Babes swap cocks and fuck

Babes swap cocks and fuck
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Sitting in the airport while waiting on my flight, we passed time talking about random subjects and joking about random things.

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As we conversed, my eyes roamed around the seating area, watching the various travelers coming and going as they arrived or departed.

Even though we were in separate seats we were leaning close to one another. You rested your head sweetly on my shoulder and I turned to softly place a kiss on your hair. During a point of silence you twisted closer and buried your face in my neck.

I heard your slow, deep inhale as you breathed in my cologne. I smiled as your exhale ended with a note of content.

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At a moment you must have thought no one was looking.or perhaps you didn't really care if anyone nipped playfully at the tender skin with the edge of your teeth, catching just enough to send goosebumps down the length of my arm. I playfully warned you of the consequences if you decided to continue, which you blatantly disregarded with another bite.this time leaning in and capturing more skin, deftly sucking it into your mouth.

I gasped as that all too familiar electric current traveled directly between my legs. I hooked my arm around to the backside of your head, pulling you closer and in return you sank your teeth even deeper into my flesh. Still very aware of the people around us, it took all I had to stifle the release of the moan forming in my throat. You drew back and looked at me, the self-satisfaction so evident in your twinkling eyes and teasing smirk I had to laugh.

Oh yes, you knew my weak spots, how to get me worked up.and I was already aching. But, I also knew yours. Returning your smirk with one of my own, I edged close to your ear and in a steady whisper instructed, "Meet me in the restroom one minute from the time you see me go through the doorway. I'll be waiting in the very last stall." I glanced at you only fleetingly as I picked up my backpack, slung it over my shoulder and walked with a deliberate pace across the waiting area to the entrance at the other wall.

I looked at my watch as soon as I entered then searched the restroom for people.

Thankfully, only one stall was occupied and it was at the very front. As I made my way to the back, I noticed just how shallow my breathing had suddenly become. Inserting myself into the last stall, the larger one meant to accommodate those in wheelchairs, I closed the door but left the latch untouched.

I placed my bag in plain sight on the floor to ensure no one else would think the toilet was free. This particular stall was the 'full service' kind, with a sink and mirror in the corner. I approached the basin and glanced at my reflection in the glass. Would she really do this? I silently asked myself. I rotated my wrist and looked at my watch as my constricted lungs sucked in a breath of oxygen. Turning to lean my backside against the sink, I waited.

Only 15 seconds had passed. Damn, I thought, as I licked my suddenly dry lips in anticipation. Tick-tock.tick-tock. went my watch. Twenty five seconds turned to thirty as I imagined you opening the door and sliding in, your eyes holding my stare as you advanced toward me.

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Agonizingly, the secondhand reached forty-five. The rapid thud of my heartbeat echoed in my ears as the throbbing between my legs radiated through me. Fifty, fifty-one, fifty-two.fifty-five seconds approached and I immediately wondered if I had presumed too much.

My racing thoughts shifted from fucking you against the restroom wall to the analytical. Were you still out there in the waiting area? Too afraid? Not interested? My stomach knotted and I sighed with disappointment as I prepared to exit the stall. As I was leaning over to pick up my bag however, the door creaked as it opened and you slowly stepped inside. Straightening, I watched as you rotated the lock into its latch and turned to face me.

Your movements seemed almost slow motion. My expression was a mixture of surprise and arousal as you approached me and aligned your body to mine. You looked into my eyes. I looked into yours.

That self-satisfied expression from just moments ago was still present in your gaze and manifested itself once again in the smile that tilted your lips ever so slightly. "So, I'm here." you said quietly, your brow arching inquisitively. "What now?" I was in slight awe that you were actually standing there with your body pressed against mine, but the heat emanating from you was definitely not imaginary. With the fingertips of my right hand, I grazed the curve of your mouth, tracing over the fullness of your lower lip in a slow, delicate back and forth pattern.

The caress must have tickled because you pulled your lip into your mouth to bite it as your eyes drifted closed. Before you opened them again, I cupped your face with both of my hands and brought my mouth to yours.

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At first our kiss was a sweet and gentle exploration; almost timid despite the number of times we had previously done so. When my tongue slipped into your mouth and collided with yours though, a sense of urgency replaced apprehension and the kiss quickly changed from mellow to intense.

Your hands flew to the back of my head and pulled me closer, rigidly pushing your tongue further into my mouth so I would circle my lips around it and suck. I always loved how your fingers would course through the short strands of my hair, finding just enough to clench and tug while simultaneously drawing me into you.

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For several moments, there was a dueling of tongues, clashing of teeth, biting of lips, roaming of hands through hair, over shoulders and beyond as we feasted on one another's mouths. The sound of our breathing and slight moans reverberated over the the tiled walls as the sound of more activity happening outside the stall reached my ears. Placing my hands at your hips, I turned 180 degrees and walked you into the wall between the sink and the toilet.

I pulled away and reached with my left hand to turn on the faucet. Leaving the water on, I then returned my attention to you and swiftly buried my hand in the hair at the base of your neck, grabbing a handful and jerking your head back and to the side.

The yank elicited a gasp from you just as I knew it would, but not quite loud enough to carry over the running tap. Swooping down, I hungrily sank my teeth into the exposed flesh of your neck, sucking fiercely and evoking yet another moan from you.this one more pronounced. You dug your fingernails into my forearms as I continued biting, breaking the tiny blood vessels just beneath your skin. My hands traveled to the hem of your shirt, the fingertips of my right slipped beneath the fabric to linger at the waistband of your jeans, sliding inside just a tad to absorb the heat radiating from your skin.

I unhook the button and slide my hand all the way inside to cup my hand over your panties. If your skin was hot, the heat exuding from your aching core was scorching. Pressing into you, I massaged lightly and immediately felt your essence soak the cloth. My mouth finds its way back to yours as I teasingly draw my fingers upward and press directly into your clit, causing your body to jerk in response. I swallow the rush of your shallow breath before your teeth catch my lower lip and bite.

As much as I so badly wanted to mercilessly tease you, to bring you to the edge repeatedly before actually allowing you to tumble over, I realized time was of significance and we really didn't have much to take advantage of. With that realization at the front of my mind, I moved back from you a couple steps to position myself at the front of the toilet, grasping your hand to pull you around and in front of me.

I sat down on the very edge, my face now level with your lower belly. Lifting the hem of your shirt, I spent a few seconds slowly lowering the zipper of your jeans. As the zipper reached the end and I parted the material, I peeked up at you and flashed that well known smirk of mine.


I leaned forward the few inches between my mouth and your exposed abdomen, placing my hands at your hips and then my warm mouth against you. As I trailed over the heated smoothness of your stomach, you buried your fingers in my hair to draw me closer.

The scent of your skin coupled with the intoxicating scent that was all you filled my nose as I inhaled slowly and deeply. I curved my fingers over the band of your panties, revealing the dark, neatly trimmed hair framing the part of you I was, without a doubt, addicted to. I quickly slipped past the barrier and directly to the opening of your pussy, dipping my middle finger into the wetness that had formed.

Your head titled back as I moved in and out just slightly and you tightened the grip you had of my hair as I glided my fingertip up to your swollen clit. flicking right over it several times. Your legs jerked and I could hear the moans collecting in your throat before escaping with the sharpness of your breathing. For a few brief moments, I stroked the engorged nub with your oh-so-sweet nectar.

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I then decided I needed.yes, taste you. Even if only for a another few brief moments as the question of when I might again echoed in my brain. Almost hurriedly, I grabbed at your jeans and pulled them down a couple inches to allow me better access.


You looked at me curiously as it seemed my quick movements caught you a little off guard. The surprise ended immediately, though, as you felt my mouth at the outer lips of your pussy.gasping as my tongue tip aimed directly for your clit, pressing at it insistently before capturing it between my teeth and lightly squeezing. Darting my tongue further into your slit, I slid downward and moaned as your juices coated my tastebuds.

Damn, I loved your taste. I extract my mouth from you, albeit reluctantly, and instruct you to straddle me. Your eyes darken as you situate yourself on my lap and wrap your legs around my middle, your feet against the back of the toilet.

Our gazes meet for an instant before you lean in to taste yourself by slowly skimming your tongue over and around my lips. I poke out my own tongue and gently push it against yours, granting you a more thorough sampling and you encircle your mouth around it, intently suckling. You wiggle a little as I tug at your jeans to lower them just a bit more. My right hand returns to its favorite spot of the moment between your legs. At first I use only the pad of my thumb to caress your clit, the moisture from you and the previous attentions of my mouth still covering the kernel.swelled, pulsating and throbbing.

Your body twitched and you buried your face in the curve of my neck and shoulder as I began a rotating pattern of flicking and pressing. Just as your reactions were heightening, I stopped. You let loose a half groan, half laugh, knowing full well I was teasing you.

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With momentary satisfaction, I smiled against your ear before descending.smoothly and deftly thrusting two fingers into your dripping core. As I pushed in as far as I could go, your teeth sank into the muscle of my shoulder. The smile was instantly wiped from my face and "fuck." cascaded from my mouth on a moan and into your ear.

You only bit harder as I began to shove in and out of you, rocking your hips in time with my hand. Ceasing my thrusting movements for a moment, I keep my fingers deep inside you and focus on rubbing the tips back and forth over the grooves of your G-spot.

Your body froze for a moment as the pleasure flooding through you abruptly changed its course. The mad rocking of your hips becomes a slower, more deliberate movement against me and I can feel a deep quiver forming from within you.

The water still running in the sink next to us, the people in the restroom doing their business, quite possibly fully aware of what was going on in this stall. I was suddenly oblivious to it all. My thoughts, my actions, my desires.all fled to one track, and that was to make you cum. Hard and fast. I didn't care how loudly I made you cry out. I simply wanted to feel you explode from the inside out around me.

My fingers plunged further, shoving forcefully and on the way out curled upwards to scale over those sensitive ridges again and again. I repeated this over and over as you rode my hand. Where my thrusting alone couldn't reach, you granted me access with your insistent arching into me. It was clear that hard and fast were on your mind as well. Your moans became small cries and your breathing turned sharp and shallow.

My own breathing did the same as all of my senses were overloaded in response to you. My hand smashed into crashed into me. Several more thrusts and I locked my lips over yours just seconds before you erupted, catching the near scream you let loose in my mouth and stifling its volume by a decibel or two.

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There was something about tasting an orgasm's resulting moans that I absolutely loved. You clutched my shirt in your fists and wrapped your legs even more tightly around me as the walls of your pussy closed and pulsated gloriously around my fingers. You held yourself against me for another moment as the spasms flooding through you calmed and your breathing relaxed. We kissed yet again, the same gentle exploration of earlier returning.