Walking Around In A Mini Skirt

Walking Around In A Mini Skirt
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Chapter 37 Dinner was a simple affair; we had boiled pasta-root with a sauce made of leftover bits of goat and pork, along with a mixed fruit salad.

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It seemed that the half of the cheer squad I hadn't been jerking off for had been hard at work. I had been instructed by Anne to collect three plates and to find her and Janie. She would supply the water. I found the two of them sitting together on the sand near the edge of the surf, enjoying the sunset. "There you are," Janie said, passing one plate to Anne before taking her own.

"Anne tells me you've been up to no good." "He's been misbehaving with my girls," the pregnant woman said with an arch look. Janie laughed musically. "Oh, when is he not! Dave, you're such a horndoggy." "Hey!" I said, not enjoying being ganged up on. "They started it." I told the two women about the prank played on me during the cheer practice session. "Those little sluts!" Anne commented with a low laugh. No wonder you got yourself all in a lather." I silently agreed.

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In cheerleading uniforms, no less. "I'll bet that was a fantasy come true, honey," Janie said with a smile, rubbing my back and reading my mind. "You must have been busting out of your britches by the time you finished." "God, you have no idea," I told them. "It gets better, though. I got them back." I described my retaliation, and how I had slipped the little teases some finger when I had the chance. "And then Natalie took her spankies off altogether!" I continued.

"When she landed on my hands I was totally blown away. I gave her her own little surprise, though," I said with an evil grin. Anne's mouth was open in shock, and she started laughing a moment later as Janie's mirth became contagious. "I can't believe that little bitch!" the coach said in wonder. "No wonder she was running so slowly. I guess she didn't want to flash anybody on the beach." Janie finally had gotten control of herself. "Oh, poor Dave!" she said with a snicker.

"You must have been beside yourself. I'm sure that's every boy's fantasy: cheerleaders without panties on." "I'm not going to lie. My dick was about to pop." I glanced at Anne. "I'm sorry, I know you girls work hard and are fantastic athletes, but you're still sex symbols to most guys." Anne snorted.

"You don't think we know that? We get turned on by guys watching us. That's why I got into it in high school. I did it in college, too. Even got into the Auburn school calendar. Plus cheerleaders are always popular, and we have fun together as a team." She gave me a sly smile.

"You know, as coach I'm still entitled to wear the uniform. I still put it on once in a while. Except now my big ol' belly would be hanging out." "Oh, that would be super hot!" breathed Janie. "A pregnant cheerleader!" Anne looked at her quizzically. "You really think so?" "I know so!" I agreed wholeheartedly. "Well," the coach said slowly, turning to Janie.

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"I was going to ask if I could take you guys up on that offer to join you some night. Hearing about all this lewd behavior has gotten my motor running. How about tonight? I can bring a uniform." "Bring two!" I blurted out. I blushed when they both looked at me, then looked at each other with smiles.

"I think we can accommodate you in our schedule," said Janie with a grin. "But you have to tell me, Dave, how in the hell did you end up jerking off on top of Yasmine?" Anne asked me.

"What the hell?" said Janie in astonishment. "When did that happen?" "I didn't get to finish my story," I said defensively. "You got me distracted talking about pregnant cheerleaders." I proceeded to tell them the tale of the piss-holding contest and Yasmine's punishment.

"Honestly," I said in conclusion, "I think that by the end of it all some of the other girls thought that Yasmine was the winner instead of the loser." Anne and Janie were now both giggling uncontrollably, picturing me, Chris and Adam blowing our loads over the prostrate teen. "Oh, Jesus!" Janie wheezed. "I'd give my left tit to see that!" "I'd suck your left tit to have seen it!" countered Anne, and the two of them fell into each other's arms in hysterics.

I joined in. After all, it had been pretty funny, in a surreal way. Anne levered herself onto her feet, groaning. "I'm gonna go freshen up. Meet me at the pool?" she asked Janie. "We can get ready for tonight." "OK," she said agreeably. She turned to me. "You want to meet on the beach past the stream, where we were last night?" "Sure," I said, already pretty amped thinking about tonight. "I'll meet you there around sunset." We parted ways, and I went to my own private pool, carrying some fresh, nicer clothes.

I rinsed off, trimmed my beard, which was now pretty full, and redressed. I was humming "Every Girl's Crazy 'Bout a Sharp Dressed Man" as I even put on a little cologne, then combed my by now unruly hair in the shaving mirror. Lookin' good, I complimented myself. I was sooo ready for these ladies! I dropped by Joelle's medical tent to see how she was doing, biding my time until the appointed hour.

"Hey, Dave!" she said happily, giving me a peck on the cheek. "Mmmm, you smell nice. And you look sharp. Got a hot date for tonight?" "Yeah, I'm meeting Anne and Janie later." "Anne? Really?" she said in amazement. "She's still interested in, you know, at her stage?" "Around me, baby" I said puffing out my chest," they're all interested in 'you know'." She laughed gaily. "You're looking pretty hot yourself," I told her, noticing she had pinned her hair up, put on a little makeup, and even shaved her legs (this indicating a rather special event for the ladies given the current razor shortage).

She blushed, still the bashful young nurse even after all she had experienced in the last couple of weeks. "I'm seeing Dkembe again tonight. He said he's taking me on a moonlight walk somewhere." "Maybe you'll get a little 'you know' yourself, huh?" She blushed deeper, but didn't deny the possibility.

I gave her a hug, pressing myself against her gorgeous body and feeling her curves melt into me sensually. "I'm glad, honey.

You deserve some fun." I kissed her cheek, breathing in her fruity smell. "Have fun, and don't think about it too much, OK? Just enjoy the moment." She pulled back slightly, looking me in the eye with a radiant smile. "I'll try. Thanks for the support. You're still my number one guy, Dave." "And I'm still your sex slave, as well as your number one fan, Joelle." She giggled at the memory of my alternative job description, and bent down to retrieve her small bag.

I lovingly caressed her ass as she did, making her gasp. "Dave, cut it out!" she complained, but with a smile.


"I don't want people to see." She looked even more embarrassed than before. "Plus," she whispered, "you're going to get my panties all wet. I don't want to gross Dkembe out." I sighed. "Even after all we've been through, you still don't know dick about guys, do you? Wet panties are about the biggest turn-on for a guy there is." She looked a little shocked. "Really?" "My dear, the fastest way to get a guy desperate for your quim is to let him smell a damp pair of undies. It's just a fact of life." "Eeew, you're serious?" "Fuckin' A I'm serious." I lowered my voice conspiratorially.

"Didn't the smell of Janie's pussy the other night get you horny?" Her eyes were now wide, the pupils dilated and jet black in the waning light. I could see her nipples poking out through her flowered blouse as her imagination began to work overtime. "I guess so," she said quietly. "I thought it was the whole situation, but it may have been a little pheromones, too." She thought for a moment, then grinned impishly.

"Do you like to smell my pussy?" "Hell yes!" I said with a grin. "If you let me, I'd drop on my knees and put my head up your skirt right now!" Her eyes got even wider.

"You wouldn't&hellip." She trailed off as I did, in fact, fall to my knees in the sand, my hands sliding up the backs of her thighs. "I couldn't!" she said, now trembling wildly.

"You could," I disagreed, my hands reaching up under the modest, knee-length garment to caress her ass cheeks. I was thrilled to find her wearing a thong, and knew she had plans for doing the dirty deed later. "Oh, God!" she moaned, obviously tormented by desire. I decided to save her the trouble of deciding, and simply thrust my head up her skirt, my lips brushing her thighs lightly as I made my way to her divine delta.

I inhaled her delicious aroma, pressing my face to the lacy scrap of fabric covering her bush. By now she was so weak in the knees I was practically holding her up, my hands cradling those soft, round buttocks of hers gladly. I gave her a lingering kiss on the gusset of her panties, feeling the dampness with my lips.

Emerging from my little tent of pleasure, I rose to my feet again, embracing her once more. She clung to me tightly, still quivering, her face buried in my chest as she gasped for breath. I kissed the top of her head, and said, "Have fun tonight, sweetheart. Give my best to Dkembe." She finally let me pull away, looking at me hungrily as I backed away, not wanting to miss a moment of the entrancing sight of this wonderful woman, now as aroused and in heat as I could get her.

I hoped she would let herself go tonight, and simply let things happen with the big man. She deserved a night of unexamined hedonism, as much responsibility as she took on around camp. Our fingers held on to each other until the farthest reach of our arms, then fell to our sides. She smiled once more. "I think I'm going to give my best to Dkembe tonight," she said in a low voice.

"You have got me so horny now!" "Atta girl!" I said. "See you tomorrow." "Goodnight, Dave. You have fun, too." Abso-fuckin-lutely I will, I thought, and began heading down the beach to my rendez-vous with destiny. The tropical sun was painting another masterpiece on the underside of the clouds as I reached the rocky outcrop at the end of the camp beach.

Even the excitement of my upcoming date with two sexy ladies couldn't stop me from taking a moment to appreciate the view. I climbed up the towering boulder on the seaward side of the passage to the southern beach, sitting on the top and enjoying the fresh breeze up there.

Nothing like looking out into the ocean to make you feel small, I thought. I watched the huge swells rolling in from the west, and realized they had travelled thousands of miles across the uninterrupted Indian Ocean only to wind up crashing on this island. Our island! The indigo water faded into a deep green, then to a brownish yellow as it reached the deeper coral heads surrounding the island.

The swells turned into breakers as they reached the shallows, crashing into the reef in a shower of spray, eventually making the lagoon as gentle waves. Scanning my view southward, I could see the less protected beach to my left was getting pounded more heavily by the surf, the reef in that direction much deeper and less of a breakwater. Fifty yards down the beach, I spied two people sitting together on a blanket, enjoying the same sunset I was.

With a start I realized that it was Janie and Anne, and that I was late for my date! I slid down the warm rock face and jogged my way to them. Janie rose to meet me, giving me a hug and a long, slow kiss. I smiled at her happily for a moment, then plopped down next to Anne to greet her properly as well. I leaned in for a kiss from her as well, her mouth tasting different from Janie's, the unfamiliar feel of her lips and teeth exciting in their newness.

"Hi, beautiful," I murmured. "Hi, yourself, handsome." "We have a surprise for you, Dave," Janie said in a sly tone. "Oooh, I love surprises," I said, rubbing my hands together. "What is it?" The two women exchanged a glance. "We'll show you," Anne said with a conspiratorial grin, "but you have to be ready for it." "I am ready for just about anything, baby!" Janie pulled the pregnant woman to her feet, and they began walking into the trees lining the beach at the foot of the bluffs overlooking our beach.

"By being ready, we mean naked," she said over her shoulder with an naughty smile. "We'll be back in a couple of minutes, and you better have those clothes off that body of yours!" I thought about complaining, about asking where they were going, but this evening had a different vibe than our time with Joelle.

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I had a feeling that the ladies were in charge tonight. I just had to be a good boy and do what they said, and I would be rewarded accordingly. I quickly jumped up and stripped, reveling in the feeling of the evening breeze on my naked skin. My cock was already rock hard, and I lavished a few slow strokes on it as I stared into the setting sun, relishing the warmth on my exposed body as much as the delectable stimulation I was providing my most sensitive parts.

I had myself good and ready by the time I heard Anne call out, "We're back!" I turned around quickly, and was rendered speechless. Holy shit! I was in for an awesome evening! My two ladies were standing next to each other on the sand, hands on hips.

Both were wearing cheerleading uniforms and carrying pom-poms. Janie looked awesome, her athletic figure perfectly suited to the borrowed costume. She had her hair done up in pigtails, and had mimicked the posture of a teenage girl perfectly. Anne on the other hand, was another matter entirely.

The same blue and white pleated skirt cradled her hips and ass, but the sleeveless sweater she wore was stretched to its limit by her swollen boobs, and her gravid belly shone pinkly in the rose-colored light, the lower edge of her top hiked up over it.

Obviously she couldn't pull down the tight material to cover it. She had her hair in pigtails as well, and she looked confident, sexy, and more than a little pleased with herself. "Oh, my…" I breathed, taking in the sight.

Janie was right, a pregnant cheerleader: super hot! "You little pervert!" Janie said sharply, her barely repressed smile putting a lie to the harsh tone. "What are you doing in here?" What? "You thought you'd sneak into the girls locker room and spy on us, huh?" Anne continued.

Oh, I get it. Duh! Dave, you are pretty dense tonight. "No!" I said in mock panic. "I got lost! I thought this was the boys' locker room! Honest!" "Look at him, Buffy!" Janie said with contempt. "He came in here to jerk off. Isn't that disgusting?" "Oh, I don't know, Missy," Anne said, eying my throbbing and very erect penis. "I think it's kinda hot. After all, I've never seen a naked boy before.

Look at his thing! It's so big and hard!" "He is kinda cute," Janie admitted, with a twinkle in her eye. "What's your name, huh?" "Jerome," I said in a nasal voice. "I'm the water boy for the football team." The two teases nearly lost it, but regained their composure and stayed in character. "Tell us the truth," 'Missy' said.

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"You came in here to see us naked, didn't you?" "Yeeees," I squeaked out. "I've never seen a girl naked. Especially not ones as beautiful and sexy as you two are." "I bet you want to rub your wiener, don't you?" said 'Buffy', licking her lips. "I really need to, do you mind?" I said, beginning to fondle myself. My dick was already oozing pre-cum, and was aching like I had just fucked the whole field hockey team, and we hadn't even started yet.

"Go ahead," said 'Missy' with a smile. "Let's see you jerk that johnson, Jerome." "I bet he's wishing we were touching it, Missy," Anne said. "You know he is," Janie agreed.

"Don't you want us to touch your boner, you naughty boy?" "Oh yes!" I agreed wholeheartedly. "I want to feel your soft hands on my hard dick. I want my balls resting in your palms." "And then you might want us to suck on them?" Anne prompted. "Fuck, yeah! And then I'd slip my rod into your mouth and you'd suck me off like a little slut!" This role-playing was getting me incredibly horny!

The girls' arousal was betrayed by their furtive touching of their breasts as they watched 'Jerome' beat his meat for them. "Is this what you think about doing while you watch us cheer at the games?" Anne continued. "You know it!" I growled. "When I watch your tits bounce as you jump around all I can think about is sucking them until you can't stand it any more.

And I imagine when you girls are doing your kicks that I can see right up your skirts to your wet pussies." The two women looked at each other conspiratorially. "Like this?" said 'Missy' with a smile. They shook their pom-poms overhead, and the two limber lovelies each began kicking their legs high, first right and then left.

The maneuver showed me that indeed, they were not wearing anything under those sexy short skirts and the gates of paradise were open! Twin brunette muffs peeked at me saucily from beneath the swinging pleats of fabric, and the intense eroticism of the spectacle nearly had me blowing a load right then and there.

I had to stop stroking myself and squeeze hard on my prick to prevent launching jets of semen at the slutty sirens. "Oh shit!" I wheezed, eyes bugging out. "I want to fuck you so bad!" "What do you know about fucking, Jerome?" 'Buffy' asked contemptuously. "I'll bet you've never had a girl before." "I haven't," 'Jerome' admitted. "But after every game I beat off in bed while thinking of you two. When I watch porn I pretend it's you two naked in front of me.

I have a fantasy that during the game I grab you and lay you down on the field and fuck you in the middle of the stadium while everyone is watching." Now the tables were turned and it was the girls that were getting turned on.

Janie was pinching her nipples as I spoke, and Anne had slipped a hand under her skirt and was rubbing herself as she imagined the scene I had just described. "If you want our pussies you have to beg for them, and earn them," she said in a trembling voice. I fell to my knees in the sand. "Please, please let me fuck you!

I'll be your slave forever! I'll do anything you want!" The girls liked that; they were having fun being in charge. "Crawl to me, Jerome," Janie rasped. I complied, creeping toward her until my face was just inches from her short skirt. I could smell her now, and the added stimulation actually made my mouth water in anticipation. She slowly raised the hem of her skirt, exposing her beautiful pussy for my inspection.

"What do you think, Jerome?" she said softly. "It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!" I said truthfully. Her dark curls were glinting with her juices, and the thick, meaty lips bisecting the fur hung heavy and engorged in the middle, just aching to be sucked on.

I stared intently at the wrinkled flesh, and I could almost taste the metallic tang of her honey on my tongue. "What about mine?" said Anne, duplicating Janie's pose.

I swung my body to the right, my nose actually brushing her coarse hairs I was so close to her. I inhaled deeply, her musky, elemental perfume filling my nostrils and galvanizing me. I stroked the smooth skin of her thigh as I stared at her, making her shiver.

"It smells like heaven," I breathed. Her scent was heavier, stronger than Janie's, perhaps due to the effects of pregnancy. My brain was close to short circuiting, I was so randy, the sights and smells of these two secret gardens before me whipping my hormones into a frenzy. "May I kiss it?" "You may," she said primly. I pressed inward, inhaling her essence again, and pressed my lips to hers, relishing the contact with her warm, damp folds.

The tip of my tongue made the briefest of forays along her snatch, making her gasp involuntarily. "That's enough, Jerome. If you want more, you've got to show us you deserve it." "What do I need to do, Buffy? Just tell me." She abruptly turned around, and in a move that showed she was still as limber as her own cheerleading days, bent double at the waist. She grasped her own ankles, peering at me between her slightly spread legs, and presented her full ass for my viewing pleasure.

"Lick my asshole, you little nerd!" My hands moved of their own accord, first grasping her hips, then sliding forward until they rested on that big, firm, pregnant belly of hers. I pressed my face to her pungent ass crack, slipping my tongue between the muscular cheeks and caressing the puckered rink of muscle gladly.

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The bitter flavor of her bit at my tongue as I tickled her fundament, making saliva flow from me freely, bathing her anus liberally. I thrust the tip of my tongue into her, making her squeal in delight, and pulled myself tighter to her, losing myself in her body. "Jerome, you naughty boy! You like licking ass, don't you?" she gasped.

I pulled away from her for a moment, just long enough to say, "Almost as much as I like licking your cunt," before moving a inch southward and slurping her engorged labia into my lucky mouth. She groaned as I ate her out, now chewing her delicate flesh, now driving my tongue deep into her seeping slit to sample her freely flowing nectar.

After a minute or two of this treatment, 'Buffy' was having trouble holding her pose, and her legs shook uncontrollably as she took her tongue-lashing gratefully. I backed off, observing the shining trails of vaginal lubricant running down her inner thighs. 'Buffy' was about ready for a good fucking, in my opinion! 'Missy' was getting jealous, though, and demanded her share of attention.


"Jerome!" she barked. "Sit down!" I fell back, sitting on my heels, and looked at her with wild-eyed anticipation. Her hands snaked out to clutch the back of my head, and before I knew it she had thrust her oozing crack in my face, rubbing the slick tissues of her protruding vulva along my cheeks and over my lips. I stuck my tongue out as the succulent flesh slid past, loving the familiar taste of her, reveling in the intimate contact between us.

She ground her overheated mound aggressively against my face, and I would have happily let her smother me this way if she so desired, but after a moment more of fucking my face she relented, and I gasped in a breath as her dripping pussy was pulled away. "You're being a very good boy, Jerome," she said breathlessly. "Maybe you'd like to see our titties now?" "Oh yes! I'd like that very much!" You bet your ass I would!

My two tender tormenters lined up again with their pom-poms, and this time spiced up the routine by hoisting their tops up sufficiently to display two sweet sets of tits. "Give me a J!" yelled 'Buffy.' "J!" shouted 'Missy.' "Give me an E!" "E!" The girls were jumping up and down now, waving their pom-poms in circles. Janie's tight rack jiggled enticingly on her exposed chest, the stiff nipples tracing a complicated path through the evening air as she danced around madly.

Anne's considerably larger hooters, gearing up for milk production as they were, bounced wildly up and down in time with her chanting. The sight of her swollen mammaries caroming off of her huge belly, the fluttering skirt underneath it all, was an image I was not likely to forget in this lifetime.

"Give me an R!" "R!" "Give me an O!" "O!" With each kick they flashed those wet cunts at me, and as I was still kneeling shell-shocked in the sand, I had the perfect up-skirt view of their feminine flowers. My hand went back to choking the chicken as I watched, entranced, this sexy cheer unfold. "Give me an M!" "M!" "Give me an E!" "E!" I was having flashbacks of high school pep rallies gone by; sweet sixteen-year-old beauties of my dreams, so unobtainable to the average boy that I had been, dancing and leaping across the gym floor.

Just two thin scraps of fabric had kept me from viewing paradise with each kick those many years ago. Not so, now! I was practically drooling with desire as the bare breasts and naked pussies of today merged with memories of Melinda and Stacy and Lauren and the others of my youth.

"What's that spell?" "JEROME!" the two of them belted out at top volume. It was too much for me. I blew an epic load into the sand, the hot white spew reaching a good three feet in front of me. I groaned aloud as I milked gout after gout of my seed into the evening air, and the girls responded as if I had scored the winning touchdown, leaping and yelling wildly, causing their naughty bits to flail around even more erratically.

I hung my head, gasping, as the trickle of pearly ooze dripped from my still semi-erect penis. "Jerome, you naughty boy!" Anne scolded me. "You made a mess on the locker room floor." "I'm sorry," I said contritely.

"I've just never seen such beautiful bodies before. I couldn't help myself." "You like our bodies?" Janie asked me throatily. "Oh, yes!" I breathed. "Would you like to see us touch each other in front of you?" "Fuck, yes!" I barked. Even Anne seemed a little startled at the suggestion. Janie turned to her. "So, Buffy, Jerome's not going to be any use for a little while.

Can I make you feel good while we wait?" "Ok, Missy," Anne said hesitantly, obviously turned on by the thought, but nervous about her first lesbian experience. 'Missy' tenderly wrapped her arms around the pregnant woman, leaning in for a long, slow kiss. I watched in awe as their breasts brushed against each other, Janie's fat pink nipples tickling Anne's larger brown ones. Her flat belly pressed up against the bulging uterus of the other woman, and I felt a little stab of envy as Janie's hands slid down Anne's back, reaching under the short skirt to begin kneading her buttocks while they kissed.

It wasn't going to take long for my dick to harden again. The two broke their kiss, staring into each other's eyes in silence. A groan finally tore from Anne, and she threw herself at Janie, embracing her and thrusting her tongue into her new lover's mouth with abandon.

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In seconds she was caressing Janie's tits with both hands, and moments later her mouth was assaulting the stiff peaks as she sucked tit for the first time. Janie threw her head back, gasping as she reveled in the sensation of a warm mouth massaging her nipple. I knew the woman well enough by now to know she wouldn't be satisfied with that for long, and sure enough after just a couple of minutes of getting sucked, she grasped Anne by the shoulders and pushed her down onto her knees.

Anne looked up at her, trembling, and Janie said to her in a playful voice, "Have you ever tasted pussy before, Buffy?" 'Buffy' just shook her head mutely. "I like to get some before every game.

Some of the girls come in early to change, and we lie on the benches and eat each other out. It's fun to think of the football players next door, naked in their own locker room." She was really getting into this fantasy!

"Would you like to see my pussy, 'Buffy'?" Anne's head nodded yes, and her eyes moved downward to the short skirt in front of her face. Janie's hands slowly reached for the hem of the skirt, and equally slowly began lifting it. I felt there should have been some sort of fanfare as her sweet snatch was revealed. Anne certainly was transfixed by the sight, and I sighed as her hands pressed up against Janie's thighs, then crept upward and inward until she was combing her fingers through the brunette curls on Janie's sex.

'Missy' spread her legs slightly, and reaching behind the kneeling woman's head, pulled her face into her crotch, pressing Anne's face into her perfumed crack. The neophyte rug muncher tensed slightly, but soon found herself lost in the unfamiliar world of pussy. I could have guided her through the experience, but it looked like she was handling her maiden journey into honey canyon unaided.

I supposed it was a bit of an advantage if you had your own pussy, because she knew just what it took to reduce Janie to whimpers of delight in moments. I could hear the wet, lapping noises her tongue made against Janie's dripping vulva, and the sounds combined with the sight of two hot women in cheerleading outfits getting it on in front of me to have my boner erect again in no time. Janie was thrusting her pelvis rhythmically at Anne's face, obviously enjoying the attention to her twat, and Anne's hands had now latched on to Janie's taut buttocks greedily.

Her engorged, swaying breasts were pressed up against Janie's thighs as she worked, and I could almost feel the hard brown points tickling the soft skin as if it were happening to me.

"Suck my clit, baby!" Janie cried out, and soon I could see her tense up, her face set in a grimace, as her first climax of the night approached. She began shaking wildly, an incoherent "Uuuunnnh!" erupting from her lips as she painted Anne's face with a gush of fuck-juice. The taste and smell of her first pussy had apparently really gotten the other woman pretty revved up, because after she had shepherded Janie through her orgasm with her talented tongue, she fell onto her back, spreading her legs wide.

"Lick me, Janie!" Oops, I guess she was too worked up to stay in character any more. "My pussy is so wet! I need you to go down on me!" Janie fell to her knees, and dove for the spread cunny in front of her like a dog on a pork chop.

I shuffled closer to them on my knees, stroking my meat again unconsciously as the combined scents of these two horny cheerleaders filled the air. I watched, mesmerized, as Janie attacked her lover's cunt with tongue, teeth, and fingers. Alternating long, slow licks of the glistening gash, sharp love bites of the engorged labia, and tight, circular strokes on the moaning woman's stiff clit, she had her in a frenzy in no time.

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Apparently craving more stimulation herself, Janie abruptly pulled away, her face shining in the waning light, and reversed the direction of her body. Anne had barely enough time to voice her disappointment at her pussy's abandonment before Janie had thrust her own muff against it, scissoring the other woman violently.

Gasps erupted from both of them as their genitals met in a sweet soul-kiss, their slick and swollen lips writhing against each other in a display so erotic I thought I would hyperventilate. Jesus God, would you look at that! my mind screamed. The sight was incredible: two sexy, uniformed cheerleaders, one very pregnant, now grinding their mounds against one another in a mindless, lustful frenzy. Anne had grabbed Janie's legs, the better to pull the two of them together tighter, and Janie was pinching her own nipples aggressively as she strove for another orgasm.

"Oh fuck, this is so hot!" I groaned. I was not even aware I had said it aloud until Janie's wild eyes fixed on me, almost in surprise that I was still there. She took in my slack-jawed amazement, my hand flying up and down my shaft as I watched, and must have decided to take pity on me.

"Oh, Buffy!" she crooned, not slackening her gyrations for a moment. "Yeah?" Anne grunted, still lost her own universe of pleasure.

"We're neglecting Jerome. Let's include him in the fun." Yes, let's! "But this feels so good I don't wanna stop!" 'Buffy' protested. "I have an idea," 'Missy' said. "Hold up." Anne complied, bountiful chest heaving, and opened her eyes. I could almost imagine she was angry with me for putting a halt to her fun, but when she caught sight of my throbbing boner she seemed to realize there was something in it for her after all.

I watched as Janie disengaged her dripping cunt from Anne's, making room in between them. "Lie down Jerome," she directed. "I've got a special treat for you." I quickly complied, plopping onto my back, my heart pounding, dick standing up in the air like a maypole missing its streamers.

Anne looked as confused as I felt as Janie pulled the other woman's legs until they were draped over me, her moist gash nestled against my aching cock, the coarse hairs of her bush tickling my shaft.

Our confusion was quickly dissipated, though, as Janie assumed the same pose, laying her sublime ass on my other hipbone, and intertwining her legs with Anne's, so that she could pull the two of them together again. This time it was my turn to gasp as my penis was sandwiched between the two sets of damp labia. The girls each grabbed one another's legs, and drove their mounds together again, now with my lucky prick squashed in between them.

The sensation was nearly indescribable. It almost felt like the best blow-job ever, as the twin sets of slippery, wet lips caressed my shaft softly. The hard bumps of their pubic bones provided a firm backstop, however, that enhanced the ecstasy I was feeling, gripping my dong firmly like the hands of an angel.

I was panting uncontrollably as they worked their way back to their former peak of pleasure, both women groaning as the erect little knobs of their swollen clits tickled the sensitive edge of my helmet. Anne now began shuddering as she finally reached release, and the warm, wet place where the three of us were joined became warmer and wetter as her pussy oozed its honey onto Janie and me. I was truly in heat by this point, and as amazing as this situation was, I needed my dick in a pussy pronto.

I forcibly levered the girls apart, Anne still gasping and twitching, and aimed my rod at Janie's gaping hole. She surprised me, however, pushing me at Anne instead. "Go ahead, Dave. Stick it in her! She's still coming. You can keep it going for her." OK, whatever you say, I thought wildly. As long as I get into some pussy STAT! I lifted Anne's legs, holding them for leverage, and plunged into her in one titanic thrust.

Sure enough, true to Janie's prediction, the minute my dick entered her spasming love tunnel, she began keening loudly, her body writhing on the ground as her climax washed over her again like a tsunami of sensation. I pumped into her frantically, my thighs already soaked by her overflowing vagina, our skins slapping wetly together in time with our lovemaking. I kept the moment going as long as I could stand, until Anne was almost sobbing and I was near blowing a load. Finally I eased off, lying cradled in her legs as she wrapped them around me, my head pillowed on her breast.

I realized dimly that Janie's head was on her other breast, still sucking the fat nipple gently as she rubbed her own pussy languidly. Our eyes met across the expanse of Anne's chest, and she gave me a wink as she held the brown bud in her teeth momentarily, making Anne moan hoarsely. Her generosity had its limits, though, and as soon as she was sure Anne was satisfied, Janie dropped onto her back next to the other woman, and pulling her heels to her ears, invited me in.

"C'mon, baby, my turn!" she begged fetchingly. "Get that big cock into me!" Trading one pussy for another, I pulled out of Anne's drooling hole and stuck my meat into Janie's. I groaned aloud at the sweet exchange, the warm vaginal embrace so similar to the one I had just left, but yet so different. I slowly slid my length into her, first kissing her, then suckling her breasts like a baby. I was near the point of no return, and wanted to make this last as long as I could.

I glanced at Anne, and her serene expression as she lay there, caressing her breasts, watching us fuck next to her, made me smile. She was still in her uniform, and the skirt was flipped up to reveal her recently pounded pussy, now swollen, gaping wide, and discharging trickles of frothy white cream as she lay there. Life is good, I thought as I slowly ramped up my thrusting, now propped up on my elbows and looking down at the wonderful woman beneath me. Her eyes had reopened, and she gave me a Mona Lisa smile as she took my hand, her other one reaching up to twine her fingers in my hair.

"Fuck, baby!" I rasped. "I can't last much longer. You two are too ball-drainingly beautiful for me to hold out any more." She chuckled indulgently.

"Go ahead, Dave. I got mine already." I felt her amazing pussy begin its massage on my prick, and that was all she wrote. I emptied my nuts for the second time that evening, now balls-deep into a seeping slit beyond compare. My ass cheeks clenched and unclenched as I gasped and shuddered my way through a mind-blowing orgasm, and I collapsed onto the petite body below me in a haze of sexual exhaustion. To be continued.