Busty blonde tanya tate hot mom my friend

Busty blonde tanya tate hot mom my friend
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She stood in the bathroom naked looking at herself in the mirror. He had already texted her that she was to be naked and in the bathroom and she had complied with his wishes without hesitation. Her phone went off and she grabbed it immediately off the bathroom counter.

"Put in your kegel balls and your small butt plug. Await further instructions.-Master" A strong shiver ran down her spine and sent goosebumps all over her body. She went to her bedside table and retrieved the plug and the kegel set. She was able to push the kegel balls inside her pussy one at a time with relative ease. However, the anal plug needed some lube which had also been in the bedside table as well. She pressed the tip to the edge of her rosebud, took a deep breath and started to work it inside her.

When she got to the widest part she had to stand there and hold it for a while. She knew she looked like such a slut at that exact moment, completely naked, the kegel ball string sticking out of her pussy and her hand working a butt plug into her ass.

That thought sent her over the edge and she was able to insert the plug all the way. She then sat down on the couch and waited the next text. She shifted uncomfortably on the couch, feeling the plug and the kegel balls rubbing against each other through the rectovaginal wall. After a few minutes of rocking back and forth on her couch (trying with all her might to obey her Master's instructions and not touch her clit) the phone went off again. She practically jumped out of her skin with the excitement of the unknown and looked at her phone.

"You will not masturbate at all. And if you have so far, you will admit your wrong doing and you will be punished.

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I will determine if you will be punished or not and how, so you better be completely forth coming with how slutty you have been since this started today.

You will put on your coat and only your tallest heels, you know how sexy I find your legs in tall shoes. No other clothes will be needed tonight--but you can bring pajamas and clothes for tomorrow if you wish. You will drive to my place with only the coat on, the balls in place and the plug inside you.


While driving you will open your coat and let your tits hang out while you drive--every five minutes you are to open your coat and leave it open for one full minute. I have installed a live camera in your car so I will know if you do or or not. When you arrive, you will see a matt on the floor next to the door.

This is where you will kneel for me after taking off your coat and you will await further instructions. You will keep your eyes cast down. I will see you when you get here my beautiful slut, do not disappoint me." It was winter, just below freezing-- around 30 degrees. His place was only about a 20 minute drive from her apartment.

She put on her coat and heels and headed down the stairs quickly. She shivered at how cold her legs were but she knew it was only temporary as she could turn on the heater in the car. Since the drive was 20 minutes she knew that meant she would have to have her coat off her shoulders and her tits out while she drove down the highway for a divided total of four minutes during the trip. She got into the car and started driving--thankfully it was dark; this would surely minimize how many people would get an eyeful of her breasts.

At the first four minute mark she slid the coat open and slid it off her shoulders and started the timer on her phone. She glimpsed at herself in the rear view mirror and noticed she was blushing deeply.

She also looked around the car and wondered where the camera was and hoped that her Master knew she was exposed and how good it felt to be vulnerable. Her phone went off but she waited until the minute was over to look at the phone.

She slid the coat back up her shoulders and checked her phone. "Your such a good whore driving with your tits out for me. When you arrive before you knock on the door, I expect your coat to be opened fully. I will not let you in until I can see both your tits and pussy in my peephole.-Master".

She was very scared of someone seeing her fully naked and calling the police but she knew she would do anything to please him. After exposing her tits to the world and the secret camera, she finally arrived at his place. She turned off the car and got out, being sure to make sure she was covered and that both of her toys were still firmly in place. She walked up to the door and stood there for a moment. She looked around to make sure that no one was around--but she had to wait for the couple she saw walking their dog for the evening.

As soon as they were out of eyeshot, she opened her coat, knocked loudly and stepped back--2 big steps. She wanted to make sure that the most minimal amount of time was spent outside being this vulnerable. What felt like an eternity passed before she finally heard the lock turning on the door.

She immediately closed her coat and got closer to the door. He opened the door and she couldn't see him so she had to assume that he was standing behind the door.

She saw the matt next to the door and immediately took off her coat and dropped to her knees. She kept her eyes down as he had instructed her earlier--she was shaking with anticipation. She heard his feet pad in his shoes into the kitchen after he closed the door. She heard him fiddling with different dishes and things from inside the refrigerator.

She had an idea where he was going with this and hoped she was right. After a few minutes he said "Crawl to me my gorgeous slut, keep your eyes down". She shifted her weight from her kneeling position and crawled into the kitchen. He had a few things ready for her in the kitchen.

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She saw the lipstick on the counter, also the small bowl of cereal, her collar, the larger butt plug, nipple clamps and a bowl of water. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw all of these things. She loved when he humiliated her so much. He set the bowl of water down and cereal down on the floor.

She waited patiently for his words to tell her that she could eat. He had made her not eat lunch or dinner and she was starving. "Eat my pet, I know your hungry." She immediately went to the bowl with the cereal and began to eat from the bowl. She knew better than to try and use her hands for anything. She was on all fours and had her head down lower than her ass to be able to eat the food.

As she at the cereal he started on prepping her. He wrote several things on her ass with the lip stick, then he slowly changed out her butt plug to the larger one. She winced and squirmed as he changed it out but he didn't cause her any pain.

Then he attached her collar. It had a tag on it which read 'Master's Personal Property'. She loved belonging to him so much. Once she was done with the cereal she started on her water. She also knew better than to leave any food that her master left for her. He didn't take kindly to her leaving any morsel of food or drink he left for her. Once she was done with her water, he put about 1/2 cup of wine into her bowl, which she also drank up quickly and greedily.

"Sit up my slut, I want to write more things on your and complete your outfit." She sat up on her knees and faced him, careful not to make any eye contact with him. She could see the lipstick writing on her tits as well this time. The red writing read--Masters Sluts Worthless Tits---good for fucking and torturing only. She blushed at this and then watched him to attach the clamps to her nipples.

She wondered what he had written on her back and ass, but knew she would find out soon enough. He stood back and looked at her. He loved seeing her all trussed up for him. He knew how much she loved to be used, degraded and humiliated like this and it gave him great pleasure to use her and see her in this way.

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He walked towards her small kneeling frame and said "Look at me you worthless whore." She did immediately, her eyes locking on his. "You know this is why you were created? For me to use you like this, for me to fill up all your holes and use your body like a toy?" He asked her demandingly.

"Yes of course master, I belong to you." She said quickly. He smiled a sly smile, then kissed her lips lightly. "I love you my slut--now open your mouth, I have a few presents for you." She opened her mouth wide at an instant. He backed up from her face slightly and she heard him creating some saliva in his mouth.

She knelt there patiently waiting his gift. He spit into her mouth, both of them watching it slowly drip from his mouth and into hers. She kept her mouth open and waited to be told to swallow.

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Finally he told her to. She did eagerly and opened her mouth again to receive any more presents into her mouth he may have for her. While she knelt there, he got the lipstick again and wrote more degrading, humiliating words on her cheeks and forehead. Then he slowly pulled out his cock. Her eyes lit up when she saw his gorgeous cock come out.

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She kept her mouth open and stuck out her tongue in fierce anticipation. He chuckled slightly and waved his cock in front of her mouth. She tried to lean forward and take him into mouth, but he told her firmly "NO".

She whimpered slightly in frustration but kept her tongue and mouth just away from his cock.

This was when she heard him creating more saliva and he slowly leaned over her face and spit directly onto her forehead and both cheeks.

Her pussy juiced so hard when he did that.


He had now spit on her 4 times. Once in her mouth, once on her forehead and on both cheeks. He then took his cock and used it to rub his spit all over her face, smearing the red lipstick and her own make up all over her pretty, little face. He especially focused on rubbing his cock into her eyes. He knew how much she loved that. "Kneel back onto your heels," he instructed her. She knelt back, then he placed his balls directly on her mouth and nose. She looked up at him, licking and sucking on his balls, loving more than anything when he rubbed his cock and balls ALL OVER her face.

He then took her head in his hands and began her throat training. Her throat training was always the same. How it started always varied, but when he took her head in his hands, she knew that her throat training for the evening was beginning.

She would sit on her knees and look up at him. He would wet his cock with her mouth and then slowly work his cock into her throat. One of the rules of throat training was eye contact. He could only know how far he was pushing her if he could see her eyes.

She had been known in the past to push her self past the point of being comfortable and he didn't want that. Today, he took her head in his hands and slowly started using her mouth only. Once her mouth was used to his cock, he slowly started taking more and more of her throat. The first couple minutes were always good, when he was in her mouth only.

Even the first few minutes of him taking her throat were good. He had been trying to get her to learn how to deep throat. He knew this was definitely a skill that could be learned but takes a lot of patience and training on both parties. After about 10 minutes of her sucking his cock in her mouth, he slowly started to test the boundaries of her throat.

He would make her go all the way down, then praise her saying things like good slut, good girl, this is what your mouth and throat are made for, your throat is made for my cock or anything like that. When she would start to gag he would say things like not yet, or push her a little bit farther and then let her up for air. This would go on for as long as he deemed necessary. He loved feeling the back of her throat on the head of his cock, as the head of his cock was EXTREMELY sensitive.

He would also tell her "Do not take my cock out of your mouth for any reason--if you do I will have to punish you." He would push her down while she fought her gag reflex to stay down on his beautiful cock. While she was down on his cock and it was in her throat sometimes he would also remind her to stay down and it seemed to help her gag reflex and ability to stay down on his cock. He wanted to be able to fuck her throat fully and shoot a load directly down her throat and into her belly.

Right now he knew she couldn't do that, but she would take his load in her mouth.

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He was able to fuck a combination of her mouth and throat and shoot his load into her mouth. "Show me my cum in your mouth and hold it until I tell you to swallow, my whore." He said to her after cumming in her mouth.

She opened her mouth and while making eye contact, showed him his cum in her mouth. He dipped his cock back into her mouth and took a little out and wiped it all over her face.

He smiled a warm smile then said "Swallow. Do you like being completely full in all of your holes?" "Yes master, I do, I love when you fill me up, it makes me feel useful." "Good he replied, because this is how you should be at least once a day. You are my property and I will fill you up as I see fit. Now, lets go shower."