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I'd finally gotten everything put away when a few hours later when my friend showed up. At first I hadn't noticed him as I had been working on something special for tomorrow.

"I don't know what you said or did to Wilhelmina but I have to say I most definitely approve!" Seeing the startled look on his face I could only chuckle and imagine his reaction to her when she got home. "I can't take all the credit for that, some yes, but not all, I had a visitor, and your wife interfered." I told my friend.

"A visitor? Hell must have been someone awful high in the ranks to shake her like that," he replied. I just shrugged, "I guess, it was Evelyn Timmings, a very old friend and savior of mine though she'd never admit it." "Y .

you mean Lady Evelyn Timmings?" I just nodded. It was at that point that my friend started to laugh I mean REALLY laugh, so hard in fact he almost fell off his feet. "Ah! What I would have given to have seen that! I had no idea that you were friends with Jonathon's mother." A small smile crossed my lips remembering all that Jonathon's family had done for me, and then I remembered all the piddling little things I had done for them.

Shaking my head I had to figure out a way to ultimately pay Jonathon back for his many years of friendship, a friendship that at times had been the only one I had. Sighing that is if I lived through Cedric's attacks at the moment I was only half as far as I felt I needed to be, I needed to do my exercises soon. Sighing I knew I was going to have to push harder if I was going to get there as soon as I could.

Nodding to the elder right before he left I finished my work and flashed out to my apartment. I didn't really know what to expect from Cloe when I got there I was still stinging from all the memories that had flooded back into my mind.

I was sure that Cloe wasn't all that well either after all almost two centuries of wanton revenge wasn't an easy thing to just turn off. I stopped short of the building and sighed when I felt at least ten magical beings outside of it. Growling I erected a shield and strode directly toward them. Growling I quietly advised them, "I suggest that if the ten of you wish to live you leave now.

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You don't know who or what you are dealing with, if you want to die fine stay by all means, though I guarantee that your death will be extremely painful." Two of the creatures took one look at me and my red glowing eyes and left immediately, hmmm not as stupid as I thought.

Two more saw the intense look on my face and shook their heads and left a minute later. Smiling an almost wicked smile I pointed at the rest, "Well, I guess that most of you are just too stupid to live fine." Three advanced on me and froze in their tracks, smiling at the last three I waited; one shook his head and flashed out. The last two made motions with their hands and slowly advanced on me, ah! So these weren't complete idiots waving a hand at them one gasp and froze, the last now looked unsure, I spread my hands to let him know it was still up to him.

Nodding toward me he turned and left, hmm I thought I needed to find him later and learn his counter to my freeze spell he was the first since Jonathon to actually repel it.

I waited for a minute then the council appeared; I explained then walked to the first three and smacked them all in the head. All three blinked and looked around confused.

"You three will be free to leave in a few minutes after we have increased your mental defense," the council leader told them. All three had wide eyes and just shook their heads vigorously. The last two were still trying to get loose obviously scared shitless. "Now then you last two, although no actual attack took place on an agent of the council there are still repercussions. Unfortunately the three that could temporarily remove your powers are unreachable at the moment, though I am sure that one will find you soon.

I suggest you hide somewhere you won't be found easily. Though I know for a fact one of them WILL find you, others won't if you are well hidden. You're lucky, had you actually attacked him you'd be dead now or have you not noticed the level of his power?" All five of the men's eyes grew huge when they felt the level of my power, it was at that moment that one of the first three started to convulse.


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Finally this weakling's mind has succumb, hello you little bitch!" The man said as he looked at me. "I see that almost all of the council is different, good a new council a new source of nourishment!" Walking up to Cloe he stopped, "Umm this one is going to be delicious!" Narrowing her eyes Cloe spat at him, "Don't think I am that weak little dick!" The voice laughed, "umm ummm so spirited!

Yes I am going to enjoy eating your power and your life," then he turned back to me, "though not as much as I will you!" The man raised his hand and started to fire at me with increasing power. I was bouncing all of them off with ease; hmmm I thought maybe he isn't as far as I thought. "Ah! Very good Ty, Ty! This ought to be fun, nine levels very, very good! It won't help you ass hole, not at all just like our father, I will take all of your power also, then I will pay this world back for the scorn and pain it put me through!" "The hell with you Cedric!" I shouted not caring that the secret I had hidden for well over two centuries was out, "I kicked your ass once and I'll do it again!

You know why! You have always been a weak little boy!" Cedric screamed and lunged at me through the man's body; quickly I surrounded the man with an energy barrier and waited. Before too long Cedric was screaming at me to release him I just laughed, I knew when this piece of him died it would gain me a little more time, two days at the most.

"You'll never beat me again you bastard! I will have yours and this pitiful council's power!" Then the piece of Cedric screamed and was gone I felt a small trickle on my cheek and cursed when I saw that the bastard had hit me after all. Several of the council were staring at me with wide eyes, I am sure several of them were starting to reconsider their decision that they let me up my power levels.

My friend looked at me a little smirk on his face he'd known me far longer than any left alive outside of Jonathon's family. "So uh." he started the little smirk still on his lips, "when were you going to tell us of this?" I looked him and several of the council straight in the eyes, "I wasn't, I was going to kill the bastard and finally be done with it. He killed our entire family just to increase his power!

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He drained them 'til there was nothing left no power, no will, and no life! I vowed that day when I found out that I would never stop 'til I have killed that son of a bitch! I'll warn all of you right now, don't get in my way, I am not the same as I was back then I learned more than a few tricks to battle with!" With that I flashed out to the abandoned junk yard again, I'd been destroying everything in my path when I felt my friend and Cloe appear not too far from me.

"Go AWAY!" I growled at them. "I am not in the mood to listen to useless prattle from either of you!" "Tyrome," Cloe softly said, "I want to help, you know I do," with her head down she said, "I have increased three levels it isn't much but the added power might help when needed." "What!?" the elder almost screamed as he felt her levels sure enough she was now a level above him.

"You know I'll have to report this, though at this point you are as high as I am so the leader is the only one that can punish you. Then again I might be too old and forget." I snorted when I heard this and snickered. My friend turned toward me a look of mirth on his face, when this was over I really needed to get back with him it had been a long time. Sighing I walked to them both and looked at Cloe she had actually gone up three and a half levels, no wonder Cedric had been interested in her.

I also didn't feel any of the stress that I usually did in her, again I thought, interesting, did it have to do with gender? Nodding to Cloe I flashed out feeling her right behind me as I appeared in the apartment.

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I started on the exercises, I thought I might have a clue as to how Cloe had done it, and clearing my mind I was almost at total peace, a hard thing in its self. I started the exercises and kept going trying to remain as calm as I could. When I started to feel the strain begin I tried not to push this time still concentrating on remaining calm, still going I actually felt the strain recede, ok that was a first.

Finally I stopped as I was actually getting tired again, a first as I was usually straining long before this. Opening my eyes I saw that it was dark outside, damn! I looked around and spotted Cloe sitting nearby a worried look on her face. "Damnit Tyrome! Are you alright? I've been trying to break your concentration for an hour.

What in the hell happened?


It was like you were catatonic." Moving closer to me she suddenly stopped and backed away. "My god Tyrome! You've gone up four levels! Th . that's impossible!" I could only stare at her like she was crazy, wasn't she? Standing up I flexed my hands and arms to get the circulation going again.

My legs were next just how long had I been out, I thought? Looking at the clock my mouth dropped agape 4 hours?!!! What the hell was going on? I reached out and felt my power my god! It was true I had increased four levels! I was only six behind Cedric now and might actually stand a chance, now at least I could hurt the prick. "Cloe are you ok?" I asked when she only nodded, I tried to explain. "I noticed that when we did the exercises last time that the amount of strain you had was far less than I had.

I spent all day trying to figure out why. Finally I figured that it had to do with emotions, as we both know power can be tied to our emotions." Sitting down Cloe could only nod. "I figured you can go to a calm place a lot easier than me, so I concentrated as hard as I could and went to as calm a place as I could.

I only felt strain once then it was gone I only stopped because I was tired it was a first for me." Cloe was again only nodding her head staring at me with wide eyes.

"I am scared Tyrome, I have never seen or felt a jump like this, you know the old human saying power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely. I guess I am afraid that it will happen to you," the tears started then, an almost unending stream. "My god Tyrome I just found you, we are perfect together, I know that I still have a few issues, but they are minor compared to this.

Please Tyrome, you are all that is left of my father, you have been trying to find me for so long. Please don't go away, please." I held her close and started to rub her back and shoulders, feeling her sigh I grasp her ass pulled her tighter into me. Damnit! This was no time to be thinking of her tight ass! Though I couldn't help it, it was there, it was tight and for now it was mine, shit just feeling her back side was sending shock waves through me. Shaking my head I once again I gave in to my common sense (I needed to kick his ass sometime).

Kissing Cloe tenderly I almost fell back on the bed. Crap, I was tired and hadn't been this tired in several centuries now. "Tyrome!" I heard her shout as I felt the sweet darkness start to take me.

"I'll be alright," I heard the words come out of my mouth though they were slurred and not exactly what I meant to say. "I . I just need rest," I went on then finally surrendered to the darkness.

I felt myself drifting through the dreamscape then I felt a powerful presence. "So you thought you could get away from me huh?" I heard Cedric's voice in the distance," "this ought to be fun! After I torture you for a few hours it should be simple to beat your pathetic ass! Ummm? ah!

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I see you have increased even more! So you finally discovered the path to higher and faster increase, enjoy that small victory, when I take all of you I will be complete!" Laughing like the maniacal, power hungry being he was he decided to torture me some more. "I have a friend of yours here," he suddenly stated. It was a moment before I heard the sweet innocent voice of my sister, "Tyrome?

Is that really you? Please Tyrome kill Cedric so we can all rest, he has been torturing us for a long time, I am all that is left of the family, Please." "Shut the hell up you pathetic little bitch!

You aren't worthy of the Greenstick name!" Cedric shouted at her. "Hey asshole," I shouted, and then reached out to where I felt Cedric was squeezing I heard him start to scream, and then I put everything I had into it.

Still screaming I felt him start to withdraw, holding on I felt our sister's energy and held on as he began to wither and wrench as hard as he could. Smiling I grasped even harder I had an idea but I wasn't sure that the new found strength I had would be enough. Screaming even louder I felt him try to blast me with energy but without her it seemed he was distracted. Finally I pulled as hard as I could feel my sister's personality rip away from him.

As he let out a long piercing scream I could only smile, I had her at least; maybe she could get the rest she truly deserved. "Don't think you've won you sorry piece of shit! You took her but you'll never get the others! Especially with the power father had, I will gladly use it to finally crush you and take what I should have had that day!" Then I felt him withdraw far faster than he'd entered the dreamscape.

It was a moment before I heard and felt my sister, what?! I thought I had freed her. What the hell was going on? <Eluria?> I thought, <you are inside me? Why I thought I freed you.> Still in the dreamscape Eluria appeared before me, <Dear, sweet brother, you did free me, but I had to take shelter to keep from being recaptured by him.

Unfortunately when you grabbed a hold of me and pulled me free, you also pulled me into your body.> Eluria explained to me. <I am so proud of you brother, the things you have done to protect both worlds has earned you many special gifts that you will soon be given.> I could only stare at her what in the hell was she talking about? Special gifts?

Gifts? No I didn't think so; I had always worked hard for anything, hell everything I had gotten. Teaching Jonathon to fight in school, and subsequently having both our asses handed to us 'til he was good enough. All the shit I had been through with Celina having actually fallen in love with her, all the bounties I had collected, all the scum I had put away over the centuries.

One could understand my complete disbelief at what she'd just told me. It seemed only a few minutes later when I jerked awake, staring around the room, I saw that Cloe was still asleep at the foot of the bed.

Shaking my head I could only stare at her, crap that had been the worst and strangest dream I'd ever had.


That's when I hear my sister start to chuckle. "It wasn't a dream!" I heard her child like voice say in a sing song way. "Wait," I said, "you really are locked in my head and body?" I said out loud. "Yup sure am brother, at least I am no longer in pain from being tortured." I heard her voice come out of my mouth. I bowed my head, "I am so sorry Eluria, had I known." "You would have been killed or destroyed, there is a reason you were away that day, I think you are starting to get an idea just exactly what that was." She told me a sense of pride in her voice.

"I am proud of you brother, of all you have done and will do." "Huh?" I said a little confused. "Never mind you'll see, soon you'll see." I heard her say. Suddenly Cloe's head popped up at the end of the bed, "Tyrome?" she said tentatively, "uh." looking around, "who in the hell are you talking to?

I heard another woman's voice." Groaning I really didn't need this right now, sighing I told Eluria <go ahead I'm sure you can see who she is.> I heard a sharp intake of breath then I heard, "Cloe? Cloe Milton? Oh my god it is you! I have missed you!" I didn't know who was more shocked Cloe or me.


Cloe was staring at me with her mouth wide open. "No!" Cloe said as she started to back away, "Y . y . you are dead!" Looking at me, at first Cloe was mad then she stopped gulped and said, "Eluria? Is that really you?" Now it was my turn to be shocked, my sister and Cloe had known each other. Thinking a moment I could see that yes they were born about the same time.

"Where are you Eluria? I looked for you that day, you were supposed to come over," here Cloe hung her head, "the same day that pa pa died, it seemed I lost so much that day." "One of my other brothers killed me, father and Tan. I was telling my brother." Eluria started. "Wait, wait, wait," Cloe interrupted her, a really shocked look on her face, "Tyrome is your brother?!!!

He is THAT brother?!!!" Eluria giggled a moment then got serious, "Yes, Tyrome ripped me loose from Cedric; I think it seriously weakened him but he still has father and our other brother. I am afraid that he is still intent upon taking all of Tyrome's power and life." Cloe's face contorted into a mask of rage, "Not if I have anything to say about it!

I may not be as powerful as Tyrome but like him I have more than a few tricks up my sleeve!" I had to smile, that a girl! This was the fiery Cloe that I remembered!

<Don't you dare get her killed brother, or I'll never forgive you!> I shook my head crap as if I didn't have enough to deal with! "Cloe," I started, "I don't want you in harm's way, I have to do this I have no choice, you on the other hand don't. Please don't get involved in this if you were hurt or killed Eluria would never forgive me, as I wouldn't either." "How dare you!

You selfish idiot! I love you! I have for a long time I just never knew that you were the brother that I always fantasized marrying one day. So don't you tell me I don't have a vested interest in this!" I could only stare at Cloe; she had fantasized about me from way back then. It was enough of a shock that her father and I had been friends. The fact that she and my sister had been friends, but this took me by total surprise! Cloe had turned in a huff and stormed to the bathroom I smiled as I watched her walk away.

Holy damn I thought, that was a hot tight ass when she was angry. I heard my sister start to laugh as she playfully admonished me, <my, my, my, you are still the same after all these centuries.> <Sorry sis you know but I am lonely and a male,> I said as I continued to stare at Cloe's receding tight ass.