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Well endowed jocks rimming in the shower
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Unknown: C'mon! Wake up Matthew! I can't lose you now! I opened my eyes and looked around, I was in Leonardo's room, suddenly everything came rushing back to me, the mission, the ambush, the transformation, and lastly the powers. Matthew: What happened? Leonardo: The vampires that were designated to pick you up found you by the river, they thought you lost too much blood, we thought there was no hope left, you just go here, I bandaged your wound just minutes ago, it looks like you're already recovering though, you have to tell me what happened Matthew, why do you have silver hair?

What happened to you out there! Matthew: Ok, Leonardo, this is what happened, I took out the original target like planned it was easy but I took a wound, I was bleeding out and something happened to me, I started to transform into something my hair changed colors, I grew wings, I was confused I staggered to the river to see if I could solve things, once I got to the river I was ambushed they were waiting for me from the start, but something happened that I think came from within me to stop them a physical force came from me and killed them, I don't know how I don't know why, but I changed.

Leonardo: I hate to say it but we need to go to my father, he'll understand what happened and explain it to us. Leonardo helped me get to the briefing room again because I was still weak.

Matthew: I guess we have to wait till he finishes briefing the next vampire. Leonardo: Like hell I'm waiting. Leonardo ripped the door off the briefing room and sat me down in a chair, he gave the other vampires that were in the room piercing stares. Leonardo: Get out now, you can finish this later. Vampire: Who gave you the right to walk in here and just give orders! Leonardo's Father: It's ok just leave we'll finish briefing later. Vampire: Whatever. The other Vampires filed out of the room.

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Leonardo: What did you do to him! Leonardo's Father: Because Leonardo, you're "boyfriend" as you call him, is truly a god, he is the evolved form of us. Leonardo: How would you know that! How could you! He was just like us before he was attacked. Leonardo's Father: Because, every vampire has the same basic blood as a normal human, except a few strands of DNA are mutated causing our supernatural, well everything, but when our doctors originally took his blood, we couldn't read it, he is the first case of this he had no immunity to the werewolves he had all the powers of a normal vampire but he had the potential to exceed the highest of heights, Leonardo, he is the ultimate weapon, he is destined to be the leading cause for the turning point for our war, our war with the other creatures will end we shall finally rise to the top, we will finally show the rest of these monsters that we the vampire are the one and true god, and finally he is a god slayer, he shall be our forefront in this war he will end it.

That is why I sent him on this mission, that is why I made it so he would get hit, I had a hunch that he would end up like this and I was right now we shall finally reign supreme!

The excuse that Leonardo's father had just given me were worthless to me, I wouldn't murder thousands of creatures just to saite his hunger for power.

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Matthew: Leonardo, let's go, we're finished here. We walked back silently to his chamber's. Matthew: Leonardo, I have to leave this place, I refuse to be used as a weapon for your father, I have to get out of here.

Leonardo: I know, but where could we go? Matthew: Only one place I know of crossed my mind but I don't know if it'll work out. Leonardo: Where were you thinking? Matthew: Wherever the werewolve's leader is we could find asylum with them. Leonardo: Matthew!


You know I can't do that, the werewolves would kill me on sight. Matthew: So what're we going to do then? Leonardo: You're going to have to without me, I'll stay here, they don't want me. Matthew: But I love you Leo!

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I can't do this without you! Leonardo: *sniff* But you have to Matthew&hellip. Matthew: Fine then…… I'll leave at midnight, but only cause you want me to. Leonardo: I'm sorry you know it has to be this way, but while we still have time let's make it unforgettable.

He wiped my tears and started to kiss me while moving towards the bed, I swiftly flipped us around and pushed him onto the bed, I laid down next to him and he started to kiss down my body, from my neck down in a line to my penis, he started to lick and suck on it, it felt so good, he stopped after a minute or so.

Leonardo: Matthew, I want you inside me. He flipped over onto his stomach and exposed his ass to me, I lined up my cock and slowly eased it in with a pop.

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Matthew: You ok? Leonardo: Yea, keep going, I want you to fill me with your cum.

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I started to go in all the way into him all the way to the hilt and then out. Leonardo: Uh, that feels so good, go faster. I sped up, then faster and faster until I was pounding into him. Matthew: Oh god Leonardo you feel so good, I'm cumming!

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Leonardo: Me too! I let loose the biggest climax I had ever had filling Leonardo to the brim with my cum. We laid down on the bed resting and waiting not wanting time to continue to the point where I had to leave.


I only had ten minutes till midnight I had to get ready to go. Matthew: Leonardo, I want you to have this, and I want you to remember me every time you use it. I handed him my sword.


Leonardo: I have something for you to, take this earring put it in now. I put in the earring like he asked me to. I was now grateful that the doctors pierced my ear while I was transforming.

Leonardo: Good now, don't take out the earring until you reach the were wolf capital it'll tell me that you're safe. We walked over to his balcony, we were both lost for words, nothing could be said that would make either of us feel better. My wings sprouted from my back I was finally getting control over them.

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I kissed Leonardo goodbye, and jumped up onto the edge, I then jumped off and into the night air.