Cumshot from straight twink at gloryhole

Cumshot from straight twink at gloryhole
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THE START It was an early Friday morning, and our parents had already left for a week long trip. I walk down the stairs, still half asleep and dazed, turning the corner, I see my 14 year old sister there drinking our dads whiskey and smoking a cigarette. I stare in awe, with my jaw dropped, I rub my eyes to have a second look, and my eyes didn't deceive me.

I walk up to Ashley and say "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!", while still in awe, She cries "Please,don't tell dad, he will freaking kill me". "Ok,So call over all your 'legal' friends tonight, and say your having a sleepover".

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"Why?!" She asked curiously, "you'll see soon enough Ashley!" I grin with an evil smirk, and i walk back to my room. Still smiling evilly, I sit down in my computer chair and look down at my basketball shorts, Noticing my 9-inch cock sticking out as plain as day, under the fabric.

Looking back at my high school days, I did get allot of pussy with this huge cock of mine. I pull my cock out and start jacking off my cock, thinking about the plan I created, i blew my load as it hit me all up my chest and some on my chin. 5 Hours Later. I hear the doorbell go off twice, Walking into the living room, I see about 3 girls, barely over 18, sexy as can be!.

"Hi! I'm Mary" she said very perkishly. She had blonde hair to the middle of her back. with about DD breast's, And a Double-A Ass! The second girl walks up and says "Hello, I'm Cynthia" in a bitchy tone.

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She was very petite, small boobs, flat ass, nothing you would look twice at,but still something i would rape the shit out of. The third shyly walks up and says "Hi, I'm raven".

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she was very 'scene', with black 'emo' hair, SUPER skinny jeans, and a tight shirt, which made her breast's seem bigger. "You are?!" Cynthia said, with her average bitchy attitude.

"I would be Dave", "Make yourselves at home, "Have some whiskey and a cigarette,While I will be right back". I walk to my room thinking this will work perfectly, I grab my gun, and some rope we have had lying around.

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I slip them in my pockets and walk back into the living room. "So ladies how about we play a game?!", "What kind of game?" she said perkily as usual. "How about some 'Truth or Dare'?!" THE GAME TIME!

The game started off with a few truths, and some stupid ass fucking dares, like prank calling our neighbors. so i thought it was about time to get some shit fucking rolling.

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I pull the rope and gun out of my pockets, everyone stares in silence "Oh, My FUCKING GOD,Ashley get your fucking ass up now!".I Screamed, scaring all the girls "NO! Ashley cried sarcastically "Don't Fuck with me you trashy fucking whore!" I yelled, getting more serious. "Your gun is probably fake Anyways!" Ashley started laughing. I turn around and shoot Cynthia straight in the chest with my 45 Desert Eagle. "What the fuck!?" They all yelled at once.

"Now as I said Ash, GET THE FUCK OVER HERE!!" I yelled. She came over crying, once she got there, I took her shoulder and threw her down, then I tied her up to the couch leg. "I want all of you to fucking strip now!" I yell. Now as the two girls strip, I pull my semi-hard cock out and start stroking, soon it becomes hard. THE FUN BEGINS!

"Now who is going to suck me?!" Neither girl raises their hand.or says anything, I shoot right between them with my gun. They both start crying, "WHO'S IT GOING TO FUCKIN BE!?!?" Raven says "I will" in a raspy voice. I walk up to raven and shove my cock down her throat unexpectedly. Looking over at Ashley she is still crying,whilst having a HUGE wet spot on her panties, under her skirt, which must've ridden up by moving so much. Pulling my cock out i rip off ravens pants to find she had shit her pants!

"What the fuck is this?!?!" Almost throwing up I take my gun and shove it up her pussy and shoot twice into her pussy, "What a nasty fucking whore!", "Don't you agree, Mary?" "Yes,very much so,Dave". FUCKING MARY! I Walk up to Mary, stroking her hair, "Don't cry Mary, I'll be gentle with you babe". I said slowly "Please!


Please!, "I'll do whatever you want!, I will even take the blame for the murder of Raven and Cynthia!" She pleaded while crying her eyes out. Thinking in my head. I thought no. "No! Your going to be the mother of my child, got it?!" I said "Ok, just don't kill me!" She pleaded "Fine, take your pants off, babe" I Said sweetly to get her calmed down.

Ignoring my command, to my amazement, she took all of her clothes off. I walk up to her, and I start making out with her, to my suprise, she kisses me back "Get on your back" I gently said.

I move down to her pussy, and I shove my finger in.

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"OUCH! she yelped. Soon I realized she was a virgin, so I slipped my finger in farther, I pushed forward and popped her hymen.

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I then strip the rest of my clothes, and I then lay on top of her and shove my cock in, balls deep. "Oh! fuck your fucking tight!" I yelled in pure ecstasy.

As I was pounding in and out as hard as I could. "Hey, Dave, Can I tell you something?" She said quietly. "I've always liked you, all through my freshman year, I'd imagine you fucking my pussy all day and night, But I've never had the guts to tell you." She paused.

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As soon as I heard that I slowed down, and started fucking more slowly and gently, and my tongue went down slowly to her nipples, and I slowly licked circles around her nipples and started grabbing her DD breasts. "OH MY FUCKING GOD I'M CUMMING! Uhhh! Ohhh! Ohh!" she yelled between her twitches in orgasm. I felt her pussy lock around my cock, and caused me to go off inside of her.

I shot several rockets of fresh hot cum into her freshly fucked body. As soon as I had enough energy to get up I said "Go take a shower and clean yourself up!, while I get rid of these two dead whores".

I put the two dead bodies into two huge garbage bags and i put them into my neighbors car trunk and busted the lock. 5 MONTHS LATER By now Mary was obviously pregnant with my child, so I told my parents (Being in a filthy rich family, my dad gave Mary and I $250,000, to buy a house, cars, baby stuff,etc.) Later on Mary and I got married on the beach in Jamaica, and soon gave birth to our beautiful baby girl.

Alerion. THE FUCKING END :) Tell me what you think People!? Its my first story so it probably horrible :)