Hot ass und ein Hahn auf dem WC

Hot ass und ein Hahn auf dem WC
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Cindy lay in the tub and relaxed as the jet propelled water wafted over every inch of her lean sun tanned body.

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What a day! It felt good just to not have to move!

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She was startled when the door to the bathroom door literally burst open as her mother hurriedly plopped down on the john and let loose with a audible sigh as a river of hot pee gushed from her pussy. I'm sorry, hon," she apologized while she wiped her damp crack, "I just couldn't hold it another minute!" "That's all right," Cindy replied while looking at her mothers bare vagina, "if ya gotta go." It wasn't exactly her mother's pussy that had drawn the eighteen year olds attention, it was more what was attached to it!

"Mom, can I ask you a question," Cindy asked softly? "Why sure, dear," the older woman replied while tugging her bikini panties over her hips, "ask away!" "Well, uh," Cindy stumbled, "it's just that I was wondering about your, you know, your ring!" Marilyn Case looked down at her pretty young daughter, and in a subdued voice asked softly, And which ring would that be?" With her face and pert breasts flushing red Cindy replied almost inaudibly, "You know, the one down there, on your vagina!" Instead of pulling up her slacks, Marilyn left them down around her ankles while answering gently, "Well, what is it you want to know?" "I dunno," Cindy said softly, "I was just wondering what it feels like, I mean to have something like through your lips." "Well, it's not actually through my lips," Marilyn replied while pushing her panties back down, "as you can see it actually is piercing my clit!" This was the first time she had seen her mother's ring this close up, and unbelievably it was true, her mother's clit was being pulled from its hood by the tiny stainless steel piece of jewelry!

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"M-my god," she gasped, "it's beautiful, but doesn't it hurt, I mean that's a pretty sensitive spot?!?" "Mmmmm, no," her mother replied, "it feels wonderful to have something tugging on me all of the time!" Cindy hadn't even realized she was doing it but as she stared at her mother's incredible pussy her own hand had slipped between her legs and she began gently probing her teenage muff! Marilyn groaned softly while eyeing her daughter's luscious body, and involuntarily her pussy drenched itself as her super engorged clit began to throb spasmodically!

"M-mommy, you have such a beautiful vagina," Cindy gasped.


"I wanna get a ring for my clit too!" Cindy had by now buried her fingers deep into her white hot quim, and while her mother looked on in wide eyed wonder, furiously masturbated her clitoris until her back arched and an orgasm of mind bending proportions slammed into her helpless pussy like a locomotive running down hill without brakes!

"Sweet jesus, you're on fire," Marilyn whispered to her daughter while at the same time moving over to edge of the tub! "Now be a good little girl and show mommy what a nice mouth you have!" Cindy's head was spinning out of control but with her mommy's incredibly puffed up pussy only inches from her face, she swallowed hard, and after only a moments hesitation leaned forward and let her tongue slip into her mommy's steaming crack!


Marilyn closed her eyes while Cindy's tongue worked its magic on her bulging organ. Subconsciously she opened her blouse, unhooked her lacy white bra, and after roughly twisting her nipples pulled one of the bright pink nubs to her mouth and began sucking on it greedily.

If anyone would have walked into that bathroom they surely would have been stunned to see a pretty young woman with her mouth attached to the over ripe pussy her mother!

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A deep groan gurgled up from deep inside of Marilyn's throat as a tidal wave of passion began welling up deep in the pit of her belly. With Cindy gently tugging at her clit ring with her teeth Marilyn's legs nearly buckled as her cunt was attacked with series of mini cums that only stoked the fires in her pussy even hotter!

If she hadn't known better she would have figured her daughter was an experienced cunt lapper, but as far as she could tell this was probably her first experience at sucking the bearded clam!

Cindy's own fingers were now literally flying in and out her gaping labia while both women were now shamelessly thrusting their cunts forward as they climbed aboard the "Climax Express"! Cindy had always figured that her mommy had a hot pussy, after all anyone who wore a clit ring was probably somewhere around the bend sexually, but she was finding out the her mother had a hunger in her loins that was absolutely ravenous!

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"Thatta baby," Marilyn moaned, "suck my fucking pussy you hot cunted little bitch!!!" That did it!!! Just hearing her mother begging for it in such descriptive language was more than the poor girl could take, so without giving it a second thought the young woman grabbed a bottle of shampoo and rammed the thinner end deep inside of her pussy!

"G-good fucking christ, your fucking yourself," Marilyn gasped! "Oh yes, fuck it harder, fuck that little red hot pussy!!!" By now Cindy was trying to devour her mommy's pussy while at the same time ramming the bottle neck in an out of her helpless cunt like a trip hammer! Marilyn let her boobs fall free so she could use her hands to grab her daughter's head and force her mouth harder into her gaping slit!


Cindy's pussy began to buck up and down as the hard plastic bottle induced a stunning orgasm in her tight little cunt, while at the same time her mommy's crack convulsed hard several times while filling her mouth with a gusher of sweet hot pussy juice!!! Both women were momentarily shocked at the strange turned of events, but after only a second or two Marilyn's legs finally gave out as she slid helplessly to the floor with her legs splayed wide open and her clit ring glistening with a coating of Bartholin's fluid!!!

"My goodness, mommy," Cindy cooed while softly caressing her own breasts, "I can't wait to get a ring of my very own!!!" Marilyn smiled, let out a deep sigh, and replied, "Mmmmmm, and I'll make the appointment!!!

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