Mädchen von nebenan trannies

Mädchen von nebenan trannies
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So apparently the word has got out that Mendy likes to fuck other guys. Friends I hardly know have been stopping by a lot lately. The other night Mendy was already in her pj's, which consists of a loose fitting tank top and panties.

We were about to smoke one and go to bed. Just then someone knocked on the door. I answered it and it was Jeff, and old friend I hadn't seen in years. I invited him in and we sat down. I introduced him to Mendy and he commented what a lucky guy I was to have such a fine looking chick. I asked if he still smoked and he said yes, so I fired up the hooter. I was sitting in my chair and Jeff on the couch, Mendy sat on my lap and did the passing. She was lifting off my lap, bent over, stretching out to pass it.


I couldn't resist grabbing her ass every time she did that. She would say "stop it" sit back and take a hit. The next time I asked Jeff how was the view from the front.


"It's great" he said with a big old smile. I grabbed her ass again the next time and she got a little pissed and said, " I'm gonna set on his lap if you do that again." Well, of course I did, and she plopped right down on Jeff's lap. She was kind of sideways, facing us both. She bent my way to hand the doobie to me and winked at me.

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I could clearly see right down her top. Mendy has such pretty little tits. Her nipples were hard as usual. I couldn't help myself, I grabbed a handful of tit this time. She called me an asshole and sat back down on Jeff's lap. The joint was about out and I was pretty buzzed now, so the next time instead of taking the joint, I grabbed her shirt and pulled.

She pulled back too and when she landed back on Jeff's lap she was topless. I said "so how you like those apples?" Jeff said, "They look pretty sweet to me." Mendy stuck a tit in his face and she told Jeff to give it a kiss.

He gave her nip a little peck.

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Mendy said, " You can do better than that!" So he started to suck on one tit and feeling the other one. Mendy was rubbing his crotch and made the comment, "Oh my, you have a big one." They started to kiss.

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I could see their tongues flicking back and forth as he was playing with her tits. My dick was raging hard now. They were going at it like a couple school kids making out. Jeff slid his hand down the front of her panties. Mendy opened her legs. He was working her pussy pretty good. Mendy said, "Let me taste your fingers." Jeff pulled out two soaking wet fingers and put them to her mouth.

She sucked on them like it was a dick. Then she slid down to her knees, undid his pants and slid them off. Two seconds later his big fat dick was in her mouth. I didn't want to just watch so I got undressed and took a seat on the couch beside Jeff. She didn't even take notice of me, just kept slurping on his cock. Slobbering all over the head, flicking her tongue on the sensitive tip, and jacking what she couldn't get her mouth around.


She gives the best head and was sucking his dick with gusto. Mendy started talking dirty and said, "cum in my mouth damn it, I want to taste your cum." Jeff moaned, laid his head back and gave her what she wanted,, a big old load. She kept sucking him for quite a while after he came and licking up any cum that happened to dribble out of her mouth.

She wanted his dick to stay hard so she could fuck him I'm sure. Mendy got up and put her hands on my shoulders, bent over and told Jeff to fuck her from behind.

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She put her forehead against mine and looked right in my eyes. We kind of bumped heads every time he drove his dick into her little pussy. I pulled her nipple with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. She started to cum, grabbed the back of my head and buried her tongue in my mouth. I could taste his dick and cum, kind of grossed me out which made her happy I think. She was moaning into my mouth as she was kissing me. My dick was throbbing for attention by now.

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She pulled her pussy away from him, grabbed my cock and guided her love hole to it. She just let the head of my dick slide into her hot, slick pussy and said, "feel how wet he is making my pussy!!" she rose up and offered her ass back to Jeff. She was moaning and groaning and saying how she loved that big dick.

Jeff grabbed her hips and was drilling her hard, then pulled her ass into him as hard as he could and pumped a load deep in her pussy. When he was done cumming she sat back down on my dick. Now her pussy was really wet and hot and I could feel her still quivering from her orgasms.

I was so horny by now my dick started pulsing right off and I pumped my cum deep in her pussy. Mendy said, "You didn't last very long. I want more." When she pulled up off me a big glob of mine and Jeff's cum came running out of her pussy onto my belly. They went to the bedroom and fucked for what seemed like an hour. This time I wasn't invited so I fired up another doob and just listened to them fuck. After Jeff left, I went back to the bedroom, crawled on top her and slid my still raging dick into her dripping pussy.

My dick slid in with no resistance at all. She was loose, hot and sloppy. I was so horny thinking of her just getting fucked that a couple strokes were I could manage and I popped off in her again. "See why I like to fuck other guys" she said and rolled over to sleep. The end