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CHAPTER 2: EARTH STONE Kimber crept quietly through the nighttime forest, looking for a decent clearing to start a fire in order to cook the rabbit she'd caught and killed earlier. Instead, she noticed the glow of an existing fire up ahead of her. She approached with caution, but found that it was tended to by a lone figure, a young man wearing light armor. His pack of gear and provisions, including a bow and quiver of arrows, rested on the ground near him.

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She touched the medallion and transformed back to her human shape, then stepped out of the darkness into the clearing. The man stood, drew his sword, and said, "Ho there! Identify yourself." "Just a lone traveler, like yourself.

If you are willing to share your fire, I am willing to share this rabbit," Kimber replied, holding it up for the man to see. "Such an offer I cannot refuse. Please, come join me, my lady," the man said, gesturing toward the fire. They erected a spit, prepared the rabbit, and set it to cooking. "If I may ask, what is your name and what brings you to these parts?" he asked. "You may indeed," she replied. "My name is Kimber, and I seek the ruins of an ancient temple to a forgotten goddess that is said to be located in this forest." "I am Jonath, and you have nearly found it.

The place of which you speak is but another hour's travel in that direction," he said, pointing. "It has been taken over as of late by a tribe of ogres that infests these woods. I have journeyed here to exterminate them. I managed to locate their stronghold and I've been scouting the site for several days now. I dare not take on so many all at once, though I have felled a few that have strayed from the group." "An ogre hunter, are you.

I would not have guessed it from the look of you. Is the bounty on them high in these parts?" Kimber asked. Ogres were repugnant creatures, most rulers actively encouraged killing them on sight and/or driving them as far away as possible from areas settled by humans.

"Not especially," Jonath said. "Mine is a personal vendetta. Ogres raped and murdered my family, and I have vowed to spend my life putting them to the sword." "That's horrible!" Kimber said. Now, the thing about ogres is that their cocks are covered in hard, boney ridges that make getting fucked by them extremely painful. Even female ogres find it unpleasant, so rape is the sole means of perpetuating the species.

When just wanting to get their rocks off rather than procreate though, most ogres prefer to rape human women, as they are much weaker prey. Female ogres even rape human men, as it is the only way for them to have sex they can actually enjoy. The men do not take any pleasure in it however, as ogres of both genders are quite ugly and smell horrible.

"I was but a farm boy, with two sisters. My father sent me to learn basic archery skills from a master teacher, and I took to it well, but upon my return I found the farm ransacked, the house and barn burned to the ground. Only my younger sister yet survived the brutal treatment, and she followed my parents and older sister to the afterlife mere days later.

I returned to the archery teacher and begged him to take me on as a long-term student. He later introduced me to his friend, a master of the sword, who similarly agreed to teach me his talents." "No one should suffer that as a boy.


At least you were able to channel your energies into something positive," Kimber said. "Aye, and I hope that in part through my efforts, no child need suffer so again," said Jonath. "So your vocation lies in the exploration of old ruins?" "Indeed yes, I have studied much of long-dead cultures and uncover the things they have left behind so that we may continue to learn of them, and enjoy their craftsmanship," Kimber explained.

"That's a curious medallion you have there.

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One of your discoveries?" Jonath took a closer look in the flickering light of the fire. The golden disc hung from a gold chain that itself hung from either side of another chain that closely encircled her neck.

A circle was engraved in the center of it, and the outer ring was divided into five segments by radial lines. Each segment bore the visage of a creature. The upper segment depicted the outline of a bird in flight with its wings outstretched. To the left of the bird was a silhouette of a horse's head in profile, and to its right, that of a cat's head straight on.

On the lower left was the shape of a fish, and the lower right showed the winding shape of a snake. "It is, though I have been unable to determine where it originally came from, what lost civilization created it," Kimber said.

"So then, I propose we both enjoy your rabbit, get a good night's sleep, and I shall guide you to the temple ruins in the morning. You shall have to settle for looking at it from afar, though," Jonath said. "As you say," Kimber replied. "I don't want to tangle with ogres of that number." - - - As soon as Jonath was asleep, Kimber quietly walked off into the woods. Once she was out of sight of Jonath's fire, she touched the shape of the cat head on her medallion.

Her body glowed as she transformed to her cat shape. Her straight black hair fell just past her shoulder, with a cat's ears atop her head. Her eyes were yellow with vertically slit irises.

She had fangs, but smaller ones than as a snake. Black fur covered her arms nearly to her shoulders, and her legs to halfway up her thighs. Her furred fingers and toes bore retractable claws and soft, pink paw pads. A matching black fur cropped top, supported from her right shoulder, covered her breasts, which were now a little larger than they were normally, though a generous amount of cleavage was visible.

A black leather belt held up the black fur breechcloth, which split into two in the back just above her ass to allow space for her tail. Her dagger and knapsack remained, as always. This was the best form for night travel, as a cat she had the keen senses of a nocturnal predator, as well as excellent physical agility and reflexes, and the ability to move quickly yet quietly. Even though she'd shared the rabbit that this cat form had so easily caught, it had been a sufficient meal, and she made good time to the temple.

It was in decent shape, considering the age and the forest growth that assaulted it. The outside was nearly overgrown with vines, the roof collapsed in a few places, but all four walls yet stood, which was more than she could say about some other ancient temples she'd been to.

Thin wisps of smoke rose through one of the gaps in the roof. She could smell the ogres and the remains of their fire. She looked in through the wide doorway.

The temple was a single room, with a stone floor, an altar at the far end, and statues in various conditions positioned periodically along the walls. There were dozens of ogres, but all were asleep, mostly in the middle where they had constructed their fire pit. She snuck inside quietly and made her way through the shadows along the side wall to the altar.

Being the location of highest significance in the building, it was the logical place to begin the search for an item of apparently great significance such as the earth stone. The altar was a large slab of stone supported by two small boulders, forming a wide workspace at table height for whatever rituals or sacrifices that once took place in here. Kimber looked underneath the slab, and started clearing away cobwebs, moss, and various bits of rubbish that the ogres had clearly thrown there.

One of the stone floor tiles looked a little out of place.

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The type of stone didn't match the others, it was slightly too small for the space it was in, and the mortar around it looked soft. Kimber pulled her dagger from its sheath and used it to dig around the perimeter of the tile, and then to pry it up.

She pulled the tile free and set it aside. Etched into the underside was the same list she had seen on the lid of the sarcophagus. Her instincts had been spot on.

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She reached into the hole where the tile had sat and sure enough pulled out a rock that looked very similar to the fire stone, but brown in color and bearing a different symbol.

She stashed it safely away in her knapsack and started back towards the door along the same path she'd used coming in. About halfway to the door, her fortune changed. One of the ogres stirred. Kimber leapt atop the nearest statue. Its head and part of a shoulder was missing, and she perched there on all fours, with her hands between her feet, clutching the stone figure's neck and trying to breathe very, very quietly. The ogre yawned, stood, and shuffled across the floor directly towards her.

He stopped in front of the statue she had desperately and perhaps futilely used as cover, and then pulled out his cock and proceeded to urinate on it. The sound, and worse, the smell, of fresh ogre piss assaulted Kimber's senses, but she sat as still as the stone figure beneath her.

The ogre gave a satisfied sigh as his stream of pee reached its conclusion, and then for the first time he lifted his gaze from the floor and looked straight at Kimber.

His face changed to an expression that combined puzzlement with the fact that he was still half asleep. He gazed at Kimber for several moments, then reached his hand up slowly and poked her with a finger. Kimber instantly sprang from her perch, leaping over the ogre's head, and ran straight for the door.

The ogre shouted, "Hey! Stop her!" Kimber was confident she could make it to the door. She was fast, and the ogres had to wake up before they could catch her. The stone arch of the entrance loomed, the forest outside beckoned, and suddenly she was tumbling sideways across the floor. She tried to shake off the hit, to get up and run again. She heard an ogre command, "Bring her to me." A gruff hand clamped around one of her ankles and started dragging her towards the middle of the temple floor.

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Her tail fluffed up in fear and she clawed at the stone tiles with her hands, but to no avail. The ogre that was pulling her yanked her leg and threw her the rest of the way to his leader's feet. The ogre chief wrapped his hand around her neck and lifted her up to inspect her. "Well, what have we here? You're an unusual looking creature. But definitely a woman of some kind," he said, groping her breasts roughly with his free hand.

A cruel grin spread across his face as he forced his hand between her legs. After ascertaining the nature of the breechcloth that separated him from Kimber's pussy, he drew a large knife from his belt, slid it under the breechcloth between her legs, and slashed downwards, cutting it in two and exposing her fuck hole. "No!" she cried about as well as one can while being held in the air by the neck.

She reached under his arm and pulled her dagger, but the chief punched her in the stomach and her fingers opened from the shock, the dagger clattering to the floor. The ogre chief loosened his clothing to expose his hard cock, then transferred Kimber to his other hand, holding her neck from behind.

He forced her face to the floor, on her knees with her ass up. He pulled her arms behind her back and held them there with one hand while his other got a grip on her hair and pulled on it, yanking her head back painfully. She knew that begging the ogres for mercy was futile, so she directed her fearful pleas elsewhere. "No, no, please oh Gods, help me!" "Sorry, they aren't here," the ogre chief mocked as he forced his large, boney cock all the way into her pussy in one thrust.


Kimber shrieked in pain. The chief began fucking her with fast jabs of his cock deep inside her. The violation aspect was bad, but the agony of the ogre cock was much, much worse. It felt like tumbling down a rocky cliff, but coming from the inside. The ogre grunted while thrusting. Kimber screamed and sobbed, tears running down her face. The protrusions on the ogre's member weren't actually sharp, but they felt like knives as they scraped back and forth along the walls of her cunt and stabbed over and over against her cervix.

After a few minutes that seemed like much longer to Kimber, the ogre moaned loudly and trembled as his noxious load of cum sprayed into her abused vagina. Kimber screamed and her body shook in response to the excruciating pain as the ogre spunk stung her non-ogre insides. The chief ceased his fucking motions, and with his cock still inside her announced, "Who's next?" "Nooooooooo!" Kimber moaned. She had barely survived one. Getting gang raped by every male ogre present would be worse than death, though death would surely follow as well.

Suddenly, the ogre chief screamed out in pain, falling backwards and releasing Kimber's wrists and hair. She looked back over her shoulder to see an arrow was lodged in his eye.

"Miss Kimber!" a voice shouted from the temple entrance. She recognized that voice. "Jonath!" she called out. "Miss Kimber?" Jonath repeated, this time less certain, as he saw that she didn't look quite the same as the woman he'd met earlier that night.

He stood at the doorway, bow still raised. "Kill him!" the ogre chief bellowed. Jonath reached for his quiver and loosed more arrows into the crowd of ogres. Kimber tucked her head down and rolled forward, grabbing her dagger off the floor along the way.

When she was back on her feet she sprang into the air, directly into the face of another ogre. She hissed and stabbed him in the neck, then leaped off of him into a aerial backflip. She landed feet first on another ogre's face, knocking him to the floor on his back. He stabbed him in the gut, then sheathed her dagger and made a dash for the door.


This time, due to the general confusion and thanks in no small part to Jonath's barrage of arrows, she made it out safely. As she ran past Jonath, not slowing down in the least, she spoke a single word, "Run!" She trusted that he was smart enough to do so.

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She didn't look back. Jonath already had an arrow notched on his bowstring, so he fired it off into the ogre-filled temple, turned, and ran as fast as he could. He caught a last glimpse of Kimber as she vanished into the woods. He took off in a different direction so the ogres would have to split up to follow.

- - - When Jonath reached his campfire once more, he found Kimber already there, laying on her side with her knees pulled up to her chest. Despite the warmth of the fire she was trembling, her tail twitching nervously.

Jonath sat down on the opposite side of the fire without saying a word. Kimber didn't look up at him, but after several long moments, she quietly said, "Thank you for saving me." "When I awoke and found you gone, I feared you had gone to the temple alone, against my advice," he replied.

"I needed to retrieve an artifact from inside. Night was the best time to do it. I didn't want to involve you. It was a simple in and out job, I very nearly pulled it off without anything." her voice trailed off as she couldn't finish her sentence. "And did you find it, your artifact?" Jonath asked. "I did," she said. "Was it worth it?" he said. "I'm going to get so much gold from this simple, stupid rock, but maybe.

maybe it wasn't. It certainly wouldn't have been had I not come across you." "You are welcome. I was honor-bound by my vow to come to your aid. But please do not ever do that again." A long silence fell between them as neither wanted to continue talking about the vicious experience Kimber had just gone through. Jonath's curiosity eventually got the better of him though, and he said, "How is it that you.

that is, those ears of yours." "Oh, did I forget to change back again?" Kimber said. "It's this medallion. It's magic, it allows me to change my body into a few different forms." "But magic doesn't exist," Jonath protested. "No, it does. It very much does," Kimber said.

"It's becoming a lost art though. Fewer and fewer people study it these days. I'm not surprised you haven't encountered it before." "You said it was but a trinket, of unknown origin," Jonath said.

"That much was true, all my attempts at researching it have come up empty. I found it in a cave, around the neck of a man's skeleton that was inside the belly of another skeleton that I can only describe as greatly resembling what a dragon might look like," Kimber explained.

"Once I fastened it around my neck I was unable to remove it again, another of its magical properties it would seem. Once I discovered how useful it is though, I didn't mind so much." After another long pause, Jonath ventured, "May I. touch them?" "Touch. my ears?" Kimber said, puzzled. "Back on the farm, there were barn cats, and we always enjoyed each other's company immensely," Jonath said. Kimber considered it silently, then crawled across the ground on her hands and knees, with her tail waving in the air, and sat up beside Jonath to his right.

He tentatively reached his right hand out and stroked his fingers across her feline ears. When she did not protest, he laid his hand fully atop her head and rubbed her scalp at the base of the ears.

Kimber sighed quietly, and he began running his hand through her hair from her forehead to the back of her neck. Kimber's eyes closed slowly as she started leaning into Jonath, eventually settling her head against his chest. Eventually a low rumbling noise emanated from her throat. "You're purring," Jonath said with surprise. "I'm what?" Kimber asked, her eyes opening.

"Oh. I didn't even know I could. This is so relaxing." Jonath lifted his left hand to her cheek, and she pushed her face into it. His fingers brushed across where her human ears would have been, indeed they were not hidden beneath her hair, but rather there was just more hair in their place.

He let his fingers trail down her jaw and rubbed under her chin. She raised her head in response, sighing contentedly, and found herself staring into his eyes. His right hand had not ceased its petting. She leaned in and pressed her lips to his. The kiss built slowly, their lips parting more and more until at last their tongues touched and started dancing against each other. Then Kimber pulled away, put her hands against his chest and pushed him onto his back.

She settled in on top of him, hands on his shoulders, and licked his face from chin to nose before resuming the passionate kiss. Jonath's right hand moved quickly to resume petting her head, while his left hand was attracted to her tail swishing from side to side.

He moved it across her ass, gently took hold of the tail at its base, and pulled his hand out along its length. Kimber's back arched as her ass lifted slightly. After a long while of this, Kimber moved her legs to straddle Jonath and sat up, kneeling over him. She pulled her top off, then undid her belt, freeing the two halves that remained of her breechcloth and casting them aside.

She knew it would become whole again the next time she changed into her cat form. "I can't get mine off that quickly," Jonath teased. Kimber rolled off him to the side and said, "Hurry, then." Jonath did indeed have several individual pieces of armor to remove. Metal pauldrons protected his shoulders, and a shirt of chain mail, the hauberk, protected his body.

The rest was splint armor, strips of metals attached to leather cuffs. Rerebraces for his upper arms, vambraces for the lower, cuisses over his thighs, and greaves that wrapped around his lower legs. All of it wasn't quite as effective as a full armor suit, but it allowed for much greater mobility and was less costly. He shed the armor, one piece at a time, until finally he was able to remove his undergarments. Jonath retrieved a blanket from his supplies and spread it on the ground.

He laid upon it, his long, stiff cock standing tall and inviting. Kimber returned to her previous position, lowering herself down upon Jonath's rod and guiding it inside her. She lunged forward and hungrily resumed their kiss while her knees pumped her pussy up and down along his hard member.

She still felt a little sore inside, but her current excitement was doing much to diminish that. Jonath, for his part, went right back to petting her ears and tail, and was rewarded by a long moan from Kimber. The moans increased in volume and Kimber's hips bouncing up and down on Jonath's cock increased in speed until finally she came, breaking their kiss to scream out from the pleasure.

The orgasmic contractions within her pussy brought Jonath over the edge as well, and his warm jism gushed like a fountain deep up inside her.

Satisfied at last, Kimber collapsed into Jonath, her head on his shoulder, her pussy still enveloping his cock, and her legs straightening out, moving down alongside his. She resumed purring and was soon sound asleep, and Jonath finally stopped petting her as he too fell into slumber. - - - Kimber's eyes opened just before dawn.

She could finally see Jonath in the full view of daylight. He was not an especially large man, but his muscular chest paid tribute to his training and the physical prowess needed to be an ogre hunter.

His face still spoke of youth, with wavy brown hair and a scraggly beard. His eyes opened as he too awoke. They were deep green, and held the distant look of a boy forced to grow up too fast due to a hard and tragic life, but also a deeper warmth of a man that strongly believes in family and protecting those he cares about. "We need to move quickly, those ogres will be on our trail much faster in the daylight," Kimber said.

"Quite right," said Jonath. "We best be away from here with haste. I hate to leave a job unfinished, but I no longer have the benefit of them not knowing that I am here stalking them." Kimber gave him a quick kiss and then arose to allow him to don his armor. "So where will you be off to now, more treasure hunting?" Jonath asked. "Indeed," said Kimber from behind him. "The next stone is located a great distance from here, along the ocean coast to the west." "The sea?

I have never seen it. Is it as majestic as I've heard?" Jonath said. "Every bit, and more," she replied, but her voice was now coming from a greater height. Jonath turned around to find not a feline woman, but a centaur. He gasped, and exclaimed, "Astonishing!" Kimber nonchalantly stated, "This is better for speed over larger distances.

I doubt that the centaurs of myth allowed humans to ride them, but for now I think it best that I serve as your steed. Although, my apologies, but the medallion does not provide a saddle." Jonath replied, "I'm an old farm boy, remember?

I'm well accustomed to bareback riding. As long as you don't mind my arms around you when you gallop." "Is that a promise?" Kimber asked with a wink. Jonath folded his blanket in half and placed it on Kimber's back as a pad, gathered his belongings, and then mounted her with a swift and well-practiced motion.

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"You know, there could be ogres along the way to the ocean," Kimber said as she started off traveling west. "All the better," Jonath replied. Continued in Chapter 3: Water Stone - - - © the Perv Otaku, 2015 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.