Gay cops fiction We made him determined which way he dreamed things

Gay cops fiction We made him determined which way he dreamed things
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My wife has a medical condition that makes her promiscuous and an alcoholic. Before she was diagnosed and stopped drinking she would drink in excess and then fuck any and all men around her. Later, when she sobered up, she would remember nothing and be quite a prude.

There are periods of 3 days in which she drank constantly and has no memory at all. At other times when I was laying in bed, too tired for sex, she would sit next to me and scream into my ear that if I didn't fuck her that she would find a young stud to fuck her. This true story is about the fun I had one night when she went out to a club with her girlfriend and came home falling down drunk with 2 men she met there.

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My wife is the most attractive woman I have ever dated, too good looking for me. We joke that the only way I got her to marry me was because she was drunk at the time. She's tall and thin. Nice firm "B" size tits. Her thin waist makes her tits more pronounced and greatly accentuates her tight ass. She shaves her pussy but leaves a little mound of pubic hair at the top.

She has long legs and is a dark brunette. She tans regularly and has long fingernails that change color every week, always some shade of red. I met my wife in a small town. After we married we moved to a "big city" for my job.

Karen hated the new city. She didn't know how to get around, she didn't know anyone, and she didn't have a job. After a few months she got a job and made a girlfriend. Then one day when I was out of town for work she called and asked me if I minded her going out Friday night to a club with her new girlfriend.

She explained to me that this was her first friend in the new city that I "dragged her to" and that she didn't want to lose her "only" friend by telling her "no". I wasn't getting back until late so I told her it was OK.

What I didn't tell her was that I knew she would drink way too much and become a slut. I was sure that at least one man would enjoy her that night and it made me hard thinking about it. That Friday I called Karen from the airport on my way home. I told her I wouldn't get home until 9:00 PM and she told me she wouldn't stay out late, that she would see me shortly after I got home.

I got home a little after 9:00 PM and she wasn't home. I called her cell but there was no answer. I stayed up until 1:00 AM waiting for her but finally went to bed. I lay in bed but couldn't get to sleep; all I could think about was my wife getting drunk and becoming a slut. I kept thinking about all those men who would give her a lot of attention, attention she loved.

They would ask her to dance and she would accept, she would dance in close and let the men feel her up all over. Perhaps a man or two would be able to get my slut wife to go out to their cars where they would fuck her. She would be easy. It made me so hard thinking about my slut wife being used again. I laid there but couldn't fall asleep waiting for her, I was too horny. I watched the clock… 1:15,…1:30…1:45…2:00… Finally around 2:20 AM a Jeep pulled into the driveway.

The headlights reflected off the white garage doors and back, illuminating the Jeep's interior. Inside I could see my wife sitting in the front passenger seat and a man sitting in the driver's seat. I could tell that someone was sitting in the back seat. I was expecting my wife to get out of the Jeep and come inside, but she sat there talking to the man. After a few minutes I saw the man move over and give my wife a hug. This was normal for Karen.

But he kept hugging her. I watched him hug her and I could see her face. Then I saw him moving his head in a caressing manner into her neck. Then he slowly moved his head to the front of my wife's face. His head was directly in front of hers and moving in a passionate manner. They were making out! I couldn't believe it! My cock immediately grew hard. I watched them make out for a while. Knowing my wife I was sure they were French kissing.

Then I watched as he moved his head down to her tits. Although all I saw was his head in front of her chest in that position he must have been sucking and squeezing her tits. She just sat there. I loved watching this.

Then he lowered himself below the dashboard and I could not see him at all. I did see my wife sitting there with the top of her dress pulled open and her tits completely showing.

I was sure he was licking her pussy. I got dressed and quietly went out to meet them. I wanted to catch them in the act. When I approached the Jeep the driver was still below the dash and the top of my wife's dress was pulled wide open, exposing her wonderful firm size "B" tits. The man in the back had reached up between the two front bucket seats and was playing with her left tit.

As I got closer I could see the driver's head in my wife's lap, her dress pulled up, and my wife's legs total exposed, spread wide and pulled back. He was licking her pussy! She had her left hand in the driver's lap, apparently giving him a hand job.

Finally the man in the back seat saw me and the two men jumped up and tried to act like nothing was happening. Of course this didn't last long. The driver kept trying to talk his way out of it but all I did was just smile at him and give him 2 thumbs up. After a while he stopped talking and looked at me strange. I motioned for him to wind down his window and he put it down just about 1 1/2, I think he was still a little unsure of what I was going to do. I then told him that I knew my wife was a slut and asked if he and his friend would like to help me get her inside and get her ready for bed.

I told him if they wanted, that they could fuck her while I watched. At first they didn't believe that I was serious but then they agreed with great excitement! I walked around to my wife's door and the two men got out and were standing beside me.

I opened my wife's door and she began to cry and tell me she was sorry. She had fixed her dress so her tits and pussy were no longer exposed. I told her it was OK and that I was looking forward to watching these two men fuck her. She stopped crying and just looked at me. For a moment she just sat there, while my words sunk in, but then she realized what I had said and replied "no".

I told her that if she was going to get drunk at a bar and have fun letting other men enjoy her that I was her husband and that I was going to enjoy it too. She kept repeating "no" and that she was sorry while I tried to get her out of the Jeep. She resisted.

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Finally I was able to pull her from the Jeep but she fell down onto the driveway. There she sat on her ass, her arms behind her holding her body up and her legs bent up at the knees with her feet on the driveway. Her legs had spread open with the fall and her dress had slid up, exposing her pussy. I noticed she had no panties on. I wonder where they went, I thought with a small chuckle.

She looked up at me and told me not to worry that I was the only man to see her pussy that night. Then she looked at the two men standing next to me staring at her pussy and she began to laugh. She was very drunk. She also tried to explain that the reason she came home with these two men and not her girlfriend was that she wanted to leave early.

Keep in mind that she didn't arrive home until 2:20 AM, the clubs close at 2:00 AM and the club she went to is no more than 10 minutes away. She was drunk for sure. That night she had put on the classy black dress she wore on our first "real" date, to the orchestra.

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It was really "dressy", classy, and a little slutty, just like my wife. I thought it was a little too dressy for the clubs in the area but that was what she wore. I am pretty sure she wanted to get fucked by someone else that night even before she left the house based on her choice of wearing this dress. The dress was long, black, very low cut front, and an open back. The material was smooth and stretchy and conformed to every curve of my wife's body. She looked like such a fuck in it.

By the way on our first real date to the orchestra when I saw her for the first time in this dress, she went off to the ladies room while I was getting some wine. While we were separated a man saw her and asked her "how much do you cost?" She was very upset about this implication that she was a whore. Back at the Jeep I asked the two men to help me get her up and take her inside.

They picked her up and walked, or I should say, carried my wife to the front door, one man on each side of her, holding her up. Just before opening the door I looked at the two men and told them something wasn't right.

They looked kind of concerned like I was going to change my mind but then I reached to my wife's chest and pulled open the top of her dress, exposing her nice two size "B" tits. Now that's more like it. The two men smiled and I led them with my wife inside. The two men helped my wife through the living room and hallway and into the bedroom.

Although she made a pathetic attempt to walk these two men basically had to carry her. Once we got to the bedroom I told the men it was time to undress her.

They both got horny fuck smiles on their faces. My wife, Karen, told me she was tired and just wanted to go to bed. I told her she would be in bed soon and the men chuckled. She didn't like that answer. I got on her left side, taking the place of the driver of the Jeep. I told him to have fun undressing her. He got in front of Karen and was staring at her exposed firm tits. Then he reached out with both hands and began feeling them, groping them both and squeezing them, rolling them in his hands and fondling and pinching her nipples.

Then he took her left nipple into his mouth and began sucking. He sucked on my wife's tits, squeezing and groping them. As he did this he reached around behind her and felt her tight ass, squeezing and groping it.

He was having such a good time! The other man and I just stood there, holding my wife up and watching as the other man enjoyed my wife's tits and ass. Karen was standing there, being completely held up by the other man and me. She kept saying "no" and tried to keep her head up but it kept falling down, it would fall down and with a jerk she would raise it up again, only for it to sort of drift around and then fall down again.

Finally she just let her head droop down and stopped talking at all.

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After playing with my wife's tits and ass for a while the driver reached around to the back of my wife's neck and undid her smooth, black dress.

The dress fell down to her waist. The man kneeled down and taking her dress in both hands, slid it down over her shapely ass and thighs. The dress now fell to her ankles. There she stood, or I should say, was held up by me and the one man, while her full naked body was completely exposed to these two strangers she had met just earlier that night. Both of the men were taking in the full show with horny fuck smiles and I knew they both were picturing all the fun they were going to have.

After taking some time looking at my wife's smooth naked body, the driver started softly kissing and sniffing around my wife's pussy while gently caressing her tight ass.

His hands sliding slowly up and down the full length of her ass, taking in every inch; from the small of her back to the intimate undersides of her ass cheeks.

Then his sniffing and licking grew more firm, quick, and intense. At the same time so did his groping of my wife's ass. A little while later he stopped and pulled away, reached down and lifted her foot out of her dress which had bunched up in a pile around her ankles.

Once her foot was free he spread open her legs wide enough to gain better access to her cunt. Then he drove his face hard into my wife's crotch, his face slightly below her pussy and pressed up between her spread legs. His hands were now clamping hard on my wife's ass as he used this grip to pull her cunt hard onto his face. He was lapping fast and deep at her spread open wet pussy. I could hear the wet lapping sounds.


I also heard her give out a soft moan. Then I said to the man helping me hold my wife up that it sounds like she loves it and he agreed. I then asked him if both the men had played with my wife prior to bringing her home. He told me she let the two of them do everything but fuck her. Then the man licking my wife's pussy stood up and told me, somewhat conservatively, that he was ready. I laughed and asked him if he meant that he was ready to fuck my drunken slut wife. He smiled and said yea. I told him he would have to be more clear and say just that if he wanted to fuck her.

He then told me that he was ready to "fuck your drunken slut wife". With that I laughed and with horny fuck smiles on all our faces guided my wife's near limp drunken body down onto the bed, the bed my wife and I share in our marriage. We positioned her so that she was lying on her back, her ass on the edge of the bed, and her legs hanging down to the floor. The man who just licked her pussy then took off his pants and shorts.

He walked over to my wife, bent down and grabbed her legs. He lifted them straight up, spread them, and rested her ankles on his shoulders, one leg on each. He then grabbed hold of his erect cock and moved in towards my wife's pussy. He began rubbing his hard cock head up and down her cunt lips, back and forth across them, and all around, lubricating her cunt and his cock.

The other man and I just stood there and watched the show. I then told the other man to get the lube out of the night stand and he gave it to me. I told the man about to fuck my wife to hold his hand out, he did, I squeezed a glob of jelly in it and he spread it all over his hard cock and my wife's vulnerable pussy. He stroked his cock with his hand, sliding the jelly up and down the entire length.

He then turned his palm towards Karen's pussy lips, and smeared the lube up and down her cunt lips, outside and slipping easily inside. Although my wife never seemed to need lubrication, it always made fucking her feel so much better. I always thought the reason why Karen always seemed to get wet so easily, even when she was asleep, was because the sexual abuse she had throughout her life had taught her exactly what her purpose was.

After lubing up his cock and my wife's pussy the first man held his hard cock and guided the tip towards my wife's soft pussy. I watched as this first man's cock slowly entered my wife's pussy, her pussy lips opening to accommodating his hard cock. It was as though her pussy lips knew their purpose in life and knew that just at that moment that they were the center of my wife's life.

They opened just enough to let the first man's hard cock enter her, and snuggled in around its full circumference in a sucking way. I almost could hear her pussy moan and suck on his cock. Then, as soon as the first man's cock head had just disappeared inside Karen's pussy lips, he jammed it in the rest of the way, exclaiming "oh fuck yea"!

I then asked him if he liked my drunken slut wife's cunt and he exclaimed "hell yea"! I told him to tell us both what he thought of my slut wife. So, with my encouragement, as he fucked my wife's limp body he kept telling us both what a good fuck she was and how he loved playing with her tits and ass and fucking her wet cunt. This seemed to add to his pleasure and I do think it was the best fuck he had till then.

I then turned to the second man who was enjoying the show and could hardly control himself. I asked him if he liked my slut wife's body. He said he loved her tits and I invited him to play with them. Then I stood back and watched. My wife, this drunken slut who when sober is sometimes the biggest prude ever, getting fucked by one man she did not know while another stranger was playing with her naked tits, feeling, groping, squeezing, sucking, and licking them. I looked at my slut wife and saw that she was somewhat awake, rather enjoying the attention I would say.

I asked the second man if he would like my wife to suck his cock. With an "oh fuck yea" he stood up and took off his pants and shorts.

His cock was so hard from watching the good fuck show my nearly passed out drunken wife was providing. He then got on all fours on the bed over my wife's face, his cock tip only an inch from her lips. I laid down at the head of the bed next to her face and talking directly into "my" Karen's ear; I told her that she was a "fucking drunk slut" and a "good girl" for giving these two men such pleasure.

I then told her to open her mouth for the "nice man's" cock.

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She didn't. She just lay there. Then I slapped her face softly trying to wake her enough to respond. Nothing. I slapped it a little harder and she opened her eyes just a little slit. I repeated that she was a drunken slut and a good girl and for her to open her mouth for the nice man's cock. This time she did and the second man carefully guided his cock into my wife's warm, wet mouth.

She began to suck. I loved this so fucking much! Watching one man having so much fun and excitement fucking my wife's sluttish open wet cunt, jamming it in over and over calling her a fucking slut and a whore and telling me she was such a good and easy fuck while the second man carefully slid his cock in and out of my slut wife's mouth. Then the man getting the blow job told me my wife had stopped sucking, and then it became difficult for him to keep it in her mouth.

She had fallen back asleep! I tried to wake her a second time but this time she would not wake. I sarcastically apologized to the "nice man" and told him he would just have to wait for her dirty cunt. He accepted my apology and stood up. He and I watched as the first man, fucking my drunken slut wife hard, repeatedly jammed his hard lubricated cock deep into my wife's accommodating sloppy wet cunt, calling her a drunken slut and a whore and telling me how great and easy fuck she was. He was really getting into the whole scene.

Then his pace quickened and he jabbed extra hard into Karen's pussy. Finally he jabbed it in and just held it there for a split second, then quickly pulled it back a little and immediately jabbed it all the way back inside and again held it in just a split second.

He repeated this process 3 more times and finally ejaculated. His ecstasy was better than anything I had ever seen before. The first man took his draining cock out of my wife's well used cunt and then the second man quickly took his place, jamming his hard cock deep inside my slut wife's accommodating pussy on the first shove. There he repeated what the first man had experienced, and with my encouragement called my wife a drunken slut and a whore and telling me just how good and easy of a fuck she was.

He really enjoyed saying these things to me as he fucked my drunken passed out wife. This whole time I was talking directly into Karen's ear; telling her she was a drunken whore, a slut, and a good girl. Congratulated her on satisfying yet another man between her legs since she was made to satisfy men, any man and that was her primary purpose in life. She just lay there, limp, and snoring; her body moving, bouncing only from the thrusts of the man fucking her. The second man came equally hard as the first.

I loved this! The first man then took a second turn, repeating how he ravished my wife's sweet pussy. I watched and loved every minute. Once he was done I asked them to help me get her fully up onto the bed. They helped me get her up and position her on her back and on "her" side of the bed.

I then invited them to take naked pictures of her. The first man had a camera phone and so he took some good memories; full length, close up of her tits, close up of her pussy, and other nice shots. As he took the naked pictures of my passed out wife the other man and I positioned my wife and held her legs up to give him better shots. After he was done he told us that he would email us. I then told them both that they should also take a pair of her panties as mementos of the evening.

They agreed and I showed them the laundry basket. They went through the laundry and each man picked out one worn, lacy panties each.

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I remember thinking that they picked two of my favorites but I said nothing since they were going to a good "cause".

The second man took the pair he chose, turned the crotch out, went over to my passed out wife, and rubbed the panty crotch in her well used, soft wet cunt lips. He rubbed them up and down her pussy lips but stayed towards the top of her pussy to avoid the puddle of cum settling in the bottom. The panty crotch padding absorbing the mixed liquid from my wife's whorish and well used cunt; her pussy juices, the lube, and both man's semen.

The first man and I just watched this. After the second man was done rubbing his pair of my wife's panties in her pussy lips, the second man commented what a good idea it was since it was rather useless to have her panty's if they didn't have her scent.

He went over to my sleeping wife and did the same. After that I walked them both to the front door and asked them if they would like to do this again sometime, a stupid question. Of course they both, and without hesitation, responded hell yea! We exchanged phone numbers and emails. I went back to the bedroom where my drunken, passed out, used, slut wife lay naked on her back on her side of the bed.

I undressed and walked to her side of the bed. My cock was so hard. I looked down at her and thought what a drunken slut she was. Then I sat down on the bed next to her, leaned over and said in her ear what a good slut she had been.

I sat up and began playing with her tits and looked at how lovely they were, remembering how much enjoyment they had just given the two strangers. Then I looked down at her well used pussy, thinking how much more enjoyment it had given the two men. I looked at the small puddle of cum these two men had left at the bottom of my wife's cunt, I smiled and thought what a slut she had been.

Then back up to her face. She was snoring. I got up and went around to my side of the bed. I got onto the bed and moved close to her. I pulled her right leg towards me, spreading it far from her left. I laid down between her legs, positioning my face directly over her pussy.

Her pussy was slightly open, the pubic hair at the top of her pussy was wet and matted down. I could see the wetness inside her pussy lips and more wetness on her legs and stomach around her pussy.


I then lowered my face to the top of her pussy and began sniffing. The aroma was intoxicating. I sniffed all around her pussy, the top, beside her pussy lips, along the length of her pussy lips. At first I avoided the lower end of her pussy since this had a small puddle of cum in it, but then after a while I got so horny thinking about those two men fucking my wife that I lowered my face to the bottom of her pussy and sniffed the cum puddle.

I could smell the cum in her well used cunt. I sniffed and sniffed and then began to softly kiss her pussy, all over. I kept thinking about those two men taking turns fucking her and how much of a slut she was.

I was getting so fucking hard. I began slightly humping the bed. Finally I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go and drove it deep into my wife's so used whorish pussy. I could feel her warm, soft, wet pussy lips forming around my face. I lapped at her pussy all over, top to bottom, the sides and as deep inside as I could.

I licked the two men's cum from her well used sluttish cunt. It was now time for me to fuck her, my cock was so hard. She was lying on her back and I got into the side fucking position, our two bodies forming a "T", meeting at the crotch.

My two legs were under her right leg which I spread wide and pulled up so that her foot was on my left shoulder. I pulled her left leg all the way up between my two legs, to my crotch.

My cock was then positioned directly at her pussy. I grabbed the lube and squeezed some onto my cock. I stroked my cock, working the lube all over it. Then I told my slut wife that is was my turn, that she was a drunken slut and a whore and congratulated her on how much enjoyment and sexual entertainment she had just given the two strangers.

I then positioned the tip of my cock just inside her pussy lips and slid the head up and down, feeling her soft, warm, wet used lips opening and accommodating my cock.

Then I began slowly working my cock in and out of her slut cunt; not that after these two men had used her that it needed any work for entry but rather to tease myself. Finally I pushed the full length of my cock all the way into her drunken slut cunt.

She kept snoring. I started to fuck her, her well used cunt so warm, wet, soft, and accommodating. While I fucked her I kept picturing how these two men got her drunk and took turns dancing with her, feeling her up all over.

Then once they got her really drunk they convinced her to get into the strange man's Jeep so they could "take her home". Then how much fun they had with my drunken slut wife before getting her home, and then how they both took turns fucking her as I watched.

All the while I kept telling my passed out wife what a drunken slut whore she was, fucking her even harder. I came hard. My slut wife had just satisfied 3 men, 4 times that night. It was the most incredible fuck I had to that time. The next morning she didn't get up until after 11 AM and didn't remember a thing.

Later in the week my wife told me her girlfriend told her how she had acted with the two men at the club. She told me it seemed like her girlfriend approved of how slutty my wife had acted. My wife's feelings were hurt, in disbelief and couldn't understand why her "friend" would say such a thing.

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For the next three years I would regularly coordinate my wife's clubbing with these two men. I would tell the one man where she was going and then the two men would show up, by coincidence or "fate". They would then show her attention and buy her drinks, lots of drinks. They would get her get drunk and when her girlfriend wanted to go to the next club the one man, the driver of the Jeep, invited her to stay and drink with them. She usually did (I think she really liked him). When she didn't (not drunk enough yet) the two men would follow my wife and her girlfriend to the next club and repeat the process.

Normally at some point in the night she would agree to stay with the two men while her girlfriend went on to the next club.

Then they would focus on getting her passed out drunk and horny like that first night, drinking and slow dancing, and would then bring her home for some good fucking. After that first time we would also have other men join us who would be waiting at the house with me for when they showed up with my passed out drunk wife.

To this day she has never said a thing about it.