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Fucking gay black ass movies xxx Brendan amp_ Ryan Undie Swap amp_ Fuck
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It started as a night out with the guys. We had been out drinking and going to parties, with vein attempts at getting laid for the night.

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I (Chris) had been out with my friends John, Jake, Nick, and Trent. We had all been friends since middle school.


We all were 15 and freshman football players at our high school Trent was the only black guy out of our group of friends. He was the same size as me, about 180 lbs 6 ft. and had a secret lust that I didn't know I shared with him. As nothing else was happening for the night we all decided to sleep at John's house.

We arrived back at his house, all a little tipsy, and disappointed that we hadn't succeeded in the ultimate male teen goal, of sex. Before we went to bed we watched some TV in john's basement which was his room.

Trent and I were on the couch that was small for us, so we were quite close. Infomercials advertising your typical naked sorority girls were all over the TV seeing as it were late.

As we continued to watch the oh so very naked girls, I noticed Trent had an erection, and he kept adjusting it, and making clear he wanted me to know he had big boner. I couldn't help from glancing at it, while it throbbed in his jeans. This has happened before with Trent. Several times while in the locker room I have noticed Trent with an erection after leaving the showers. I always noticed since his locker was next to mine.

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And later I would take advantage of his arousal in the shower. But that is a different story. This subsided and everyone got ready for bed. We all borrowed shorts from John or had shorts to wear for bed. John and Jake got into John's bed making sure everyone knew their sexual preference. Their insecurities were noticed and that they were sleeping head to feet.

We all made homosexual jokes regarding them sleeping together, Trent even joined in and made jokes Nick grabbed the only spot on the couch. So that had left me and Trent to sleep on futon mattress that was spread out on the floor. It barely fit us both so, again we were close together, as we always were in the locker room. Everyone was falling asleep including me, and eventually I gave in to sleep and dozed off.

Then I awoke to a hand resting on my chest, I didn't move, but I watched it slowly move down my stomach and onto my dick, that was only covered by my shorts.


I lifted my head, and Trent's hand quickly moved away just teasing me. As soon as I realized what had happened I immediately had a rock hard erection and desperately needed his hand back over my crotch. All the while I completely forgot that my other three friends were in the room who were within arms reach. I decided to adjust my hard cock with my hand made several pelvic thrusts upward and act as if I were sleeping, hoping to encourage his hand to find me again. Minutes passed, which seemed like hours that lead to nothing.

Unable to wait any longer for my big black friend to touch me I got bold. With my cock now throbbing for attention I pulled my shorts down and exposed my 6 inch dick, which only had a small amount of pubes on it at the time.

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Then I could feel his hand rest back on my stomach and slowly find its way back to my long shaft. This took all my breath away, I was so horny, I wanted him to touch me so bad. He then began to stroke me, and forced a soft moan from my mouth, to let him know I wanted it.

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I felt like I could cum on his hand and all over my stomach with just a few more strokes. Instead I reached over and began jacking him off. His soft black 7 1/2 inch rod felt so good in my hand, and made me even hornier. I couldn't take it I wanted more. I then slid down and wrapped my lips around his huge cock, and started to suck his dick hoping for a nice big load.

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Just then we heard someone move. We lay perfectly still; I had his dick just resting in my hand. When nothing else happened I immediately turned around and started to suck his nice big balls. I licked underneath his sac and all around, then up his long shaft and continued to bob my head.

I could feel his hands pressing the back of my head, forcing me up and down on his gigantic pole. The whole time I had the hardest erection I have ever had.

Then I felt his legs tense up, and he thrust his long hard dick into my mouth and held my head. With this I anticipated his warm hot cum. Then another thrust a nice hard one that made me gag. And just when I recovered from his hard thrust, I was rewarded with three spurts of his hot black cum right into my mouth and the back of my throat. I cleaned his entire dick of and swallowed every bit of his cum.

I then rolled over and laid on my back, taking in this nice surprise.

He then slid down and began to suck me off. His nice big lips felt so good on my neglected cock. He slid his big black lips up and down on until I came, even more than he did, all into his mouth. He swallowed every last bit. We never said a word the whole night and our friends didn't even have a clue.

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Although we didn't say a word we knew we both enjoyed this way too much, to not enjoy each other again.