" I asked knowing full well the problem "So I was wrong all along I guess, all the flirting, talking to you, the hints, and you did like another girl, well girls" I was stunned "How was I supposed to know you liked me, you're so beautiful, smart, sexy and funny, I thought there is no way she likes me" "Well just goes to show you I guess." is all she said We sat in silence for a minute then I got gutsy, I reached over, grabbed her face and turned it towards me and kissed her.

I held the kiss for a minute then let it go. She just stared at me, then I went to get up, she pulled me down and began making out with me. I pulled off for a second. "God your so fucking sexy" I said I slipped my hand around her back and undid her bra.

She then pulled off her shirt and mine and threw them onto the floor. We resumed kissing for another few minutes until I undid her jeans and slid them down along with the black thong she was wearing to her knees, she took them off the rest of the way.

I then slid down her body and began eating her out. I started by lightly flicking her lips, and then stuck 3 fingers inside of her. It was a tight fit but figured it would feel better for her.


After a minute I began sucking on her clit. This drove her wild. She began humping my face. Next I pointed my fingers up and began rubbing her g-spot. I seen her expressions change and knew she liked it "If you feel like you are going to pee just let it go, you wont be you'll cum, it'll feel great" She just nodded in agreement After doing this for about a minute or two she said "I'm gonna cum!!

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Ahhhh FFFUUCCCKKKKK MMMEEEEEE!!!!" and I pulled out my fingers but kept sucking her clit. She then squirted her juiced all over me and the bed, some even hit the wall. Once she was done I stuck four fingers inside of her and kept sucking her clit. After doing this I asked her "Want me to try and fist you?" "Wont it hurt me?" she asked "If it does I'll stop I promise" "OK" With that I began trying to fit my thumb into her cunt.

It took about three minutes but it went in "Hows that feel?" I asked All she did was moan really loudly and nod I then began Twisting my fist inside her and moving my arm further in until I was about half way to my elbow "that's enough just hold it!" she almost yelled and with that a huge orgasm over took her.

"AHHHHHHHH HOLY SHITTTTT, FUCCCCKKKK YEEEEAAHH!!!" she yelled and then almost passed out.


After a minute she came to and with eyes still closed said "Fuck me" "my dick wont even touch your pussy anymore, its really stretched out, but wait a minute" I said I rolled her over and began sticking my fingers in her ass. I'm gonna fuck you in the ass Beth. She just nodded. I then lined up my cock with her asshole. I pushed it until the head popped in, I then let her get used to it. After a minute I slid in about two inches, let her get used to it then two more, and then two more, then the final inch.

I let her get ready Just then I looked to the bed room door to find Sam there with her skirt pulled up and Char eating her out. "Oh hey Sam" I said leisurely "care to join us?" She just nodded and her and Char walked over to the bed. "They are gonna have sex with us too, ok Beth" I said and she nodded Beth was just lying on the bed flat with my still rock hard cock in her ass "Ok, Sam lie down with your pussy at Beth's face, Beth will eat you out, then lay your head back and Char will sit on you face." I said as if orcastrating a band They did as I said and all began cunniling each other.

I then began pounding away at Beth's ass.

It felt kind of like a pussy but way tighter and hotter. I kept on thrusting and heard I moan, I new it was Beth cumming because her asshole had began pulsing around my cock. I then heard Char start moaning and then Sam. I felt my cum building.

I kept pumping and told Beth I was about to cum in her ass and then unloaded four or five huge loads into her ass.

With the new feeling, Beth came and her moans made her start sucking Sam harder, who in turn sucked Char harder.

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This increase made them all cum within a minute. We all slumped over breathing hard I grinned when I looked at the clock, it read 9:30pm, the night was young.