Me pide que me venga en la boca

Me pide que me venga en la boca
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I arrived at my room. My name is James. I was 19 when I started my term at tarneh collage. I was lucky to get in to this collage.

This was because there was only one room left. And it was a single bed room. I walked in and was pleased with what I saw. Then the door closed behind me. A girl about the age of 18 stood before me. "Why are you here" I asked. "This is our room." said the girl. Our room but it only has one bed I thought.

That was all I could think of before I was pushed onto the bed by the girl.


She took of her top to reveal to large breasts. I looked at them as if my eyes were drawn to them. "You like?" she asked. Then she said " I suppose you are confused about this. Well let me explain." "I was called to the headmasters office where he asked me if I would be nice enough to give away my room for a term." The whole time she said this I was staring at her perfect tits.

"I asked why. He told me that a boy was coming to the school.

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And he needed a room." she explained. I was still lying ontop of the covers on the bed at this point. She sat right ontop of were my crotch area and lyed ontop of me.

She still had her boobs naked and I felt her hard nipples against my chest. "so he said if he used this room I couldn't." I asked why not. He said isn't it obvious.""so a while later I persauded him to let us share a room. And so her you are in a locked room that only has 1 bed with a extremely sexy woman. Who by the way needs someone to snuggle up to as her T-shirt is missing." she said. "now how bout we have some fun." she said I could only manage a uh.

This was all happening so fast. All I was aware of was that there was a extremly sexy half naked female. Who won't accept no as a awnser unbuttoning my trousers. "OOOh!" she exclaimed. "You have something big under here." She wasn't wrong I had a 7.5 inch cock.

She pulled down my trousers and stuck my penis into her mouth.

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It immediaty went rock hard as it touched the lovely warmth of her mouth. "mmmmmmmm." she said.


And started going up and down with her mouth on my shaft. She stuck her mouth over almost the whole cock. I could feel her throat on my head. "why the fuck are you doing this." I asked while hoping it wouldn't make her stop.


She took her mouth of my erect dick and said. "well I was going to make you sleep on the floor. Then I saw you and fancied you.

And because I haven't had sex in months and I'm horny." she said in a calm voice.on my inside I yelled "SHE'S A SLUT." but on the outside I said "well OK then." she then carried on sucking and slurping my dick.

Then I moaned "I'm going to cum in your throat." she gave me a thums up and stopped moving and just slurped. It was wonderful. Then white cum shot out of my cock and shot into her mouth she slurped it all up. Then she swallowed it. She then took my penis out of her mouth and stood up. "your cock taste good I want to taste it every day."she said naughtily.

"let's see how good it is in the field." she jumped onto the bed and stood on her news over my cock. "you wanna go inside this beautiful cunt?" she asked. I nodded then said. "I haven't got a condom." "it's ok i'm on the pill." she said then took of her thong to reveal a clean shaven wet cunt.

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She then squared down on my cock. The feel of her tight pussy inveloping my cock was heaven. Then heaven got better as she moved up and down her huge breasts in my face "Oh FUCK YES." she said "oh oh oh yeah fuck oh ooh ah yes." she moaned with glea.

The way her tits hung in the air was fantastic. I reached up and massaged the rock hard nipples. "FUCK YEAH YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD!" she screamed her black hair flew in the air as she sped um working my vock with her pussy.

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We both started moaning. Then she started moaning louder and faster.

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And her speed also got faster and she let out a final "Oh YES!" then she collapsed ontop of me my penis still deep inside her cunt. We stayed like that for a while with a few tremors going through our bodys. "My name is trish by the way." She said and we both laughed "James very very pleased to meet you trish." I responded.

Then we looked at the clock it was 10:00 I had arrived at 6:00. "The fun is only just begining." she said with a smile.

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"Only just beginning." I thought then I wondered wether to be joyful or intimadated by that. Ah well plenty of time to think of that in the morning.

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If you liked this also try: Timestop - day 1 and 2 Timestop - day 3 Timestop - day 4 Timestop - day 5 Timestop - day 6 hope you enjoyed this and stay tuned for more with James and trish please leave comments fir the next one and tell me things I could do better on this one thank you. :). :). :) :D. :D. :D. :D. :). Yay thanks for Reading I'm doing this bit to waste the last bit of space that you need on the story you need 5000 characters and I only got 4700 so I'm wasting the leftover space so don't read this bit as it is boring.

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