First time school girl sexy story sex stories

First time school girl sexy story sex stories
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Hello there. My name is prajwal(changed).

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I am 20 years old. I have read a lot of incest stories on here and decided it was time I shared mine with the world. This is my first go at expressing myself through words,so let the judging be mild. Also,if you're expecting to read just hardcore erotica then you might not like it much.


Its my complete experience with my angel of a cousin.let me tell you a little about my cousin first. Her nickname is Gucci. She's the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen and she's 2 years older than me. She has the most serene face. The perfect eyes. Luscious full lips. Now let's look at her body.

She's about five feet eight inches tall. She's a bit on the slim side. But she has big round voluptuous breasts. my God, just thinking of them gets me hard. She has endless legs. And that ass. My God that ass is heavenly. That being said,let's begin. My summer vacation had just started. And I was absolutely exhausted because my puc exams had just finished. And if youre from a middle class family then it's more hectic.but they were troubled of my past. But not my only troubles.

For now I had to face the monster that was cet. My parents announced they were going out for the day. My mom said "where will you be?" I said I'd go to Guccis house and study there. She agreed and I departed with them.Gucci's house was about five minutes from mine by car.


My parents dropped me off and left. I quickly ascended the stairs and rung the doorbell. My aunt greeted me with her ever smiling face. I went in and asked her where Gucci was."she's upstairs watching some serial.go say hi." she said. To which I replied "I have to you mind if I study with her?"she said not at all.

I went up the stairs and knocked on her door. "just a minute!" came the reply. I waited for a whole minute. Then the door finally creeped open and my gorgeous cousin beamed at me and let me in." Hi!" she said and hugged me. I returned the gesture and the Wonderful smell of her shampoo filled my thoughts.

"you smell nice."was all I said. " yeah I just took a shower. I was changing when you knocked."she said That sent a line of nasty thoughts into mind and for the first time that day I looked her completely up and down.she really was gorgeous. She was wearing a white tank top and harem three fourths.I could see the outline of her panties.her round breasts stood out at full contrast against the white fabric. My little friend began to stir.

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To avoid letting her see my boner I climbed onto her bed and covered my crotch with my bag and started talking casually.we spoke about the usual pleasantaries. " I came up here to study." I told her. She flashed me a naughty smile.I took out my mammoth book and began flipping through the pages. She was picking up some clothes off the floor.I glanced a look at her and saw her cleavage.

She was bending down and I had a full view into her top.her breasts were so full. Then she moved her hands to grab another garment and her breasts followed suit.they jiggled so marvelously. The garment she had just picked up was an underwear.she caught me looking at her and I blushed and hurriedly looked away.she knew I was ogling her. Then she faced the opposite direction and was picking something else off the floor.she gave me a full view of her was so round.I wished I could grab her ass cheeks and spank her just to look at the expression on her flawless flace.

She turned back and saw me ogling her again.I was caught. " you like what you see?"she asked me with a smile. " I don't know what you're talking about.

I was thinking about this problem in my book" I said sheepishly. " don't play coi with me." she said. She climbed onto the bed and crawled towards me.that enticing smile on her face. She moved my book away and pointed to the tent in my shorts. "what about your Friend? Does he like what he sees? I think he does." she said seductively.I gulped. "take it out" she ordered. I could only obey.

She had me in a trance.

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I finally got my penis out of its hiding place. I looked at her face and saw she was looking at it hungrily. "do you masturbate to me?" she asked.

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I nodded shamefully. "then what are you waiting for? Go on. Jerk off to your cousin in front of her".

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She commanded with that enticing smile still on her face. I held my penis and started stroking it up and down.I was watching her face the whole time.she licked her lips as I pulled the foreskin down to show her my glans.

"I think you need some incentive". She said and took off her top. Her breasts jiggled into my vision.she had the most perfect round nipples that were just a shade darker than her breasts. Now she knew I wanted her. "go on. Feel them.I know you want to." I hesitantly moved my hands up and cupped her God they were so soft but they were held firmly in their perky place. She took advantage of this and wrapped her smooth fingers around the shaft of my penis.

It was the first time someone else had touched my sent shivers down my penis twitched with excitement and she started stroking my hard 5 inch shaft. I was in heaven. My mouth was open in ecstacy.she leaned forward and placed her lips on mine and ever so gently kissed me.I returned suit but I was nowhere as good as her. All the while she was stroking my my precum had formed and was running down the bottom of my shaft and wetting her hand.she kept on jerking me off.she leaned down and positioned her head in front of my penis.she locked eyes with me and pulled my foreskin back.she smiled and licked my overly sensitive glans.

My mind exploded in pleasure. Her lovely saliva was mixing with my precum. She then continued jerking me off.all the while she kept smiling.

She started rubbing my penis' head with her thumb.I knew I was gonna cum. I told her. She pulled back my foreskin again and licked my glans again.

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I moaned in ecstacy. She licked me again and again.finally I could not take it anymore. My loaded cock fired its white ammunition onto her radiant face. Streaks of sperm flew onto her face. She then opened her mouth and took the head in her mouth.I came into her mouth again. She finally let go off me and began to remove the cum off her face with her fingers and lick it by completely taking her fingers into her mouth.I groped her breasts again and she smiled and said "do you like it?

Theres more in store for you today mister." she said. I was just lying there with an expression of bliss on my face when she took hold of my penis again.I looked at her in shock not ready for what was coming.she smiled.she held my gaze again as she bent over and licked the head of my penis.slowly curling her tongue over it.

My penis was throbbing and started to harden. " there we go"she said with a satisfied smile. " what do you want to do now?"I asked hesitantly. " I dunno. What do you wanna do to me?" she said as she came up and sat on my penis. Our faced were centimeters away from one another. I reached for her breasts again and started fondling them.a look of pleasure flashed on her face.

" suck them.they want you."she said. I needed no more encouragement. She moved herself a little higher so that her lovely jugs were in front of my face. I licked her was puffy at first. But the ac made her saliva covered nipples to turn rock hard. " mmmmmm yeah baby" she moaned.

I moved my hands onto her ass and rubbed her amazing ass. I spanked her left ass cheek hard.she moaned and a flash of pain passed her face.she smiled again and we made out. I could feel my cum on her lips.she then forced her tongue into my mouth and explored my hands had moved to her pussy mound.I was rubbing her slowly and tenderly.she started grinding on me. " do you wanna eat my pussy? I know you do." she said as she hopped off of me and stripped her three fourths off and lied down only in her lacey panties.

I could see she was wet. I went to her and place a finger over her pussy. She smiled and beckoned me to continue.I slowly moved my hands up her thighs and made it to her waist and grabbed her panties. I pulled them off in one swift motion as she angled her hips upwards.the sight waiting for me was one from a painting.

Her pussy was completely shaved. It was smooth to touch.I spread her lips apart and saw her pink clit. I moved my face closer to her pussy.she was breathing hard as I was rubbing her lips with my fingers.then I smelled her vagina.I let her sex fill my senses.

Then ever so slowly I put my tongue to her was wet and soft.she moaned lightly. I locked eyes with her. She smiled again. Now I started plunging my tongue deep inside her being.she was moving her leg in pleasure and started holding my hair and pulling me closer to her pussy. I put a finger inside. It moved inside easily and she wriggled in pleasure. I took my finger out and brought it to her face. She liked the top of my finger and then took it completely in her mouth and sucked it.I wondered if I could withstand cumming if she did that to my penis.I continued licking her and she was reaching her orgasm.I finally stuck my tongue completely in and licked her innermost being.she shuddered violently as she came.

Her pussy explulged juices right onto my tongue. I then went went and lied down beside her savoring the salty taste of her sex. " stick your tongue out."she said. I did so and she reached towards me and took my tongue into her mouth!! She started sucking on my tongue. I moved my hand to her pussy again and started rubbing her.

" do you wanna fuck me?" I asked " of course I do.


"she said and got on top of me. Her dripping pussy was touching my exhausted penis. She moved her hand down and stroked me a little again.I got hard as a steel rod. She then started rubbing the head of my penis against her pussy.she then slowly and gently took me inside her.

My cock was about to explode. I just can't explain the feeling.her silken muscles moving to accomodate my penis.when the head was in she looked at me. We both seemed to stare at each other for eternity.she then leaned forward and we kissed.simultaneously she took my entire shaft inside her and I cried out in pain as my glans were exposed to her delicate insides.

She just sat on top of me.letting me feel the warmth of her ladyhood.I could tell she was enjoying herself too. After what felt like forever she started to slowly move her hips on top of me.she was fucking my cock.I was watching her as she bit her lower lip and moaned in ecstacy." do you like it? "she asked. I nodded the affirmative and she increased her tempo. She knew I wouldn't last very long and pulled penis fell back on my stomach with a splat. She then lied down.

" fuck me. "she said. I got up.I positioned my penis in front of her pussy.I slowly pushed in and watched as her pussy lips parted to make way for my cock. She moaned and said" ohhhh yeah. Do it slowly. Kiss me." I lay completely down on her and locked lips with cock had completely been engulfed by her ladyhood.I pushed deeper and felt my glans touch her womb.she moaned again.then I fucked her slowly.

Deliberately.she cried out in ecstacy.I didn't last very long though. " I'm gonna cum again."I said. " cum inside my pussy baby." she cried. I pulled back one last time and pushed in slowly. I filled her pussy completely with my penis.I pushed completely inside and let myself explode.she moaned as my seed flowed into her.

Later I pulled out and a string of cum was all that was connecting my cock to her pussy.she fingered her pussy and licked her cum smeared fingers. I laid down beside her and started feeling her breast again.

She was breathing loudly. " I hope you come over to study more often." she said. " you can bet on it." I said and kissed her nipples. We fell asleep like that. That's the end of this story. Part two is on my profile. The name is: Cousin gets high little brother high on weed.