Girl fucked and Cum in the face

Girl fucked and Cum in the face
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Angela, who was driving down the nearly abandoned desert road looked at herself in the rearview mirror. She was getting the glitter from her face. She had just got off work and was very tired. Mainly from gyrateing her hips in mens faces the whole day. The girl with Ojibwe ethnicity along with German and Russian, kept her lipstick on, a ruby red, but tried her best to get the make up off. She was tired and didn't even change out of her outfit.

A mini-skirt that was red black and white plaid, a white blouse that didn't even reach her bellybutton nor did it button up all the way due to her large round high C-cup breasts. Two arcs from her black lace G-string rose from the skimpy skirt. She had a matching plaid bra on that laced out the edge of her blouse. She had black coal hair, straight smooth and even hair that went to her chin.

Her 6 inch high heels that made her strut hypnotic. Her plump succulant lips that were so smooth and drove men crazy when she licked them while putting delicate fingers through her black thick hair. She would grind and bounce her ass against the pole. Her drawing hazel eyes rendered anything helpless at a single glance and made them cry with desperation of lust. Her shapley ample legs were juicy and made her round apple ass seem like a godess' she would round her ass in a guys face and when she wa in a slurry mood she'd let them slap it.

She loved getting her round firm smooth ass slapped. Her smooth delicate skin gleamed in the spot light. Her fingernails a bright shade of red. As sexy as she was she was more of a loner. Stripping to pay for college, at least that was the cover story truthfully she enjoyed stripping, that is when she started taking showers at work when she got off her shift.

"THE SPECIMEN IS CONTAINED, THE EXPERIMENT A FAILURE, SUBJECT NUMBER 0432B, RAPED TARGETS COMPANION AND TARGET ESCAPED" a voice said in a language humanity had lost thousands of hears before.


THE ONE-THOUSAND SOULS COMBINED WITH THE RAPIST SOUL TO CREATE THIS CREATURE, WE MISCALCULATED. ANDREW MILDRESS, MINER, RAPIST, KILLER, AND CANT KILL THE TARGET WE GIVE HIM." it looked at the pickaxe next to the creatures cell. The second alien looked at the detained creature inside the stasis field.

An undead man stood rentlessly. His eyes a blazing orange. His face filled with a vile hatred. It's teeth pearl white and almost always baring at the aliens. It's inhuman strength slammed against the engery field burning it. It didn't care. A viscous black slime was all over it's mouth, it's saliva. A vile spit so filled with evil it tingled to the very touch of it. Long thick gnarly nails.

It's skin smooth, wrinkled, but as tough as hardened leather. It screamed in anger in the voice of one-thousand and one voices. "COLISION WARNING!" the computer systems annouced. The two aliens turned over to see the airplane it was about to collide with. "AVERT! UP!" the ship began to go up when the whole ship rocked and an explosion covered the ship in flame. The plane was gone as the aliens fought to control the ship.

"SYSTEMS FAILURES, CELL BLOCK!" the computer warned, The two aliens looked at each other in horror. They pulled their weapons, long spear like weapons with the tips glowing. They turned around to run into the cell block when they stopped dead in thier tracks. The creature stood in the doorway with the pickaxe. It's shoulders heaving with fury.

It's long untamed black greasy hair, fluttered. The front of it's shirt ripped open revealing it's dog tags and rigid body. It's jeans tattered and torn up.

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The creature roared as it charge of of the aliens with incredible speeds unlike anything they had ever seen. The aliens fired the plasma weaponry. The plasma slammed the creatures skin splattering a layer of greasy slime on the creatures skin the slime recovered in a matter if moments. It reached the first one side swiping it with the pickaxe. The aliens torso was ripped to shreds with one swipe and was also thrown across the room. It immeditly changed course to the other alien.

The alien dropped the weapon pulling a gladius sword and arcing a swing. The blade was stopped. The alien stood in horror and awe. The creature caught the sword in one hand, the blade an inch deep into the creatures hand. It's eyes filled with hatred and malice. It's other arm swung in. The pickaxe flew into the aliens heads. Angela spotted something on the horizon a streaking blaze of orange run across the sky. She got a new attitude suddenly as her first and only impulse was to head towards the metorite.

She sped in it's direction. She saw the meteor crash near the mountains. She turned her truck, a chevy, off road and into it's direction. She wondered big the meteor would be. She wondered if it Wouk have anything like gold or diamonds on it, she had heard that diamond can form on meteors when they enter the atmosphere anyhow. She wondered other things though.

Was it toxic? She laughed that off as shit in movies. She pulled her cell phone calling up one of her friends. "Carrie?

yeah its me! You'll never believe this, a meteor landed right by where I was driving I'm heading toward it!. It's off route eight, toward the mountains.

Yeah I'll see you tomorrow." Angela face was in glee as she stopped about thirty yards away from the crash landing. There was a crater and a roaring fire. Angela got out from her truck slowly surveying the scene. Raising her hand toward the fire feeling intense heat from it. Blinding flame covered his sight. He was just going to stay there until morning. However, something was urging him to leave. Something he wanted. And he could sense life. Standing the undead monstrosity threw his arms back and forth as beams of steel were flung to and fro.

He pickaxe catching steel helping fling them. Angela stared in disbelief at the wreckage. She knew for a fact this wasn't an airplane. This was something she didn't know how to handle even remotely. She circled the mass wreck. With its hands steaming grasping a handful of dirt the monster throwing its other hand over piercing the ground with a pickaxe. He pulled himself up seeing the truck, the engine still going.

Angela, now on the otherside of the fire tried to see if she could see past the flames. she heard some metal being tossed around but she couldn't see anything. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she suddenly heard a large screeching noise and her trucks engine die. Her eyes were as wide as an owls. She slowly crept around the fire, her feet slow and steady, her hands clammy, her breathes were shallow. The only sound was the crackling of the fire and her breathing in courses of shivers.

She saw her truck, the hood was off, the engine was wrecked, pieces torn, some pierces in it as well. She immediately turned around knowing she didn't want to go that way.

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She went forward only to fall back. I had stood behind her for only a few seconds before she turned around and ran into him, causing her to fall to the ground. Her right leg outstretched, her left leg pulled back rubbing against her other leg. It lustfully stared at her smooth shapely legs. It saw her G-string, barely covering anything there with its light, thin fabric. Her skirt so short. It licked its lips seeing her cleavage, going mad over her large lips.

With a look of pure terror she sat and gawked at the creature before her. It's greyish skin, stiff, the smell of burning flesh and an almost brimstone smell permeating the air. However this creatures flesh was not burnt, instead it seemed to glisten.

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Its fiery orbs was the only thing she was able to make out perfectly clear. otherwise it was a black silhouette holding a pickaxe. She turned around starting to crawl away then trying to advance to her feet when she felt a cold hand grasp her ankle literally like steel. She screamed as it flipped her around. The pickaxe on the ground next to his feet. He spread her legs pulling close, it dropped to its knees bringing her to his crotch at that point, She saw it close up now as it roared loudly.

Its teeth filed, its face rotting and decrepit. She stared in horror when her concentration was broken by the sound of a 'zip' She slowly looked down to see a massive member staring up at her. She looked back up at the monster as it glared at her. She slowly outstretched her hand grasping the phallus. It was cold and slimly, never-the-less she began to pull on it, back and forth. Her warm delicate hand worked the shaft as the creature gave out a long breath of what seemed to be excitement.

It wanted more. It grasped the back of her head moving her head towards his member. She started to breath faster in a bit of fear. She closed her eyes however and opened her mouth in revulsion. She felt the member touch her lips, her lips slowly wrapping around the head.

Just because she usually did this, her tongue wrapped around its head as she started to suck. She stuck the ten inch member further in feeling the cold head at the back of her throat, she pushed further, then further. She knew this thing would get angry if she did a bad job, it meant she would do a good job and maybe it would let her live. Her head bobbed back and forth slurping at its cock putting nearly the full length of into her mouth and down her throat causing her to gag every few seconds.

The only thing diving her was fear and survival. Grasping a handful of her hair it rocked its pelvis back and forth riding her face. Drool came down her chin as she held her eyes shut tight and grunted every thrust.

It then pulled back her head. She felt the entire length of its dick slide from her throat as she gasped the midnight air. It grabbed each open part of her blouse tearing the middle open as buttons flew in every direction. With one finger it broke open her bra by the middle.

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She gazed at its big dick as its cold hard hands began to handle of exposed breasts. Its steel finger pressed and squeezed as she tried not to move or be disgusted. However she had to admit to herself it did feel good. Its hands worked fast and swift. It was like magic as good as it felt. Angela slowly closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of her breasts being held so hard/ firm, yet have it feel so good.

The next thing she knew she was on her knees her hands holding her up. The creature thrown to the position so fast she couldn't keep up with it. She didn't move. Fear had her paralyzed. She quivered yet wondered if this creature even wanted to hurt her. If it did. She would already be dead. Yet here she was still alive, still breathing. Her blouse ripped open. Her bra gone. But it was an alien, why would it want her in any physical way?

She looked back to the destroyed ship. She saw a burning arm laying partly out of the ship, fingers only numbering three.

Whatever it was must have died in the crash. This creature wasn't and alien. She suddenly felt cold fingers at the base of her right thigh going up to her ass cheek, she felt the hand squeeze her nice round ass. It is, or was at least, human. Whatever kind of monstrosity still craved flesh. Tonight it was her flesh. Angela still knew she could get out of this alive. The fingers crept under the G-string, a slight tug later they were on the ground as Angela gave out a slight gasp at the surprise.

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The creature gazed upon her tender smooth flesh with such a burning lust. His hands grabbed each side of her ass and squeezed. She wasn't fighting him anymore, it surprised him. She actually liked the way it squeezed her ass, its hand felt a bit slimy however they were in a good way. Her hazel eye closed feeling comfort in it.

Her eyes suddenly flashed open as her pelvis jutted forward a bit at the shock of feeling that flew through her. It's tongue worked her tight little asshole. It's viscous saliva getting into her hole. The vileness and evilness of its existence gave a tingling feeling in her ass. She closed her eyes as pleasure riveted through her body, her open wide open as she gave an exasperated moan of pure delight.

The tongue swirled around in her asshole being an inch in. She cried out in a pained pleasure as one steel like hand slapped her firm left ass cheek. The tongue came out slowly working downward until it hit her clean shaven lips.

She gave out a loud moan with a bit of base in her voice as the tongue entered her between her dripping folds into the sanctity of her tight, warm, wet, pussy. The tongue worked furiously as she gave a frustrated moan of pure pleasure. "fuuuuUUUCK!" she gave jolting forward in an intense orgasm. It went to its knees. She felt the phallus just then, it was directly at the entrance of her soaking pussy. "Don't make me beg, come on!" She said rotating her pelvis letting her head hang down, her hair going with.

"You know you want to give me that huge fucking cock." She felt the head of it touch her folds, she shivered in excitement and feeling the coldness of it. The head ran up and down her little slit. She uncontrollably moaned wanting it so bad but only getting a tease. Her moaning stopped as her eyes widened. The large phallus entered her pussy, inch by inch it slowly entered her wet pussy, sliding right in.

She felt hands on her waist as it pulled back out, suddenly launching back in. rocking her body forward and making her throw back her head in pleasure letting her hair be thrown back as well, most of it being caught in the monsters left hand, his other sliding to the small of her back.

He yanked back on her hair as he started to pound her pussy. She began to cry out in an pleasure feeling her back bending over and over again at the pure ferocity of the thrusts. Its balls slapping her clit, its pelvis ramming her thighs. Her large voluptuous breast swayed back and forth as she cried out in another intense orgasm. It pulled out. She felt the dick slide up her skin and then touch her asshole. Her eyes popped open in a bit of desperation. In hindsight, she should have known the was coming.

She closed her eyes trying to brace for it. She screamed in pain. It wasn't gentle like it was with her pussy. It plunged it forward, she felt its head punch through, it kept going further and further into her asshole.

She gasped audibly, the shaft didn't stop, it kept going in. She finally felt its thighs press firmly against her ass cheeks. It pulled back out about half way until firing it back in cause her to lift off her hands and press her back against its. The creatures hand lifted grasping her large tits feeling her ass tighten as she came up. Her ass cheeks firmly around its dick. It pounded her beautifully round butt.

Angela wrapped an arm around its neck still feeling a bit of pain in her ass but for the most part enjoying the ravaging. It suddenly tightened the grip around her tits pulling her tight against its body. She cried out in an orgasm feeling its cold cum fire into her asshole. She breathed heavily feeling the member slowly leave her asshole. It pulled all the way out as another wave of it launched out covering the small of her back.

Angela fell the ground panting. She looked up as it stood victoriously over her. It's head suddenly flung to its right when it was flung out of sight. She looked to her left to see what had just done that. That's when she realized why it was flung. Something, something big, shoved it out of the way, the creature was in front of her.

She looked over. She saw clawed feet. Her gaze worked up. Thick black skin. Her eyes looked all the way up horrified as massive black wings were over her. Two large outstretching horns curving upward. Piercing red eyes. "You belong to me now, human whore." The ten foot creature commanded, "I am Recorthious.

Inquisitor of Pain, Demon Lord of three legions." it said proudly knowing nothing could stand up against it. A roar sounded. The demon looked over only to be tackled to the ground by the neck.


It roared back lifting its hand trying to grab what had just attacked it. It felt fingers pry into its left eyeball, the other hand trying to grip its throat.

The demon roared in pain grabbing the back of the creature that was little more then half its size. It got a good grip and pulled back throwing it off of itself.

The undead creature landed on its back sliding for a good eight yards but in a moments notice was back on its feet. It noticed its female it was enjoying so much was gone. The pickaxe however was still there. It sprinted with the same ferocity it did on the ship while the demon was still trying to figure out what had just happened and stop the bleeding from its throat with one hand and covering its missing eye with the other. The demon roared spinning around not seeing anything The undead creature was standing on its back one hand on a horn on its back, the other holding the pickaxe embedded in its back.

It lifted up, bringing the tip of the pickaxe down, then ripping the weapon free. It roared in pain trying to reach behind itself. The undead monster batted the hands away leaving deep gashes. He lifted his arm driving the weapon into the demons head. The demon went limp falling to its knees. Then to its belly. Dead. "Pitiful. Lord." It said with the voice of one thousand souls. The undead creature scanned the horizons. Its toy had run away. Now it was hungry. It looked to the dead demon on the ground.

"Feed." it said. It dropped the pickaxe then went to its knees throwing its head forward taking a bite out of the demons side. An hour of feeding went by. The demonic blood corrupted the creatures already frightening appearance. Its skin now took on a blackened ash color.

Horns, Black at the base that went a pure white erupted from its arms. Large black wings sprouted from its back, its teeth sharper and wider. Crimson veins uplifted from its skin, its fiery orange eyes now a deep crimson.

Its fingernails, now black talons. Two long black horns from the forehead. Smoothly they came form the top of the forehead out curving down a bit to be parallel with the ground then tilting up at a diagonal position to make razor points. With a very thin smoke rising from his eyes he roared into the air with one thousand furious souls roaring all the hatred any human could ever possess.


Flying into the night. There was another experiment in that fire however. A crimson red hand reached out from the flame.

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It pulled forward and crawled from the wreckage. A creature born in the flame and immune to it. With long pointed ears and a smaller build then a human, the wicked creature stood up with an insidious grim plied on its face. It stood naked. Its green eyes shifting around. Another one crawled out, this one was green however.

The green one had long wild black hair and red eyes, while the red one had red hair. We are on the human planet. One of the goblins said in a raspy voice. The red one smiled in response. "such beautiful women. I want one right now." it replied. One whistled as two flaming dogs emerged from the wreckage with saddle bags on them. The dogs were easily six foot tall and five in length. The three foot five goblins mounted the hell hounds opening the pouches of the saddle and lifted a jaw with a plump white worm inside.

The goblin lifted the worm, slick and slimy, its mouth a maw the opened on four ends. Filled with razor sharp teeth. It opened its maw revealing several white tentacles from its mouth as well.

The goblin dropped the worm to the ground. It immediately dug its way into the ground. "That waste worm should be fully grown by morning. it chuckled. Angela who could see the next town over now. Stopped dead in her tracks hearing a bone chilling roar from behind her. It was a distant noise back extremely loud. So loud she knew the town could hear it. She decided not to go into town, to instead go around. That was a good idea.

"Tragedy strikes at this small rural town late last night as a fire burned down the entire town. Officials say that late last night some folks were playing with gasoline that caused an explosion near the fire station killing them and setting the fire station on fire so fast that in minutes that building was in flames. Not a single person survived the night brutal fire that must have spread to the rest of the town so quickly most died in their homes.

Many bodies were found ripped apart. The claw marks found they say may have been bears who had come in afterward smelling the meat. It has the local wildlife preserves wondering why they would eat meat and get so close to fires however.

Also how this could have spread so quickly. This is Jackie Neiderhuss from channel 5 news." Jackie lowered the mic and looked at all the devastation in disbelief. "Over sixty people all gone in one night." she said to herself in shock and amazement.

She went to her motorcycle and flung a leg over it. The Japanese women with long silky hair and cute pink lips who wore tight black leather pants but her top was a white dress shirt and coat. The camera never went below her waist. She took the coat off tossing it to her camera man. her shirt she just pulled at the buttons, they came off matter'o'factly. She wore a tight leather shirt to go with it.

She pulled a black shade of lipstick applying it quickly. "Ok well I gotta run." she said with a quick smile at her camera man before turning it on and skidding out of the town. The camera man never stared at her breasts they were a higher C-cup, but nothing special. It was her cute perfect fit ass and thighs that made him run. She had a small but perfect body. Jackie, who was married once, for only a brief period rode down the road when something caught her eye.


A fire in the distance. She pressed the brake on her bike turning it sliding in the dirt then releasing the brake going full throttle towards it. She made it in less then a minute applying the brake early.

She spun off her bike and start toward the billowing flame. she got down bending her knees, the skintight leather accommodating her ass perfectly with such curves.

Her hips wider then her small waist. Seven three inch thick tentacles emerged slowly from the dirt directly below her ass. They began to rise in excitement. Jackie suddenly gasped in shock. What should I do next? 1 Monster Lab, If so whose story? 2 Continue what happens to Jackie. 3 Find out where the goblins went.