Sweet Small Anal Fucking Teenie

Sweet Small Anal Fucking Teenie
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MarylandUSA -- Friday This is a fantasy that might come true one day. It involves me, a semi-retired Erotic Massage Therapist, and an underage teen we will call Jamie. Jamie is 5' 2" and 120 lbs. with very dark brown/black hair and dark brown/black eyes. She has a woman's body and desires, but unfortunately she's jail bait.

She is very intelligent, although she dislikes school. She also dislikes pudding and popcorn, and seemingly boys her own age. She lusts after older men, in or past their prime-- the reason being she wishes her first few times at sex and lovemaking to be with a man who knows his way around a woman's body.call it experienced.Like I said-- she's very intelligent.

Call it an attraction to me because of my true stories she's read. Jamie gets 'wet' reading them. This seems to be the new "trend" these days.Younger ladies seeking to have sex or relationships with older men because of their obvious experience. It doesn't matter, she contacted me wanting to fulfill her fantasy. I was made to order for this young lady. After speaking with her a few times by phone and E-mail, I was packed and on my way. Upon arriving at a small suburb just outside Baltimore, I checked into the motel she mentioned.

"Just a few blocks from where I live" her sweet voice said.

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"I could come there after school and maybe a couple of hours after dinner. Then there's the weekend coming up." Sounded like she had it planned much better than I had. I arrived on Friday about 2pm. I set up my table and stones before showering. I had just toweled dry when she knocked at my door. She was simply beautiful. She was everything she described and more. Pert 36 B cupped breasts, a nicely defined ass and toned legs. Just enough 'baby fat' to make her a wet dream for a man my age.

She said her parents were out of town for the weekend and her 'Nanny' wasn't as strict as they were. Jamie looked at least 17-18 but we both knew she wasn't.That was legal age in alot of states, but not the one we were in. She hugged me and went to her knees immediately to the towel wrapped at my groin.

She removed the towel slowly as her eyes fixed onto my cock.


" Well- This isn't so big, but you have a handful of balls." It showed her lack of experience. " When a man gets wet, all his equipment shrinks up to prevent heat loss. If you'll play with it some, I'm sure you'll be impressed." Her tiny hand began to roll my balls. Out of frustration,I took the towel and vigorously rubbed my cock and scrotum, and the area between the scrotum and anus. I applied a touch of Polo as she groped around my crotch. I keep my pubic area and balls well trimmedand my cock finally began to stand clear,not even half erect.

Her hand wouldn't quite fit around it as she remarked. " Th-This is the first one I've ever touched. I didn't think it would be so big around." Instinctively she began to stroke it all the way to the wide head, then back till her hand touched my pubic bone. It only took a few of those till I was at full erection-- about 7 ½ inches. My girth nearly doubled as well. Using both hands now, she stroked my cock even faster, her eyes locked onto the clear fluid that oozed from the dripping eye in the glands.

I took my finger and spread the pre-cum all around the glans—making it shine.

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" Go ahead Jamie- take the head in your mouth and taste it. It doesn't taste bad at all." Her pink tongue slipped across the head to sample the wet glans. As soon as she brought her tongue back inside to taste the flavor, she smiled.

"It's not bad at all-- in fact I like it!" Having said that, she formed an O with her wet lips, and slipped the head and about an inch inside, rolling her hot tongue all round it. She had no experience in giving head, she just mouthed it. I held each side of her head and asked had she ever sucked on a Tootsie Roll Pop. Her head nodded and the suction began. I slowly bobbed her head with my hands until she got the idea. I then removed my hands to watch this young virgin give her first blow job.The way her tongue rolled the wide head and probed the slit brought me to my tiptoes.

It was incredible to watch as she tried to take more and more of my shaft inside. Her eyes watered and I heard her gag once, but she never gave up. I slowly inched backwards towards the large bed. Jamie followed on her knees, her sucking mouth never missing a stroke. When the backs of my knees felt the bed, I sat on the very edge, letting my heavy balls hang into her hands. My hands took each side of her face as I coaxed her to stand. "Close your eyes for me, and don't open them till I tell you to." I whispered into her ear, letting my hot breath raise the fine hairs on her neck.

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I pulled the sweatshirt from her and had the short skirt and panties off in seconds. Cold chill bumps appeared all along her neck and chest, across her stiff nipples all the way to her navel.


My fingertips traced a trail down each side of her spine and across the cheeks of her buttocks. I lightly scratched the skin, using my 'spiders touch' on her.

I licked and sucked all round her cute navel. "O-Oh God! You're making me so wet down there." I continued along the crease of her buttocks as she spread her thighs wide, inviting me to explore deeper.Using my left hand, my two middle digits found her star-shaped anal muscle.

I circled the muscle gently as my right hand came around to cup her pubic mound.

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"A-Ahhhhg—Y-You're gonna make mee c-cumm!" "Not quite yet my doll" I whispered into the other ear. "Keep your eyes closed and raise your arms straight up—and keep them up till I tell you to drop them." It would stretch her breasts and increase sensitivity. Jamie complied as my wet lips grazed across her left nipple. As I done this my fingers had her soaked clitoris between them.

I sucked the hard nipple in as she screamed quietly, rolling the bud around my tongue while putting incredible suction on it.

She came instantly- soaking my fingers with her clear fluids. "C-Cummminggg!! I'm cumming!" Her young body jerked as the orgasm shook her to the core. This was at least twice as intense as an orgasm of self- masturbation. I swapped to the other nipple and it seemed to intensify the experience, as if she had shifted into another gear.


"Oh my God—a-another one.Aahhhh!!" I let my middle digit slip inside as her cunt muscles spasmed around it. I probed her wet tunnel about two inches before I felt her hymen.I used the middle finger of my other hand to slip into her tight anus to the first knuckle. The muscle clamped down on it and would go no further. I looked at her and told her she could drop her arms and open her eyes. There's a "look" women gets when they orgasm hard.

The eyes seem to dilate, the pupils get really wide for a minute or so.makes them even more beautiful. " Are you absolutely sure you want to continue this? Once it's done—there's no turning back." I was being as honest as I knew how. "Y-Yes!

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Oh yes.Ever since I read your first story I knew you were the one. the one I wanted as my first lover. Now please continue,I know it's gonna hurt some the first time.

Let's get it out of the way so the real fun can start!" As my finger penetrated past her hymen, there was no feeling of tearing or rupture of any sort. Jamie's breath held while my finger bottomed out in her cunt, and she was finally a woman.

No tears or screams and just the slightest trickle of blood on my finger.

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"Oh my-- is that all there is to it?" she smiled and actually backed her anus deeper onto my other finger. I removed both fingers and wet a washcloth and began to clean her up. Jamie lay back on the bed with her legs splayed open to let me get every trace of blood from her body. Then I lifted her and placed her on my massage table.

I slowly licked my way up each thigh to the black fuzzy pubic mound. Her hips rolled trying to trap my tongue inside but I was enjoying this torture too much. I let my finger slip into her anus again to the first knuckle.

I slowly pumped it as my tongue found her clitoris. "A-Ahhh yes! R-Right there Dano!" I sucked the nub inside, rolling the tip of my tongue round and round it.

Her ass left the bed as her muffled screams from a pillow let me know I was on the right spot. Her anal muscle clenched and began to spasm, signaling another orgasm. I pumped it deeper as I drove my stiff tongue into her young pussy. I suddenly rolled her onto her tummy. Her firm ass was a picture of ripeness. I spread her thighs as I licked my way up to the crease of her buttocks.

I let my hands spread the tight orbs to expose her most intimate spot. Sneaking a couple of my middle fingers to her wet labia, I divided the folds and worked them in till they would go no farther. With my thumb circling her clitoris, her ass came up from the table, backing onto my fingers in her pussy and my face in her sweet ass cheeks. I let my warm, wet tongue bathe her anal muscle, which contracted and expanded as my tongue stiffened into a U and probed inside. She was in the doggy position now.

"A-Ahhhhggg! M-More-Deeper, please!" I pumped my fingers and tongue into the forbidden young flesh as she came a third time, calling me by name … "I-I'm cumming again Dano—please don't stop.It feels so good!" I had no intention of letting up.

Rolling her to her back, I pulled her down to the edge of my table. In this position I could hook her G-spot-- a place she couldn't reach on her on and likely didn't know she had.

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My experienced fingertips found the spot immediately. Sucking her clit while massaging her G-spot brought her whole lower body off the table, hooking her strong thighs around my neck. "N-No—I can't take another one!" Her whole body shook as I milked the gland, making her spurt several lines of clear fluid from her urethra into my open palm. Jamie fell limp in my arms—passed out from the intensity of her fourth full-blown orgasm. I quickly donned a ribbed condom and put the wide head of my cock just inside her labia.

I began to masturbate, getting my cock about half-way inside her tight tunnel,and within a couple of minutes had filled the condom. The heat from her tight, wet pussy was all it had taken for me.

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I wanted her wide awake for our next stage of lovemaking. That would have to wait until she returned tomorrow. I wet the washcloth again an began to clean her up. After a few minutes she opened her eyes and smiledsaying she was still feeling 'good inside'. She dressed and we made plans to meet again tomorrow when her parents were out of town, and her Nanny would think she was at a soccer game with girlfriends.

She had her cell phone and promised to call when the time was right. She thanked me for her first experience, and I thanked her for letting me. Call it mutual respect. We hugged and she left. I picked the sheet off my massage table, still wet with Jamie's cum. I held it to my nose and inhaled the sweet aroma. Out of habit I suppose, I licked the huge spot of cum, hoping for an extra taste of the finest pussy I'd ever tasted.I showered again and had a double Black Jack over ice to end an incredible day.Saturday and Sunday were looking very good indeed.