Cute twinks with tattoos get naughty and start fucking hard

Cute twinks with tattoos get naughty and start fucking hard
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I was at a party with my boyfriend on a Friday night. We were drinking and dancing when I suddenly felt really dizzy. My boyfriend led me upstairs and laid me on the bed. He was so caring and gentle.


I thought my drink must have been spiked with something because I was feeling really dizzy and quite sick.

I saw my boyfriend undress and I got worried. I tried to sit up and ask him what he was doing but I felt to dizzy and fell back on the bed.

I told him to put his clothes back on but he just ignored me. Then he came over and kissed me on the lips.

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He tasted of alcohol and it was disgusting. He moved his hands down to caress my waist and before I knew it he was unbuttoning my jeans.

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I told him to stop but I was powerless to his strength. He stripped me naked and I was really scared.

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I knew what was about to happen but was helpless to stop it. He called out and slowly the door opened and I don't know how many of his mates came in. I tried to cover myself up but my hands were slapped away by my boyfriend and held.

One of his mates grabbed my legs and spread them wide so I was laying like a starfish on the bed.

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Now they all had a good view of my pussy and tits. The guy holding my legs, lifted me up so they could all get a look at my tight asshole. They all nodded and jeered in approval. I tried to struggles but the hands held me down and that just made them laugh harder.

One of them slapped my cunt and I screamed they all had their cocks out. My head was pulled roughly backwards off the bed as I heard them say they were going to shut me up. Suddenly a cock was shoved into my mouth. I spluttered and writhed but the hands held me down firm. My head was tilted back and I could see nothing of what they were doing to my body.

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I felt the tip of a penis touch my pussy and I screamed in panic. Hands were grabbing at my tits, flicking them then a wet mouth started sucking them. I screamed again, my cries slightly muffled by the hard cock pounding my mouth. "It's making to much noise" I heard one of them say and sudden;y there were two cocks in my mouth, making it impossible to do more than gurgle and gag. I felt my legs being lifted up and someone sliding underneath me. I struggled hard and kicked out.

"Bad Whore!" said a voice and I was slapped roughly across the tits. I whimpered as I felt the tip of a cock at the rosebud of my ass, knowing there was nothing I could do to stop it.

The cock went deep inside and the onlookers cheered.


Then another was on top teasing my sopping pussy with his dick he started grinding me and I was overcome with helplessness. I had two cocks in my mouth, one in my pussy, one in my ass and one slowly pushing between my tits. I felt like a doll and They kept referring to me as "it" or "the whore". the grogginess had worn off but I was still totally helpless. I was flipped this way and that with cocks plugging my every hole.

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Tears leaked out of my eyes and were licked off from my cheek immediately. I started to feel an orgasm build up but I didn't want to cum like this. The guys realised and pounded me harder. Drawing closer I tried to stop but was too weak and a cock pulled out just on time for me to squirt a powerful jet of pussy juice out of my abused cunt. I lay limp with exhaustion and didn't realise what they were doing as I came down from my climax.

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It was only when I was completely finished when I realised that instead of hands holding my down there were ropes and I counted at least 8 men at the foot of the bed watching me struggle. "Now I think we'll reward it for being such a good slut don't you think?" said my boyfriend. I couldn't believe it. He stuffed my panites into my mouth but I spat them out instantly.

"I think the whore prefers cock as a gag" he said smiling.


"No!" I shouted. "No?" he said, "well if you don't beg for the panties we'll have to use one of us as a gag" I stared at him silently. "Ok then" he shrugged wandering round to my head. "No!" I cried out panicking, "I'll have the panties!" "you'll have to beg for them first." he said I knew he wasn't joking.

"Please can you gag me with my panties please!

I'll do anything if you just shut me up with the panties!" He rolled them up and put them in my waiting mouth. Then he got a spare bit of rope and tied it round my mouth so I couldn't spit them out if I tried. Then he got a butt plug out of his bag and slided it gently into me. Then he attached a vibrator onto the end of the bed so the tip was resting against my clit.

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He then got nipple clamps and attach them to my erect tits. He told everyone to stand around me and cum all over my stretched out body if they wanted to. He then turned on the vibrator to high and left the room. The pleasure was unbearable and before long I orgasmed again but the vibrator didn't stop. Climax after climax I could not come down. I felt my face being covered in hot semen and yet the vibrator never stopped.

One by one they left saying that they would leave me here ready for the next person to come along. They stuck a note on the door reading "In here lays a horny slut ready for fucking" Then they all left leaving me to continue orgasming, helpless and exhausted.