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Ebony sex film
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My Girlfriends Hot Sister &hellip.I think this has happened to all of us. You have a girlfriend or boyfriend and you get attracted to their sister or brother.

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It happened to me. I got the hots for my girlfriends sister. She had all the right things I liked and it grew, day by day until…… ------ &hellip.I sat there watching my girlfriend Lena, move her stuff out. We didn't talk, and showed no expressions on our faces&hellip.but inside I was smiling.

When she left with her last load of stuff, she just closed the door. Now I could smile openly. I sat there about 20 minutes and then I heard the door open.

Her sister Gwen started moving her stuff in. She gave me a quick wink and continued. Damn &hellip. she was a beautiful sexy girl.

Tight jeans showing a tight camel toe, a top that showed off her nice full tits, a shape to die for. Her reddish blond hair was pulled up in back with a short pony tail and flipped around as walked around. Flawless skin, beautiful eyes and natural red lips. I offered to help her, but she said she had it all handled.

&hellip.I had just swapped girlfriends, who were sisters. &hellip.This all started when the girlfriends sister came to stay with us. Their mother was a strict old fashion church lady who lived across town.

Lena left home early and went on her own. ……Younger Gwen stayed and the only life she knew&hellip. was her mom's world…until…she came to stay with us. Lena showed me some pictures of her&hellip.omg…she was a pure beauty, looking beyond her look as a granny. Long gray dress, hair tied tightly back and granny shoes and glasses. &hellip.Lena said that 'we' needed to introduce her to the real world we lived in.

I agreed to help out. The first thing Lena did when she got here was to do a make over on her. She was already beautiful looking past the granny stuff. I sat on the couch and waited for the transformation.

&hellip.Lena held her hand and led Gwen slowly out of the bedroom. Gwen's face was embarrassed looking because now…she had on short little jean cut offs, a sleeveless blouse with the top buttons open showing a great cleavage and long flowing hair down her back. &hellip.I said: "Who are you?"&hellip.they both giggled and Lena paraded Gwen around in front of me.

&hellip.Something got real hard, real fast in my shorts. I grabbed a pillow for my lap. Too late&hellip. as Lena pointed, whispered and giggled with Gwen.

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"Nice…'pillow' you have there Mike." Lena said. More giggling from them and then they sat on each side of me. Lena, for some reason delighted in me getting aroused over her 'make over' of her sister. &hellip. Little did I know what was ahead. &hellip.Each day when I got home was a new show for me, and a new attitude for Gwen. Tonight she had on a long black see thru robe, with pink panties and bra that showed thru.

Now they both wanted my reaction to her 'new look'. Gwen was getting to me and good. She sat by me and started rubbing my leg. Lena a encouraged her to do it. "He likes that sis, keep that up." she would say. .Lena coached Gwen on how to turn me on. I was her 'test' guy and Lena had her keep going further and further. Now she was feeling me up in the hallway and kissing my neck as smiling Lena may or may not be watching.

Lena would whisper: ("…show her what a good boyfriend does when a girl turn him on&hellip.go on.") This was a dream job, reacting to Gwen's advances. Lena didn't care what we did an I started in kissing her back and then came the feeling of her hot body. Sometime Lena would sit by us and I could hear Lena's breath increase.

She was getting hot watching us. &hellip.One evening I had Gwen on the couch lying down and I was on top kissing her.

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That was the night Lena started joining in. They both had on their pajamas and nothing else and I had on a pair of shorts. I felt Lena slowly getting on my back. Her and Gwen's breath in each ear. They were both turned on. Lena took my hands and put them on Gwen's beautiful full tits.

I had not felt them yet, just her back and hips. Now I got rock hard on top of Gwen's pussy. She squirmed as she felt it. .She whispered to Lena: (".it's hard.") as they giggled. They didn't seem to care that I could hear them. I let Lena guide my hands more.

She slipped them under Gwen's top and onto her bare tits. She guide the all around and took my fingers and had them roll Gwen's nipples.

Gwen was panting now with little moans. Lena was panting too and put one of her hands behind me and between my legs.

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She began to massage my balls, then she started tugging my shorts down. My dick was between Gwen's legs as Lena's hand wrapped around my cock and she stroked it. Next she pulled Gwen's pajama bottoms down and now my cock was on Gwen's bare pussy. Gwen was panting heavy and getting red in the face. &hellip.Lena got off me and pulled me to get off Gwen. She said: "We have to stop for now." I realized Gwen had never had a guy feel her tits, lay on her or anything, and she was about to pass out.

She'd never had her pussy get wet before now and it was soaked. Lena and I pulled Gwen up and held her as she recovered. Lena put her to bed and then took me in our bedroom. We were both so turned on, we had our best ever fucks. We must have gotten a little noisy as I spotted Gwen in the doorway peeking at us. &hellip.The evenings continued as I had the two of them using me as a 'test' guy for Gwen. I wondered how far Lena was going to let this go.

I wanted to fuck Gwen bad and she told me privately she wanted me too. Lena&hellip. &hellip.I was no dummy, I realized this might happen and I liked it for my sister. Sharing my boyfriend was ok with me…but&hellip.I loved seeing them sneak looks and feels between them. I'm going to start give them time alone and just let 'things' happen naturally. My sis always tells me everything anyway, she can't keep a secret.

&hellip.I enjoy teasing her about Mike. Having great sex with him and watching her get all horny. I figure one of them is going to give in to their urges and have sex with each other…but…who? And when? I loved being the only one standing in the way of them having hot sex. &hellip.I had a master plan from the start, but then it had to change, and for the better. I found a new thrill.


While laying on Mike and feeling my sister, I found I enjoyed this and I wanted more of it. Being with a guy and girl had taken over my personal desires for hot sex. A threesome was all I began to think about. Feeling my sisters tits and pussy was a huge turn on while we both were fucking Mike, that was my new goal.

Now to get sis to go along with it. I just 'knew' Mike would love it. .Knowing that sis didn't want to steal my boyfriend, I had a quiet private talk with her. 'Sharing' was the key word.

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She loved the idea right away and we made plans to get Mick in bed with both of us. This was totally new to anything she had even imagined in her life.

I had had threesomes before and I explained how they might work. Feeling another girl was all new to her and she wanted to try it out first. &hellip.I took her in the shower while Mike was at work. I showed her how washing each other had thrills of it's own. She caught on quick and in no time was feeling my tits and body. Next…our magic fingers. We stood facing each other and let the warm soapy water relax us. She had a tight pussy, but soon my finger went in all smooth.

I showed her all about our clits and how to rub them. .Now for her first orgasm. I had her close her eyes, and think of a guy. I had her put a finger in her pussy and with the other hand rub her clit. I watched and joined in doing the same.


She got the rhythm quick and soon began to pant and rubbed a good orgasm as her legs began to quiver. I got off watching her and had a good one my self.

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I said we can do this while we take turns with Mike&hellip.got it? She smiled with a satisfied look. &hellip.We planned a night when to 'do' Mike. Mike&hellip. &hellip.Something was going on when the door opened and Lena and Gwen both came in. They were all smiles and whispered to each other. They came over and stood me up and both&hellip.started feeling me up and took my hands and had me feel them.

I thought&hellip.oh my god…I'm being attacked by two hot women, how lucky can a guy be&hellip. &hellip.Nothing was said as they took me in the bedroom. Slowly all our clothes left our body's. Undressing those two was a rock hardon maker. Lena and Gwen got on their knees as Gwen watched her lick and suck on my cock. Gwen then had her turn as Lena guided her.

They leaned me back into the bed and now Gwen got on top of me, all naked and warm. Lena felt us both and fingered herself. Gwen and I were in kissing and tongue heaven as Lena guided my hardon to Gwen's slit entrance.

.Lena did it all and got my cock wet with Gwen's juices. Her pussy was real tight as we both inched it in, a little at a time. Lena's hands were all over us both. Her fingers helped my cock slowly get in Gwen. She brought Gwen's knees up and showed her how to rock with my cock ¼ the way in. Gwen took it from there and Lena just watched us and then laid on Gwen's back.

She reached back and felt me sliding my cock going into Gwen's pussy. Gwen was moaning steady now as she rocked on me. I felt Lena rubbing Gwen's clit as we went deeper and faster. I felt Lena's tits also as she began dual kissing me with Gwen.

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Two hot tongues in your mouth will make you crazy. . We all rocked together as Gwen first sex ever was reaching the climax stage…"oh god…oh god…oh yes…oh yes!" she said over and over.

I stuck a finger in Lena's wet pussy, along with hers and we dual finger fucked her pussy.


Now they both moaned together. Two girls rocking on top of you can make you crazy. …"OH God…OH Yesssssssssss!, and they began to climax. No way could stop fucking Gwen as fast as I could&hellip.my balls jerked up and I felt this explosion of cum rocket out of my cock.

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It took my breath away and my mind with it. Cum and juices came from everywhere and ran down on me. Cuming with two girls on you can make you crazy. The squirming, gasping for air, shaking, trembling went on and on. My ears rang with their loud hi pitched moans. Slowly two spent and limp girls lay in top of my spent and limp body.

I think they took all the oxygen out of the air, and I gasp for a long time. My cock kept trying to cum more, but was empty. They both had to keep kissing me lightly on my face as the last moans kept going…… ------ &hellip.I was having a wonderful dream…my hard cock felt warm and tingled.

I heard soft moans as the dream began to fade into a gentle wakefulness. I began to realize that Gwen was on top of me and was slowly fucking me as she moaned softly.

My arms slowly came up and around her. She gasp…and whispered: ("…I want you all to myself&hellip. this time.") …Lena had gone home to her apartment, which was&hellip. right next door…&hellip.