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It is a Friday night, and I am feeling an urge somewhere in my heart. I do not know what I want, but at the same time I do. I dont know if she will be up for it. she should be. it has been 2 years. I left the house, with her on my mind, not knowing what was going to happen tonight. I walked down 4th avenue, with thoughts running through my head like wild boars. I wanted her. I wanted to be a part of her. I wanted her to be mine. And that is what I am going to do. I am a 17 year old man. Scratch that, a boy.

I am only as much as the world thinks of me, and as of this moment, I am a boy. A boy who has a fiery passion in his heart for the thrill of love. But, I digress. The main reason I am where I am right now is because my heart belongs to a girl named Samantha. She is the reason I breath, the reason I do anything I do. We have been going out for almost two years now. But what confused me the most is that she did not want to have sex.

Why? I will never be sure of, but that is not the case tonight. Tonight, she will give it. I know it. Hey, Babe! She said as she opened the door. I walked into her welcoming arms and gave her a kiss How are you doing?

I herd something happened with your parents. I asked. I am fine, I guess. My mother has been giving me some shit about the dumbest things.

I hate it all. But lets not worry about that tonight, I want to have some fun. You brought the stuff, right? She asked. Yes. Of course I did. What kind of person would I be if I didnt?

I said with a smirk on my face. Little did she know the real emotion behind my face. An urge. A yearning for her. Samantha was a very, very sexy girl for her age. (15). She had curves for miles, that defined her as a women…a girl. She had stunning blue eyes. The kind that you can get lost in, and never want to be found. Her black hair flowed down her shoulders like strands of silk. Her breasts were a healthy 36 C, perfect for me.

We walked into her room and both sat down on the bed. OK, Lets do this. Said Samantha. Haha. OK, calm down, babe. I said as I took out a baggie of weed from my pants.

She loved pot. It made her horny. I never complained. Tonight, it will play a special role. I proceeded to roll two blunts of the finest green I have ever bought.

But hey, why not? Tonight is going to be a celebration.

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I finished my blunt shortly after her. I was stoned beyond belief, and so was she. We laughed for what seemed like days. Watching the TV, I realized that our high would end sometimes soon. I decided to try and reveal my intentions to her by touching her neck lightly. She cooed. Just like I had planed.

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This is where I strike. This is the time to make my move. I started to kiss her neck lightly, running my hands through her hair, grabbing the back of it and tugging backwards. She moaned lightly. W-What are you doing, Ken? She asked in a childish voice. Just giving you kisses, is that so bad? No. I just. She tried to say as I began to kiss her more. Nothing was going to stop me. I inched my hand down her side and laid my hand on her soft stomach, slowly running it up her shirt, feeling her breast in my hand.

Her nipples were hard. I knew it. She wanted it. I lift her shirt over her head, throwing it on the ground. I sit there staring at her innocent body sitting on my bed, with the look of horror in her eyes. Why was she scared?

Leave it to me…leave it all to me… I Said softly as I closed her eyes with my fingers. I laid her down on the bed, putting her head on a pillow. I needed to close her door, her parents could hear us if I dont. I stood up and closed the door. She was shaking. Why, I still ask myself.

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I sit down on the bed next to her and run my fingers up her stomach, running them over her breasts and onto her neck, grasping it. Dont hurt me… She moaned. I would never. I replied. I unhook her bra and threw it on the ground, only after sniffing the inside first. I wrapped my hand around her tit and slowly lowered my head onto her nipple and circled my tongue around it, feeling it get hard in my mouth.

I played with her other nipples as I sucked on the one already in my mouth. She is now starting to calm down, the shaking has subsided. Finally. My hand runs down her stomach, finding its way to her pussy.

She was wearing booty shorts with no underwear, so it was not hard to feel the outline of her pussy lips beneath the shorts. She was very wet.

I moved my middle finger around in a circle where her clit would be. She moaned loudly. I hit the right spot. Faster! She said, very demandingly. I did not mind. As I rubbed her clit faster and faster, her shorts started to get saturated with her sweet juices.


This was going to make a mess. I inched her shorts down her thighs to her ankles, revealing her hairless pussy. She had an amazing pussy, very chubby lips, very pink. Her hole glistened with her juices. I ran one single finger down her pussy to her hole and slid my finger in. She squirmed.

Could it be? A virgin? There was no way… Samantha…are you…a virgin? I asked curiously. Yes…Im sorry I did not tell you…I thought you would leave me if you thought I didnt have experience…She said shamefully. No! Babe, this is a great thing! Im glad! Now I know why you never wanted to have sex… She smiled. I could tell she did not want to talk about it anymore.

I slithered down to her dripping wet pussy and spread her legs.


She put them on top of my shoulders and forced my head right into her soaked snatch. I immediately was greeted with the sweet taste of young pussy. I licked up and down, flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue vigorously. Her clit engorged to the size of a small grape.

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She wanted something more. I was willing to giving it to her. I stared down at my boxers and noticed they were soaked in pre-cum. Through this whole ordeal, I did not even notice how turned on I was.

I was to engaged in making her feel good. I grabbed the base of my cock from the top of my underwear. She noticed. A smile swept across her face. Come here. She said, motioning me over with her finger. I happily obliged. I walked over to the side of the bed, she reached her hand out and grabbed the top of my boxers and ripped them down. My cock bounced out as the boxers glided across it.

The tip of it was covered in pre-cum. She immediately reached her head over and ran her tongue across the tip, licking all of the nectar up. She smiled and bobbed her head all the way down my shaft. It felt amazing, her warm tongue massaging my cock. Up and down, faster and faster she went. I was ready to blow my load in her mouth when she stopped suddenly. Whats wrong? I asked with a confused look on my face.

Not yet. You need to hold it in… She said. But why?… Because… I want you inside of me. She said as she spread her legs and smiled at me. My heart filled with the warmness I was looking for.

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The warmness of love. The warmness of being wanted. I was ready for this.

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I have been waiting way to long… But it still worries me…she doesnt know what is next… ~~Part 2 Coming soon! Give me any feedback you like! The good stuff comes later. :)~~ PS! MY MAIN ACCOUNT IS BEASTKEN4, BUT I FUCKED UP ON THE STORY AND I WANTED TO START FRESH ON THIS ACCOUNT!