OldNannY Old and Young Lesbians Toy Fucking

OldNannY Old and Young Lesbians Toy Fucking
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MY EX GIRLFRIEND It all started with a knock at the door. My girlfriend Amy went to go answer it five minutes latter I heard Amy scream at the top of her lungs " JOHN!!! WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS THIS!!!" I jumped up as if my seat had bit my nuts ,by the time I got to the door I wished it had. Standing at the door was my Ex Julia with; a suit case, a black eye and what I really hoped was a pillow under her shirt.

With a smile that would make a clown sad she pulled the pillow from under her shirt,and said " John I'm pregnant, it's not yours, my Ex doesn't like it, can I stay here." Amy looked like she was gonna kill someone, and slammed the door in Julia's face. I opened it back up at which point Amy grabbed her keys ,and ran out the door almost knocking Julia over. We heard the engine screamand Amy was gone off into the night.


I shook my head ,and helped Julia bring her stuff in. Perhaps now would be the time to inject some details into this story.

Julia was a 5' 3'' slim tan brunet with C cup breast and a butt that once upon a time we both had enjoyed bouncing coins off of, we were together for two years when she left me for her boyfriend Brett.

After the break up we had stayed good friends to the distaste of both our special others. We still went to movies and talked, we even had the same majors so we saw each other a lot.

Amy was a 6 foot tall slim blond; with B cups, a shapely ass ,and a bit of a hair trigger. She thought Julia and I had been getting back togetherbecause she thought I had cheated on Julia with her.

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I got Julia comfortable and went to get some refreshments As I asked Julia if she wanted a frosty beverage, she told me the tale of sadness that brought her to my door " It all started a month after we broke up Brett wasted no time in trying to get between my legs.

I kept him off for a while ,but everyone get tired of blow jobs. On the day we did do it I was so horny I told Brett to do me raw. He got hooked, and I thought he was the one so we never did get to the condoms.

One month later I missed my period I thought it was the birth control then when the morning sickness started I got a test. When I showed Brett my passing grade he demanded that I get an abortion, I of course refused which was when the hitting started. Today he tried to drag my to a clinic, then when I wouldn't go he deiced to do it him self.

He tried to step on my stomach to crush the baby. I blocked with my pillow, knocked him out with a lamp, packed up my stuff, and left after waking him up and torturing him. All caught on video!" As she told her tale my feelings went from pity for her to pity for Brett. Julia had always been a sadist at timesand when she was in the mood to play rough she got imaginative.

I had been forced to drop the safe word more than once. Then my pity shifted to my self when I realized my cell phone had been going off for sometime when I looked I saw to my horror that Amy had sent 20 text messages all angry, all with some form of accusation, and some threatened physical harm.

I sent her a series of soothing messages denying the accusations and explaining the story. When this was done I looked at Julia who looked less than comfortable ,and asked to use the little girls room I gave he the proper directions.

As she went to the bathroom she asked that burning question. Can I stay here? As I pondered this as I heard foot steps and a door close I turned around expecting a slap from Amy instead I got smothered in boobs. Julia stroked my back as she shushed my smothered cries. When I was finally let up for air my lip were smothered with a lust filled kiss.


As we kissed, her hands wondered down tickling my rib cage and working their way down. When she broke her kiss the only words I got out were "I can't Amy will." before she grabbed a testicle and little squeezed.

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"Don't worry about her." she said in a aggressive yet seductive tone "worry about whether you want to play with nice Julia or mean Julia" as she said this she played with my balls like dice .Needless to say I had many conflicting feeling, I knew Nice Julia was a aggressive cum addict who would suck and fuck me dry ,where as Mean Julia who would make you pay for every shot.

Then there were the text from Amy who I lovedand who had also painted frightening images of thing in the wrong hole if anything happened between Julia and I. This all manifested into a half erect penis which Julia began to squeeze an stroke.

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Well? Julia asked with a amused look on her face as she applied more pressure to my tenders. Nice Julia if you would be so kind.

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After one last squeeze she took her hand out of my pants, walked around the couch and ripped my pants to the floor as she dropped to he knee. She took my member into her mouth and sucked it to its full length of 9 inches which she then shoved down her throat. As she gave me head I decided that she needed to learn who ran this house, pulling out of her mouth with a loud pop she looked surprised and was about to protest till she got cock dripping with precum and spit smacked up side her head after a couple of smacks she looked liked she was about to say something when I shoved my cock down her throat.

While I skull fucked her I cleared up any confusion. "You come to my house, and decide that you want some dick so you think you can just take?


No bitch you get on you knees and beg for it. You left me for Brett then you think you can come claim what some other woman worked hard to get, did you consider to ask Amy if you could have some dick. No? Well then you get treated like the slut you are." As I talked Julia's only response was to moan and drool on my cock as it went in and out of her throat. I felt my cum rising and decided to see if my lesson took.

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With another pop my cock came out her mouth, she sat there with a glazed over look on he face I was concerned until I saw that there was a puddle of pussy juice on the floor. I smacked her with my dick a couple of times to get her attention, then ordered her to hold up her tits and open her mouth.

She did as she was told then I fuck her tits until I was ready to burst, after a couple of tugs I glazed her tits, face, and mouth. After my final shot her tits were dripping, her face was glazed, and she was gargling cum. I pulled out my camera and took several pictures then set it to video.

With all that set up I put my balls in her cum filled mouth and told her to make them fell good. She proceeded to give them a cum bath covering them in the goo. After I pulled the out of her mouth she swallowed her mouth full of cum and used her now clean tongue to rinse my balls, when she was finished I told her to face the camera and tell it what a slut she was she said " I'm the biggest slut ever I cant be satisfied by anything but being covered in cum.

The only thing my mouth is good for is to hold cock.

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As she said this she enforced her point by licking all the cum off her tits and scooping gobs of cum off her face and eating it. While she was doing that I took off her underwear and watched her pussy drip like a faucet when she was done with her snack I turned her so the camera could see all of her and shoved my cock into her pussy she started to scream "OH GODFUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK MY PUSSY FUCK IT FUCK IT HARD OH GOD I'M GOING TO CUM SO HARD!!!!" That was an understatement she exploded all over my nuts and the floor the pulsing of her pussy made me fill her up with more cum.

As I pulled out she started leaking when she saw this she spread her pussy aim at the camera and said "Well I've been fucked up real good" I chuckled and said "who said you were done?" With that I pushed her over and spread her ass cheeks revealing her puckered hole, I leaned in started licking around the rim which brought a moan from Julia who had her face in a puddle of our cum.

After thirty minutes of french kissing her ass hole Julia screamed " FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THING HOLY FUCK MY ASS" To which my response was to smack her ass till she shut up then I adjusted the camera and started fucking her ass hole without mercy at which point she began to moan loudly.

For thirty minutes it was nothing but the sounds of ass pounding ball smacking sex. When I felt my balls boil I dug my hands in to her ass and filled her tightest hole with my biggest load yet.

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When I saw it start to leak out I grabbed a bowl from the kitchen and placed it under her ass to catch all of the cum while I waited for her to drain I walked up to her face and she quickly started cleaning up her mess licking all the cum and ass juice from my cock. When it was clean I gave her the bowl which she gulped down spilling some on her tits and living it there. She then got dressed and we both cleaned up to wait for the up coming confrontation with Amy.