Linis tubo sa bagets na may abs

Linis tubo sa bagets na may abs
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Introduction: Captain'sPersonal Log Stardate 44302.9: ---------------------------------------- We are currently en route to the former planet of galactic peace, Nimbus III. Lately though, something strange has been happening aboard the Enterprise.

There have been numerous reports of lewd and indecent conduct by both male and female crew-members from allover the ship. Doctor Beverly Crusher can find no apparent medical or physiological reason for the increase in amorous tendencies of the crew.

But I must admit, even I can feel it. Lately, the sight of almost every female on board seems to excite me like never before.

I don't know what this feeling is, nor what is causing it, but it is driving me, and the Enterprise, to Nimbus III at warp speed. Something powerful, and very compelling is pulling us there. Counselor Troi called the feeling from the planet almost sensual. Whatever it is, we will know in three days. Chapter 1: ---------------------------------------------- Riker sat in the darkness of his cabin staring at the stretched image of the stars flicker by. The feeling that was drawing the Enterprise towards Nimbus III intrigued him.

Whatever it was, it made him feel excited, yet strangely relaxed. Earlier that night he had become aroused when Counselor Troi brushed against him on the bridge. He had fantasized about the beautiful dark-eyed Deanna many times, but now, as he lay back in the chair and closed his eyes, he could almost feel her presence in the room with him. There were so many things about her he longed to experience. the softness of her firm, round breasts, the smell and texture of her gorgeous body, and most of all lately, the taste of her succulent cunt.

She would be hairless down there of course. hairless as a twelve-year-old girlhe thought, remembering the Betazoid tradition of shaving off all bodily hair from the onset of puberty.

Just thinking about Deanna's pouting, bald cuntlips being parted by his stiff tongue made Riker squirm in his seat. His mouth began to water. Riker looked down at himself, and opened his robe. He was hard, very hard. Stroking himself softly he thought of Troi's, luscious red lips wrapped around his cock, licking and slurping, and sucking.

"Computer, replicate one vibrator, and hurry!!!" The vibrator materialized. Grabbing it, Riker began to rub it up and down his prick. He soon became so lost in the pleasures of masturbation, that he didn't hear the door to his quarters slide silently open. It was Lieutenant Tasha Yarr. The slim, blonde security officer stared at Riker with smoldering eyes, but said nothing.

Instead, she crept silently into the shadows, staring wide-eyed at the first officer's huge cock. It seemed to dwarf the seven inch vibrator he was using to masturbate with. Tasha dropped a hand to her crotch and began to rub herself through the sheer fabric of her uniform, digging her fingertips into the pliant material which encased her full-lipped cunt like a second skin.

Since StarFleet academy, Tasha had always had a personal policy of never wearing any underwear, (much to the delight of her fellow male officers), and right now, she had never been more glad of the fact. Now, with her eyes glued to Riker's mammoth hard-on, Yarr's long, slender fingers worked busily between her thighs, rubbing her hot cuntslit through the rapidly-moistening crotch of her uniform. Her knees felt like rubber and her breathing came hot and heavy.

The sight of Riker's rigid, throbbing sex seemed to mesmerize her. As she watched, Riker gasped and began pumping his huge cock with his fist.

His ejaculation spurted him in the face and chest. Lieutenant Yarr licked her lips. Noticing his cock begin to deflate, Tasha stood up and came out of the shadows. "Sir, this feeling on the ship is affecting you too?", she asked, almost incredulously.

Surprised, Riker dropped the vibrator, and closed his robe. "Huh? Wha. Umm, what f.feeling?!", he stammered. Tasha moved towards him, slowly removing her uniform. Riker watched her with interest. "Sir, don't try to hide what you were doing, I've been here most of the time. I saw you!", smiled the pretty young woman.

Embarrassed, Riker tried to put on an authoritative voice: "I was just inspecting my er. myself for um. er. space lice!", he blurted, a little unconvincingly. "Mmmmmm, space lice, huh?", said Yarr. "Well, as security officer, I think I'd better check that out for myself, don't you, Commander?" As Tasha moved closer into the light, Riker suddenly noticed that the tall, sensuous blonde was completely and gorgeously naked! He gasped. She was absolutely beautiful! He had never noticed it before, but the normally ultra-cool head-of-security was a real fox!

Her tits were small and up-tilted, and stood out from her tanned chest like two perfect little cones, each topped with a large salmon-coloured nipple. Riker's gaze drifted down to her crotch, where a light thatch of fuzz scarcely concealed the cutest little blonde-haired cunt he had ever seen. "Holy shit!", he whispered under his breath. The naked woman approached and stood before him. Although he had just spent himself masturbating, Riker's cock began to stiffen noticeably.

Tasha knelt between his legs and took his semi-hard cock into her mouth, sucking noisily. Riker's hands flew to the back of her pretty blonde head. "Ahhhh! My God! Suck my cock! Ohh, yeahhh, baby! Suck!!!", he groaned. Even only partly erect, Riker's huge organ was much too big for her. Tasha lowered her head and let more of his prick slip into her small mouth. Her pink lips stretched as they slid down his shaft and she gagged a little as his fat cockhead tickled the back of her throat.

Riker had to give the woman a lot of credit, very few women had ever got past taking the head of his huge cock into their mouths and here was Yarr, going for the whole damn thing!

She relaxed her throat and pressed her blonde head even lower. Damn. it was tight! By now, Yarr had about six inches of Riker's hard prick going down her pretty young throat and she was moaning and sucking on it like a dog devouring a bone, trying to get more of the monster cock down her tight gullet.

Riker held her by the ears and pumped his prick between the horny blonde's tightly stretched lips. fucking her pretty face. Yarr seemed to be trying to accommodate all ten inches of Will Riker's prick, but she didn't get the chance. Her tight sucking lips wrapped hotly around his cock, and her fingers squeezing his balls were too much for him.

Riker lost it! His cum boiled out of his balls and pulsed up the shaft of his prick like lava out of a volcano. With a loud cry, Riker held her head on his jerking cock and pumped jet after jet of red-hot cum deep into Yarr's throat.

She gagged a little at first, not expecting him to blow his load so soon. Even so, she was able to swallow every spurt of Riker's considerable load without loosing a drop. "Jesus! Now that's what I call devotion to duty, Lieutenant!" grinned Riker.

Tasha looked up and smiled seductively under her long lashes. "Mmmmmm! my pleasure, Commander", said Yarr, licking the last of his creamy jism from her full, red lips.

"No, Lieutenant," Riker corrected her, "It was definitely *MY* pleasure. But now my dear, it's your turn!" Riker sat her down on the chair and pulled Yarr's firm, young ass to the very edge. Then, parting her thighs wide, he lowered his head and buried his face in her furry, blonde pussy.

Yarr gasped as Riker parted her pussylips with his thumbs and ran his hot, wet tongue the full length of her gaping cuntslit. "Ohhhhh, Commander! Ummmmm, baby! Oooooh, yessss! That feels sooooo good!" As his lips sucked her clit, and his tongue probed deep into her little-used fuckhole, Yarr tossed back her head and moaned with pleasure.

She had never had her cunt sucked so exquisitely in all her life! Grabbing the back of Riker's head, she hunched her cunt up at his face, grinding her wide-spread sex shamelessly against his probing tongue. Riker sucked and licked her glistening, pink pussy-flesh with gusto, relishing the piquant flavor of Yarr's hotly aroused cunt as the excited woman writhed and twisted her ass beneath him.

He cupped her firm, young asscheeks in both hands and pulled her cunt tight against his mouth. Then, completely covering her juicy little slit with his lips, Riker opened his mouth and sucked hard. Yarr was so aroused that her abundant juices literally flowed into his mouth, and Riker had to swallow rapidly so as not to loose any of the precious liquid.

He sucked her dry, and then took her hard little clit into his mouth, flicking it rapidly back and forth with his tongue. Yarr almost fainted with the intense pleasure Riker's mouth was generating between her trembling thighs. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! God! Suck me! Suck my cunt! Oh, yessssss! Suck it, hard!" He did, and before long Yarr was screaming out in orgasm, tossing her pretty blonde head from side to side and grinding her spasming cunt hard up into Riker's face.

Before she had time to recover, Riker stood up and pulled the still quivering woman to her feet. He sat on the chair and Yarr straddled his hips, facing him. The nipples of her small, firm tits brushed deliciously against Riker's chest as Yarr reached down between her legs and positioned the First Officer's rock-hard prick between the slippery, wet lips of her cunt. Without waiting for him to take the initiative, Yarr lowered her hips, impaling herself to the hilt on Riker's rigid cock with one easy, fluid motion.

Normally she would have enjoyed a much longer foreplay, but right now, she wasn't interested in preliminaries, she just wanted to get fucked. Suddenly, she needed his huge prong inside her overheated pussy more than anything else in the whole universe. Riker groaned as he felt his cock slide into the hot, clinging depths of Yarr's cunt. She was tight. very tight, and he wondered how many men she'd had before.

Very few, he guessed judging by the snugness of her pussy. Despite her pretty face and gorgeous body, Yarr's attitude to men was legendary. As far as he knew, no man on board the Enterprise had even got to first base, let alone fucked the hot-looking little blonde. No wonder she was tight! And obviously, by the way she was acting, deep down inside she was horny and frustrated too. Riker didn't know what had happened to make her change, all he knew was that the change was for the better.

Lt. Yarr was one hell of a hot piece of ass! She began to bounce up and down, lifting her ass and grinding her cunt back and forth on Riker's cock, her firm little tits jiggling and swaying erotically as she proceeded to fuck herself senseless on the First Officer's overgrown prick.

Riker held onto her slim hips with both hands, watching his cock plunge in and out of Yarr's blonde pussy, his long, hard shaft glistening with her wetness. Not only was she wet, but she was incredibly hot and tight as well, and very soon Riker found himself fighting back an imminent orgasm.

Just then the door opened again, to reveal the muscular frame of Commander Worf. As he entered, the big Klingon sniffed the air like a beast of prey and grinned lewdly, his nostrils flaring as they filled with the unmistakable odour of cunt that filled the air.

Silent as a Sellurian tiger, Worf crept into the cabin, his cock swelling to enormous proportions just from the smell of a female in heat. It didn't matter to Worf that the odour was definitely human. once a Klingon male was aroused, just about any warm, wet hole would do. Worf crept forward, his ears attuned to the unmistakable sounds of sex.

heavy breathing, low moans of pleasure, and the moist, rhythmic slapping of flesh against flesh. As his eyes became accustomed to the dim light, Worf was able to distinguish the outline of a naked woman. She had her back to him, her cute, round ass bobbing up and down. her tight cunt stuffed full to overflowing with Commander Riker's massive cock. At first Worf didn't recognize her, then he noticed the uniform on the floor, and growled with lust.

Yarr! He had lusted after the shapely human for a long time, and now was his chance. Unable to control himself any longer, the big, muscular Klingon tore off his uniform and stepped up behind the busily fucking pair.

"May I join you, Commander?", he boomed. Without waiting for a reply, Worf spread Lt. Yarr's petite asscheeks apart and positioned the tip of his immensely swollen organ against the woman's puckered anus. Riker hardly acknowledged Worf's presence, being too busy enjoying the slippery enveloping tightness of Yarr's insatiable cunthole to notice anything.

Yarr on the other hand was only too aware of the big Klingon's intentions. His large, flared cockhead seemed to be burrowing it's way into her asshole like it had a mind of it's own. Before she had time to complain, Worf lunged forward and buried his prick inside her hot, buttery asshole to the hilt.

A deep animal cry escaped the Klingon's lips as his gigantic prick entered her bowels. The sound was completely unintelligible to the two humans, but was none-the-less unmistakable in it's connotations.

Yarr yelped in pain, but only momentarily, until her asshole expanded to accommodate the huge intruder. Then as Worf began to match Riker's stabs into Yarr's cunt, thrust for thrust, her cries of alarm became squeals of pure, unadulterated pleasure.

The Klingon cock in her ass and the human one in her cunt moved which such precision, they seemed to belong to the same being, perfectly timed and intensely stimulating. Yarr came almost immediately, rocking her ass back and forth on the deeply imbedded organs, humping against each of them in wanton, mindless abandon. "Ahhhggghh!

God, fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! Uhhhh, yes, fuck me both. you gorgeous big pricks! UUUUUUUUHHHHNNGGGHHHH!!" Yarr's cunt and asshole convulsed and spasmed in ecstasy around the two pummeling cocks, her mind and body totally overcome by the dual penetration. The incredibly tight contractions of her cunt around his prick were too much for him. Suddenly, Riker arched up, bellowing out his pleasure as he rammed his cock savagely up into her cunt. The sudden increase in pressure combined with the incredible tightness of Yarr's slick asshole, forced Worf over the edge as well, and he came in up her ass by the bucketload.

Yarr was in seventh heaven and climaxed a second time as the two massive cocks exploded inside her body, almost at the same instant, flooding her seething insides with hot, boiling cum. Worfpulled his cock out of Lt. Yarr's quivering anus with a loud slurping sound, and wiped himself off on her creamy asscheeks.

Although he had thoroughly enjoyed his first sexual experience with a human female, little emotion showed on his rough, craggy features. But that was normal for a Klingon. Even during the rare times they did show any feelings, it was usually hard to tell if they were angry or just very happy. "God, that was utterly fantastic!", murmured Yarr, dismounting from Riker's cock. Her legs were wobbly and would hardly support her, so she sat on the floor with a curiously dazed look on her pretty young face.

Her blonde hair was in complete disarray and beads of sweat covered her naked body from head to toe. Still, she was utterly beautiful. Riker looked up at Worf and noticed that he still had made no attempt to clothe himself. His huge ridged cock was still impossibly hard. Yarr noticed it too and scooted over between his legs, stroking the Klingon's massive prong with unashamed delight. Worf turned to Riker.

"Commander. I almost forgot. You were needed on the bridge a half hour ago!" "Shit, Worf!", exclaimed Riker, quickly pulling on his crumpled uniform.

"The Captain will be furious!" "Sorry, Sir. I would have told you sooner, except you were otherwise occupied" "Don't worry," laughed Riker, as he strode towards the door. "I'll just tell him something came up suddenly and we were just filling Lieutenant Yarr in. Even Worf gave a wry smile at the joke. He looked down at Yarr who was busily stuffing the fingers of her left hand into her sopping pussy as she licked his knobbly cock.

"I think Lt. Yarr definitely needs some more.umm.filling in, Commander," he grinned. Riker turned back in time to see Worf push the now submissive woman onto her back. The big Klingon was between her open thighs in a flash, his long curled tongue lapping at Yarr's juice-filled cuntslit with swift, catlike movements that had the woman squirming and whimpering in mindless pleasure within seconds.

Ohhhh, God! That's. uuuhhhh. fuck! Th. that's incredible!", gasped Yarr, her hands holding the back of his head. "Mmmmmm! Oh, but I want your cock!. Pleeease!. Fuck me!. Fuck me NOW!" "You'd better do what the lady says, Worf", chuckled Riker. "But, mind you don't wear her out before I get back, okay?" Worf grunted an unintelligible reply into Yarr's wet, gaping pussy and waved the First Officer away. Reluctantly, Riker left. But just before the door closed behind him, he looked back in time to see Worf climb on top of the woman and guide his penis inside her.

The Klingon's incredibly large erection cleaved Yarr's gooey, blonde cuntlips like a phaser beam through mild steel. Her long slender legs wrapped around his waist and her heels locked in the small of Worf's muscular, ridged back.

Pulling her against him like a rag doll, Worf grabbed her asscheeks in his hands, lifted her ass into the air and began slamming his mighty cock into her cunt vigorously.

Yarr began to whimper incessantly. With Yarr's squeals of passion ringing in his ears, Riker walked quickly in the direction of the TurboLift. The people he met in the corridor, seemed to move in a more relaxed fashion, some were holding hands, others kissed and cuddled openly. Although normally such behavior in public on a Federation Starship would not be tolerated, Riker said nothing. He simply smiled and walked on. As he rounded a corner, he almost bumped into a female ensign.

He had seen her in Guinan's bar, TenForward a couple of times, but he couldn't remember her name. The girl looked up and recognized him immediately. "Oh, Commander Riker, Sir!", she said. Riker looked at her. She was young, about fifteen or sixteen, with long blonde hair and a body so mature for her age, that she simply exuded sex.

Her face was pretty and somehow familiar now that he studied it closely. Then he remembered. "Shelly, isn't it?", Riker asked, his eyes dropping to her nicely rounded tits. Her nipples poked cheekily through the tight fabric of her uniform, fully erect.

God, didn't any members of the crew wear underwear anymore, he thought. "Ahhh, no Commander." "Huh?" "I said no, Commander.

My name's not Shelly. It's Sherri, Sherri Demari. You know, Wesley Crusher's friend?" Riker breathed a sigh of relief. For a moment he thought the girl was able to read his mind or something. You had to be careful these days with M-Grade Betazoids and telepathic Solarians running 'round all over the place.

Now he recognized her, he had seen her with young Wesley a few times, but somehow never noticed how gorgeous and sexy the girl was until now. Riker suddenly found himself wondering if young Wesley had fucked her yet. God, what a waste if he hasn't, he thought. Then he realized he hadn't replied to her question. "Ummm, right!. Yes, now I remember. Sherri." Riker couldn't take his eyes off her tits. "Ah. where are you off to.

umm. Sherri?" The girl noticed Riker's interest and stepped closer, a glazed, lustful look suddenly coming over her pretty, young face "Do you want to fuck me, Commander?", she whispered, pressing herself against him. Riker, gasped as he felt her tits mash into his chest and her hot, adolescent cuntmound rub sensuously against the large bulge in his pants. "Oh, Sweetheart! Do I ever!", groaned Riker, trying hard not to throw the girl to the floor and screw her on the spot.

But he was already late, and for the moment at least, his sense of duty was marginally stronger than the building desire he had for the gorgeous young girl. "But, sorry baby, I can't right now. I'm needed on the bridge.

I'll come to your quarters a bit later on, okay?" The girl reached up and pulled Riker's head down to hers, kissing him passionately. Her hand went to his crotch and squeezed his cock through the front of his uniform. It began to swell in her tiny fingers.

"That's so you don't forget, Commander," whispered the girl, and with that, she gave his hardening cock one final squeeze, turned and walked off down the corridor, leaving Riker to stare longingly after her cutely wiggling butt. Riker resumed his journey to the bridge. As he stepped up to the TurboLift, the door opened, and Riker's eyes bulged. A woman crew member was inside, blonde, naked and rubbing herself between the legs.

She had obviously been riding up and down on the lift, offering herself to anyone who entered. Riker stepped inside and the door shut behind him. He moved towards the naked woman removing his uniform as he went. As his rock-hard cock sprang free, the lift began to move. "Turbo Lift stop!", he barked. The woman smiled and cupped her tits with one hand while the other held open the puffy, drooling lips of her cunt.

"See something you like, Commander?", she husked, her hungry gaze on his dick. "Yeah, just about everything!", growled Riker, the lust burning in his eyes. "Turn around and bend over with your hands against the wall. We're going to the bridge, baby and I'm gonna fuck you all the way!. TurboLift! Continue!" Riker moved up behind her and grabbed her hips, shoving his long, hard prick into her pouting cuntslit with a single thrust. She was wide open and her ravaged snatch was full of juice, hot and slippery from countless cocks.

"God you're so wet, how many men have fucked you in here today?", asked Riker, beginning to piston his own prick back and forth in her slimy, clasping fuckhole. "Uhhhh. f.five. ahhh. ooooh, yessss, fuck me like that!", grunted the blonde. Riker slammed his cock in and out of her cunt like a pile-driver.

He knew he didn't have much time, so he wanted to come quickly. He didn't care if she came or not, as long as he dumped his load into the slut's hot cunt before the doors opened. Moans, and wet smacking sounds filled the elevator as Riker fucked her faster and harder, working himself to orgasm. The woman moaned, grinding her drooling, insatiable cunt onto his massive cock.

Her ass moved back and forth, faster and faster, as she too rapidly approached another mind-shattering climax. Riker came with a shout, burying his cock to the hilt in the woman's tight, quivering cunt as his sperm shot into her belly. Her well-fucked cunt was so full of spunk that Riker's load leaked out and dribbled down her legs, forming a white, sticky pool at her feet. Riker pulled out of her and put on his uniform just in time.

Seconds later the TurboLift arrived at it's destination. The door opened. Gordie La Forge stood at the entrance. "What the hell took you so long, Commander?", he asked. Riker smiled and stepped out, ushering Lt. Commander La Forge inside. "See for yourself, Geordie!" Puzzled, La Forge stepped into the lift, but when he saw the other occupant, a big smile crossed his dark, broad features. "Care to take a ride?", grinned Riker. "With pleasure Sir.

with pleasure!" "Oh, I can guarantee THAT, Lieutenant Commander!", chuckled Riker as the door closed between them. Chapter 2: ---------------------------------------------- The bridge was almost empty, but the smell of Counselor Troi's perfume filled the room. As usual, Riker let his eyes wander over her gorgeous body, taking in the full, sensuous curve of her breasts, the swell of her firm little ass, the flatness of her belly and above all, the prominent mound between her long, slender legs.

For the millionth time, Riker wondered what it would be like to fuck her. This time though, Troi felt his thoughts, and jerked in her seat, as if something had penetrated her.

She turned to him in surprise, but then smiled seductively. Riker was about to move towards her when the Captain spoke. "Ah, finally, Commander Riker! What kept you?" "Er. a couple of pressing things came up, that had to be taken care of right away, Sir!", replied Riker, nervously. "What appears to be the trouble Sir?" Picard straightened himself, "You all know about this feeling that has been spreading throughout the ship, this feeling of.sensuality.

It is not only affecting us, but also every planet in this region. Whatever it is, Counselor Troi feels that it is originating from Nimbus III. Troi sat up. "Yes, ever since last week it seems that there has been a presence in my bed, caressing me, feeling me where I only allow certain men to feel me." She began to squirm in her seat, touching herself, ".

but lately I've come to like it more and more, and I can't control it." Riker knew the feeling well. "Is this presence male or female?", the Captain asked. Troi smiled. "Ummmmmm, mmmmmm, VERY male!!!." Picard gave her a piercing look. "Are you in telepathic communication with the being now?" "Oh YES, YESSSSS." Troi pulled the straps of her dress down, cupping her naked breasts.

"I'm so sorry Sir, I can't seem to stop it. Oh my God, it's so ." Picard stood up and shouted, "Get a hold of yourself woman!" "Mmmmmmm! I have Sir, and it feels wonderful!" "Dr.

Beverly Crusher to the bridge, immediately!", said Picard. Seconds later Dr. Crusher appeared. "Captain, do you know that there is a white sticky substance all over the walls of the TurboLift? It appears to be." "Not now Doctor.", Picard interrupted, ".for God's sake, help Deanna!" Crusher looked at Troi.

The dark-eyed beauty was half naked, rubbing her crotch with both hands. "She doesn't appear to need any help, Captain," remarked Dr. Crusher. Her eyes had that now familiar faraway look. "But judging by that lump in your pants, Jean-Luc you do!" "Doctor Crusher!", gasped Picard. "Control yourself. this is serious!" Beverly Crusher moved in front of Picard and shamelessly grabbed his cock.

"Hmmmm, it certainly is, Captain!", she murmured. "If I don't see to this rather alarming lump in your groin right away, it may turn into something even more serious." Captain Picard was speechless. Dr. Crusher was obviously as deeply under the influence of the strange force as poor Troi.

But she was right about one thing, despite his outwardly cool calm and collected demeanor, the Captain's stiffening cock had betrayed his inner feelings. He began to undress the panting woman as she massaged his prick through his pants, and by the time he'd stripped her asked, the beautiful Dr. Beverly Crusher had his cock at full erection. She was on her knees in a flash, wrapping her lips eagerly around his straining cock, sucking his immense boner with all the power and suction of a Mark III Vacuum Tube.

Stifling a moan, Picard turned to Riker who was still staring open-mouthed at a squirming and moaning Deanna Troi. "Well don't just stand there, number one! Fu. ahh. help her! I'll um. help. Doctor Crusher." "Yes, Sirrrrr!", smiled Riker, quickly pulling off his uniform. Then, buck-naked, he strode towards the lovely Troi, holding his hard prick like a weapon in his hand.

When Riker reached the seated woman, Troi's head was flung back sensuously and her eyes had a wild, unfocused look about them. She was obviously in an extremely aroused state. Her legs were wide apart, draped wantonly over the armrests of the chair and she had both hands between her thighs, rubbing her moist crotch.

Her long, sharp-nailed fingers were almost clawing through the tight, silky fabric that covered her luscious cunt, and she was moaning frantically. desperate in her desire for carnal stimulation. Troi looked at Riker through lust-glazed eyes. Although her gaze was fixed on his huge cock, she seemed to recognize him.

"Fuck me, Will! Oooooh, please fuck me!" she said, offering herself to him shamelessly. Riker's hands caressed her aching flesh, and his mouth covered her heaving breasts with hot kisses. She held him tightly to her. "For God's sake, Will! You have to fuck me," she whispered hoarsely. "I'll go crazy if someone doesn't fuck me soon!" As Riker's tongue swept over her nipples, Troi felt them become suddenly ultra-sensitive. She forced them into his mouth, first one, then the other, moaning loudly as he sucked the hard, pink little buds till they were fully erect.

His mouth on her tits felt great, but Troi still wanted more. She longed for his hand on her twitching cunt, she wanted him to feel how hot and wet she was. how ready she was for him! "Ohhh, Jesus, touch my cunt, Will!", she groaned, grabbing his hand and pushing it into her hairless twat. Riker gasped as two of his fingers slid easily into the hot, slimy wetness of Troi's runny slit. She was extremely tight, and by the way she began frantically hunching her hips against his hand, Riker knew he would be in for the fuck of his life once he got his big cock inside her eager little fuckhole.

She obviously wanted it as much as he did, and the more he thought about the prospect of fucking her tight little cunt, the more excited he became. "Mmmmmmmm, you like that, don't you, Deanna?", he asked, shoving his fingers deep up into her tight gash. "You like having my fingers in your hot, wet little cunt, don't you, honey?" "Ummmmmmmmmmmm! Oh Yesssss, I love it Will! Oooooooooooooh!", whimpered Troi, rotating her slim ass around on Riker's deeply imbedded fingers.

"Your fingers feel so good in my pussy!" "Yeah, I bet they do!", Riker whispered, twisting his fingers round and round inside the woman's drooling gash. His other hand fondled her firm, round tits and butt. ". but I bet you'd rather have something else stuck up your tight little hole, wouldn't you, honey?" Deanna was gasping so much, she could only nod her head.

Every moment the excited young woman was becoming more and more turned on. Riker's expertly jabbing fingers were sending her into orbit! "Tell me, sweetheart!", groaned Riker, urging her to say more. He kissed her belly button. "Tell me what you'd like in your hot, little cunt instead of my fingers, baby!" Riker stared down at her, excited by the look of pure lust blazing in the deep dark pools of her eyes.

"Your cock, Will!", hissed Troi. "I want your big, fat, hairy cock fucking the cum out of my cunt!" After lusting after her for so long, her words were like music to his ears. "Yeahhhh! That's the way I like to hear a girl talk!. what else, baby?", said Riker, his voice trembling with lust.

"Oh, God, you can do anything you want to me, Will. anything! Just do it, now!" "I intend to, sweetheart!", he told her with a grin. "But you have to ask me nicely, like a good little girl. What else, baby?" "Oooooooh, Will! I want you to put your tongue in my pussy and lick me. please!", whimpered Troi. Riker pulled his fingers out of her slimy cunt and spread her legs wide apart. Then, with a swift, motion he reached under her crotch and grasped her butt.

one round, firm little asscheek in each palm. "You mean like this?", he growled, pulling Deanna's plump, juicy snatch up against his hungry mouth.

Troi sucked in her breath as if she'd been doused with cold water. The sudden, exquisite contact of Riker's lips on her overheated cunt was utterly fantastic. She almost fainted when she felt his hot, stiff tongue part her taut, pink cuntlips and slither deliciously inside. "Yesss! Yesss! Oooh, Will, baby! Oh, fuck, yesssssssssssss!", she squealed.

Riker held onto her ass tightly as Troi squirmed her hairless twat against his unshaven face.

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His whiskers tickling her tender, naked flesh made it all the more exciting for her. To Riker, it was a dream come true! Troi's juicy cunt tasted delicious, and as fast as he sucked and licked her musky, female juices, more and more seemed to form, running freely into his greedy mouth. Her tight, athletic little rump writhed and twisted in his hands, as Troi rubbed her cunt eagerly against his slurping lips, her frequent whimpers of ecstasy, a testament to her obvious total enjoyment.

Riker located her clit and sucked the hard little bud deep into his mouth, flicking it repeatedly with the tip of his tongue. Troi almost screamed with the intense pleasure Riker's mouth was producing in her cunt. Her hips bucked up against his face, her ass rotating in tiny, sensuous circles as she ground her steamy snatch against his mouth. "Eat me, Will! Oooooh, eat my pussy!", she whimpered. "Don't stop!

Don't ever stop!. I love it!. Oh, God, do I ever love it!" Riker licked Troi's juicy, pink slit like an animal, excited beyond belief at the way the exceedingly horny woman was reacting to his mouth job.

Oily cunt-juice soaked his chin, his lips, his cheeks. Her thighs and pussy were smeared with thick, gooey slime, but still Troi humped her saturated little pussy back and forth against his face. Her cunt was wide open, the bald, sweet-smelling slit oozing and gaping into Riker's sucking mouth. He lifted her hips up off the chair and pressed his face into her upthrust snatch as hard as he could, burying his tongue between her slippery cuntlips, sucking out her tasty juices.

Troi was writhing against Riker's face as he tongue-fucked her, moaning and holding him by the ears. Riker's dick was very hard, and the thought of plowing it deep inside her hairless cunt was almost too much. Her twat felt so tiny! His tongue was being squeezed so tightly by her cunt-muscles that Riker wasn't sure that his big cock would fit into Troi's tight little hole without giving her a lot of pain.

Even so, Riker was very anxious to fuck her. He concentrated on giving Deanna as much pleasure as possible so that she would come quickly so he could finally get to screw her. He could sense that the flavour of her pussy was changing. She was moving higher, reaching one plateau after another in her quest for fulfillment. Riker knew at once that Troi was rapidly approaching orgasm. He lifted her long, slender legs up over his shoulders, and nuzzled his face into her cunt with renewed vigour.

Troi could feel his bristly beard digging into the softness of her vaginal membranes as Riker's long, stiff tongue delved piston-like into her gooey depths.

Then, as Riker began to suck and lick her sensitive little clit, Troi cried out, almost beside herself with lust. She held onto his shaggy head with both hands and squealed with pleasure as Riker dragged his tongue up through her slit from asshole to clit and back again. "Unnnnnnghhhh! Suck me, Will! Oh, God, yessss! Lick me that way. Jesus, what a mouth!. Oh, God, I think you're gonna make me come! Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!" Her words driving him on, Riker redoubled his efforts, trying to drive his tongue to the hilt inside Troi's steamy tightness.

He sucked hard on her clit, drawing it deeply into his mouth, spurred on by the shameless sounds of passion bubbling from her lips. She was over the top in a flash, the heavy, spicy flavour of her cum filling his mouth and tempting his palate. Troi came like a rocket, her ass thrashing and writhing, her lithe and graceful body undulating wildly over the surface of the chair.

Her head was twisting violently from side to side as her hips rotated drunkenly in an attempt to bring her spasming cunt into even more intimate contact with Riker's slurping mouth. "Ahhhhhhhhhggggghh!. Oh, God!. Oh, God!. Oh, Fuck! Yessssssssss!", she squealed, as Riker sucked her throbbing clit as hard as he could. He became more and more excited by the intensity of Troi's orgasm, as spasm after spasm wracked her slender frame. She began bucking her ass around violently, so much so that Riker had great difficulty in keeping his mouth clamped tightly over her pulsating cunt.

Finally, Troi gave one last lunge that just about snapped Riker's neck, then sank back onto the chair exhausted. Even after Troi had stopped squirming, Riker continued to eat her cunt, sucking out the last drops of her sweet, oily nectar into his thirsty mouth.

He couldn't take his mouth off her. Troi sighed deeply and let her thighs fall wide open, just lying there, content to let her lover gently lick her quivering genitals. Her moans became softer and softer, but occasionally her pussy would give a little quiver as his tongue flicked her erect clit Meanwhile, only yards away, Captain Picard was getting the suck of his life! Dr. Crusher certainly knew her anatomy, he thought.

She was squeezing his balls with one hand and caressing his asshole with the other. exciting him with her fingers while her mouth did incredible things to his cock. Picard felt his hairy balls swell in her hand as his beloved Beverly brought him quickly and expertly to the very edge. His hands stroked her hair, petting her like a dog as her pretty blonde head bobbed back and forth on his prick.

Picard heard Troi moan loudly and turned to look. Riker had mounted her and was pumping his huge erection into her juicy, hairless twat with hard, savage strokes. Deanna's tits were bouncing back and forth, as she thrust her hips up wildly, her cunt making hungry, slurping sounds as Riker rammed his prick deep into her hot, gaping fuckhole.

"Oh, yessss!


Fuck me, Will! Ooooh, harder! Jesus. fuck me harder!!" Picard watched with rising excitement. Like Riker, he too had lusted after the seductive and mysterious Deanna Troi, and the sight of the beautiful young Counselor being fucked so energetically by his First Officer, and begging for more, was too much for him.

He took his cock from Dr. Crusher's mouth and pulled her to her feet. "Bend over the console, Beverly, honey.", said the Captain. "Time to get that hot little cunt of yours fucked the way you deserve!" Dr. Crusher stood up and turned around, bracing herself against the console with her hands as Picard positioned himself behind her. She spread her legs and bent over as far as she could, her tight, firm ass high in the air.

"Fuck me, Jean-Luc!", she hissed. "Fuck my cunt like a dog! Uhhhh, God I feel so deliciously dirty being fucked like this!" Picard spread her asscheeks and pressed the tip of his cock into the pouting lips of her cunt. She was extremely hot and wet. So wet that some of her juices were tickling down the insides of her thighs. Picard shoved forwards, feeling his cockhead penetrate her juicy twat. She had one the tightest pussies Picard ever fucked and, after looking down at his turgid cock between her creamy white ass cheeks, he wasn't sure if he could get the whole thing inside her.

Dr. Crusher's pussylips were thinly stretched around the shaft of his dick and glistening with her copious wetness. Picard rammed inside her, pushing her forward over the console with the sheer power of his thrust. His cock disappeared easily into her well- lubricated cunt. "Ohhh, God, Beverly! Fuck, you're tight, baby!", he grunted, shoving his big prick into her until no more would fit.

"Twist that ass! Yeah! Like that! Picard watched as another two inches of his cock slid inside her. He lunged forward, slamming her and shaking the console, but couldn't fuck any deeper. "Unngghhhh! Shit! Fuck me, Jean-Luc!", pleaded Beverly. "God, I've waited for this for so long!. Please!. Fuck me, harder!" Picard grabbed her small waist with his big hands, almost encircling it, and fucked his hips forward with all his might, while pulling her back at the same time.

"OH MY GOD!" screamed Dr. Crusher, and flew forwards over the console. By chance, her erect left nipple pressed a button, but no one saw the little red light marked, "PUBLIC ADDRESS" light up. Throughout the ship, countless speakers crackled to life, transmitting the sounds of hot fucking that filled the bridge to every member of the crew. "UHHHGGGGG! FUCK!. MOVE THAT ASS, BEV!.

GOD YOU'RE FUCKIN' TIGHT, BABY!", came the deep tones of Captain Picard, his voice reproduced faithfully in digital, high quality stereo. "FUCK ME, CAPTAIN!. OHHHH, YEAHHHH, FUCK MY HOT WET CUNT!", screamed Dr.

Crusher, completely oblivious to the sound of her own voice echoing all over the ship. Chapter 3: -------------------------------------------- In his quarters, Wesley Crusher pricked his ears, there was something familiar about that woman's voice.

He listened carefully. There was a lot of moaning and groaning, then the woman's voice came over the speaker again. "OOOOOOOH, JESUS! I LOVE YOUR BIG, FAT COCK, JEAN-LUC!. FUCK IT IN DEEPER!" "Mom?", said Wesley incredulously. There was something strange in the tone of her voice, but was definitely his mother. Other sounds, drifted to his ears, the wet slapping of flesh against flesh, and low, guttural moans.

The boy's cock began to stiffen as he realized what it was. Although the boy had had a few hot necking sessions with Sherri, young Wesley had never had sex in his life, but it didn't take much imagination to realize what those sounds were. "Jesus! It IS Mom!", he said under his breath. "Shit!

The Captain is fucking my mother, and God, it sounds like she's really enjoying it!" Strange thoughts filled his mind as he listened to the lewd sounds coming from the speaker. He couldn't help visualizing his mother naked, with the Captain's big, hard prick fucking her juicy wet cunt. It excited him immensely. His young cock was rock-hard by now, and Wesley reached for it instinctively. Lying down on his bed, the horny young ensign pulled his cock out of his pants and began to jerk off, listening to the wet squishing sounds of Captain Picard's cock in his mother's cunt, and her breathless squeals of pleasure.

(Mean while on the bridge) Beverly had felt a little pain at first. The Captain's cock was much bigger than she'd ever imagined, and after so long without a lover, she wasn't used to being fucked so deeply, and so suddenly. But the pain had faded quickly, and now, although her cunt was gripping his cock tightly, it felt utterly fantastic. Each shove of his hips, caused the underside of Picard's cock to drag deliciously across her throbbing clit.

She felt the massive head bumping hard against her cervix while the rest of his huge cock rubbed and stretched the inside of her pussy. She looked down between her legs at Picard's cock sliding in and out of her cunt. It was huge and purple with engorged blood, and the paleness of her thighs against the dark color of his cock was strangely exciting to her.

The hairs of his crotch tickled her ass a little each time his prick slammed into her slippery cunt. Beverly was grinding her ass against him, fucking herself back onto his cock, as Picard thrust into her. With her ass high in the air like this, his prick was rubbing her clit constantly. Picard pumped his hips back and forth in a steady, slow rhythm, causing the whole length of his cock to slide through her tight, clinging pussylips.

"Oh yes! That's it! Fuck me with your big cock. Stretch it baby! Stretch my cunt and fuck me deeper! God it feels so good! Fuck me baby! Fuck me good.

Don't stop! Don't ever stop!" said Beverly, gasping for air. Picard let go of her hips and leaned forward to grab a handful of tit. She was definitely the best fuck he'd had in a long time. The tightness of her cunt and the way she was moaning and groaning as he fucked her, had the Captain exceptionally excited. Picard couldn't see it, but her pretty face was contorted into a mask of pure lust. Her tits, the nipples swollen, were slightly shaking back and forth from the fucking movements of her hips.

She was the hottest fuck he'd ever had, and he meant to enjoy her to the full. "Move it Beverly! Move that hot cunt, baby!", he groaned, reaching underneath to squeeze her tits "Ooooh, Jean-Luc! I'm almost there! Please! Fuck me harder! I'm.almost. almost." "Cum, baby! Cum!. Cum on my hot fuckin' cock!", yelled Picard. The almost as an afterthought. " .and that's an order Doctor!" "OH! YES! I'm cumming! CUMMING. CUMMMMIIINGGG!" she whimpered.

Her whole body was on fire. A shock ran from her clit to her brain and she cupped his hands on her tits and squeezed, rubbing her tits in circles as he pinched and kneaded them, gently at first and then harder as her orgasm peaked.

She felt Picard's cock hitting her womb as wave after wave of ecstasy rocked her slender frame. Picard had never seen a woman cum so hard before. Dr. Crusher's back was arched and her head was flung back, her mouth was open, forming a big "O" with her lips. Small tiny moans and whimpers were continuously escaping from her throat.

Her fingers and hands seemed paralyzed, extending straight out over the console in front of her. Her stomach was rippling and she was shaking from head to toe.

Her tight cunt got even tighter, clutching and squeezing his cock in a viselike grip. When it loosened, Picard pulled out almost to the tip and then slammed back inside her to the hilt, rocking her whole body. Her pussy squeezed again on his cock and she shook all over. Five consecutive times he did this and she came all five times. The lust-crazed woman was completely out of her mind, climaxing again and again.

Buried deep in her convulsing pussy, Picard felt his own climax wash over him. He fucked her rapidly, pounding her frothy cunt hard and fast until he came, his throbbing cock spewing jets of hot sperm deep into her belly. Beverly shuddered and climaxed again as his seed spewed into her womb, gyrating her hips and moaning with wanton abandon as Picard emptied his balls into her writhing, quivering cunt.

In the engine-room Commander Data had heard the strange sounds coming over the public address system as well. His SANYO AK/4356- 9986FX/200Ghz, positronic brain had deduced what was happening in a less than a microsecond. Since the voyage began, the android seemed to be the only being on the ship not effected by the strange sensual force.

He strode immediately to the door and headed straight for the TurboLift. Data ordered the lift to the bridge, completely ignoring a beautiful, naked woman who rubbed his crotch and began grinding her rather wet and sticky sexual parts against his thigh.

By the time Data arrived on the bridge, Riker was slumped on the floor beside a rather disheveled looking Counselor Troi, who was trying desperately to rejuvenate the dazed man's cock with her mouth. Her hands were between her open thighs, and she was ramming three stiff fingers vigorously into her cum-drenched cunthole. Riker had obviously fucked himself to exhaustion, trying to gratify her, but the beautiful Troi was nowhere near satisfied.

She continued to fuck herself with her fingers, moaning loudly as her head bobbed up and down in frustration on Riker's limp cock. Data turned to the console where Captain Picard was still busily reaming out Beverly Crusher's tight juicy snatch from behind.

"Captain, may I ask what you and Dr. Crusher are doing?", said Data, looking as puzzled as he could, under the circumstances. being an android and all. ",, Mister Data you may not. Ahhhh!. Leave us alone. ummm. leave us alone, immediately!" "But, Sir your body and that of Dr. Crusher are both exhibiting abnormal TriQuarter readings. My scan shows a distinct increase in body temperature, and breathing rate, and your heartbeat is way above safe operating limits.

Also, Dr. Crusher is exhibiting all the outward signs of extreme pain. Can I do anything to help?" "Yes, you can! FUCK OFF!", hissed Picard angrily.

Unable to understand the Captain's strange reply, Data decided that the best course of events would be to try to obtain more information. "Sir, I fail to understand your order. However it appears that you and Dr. Crusher are engaged in an act of fornication. Would this assumption be correct, Captain?" "What the.?

Oh, no! Are you still here, Data? I thought I told you to get lost!", grunted Picard, trying to concentrate on fucking the delectable Doctor Crusher. "Sir, that would be quite impossible, since I have complete, up-to-date plans of the whole ship in my memor." "For God's sake, man!

Get the hell out of here, and stop bugging me before I have you thrown in the brig for insubordination!" growled the Captain, rapidly loosing his patience with the pedantic android.

"But Captain, you haven't answered my question," said Data. "Huh? What question!", grunted Picard, trying hard to slam his cock into Beverly Crusher's hot, gooey cunt.

"Are you and Dr. Crusher engaged in an act of fornication?" "No, you dumb piece of shit! We're not fornicating, we're FUCKING!. Got it? Now for God's sake, get the hell out of my sight!", shouted Captain Picard. A little bemused at first by the Captain's strange turn of phrase, Data finally deduced the meaning of Picard's words and turned to obey.

As he passed Counselor Troi, she took her mouth from Riker's limp prick and looked up. "Data, wait!", she gasped. "Yes, Counselor Troi?" Deanna got to her feet and approached him. She was completely naked, and the look of lust in her dark Betaziod eyes would have been unmistakable to a human, but Data only stared at her blankly.

He felt nothing at the sight of this gorgeous, naked woman walking towards him, save a purely scientific admiration for the perfect, mathematical symmetry of her unclothed body.

Counselor Troi threw her arms around Data's neck, pressing her voluptuous body tightly against him. His body felt hard and a little cool, but right now that didn't matter to Deanna. The only thing she wanted was to somehow satisfy the uncontrollable urges emanating from between her overheated thighs. Riker had been a fantastic fuck while he lasted, she thought.

He'd made her come a dozen times and filled her pussy with what felt like gallons of cum before he exhausted himself, but it wasn't enough.

It seemed like the more she fucked, the more she wanted! She looked up into the android's yellow-green eyes and rubbed her leaking cuntmound against the hard bulge in his crotch. Good, at least he had a prick of some sort down there, Deanna thought.

Reaching between his legs, she was surprised to find what felt like a perfectly formed penis. But no matter how much she fondled or rubbed the thing, it would not stiffen. Shit, she thought, not again! Data, looked down at the lustful woman and smiled. It was that enigmatic, "may I assist you, you poor helpless human" smile of his, that tended to annoy all but the few who knew him well. "Is something wrong, Counselor Troi?", he asked, calmly. "Take off your clothes, you big metal hunk!" Deanna ordered, her eyes flashing with uncontrollable lust.

Data looked at her, registering puzzlement on his face, as his programming directed. He resisted the urge to tell her he was not metal at all, but poly-syntho-plastic, a vastly superior material. "May I ask why, Counselor?", he asked, trying to decipher the strange look on Deanna's pretty face. "Because I want you to fuck me!", she groaned, pulling at his uniform. "I beg your pardon, Counselor?" Deanna grabbed the limp appendage between the android's legs and squeezed.

"I want you to get this thing hard and fuck me with it until I tell you to stop, all right?!" "But, Counselor I." "You are fully functional, aren't you, Data?", panted Troi. ".in the genital department I mean." "Oh, I see!", said Data proudly.

"Yes, Counselor, I am fully programmed to perform that function, although I." "Good, then do it!", cried Deanna, lying back down on the floor with her legs spread wide. ". and for God's sake hurry up!" Data removed his uniform and loomed above her. His cock was nothing much to look at, and to Troi's utter dismay, it was still as limp as the unconscious Commander Riker's.

Deanna groaned in frustration, rubbing her gaping wet slit with both hands in a vain attempt to quell the fires that raged deep inside her yearning cunt. Her eyes were glued to the android's large but completely flaccid cock. "Ohhh, Jesus, Data! Get it hard! Get it hard!

You can't fuck me with it like that!", screamed Troi, almost at her wits end. Data pressed a stud at the base of his polysynthetic organ and suddenly it began to grow visibly, slowly at first, then increasingly faster until it stood out rigidly from his crotch.

Deanna gasped. It was at least a good eight inches long and quite thick, with all the ridges and contours of a real live human cock. "Is that sufficient, Counselor?", asked Data. "I can enlarge it further if you desire. add lubrication. alter it's shape. and you can change any or all of those features, even once I've inserted it into your vagina." "Oooooohhh, Jesus!

I don't believe it!.", moaned Troi, reaching for the android's massive cock. "Yesss, yesss! Make it bigger, and put a knob on top at the base so it'll rub against my clit!" Once again Data pressed the stud and the pseudo-erection grew even larger.

A small fingertip sized knob appeared where she'd asked, and the whole thing continued to thicken and lengthen. Troi's jaw dropped open in disbelief. The realistic looking organ was at least ten inches long and still growing by the time she had recovered enough to open her mouth again. "Ooooh, my God! Stop! Stop!", she yelled with excitement.

"That's big enough!

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Now, I want you to put that damn thing into my cunt and fuck me with it! .and for Christ's sake don't stop till I tell you!" Data obeyed, dropping to his knees between Troi's wide-spread thighs as the lust-crazed woman opened her juicy cunt for him with her fingers.

She was extremely wet, and as Data watched, a thin trickle of cum and cuntjuice trickled out of her gaping slit.

Her plump, hairless pussylips were covered in slime, red and puffy-looking from Riker's energetic pummeling. Data lowered his ass and Troi grabbed his prick, positioning the thick, bloated tip into the entrance of her insatiable cunthole. "Come on, you stupid android bastard, shove it in deep!", squealed Troi, as she felt Data's cock against her tortured flesh.

"Fuck me!. Oh Jesus!. Fuck me, damn you!" Always one to obey orders, Data did as he was told and lunged forward, penetrating the pleading woman with a single, solid thrust. "OOOOOHHHHH, GODDDD! YESSSS, FINALLY!", screamed Deanna, lifting her ass up to meet him as the android dutifully buried his synthetic cock in her horny twat to the balls.

Data's massive tool was the biggest thing Troi had ever had inside her hairless little Betazoid fuckhole, it was stretching her to the limit, but in her hyper-excited state, it felt absolutely wonderful!

She lay there gasping for breath as her cunt stretched and became accustomed to Data's huge weapon, then when he finally began to move inside her, Troi pulled her knees up and wrapped her long, slender legs around his waist.

"Oooooh, Jesus that feels so gooooood!", Troi whimpered as Data began fucking her slippery, squirming cunt at a slow, steady pace. Without emotion, the android watched her pretty face contort with lust as Deanna felt his cock cramming her cunt, her tight, juicy crevice contracting and throbbing against every inch of it.

Data felt an emptiness inside him. He wanted to experience the same pleasure that Counselor Troi was obviously feeling.

But that was impossible, he was an android and androids had no need for weak, human emotions, so his makers hadn't bothered to install any. Deanna was writhing in ecstasy beneath Data's regular, powerful thrusts, bucking her hips up as he jabbed down, and grinding her cunt onto the knob at the base of his cock like a woman possessed.

The pleasure was exquisitely intense, but somehow she craved more. "Ummmmm! Make it thicker and speed it up," she cried, with mounting excitement. "Thicker, thicker, thicker. a little shorter. uhhhhhh. yesss. add a few knobs.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGHHHH! OOOOHHH, FUCK!" Soon, Deanna was jerking around in the throes of multiple orgasms, something she had never experienced until now.

She couldn't stop, his multi-function prick was her's to command. "UUUUUHHHHH! GOD! Add more knobs, lots of juice, a little slower now. ohhhhh, yes. just little softer. Uhhhhhhh!" Troi could feel the changes taking place inside of her. She was lost in the ecstasy of her senses. The sweat was pouring off her. She felt positively slimy, but she could not stop. It didn't seem to bother Data all. The android was ever obliging. He wasn't even breathing hard. In fact, Data didn't breathe at all.

His microcircuits and hydraulic drives could keep this sort of activity up for days, maybe weeks. He hoped it wouldn't be necessary. Chapter 4: ----------------------------------------------Meanwhile, down in his cabin, Ensign Wesley Crusher was lying naked on his bed, listening to the sounds of hot, energetic fucking emanating from the bridge.

He could hear everything. every word. every moan. every wet slap of flesh against flesh, and it was driving him crazy. He had heard Counselor Troi urging Commander Data to fuck her in no uncertain terms, and it had excited him immensely. But it was his mother's cries of shameless, wanton lust that seemed to effect him the strongest. He imagined the Captain's cock pumping in and out of his mother's cunt. He had his own cock clenched tightly in his fist, jerking it slowly up and down the rigid shaft as he visualized them fucking.

He had to go slowly, because he was extremely excited. His young prick was rock-hard and had grown to gigantic proportions. With a groan, he slowed down the strokes on his dick even further.

He was close to orgasm, but he didn't want to come yet. Wesley wanted to shoot when his mother came, and by the sound of her increasingly loud squeals and moans of pleasure, he suspected his mother was equally as close. All his friends on the ship said his mother was beautiful. Lately, some of them had even started making lewd cracks about her. He had become angry at first, but once he thought about it, he couldn't blame them.

His mother was a sexy woman, and he was proud of her. A guy had to be proud to have a mother like that. Wesley had never seen her without clothes, but right now he'd give a year's pay to see his mother as she was at this very moment. bare-ass naked and spread over the ship's main console.

her horny ass stuck up in the air, and her long shapely legs wide apart as Picard slammed his big, fat cock in and out of her drooling snatch. He was jealous of course. He wished he was up there in the Captain's place, fucking his beautiful, naked, horny mother, instead of lying on his bunk alone, jerking off.

Wesley was surprisingly well hung for his age, and he knew it. He took pride in the fact that his cock was much bigger than any of his young friend's boyish members, and he knew if his mother could see it right now, she'd be proud too. He couldn't wait to show her! Over the speaker, he heard Counselor Troi, cry out in ecstasy as Commander Data reamed out her horny little cunt. He'd fuck that sexy bitch, Deanna too.

he thought, picturing the beautiful Counselor bucking up and down on his hard cock. Ohhhh yeah. and suck her tits and pussy. uhhhhhh, yeah. and ram his cock up her hot little ass! He'd fuck 'em both, he thought. in the mouth. up the cunt.

in the ass. yeahhhhh. every woman on the damn ship. fuck them ALL.Ohhhhh, yeahhhhhh, fuck 'em all till they dropped! His mind filled with wanton pictures of women and girls in various poses.

all naked and spread and willing, their hot squirming flesh wrapped tightly around the thick shaft of his prick as he slammed it deep into their horny cunts. Their lust-contorted faces flashed before his tightly closed eyes. Deanna Troi. Sherri. Lieutenant Yarr. even Guinan. but especially his mother! He imagined himself fucking her. His hard, virile young prick pumping in and out of her wet, hairy cunthole.

Wesley opened his mouth and moaned aloud, his fist almost a blur as it moved rapidly up and down the length of his man-sized cock. "Ohhh, Mom! I wanna fuck you!", he moaned. "I wanna fuck you so bad!" On the bridge, the real fucking was reaching a climax. Wesley's mother was crying out louder now, urging Captain Picard to fuck her harder.

Troi was whimpering incessantly, her moans of ecstasy almost drowned out by the loud slurping sound of Data's impossibly-huge appendage slamming in and out of her sopping wet cunt. Within seconds of each other both women screamed loudly, writhing in the throes of orgasm. Troi, clung to her android lover and hunched her hips upwards, repeatedly mashing her cuntlips and clit against the hard knobs which now surrounded the base of Data's metamorphic prick.

She screamed and screamed as her orgasm ripped through her. Beverly Crusher rammed her creaming cunt back against Picard's powerful reaming thrusts and arched her back as she came. Her loud squeals of pleasure echoed throughout the ship. His mother's climactic screams were the signal young Wesley had been waiting for.

Taking his purple, blood-engorged cock in both hands the boy squeezed hard, and began fucking into his tightly clenched fists. It was his favorite way of jerking off, and always had him over the edge in no time. This time though, young Wesley was so aroused, that hearing his mother come made him climax immediately.

He groaned and began to pump on his swollen dick real hard. His eyes wide open, he stared at the head of his cock, listening to his mother's screams of pleasure. His prick jerked suddenly in his hands as streams of hot, creamy spunk shot out of the tip of his cock and into the air. Wesley came all over the place. Great gobs of thick, sperm squirting out of his dilated pisshole like water out of a fountain.

It splattered over his thighs and up onto his chest, a couple of drops even landed on his face and dribbled down onto his lips. He closed his eyes and grimaced, and continued squeezing the last of the juice from his spurting prick. He fondled his balls and milked his still-throbbing shaft with both hands until the contractions died and his orgasm finally faded. On the bridge as well, all was still. Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher were slumped in each other's arms.

Picard's softening prick had slithered from her quivering cunt and they lay together on the floor, gasping for breath. Nearby, Data still had his synthetic cock firmly imbedded inside Counselor Troi's gooey twat.

Her clinging cuntlips bulged around the undiminished thickness of the androids plastic prick. Her hairless crotch, and even her thighs and ass were saturated with cum, but the sticky juices were entirely her own, since Data did not have the capability of ejaculation.

"Ooohhhhhh, Data!", she murmured with regret, as the android removed his still-hard cock from her swampy fuckhole. The removal of his large member left a disappointing emptiness inside her, but the hot itch in her cunt seemed to be satisfied for now and the unbearable urges she felt before were gone, as if the strange force had all but left the ship or at least was very much weaker.

Deanna felt suddenly happy and fulfilled, yet deep down she knew if the force returned, she would gladly do again all the lewd and deliciously depraved things she had done tonight, and more! Standing up, Data donned his uniform and helped Deanna to her feet. "Thank you, Data." she said, picking up her clothes. ". for everything!" "Glad to be of service, Counselor." "Oh, don't worry Data.", replied Deanna with a grin.

".you serviced me just fine!" Blissfully unaware of the humor in Counselor Troi's remark, Data turned to the Captain and Dr. Crusher who were also struggling to their feet. "Are you okay, Captain?", asked Data. "Yes, Mister Data", answered Picard, handing Dr. Crusher her clothes. "The force seems to be gone for now.", then turning to Troi, "Do you still feel it, Dea. er Counselor Troi?" "Only faintly Captain, but I have a feeling it may return, at any time.

even stronger." Picard tried to stop staring at Troi's gorgeous tits and cunt as she got dressed. "Um. yes. quite. In that case, I want everybody in the conference room at 1300hrs tomorrow to discuss methods of analyzing and counteracting this thing. Much as I enjoyed it." he flashed a grin at Dr. Crusher who grinned sheepishly, ".we can't keep this sort of thing up and still keep the ship functioning properly.

Any questions.?" The others shook their heads. "Alright then, I think we should all get some rest," suggested Captain Picard, ". oh, and Data." "Yes, Captain?" "Pick Commander Riker up, and deposit him in his quarters please. Not only is he out of uniform, he's making the bridge look untidy" "Yes, Captain!" Chapter 5: ---------------------------------------------- Next morning, Wesley Crusher woke up with a tremendous hard-on.

The horny urges of the night before had come upon him again in his sleep. He had awoken naked and sweaty, his young cock painfully erect as it tented the single sheet which covered his loins. Wesley's hand went immediately to his throbbing erection as his mind filled with the sordid events of the night before. Was it a dream or did it really happen, he thought. He wasn't sure. All he knew was that he still had these strange, powerful feelings of lust.

especially towards his beautiful mother. Wesley's prick jerked in his hand as he began to rub his fingers up and down the solid length of his cock-shaft. He pulled back the sheet and watched the lube-juice ooze out of his pisshole. There seemed to be a lot of it today, so much that it leaked out and trickled down the little furrow on the head of his prick.

He rubbed it over the flared tip of his cock and into the groove under the rim. He enjoyed whacking off in the mornings. It seemed to set the mood for the rest of the day. If he didn't, he found that the frustration got to him sooner or later, and he couldn't concentrate. Wesley closed his eyes and fantasized about his mother's naked body. He thought about her tits, and imagined himself sucking them. Then he thought about her ass. She had such a great ass. He wondered if Captain Picard had fucked her in the ass last night.

The very thought made his cock twitch involuntarily in his fist. One of his favorite fantasies was to watch as his cock slid in and out of a girl's tightly stretched asshole. He wondered what his mother's ass would feel like. God, it would be tight he thought. hot and smooth and clinging. Oooohhhh, what he wouldn't give to fuck his mom's snug little butthole.

Wesley's eyes were tightly shut as he pumped his cock. Thinking about fucking his gorgeous mother was taking him quickly to the edge.

He could feel he was close. He could feel the tingling. Then suddenly, his whole body stiffened and a long stream of spunk came shooting out of the end of his prick. "UHHHNNGNGGGHH!

GOD! FUCK! FUUUUCK! OHHHHHH!" He didn't realize it, but he was moaning rather loudly. When the spasms had died and the last jet of cum had squirted from his throbbing cock, Wesley opened his eyes.

Then he blinked, rubbing them in disbelief, because standing at the door which connected their rooms was his mother, and she was standing there naked! Beverly Crusher had woken up just as horny as her son.

The force that had driven her to the very heights of depravity last night was back again, stronger than ever. She lay in bed for a while, rubbing her slippery cuntlips, sometimes delving a long, slender finger deep up into her itchy fuckhole.

Her hand felt good, but she knew it was a poor substitute for the real thing. she needed a hot, hard cock! Then, she heard a sound coming from Wesley's room. It sounded like moaning, and in her aroused state, Beverly was drawn to the noise like a bee to honey.

Without even thinking that she was still naked, Beverly moved to the interconnecting door. It slid silently open as she approached. When she saw the source of the sounds, she gasped, holding her breath, her eyes wide with excitement. Wesley was lying naked on his bed, jerking off, and when she saw the size of her son's erect prick, Beverly couldn't help it.

she became extremely excited. Her fingers dropped to her cunt once more as she watched her handsome young son fist his huge cock. God, he's hung, she thought, rubbing two fingers into her cuntslit. just like his father. She loved his body. All those muscles. Ohhhhh, yes. his hard, young body. And that cock.

She had seen everything, his jism spurting, the way he held his balls as he came. Beverly suddenly had an urge to do that for him. She would give anything to feel his young balls jump in her hand as the hot, gooey spunk shot out the end of his big, throbbing cock. Now he was squeezing his prick with both hands, milking out the last of his load. Beverly trembled as she watched him. This was the first time in years she had seen Wesley naked. Her excitement was intense.

She couldn't take her eyes off his body, his cock and balls, his young male meat. Her son. God, what a cock he had! And those huge balls. Whatever others may think of him, between his legs he was a grown man.

Standing stiffly in its fully aroused state, his prick was easily as large as Captain Picard's had been. Beverly was amused. All this time she had been living so close to all this young cockmeat. She felt her desires consume her, but at the same time there was a faint feeling of guilt. Deep down she knew it was wrong to lust after Wesley, but she was helplessly trapped in the force's growing power.

She kept her eyes fixed on his prick, excited by the way his hands fondled his cock and balls. She wanted him.

She wanted his beautiful big cock. Beverly suddenly saw nothing wrong in her desire to fuck her own son, to feel Wesley's lips sucking her nipples, to feel her handsome boy's throbbing cock pistoning in and out. in and out of her yearning cunt. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, what a thought! Why shouldn't she give him some relief, when her son was obviously so horny? After all, it was a mother's duty to comfort her son, wasn't it? Unable to argue with her own logic, Beverly breathed a sigh of resolve, and entered the room.

As if in a trance, Wesley watched his naked mother move towards him. Her big tit's jiggled as she sat down on the bed next to him. Out of habit, he went to cover himself with the sheet, but Beverly pulled it off him and stared hungrily at his cock. "Don't hide it, Wes", she breathed. "It's nothing to be ashamed of. Mmmmm, in fact, THAT is definitely something to be proud of." Wesley could only gaze wide-eyed at his mother's naked pussy.

Beverly saw his hungry stare and opened her thighs slightly to give him a better look. "Is this a dream, Mom?", he asked breathlessly. Beverly's pussy tingled as she gazed at Wesley's enormous cock, watching it jerk and pulse over his stomach. With a seductive smile, she reached out and shamelessly wrapped her fingers around her son's throbbing prick. "Does this feel like a dream, honey?", she said, squeezing gently.

"Ooohhh, yes!. um.I mean no!. Oh, Mom!" She trembled at the feel of his hot young cock in her hand. To her surprise and delight, he was still incredibly stiff. Even after climaxing only a minute or so before, Wesley's virile young prick seemed to have lost none of it's previous length or hardness.

After all these years, Beverly had forgotten how quickly young boys his age recovered after ejaculation. "I watched what you did, Wes," she smiled. "It made me so horny. Do you jerk off in here a lot, honey?" "I guess," Wesley mumbled shyly.

"Don't be ashamed to admit it, darling. As a doctor I know, it's natural for a boy your age to get lots and lots of hardons." Beverly shivered at the thought. "Tell me, have you fucked a girl yet, baby?" "N. no,", Wesley whispered. "Mmmm, but you'd like to, wouldn't you? I bet that's what you think about when you stroke your hand up and down this big stiff thing and jerk off, isn't it, Wes?" Wesley didn't answer.

He was licking his lips, trembling slightly with helpless lust as he ogled his mom's gorgeous naked body. Beverly's pussy started drooling as she felt her son's cock begin to jerk and twitch obscenely in her grasp, the whole shaft throbbing powerfully between her tightly clenched fingers.

"Ohh, yeahhh, baby", she moaned, watching his young eyes devour her naked tits and cunt. "You like to look at momma's body, don't you?" "I. I can't help it, Mom", Wesley muttered. "You look so. so beautiful!" "You'd like to fuck me, wouldn't you, Wes? Just like those girls you think about while you're jerking off," his mother said huskily. "Do you think about me too, baby? Do you fantasize about fucking me while you're beating off?" Wesley could only nod his head.

"Mmmmmmm, I'll bet you do!", muttered his mother. "Your cock is so big and strong and beautiful, baby! God, I can't wait to feel it inside my cunt!" The boy was both embarrassed and excited by the presence of his gorgeous mother sitting naked on his bed, talking dirty to him like this.

But her hand stroking firmly up and down his cock was rapidly transforming the embarrassment into heady arousal. So was the sight of his mother's moist, furry-slitted cunt, gaping lewdly from between her shamelessly open thighs.

"Ohh, Wes honey, don't worry! I want you to look at me like that!", said Beverly jacking her fist up and down his cock. "Does that feel good, baby?" "Oooooooh, Mom!", gasped Wesley. "Mmmmm, I do believe it does," giggled his mother. Beverly jacked his prick a little faster, staring at the large flared head, and the tiny eye-shaped hole in the tip which seemed to wink at her each time she jerked her fist to the very top.

It looked so damn delicious, Beverly instinctively bent her head to the boy's crotch and kissed the head of his prick, letting the pointed tip of her tongue gently probe his tender pisshole.

Wesley almost hit the roof! He couldn't believe it was finally happening. His sexy mother had her full red lips around the end of his cock! It felt so good, he wanted her to do more, though. He wanted her to open her pretty lips and take his prick right into her hot, wet mouth. When she suddenly removed her mouth from his cock-knob, Wesley was beside himself with frustration. "Ohhh, Mom! Put your mouth back on my cock, please!", he begged, reaching for her head.

"You want me to suck it for you, don't you baby?", she smiled, her glittering eyes betraying her own hot, incestuous desire. "Yesssss! Oooooh, yesssss! Suck it, Mom!", hissed Wesley. "Put it in your mouth and suck my prick all the way down your hot fuckin' throat!" With a groan of lust, Beverly pushed him back and clambered onto the bed between her son's outstretched thighs, her mouth watering as she confronted the jutting thickness of his cock up close.

It was huge! So big, that the horny woman was unsure if she could fit it all in her mouth, let alone all the way down her throat!

Again, Beverly curled her fingers around her son's huge fucker and began to jack it in her fist, very hard. Wesley moaned and lifted his hips, fucking his cock up into her hand. Eagerly, she watched his large purple cockhead swell up in front of her, oozing out a plentiful supply of thin, milky pre-cum.

"Ohhh, Wes! Your cock is leaking, honey", she purred. "Your balls must still be awfully full. Mmmmm, you really do need your Momma to suck your big, fat gorgeous prick for you, don't you, baby?" "Please, Mom! Oh, yeah, please." "Oh, Wesley." Her words trailed off as Beverly lowered her head, planting a wet kiss on the tip of her son's meaty fuck-stick. She thrust out her tongue, wantonly lapping up the sticky juice from his pisshole.

It was delicious, a little salty tasting, but definitely delicious. The flavor of her own son's seminal fluid made her cunt crawl with lust.

Beverly could hardly wait to taste his thick, creamy sperm. She let her lips part and slid her mouth down over the throbbing stiffness of her young son's cock. Looking up under her lashes at him, Beverly watched the look on his face.

His eyes were tightly closed and his mouth was wide open, a look of total wonderment on his handsome features. But as her lips enveloped more and more of his hard cock, Wesley opened his eyes and gazed down at her, the initial expression of wonder, had changed to one of pure animal lust.

lust for his beautiful, sexy mother. "Ohhh, Mom!", groaned Wesley. "That feels sooooo good! Uhhhghhh! Oh, shit, you're really sucking my goddamn cock! Ummmm, suck it all into your mouth, Mom!. Oh, God, this is so much better than jerking off!" Wesley gazed down at her, hotly aroused and excited by the obscene spectacle of his own mother slurping hungrily on his long, hard prick.

With a loud moan of incestuous pleasure, Beverly jammed her mouth down hard over her son's erection. Then, with his long, thick length buried deep in her throat, she began to bob her head up and down, sucking her horny young son off like a pro. His cock felt so hot and hard and throbbing in her mouth, the sex-crazed woman couldn't wait to let him fuck her dripping wet cunt with it. Beverly Crusher closed her eyes and moaned as she felt her lips stretch widely around the base of Wesley's prick.

His hairy young balls were hot on her chin, and her mouth was very, very full. She could feel the head of his prick slam the back of her throat as Wesley jerked his ass up off the bed. He was moaning loudly, and it aroused Beverly all the more to know she was giving her son so much pleasure. Under the influence of the force, the very taste and texture of her son's hard, straining cock in her mouth awakened a savage hunger in her cunt that Beverly had rarely known before with any man, and she couldn't wait to satisfy it.

Wesley was excited too. Not only was his gorgeous naked mother sucking his cock. she seemed to be enjoying it almost as much as he was! She had her mouth wide open, taking him in as far as she could each time, sucking voraciously.

She had most of his big, long prick in her mouth but she wanted it all. Wesley began to fuck his cock up into his mother's sucking mouth, imagining in mind's eye that it was her hot, wet cunt he was fucking. His glistening prick slid in and out between her tightly-stretched lips, the long, hard shaft coated liberally with her slippery saliva. "Oh, yeahhhhh, Mom!", groaned Wesley pumping his cock in and out of his mother's mouth. "Suck on it! Suck on my hot fuckin' cock, Mom!" He stared at her with a wild look in his eyes, enjoying the feel of his huge prick throbbing deep in her hot, velvet throat.

His hands were behind her head, pressing his mother's face into his crotch as he fucked his young cock between her tight, ovaled lips. Beverly slid her palms under her son's firm young ass and cupped his asscheeks with both hands. She squeezed, and with a grunt, Wesley began to fuck harder, ramming his cock up into her throat almost savagely.

"Suck, Mom!", he growled. "Suck my cock, hard!. Oh, Jesus, yessssss!. Make me come in your hot, fuckin' mouth, Mom! Beverly moaned as her son's huge cock collided with the back of her throat, pushing deeper with each lunge. She closed her lips tightly around it, her tongue pushing his prick to the roof of her mouth, making it as tight for him as she possibly could.

Her lips tingled with the hard, hot taste of him. She felt her cunt twitch with a strange, wanton feeling. Her son's cock felt better and tasted better than any of the others. including Jean-Luc. She tried to tell herself it was because he was so young, but deep down inside Beverly knew it was because the cock sliding down her willing, eager throat belonged to her own son.

Fueled by the compelling nature of the force, the excitement of incest was suddenly like a powerful drug to her, and it obviously had the same effect on Wesley too.

Beverly loved the way her son was acting, forcing her to suck him. She became submissive, letting her emotions soar. She knelt between his legs, letting the boy fuck her mouth as hard and as fast as he wanted, and her cunt reacted in ways she had never felt before. With a deep moan, Beverly inserted two fingers deep into her blazing cunt. Wesley looked down between his mother's jiggling tits, and gazed with excitement as she shamelessly thrust her fingers in and out of her highly aroused twat.

"Ohhh, yeah! Do it to yourself, Mom!" groaned Wesley, watching her intently. His cock was still pumping into her mouth, strong and hard as he watched his mother expertly finger-fucking herself. "Yeahhhh, I bet your cunt is hot and wet and juicy, Mom!", he panted. Beverly looked up at her son with heavy-lidded eyes and nodded, moaning in frustration. Her need was obvious. She wanted to beg her son to stick his cock into her cunt and fuck her, but she couldn't answer because the boy wouldn't let her mouth off his hard prick.

Wesley was teasing her, she knew it, but in her present state, that only seemed to excite her more, and soon she was shoving her whole hand into her tightly stretched cunt, trying to simulate a huge fucking cock. Wesley held his mother's head with both hands, fucking her mouth hard, the soft whimpering sounds she was making, and her lush tits rubbing provocatively against his thighs, adding greatly to his already considerable excitement.

Wesley grunted as his cock slammed brutally in and out of his mother's mouth. Although he loved her dearly, he was so fully aroused that at the moment he didn't care if he was hurting her, as long as she didn't stop sucking his cock! He had fantasized many times about getting his cock sucked, but nothing could have prepared him for the real thing.

The girls he knew would hardly touch a cock, let alone put one into their mouths. Except maybe Sherri, he thought with a grin.

His beautiful mother was giving him the first cock-suck of his life, and Wesley was enjoying it to the max! Beverly was enjoying it too, and the more she felt the boy's balls bouncing against her chin, the deeper she swallowed his cock, burying her nose into his downy pubic hair with every lunge.

"Ohhhhh, God, Mom! It's goin' in all the way!", said Wesley with a loud groan. "Yeahhhh! Jesus, you gorgeous fuckin' cunt! Suck it hard!. Suck it real hard, baby!" Beverly gazed up at him with a look of smoldering lust on her beautiful face. If anyone else had spoken to her like that, she would have felt degraded and dirty, but with him it was different. When her son said it, Beverly only felt her pussy tingle with wanton excitement.

By now, her hand was almost completely buried in the frothy, squirming hole between her legs. Her brain reeled with lewd ecstasy at the thought of her son's hot, creamy sperm squirting into her mouth.

Beverly made soft whimpering sounds around the thick shaft fucking her lips and grasped her son's jiggling ballbag. It was wet and slippery from his sweat and her saliva, and she cupped the hairy sack lovingly, squeezing her son's swollen balls as she took the heavy thrusts of his eager young cock all the way down her throat.

"Ohhhh, yeah! Squeeze my nuts, Mom!", Wesley cried out. "I'm so fuckin' close it hurts!" His mother was more than close, her hand was almost a blur as it fucked in and out of her cunt, her son's words helping to send her over the edge. She came hard, almost biting her son's cock as she temporarily lost control and let her teeth graze up and down his thrusting cockshaft.

"Uuuuuuuuhh! Shit, Mom. that almost made me come!", screamed Wesley. Beverly realized how close her son had actually come when she suddenly experienced the warm salty taste of his pre-cum on her tongue.

It made her cunt quiver with anticipation. She dragged her teeth along his cock again, this time on purpose and the result was the same. Without warning, Wesley cried out, fucking his mother's face with deeper and stronger thrusts.

Beverly felt his prick jerk in her mouth, and for a brief moment, tried to pull off. But Wesley was holding her too tightly, both hands on the back of her head.

Her lips were being bruised as he banged violently against them, but Beverly felt no pain. She was burning up. Her mouth ached, her nipples tingled, and her cunt ached for his hard young cock. She didn't know what to expect as her son came in her mouth, but there was little she could do to prevent it.

He held her head in a viselike grip, and she knew he wouldn't let her go until his cock had ceased spurting, and his young balls were empty. Beverly gripped his asscheeks tightly and waited for the inevitable explosion. Wesley was moaning, his glassy eyes staring down at his kneeling mother, out of focus, wild-looking. She felt the boy's ass-muscles flex under her palms, and her lips stretched more than ever around his pounding cock as it began to swell suddenly, seeming to double in size.

Beverly couldn't wait for Wesley to come in her mouth. The very thought of swallowing her own son's sperm made her cunt crawl with delicious, incestuous lust. Beverly wrapped her arms around his lurching young ass, and clung to the boy desperately as he rammed his prick faster and faster up into her tight, sucking mouth. "AHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGHHH! JESUS, MOM! HERE IT FUCKIN' COMES!", Wesley yelled.


Her arms tightened around his naked ass, and her eyes closed as she felt his cock pulse wildly between her lips. She heard him give a yelp, and shuddered as jet after jet of hot, teenage spunk erupted from the end of her son's hard, pistoning cock.

To keep from choking, Beverly swallowed as Wesley kept fucking her face, his movements jerky. Squirt after hot, sticky squirt shot into her mouth, coating her tongue and the insides of her cheeks. Beverly gulped loudly as her mouth filled with her son's creamy seed. It was difficult to swallow when he pushed the head of his cock into her throat, but she found it easier to do when he pulled back before another thrust. Beverly swallowed down every drop, enjoying the lascivious act of consuming her own son's sperm immensely.

Her cunt twitched and bubbled with desire as she savoured the excitingly masculine taste of him. Beverly made a mental note of sucking him again the first chance she got. "Oooooh, yeah!", Wesley groaned, trembling as he pressed his cock deep into her slack mouth one last time.

"Oh, Mom, that was great!" He looked down at her, seeing the unmistakable need reflected in his mother's emerald green eyes. His cock slipped from her mouth, but before it could go soft, Wesley pulled his naked mother on top of him and kissed her long and passionately.

Wesley enjoyed the taste of his cock on his mother's lips and thrust his tongue deep into her mouth to get more. Beverly grabbed his cock. It was still hard and getting harder by the second. Wesley cupped the cheeks of her tight ass and ground his cock up against her cunt "Uhhhhhh, Christ! I wanna fuck you in the cunt now, Mom!", Wesley grunted. The normally cool, calm and collected, Dr. Beverly Crusher trembled with lust, unable to control herself any longer.

"Ohhh, yes! Do it, darling!", she gasped, as she felt his cockhead nudge into her slit. "Fuck me! Screw me! Use me, son! Fill momma's cunt with your long, hard cock and fuck me hard! Mmmmm, show momma how good you are, baby!" Wesley didn't mess around, he was incredibly excited, and with a single tremendous lunge rammed his prick to the hilt inside his mother's juicy wet snatch. Beverly squealed like a stuck pig as her son's huge thick cock sliced up into her cunt.

And when he began thrusting his hips up and down, she could do nothing but hang on to Wesley's strong young shoulders and whimper with delight as he fucked her. "Feel good, Mom?", panted Wesley. He had hold of his mother by the waist and was pulling her down hard each time he rammed his cock up into her cunt. "Jesus, yes!", gasped Beverly. "That's it sweetheart, fuck me good and hard!" She rode her son's deep-pistoning cock with wails of pleasure, her tits squashing deliciously against his muscular young chest as the excited boy thrust his prick into her slippery twat like a machine out of control.

Beverly adored his rough, fast fucking. Most men she'd known took it slow, afraid of cumming to soon and not being able to get it up again, but young boys were different, and Beverly knew that her son didn't care if he came, because at his age he would be ready to fuck again in a matter of minutes.

She closed her eyes and forgot about other men. In fact, she forgot about everything except the searing pleasure filling her cunt, as her horny young son fucked her to the very brink of orgasm. It was a hard, quick fuck, and both of them were so turned on, that they climaxed within minutes. Beverly came first, her hot and incredibly juicy cunt contracting around her son's cock with such intensity that Wesley climaxed on the spot.

"Unnnnnhhhhhhh, God! Yeahhhhh!. Oh, Wesley! Don't stop!. Fuck me! Ohhh, fuck me!", she howled. "I'm cummmmmmmmminggggggg! Ooooooooooooooh! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhhhhh!" "Ahhhhhhhggggghh, Shit!", Wesley screamed, fucking his mother faster and faster. "Your cunt feels so tight, Mom! Ooooh, Jesus! I'm coming toooooooo!" Beverly sobbed with ecstasy as her son's cock twitched and jerked, pumping blast after blast of boiling-hot jism deep into her orgasming cunt. Although she'd just had a cunt-wrenching climax, Beverly was still unbelievably aroused.

The effect of the force was still very strong, and the excitement of fucking her own son had transformed her. Beverly felt totally insatiable! She wanted her son to fuck her again and again and again.

she wanted him to do all sorts of depraved, indecent things to her. in fact the more depraved the better. and anything he didn't already know about sex, she was going to teach him. After all isn't that what mother's are for, thought Beverly with a wicked little smile. Her son's breath in her ear brought her suddenly back to reality.

"Mmmmmmmm, Mom that was fantastic!", he whispered. "How 'bout for you?" "The best, darling!", panted Beverly. "You sure know how to excite a woman!" Wesley ground his hips against his mother's juice-smeared crotch, his cock still twitching deep in her cunt. "Was I really that good, Mom!", asked Wesley, feeling his mother's pussy begin to respond once more.

"Oh, baby!. you were better than anyone!", gasped Beverly "Even Dad and Captain Picard?", he grinned. "Oh, yes darling. yessss!" The mention of her dead husband sent a shiver of guilt through Beverly Crusher's body. But it lasted only a micro-second. washed away by the love and lust she felt for her handsome, virile young son. She bent down and tongue-kissed him passionately, his cock throbbing as hard as ever inside the clasping wetness of her cunt.

Wesley kissed her back, and it seemed like a long time before she reluctantly pulled away, and looked seductively down into his eyes. "God, you make me so damn hot, Wesley!", admitted Beverly, seeing the same lust reflected in her son's eyes. "Ummmmm, baby, you still feel hard!

Do you want to fuck momma again, sweetheart?" "Shit, Mom! Do I ever!" "Good! 'Cause, to tell you the truth, honey, I haven't felt this horny since my wedding night, and boy did your father ever have his work cut out for him that night!" Beverly noticed a look of jealousy cross her son's face for an instant. "Dad's gone, Mom!", he said. "But I'm here, and I'm gonna fuck you better than he, or anyone else, ever did!" Beverly hugged her son tightly and covered his neck and cheeks with hot, fervent kisses, her cunt itching with the expectation of some deliciously exhausting sex with her handsome young son.

She rolled off him and sucked their mingled juices from his rock-hard cock, moaning as his fingers found the soppy opening of her cunt. It wasn't long before she was climbing the walls with lust again. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide, opening her gooey pink cuntlips with both hands. "Ohhhhh, God! I need you in my cunt again, Wes!", she hissed, "Look how hot and wet my poor pussy is!. I need that big, hard cock pounding away between my legs, hon!.

Uhhhhh, come on, fuck me baby!. Fuck me hard!" "It looks good enough to eat, Mom!", smiled Wesley, staring at her exposed cunt. "We can do that later, dear!" replied his mother, her voice husky with desire. "But first, I need you to give me a another quick, hard, satisfying fuck!" "Ok, Mom!", grinned Wesley climbing on top of her.

"You're the boss!" Wesley scrambled up between his mother's thighs and fell upon her, like a young animal, wasting no time with preliminaries, simply ramming his massive hardon to the hilt in her eagerly upthrust cunt. "Uhhhhhggggghhh! God, yes!", squealed Beverly, as the boy's huge prick sliced deep into her aching cuntmound.

"Now, fuck me, darling!. Fuck meeeeeeee!" Wesley knew from the tone of her voice, that his mother wanted only one thing. to come hard and fast. he was only too happy to oblige! Wesley began pumping his rigid young tool into his mother's squirming belly like a robot, fucking her seething cunt with deep powerful strokes that made Beverly cry out with sheer pleasure. Wesley manipulated his body in jackknife fashion, sending surging stabs into her, fucking his sexy mother ever deeper, using his cock like a blunt weapon.

It was the kind of weapon that Beverly liked. Normally, thrusts as deep and as strong as her son was giving her would have hurt, but Beverly was excited beyond belief. The slight pain only seemed to increase her incredible pleasure. She forgot about the rest of the world. about Captain Picard. even her husband. All that mattered right now, was that her virile young son was giving her what she so desperately needed.

a hot, hard all-consuming fuck! "Ohhhh, yeah! Move that ass for me, Mom!", grunted Wesley. "Move your tight, hot pussy around on my dick!. Fuck me back, Mom!. Fuck hard!" He needn't have urged her. His mother fucked him back like a bitch in heat, thrusting her pussy up at him with driving lunges until his cock was balls deep in her belly. Beverly's tiny butt was squirming around like crazy as she tried to get her son's monstrous cock into every tight corner of her raging twat, her every movement inspired by a lust to deep and hot, that there was simply no describing it!

Lately, she had become totally dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure, and she knew by the way her son was fucking her, that the lusty youth shared their newfound pleasure with equal dedication. Wesley jammed his cock into his mother's cunt hard and fast, immensely excited by her frequent loud squeals of pleasure. He was like an untamed young animal driven wild with lust. He reached out and grabbed his mother's jiggling tits, kneading the firm, creamy mounds while he fucked her.

Beverly was in seventh heaven as her son's lengthy cock slammed time and time again into her frothy cunt, her heels locked together just behind his ass as she twisted her pretty butt to and fro beneath him.

"Aggghhhhh!", she cried out as she felt the tip of his cock slam into the very mouth of her womb. "Ugggghhh! Now you're fucking me, honey, now you're really fucking momma's cunt!

Oh, Christ you're big, son! .

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so fucking big! Do it harder. harder! Deeper! I want your balls against my asshole!" He did exactly as he was told, fucking his mother as hard and as deep as he possibly could. The look on her face excited him even more. "Take it, Mom!" he growled, staring into his mother's wide, shining eyes. "Take every fucking inch of it, right up your horny cunt!. Uuuuuuuuuhhhh, what a tight, hot juicy little fuckhole!!!" Wesley looked down between their writhing bodies and watched his cock slicing back and forth inside his mother's gaping, furr-lined slit.

The sight inflamed him with such uncontrollable desire, that Wesley grabbed her slender hips and pulled her crotch hard against his own with every stroke, stabbing his prick, into her cunt with even greater force.

Beverly arched her back and grunted out a steady stream of obscenities as she felt her son's lunging cock penetrate her tortured cunt-flesh to even more pleasurable depths. Her wild, incestuous passions gathered quickly into a hard, throbbing knot of tension deep in her belly and when she realized that she was on the verge of orgasm, Beverly pulled her son's head down to her shaking breasts and held him there. "Oooooh, Wes honey, fuck me! I'm coming!", she whimpered. "Suck my tits!

Unngghh! Yessss! Suck my tits and fuck my cunt! Make me come, with your gorgeous big prick, baby!" Wesley sucked his mother's tits into his mouth, biting and chewing the hard, rosy nipples as she bucked her cunt violently up against his pistoning cock. Although still a long way from his own climax, Wesley did everything he could to increase his mother's pleasure.

Lengthening his cock-stabs, the boy began to grind his pubic bone against his mother's clit, fucking her with all his might. Within seconds, she began to shudder uncontrollably, her beautiful, athletic body stiffening under him. For Beverly it was one of the best orgasms she had ever had.

Her son was fucking her like an expert, and her climax seemed to last forever, becoming stronger and stronger with each successive thrust of his powerful young prick. Wesley was enthralled by the length and intensity of his mother's orgasm. She thrashed from side to side, her head tossing wildly and scream after scream erupted from her throat as the orgasm seized her like a dog shaking a bone. Wesley realized that his cock was producing a series of spasms deep inside her.

He could feel his mother's convulsing cunt-muscles clamp tightly around his deeply buried prick as her pussy tried in vain to milk the cum from his lust-swollen balls. Looking down at her, Wesley felt proud that he could give his mother such intense sexual pleasure. He continued fucking her as she thrashed and tossed wildly underneath him, not slowing for an instant until her movements became more languid and she began to go limp.

"Ohhhh, baby!", she panted. "That was one hell of a good fuck!" "You're not kiddin', Mom," replied Wesley, flexing his still-hard cock inside her quivering cunt. "God, we should have done this long ago, baby," murmured Beverly, covering her son's neck and cheeks with hot little kisses. "I wish we had, Mom," he replied. "But don't worry, from now on I'm available any time!" "Mmmmmmm, I sure hope so, sweetheart!", murmured his mother.

Beverly felt her son's young cock twitch powerfully in her belly and gasped; "Ohhhh, God, Wesley! You're still hard! Jesus, you feel so good inside me. so thick and hard and. oooooooooohh!" Wesley flexed his cock inside her cunt, grinding the base hard against his mother's clit.

"Ready for some more, Mom?", he grinned lewdly. "Ummmm, yes, yesssss pleeeeeease!", whimpered Beverly, lifting her hips at him in urgent need. "Fuck me again, baby!. Fuck me till I drop!" But Wesley had other ideas, and to his mother's complete surprise, he pulled his cock out of her tight cunt.

It exited with a loud, wet slurping sound. "Jesus, Wesley! What are you doing?", whined Beverly in frustration. "I want to suck your pussy, Mom!", said Wesley, whirling around to face her feet.

". why don't you suck on my prick at the same time, okay?" "Oh, you wonderful, darling! You must have read my mind!", moaned his mother as she reached for his glistening cock. Wesley straddled his mother's head with his knees, his own head between her widely stretched thighs. He felt her warm fingers encircle his cock and her even warmer lips caress the swollen head as she pulled it into her mouth, the tip of her tongue probing the tiny piss-slit.

As his mother began sucking gently on his cockhead, Wesley looked down at her tightly stretched crotch, her gleaming pussy and puckered little asshole laid out before him like a sexual smorgasbord.

He stared with wonder at his mother's recently fucked cunt. With her thighs spread so far apart, Beverly's furry cuntlips gaped lewdly open, revealing the scarlet inner folds of her lust-swollen twat.

Wesley could see that his mother was wet. very, very wet. the juices from her recent orgasm still seeping from deep within her musky cunt. Even as he watched, moisture began to collect in the groove at the bottom of her luscious-looking gash. Wesley pulled the slippery lips of his mother's cunt further apart, and watched in awe as more and more of her pink, glistening pussy-flesh appeared. He could see her large, erect clit sticking out like a tiny penis at the top of her slit and about three inches below that, the object of his desire.

her dark, inviting fuckhole. Wesley lowered his face between his mother's widespread legs, feeling the steamy, smoldering heat emanating from her crotch.

Inches from her cunt, he stopped and breathed in deeply through his nose. Wesley loved the smell of her hot cunt! Although he had never experienced it before, he knew instinctively that it was the scent of a woman eager for sex, and it made the young boy's stiff cock throb with fuck-lust. With a groan, Wesley rammed his cock down between his mother's sucking lips, at the same time plunging his face into the torrid wetness of her gaping twat, and began to lick and suck just as ravenously as he had earlier on, feasting incestuously once more on her tasty, forbidden fruits.

Luckily, her son's groan of lust had warned Beverly of his impending lunge, and she had managed to get her mouth open wide enough to receive the full length of his hard, young cock without too much pain. In fact, her lips felt rather numb as they stretched tightly around the base of the boy's thick pole.

She raised her tongue and drew in her cheeks as far as she could, sheathing his cock in hot, juicy flesh. Beverly began to suck hard and ravenously, enjoying the feel of her son's big cock deep in her mouth. She loved the male taste of him. so young and clean and fresh. It felt so wickedly exciting to be lying naked with her own son. in his bed. sucking his long hard cock as his tongue swirled deliciously 'round and 'round in her seething cunt.

Beverly pulled her mouth off his prick for a moment. "Oooooh, honey, that feels so good!", she moaned. "I love a good tongue in my cunt!. Yessssss, suck me, son! Suck your momma's hot, wet snatch, baby!" As his mother's mouth returned to his prick, Wesley went to work, raking his stiffly pointed tongue up and down between the tender, puffy lips of his mother's pussy.

For his first time at cunt-sucking Wesley was good. He instinctively knew just where to lick and how hard to suck in order to please his mother. Beverly gurgled with bliss, she couldn't have wished for anything more pleasurable. Her mouth and throat were filled with her son's hard, thick teenage cock, and her cunt was filled with his constantly wiggling tongue.

what more could she ask for? Chapter 6: ---------------------------------------------Riker was in his quarters, still passed out after all the strenuous exertions of the night before. He didn't hear the quiet hiss of the doors as they slid open, nor did he feel the soft hand begin to unzip his pants and slide out his cock. Soon though, he was stirring as the hand started to pump up and down the hardening length of his cock.

Finally he opened his eyes when he felt a moist warm mouth close over the tip of his semi-erect penis. "Sherri?. What the hell do you think you're doing!" he demanded. "What does it look like Commander Riker?" she said, pulling her mouth from his gleaming cock for a second. "It looks like you're sucking my cock!", Riker said stupidly. He was still half asleep. "I hope that's what it feels like too" Sherri replied.

With an impish grin, the pretty young blonde lowered her head once more and resumed sucking on Riker's now rock-hard prick. "Oh yes, that's definitely what it feels like," groaned Riker, lying back. Involuntarily, his hips lifted up off the bed and he hunched his prick into the girl's hot wet mouth. Riker reached down and grabbed the back of Sherri's head, pushing her face down over his crotch and began to thrust the length of his stiff cock between her tightly-stretched little lips.

"Goooodddd. that's so fucking gorgeous! Don't stop!" he moaned. Sherri was really going for it now, drawing the long cock into the back of her mouth and sucking for all she was worth when it pistoned in.

Every now and then, she pulled Riker's hot cock out of her mouth and swirled her tongue around the tip, licking it like a lollipop. Riker crazed with lust as the horny teenager sucked hungrily on his huge throbbing tool.

"Jeezus honey where did you learn to do that? No don't answer that, I don't want your mouth to leave my cock for a second." Riker grabbed Sherri's head again ramming his cock down the young girl's throat as he began to feel a load of boiling-hot cum rise rapidly in his balls.

Sherri could feel his approaching orgasm too. Riker's balls tightened between her fingers and the rigid cock she was eating, seemed to suddenly grow even bigger in her drooling mouth. "Oh, baby. I'm almost there. ohhhhhhhh, God! Suck that cock, honey. Uhhhhhhhhh, yesssssss!", Riker groaned hoarsly. The girl lathed her tongue over the purple head of her handsome Commander's prick, sucking even harder as the cum juice began to leak from his dilated piss-hole. The tightness of her little mouth around his cock was suddenly too much for him, and without warning Riker climaxed, filling Sherri's desperately sucking mouth with huge, thick jets of hot, creamy cum.

Sherri moaned and swallowed rapidly as she felt Riker's semen spurt into the back of her throat. But the inexperienced young girl couldn't consume the massive load fast enough. It began to bubble out around the corners of her mouth, covering her lips and trickling down onto her chin. Still, the horny youngster sucked valiantly, plunging her lips down over the length of his jerking cock, working her fiery mouth up and down, sucking up every spurt of juice that shot out of Riker's throbbing prick as best she could.

As Riker gradually slowed his pumping cock, Sherri licked and sucked up all the juice that had dribbled out of her mouth, not wanting to miss a single drop of his hot creamy cum. "Did you like that, Commander?", smiled Sherri, wiping the remnants of Riker's copious ejaculation from her full pink lips.

"Ohhhhhh, baby girl, that was absolutely fantastic!" Sherri gave Riker a petulant look and scrambled to her feet. "I am NOT a little girl!" she said indignantly.

"I'm a woman!" "You sure are, sweetheart," replied Riker, staring hungrily at her heaving tits. "You sure are!" He ran his eyes appreciatively over Sherri's gorgeous young body.

The girl looked down at him. Although she was only fifteen and a still a virgin, Sherri hated to be thought of as young and immature, especially considering what she'd just done.

Lately, she had been having the most shamefully erotic dreams, and they had excited her immensely. She had begun to masturbate excessively, and her thoughts while she rubbed her gooey little cuntslit to orgasm,were always about men's cocks.

big, thick hard ones like Commander Riker's. But lately, it seemed that the more Sherri masturbated, the stronger these strange feelings became, and her schoolgirl crush on the handsome commander had soon turned into uncontrollable desire.

She enjoyed the way Commander Riker was staring at her body, and wondered if he found her as attractive as the other more mature women aboard. Suddenly, a look of jealousy crept across the girl's beautiful young face. "Did I suck your cock as good as Deanna Troi?", she asked abruptly. "Well. ummmm. er. I guess you heard about that, didn't you, hon?", said Riker.

"The whole ship heard!", exclaimed Sherri. "Did they?", smiled Riker, remembering Counselor Troi's deep and uncontrollable lust from the night before. "You don't need her, Will. Not when you can have this!", whispered Sherri, thrusting her moist, young crotch towards him. Riker could only stare.

transfixed by the girl's virginal beauty. Growing impatient, Sherri grabbed the Commander's hand. "Feel me Will!. Feel how hot and wet I am for you!", she husked, shoving his hand between her silky thighs.

With a moan, the horny young teenager pressed her commander's big, sweaty palm tightly against her cuntmound. Riker gasped at the contact, feeling the moist warmth of the Sherri's hotly aroused pussy through the tightness of her uniform. "Oh, shit!", breathed Riker. "No, Will!", Sherri giggled. "That's not shit!. That's pussy.

that's hot, juicy cunt. and it's all yours!" Sherri reached out and wrapped her fingers around his cock. "Jesus, baby! You can't wait, can you?", marveled Riker, as his eager young charge began jerking her small fist urgently up and down on his rock-hard prick.

Sherri moved between the Commander's thighs until she could rub the tip of his cock along the deep groove of her rapidly moistening slit. "Ohhh! God I need a your cock, Will.

I need a man's cock so bad." "What about Ensign Crusher?", asked Riker. "Isn't he enough for you?" "Wesley's too cautions. Sometimes he plays with my pussy," admitted Sherri, "but it's not enough. It's so frustrating! He really gets me all worked up sometimes! Oooohh, I need a man to take my cherry, Will!" "You mean you're a virgin, Wesley hasn't fucked you?", exclaimed Riker incredulously.

Sherri shook her head. Riker had an idea. It was one of his fantasies to spank a gorgeous naked teenage girl and then get her to b beg him to fuck her. "So!", growled Riker, in mock anger, "Your horny boyfriend feels you up, and you come crawling to me for some hot cock, huh?. Is that it?" Sherri looked at him with utter surprise.

Riker was loving it! "Stand over there you little slut, and take off all your clothes," he ordered ". and make it fucking snappy!" Sherri did as she was told, not sure whether he was serious or not.

Riker on the other hand was having a ball. Sherri stood up and touched a stud on the side of her uniform. Instantly, the tight, form-fitting garment dropped into a tiny heap around her ankles. Riker gasped under his breath, staring hungrily at the young girl's gorgeous naked flesh. His cock twitched involuntarily as Sherri's gorgeous little tits sprang into view.

She stood there quivering, clad only in a pair of clinging translucent panties. Riker stood up and rapidly removed his own uniform. "Come over here and bend over my knee!", he said sharply. Sherri did as she was told, intimidated by the Commander's sudden apparent mood change. She lay across his lap, with her tits pressed into his thigh and her cute little ass up in the air. "What are you gonna do, Will?", whimpered the frightened girl. Riker suppressed a groan as his erect cock brushed against her quivering belly, leaving a wet trail of pre-cum excitement.

"I'm gonna give you what you deserve, you horny cunt!", smiled Riker, rubbing his hand slowly over the girl's firm, young asscheeks. Raising his hand, Riker brought it down on Sherri's upthrust buttocks with a resounding smack.

"Owwww!", she screamed indignantly, "That hurts!" Riker rubbed his hand over her reddening flesh, pushing aside the girl's panties with a deliberate flick of his wrist. "Spread your legs, honey. or I'll give you another one!", demanded Riker.

As her legs parted, the swollen mound of the young girl's sweet little cunt appeared, framed beautifully by her creamy ass cheeks. "Mmmmmm! Nice, baby! Real nice!", moaned Riker, cupping her squirming butt. "Oooooh! For Christ's sake, touch me Will!", whimpered Sherri, "I can't stand it anymore!" "Yeah? Well, I'm sorry baby, but you've been a very naughty little girl!", him replied, "And unless you tell me what you're gonna do about it, I'm just gonna have to beat your cute, sexy little ass until you do!" "No, don't!", cried the young girl, "I'll do anything!

Just don't hit me again, Will!" The way her tits and pussy were wriggling against his naked thighs was driving Riker crazy. "What are you gonna do for me, baby?", asked Riker, caressing her firm little ass. "I'll suck your cock, again Will!", Sherri offered. "Hmmmm, not bad for a start. what else?" "Oooooh, Will!

I'll let you suck my cunt, and my ass and then you can fuck me, okay?", whimpered the horny young blonde. "Oh, yeah, baby! That's what I wanted to hear!", groaned Riker, slipping a finger deep into the young girl's melty little fuckhole. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", Sherri moaned as the horny First Officer diddled her pussy.

Her gooey little fuck-slot absolutely sizzled! "You like that, don't you, baby?", asked Riker, screwing his finger deeper into Sherri's hot, clinging little cunthole. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yes! Oooohhhh God, Will! It feels so niiiiiice!" I felt good to Riker too! The pressure of Sherri's tight, adolescent little cunt around his probing finger was fantastic, and Riker could hardly wait to feel the same maddening grip around his throbbing prick.

but first things first. "On your back, baby. and spread those legs!" he ordered. "Time to get that sweet, juicy little cunt of yours sucked out good and proper!" Riker pushed the purple head of his bloated fuck-rod up against her slippery. moist cunt-mouth. "Uuuhh, God, you're tight, baby!" he muttered, closing his eyes as he attempted to shove his cock into the girl's hot undulating cunt.

"Yessss, Will! Put it in me! Fuck me!" Sherri cried. She tensed, feeling the massive head of Riker's prick pressing into her cunt. Riker circled the tip of his cock inside the opening of Sherri's pussy-hole. His cockhead ringed her cunt, rubbing against the oozing circumference of her virgin pussy. "In me! In me, please! Do it, Will! Make me a woman! Oooohh, please fuck me!" she shrieked, twisting her head back and forth.

"Stick it in, stick it in! Uuuhhhhh, I want it now!" She jerked her slim young hips upward, thrusting her cunt at Riker's stiff fuck-pole. But the sheer size of his huge erection meant that she couldn't jam her tiny virgin cunthole around its bloated circumference. "Ooooooh, please, Will! Shove it in my hole, I'm so hot!" "You sure are babe! But this'll make you hotter!" Riker grinned. Suddenly he lurched forward, stabbing his cock forcefully into the hitherto untried depths of Sherri's eager young cunt, blasting deep with his taut, throbbing cock until he felt her cherry break.

The tiny shred of virgin-tissue had no chance against the power of his sudden thrust, and in an instant, little Sherri was a virgin no more.

She let out a sharp little squeal as her hymen ruptured, but Riker's thrust had been so abrupt, that there was little pain. The handsome Commander had taken her young virginity with almost surgical precision. Riker could feel the walls of her cunt expand around his prick, grasping it in a tight, hot, juicy grip that almost made him cry out.

He hunched into her again, burying his cock to the hilt inside Sherri's tiny, elastic cunthole, driving her firm little ass hard into his bed as he began fucking the sexy young girl, long and slow and deep. "Arggghhh, Godddd.

yessssss! Ohhhhh, that feels so gooooood!" Sherri's little fuck-hole quivered around the sliding thickness of Riker's pistoning cock. Her succulent cunt-flesh was well lubricated and seemed to clasp and suck at his shaft with a mind of its own.

He could feel her slick cunt walls gripping his throbbing cock-flesh like a vice. "Fuck, yessssss!" Riker hisssed through clenched teeth as he began to pick up speed. "Unnngggggg, God! So tight, baby! So fuckin' tight!!!" "Uuuuuuhh, Will, you cock feels so big!" Sherri screamed, squirming her cunt up around the deliciously-invading prick.

His thick cockshaft filled her tiny cunt completely. God, if only she'd known how utterly fantastic a long, hard cock in her pussy felt, she'd have let Wesley fuck her ages ago. Right now though, she was determined to enjoy her first time to the utmost. She felt so utterly, deliciously depraved lying naked on the First Officer's bed as the big man rammed his massive cock in and out of her tight pussy.

It felt so good! Commander Riker was drilling her expertly, driving her wild with his thick-veined, throbbing prick. "Fuck me, Will! Ohhh, fuck me! Give it to me hard!", she whimpered, sensing an orgasm building. "Unnnnhhhhhggg! Fuck, you're a hot little cunt, aren't you? Uhhmmmh!


Can't get enough hard cock, huh?", grunted Riker, slamming his raging hardon into the young girl harder. "I'll fuck you hard alright, baby! So hard your fuckin' teeth will rattle!" Sherri braced her arms against the big man's shoulders, panting harshly.

She bit her lip as she felt Riker's prick fuck deeper into her turgid cunt. Her pussy gripped his pulsing cockshaft. She could feel it rubbing deliciously against her slippery inner cunt-flesh as he rammed his prick deep into her heaving belly, fucking her ruthlessly. Sherri was proud of the way she turned the Commander on! She hissed with delight and tossed her head back and forth, arching her eager cunt up to receive every powerful thrust of his solidly pounding prick.

"Fuck me, Will! Fuck my hot little hole!" she purred. "Give me more! I want it all! Make me cummmmm!" Riker grinned. Sweat broke on his brow. He pistoned his hips back and forth, spearing the girl's tight cunt with his bloated cock-meat.

He was wedged between her legs, hammering away. His mass of dark pubic hair merged with her tiny blonde cunt-curls every time he slammed his cock deep into her upthrust little twat. "Take it, baby!" "Yesssss, Will! So deep! Ooooohhhh, God, this is heaven!" Sherri cried. "It sure is, baby!" cried Riker, fucking his cock deep into her oozing fuckhole. His huge cock plunged deep inside the sexy little blonde's hot quivering cunt, the thick, ridged shaft rubbing her clit deliciously with every savage thrust.

"Will! Ohhhhh, fuck! I'm gonna cum!" whimpered Sherri. "Oh, Jesus! Fuck! Oh, Fuck! I AM! I'M GONNA CUMMMMMM! OOOOOOHHHH! OOOOOOOOOOOHH!" "Yesssss!" Riker hissed. "Cum for me, baby! Cum all over my big fat cock, you gorgeous tight-cunted little fuck!" Riker quickened his fuck-strokes. Sherri could not contain herself. She was going over the brink. She jerked her ass from the bed, feeling Commander Riker's mammoth cock twisting around inside her tight, wet, horny fuck-hole.

Her mouth opened and she screamed. Bellowing out her pleasure loud enough for the whole galaxy to hear. "UUUUUHHHHHHH! OOOOOHHHH! FUCK! OHH, GOD! FUCK ME FOREVER!" she screeched. Riker whipped his big cock back and forth, fucking it hard into the girl's tight, pink pussy. He could feel her cunt convulse around his thick shaft, gripping it tight. He slammed back and forth in lightning quick strokes, fucking deep into her cunt. Her pussy spasmed uncontrollably.

"Uhngghhh, uhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhgghhh!" she grunted. Her firm little tits wobbled with every furious fuck-thrust. Her neck muscles tightened as she thrust her head back into the pillow, groaning with absolute pleasure. Riker glanced down, saw her upraised tit-flesh glistening with sweat. Her nipples were hard-tipped. "Yeahhh! That's it baby! Squeeze my cock with your cunt and I'll cum too!" he cried, fucking her pussy, battering his cock hilt-deep with every violent stroke.

Sherri was smashed into the bed, her fuck-hole being reamed repeatedly by the Commander's savage cock. They were lost in a fuck-frenzy, overtaken by lust and passion. " deep.filling me up.uhmhmm.

never felt so good. Oooooooh! I love you! I love you so much!", she grunted. Her legs were elevated as high as she could get them. She could feel his balls slapping her tiny rosebud of an asshole with every relentless fuck-stroke. Her cunt trembled around his cock, which drilled harshly, ruthlessly, deliciously into spasming cunt. Sherri squirmed, trying to get more of Riker's hot cock.

She wanted it so bad! She reached down and grabbed his asscheeks, pulling him into her cunt faster, deeper, harder. She loved being fucked. She twisted her head back and forth, whimpered lustfully as her climax faded and another began to build rapidly.

Holding her by the cheeks of her glorious, naked ass, Riker plunged his face into Sherri's moist, musky little twat. The young girl's moans of pleasure rang in his ears as he began to probe her quivering cunt-flesh with his stiff yet wriggly tongue. The scent of her hot, adolescent flesh was intoxicating, the taste even more so, as Riker's hot, active mouth sucked the juices from her squirming young pussy.

Sherri clamped her creamy thighs tightly around her lover's bobbing head, hunching her snatch up to meet his lapping tongue with jerky, eager thrusts of her slim, young hips. Her tiny hands pushed at the back of Riker's head, forcing his bearded mouth ever deeper into the hot, juicy flesh of her teenage cunt.

Riker flicked the girl's swollen clit with his tongue, excited by the sudden squeals of ecstasy that filled the cabin. He loved the way Sherri bucked her firm little ass up off the bed, grinding her steamy snatch against his probing tongue in a desperate effort to get as much as possible of his stiffly-pointed organ inside her suddenly insatiable young pussy.

Sherri had never felt so much pleasure before in her entire life! Her sweet, pubescent cunt melted like butter in Riker's mouth, covering his lips and beard with a glistening film of warm, fragrant pussy-juice. He sucked her dry, licking and probing and nibbling. pressing her hot, willing cunt-slit tightly against his mouth with his hands as he hungrily vacuumed up every last drop of the girl's tasty adolescent nectar. Sherri felt the fires of passion erupt deep inside her young body, boiling and raging like a nebulous plasma cloud.

passions ignited by her wanton adolescent lust and consummated by Commander Riker's wonderful wriggly tongue. She writhed and moaned beneath him, thrusting her gaping cunt hard up against Riker's sucking mouth, almost fainting with pleasure.

"Mmmmmm, mmmmmmffff, ummffffhhh" moaned Riker joyfully, his handsome, bearded face buried in the girl's writhing pussy. He opened his mouth wide and dragged his long tongue up and down her wet little cunt slit again and again, coaxing out her tasty, juvenile cunt-juices. "Ouuuuuuuuuhhhhh, yesss! Lick it!" Sherri hissed, looking down at Riker's eager tongue action.

"Lick my pussy, Wil! Suck my hot little cunt! Ummmmmmmmmmm! Uhhhhhm fuck! I'm so hot and wet!" It didn't take long before Sherri felt the awesome, faint-hearted fuck-feeling she always got when she masturbated.

But this time the feelings in her cunt were so powerful, the fifteen-year-old virgin almost fainted! Sparks of intense pleasure seemed to coalesce in her loins and rush throughout her slender young body. She knew she was going to cum like she'd never cum before, her orgasm magnified a thousandfold by Commander Riker's long, wriggly tongue lashing her clit and poking deep into her drooling little cuntslit.

"AHHHHHHHHHH! SUCK IT! SUCK MY CLIT. I'M GONNA CUMMMMM!", squealed the girl, her heels locked on the back of Ricker's head, forcing his face harder into her creaming pussy. Sherri loved to cum. She shook and shuddered, trembled all over with the intense pleasure of her climax, moaning and whimpering incoherently as Riker sucked hard on her throbbing little clit-bud. He gripped her firm young ass in both hands and munched on her cunt like a Bejorian suckle-fish.

His fat tongue lapped at her slit and flicked at her clit. Then, he opened his bearded mouth wide and covered her whole tiny pussy with his lips.

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As Sherri screamed in orgasm, Riker nibbed her clit and sucked her almost hairless little cuntlips into his mouth, swallowing her hot, creamy girly-cum like it was the nectar of the gods.

When, Sherri's cuntal spasms finally subsided, Riker lifted his face from the girl's sucked-out little cunt and licked his lips.

He grinned at her lewdly, her cunt-juice covering his dark beard in tiny glistening droplets. "Ummmm! Mmmmm!

Tastiest little pussy I ever did eat!", he said crawling up over her sweaty, naked body. Sherri saw immediately that Commander Riker had a massive erection. It hung from his belly like a long, thick donkey-dick, pointed straight at her cunt. Apparently, sucking her off had rejuvenated him instantly. Or was the strange force to blame.

Sherri didn't care. All she knew was that she had an overwhelming urge to grab his fat prick and shove it deep into her tight, virgin cunthole. Deep down, she knew it would hurt, but the compulsion to have this fully-grown fuck-stick ramming deep into her gooey twat was too great for the horny little fifteen-year-old to resist. Apparently, Riker had the same urge, because he instantly crawled between Sherri's widespread thighs and positioned the head of his huge prick at the entrance of her little pink pussy.

"Now, honey, it's time for your first fuck!", he growled, wedging the flared tip just inside Sherri's drooling cunthole. Chapter 7: ---------------------------------------------- Riker fucked the horny young teenager through three or four more orgasms before his strength began to wane.

Under the influence of the force, young Sherri seemed totally insatiable! Every time he felt her cum, the girl seemed to recover immediately and began to thrust her tight, hot young snatch up at his cock, pleading for more! Twice he filled her quivering little twat with sperm, and twice she begged him to do it again.

Riker's balls were shriveled and empty by the time the force began to diminish and he collapsed exhausted on the sweat and sperm-soaked bunk beside the panting girl.

"Jesus!", said Riker, as he suddenly realized what the time was. "I've got to get to a meeting, Captain Picard will be furious!!" Riker left the dazed but satisfied young girl lying spread-eagled on his bunk and dressed quickly.

He patted Sherri's pert, sweaty little ass and quickly left his quarters, ignoring the naked couples and threesomes strewn here and there all through the ship.

The TurboLift smelled like the bathroom of an out-colony brothel but Riker hardly noticed. By the time he reached the forward observation lounge, the meeting was already underway. Captain Picard gave him a thunderous look as Riker took his seat between a rather ruffled-looking Beverly Crusher and a glowing, but equally disheveled, Counselor Troi. Across the table were Data, Worf, Beverly Crusher and young Wesley. "As I was saying. ", growled the Captain, "We have to find a way to neutralize this strange force before the Enterprise becomes totally incapacitated.

Any ideas, Mr. Data?" "Yes, Captain. While the rest of the crew has been indulging in purely anatomical pursuits. the purpose of which I can only hypothesize at. I have been analyzing all the sensor data available on the force.

And, I have discovered some very interesting correlations." "Get on with it!", snapped Captain Picard. "Ahh. yes. sorry, sir!. The force, as we all know, originates from the third planet of the Nimbus star system in Rigel IV. But, a striking feature of the signals is their wave-like characteristics. " "Explain, Mister Data!" "Well, Sir. the reason that the force seems to come and go, so regularly is that we are passing through nodal points in the signal's path.

points of cancellation and reinforcement occurring naturally at certain predictable positions in our course as we approach the planet." "So, if I read you correctly, Data." said Picard thoughtfully, ". You can predict exactly when the force will strike next?" "Yes, Captain!" "Well, don't keep us in suspense, man! How long have we got?" Data consulted his memory banks and had the answer within nonoseconds.

"At our present speed, Captain. exactly eight point five nine seconds." The crew seated around the table looked at each other with alarm, then, as one, turned their stricken gaze on the Captain. "Can't we do anything, Data?", asked Picard helplessly. "I think not, Sir!" replied the android coldly, "In human terms, Captain, I believe the phrase is.

`Take your partners!.'" Then, with a sudden, soundless, mindnumbing crash, the force was upon them again. Captain Picard stood up and ripped off Lt. Yarr's uniform with one powerful movement. With a growl of lust he bent the naked blonde security officer face forward over the conference table and entered her from behind. Tasha groaned loudly and arched her back as Picard's long hard cock sliced into her cunt, filling her deeply.

As if in a daze, Beverly Crusher pulled of her clothes and lay back on the table pulling an equally naked Lt. Worf on top of her. "Fuck me, you big gorgeous bastard!", she moaned. "Fill me with your fat Klingon prick and fuck me till I faint!" Wesley pulled off his uniform, watching with rising lust as his mother guided Worf's huge gnarled cock between her thighs with both hands. Fully erect, the Klingon's hardon looked like a mutant pony's prick and Wesley wondered how she was going to fit the monster pole in her dainty little cunthole.

But, by the look on her face, his mother was already past caring. All she wanted was a good, hard fuck. and any cock, no matter how big, would do. in fact, the bigger the better! Wesley felt a hot warmth envelop his cock and looked down to see a naked Deanna Troi sucking his own powerfully erect young organ. She was moaning and whimpering around his cock as she bobbed her head up and down, making loud slurping sounds as she attempted to deep-throat the boy's formidable erection.

Deanna's fingers were crammed between her thighs rubbing and probing her hairless, drooling cunt as she noisily devoured young Wesley's cock. Wesley Crusher was in seventh heaven.

Another of his wetdreams was coming true. to have the luscious Counselor Troi kneeling naked between his thighs, sucking the cum from his rigid tool. Mmmmmmm! God her mouth felt good!

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And, if his luck held out, he'd get to fuck and suck that tight, juicy Betazoid cunt of hers as well. He couldn't wait! Grabbing her by the ears, Wesley lifted her face off his throbbing erection and pulled Deanna onto the floor, straddling her head with his thighs. The lust-crazed woman grabbed his cock and swallowed it in one gulp as Wesley lowered his face to her hairless crotch and began to lick his long tongue back and forth through her gaping cuntslit.

Deanna Troi tasted different to his mother, slightly fishy with a subtle lingering flavor that he couldn't identify, but definitely delicious nonetheless. He wondered vaguely if all Betazoid women tasted this good. and if so, what about the females of the other humanoid forms on the ship. There were a number of cute looking female Vulcans and Klingons aboard.

In future he would have to experiment and find out. if the force held out! Suddenly, Wesley noticed a change in Deanna's rhythm. Her head was plunging down over his cock as if it was being forced there, and her whole body seemed to be rocking above him. Without taking his mouth off her plump, juicy twat, Wesley opened his eyes and saw the reason for the sudden increase in her movements. Directly above his nose, swung a pair of huge, hairy balls.

While Wesley and Deanna were engaged in their frenetic sixty-nine, Commander Riker had spotted the only hole in the room currently available to him and acted accordingly.

Kneeling down behind the Counselor's beautifully inviting backside, Riker had positioned his cock at the entrance of her puckered little asshole and lunged forward, burying his prick to the hilt inside her hot, slippery anus with virtually no effort at all. Then he began to fuck her tight buttery back-passage with long, hard strokes that forced Deanna's mouth down over Wesley's cock till her lips crushed against the boy's curly pubic hair.

Wesley was only mildly concerned about the close proximity of Commander Riker's balls, and even as they began to slap him in the nose, the young ensign was to excited to protest.

His mouth was plastered over Deanna Troi's tasty drooling cunthole and his cock was buried to the hilt in the tight, wet heat of her pulsating throat. The only thing that mattered right at that moment was the intense pleasure he was giving and receiving from the gorgeous naked Counselor.

On the table, Captain Picard was still ramming his rock-hard prick into a squealing Tasha Yarr. The gorgeous, naked blonde was pressed forward with her firm young tits mashed against the shiny surface of the table as Picard long-dicked his horny young Head-of-Security from behind. Repeatedly he pulled his incredibly long cock almost entirely out of her slurping, clasping little fuckhole before immediately slamming it back inside her gooey young twat to the hilt.

Her curly blonde cunthair was wet and matted, and the juice from their vigorous coupling covered her crotch and inner thighs, pooling on the table below her cock-filled twat. Her little blonde cuntlips clung tightly to Picard's thick cock-shaft on every outstroke, only to be squashed and pushed violently back inside her pussy as the Captain's prick pumped back home. "Ohhh, God! Fuck me! Fuck me, Captain! Fuck me with your big fat prick! Uhhhhh, yeahhhh! Shove it in there!

Fuck my cunt!!", she chanted, grinding her ass back against Picard's hips on every forward thrust he made. Further down the table, Dr. Crusher and Lt. Worf were likewise engaged, both grunting loudly as Worf's arm-thick cock slammed noisily into Beverly Crusher's hot, hungry fuckhole. Any other time his huge alien cock would have certainly split her tiny sex in two, but Beverly was exceptionally excited and very, very wet, making the Klingon's monster cock slide easily to and fro inside her raging belly.

Beverly's pert ass was perched on the very edge of the table, and she had her legs wrapped tightly around Worf's huge muscular thighs, hanging on for dear life as the big Klingon fucked her tightly-stretched twat unmercifully.

The huge bony ridges on the top of the Klingon's cock felt utterly fantastic as they rippled back and forth over her ravaged clit. Beverly was in ecstasy already. It was her first time with a Klingon, but certainly not her last. she wanted to be fucked like this forever! Deanna Troi felt the same way. She had her mouth full of Wesley's hard young cock, his mouth on her hot, drooling pussy and Riker's fat fucking prick stuffed deliciously up her tight little ass.

All her holes were filled with hard thick cockmeat. and it utterly felt fantastic! Wesley was sucking her clit and tonguing Deanna's open cuntslit like an expert, and for a second, she wondered how the young kid got so damn good at eating pussy. She probed his mind and was rewarded with the boy's latent memories of sucking and fucking his own mother's hot and steamy cunt.

Deanna shuddered and came instantly into Wesley's sucking mouth as she experienced the excitingly incestuous memories second-hand from the boy's fevered brain. The ecstasy was so intense that Deanna almost fainted. She was being physically and telepathically stimulated at once, and the combination was cataclysmic!

Riker thrust his cock into Deanna's tight, clinging asshole and felt her quiver beneath him. He knew the gorgeous dark-eyed beauty was cumming into Wesley's open, slurping mouth and it excited him immensely. "Cum! Cum all over his fuckin' face you hot, little Betazoid bitch!", he snarled.

"I'm gonna fill your ass with so much jiz, baby, you'll be shittin' sperm for a week!" Deanna moaned and sucked Wesley's rock-hard prick deeper into her mouth, deep-throating the boy until she though she would choke.

But she didn't, instead she found she could breath quite easily if she relaxed her throat muscles and let Wesley just fuck her face with his cock. She used her fingers on his balls and asshole, trying to make him squirt a load of hot, creamy boy-cum into her gullet. He had given her so much pleasure with his mouth already, and she wanted desperately to return the favour. Wesley was indeed very close to orgasm. Deanna Troi's hot, cunt-like mouth around his prick was bringing him to the brink very quickly.

As was the way her juicy, wet gash filled his mouth with juices as she ground her cunt down over his hotly sucking lips. He soon felt his balls tighten in her fingers and then the familiar, super-nova of pleasure as his young loins heaved and quivered. His hips jerked and bucked, fucking his spurting cock up into Deanna's hot, vacuuming mouth like a run-away piston pump. Deanna felt Wesley's throbbing cock squirt deep into her throat, and she grabbed his hard young ass, squeezing the tightly clenched asscheeks as she ground her mouth down over the boy's fiery, erupting prick.

She drank it all. gulping it all down hungrily. swallowing every last drop of the boy's tasty jism. Wesley brought the beautiful Counselor off one more time with his mouth before he felt Commander Riker stiffen above them, dumping his own creamy, copious cum-load deep up Deanna's tightly quivering rectum.

The three of them then collapsed blissfully into a heap of arms and legs and cocks and tits and cunt. On the Table, Dr. Crusher was moaning deliriously. Worf had been fucking his massive alien prick into her cunt nonstop now for almost half and hour, and Beverly had climaxed so many times she was almost unconscious. Further along, Captain Picard was still slamming his mammoth erection into a whimpering and decidedly limp, Tasha Yarr.

The cute young blonde's legs were wide apart, and Picard held her by the ass, slamming his cock repeatedly in and out of her sloppy, juice filled pussy again and again. "Cummmm! Oh please, cummmm!", begged Yarr, writhing weakly under the Captain's powerful onslaught. "Shove it up my ass, Jean Luc! Fuck my hot little asshole!

Ohhh. please!??!! Cum up my ass!" Captain Picard grinned evily. He'd secretly wanted to fuck this gorgeous young bitch for a long time. Now he was doing it! Not only that. the hot little cunt wanted him to butt-fuck her too!! Picard was only too eager to oblige. He kept fucking her cunt for a while, spreading the juice up into her ass-crack to lubricate her little pink asshole. Tasha moaned with pleasure as she felt the Captain's fingers sliding wetly over her tight, slippery little anus.

He probed a finger inside and found her to be exceptionally tight. `Mmmmm, just the way I like them,' he thought, drilling his finger deep up into the horny young blonde's asshole.

he pulled his cock out of her deliciously wet cunt with a `plop' and plugged the still rock-hard column of flesh into her yielding anal hole. Picard's well-lubricated cock slid into Yarr's greased-up asshole easily, and he lunged forward, filling her tight, slippery-hot rectum with every solid inch of his magnificent erection.

Tasha gasped and panted for breath as the Captain's huge cock slid into her bowels. She could hardly breathe, but it felt so damn good she thought she was going to die! Then Picard began to move. pulling Tasha's tight, sexy young asshole onto his cock with both hands as he began to butt-fuck the hot little blonde seriously.

By now, Worf was fucking Dr. Crusher like an animal, growling and tossing her around like a rag-doll as he rapidly approached his own orgasm. Beverly only vaguely knew what was happening to her. Her brain had long since gone into orgasm-overload and her whole body shook and quivered with continual lust. Every jab of the Klingon's mighty cock had her cunt spasming in multiple orgasm, every part of her body seemed to burst with pleasure as Worf's huge, multi-ridged prick fucked her cunt savagely.

The big Klingon was ravaging her, raping her. and she loved it! In her ecstasy, she begged for more! "UHHHHHHNNNGGHHH! FUCK ME! UHH!UHUUHH! FU.UHH.CK! YEAH! LET ME HAVE IT YOU GORGEOUS BIG BASTARD!" she screamed. "UHH. UUHHHHHH! UNNNNNNNNGHH! FUCK! WHAT A COCK! OHHHHH! JESUS! FUCK! I'M CUMMMING AGAIN." And Worf came too.

With a loud Klingon cry, he hunched deeply into Beverly Crusher's ravaged cunt, the huge head of his cock smashing up against the entrance of the woman's very womb as a thick torrent of hot alien sperm filled her firey innards. Worf's incredible ejaculation was to much for Dr. Crusher's fully-stuffed cunthole to handle and his cum literally gushed out of her tightly-stretched pussy, bubbling up around the shaft of his massive cock, spilling onto the shiny table between her legs in a large, creamy puddle.

Worf pulled his cock from Beverly's ravaged cunt with a loud slurp, leaving the half-conscious woman lying dazed and leaking on the conference table. The End (: