Sexuellen Wünsche von zwei portugiesischen Damen

Sexuellen Wünsche von zwei portugiesischen Damen
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My Sister in Law #3 The First Anal Experience by Dunchad© When I stood in the shower I thought about the nice fuck Susan and I just had and about that nice maid she had fucked. Maybe I should try to fuck her one-day. It would be a great thing to fuck an eighteen-year-old virgin.

When I came down the stairs, I had dressed and I heard Susan in the kitchen so I went in there.


Susan was now wearing her T-shirt and the string panties. When she saw me she turned to me, smiling, and gave me a cup of ice tea. "Come on let's go into the living room, lover boy," she said.

I followed her into the living room and when she sat down on the sofa I didn't really know what to do. Should I sit down next to her on the sofa or in the armchair opposite of her?

I choose a compromise, in the sofa, but not close to her. Susan looked at me with a sexy smile and said, "I can't believe how nice you fucked me, my pussy is still wet, in fact so wet that my panties is all wet too." I just smiled back but didn't say anything.

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We sat there quiet for a while and then Susan broke the silence with a, "Belinda told me that you where thinking of trying anal sex." I was no longer surprised what Belinda had told Susan and answered without embarrassment, "Yes, we have talked about it, but I don't want to pressure her, after all it may hurt and therefore I think it has to be her that asks for it." "You are such a caring husband," Susan said with a laugh, "but does that mean that you are really interested in trying it?" I answered her honestly that I would love to try it, I had never done it before and therefore I was real keen on it.

Susan moved a little closer to me and said with a real sexy voice "I want to try it to, but Tom is a real chicken and doesn't dare do it." That was all needed to hear for my cock to come alive again but I had to be sure that she knew what she was about to do so I asked her it she was prepared that it may hurt. After all her ass hole looked real tight when I saw it earlier.


"Don't worry honey," she said, "I have already tested the hole with me dildo." She then leaned forward and started to kiss me. I grabbed her T-shirt and took it off her and then took her in my arms and lay her on her back on the sofa. I could now see that her panties were all wet and I told her that while I took them off her.

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Susan had begun to moan just from the thought of what was going to happen and I was real horny myself. I quickly took off my pants and boxers and slammed my rock hard cock into her wet pussy. I just loved to fuck her clean shaved pussy and the thought of getting to screw her in her tight butt hole made it even better. I rammed my cock real hard into her pussy a couple of times and Susan's moans grew louder with every thrust from me.

I didn't want this opportunity for my first ass fuck to be wasted so I slowed down and lay down and kissed her. "Are you ready for it?" I whispered in her ear. "Oh yes, put that big cock of yours up my ass," Susan replied with a moan. I rose to my knees and Susan got up and around, placing herself in a doggy style position.


I parted her ass so I could get a good view at her ass hole again. Susan's pussy was so wet that her juices had ran down to her butt hole so it was already moist and nice. I put my cock in her pussy to make it real wet again and then approached her butt hole.

As I placed my cock at the entrance of ass, Susan groaned a little. The hole seemed a little tight for my cock and I was not sure that it would stretch as much as needed.

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But Susan started to say "Yes, Yes" and my cock was hungry for more so I started to push a little. The hole still seemed to tight because I couldn't get my cock in, but Susan kept on moaning and she seemed to enjoy it so I started to push harder. Susan then helped by placing her hands on her butt, parting her ass even more. This seemed to help because my cock started to slide in her butt hole.

When I got about a half inch in, Susan begun to scream, I got afraid that I had hurt her and stopped pushing. "Oh no, don't stop," Susan screamed.

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I was confused she screamed that I was hurting her but she was begging for more. "But I hurt you," I said. "Oh honey," she said, "it hurts a little but its so fucking nice too, don't stop." This was what I needed to hear and I started to push again, Susan started to scream again, but this time I didn't stop, I just pushed my cock slowly further in her nice tight ass.

It was real tight and it was a nice feeling to have that pressure on my cock. When I had got some inches in I started to take my cock out a bit and then in again, a little faster than the last time. Susan screamed louder, but this scream seamed to be joyful, so I did it again a little faster with the same result.

Her butt muscles now begun to relax and I could get my cock even deeper. I couldn't go all the way, but almost and this surprised me. Susan screamed, "Yes baby, it's so nice, don't stop, fuck me hard." I felt that I should obey her and started to move a little faster. Her scream got louder and her body trembled with pleasure. Soon the scream changed and she called, "Oh I'm cumming, I'm cumming." This was what I wanted and I made some hard rams into her butt, which made her cum in one of the greatest orgasms I had ever seen.

I stopped and took my cock out of her ass hole. She turned around, rose to her knees and gave me a deep kiss.

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"That was one of the best things I have ever done." She said and continued, "I have to recommend this to Belinda, and she must not miss a pleasure like this." That was a great idea, I liked anal fucking and I guessed it would be as nice, fucking my wife in the same way.

But now there was one thing more to do, my cock was still hard and would cum soon and there was still one thing I wanted to do with Susan. "Lay down," I said to her. She did and I moved myself so I sat over her with my cock between her breasts. That is one reason I love big breasts, they are so great to fuck. Susan pushed her tits together and I started to fuck her like crazy. I often do this with my wife and Susan's tits were almost as big as hers and just as soft to fuck too.

I couldn't take this for long and soon my moaning became louder and I told her that I was about to cum. She just smiled and pushed her tits even harder together.

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That was it; I started to cum and splashed my load on Susan's chin, chest and breasts. This time she didn't use my cock to collect the sperm, I can see why. Instead she used her fingers to collect it and then licked it of them like it was a lollipop. I just love women that like to eat my sperm. Susan was very careful in doing it. She didn't want to miss a single drop. When she was ready we got up and took a long nice shower together.


After the shower I asked Susan what I should tell Belinda about our escapades. "Well," she said, "she has already told me that she would love to see you fuck me hard so I don't think she is the jealous type, I think its best that you are straight with her she may surprise you with her understanding." I thought about it for a second and then said, "Yes but what if she doesn't understand, I don't want to lose her." Susan smiled at me and said, "Don't worry, I know my sister but maybe it'll better if I tell her what happened, I can tell her that I did seduce you on purpose." This seemed like a better idea and I agreed that Susan should tell Belinda what happened.

I then fixed their Internet connection. It took me less than three minutes and said goodbye.