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I love eating pussy and dick
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Dragon Slave Chronicles: The Discovery Part 4 By Francis Drake If you like this tale by Francis Drake please go to www.nomadauthors.com and check out his other books, particularly She Shouldn't, But She Will. Chapter 14: Continued from Part 3 "The training of the slave girl starts with the trainer making the slave totally dependent by limiting her movements but otherwise treating her very well.

The slave's arms are tied to her side and she is blindfolded. The trainer feeds, bathes, and takes care of her in every way until she cannot function without the trainer.

The slave spends most of her time alone during this part of the training, which can last several weeks. The slave is not given any clothes as long as she is blindfolded. "When the blindfold is removed the slave is given a very sheer dress, and the bonds holding her arms at her side are placed over the dress. Her arms are eventually given more and more freedom as she willingly performs tasks that please her trainer.

She gets affectionate hugs and spends more time with the trainer if she pleases the trainer. The slave is petted when she is in the trainer's company but remains bound. "If the slave does not please her trainer, she spends more time alone without the benefit of petting and affection. This process continues until the time when the trainer can tell the slave to do anything, even submit to torture and she surrenders without hesitation.

"The final test is when the trainer can give control of the slave to another master or mistress and the slave accepts commands as she does from her trainer." *** Alberta stopped the recorder. "You can see the difference between what Elizabeth and I were doing for our husbands and what we would expect from a maiden trained as a sex slave." "Yes, I can." "I am telling you this in relation to the villagers sacrificing a maiden to the dragon and the wizard bringing her back to the dungeon." "Yes." "And you remember that Elizabeth and I had seen the burned spot and post in the green between the village and the cave?" "Yes, because when you described it to me I wondered where the point was leading." "Well, this may clear it up for you." She turned on the recorder.

*** After Elizabeth and I had gotten the dungeon in shape, we planned a dinner to show it to our husbands. We ate, and Elizabeth and I cleaned up the kitchen while Allen and Edward went into the den to discuss a new project they were working on together. Elizabeth and I took in the coffee and deftly (we thought) changed the subject. Elizabeth sat on Edward's lap and kissed him deeply.

He was surprised, but wrapped his arms around her and took her tongue then gave back as good as he got. I slipped behind Allen and nestled his head between my breasts while I reached over his shoulders and massaged his nipples.

He pulled my head down to meet his and drank deeply. By the time Elizabeth and I broke the kisses, our husbands definitely had their minds on something other than a new building. "Sorry, guys, but I'm afraid this isn't the prelude to an orgy.

Although…" I glanced at Elizabeth and smiled. "No, file that thought away for another time." Allen chuckled and reached for my breasts. "Down, boy," I said as I playfully slapped Allen's hands away, "But we do have a surprise for you. Let's go downstairs for a few minutes." Edward, whose hand was tucked between Elizabeth's thighs just moaned, "Damn!" "Come on, Edward! This is something you will find very interesting, Big Guy. And I do mean big," she said as she rubbed his erection. She giggled as he reached for her again.

"Come on! You won't be sorry." She reluctantly climbed off of his lap. I took Allen's hand to lead him to the basement. The looks on their faces as I opened the secret door was priceless, but the other wonders--the cells, the torture chamber, and especially the time room and their short observation of the village--completely amazed them.

They were shocked that we could--that we would--keep all of this a secret for so long. The toys in the torture chamber made Edward's eyes light up, and I could see that he and Elizabeth would be planning for the next time they house-sat. We went back up to the den and had our coffee. After hours of telling the men all that we had found and learned, Elizabeth and Edward left to go home. I was certain that Elizabeth would have a happily busy night ahead of her.

Allen was particularly fascinated by the time room and the village. After Elizabeth and Edward left, we went back down to watch the villagers. When we got to the observation post and lifted our binoculars, we could not believe our eyes. The ceremony that the wizard had described was in progress. There was a maiden tied to a stake and people were dancing and chanting. Allen whispered, "Do you want to stay and see what happens?" "Yes, but what are they doing?

The dragon and the wizard have been gone for who knows how long, so who will remove her from the rock after they tie her to it?" "I don't know. I hope we are alone down here." Allen went back to the passageway and listened carefully.

"I don't hear anyone else." "We haven't seen any signs of other people down here." "I guess the only thing we can do is wait and see, but we had better be quiet and alert." We stood there watching the ceremony for several hours. As it got dark, a large fire was built near the maiden, and the dancing and chanting continued. A long pole with a small hook on the end was brought out of the village. Two men held the maiden's arms while a third untied her from the stake.

To Allen and me it looked like her hands were still tied behind her. She put up little resistance but she was sobbing quietly as the two men holding her brought her to the opening of the cave. The third man brought the pole and the torches, which he gave to the others.

When they got near the cave the hook on the pole was attached to the rope binding her hands, and the girl was pushed ahead of the men into the cave with the pole.

Since the torches were behind her, she stumbled in the dark as she was pushed along. Allen and I quietly slipped down the stairs far enough to see them pass. We neither saw nor heard anyone else in the cave. We also saw no indication that the men were going to tie her to a rock, as the sacrifice had been described in the wizard's book. Shortly after the group passed, we heard a long fading scream. We grabbed each other, knowing what had just happened.

The men did not notice us as they ran past us carrying the pole and their torches. The villagers cheered as the men ran out of the cave.

Allen and I hurried back through the time door, and closed it. When we got into the anteroom of the dungeon I looked at Allen in disbelief. Allen said, "What in the world did we just see?

I don't believe it." "Do you think when the wizard quit taking the maidens the people of the village started sacrificing them this way?" "That's as good a guess as any." We left the dungeon, closing the hidden door. We went to bed and cuddled in each other's arms, but after what we had just seen neither of us could sleep. Allen asked me, "Should we try to save the maiden next time and bring her back here like the wizard did? We could scare the men off and make it sound like something got her anyway.

Then we could bring her through the door and nobody on the other side would be looking for her." "But what could we do with her? Not only would nobody there be looking for her, nobody here would ever understand where she came from." "What did the wizard do with the maidens?" "Believe it or not, I think he turned them into sex slaves, but those were very different times. I do think we should try to save the girl, but maybe we should think it through a little more.

I haven't found any indication of what the wizard did after he brought girls back. I mean, did he just 'collect' girls? Did he have a business? I just don't know. Our intentions are good but we need a plan." "I agree." He hesitated before adding, "Having a sex slave to play with around the house might be a good idea, though." I could hear the smile in his voice.

I playfully slapped his arm. "Stop that! I don't think I want you training or playing with sex slaves!" "No worry about that, my love. Having you as a sex slave though, is a different story." "I prefer sex goddess, if you please." Allen laughed his agreement and held me close as we finally drifted off to sleep. The next morning at breakfast Allen asked, "Why don't you show me more about the things in the torture chamber? We really didn't see how things work last night." "Okay, that sounds like a good idea.

Shouldn't we get dressed first?" We were wearing robes over our nightclothes. "No, it might be more convenient not to be." That sounded intriguing. After breakfast we went through the antechamber to the torture chamber. I opened the door and then followed Allen through.

He looked around and said, "You and Elizabeth have done a good job of getting the devices back into working order." "Thank you. We did our best, but some are not really working yet." "Which ones?" Allen was suddenly all architect, all engineer, and all little boy, looking for something to tinker with.

"The rack is missing a piece and we could not figure out what that one over there was." I pointed to a drum with a board attached to the back of it, leaning against a wall. "Everything else works?" He actually sounded a little sorry. "Yes." I hesitated and glanced at Allen out of the corner of my eye.

He was staring intently at me, with a serious expression. I knew I had changed since we moved into the house but it still sounded like someone else talking when I said, "Would you like to try some of them on me?" As soon as the words were out of my mouth I could feel my knees getting weak and the bottom fall out of my stomach.

Obviously, based on Allen's expression, I had forgotten that he too had changed since we'd lived in the house. At least he no longer looked crestfallen that there wasn't anything left to tinker with. He took my hand and led me to the wheel.

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The device looked like a wagon wheel, with supports for a body instead of spokes. The wheel could be turned to position a person right side up or upside down, or stopped at any point in the circle. I watched Allen put two pegs in the wheel near the floor. Knowing how a maiden would have been attached to the wheel and thinking that my robe would be an obstruction, I removed it and hung it on one of the big iron hooks on the wall.

This left my legs exposed under my short nightgown. Allen helped me stand on the pegs he had just affixed to the wheel, and supported me as he pulled a strap tight around my waist.

Each leg and arm was held in place by three straps. By the time Allen finished, my legs were spread wide and my arms made a wide V at my sides.

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Lastly, he positioned and pulled tight the strap around my forehead. I tried to move but could only do so slightly. Suddenly, I felt the pegs being pulled out from under my feet and all of my weight shifting to the straps. Allen asked me, "Aren't you over dressed?" "That depends on what you are planning." "It seems like a shame to waste a moment like this." "There are more devices for me to show you." "There will be plenty of time for them later." "All I am wearing is this old night gown and you will have to release me if I am going to take it off." "Oh, I don't think that will be necessary." Allen grabbed my nightgown at the neckline and gave it a quick rip.

I felt the silky material pull out from under the strap around my waist and the cool air of the room where the gown had protected me. My first reaction was to try to cover myself with my hands, but the bonds held them firmly in place. The cool air sent a shiver through me. I looked into Allen's dark eyes and I started to get excited, not knowing where fate would take me.

All I knew was that there was nothing stopping Allen from making his fantasies come true. Allen turned the wheel until I was upside down. He felt between my legs to see if I was wet, and I was. Allen said, "We may have to use a dildo at times like this, but for now I will just have to use my fingers." He stroked my inner thighs, working down to my warm hole, rubbing and playing until I was moaning, but he didn't let me come.

Allen adjusted my head until it was turned sideways and my mouth was on level with his pelvis. He pulled his penis out of his shorts and stuck it in my open mouth. I could not move my head so I just sucked and licked while he pumped. He exploded in my mouth, commanding me to swallow and lick him clean, before righting me and kissing me for several minutes.

It was exciting for me to be kissed deeply while being bound, and I think it was for Allen too. Allen put the pegs back in the wheel to support my feet and helped me off. He led me to the stocks.

He opened them and then looked at me saying, "If you want release." I took a deep breath and bowed over the leather covered wall, surrendering to Allen's will.

He locked my neck and wrists in place, then tied my ankles to the rings in the floor. My breasts were hanging free and I could feel the cool air on my inner thighs. I trembled with expectation knowing my entire body was completely at Allen's mercy. "Raise your head." I did. He put the strap around my forehead and buckled it, leaving my mouth very accessible. He held up his penis saying, "You will have to make this hard if you want relief." I opened my mouth and he thrust into me while I licked and sucked.

Soon his rod was very stiff and he headed for my love hole. I was expecting to feel his member entering me, but instead I felt a hard sting on my inner thighs and butt. Allen was paddling me! The noise as the paddle struck my thighs and butt served as the immediate prelude to the sting. I cried out, but that only seemed to encourage him.

After several minutes Allen put two fingers between the lips of my hole. "You're so wet. I love it when you are ready for me." He wasted no time in pushing himself far, deep inside me.

I screamed as the craving between my legs was satisfied and I heard him grunt as he filled me full of his milky essence. When our breathing returned to normal I thought I would be released. "Wait there, I will be right back." Where did he think I could go? He left the chamber, but soon came back. "I want you excited for the next toy." I felt his hands working their way up my thighs and around my love hole. In and out, around and around.

It was not long before I could not stay still and was moaning and writhing to the motion of his hands. Before I knew it, Allen had me released and was leading me to the rocking horse. I stood beside him, squirming, watching him put lubricant on the dildo. Allen tested the horse by rocking it, and watching the dildo rise and lower in the seat. It was all I could do to stand there and wait. I straddled the horse and positioned my craving body over the tip of the dildo.

Looking Allen in the eyes, I suddenly dropped, impaling myself and feeling the shaft deep in my belly. It filled me well, and each little movement of the horse brought a corresponding movement in the love toy. Allen said, "I think we can make this more fun." By then, I could barely see or understand what he was saying. I surrendered my craving body as he took a piece of rope and tied it to my left ankle, around my waist and to my right ankle.

This held my feet off the platform and left all of my weight on the saddle. He tied my hands to the back of the saddle, leaving me helpless and pushing my breasts forward.

Allen got in front of the horse and rocked it. I felt the dildo moving in and out, and my body building to a crescendo. Allen regulated the rocking in such a way that every time I almost got to orgasm I would not quite make it. He seemed to enjoy watching my nipples stand erect, my body change color to a light blush, and the expressions on my face as I neared release. Finally, I was begging for relief. Allen rubbed my breasts, and pinched my nipples as he increased the speed of the rocking.

My moans turned to screams as my bound body exploded in orgasm. I wilted and Allen untied me and helped me off the horse. Allen supported my weakened body as we made our way to our bedroom where we collapsed on the bed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

When we later discussed that first experience in the torture chamber, we decided two things. First, 'torture' chamber was a misnomer based on how we had used the room. Second, this is where the wizard's sex slaves had been trained. *** Chapter 15: Alberta stopped and said, "The next major event came several weeks after that first session in the dungeon. Allen and I were relaxing in the den when I brought to his attention something that had come in the mail.

However, this is a good place to stop for lunch. I'll see you in the dining room." As usual, Michael found Megan in the library. She was curled up at one end of the sofa, reading. The tape recorder and his notebook were on the library table. She looked up from her book and smiled a welcome, then went back to reading.

Michael settled in beside her. She had a shawl over her shoulders and an afghan over the rest of her. He smiled and asked, "Are you cold?" She read for another second or two and then said, "Not under this afghan." She looked at him shyly, cleared her throat and looked away. "Can I join you under there?" "Sure. If you behave!" So, he thought, not too shy to let me get near her.

She shifted and leaned against him, spreading the afghan over his legs. He assumed being covered by the afghan was a reaction to her new outfit and how uncovered she felt in it. No matter, he thought, she will get used to it.

Michael smiled as she started to read out loud from one of the Arabian Nights books. He got lost in the warmth of her body and the sexy nature of the story, but after a few minutes he forced himself to interrupt and say that they should go in to lunch. Before she could move, he put his arms around her and stole a quick kiss. "Megan, I could stay like this all day. Revise that. Let's stay here all day." "Well, I might like that too, but I'm hungry." She pulled the afghan off and stood up.

She looked down at Michael and said, "I see you were enjoying my reading." "Yes, I'm sure it was the reading," he said, rather facetiously. She laughed and said, "You're the one who picked out the clothes." She started toward the dining room saying, "Come on!

We don't want to be late." As they entered the dining room Alberta greeted the two of them with smiles. At one point during lunch, watching Michael watch Megan, Alberta said, "Michael you are lucky this is not a glass topped table." Both Megan and Michael turned a bright red. He changed the subject by telling Alberta what his editor had said the previous night. "He is hoping to have the interview as the main feature in the Style section next Sunday.

That means he has to have something in hand by a week from Saturday morning. Can we do that?" "Not a problem. Although it's obvious that we can't submit what we have actually been talking about, you will have something to give your editor by next Friday night that will indeed be an exclusive interview with Alberta Baker, complete with a few select photos of me and the house.

Henry has been gathering information since you've been here. I think your editor will be quite pleased with 'your' work." "Well, certainly submitting someone else's work as my own is not something I would do under normal circumstances, but I know that I am not really here for an interview.

I'm not quite sure what I am here for, however." Michael glanced at Alberta. "I think that will work out fine." "Megan, have you listened to all of the tapes?" "Yes. At least the segments that Michael selected for me, and I have read all of the notes to this point.

I have to say, Alberta, you have led a remarkable life. Your stories amaze me, fascinate me, even scare me a little, but they make me want to know more about your life here.

I already feel such a part of things." "Do you have any questions?" "Where do I start?" she laughed. "The time room sounds unbelievable. I hope eventually that I will be able to see it and find out more about the maidens. I think the village must be interesting but the maidens are of the foremost importance.

The house itself has held my interest all along." Megan looked at her plate and then said, a little shyly, "Ever since I arrived I have felt changes taking place in my personality. I am more aware of my desires and my own sensuality.

Is this supposed to be happening?" "It does happen that way for the right people. It might surprise you, but it does not surprise me. Just let things happen. If you get frightened or have questions as you are here, that's what Henry, Amethyst and I are here for.

And do feel free to join us for our interviews from now on." Michael was a little confused over Alberta's statement that the house affects the 'right' people. Megan however, looked calm, not confused. What was this all about?

Lunch was soon over and Alberta and Michael were on their way to the great room. They settled in and Alberta continued. *** Thinking that the next step would take me beyond the point of no return, I looked at Allen for a few seconds, took a deep breath for courage, and said, "I had to go and see Mr.

Parker the other day. Nothing serious, just a bad cold. While I was there he showed me his scrapbook and gave me this." I handed Allen the brochure for an island resort I had gotten out of the book. The old brochure indicated that the resort was for people of a certain 'discriminating' nature who enjoyed sex and other physical pursuits.

He looked at it, then at me, saying, "It sounds intriguing, but this pamphlet is very old." "Yes, I thought the same thing, but something told me to call. To my surprise, the resort answered. I told them that we like to play in a dungeon. They took some information, but would not give me any details over the phone. This came today." I handed him an envelope. "Would you like to open it?" "No, you can sit here on my lap and open it. Then we'll look it over together." I settled myself on Allen's lap with an uneasy excitement, and he put an arm around my waist.

"Okay, but if I see something that scares me too bad I might not want to go." "I wouldn't have it any other way." He planted a kiss on the tip of my nose. I opened the envelope, pulling out several sheets of paper and a new brochure, which I flipped through. As we were looking at the pictures, Allen asked me, "What would we do if we went there?" "I guess anything you want." "Anything I want? I'm beginning to like the idea of a trip more and more." I looked at him, lowered my eyes and with some trepidation said, "It says here that finding the power in submission is one of the purposes of the resort.

It would provide some guidance on how to train the maidens we rescue, and also in how to use some of the devices we have found." I took a deep breath before conceding, "You would have control of me from the time we checked in until we checked out." Just thinking about being the center of his attention and having him play with my body was getting me very excited. It wasn't helping that Allen had his arm around my waist and was stroking my thigh. I turned the pamphlet to the front cover to read it in more detail.

The picture on the front was of a large, white clapboard structure with small palm-thatched cottages around it. It could have been any island resort. When we opened the brochure, there was a picture of a couple checking in.

The man was wearing a polo shirt and slacks and the lady was wearing a summer dress. However, she also had wrist and ankle cuffs and a collar. A maiden was serving them drinks from a tray in a provocative manner. "That is an interesting way to serve drinks. And that woman with the cuffs looks like she's ready to play." "Is that how you would like me to dress when we get there?

A summer ensemble complete with cuffs and collar?" "I might want you to skip the ensemble part." He gave me that lazy smile of his. The one that usually meant trouble for me. "It sounds like you have made up your mind that you want to go." "Let's see more before I give you a definite answer." "Okay.

It might be interesting to see what people thought if we had the waitresses serve champagne like that at one of our parties." He pointed to the picture where the maiden was serving drinks.

I giggled. One side of the tray was attached to the maiden's waist, and chains from her leather collar held up the other side. Her wrists and elbows were bound tightly behind her, making her leather bustier push her breasts out. Her full dark hair, held off of her face with hairpins, was braided with a leather strap to one side of her head and fell down her back, just touching the top of the shortest leather skirt I had ever seen. Her stockings led down tall, shapely legs to stiletto heels.

I felt that all too familiar sinking feeling as I realized that Allen's dark side was coming out. I handed Allen the brochure and snuggled up to him to take comfort in his warm embrace, purring, "It would be fun, but some people would be very shocked." "I think so too," he said in a husky voice, "But with the right people at the party I'll bet I would get a contract or two." Allen turned the page, displaying a picture of the cottage interiors. They looked a lot like little dungeons with several torture devices in them.

None were as complete as the dungeon under the house, but there would be plenty to keep Allen busy. I said, "It would not take you long to drive me out of my mind at that place." Allen chuckled and responded, "And vice versa. And we're only on the second page." We slowly browsed through the rest of the brochure and toward the end I said, "When I called for information, they told me that a group had just canceled and there would be some availability in two weeks.

Otherwise we will have to wait for several months. I asked them to hold a cottage for us pending our review of the brochure. What do you say?" Allen rubbed my arm and kissed me deeply.

He was definitely aroused already and I adjusted my weight on his lap. "I think I can clear my calendar.

And I'm sure Elizabeth and Edward will take care of the house." We both chuckled at that. I looked up at Allen for a minute realizing that what I was about to say would commit me to a week of his total control. Softly, and half stuttering, I said, "I want to go as long as you are the only man who does anything to me. I trust being in your control." He kissed me hard. "You bet I'm the only man. What about another woman?" "Oh! I have not considered that.

Can I think about it?" "Of course. Any other limitations?" "No." Allen held me tight and asked, "Are you sure?" I went to the phone and dialed the number of the resort. After I hung up, I looked at Allen and said, "We are in cabin 24." "How long will we be there?" "One week. We should get another packet in the mail early next week explaining more about the resort and the events that week.

There is a carnival style event going on then like they have in New Orleans at Mardi Gras, but the man just said it was more fun." "Oh! That sounds interesting." "I don't know about you, but all of this talk is making me hungry." I looked at Allen and smiled. He smiled back and unzipped his pants.


I fell to my knees and took him in my mouth, licking and sucking until he had fed me all he had. "I want dessert." Allen grinned at me. We went into the kitchen and he said, "Edward told me about a dessert that he likes. Do we have any jelly?" He opened the refrigerator door and rummaged around.

"Ah! This will do very nicely." He turned to me with a small bowl of pudding. "Take off your clothes, Alberta, and get on the table." I giggled, took off my clothes, and climbed up on the table. Allen plopped a spoonful of chocolate pudding on my stomach. It was very cold. He spread it out slightly with the back of the spoon. Then he positioned his hands on each side of me, leaned over and slowly licked it off. Two smaller plops landed on each of my breasts. He spread them out over the nipples.

I glanced down. The cold made my nipples stand erect, and there they were. Dark red mountains topping the dark brown of the earth-pudding, edged by the stark white snow of my skin. Allen was staring at my breasts as if he couldn't take his eyes off of them. Then he very slowly leaned down to me. He licked at the edges of the pudding, slowly circling closer and closer to the core. When he found the nipple, he circled it with his tongue then drew it into his mouth and sucked it hard, scraping it with his teeth.

He gave the same treatment on the other breast. I couldn't breathe and I could barely lie still. My hands held his head captive against me and I craved his body to fill me. He took a deep, ragged breath before he dropped another spoonful of pudding on the inside of my right thigh. He smoothed it up and onto my slit. He ran his tongue up my thigh, cleaning as he went. Then he licked all around my slit. Long, slow licks that went from my butt hole to the beginning of my dark bush.

I was moaning and writhing in a wonderful agony. "Allen, come inside me. Fill me with your shaft and screw me until I can't think. Allen, please!" But he ignored me. Over and over his tongue laved my private parts, until finally he thrust his tongue as deep as it would go and drank the juices that were flowing freely.

He found my pleasure nub and took it into his mouth, sucking on it and rolling his tongue around it. I was screaming for him to take me, and finally he stood up, unbuckled his pants and released the object of my desire.


He pulled me to the edge of the table. He put his arms under my knees and leaned forward to support himself on the table. He didn't wait a moment longer; I felt the first hard thrust and I came immediately, calling his name and turning my head from side to side as I fell over the abyss.

He held still for a few seconds, feeling the strong muscle contractions flexing over his rod. Then he thrust again, and again, hard and fast. My orgasm was still going on (or maybe it was a second?) when I felt him go rigid and I knew he was releasing his wonderful juices into me.


We stayed that way for several minutes, letting our breathing return to normal. Allen looked down at me, rosy from our lovemaking, with little traces of chocolate pudding here and there.

He smiled at me and leaned over to kiss me deeply. I could taste myself on him, and a little of the chocolate. Then I felt him slip out of the warmth of my love hole.

He let my legs down gently, walked around the table and pulled my head toward him. I took him into my mouth, and licked and cleaned him totally. He zipped his pants, went to the sink to wet a towel and came over to clean any pudding residue off of me. In those moments, I just lay there enjoying every second, having forgotten what fate I had prepared for myself.

I trusted Allen completely. When Allen helped me up, he held me close. At the same moment we both said, "I'm going to have to thank Edward!" Chapter 16: Two weeks later, we were being greeted by a person from the resort at the island's airport.

He was dressed in a chauffeur's cap, with a short-sleeved white shirt and black shorts. He picked up our bags and loaded them on the bus, where other guests already occupied some of the seats.

There were several couples and two groups of three. One of the groups of three was composed of two men and a woman, all about the same age. They simply looked like three friends vacationing together. The other threesome had gotten on the bus just ahead of us. It was a man and woman about 45 years old and a girl who appeared to be in her late teens or early twenties. The girl had waist length blond hair, fair skin, and blue eyes.

She was wearing a cloak with a high collar, and no place for her arms. The cloak was almost to her ankles and had buttons from her neck to the hem. She was sitting quietly next to the lady. It took about twenty minutes to get to the resort. Most of the people on the bus were talking quietly, but my mind was racing as to why the girl in the cloak was dressed that way.

I pictured her in several states of undress and in several different slave outfits, before my mind came back to where we were going and what might lie ahead of me. "I am nervous," I whispered in Allen's ear. Allen kissed me and said, "I'm a little anxious too, not knowing what this place is like." However, as he looked around, he appeared more interested than apprehensive.

I held tightly to Allen's arm as we bumped along through the narrow streets the rest of the way to the resort. When we arrived, everybody got off the bus and a porter met each party. The luggage was taken off the bus and put on carts. Our porter was explaining something to us when I noticed that the couple with the cloaked girl was waiting for something instead of moving inside. The lady was unbuttoning the girl's cloak, and I watched, thinking I might see what the girl was wearing.

As the lady removed the cloak, I was startled to see that the girl was naked except for a collar and wrist cuffs. About that time, a large pet carrier was placed on one of the carts. I was stunned to see the girl happily get into the carrier, and the woman lock the wire door. As the porter led Allen and me into the main building, I watched the girl get carried off with the rest of the luggage.

Going through the door to the main building, my mind switched from the slave girl in the animal carrier to finding out if serving girls like the one in the brochure would meet us. My curiosity was soon satisfied. Two girls dressed as they had been shown on the front of the brochure, except without the bustier, met the group with glasses of champagne on their trays.

I could but wonder what state Allen was in. I thought for sure that there had to be a bulge in his pants. The way I was feeling I wished I could kneel down and take care of it right then and there. My sense of trepidation kept building as I realized that Allen's level of excitement would increase until we were alone in the cottage with all of its toys. A shiver went through my body as feelings of uncertainty and apprehension warred with excitement.

The next thing I knew, we had registered and were leaving the main building with the porter. We got into a golf cart and left for cabin 24. I did not say a word on the way to the cottage. Most of the people I saw on the grounds looked quite normal.

Couples and individuals walked along as though they were at any other resort. There was the occasional slave being led on a leash, but for the most part it looked rather conventional. I was relaxing a little, but I still felt safer holding on to Allen's arm. After being in the dungeon with Allen I knew he enjoyed taking us both to levels of ecstasy using pain as well as softness, but the thought of his love gave me a warm, safe feeling. Allen took a firm grip on my hand as we arrived at the cottage and he helped me out of the cart.

We went from room to room with the porter pointing out some of the devices available to us. He added that if we needed other devices, or more information we could contact the front desk.

He addressed all of his comments to Allen, ignoring the fact that I was even there. Still holding tight to his hand, I followed Allen, who exuded confidence and addressed the porter as though he rightfully was the master and I the slave.

The empty feeling in me built as I realized that I would be the subject for these devices if Allen decided to use them. And there was no question but that Allen would decide to use them.

When we got to the kitchen the porter did not explain very much. He just walked us through and asked, "You requested a female submissive for a maid, correct?" Allen looked at me and I nodded. The porter walked to a door off the kitchen, saying, "This is the maid's room. She is here to do whatever pleases you.

The resort's only request is that, like the rest of the items in the cottage, at the end of your stay she can be made ready for the next guest." Allen and I had not considered a live-in maid, so this caught us off guard. The porter opened the door to the maid's room.

As the three of us went in, the porter said, "This is Betty, but she will also answer to 'Slave.' She will serve you while you are here." Betty was about 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighed about 115 pounds, with shoulder length dark hair. She was wearing what passed for a maid's uniform that left little to the imagination: silk-lined ankle and wrist cuffs, and a collar, all trimmed in crisp lace. Allen and I were surprised not only because we did not expect a live in maid, but also by her being tied to the bedpost, gagged and blindfolded.

The porter said offhandedly, "You can release her when you need her to unpack your cases or do whatever else you need. "She is dressed in a maid's uniform for presentation. However, you may have her dress any way you like. That is, if you want her to wear anything. She is well trained in the usage of the cottage's toys and will do anything you want of her. She is for your exclusive use while you are our guest." As Allen and I followed the porter back to the cottage door, he reminded us that the resort is ours to enjoy and that if we needed anything that Betty couldn't handle to please let the main staff know.

The porter closed the door as he left, leaving us in our own little sensual paradise. Allen and I looked at each other. He pulled me close and murmured in my ear, "I didn't think he would ever leave. I can't wait to get started on this vacation, can you?" I could feel the evidence of that against my belly. "And we have the advantage of a tutor for all of these delicious devices.

I am looking forward to a very full and exciting week!" He kissed me on the lips and let his hands wander down to cup my butt. He pulled me against his erection. "Before we drop to the floor right now, shouldn't we untie the slave? Maybe have her unpack? And," I said as he chuckled and nibbled my ear again, "as hungry as I am for you, I'm hungry for food too.

Can't we get some lunch before I have to expend all of my energy?" That provoked a full- throated laugh from Allen. "Okay, I give. But the longer I wait, the 'hungrier' I will be, you know!" he waggled his eyebrows at me.

"Speaking of Betty, what are we going to do with her?" I noticed that Allen had called her Betty and I had used the term slave. What does that mean, I thought? "I guess anything we want." "That's intriguing! I will go and untie her and bring her in so you can issue her instructions." I walked around the living room looking at all of the items we would have to play with.

When Allen returned with Betty following him, I said, "Slave, go into the bedroom and unpack our cases. Then prepare lunch. Sandwiches and fresh fruit will do." Betty simply said, "Yes, Mistress." I watched her dark sensuous body go into the bedroom where the porter had put our bags.

Allen, standing behind me, said, "It's like having a maiden from the village in our dungeon. This may turn out to be good practice for us. I wonder if the village will sacrifice a maiden while we are gone?" "Of course, Elizabeth is there, but she and I talked about it before we left and decided that it would be too dangerous for her to try to save a maiden if Edward was not there to help." "Yes, that is true. I wonder how often they have a sacrifice?" "I don't know.

I didn't see anything about it in the books." Allen said, "Well, we will hope for the best. We have a little time before lunch. Would you like to walk around the grounds and see what's here?" "Oh, yes. Can I go dressed like I am?" Allen looked down at my slacks, short-sleeved blouse and light jacket.

"Oh, I see what you mean. You are a little overdressed from what I've seen so far, but sure. We can start the fun and games later." "I have no doubts about that!" I said with a quick kiss. "Slave, we are going out for a short time. Please wait in your room after you finish preparing lunch." "Yes, Mistress." We left the cottage and went toward the ocean.

On the way, we passed a theater with a schedule of events posted. Everything listed seemed a bit bizarre, but one that caught our eye was about a spy interrogation. We walked on to the beach. There we found a wide, long span of sand with a deep, blue-green ocean spread before us. There were many people enjoying the sunshine and water, most in various stages of dress and undress.

There seemed to be no prohibitions for beach activity. One man was standing in knee height water while a woman knelt before him and sucked on his rod. He pumped into her vigorously as the waves lapped around her breasts. One woman lying on the beach was being serviced by another woman as a man sat beside them looking on. Several other people were lying on the beach rubbing body parts of their partners lying beside them. We took another path back to our cottage, passing a woman leading a naked man with his hands tied behind him and his sex proudly displayed.

Then we saw a man leading a woman on a leash. I reminded Allen that we had things to do. He rubbed my butt with his hand as he smiled his agreement. "Besides," I said, "I'm hungry and I don't want you getting any more ideas before lunch." "Too late!" "You're incorrigible!" I laughed, but there was no denying that the resort was making me a little hot and bothered also. I wanted to eat, but then I wanted Allen. On the way back to the cottage however, I couldn't help but wonder about that little gleam of lust in his eyes.

I thought, is he thinking of Betty or of me? When we got back to the cottage, I went to Betty's room and said, "Slave, serve us lunch." She replied, "Yes, Mistress." Allen and I sat down at the table and Betty put a covered tray in front of us. She removed the cover revealing delicious looking sandwiches and bowls of tropical fruit. She also served us a fruity drink, which I didn't recognize.

She said it was a specialty of the resort, non-alcoholic, but which served to relax and heighten awareness and sensitivity. It was delicious, and thinking of the devices waiting for me in the rest of the cottage, I wasn't opposed to a little relaxation.

Betty stood off to the side with her hands behind her. Allen asked her, "Do you know how all of the restraints and torture devices work?" "Yes, Master, I do." "Good. Then after lunch we can have a show and tell in the living room. You or I will choose items, and you can demonstrate on Alberta how they work." I started to blush and having Betty there just made it worse. I was thinking that I had never been with anyone but Allen when I was naked, and I wasn't enjoying the thought of an audience, even if it was a slave who had probably seen it all before.

As Betty removed the lunch plates, that feeling of trepidation once again came over me with the accompanying excitement, knowing that I would be on display for Allen. But I was suddenly feeling a little shy, too.

I asked Allen, "Can we start slowly? After all, I just ate." Allen snorted a laugh. "What? Do you think this is like swimming?" At my sheepish look he relented.

"Okay. But I won't promise anything about later." I looked at Betty and then back at Allen. I lowered my head. "I understand. I am yours to do with as you please." As I said it, I felt a feeling of dizziness come over me. The excitement and uncertainty was beginning to get to me.

Or maybe it was that drink. Betty asked "Can I get dessert for you?" My mood changed when I heard Allen say, "Yes, and I know just what I want." I started to smile when I heard, "Betty, do we have any jelly or pudding?" I looked at Allen and he smiled as he patted the table.

"Unless it's too soon after eating?" he asked with a grin. My relief was amazing and I was giggling as I all but ripped my clothes off and jumped up on the table.

I got the full treatment and hardly noticed Betty holding the bowl. After Allen wiped me clean with a warm cloth. I just lay there completely relaxed, forgetting what was coming. Allen said "Okay, it's time now for show and tell." I was so relaxed I just followed Allen and Betty into the next room.

It did not even occur to me to get dressed. Allen positioned me in front of a full-length mirror so that I could see my naked body from head to toe. He sat in a chair that was behind me but off to the side a bit, giving him a good view of both my front and back.

Allen asked, "Betty, where should we start?" Betty retrieved a tan leather cone about three feet long and with straps at the wide end and buckles along the cone. She pulled my arms behind me placing my palms together. She pulled the cone up over my arms and wrapped the straps around my shoulders and back under, holding the soft leather cone high on my arms.

Betty pulled the buckles tight, starting at the bottom of the cone. I watched as my shoulders were pulled back and my breasts were pushed out. As I saw my reflection, it almost seemed as though it was happening to someone else. I was fascinated by the transformation as it was happening.

When Betty was finished, my body looked slimmer and my breasts firmer. Next, Betty got a tan collar that was about two inches wide and put it around my neck. I got a sinking feeling as I felt the leather pulled snug around my neck and then released slightly as the buckle fastened. I glanced at Allen, who had a look in his eyes unlike any I had seen there before.

There was the dark side of him showing through along with blatant lust, sexual excitement and power. But he kept it all under control as he calmly complimented Betty and asked her what was next. I continued watching as Betty retrieved a tan leather rectangle with buckles and two straps at the ends. She told Allen that she had wanted to show him what the cone did but that this item would actually do better for what she had in mind.

Betty took the cone off of my arms and I watched my slim naked body returned to a relaxed position. Betty lightly pulled both arms behind my back, then she positioned my left hand at my right elbow. She did the same with my other hand, positioning my right hand at my left elbow. It did not occur to me to resist as I watched her position my arms.

I wondered if she was just getting my arms out of the way for whatever else would be happening. But then she pulled the leather rectangle up between my arms and back and I realized that this thing was going to be used to restrain my arms in this position. The buckles were secured, wrapping the soft leather around my forearms; the straps at either end were buckled just above the elbows.

I tried to move my arms but they were held tight, so I relaxed and waited for what came next. This device did not make me look as different as the cone, but it did hold my arms just as tight. As I watched Betty getting the next item I noticed that my arms were actually in a much more comfortable position than when they were in the cone. Betty pulled out a wide, tan fleece-lined leather belt with rings around it. She fastened it around my waist, pulling it very tight. She then secured a pair of tan leather cuffs around my ankles.

I felt my heart beating faster as I suddenly realized that I had no idea what was going to happen to my vulnerable body. When I had been in the dungeon, I knew what was there and how it could be used. Here, Betty kept producing strange wraps and devices that I had never seen. I was at the mercy of Betty and Allen, and whatever they devised.

As the fear of the unknown was building in me I started to fight back tears. Allen and Betty could hear the sniffles and Betty looked at Allen as if to ask, Should I go on? Allen just motioned for her to continue, saying, "I will tell you if you need to stop." From that point on, Betty ignored my whimpering, deferring only to Allen. Next she pulled out a short thin leather strap with a ring at one end.

She pulled my hair off my shoulders letting it hang down my back. She brushed it briefly and started braiding it with the strap. I stood there, enjoying the feeling of having my hair brushed and braided. I had stopped sniffling and was now resigned and even somewhat content. When Betty finished braiding my hair, it hung down my back with the ring at the end. She got a small belt, which she buckled around my forehead, positioning a ring at the back of my head, above the braid.

Betty attached a short length of chain to the rings on the belt around my waist.

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I was getting a little uneasy again as she backed me up until I was under a chain hanging from an electric winch. Then I went beyond 'uneasy' as I watched Betty approach with a bar to spread my legs. She put the bar in place and I started to sniffle again.

I felt my braided hair lifted and (thank heaven!) saw Allen shake his head no. A chain connected the ring at the back of my head to a ring on my belt, pulling my head back until I was looking at the ceiling. Tears started to run down my temples when I heard the winch lowering the chain, and I knew unless Allen stopped Betty I was going to be hanging, helpless to his will. Allen did not stop Betty. My body bent as my feet left the ground. I was hanging with my torso at an angle to the floor, my head higher than my buttocks.

I felt another bar being attached from my collar to the bar between my ankles, effectively pulling my legs under me so that I hung with my back parallel to the floor. I gazed at my reflection in the mirror, hanging in the living room of our cottage. The image was unbelievably charged with sexual tension and power.

Unfortunately, the power was not mine. I bent my knees pulling my feet up and back before noticing Betty approaching with yet another bar. This one hooked to the belt around my waist and then to the bar between my legs. Suddenly, the only part of my body I could move even slightly was my legs.

The sense of helplessness changed the sniffling to outright crying. Allen and Betty ignored my crying and treated me like a plaything. My emotions were totally out of control but I could not bring myself to tell them to stop.

Betty turned to one of the cabinets and retrieved one of the strangest things I had ever seen. It was several straps with two penis-shaped dildos and another thing attached to one of the straps. She handed the device to Allen so he could examine it, and asked if he would like her to show him how it was used.

Allen nodded to her. She motioned to him that I was ready. Allen came toward me and ran his hands over my body as I tried to fight back my tears. Betty undressed without the slightest hesitation, as Allen stood back slightly. Without saying a word, Betty stood in front of me and moistened the smaller, strange shaped part with saliva, but I could still see a little pain as she pushed it into her butt hole. She pushed one of the penis shaped dildos up her love hole.

Then she put the straps over her hips and pulled them tight. This left a penis-shaped dildo sticking out from Betty's crotch. I was resigned to my fate as I hung there sniffling, wondering what they were going to do to my body. I knew Allen would not do anything that would really hurt me so I wasn't sure exactly why I was crying. I guess it was just the feeling of helplessness. As I watched Allen move toward my legs, I was horrified to think he was going to work that end and have Betty work my mouth with the dildo.

Then I felt Allen's fingers feeling my begging slit before telling Betty that I was ready. I felt myself being positioned for both of them. I opened my mouth, knowing there was no way I could affect my fate.

I watched Allen release his rock hard member. I felt Betty pushing into me with the dildo and saw Allen move to meet my mouth. Soon both were inside me and I was rocking to their motion. Suddenly, tears gone, all I could think about was the building excitement in my belly. They pumped harder and harder until my body exploded with a very intense orgasm. Then I felt Allen shoot waves of presents down my anxious throat.

His penis softened but he did not pull it out. Betty remained still, and I wondered how the movement had affected her. Had she gotten any pleasure? Bound the way I was I could only move my legs a little so I hung there with the dildo in my love hole and Allen's organ in my mouth.

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I began sucking and licking Allen until he was full sized, and he and Betty had me rocking to their pumping once again. I lost track of time as my very being was consumed with the passion that kept building and releasing. I do remember that they took a break sometime during the afternoon, because I had been turned around several times, causing me to gently rotate during the break.

I could only think that it was so my exposed body could be viewed better. The swaying made me fall asleep. I awoke to the pressure of the dildo pushing against me. By late afternoon I was totally consumed by the passion and just hung there waiting for whatever came next. Finally, Betty removed the bars that had held my legs in place and lowered the winch.

As my feet touched the floor, I found that my knees were too weak to hold me, so she lowered the winch until I was lying on the floor. Betty removed the straps and chains, releasing my still helpless body, before Allen picked me up and put me on the couch.

After I was unbound, Allen sat on the couch and held me and Betty put a blanket over me. They left the braid and the strap it held. Betty got dressed and started dinner. Chapter 17: After dinner, Betty cleaned up the kitchen and Allen and I went to the theatre we had found that afternoon. I was dressed considerably more casually, in a short sun dress, without bra or panties. The place was about half full so we got good seats, but we were late and the show was almost over.

A girl was on the stage being whipped and asked questions. The curtain came down and the audience started to clap. The players came out for bows including the young girl, who was still naked with very visible red marks on her body.

I told Allen that the next show was called "The Rape of Jane," and asked if he wanted to stay. Allen said he would if I did. I guess I was curious, so I didn't get up. The tent filled to about two thirds before the curtain rose. We sat there somewhat speechless, as we watched a young girl on stage grabbed and forcibly raped, by five men and a woman, for about fifteen minutes. On the way back to the cottage I said, "That was so intense and it seemed so real.

I'm surprised that it drew a pretty good crowd too. I guess I stayed out of curiosity. Do you think that's why others were there?" "Probably some were there for the same reason we were, but I was looking around at the crowd and there were a lot of people fondling their partners or themselves while the play went on.

I'm sure it excited many in the audience. Have you ever fantasized about being raped?" "Yes, shameful as that seems. But it always scares me." "It would be a very frightening situation." We went back to the cottage a different way and saw a shelter that seemed to have nothing under it. We both said at almost the same time, "I wonder what goes on in there?" "At this place it could be anything," I said. "Allen, I want Betty to put on a show for us when we get back." "What kind of show?" "She probably needs sexual relief and I am not ready to see you screw another woman." "Okay, surprise me." He squeezed my hand.

I opened the door and we went into the cottage. I told Allen, "Sit down and I will get the slave." I led Betty to the middle of the room and went back to sit next to Allen. I said, "Slave, take off your dress." She did and stood there waiting for the next command. "Touch your breasts and especially focus on your hard nipples." She obeyed rubbing her breasts, converging on her nipples, then rubbing her nipples between her fingers until they were hard.

"Slave, take off your panties." She did and waited. "Put one foot on that end table so that we get a good view of your slit." Betty obeyed without hesitation. Her eyes were taking on a glassy look.

She also looked hopeful. "Slave, put your finger in your mouth and get it wet. Good. Now rub that finger between your legs." When I could see that she was getting overcome, I said, "Stop rubbing between your legs and put that finger back in your mouth." She did, tasting her juices from the wetness coming out of the slit between her legs.

She moaned. "Slave, alternate between your slit and your mouth until I tell you to stop, but do not come." As Betty did as she was ordered it was obvious that she was getting turned-on. She watched us with hooded eyes and alternated between sucking her finger and rubbing her slit. Her hips were bucking to the rhythm she felt.

I reached over and released Allen's stiff rod from his pants. "Slave, with your other hand start rubbing your nipples to keep them hard." While Betty masturbated, I sucked Allen's stiff member.

Betty was moaning as the sexual tension built in her, but by alternating between her love hole and her mouth she did not bring herself to orgasm.

Betty kept doing as she was told and I kept sucking. Then I stood up with my back to Allen, bending over to give him easier access to my love hole but not so that I obstructed his view of Betty. He took the hint and jammed himself into me from the back, pumping lazily at first and making sure that he reached every inch of my channel with his throbbing rod. Eventually, his breathing got heavier and he began pumping me faster. Betty was feeling the effects of her own stimulation and watching us, because she was moving her fingers to her mouth more frequently.

When I felt that both Allen and I were about to explode, I said, "Slave, just rub your nipples and your pleasure pearl." I felt myself giving into my orgasm and Allen's fluids rushing into my belly. I looked up and Betty was bent over slightly and shaking with orgasm. "Thank you, Slave. Please pick up your clothes and go back to your room." "Thank you, Mistress." I collapsed against Allen, with his member still inside me.

Then he eased out of me and held me tight against him before lifting me in his arms and carrying me to bed. Later that night I woke up to discover that Allen was putting a cuff on my right wrist. When I was fully awake I realized he had already put cuffs on both of my ankles and my left wrist. I remember thinking that I must have been sleeping very soundly not to wake up until the fourth cuff.

He picked up a coil of rope, using one end to tie my wrists together. I watched but did not resist. I was wondering what he had in mind. He told me, "Get out of bed and follow me." As I did, I noticed it was only three o'clock. I asked him, "Isn't it a little early to get up?" "Not for what we are going to do." "What are we going to do?" He just pulled the rope for me to follow.

Having no option, I did so. I thought we were going to another part of the cottage, but when I realized we were going outside I pulled back and exclaimed, "Allen, I'm naked!" "Be quiet or you might wake up Betty." My heart sank, but I put my hands over my crotch, and said, "After yesterday, waking Betty is the least of my worries." He pulled the rope and I followed.

As we went out, I looked around but did not see anybody. Allen led me to a tree across the street from our cottage and threw the rope over a branch. He pulled the rope until my arms were stretched over my head and my feet were pulled off the ground. I didn't know, but Allen had a second rope. The bark of the tree was very smooth, so it didn't dig into my back very much. I was frightened by my situation only because I had never been put on public display before. I wondered if Allen was just going to leave me for people to view or if he was going to do something to my exposed body.

I was so distracted by being displayed in public that I did not notice when Allen ran the other rope through my ankle cuffs, and I only realized what he was doing when I felt my feet being pulled apart and around the tree. My feet were off the ground and my legs were spread wide. I tried to get loose but found I could hardly move at all. Allen stood back and stared at me in the moonlight for a few moments. His gaze took in every inch of me and I recognized the predatory look in his eyes.

Then he moved toward me very slowly. He leaned over only slightly and started to suck on one of my nipples. I became wet immediately. He moved his hot mouth to the other nipple, taking enough time to make it stiff and extended.

He made this loop several times spending significant effort on each. He then invaded my mouth with his tongue, sweeping every part of my mouth, turning his head to allow fuller access. Soon I could think only of getting relief from the passion building deep inside my helpless body. The whole time, his hands had not been idle.

They had been softly caressing and rubbing my body as Allen kissed my nipples, and rubbing my nipples as he concentrated on my mouth. Allen moved down to my belly with feather light kisses, going lower, and lower. Soon he was licking my slit, pushing his tongue as far as it would go into my love hole and circling my clit with his hot tongue.

I felt him pulling away, and forgetting where I was, I called for Allen to screw me. I flushed with embarrassment when I realized that there might be somebody watching. I quickly looked around and saw a couple with their slave on the porch of the cottage next to ours. They were looking straight at me.

Then I saw the couple lift the arms of the naked slave and tie her to the ceiling of the porch.

The slave was in the shadows but her head was turned toward Allen and me as though she was watching us. My attention turned toward how the slave just let the couple hang her on the porch as though it happened all of the time. However, my thoughts turned quickly back to Allen when I felt his penis against my slit pushing to get into me. He had no trouble and soon he was driving me hard against the tree trunk.

The excitement I had felt before seemed to build even more each time I remembered we were outside and someone was watching. When I exploded in orgasm I let out a scream and fell limp. Allen pumped a little more and then shot his gifts deep in my belly. When he got his breathing under control, Allen moved away and pulled up his pants. I relaxed against the tree, not concerned about being exposed to the world. I was just trying to catch my breath. After a few minutes, I felt my feet being released and then my wrists.

Allen untied the rope from my wrists and I hugged his arm as he supported me back to the cottage. I thanked him for not leaving me out there. The slave hanging on the porch just watched as Allen and I went back to our cottage. Allen asked, "Should we release her?" "Would we want someone to interfere if we put Betty on display? However, after the show she got I'll bet she could use some relief!" We went back into the cottage and I collapsed into a deep slumber.

We woke to the smell of fresh coffee. This was our first full day at the resort, although with all of the activity we had squeezed into the previous day, it didn't seem like it. Before we got out of bed I asked Allen, "Do most of the restraint and torture devices in this cottage looked familiar?" "Yes, they look a lot like the ones we have at home, but I still don't know what many of them are used for." "We may have a maiden to use them on soon, so we should learn as much as we can while we're here." "There may be a problem.

If we put restraints on Betty then she can't show us how they work." "Well, she can put them on me as she did before, and then we can practice on her." "Are you sure? Some of them look pretty brutal." I had butterflies in my stomach as I said, "I agreed that as long as we are here, I am yours to do with as you wish." "Okay.

I wish! After breakfast we will spend time picking out what we want to learn and then start the lessons." He took me in his arms and held me tightly, and I felt safe and warm even though I knew that in a very short time my body would be exposed and pushed to its limits.

*** Alberta said, "It is nearly time for dinner, so let's end for today." "We covered a lot of ground." "You probably want to find Megan, so I will see you in the dining room in about half an hour." "Okay. Knowing Megan, she's ready to eat, so we won't be long." Michael took the recorder and notes to his room and heard Megan and Amethyst in Megan's room.

He knocked and said that supper would be in about half an hour. There was some scrambling and Megan called, "I will be right over." Right over?

Well, that sounded promising. "I will be in my room." Chapter 18: "Well? What do you think of your choice for my dinner outfit?" Megan was standing in the doorway as Michael turned from transposing his notes. She is a vision, he thought. Hair up in a twist, simple gold button earrings, a double strand of twisted gold necklace, a single gold ring with a green stone on her right hand and single strap gold sandals.

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These were the parentheses around the main theme. The dress was absent over her left shoulder completely. A thin strip of sheer material--almost see-through--ran across her breasts and gathered over the right shoulder where it was attached to a thin gold elastic cord that hooked around her neck. The material was a forest green, and the gold cording stood out like sunshine coming through a dark forest. Another gold cord caught the material just under her breasts and went around to the back.

This held the top of the dress in place, and very nicely emphasized her breasts, also. From the front of the bodice, sheer material was layered to her waist where material was added to the back and all of it was gathered with more gold cording. From the waist to the hem, there was material in the very front and the very back of the dress, but nothing on the sides.

On each side, gold cording was loosely laced, allowing Megan's legs to be seen in all their glory from her waist to just above the knees. She did a pirouette for me. Her legs were very visible as she turned, and her bare back from neckline to the waist made my groin grow to a painful state. "Wow! I chose that? I have great taste. What do you think of it?" "I have to admit, I've never felt so glamorous or sexy in my life." "I would say you are definitely right, on both counts.

You look glamorous, sexy and beautiful. I might have chosen the dress, but it is most definitely the woman who makes it those things. Come here. I want to examine the image more closely." His voice was low and husky. Megan laughed and it had the sound of fine crystal.

She took her sweet time crossing the room to the desk where he stood. "Amethyst said you would like the results," she said as she stepped into my open arms.

"I'd' say 'like' is an understatement. Can we skip dinner and let me show you how much I 'like' the way you look?" he whispered. "I want to show you not only how much I love the outfit but also how much I'd love getting you out of it." Being careful not to disturb Megan's hair, Michael kissed her earlobe and whisked his tongue around the outside of her ear.

Meanwhile, his hands were roaming across her back and just below the waistband of her dress. "I had hoped you wouldn't be wearing any panties, but a thong is the next best thing. That won't take any time to remove." "Hmm." Megan moved her hands across Michael's back as she turned her head under his searching tongue, guiding it to new parts of her earlobe. Michael took her lobe in his mouth and bit it lightly. She shivered and made a little moan that just about drove him wild.

He pressed her to him harder, moving his hands further below that thin elastic cord at her waistline until he could squeeze her butt and lift her slightly over his erection. The only thing standing between them was a few layers of sheer material, and his pants, which would be no problem in a few moments.

Michael lifted his head slightly and moved his lips from her earlobe across her neck to her waiting, open lips. Immediately he thrust his tongue past her entrance and took control of her mouth, turning his head to fit to her more closely and allow even greater command.

Megan moved her hands to Michael's butt and pulled him closer, as if he could get any closer without being inside her. She sighed and made a small moan as his shaft pushed against the area between her legs in an unmistakable demand for entrance. But just as he started to move her back toward the bed, she put her hands on his chest and pushed slightly. It was slight—Michael could easily have pretended he hadn't felt the push—but unmistakable.

He lifted his head and looked into her eyes, which were every bit as lust glazed as he was sure his own eyes were. "What is it?" he whispered. Feeling his erection Megan said, "Michael, did I do that to you?" "It wasn't there before you came into the room." "Oh dear.

We can't do anything right now. The others are waiting for us to start dinner, but just to make things even, feel my breasts and you will see that I am just as turned on as you. Let's go down to dinner and I guarantee when we get back up here it will be worth the wait." Megan straightened her dress and looked in the mirror, then at Michael before saying, "I'm glad I'm not wearing any make up but we are both flushed.

What wicked conclusion do you think Alberta will make of that?" Michael smiled, and took her hand before saying, "Let's find out." Alberta was sipping a glass of wine as she looked out the dining room window at the twilight. She turned as she heard them enter, and smiled.

"Michael, it's nice that you brought Megan down and didn't try to keep her all to yourself!" He laughed, but Megan blushed. "Megan, you look absolutely ravishing in that dress! Michael and Amethyst chose well for you. Let me reverse my compliment to Michael, and say you look so lovely he's a damn fool for bringing you down and sharing you with me." That made Megan laugh, forgetting her self-consciousness.

Dinner passed quickly, but not nearly quickly enough for Michael. After they finished, Alberta asked Megan if Michael had told her anything about the resort that she and Allen had visited. "No, but I am either going to read his notes every night or keep up with the tapes each morning so I can stay current." "That's a good plan. Be sure to ask if you have any questions. I think that in a day or two we will be ready to move on and talk about other matters.

Matters which I hope you will be interested in discussing. Now if you will excuse me I have to help Henry with a couple of things. I'll see you in the morning." Alberta got up to leave.

"Make sure you both get at least a couple of hours sleep tonight!" Then she chuckled and went into the kitchen. Michael laughed at Alberta's comment but Megan glared at him. "Stop that!" He was still chuckling as he said, "Well Megan, I'm going to hold you to your promise." He got up and strolled around the table to her chair where he took her hand and forced it on his erection.

"Do you see what I've had to contend with all through dinner? Sweetheart, I'm taking you upstairs right now." Michael forced Megan to stand and held her. "I need you, Megan. I want you and need to be inside you, filling you with myself." His voice had turned husky. "Come on." They turned toward the door and Michael led her back up the stairs they had just come down an hour and a half ago. Up the stairs and straight to his room, where he closed the door. Megan had not said a word since leaving the dining room.

As soon as Michael had the door closed he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. His hands found their way to her hair and he pulled hairpins out until it fell back naturally against her shoulders. "All of that work Amethyst put into my hair," she whispered, "undone in a few seconds." "Amethyst will consider it work well done. I want you, Megan. Do you want me? I don't want you to do something you might regret later." He had been afraid to ask the question, but even with the effects of the house, he didn't want to do something she would regret when she left.

"Yes," she whispered. One word that would open the whole world up for him. "But…" One word that might shut the whole world down for him. "What is it, Megan? What is the trouble, sweetheart?" Michael nibbled her earlobe, he sprinkled kisses along her neck, he licked the place where her pulse was beating rather fast right this minute, anything to keep her from voicing what was behind that but.

"Michael, wait a minute." He pulled away from her and looked into her eyes, which were dark green with lust, but still clear. "Michael, I'm a virgin. That's it, plain and simple. I've never been with anyone before. I know it sounds crazy, considering my age and the fact that I've been 'around,' but there it is.

I don't know if that changes your plans about tonight, but I thought you should know. I guess I've been saving myself for the right guy--never thinking that it was you and I could have gotten through this years ago." He stared at her in amazement.

She looked at the floor and then back up at him. "But anyway… Do you still want me and need me like you said earlier? Because I sure want and need you. I've never felt this way before. I think I am going to die if you send me back to my room. I know I'm babbling…" Michael was so giddy that he started laughing. He picked her up and swung her around until she was laughing too. "Megan, I love you, and now we're going to make love.

And later we're going to have some mind-numbing sex, and tomorrow we're going to screw like bunnies, and the next day" "I get it, I get it!" She was still laughing. "No, now you're going to get it," he said, as he started unlacing the sides of her dress. When he got them undone far enough, he pulled the dress up and over her head and removed the thong, leaving her naked except for her sandals and jewelry.

The only light on was on the desk. It was soft and low, but gave off enough illumination for Michael to see her clearly. "My gosh, you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." He led Megan to the bed, pulled back the covers and pushed her onto the soft sheets. She kicked off her sandals and put her legs on each side of him.

He kissed her deeply for several minutes, thrusting his tongue in her mouth again and sweeping it like a conqueror. She parried the thrusts of his tongue with her own and then boldly pushed her way into his mouth.

Michael kissed a breast, licking and circling until he took the sweet nipple into his mouth and sucked it hard. He followed suit with her other breast, finishing by scraping it lightly with his teeth.

She moaned softly. Michael moved down her body moving his hands in advance of his lips, so that she would know where he was going with his passionate assault. When his palm cupped her mound he heard her gasp. But when he moved his lips to her nether region, she moaned out loud. As he slid his tongue along her slit she began writhing under him.

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He spread her thighs and put his hands under her so that he could push her further into his mouth. He breathed deeply of her scent. Surprisingly, there was a hint of gardenia even here, and he reveled in it, shaking his head against her as he drove his tongue into her hollow.

He felt her tremble. She put her hands on his head and trapped his head between her legs while she whimpered and thrashed under him.

Michael finally took her pleasure nub, which had just extended itself, into his mouth. He rolled his tongue over it, and sucked it until he could feel the tension in her getting greater. Michael moved his hands from her butt and unbuckled his pants.

Just as she was beginning to let lose in waves of pleasure he gained his knees between her legs and pulled his pants down. "Megan, honey, I have to know if you still want me.

I won't be able to stop in a few minutes. Hell! I can hardly make myself stop now, but if you say so I will." "Michael, please take me! I feel so wonderful, but I want you inside me, filling me with your juices and your love." That was all he needed to hear.

She was sopping wet from his earlier ministrations. He put his rod against her slit and pushed gently. She widened her thighs and put her legs around his waist, pulling him down as her arms did the same around his chest.

"I don't want to hurt you. I need to go slow." His breathing was so ragged he could hardly speak. "Forget slow. I want you now!" Megan commanded. He plunged into her. There was a slight resistance as he pushed through her membrane, but suddenly he filled her and it felt glorious! Like nothing he had ever experienced before. He held still for a few seconds. He had heard Megan gasp when he pushed through, but as he lay there quietly, she started moving her hips against him.

Michael matched her, pulling out to rub his rod against her love knob and then plunging back into her fiery depths. Before he knew it, he was pumping her full force and she was meeting each thrust, her breathing just as ragged as his.

With one mighty thrust he went rigid and filled her with his load. Megan came at the same time, crying out and holding Michael closer yet. He could feel her love muscles as they contracted, pulling him even deeper into her and forcing his juice out. When they could breathe, she released her legs. He kissed her deeply over and over, saying her name. He got up only long enough to get out of his clothes, then climbed into bed beside her and held her tightly. "I thought I would die if you didn't get inside me.

What a glorious, wonderful feeling you can invoke! I want to feel that way again." He squeezed her tight against him. "Now, please!" Michael started laughing.

"You are a demanding wench! What makes you think I can perform on demand?" "You mean you can't do it now? How sad, because I want to wrap my legs around you again." "I never said I couldn't, missy!" He rolled her onto her back and sat back on his haunches.

Megan looked at him, focusing finally on his shaft, which was already standing at attention. "You put that in me? That great big thing? No wonder I felt so full!" She reached down and touched it, moving her fingers up and down, and fingering the heavy sacks swinging beneath.

Michael ran his fingers up and down her legs. "It really is the most wondrous appendage, Michael. It's so soft and yet so hard." He gritted his teeth as she continued her movements. "Well, you're going to see it do lots of things if you keep handling it like that." She chuckled and moved her hand. "And speaking of wondrous, what about these long legs of yours? When they were wrapped around me I felt like I was in a steel trap. A trap I didn't want to escape from!" "Fill me again, Michael!" she groaned.

He pulled her legs up and over his shoulders, just so her slit was at the tip of his penis. Megan locked her ankles behind Michael's head. He touched her love hole to see that she was wet enough to receive him. She was already excited, but their juices from a few moments ago ensured that he could enter her with no discomfort to her. He rubbed his shaft against her slit until he heard her gasp. Looking into her eyes, he saw that they were glazed with desire.

He entered her slowly, watching her eyes all the while. Then he leisurely pulled out, setting the pace for a lesson in patience that Megan wasn't going to be ready for. With each thrust, he kept eye contact. He could see the tension build in her, but he forced the pace to be slow and steady.

When Michael's control began to slip and the momentum picked up, he could see that she was about to lose herself totally. He felt her muscles clenching his shaft and it felt wonderful! He watched her eyes until she came back to herself a little, then started pumping again, faster, but still with control. By the time she was about to lose it again, he was ready to go over the edge with her.

Megan let her legs fall to Michael's sides. He rolled to the right and collapsed on the bed next to her. He pulled her close and held her tightly, then pulled the covers over them.

The last thing he knew before drifting off to sleep was Megan twining those glorious legs around his, and saying, "I think I must be the happiest person in the world." Make that one of the happiest, he thought. If you like Francis Drake's stories please visit website for more books by Francis, particularly She Shouldn't, But She Will.