Buxom teen schoolgirl is eager to ride cock

Buxom teen schoolgirl is eager to ride cock
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Educating Cindy Cindy was 13 and in Junior high. She was a tiny little thing and her little titties had just started to develop. She hadn't developed pubic hair yet but her period had just started and she was experiencing new feelings. Her Mom and Dad were divorced and she lived with her Mom and she missed her Daddy. When Mom got a new boyfriend Tom, she liked him right away and being an affectionate little girl she always gave him hugs and kisses before she went to bed.

She would lay awake in her little baby doll nightie and think about how it would feel like to be a big girl.

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One night she woke up and had to go to the bathroom to pee but as she passed down the hall she heard noises in the living room and she peeked carefully round the corner to see what it was.

There was " uncle " Tom and Mommy laying on the couch and they were both naked. Mommy was kneeling over uncle Tom and had his " thing " in her mouth and she was sucking on it and uncle Tom had his face buried between Mommy's legs licking her private parts.

Mommy's big white titties were hanging down and she was holding one in her hand and squeezing the big brown nipple. Uncle Tom was licking Mommy's privates, while his big hands were squeezing the cheeks of Mommy's bare bottom and he was rubbing his finger around the entrance to Mommy's tushie hole. Cindy watched him slide his finger into Mommy's little brown hole and then Mommy gasped as uncle Toms' thing jerked and all of a sudden some white stuff started leaking out of Mommy's mouth.

Cindy suddenly got scared and softly went back to her bedroom. She lay awake for hours thinking about what she had seen. She felt funny when Mommy came in later and kissed her goodnight. Soon uncle Tom moved in and things were nice. He would buy her presents and sometimes she would sit on his lap at night while they watched t.v.

and he would cuddle her and tickle her. Mommy thought it was cute and said she thought Cindy liked uncle Tom more than her.

Cindy jumped up and ran to Mommy and said " You're my Mommy, I love you " Mommy said she was just joking and not to worry. Mommy and uncle Tom were sleeping together and often as she went past their bedroom door on her way to the bathroom she would peek in and she would see them fucking.

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She knew what fucking was because her Mom had told her that was how babies were made, only Mom didn't call it fucking…she said it was making love. Her friends at school called it fucking. Whatever it was called, it made her feel funny inside as she watched uncle Toms' thing slip in and out of Mommy's private place. Cindy would go to the bathroom and touch herself between her legs before she peed, and it always felt wet after she had watched her Mom and Tom.

Mommy had to take a night job at the restaurant and that's when Tom started to put her to bed at night. Mommy had said Tom would come up and tuck her in but Tom made her go upstairs and change into her nightie and then come down and sit on his lap. He would hold her tight and give her little kisses before he carried her up to bed.

Then he would give her a nice big wet kiss like he did with Mommy. Cindy liked it. It made her feel grown up. One night when she came down in her nightie, he made her model for him. She twirled around and shook her little bottom like she had seen the dancers do on t.v.


Uncle Tom pulled her close and squeezed her little tushie and said she was a good dancer. Soon she was dancing for him every night and he showed her how to bump and grind like the big girls. Then he would pull her onto his lap and give her long kisses.

One night when he carried her up to bed he laid her down on the bed and lifted up her nightie and started to blow on her tummy. She started to giggle. He rolled her over and blew on her back and then started to fondle the cheeks of her little ass. He had patted her little bum before but this time he was squeezing it and it felt good. The next night he lifted her nightie and gently touched her little titties. " You know you have pretty little titties don't you" he asked. " Are they as pretty as Mommy's" she asked him.

" They are so pretty I am going to kiss them " he replied and he bent his head and started to kiss her titties all over.

He popped one into his mouth and started to suck on it while he softly squeezed her other one with his hand. " Does it feel good ? " he asked her. She felt very funny inside but she didn't want him to stop so she said she liked it.

Now when she came down to sit on his lap, he would take the top of her nightie off right away and start to squeeze and fondle her little breasts.

It seemed like her breasts were growing bigger every day and her nipples were getting harder and harder. She would sit on Toms lap with her back snuggled into his chest so he could reach around and take one tittie in each hand and he would squeeze and fondle them for the longest time.

She knew he liked doing it cause she could feel his hard thing pushing into her bum through her nightie. When he carried her up to bed he would run his hands down inside the back of her panties and cup her cheeks to lift her up off the ground as he carried her.

When he laid her down on the bed, he would turn her over onto her tummy he and slip the elastic of her panties down over her bum a little and bend over to kiss her bare tushie. It felt good when he licked her bottom and sometimes his tongue slipped down into her crack a little. One night while she was lying on her back in bed and he was kissing her titties, he slowly slipped his hand under the waistband of her little panties and moved it down to cover her tiny pussy.

"Do you like that ?" he asked She was so surprised she just lay there petrified. " Shall I stop " he asked, but his hand kept softly squeezing her little mound and her pussy. She couldn't speak and she felt weak and her pussy was quivering under his touch. " You're getting to be a big girl and I knew you were ready for this " Tom said. Almost without thinking, she knew uncle Tom was going to take her panties off and she made no move to stop him as he slipped them completely off so that now she was totally naked.

She never said a word but just kept looking up at him with doe like eyes as he started to rub her pussy all over. His soft fingers gently parted her little lips as he explored the folds of her sex. All the time he was smiling down at her and he would bend down every so often to kiss her.

It just seemed so natural as her lips parted when he slid his tongue into her mouth. She just instinctively knew how to kiss, and she was enthralled watching his fingers moving over and in and out of her pussy. He rubbed two fingers gently up and down just inside her little vagina and then dragged them up over her tiny hard nubbin.

She felt her little tushie tighten and contract and she cried out with pleasure as Tom rubbed her little clit even harder.

Then he stood up and spread her legs even wider and put his finger right inside her little hole and started to push. She was just too tight and it wouldn't go in. She cried out in pain and uncle Tom took his finger out and said he was sorry, then he kissed her mouth and her little titties some more and the pain went away. The next day was Saturday and Mommy didn't have to work so they all went to the movies and had a nice day and that night Mommy put her to bed instead of Uncle Tom.

She was dreaming about how uncle Tom had touched her and she woke up feeling wet and she had to pee, so she went down the darkened hall to the bathroom. The light in the living room was on so remembering the last time, she sneaked up to the entrance and peeked inside. They were on the couch again and Mom was sitting on top of uncle Tom and he was sucking on one of he tits but then Cindy screamed in surprise as she saw that they were fucking again but this time uncle Toms big cock was stuck up inside Moms little pink asshole and he was pumping it in and out like crazy.

Cindy turned and ran back to her bedroom cause she knew she was in trouble for watching them. A little later Mommy came into the room and sat down on her bed." Don't worry sweetie, " Mommy said. " I'm not mad at you.

" " But Mommy, what were you doing ? uncle Tom had his thing in your bum ." " Is that how you make babies ?

" " No, No," Mommy said. " We do it that way so we don't make babies. You have to do it in the front to make babies, but men love to do it in your bum cause it's nice and tight." " Do you like it in your bum Mommy ?

" Cindy asked. " Sure, now and then it feels good, but some girls like it that way all the time, " Mommy replied. Mommy kissed her again and then left. Cindy's mind was racing and it took a long time to fall asleep Sunday night Mommy had to go to work and Tom was a little uneasy when she sat on his lap.

" Don't worry Uncle TomMommy explained what you were doing last night. " Cindy couldn't believe her own ears as she suddenly blurted out "Will you rub me again like the last time, it made me feel so good.


" Cindy still had her clothes on; a little pair of white shorts and a pink blouse. Uncle Tom unbuttoned her blouse and took it off and then reached around and undid her bra so that her titties were free and exposed to his gaze.

Cindy never resisted as he laid her down on the couch and bent his head to her breasts and started to suck on them. Almost immediately his hand reached down and started to unzip her shorts.

Quickly he pulled her shorts and her panties off and his hand found the moist slit of her little cunt. Once again his fingers rubbed her all over, sending goose bumps up her back but as soon as he tried to put a finger inside her, her pussy tightened up and got too dry and his finger wouldn't go in.


" You're just too dry, " he said. " We need to get you wet inside." Tom knelt on the floor in front of the couch and laid her down on her back and then spread her legs apart and lifted them over his shoulders. Her vagina was now wide open and only inches from Toms' mouth. He bent his head a little and sank his tongue into the damp folds of her pussy lips.

Cindy almost passed out. It happened so fast and the sudden fiery feeling in her stomach was burning down into her pussy. Uncle Tom started to lick and suck and nibble all around the outside and insides of her pussy. His tongue lashed up against her little clit and it soon popped out of its sheath to meet his tongue. Even though somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she shouldn't be doing this, she just couldn't stop, Her body was on fire and the pleasure was so intense, she just wanted more and more.

Uncle Tom licked harder and harder and her little mound got softer and softer and inside her vagina got really wet. She never even really felt it as uncle Tom slipped one finger into her pussy and then two and slowly started to ease them up inside her. There was no more pain, just a nice full feeling and he started to slide his fingers in and out of her pussy while continuing to lick her clit.

His fingers went in deeper and deeper and suddenly there was a stab of pain and she cried out in agony but uncle Tom just kept pushing and pushing and finally his fingers were all the way inside of her and the pain began to subside as he continued to now slowly move his fingers inside her as he kept pumping them in and out. Her tummy started to churn and she cried again and her hips began to buck as she went into the throes of her first orgasm.

Wet sticky fluid spilled out of her little cunt, all over uncle Tom's fingers and face. She looked down and saw blood all over uncle Toms hand and chin and she got really scared. " Uncle Tom, uncle Tom ! I'm bleeding, what's happening to me.

" " Don't worry," he said as he held her close. " You've just lost your virginity and had your first orgasm all at the same time. " " But uncle Tom, will I have to go to the hospital to get my pussy fixed. " " No, it will be fine, " he said as he carried her to the bathroom and gently washed all the blood and mucus out of the folds of her pussy and off her pubic mound.

When she was all clean he put talcum powder over her pussy and carried her up to bed. " You're a big girl now, " he said as he gently rubbed her pussy one more time and then he kissed her goodnight. The next night they were on the couch watching t.v. and Tom had taken her panties off and was slipping his fingers in and out of her pussy again. As he was rubbing, she noticed the bulge in his pants getting bigger and bigger.

" Do you know what that is, " he asked her. " Sure," she said. " It's your penis, " " I've seen you put it inside Mommy when you fuck her. " "Would you like to really see it up close, " he asked her. Before she could reply, he stood up and took off his shorts and turned to face her. His cock was standing straight up, hard as a rock and it was huge.

She had seen it from a distance but never realized how big it was. It was 10 ½ inches long and nearly as thick as her arm. " Do you like it, " he asked. She was speechless but she managed to stammer " It's beautiful, but it's so bighow does it ever fit inside Mommy ? " " Well as girls get bigger their pussies expand inside and cocks even bigger than this one will fit inside, " he told her.

" Here, why don't you touch it and see what it feels like," he said as he took her hand and placed it on his cock. Her little hand wouldn't fit around it so she had to take both hands and lock her fingers together before she could get around his shaft. It felt hot and sweaty and her hands were trembling as she held it. " Now move your hands up and down, " he said as he showed her how to masturbate him.

Every time her hands reached the top of his cock, he had her squeeze harder and the big purple head kept getting bigger and bigger. Soon she was pumping his cock faster and faster and his balls were screaming for release. " Cindy, quickly! start licking the head of my cock, " he said.

She put her soft little tongue on it and licked it about half a dozen times and then he exploded, shooting huge amounts of creamy white cum all over her face, her mouth, and her eyes and into her hair.

She hung onto his cock for dear life and it just kept shooting and shooting the stuff out onto her until uncle Tom just collapsed onto the couch. She was an absolute mess. She was just covered in the stuff. Some had gone into her mouth and it had a funny taste but it was sweet, so she swallowed it and then she licked some more off her fingers and she swallowed that too.

Uncle Tom was watching her and said " You're just like your mom, she likes to swallow my cum too. " Then he said " When you get big enough, I'm going to fuck you just like I fuck your Mom ." " But I'll never get big enough for your big cock to fit inside me," she replied.

" Oh yes you will," he replied, " and it will be sooner than you think' Cindy had turned 14 now and her body took a sudden growing spurt. Her breasts almost doubled in size and her nipples were now getting big and brown like her Mommy's but the tips were still puffy and soft.

Her hips had widened a little and she now had lots of hair around her pussy. Uncle Tom said he liked it better when she was little and her pussy was bald but he still rubbed it and licked it almost every night while Mommy was at work. He had slowly taught her how to suck on his cock and nowadays she was able to suck about ½ its' length into her mouth. She tried to do it deeper but she started to choke and uncle Tom said she needed more practice, but not to worry because even Mommy couldn't swallow it all.

Over the next few months they kept fondling and sucking each other and Tom was amazed at how great a little cock-sucker she was turning into. She could swallow almost 8 inches of his cock now. Even her Mom could only handle an inch more. That was the nice thing about teenage girls. Once they learned how, they just loved sex, and never got " headaches " or got " too tired ", they just wanted more and more.

Her tits, or " boobies " as she called them seemed to be growing every day and she said it hurt to keep them in a bra all day, so the minute Mom was out the door Tom would open her blouse and unsnap her bra, then lift the cups up over her big tits so that he could get at them and then he would lick and suck and fondle her breasts and nipples until she started groaning with pleasure.

It was never long after that before his hand was up under her skirt feeling her pussy and then he would soon slide her panties off, but leave her skirt on so if anyone unexpectedly showed up at the door, she could cover up real quick. As soon as the panties were off, he would lay her down on the couch and lift her skirt up around her waist and then lower his face into the folds of her warm moist waiting pussy.

She couldn't get enough of his tongue and she had learned how to ask for what she wanted. She would moan and scream " deeper uncle Tom, oh yes ! right there on my clit, suck me suck me !" and then " I'm cumming,! I'm cumming !, lick it harder, " and then she would grab his head and scream as her body twisted and bucked and finally climaxed. They were always messy orgasms and Tom got to lick and swallow lots of cum juice. As well as the oral sex, Tom was also now able to get three fingers up into her cunt without hurting her and she would put her arms around his neck and squirm her little ass around so he could get his fingers in easier.

As he worked his fingers in and out of her vagina he would hold her ass cheek with the other hand and then one night without any warning he slipped a wet finger into her anus and pushed it in as deep as it would go. She jumped a little with surprise but never pulled away or cried out, so he kept stimulating the soft inside of her rectum and soon she was squirming around on both the fingers in her pussy and the finger in her ass. When she came, she went wild with excitement.

They laid there resting for a long time but Tom kept his finger in her ass the whole time and then it slipped out with a soft little squish. " My tush feels a little wet, " she told him. " I need to go clean up, " but uncle Tom said " let me clean it for you, " and before she could think, he had turned her over on to her tummy and had spread her legs and proceeded to stick his tongue between her cheeks and started to lick all around her little brown ring.

The wonderful taste and pungent musky odor of her ass drove Tom wild and he sunk his tongue into the depths of her little hole and started licking the insides of it like a man possessed. He never even had time to get his cock out of his pants before he shot his load and ejaculated in his shorts. As she helped him clean up Cindy said " Wow !

you really enjoyed licking my ass, didn't you. " Soon the ass thing became a regular part of their sex play and she looked forward to Tom finger fucking and licking her asshole as much as she did to his licking and sucking her pussy.

Sometimes when he started to try and lick her pussy, she would say " No! do my ass instead, " and she would get up on her hands and knees and spread her legs for him so he could get at her ass easily.

She knew what she wanted and she wasn't afraid to ask for it. A few months later Tom just couldn't stand it any longer. He just had to try and fuck Cindy. She had been asking him to try for some time now, but when he finally took her up to her bedroom and stripped her completely naked and took his shorts off she began to feel a little scared.

His cock was just so big ! How would it ever fit. " We need to get you wet first, " he said as he spread her legs wide apart and began to suck and lick as deep inside her cunt as his tongue would reach. Soon he stood up and slid her butt toward the edge of the bed and raised her ass to match the level of his cock. Trembling, she watched as he as he gently placed the huge purple swollen head of his cock softly into the outer lips of her pussy and nudged it up against the entrance to her vagina.

She looked at the massive 10 ½ inch length of his incredibly thick bulging cock as it nestled in the entrance to her young womanhood and almost fainted. Slowly he pushed his hips towards her and she watched in awe as her outer lips started to open and his cock began to gently ease in between the soft purple lips of her inner labia.

Half the head was into her vagina when suddenly it started to hurt real bad and her pussy felt like it was tearing open.

She screamed, and Tom immediately pulled his cock out and started saying, " I'm sorry ! I'm sorry !" He bent down and kissed the lips of her pussy. " No, don't blame yourself uncle Tom," she said. " it's my fault! my pussy is just to small and tight for your big cock. I want you to fuck me so bad but what can we do ?" " Nothinguntil it gets bigger," said uncle Tom, " but I can fuck the outside of your pussy and it will really feel good for you," he said as he took his fingers and spread her outer lips wide open.

Then he laid his cock into the crease of her cunt and folded the lips back around it. Holding the lips together with his fingers he started to slide his cock up and down along the length of her pussy, rubbing hard up against her clitoris as he moved. Soon she was writhing and moaning in ecstasy as his big cock slid up and down against her swollen and inflamed clit. Its' big purple head reached up past her belly button and was almost touching her tits that were jiggling up and down with the exertion of her movement as she strained up against him.

His balls were slapping hard up against her ass as he moved on top of her and soon she was racing towards her climax. Her pussy relaxed and softened and started to squirt cum juice all over uncle Tom's cock and balls. Seconds later uncle Toms balls tightened, his cock jerked and he shot his milky white semen up onto her belly and tits and clear up into her mouth and face.

She greedily slurped up the cum in her mouth and off her lips and then uncle Tom took and started smearing the rest of it all over her tits and belly and rubbing it in like it was face cream.

Later they showered together and uncle Tom told her that he had a few more ideas that might help his cock fit inside her pussy and he would tell her about them soon. Well, " soon, " was the following Friday night and uncle Tom brought a bag with a package and a video tape inside it.

He told her he had rented the movie at an adult book store and that if they watched the movie stars fucking, it might show a way for him to get his big cock inside her. Tom had purposely rented a movie starring " Big " John Holmes, who had one of the largest cocks in the adult movie business.

He slipped the cassette into the VCR and soon the couple in the bedroom scene started undressing each other. The girl was a tiny Japanese lady who was even smaller than Cindy and John at 6ft 2inches was almost twice as tall as her. John's cock was still soft as she started sucking on it but Cindy could still see that it was a huge cock.

The more the Japanese lady sucked, the bigger John's cock got and the lady's eyes started to grow wide as she saw how huge it was. She stopped sucking for a minute and took a big ruler that was laying on the table alongside the bed and held it up to John's cock to measure it. Cindy couldn't believe what she was seeing. His cock was almost 14 inches long and as thick as one of those big salamis that were in the meat case at the grocery store.

It reached from the little Japanese lady's hand, clear up to her elbow. She put the ruler down and started sucking on the big cock again. Cindy could see the muscles in her jaw working she as sucked and pulled on it, until slowly but surely it started to disappear inch by inch into her wide open mouth.

The lady tipped her head back like a sword swallower at the circus and unbelievably almost 2/3 rds' of the big cock slipped down into her throat.

That had to be about 9 or 10 inches.

"God, " thought Cindy, " that has to be clear down into her stomach ." While they were watching the movie, Cindy had been holding uncle Tom's cock and she could see and feel it growing in her hand.

Uncle Tom's cock was big but " Big " John's cock looked like it was half as big again. " John's cock was now sliding smoothly in and out of the lady's mouth and it was amazing to watch as almost the whole length disappeared each time she sucked it in. After a while the lady stopped sucking on the big cock and she started to slowly jerk it off while at the same time she took Johns big balls into her mouth and started to suck on them.

She was able to stuff both of them in her mouth together and you could see John was really starting to get aroused. She released his cock and lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide as John lowered his head and started to lick her little pussy. It looked really small and Cindy suddenly noticed that it was shaved clean. The lips were really puffy and pronounced and John spread them wide open as his big tongue snaked in and out of her pussy.

She threw back her head and moaned as she frantically clutched at her own breasts and squeezed the swollen nipples. John stopped licking after a while and stood up and began to squeeze his own cock as the Japanese lady started to rub and finger her pussy. She sank two fingers deep into herself and soon she was frantically rubbing her cunt with one hand and squeezing her breast with the other.

John knelt down between her legs and started to guide his cock towards her opening as the lady reached down with both hands and held her pussy wide open for him. Cindy had uncle Tom's cock in a vice grip as she watched the actor place the head of his cock into the Japanese lady's cunt and slowly begin to push his hips forward. Cindy couldn't believe her eyes at what happened next.

It wasn't a hard fast push and it wasn't a slow push but rather a gentle easing, and right before her eyes, that entire huge cock slid smoothly into the lady's pussy with one fluid movement until it was completely buried in her. John's balls were resting up against her ass, as she slowly lifted up her ass and wrapped her legs behind John's back. The camera zoomed in and now you could see just how thick John's cock was and how much the lady's pussy was stretched open.

They lay there locked together and not moving for a moment, and then John slowly started to withdraw his cock inch by agonizing inch, until it was half out and then he pushed forward slowly and buried it up to the hilt again. Three or four times he did this, each time a little faster and then soon his cock was moving in and out of her at a smooth steady pace.

Each time it came out you could see the muscles in her vagina squeeze and contract and then soften and relax as it sank back in again. They fucked like this for an eternity then John easily lifted her up and turned her over onto her hands and knees and started to fuck her " doggie style. " From this angle you could see just how big and long his cock was as he pumped it in and out of her. Cindy couldn't imagine where it was going … it had to be almost coming out of her throat.

Next John stood up, still holding the lady impaled on his cock and lowered himself to a sitting position so she was in his lap with her legs spread wide. Now he placed his hands under her ass and started lifting her up and down on his cock. She then started feeling her own pussy and rubbing her clitoris which was really red and it looked like a ripe cherry as it stuck out from under the hood of it's sheath.

All the while he kept lifting her up and down so she was riding his cock like it was a pogo stick. You could see he was ready to cum. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of her and she reached down and grabbed it and started jerking him off like mad.

He shot a big load of milk all up over her pussy and belly and she rubbed it into herself. Uncle Tom said they weren't allowed to cum inside the girls in the movies, in case they got pregnant. Cindy was so excited watching the movie that she tried to bend down and start sucking uncle Tom's cock, but he said, " No wait ! there's more." The scene changed and this time John was with a dark haired girl who was a little bigger but still tiny compared to him.

The action was already in progress and she had just finished sucking John and now she was on her hands and knees and John was behind her between her legs and he was licking clear up and down the length of her pussy from clitoris to asshole and then ramming his tongue into her ass as deep as it would go.

Every time her sank his tongue into her anus she would moan and squeal with delight. Then John lifted her up by her hips like she was a feather and sat her down into his lap. His cock was sticking out from his crotch like a tent pole and Cindy was fully expecting to see him slip that big cock into the lady's pussy but what actually happened next was amazing and left Cindy speechless with astonishment.

He lifted her up by the ass and placed the head of his cock into the tiny brown ring of her asshole and she slowly lowered herself down onto his cock. It didn't really slide in and he didn't push it in, it just kind of oozed in.

Her tight little ring of muscle just relaxed completely and his cock disappeared into the depths of her rectum like magic. The whole 14 inches went in, right up to his balls. For a while she just sat there, impaled on his massive cock and you could see her sphincter expanding and contracting as it adjusted to his size and then John started moving his hips very slowly so that just a inch or so of his cock would come out and then he would slide it back in again.

Soon he started pulling more and more out each time and then she was riding up and down on about 8 inches of his cock with each stroke. She was moaning so loud, you couldn't tell whether it was from pain or ecstasy but soon she reached down with one hand and started rubbing her own pussy and soon a huge purple colored clit popped out from under the hood of its sheath.

She worked herself into a frenzy as she kept rubbing it harder and harder, then she reached down and cupped John's balls in her other hand. Now John was groaning and he started to lift her higher and higher into the air until finally on each up stoke his cock nearly popped out of her ass, before close to 11 inches would plunge back into her again.

He was going faster and faster and suddenly he tensed up and his balls jumped up and down as he shot a huge load deep up into her anus. The camera zoomed in to focus on the white cum seeping out of her ass down around John's cock and onto his balls. Tom reached up and turned off the T.V. " How did you like that," he asked. "I'm amazed," she said. "I saw you fucking Mom's ass a long time ago but I never realized just how much it could stretch to take such a big cock.

" Tom replied, "After I fuck your pussy I'm going to fuck you in the ass too, but you're not quite ready yet. " Cindy looked at uncle Tom and said, " I'm really horny now, do you think your cock would fit in my pussy tonight ? " "Maybe ," said Tom, " but I've brought something along to maybe make it a little easier." He reached into the sack he had brought out and pulled out a rubber thing that looked like an imitation cock but it was softly rounded on one end and then widened out slowly into a bulbous knob on the other end and there was a rubber hose attached to the base that was connected to a squeeze bulb that was similar to those attached to a blood pressure cuff.

The whole thing was about 3 inches long and about as thick around as three of Tom's fingers. "What on earth is that, " Cindy asked. " It's a " butt plug, " uncle Tom told her, " but it works just as well on a tight pussy." He then took out a tube of K-Y jelly from the sack and smeared it all over the plug. "Now just lay back and spread you legs and try to relax," uncle Tom said. He took another glob of jelly on his fingers and worked it up into her vagina until she felt very slippery inside.

"Don't hurt me," Cindy said, as he gently placed the narrow end of the plug into her vagina and started to slide it through her lips and into her warm love canal.

Before she realized it, the whole thing was inside her and it hadn't hurt a bit. " It feels a little tight but it feels nice," said Cindy. Tom started to squeeze the bulb and the plug started to slowly expand inside her cunt, gently stretching the walls as it got larger.

It had expanded about half an inch when Cindy moaned a little and Tom slowly released the pressure and deflated the plug. He kept doing this for about 20 minutes, each time pumping the plug up a little more so her pussy kept expanding. Each time it expanded he held the pressure longer, so her vaginal muscles could adapt to the stretching and then he would deflate it again.

Cindy never cried out cause it didn't hurt. It just felt like her pussy was incredibly full. All the time Tom was kissing her and caressing her breasts to help keep her relaxed and she started to feel really mellow.

At the end of this time her pussy had expanded to almost twice it's normal size but as soon as Tom took out the plug, it closed back to its normal size.

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"O.K. lets see if that helped, " said uncle Tom as he knelt between her legs and started to push his cock up against the entrance to her cunt. " Now relax baby, " he said as he gently started to push forward. Slowly his cock started to ease through the portals of her vagina and soon the head was inside and his cock was slowly sliding in. " Oh God ! uncle Tom, it's going in. I can feel it and it doesn't hurt." Tom pushed a little more and about four inches of his throbbing cock had now worked its way inside her.

Still she wasn't crying so he kept pushing until 6 inches of his cock was wedged into her pussy between those soft silky lips. He figured that was about enough for the first time, so he stopped and just held his weight off of her and let his cock stay there while her vagina contracted around it.

After a bit he began to move and slowly he started to pump six inches in and out of her tightly clenched pussy. She had her arms wrapped tightly around him and she whispered, " I can't believe it Uncle Tom, you're actually fucking me and it feels wonderful." " Do you think you could take more," he asked her.

" The hard part is over. Once the head is in, it gets easier." " I'll try," she replied, " but go slowly, don't hurt me. " Gently he pulled his cock almost all the way out and smeared some more K-Y jelly over it and then eased it back in. The fresh lubrication helped and this time it went in about 8 inches. Once more he stopped for a moment and then said ," it's almost in my love. Are you ready? " " Yes, " she replied hoarsely as he moved forward again and then his whole cock was in her!

It felt incredible. His little girl was not quite 15 yet and here he had 10 ½ inches of man cock buried in her tight pussy clear up to his balls.

He could feel them lying softly up against her ass as they lay there not moving, just luxuriating in the sheer sexual wonderment of what they were doing.

They were lovers and they were fucking for the first time. Cindy was giddy with joy. Her uncle Tom was finally fucking her and his big cock was way up inside her body.

It felt so good and warm and like it belonged in her. She never wanted him to take it out, but her body wanted more. " Fuck me slowly uncle Tomdo it slow, " she begged, and Tom started to move his hips just a little at a time and the big penis began to thrust in and out gently. "Not too much," he thought to himself. "Just two or three inches at a time until she gets used to it " Cindy was slowly moving her own hips back and forth to meet his movements and she could feel the massive size of his cock as it moved in and out of her.

It didn't hurt at all and she whispered, " do it a little faster uncle Tom. " He began to increase the speed of his thrusting and more and more of his cock was slipping in and out of her pussy. Cindy was starting to make little sounds in her throat, and she gasped, " Don't stop! please don't stop." Tom pushed harder and pumped faster and soon half the length of his cock was sliding in and out of her slippery little pussy. He was holding his weight on his hands so as not to crush her but she had her hands around his back and was lifting her ass off the bed to meet his thrusts.

Gently he lowered himself onto his elbows so that their bellies were now locked together and gave one more gentle shove that sent his whole cock into the depths of her vagina. She cried out just a little but Tom kept moving. His cock would come out all except for the head and then he would plunge the entire length back in to her sweet little cunt. Long hard thrusts that caused her to cry our every time it sank in to its full length but still she clung to his back and pushed back to meet him.

Her hands slipped down and clutched at his buttocks as she tried to pull him even deeper into her, and her thighs fell even further apart as she raised her legs and locked her knees around his hips. He could feel her mound start to soften and her pre-cum juices started to lubricate his cock as it plunged in and out.

It was an incredible sensation on his cock felt the friction against the wall of her tight tight pussy, yet at the same time she was bathing his shaft in soft warm juices.

She was cumming and Tom was starting to lose control. He was fucking her so hard now, that his balls were slapping noisily up against her ass with each thrust. She was crying now and the tears were streaming down her face but still she kept fucking him back and digging her nails into his ass cheeks. With a loud animal cry she started to cum and her flailing arms were beating him around his back and sides as hard as she could. Her pussy was gushing sticky liquid and then she climaxed with one last almost vicious thrust of her hips.

Tom's balls were starting to explode and he wrenched his cock from the greedy grasp of her pussy at the last moment and shot his load all over her belly and breasts.

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They were both completely wiped out but Cindy gently took his cock in her hand and was squeezing it softly as they fell asleep. Hours later they woke up and Tom gently reached over to cup her pussy in his hand, She winced a little and said, " be careful my love, it's a little sore. " He looked down at her pussy and saw that it was all swollen and that her outer lips which were normally a soft pink, were now a deep purple color and looked slightly inflamed.

Her whole pussy still looked very tiny and vulnerable and it was hard to believe that just few hours ago he had deflowered her with his huge cock and now he felt a twinge of guilt.

He lowered his head and tenderly licked the swollen lips." Baby, I'm so sorry, " he said " I didn't mean to hurt you. Does it hurt bad ? " " It's not too bad uncle Tom," she said. " It's just the outside. The inside doesn't hurt at all. I was so carried away I just didn't realize how hard we were fucking each other." Then she asked, " Uncle Tom, did I do it right?

It was so good for me, I though I was going to die but did I make you happy? " " Oh sweetie," he assured her, " you were absolutely fantastic, you fucked me like a real grown up woman. " " Do I fuck as good as Mom? " she asked. He evaded the question, by answering, " You are both fantastic, but I still have a few more things to teach you. " " Like what, " she asked. " Well there's still anal sex. You remember when you saw me fucking your Mom in her butt and how that guy in the movie stuck his big cock up that little dark haired lady's ass ?

well I'd like to try and get my cock into your ass if you'll let me." " I don't know," replied Cindy. " Do you think it will fit?" " Oh, I'm sure we can find a way" said uncle Tom. " Well if it will make you happy, we can try, " said Cindy, " but not tonight, it's late and Mom will be home soon ". She was right. They just had time to shower and get into their separate bedrooms before Mom came home from work.

Cindy was 15 now and her sexual appetite was insatiable. After that first time Tom really fucked her, she just wanted more and more. Tom swore that if she didn't have to go school, she would want to fuck all day long. Cindy wasn't interested in boys her age at school. She had dated a little and soon discovered that 15 year old boy's cocks' were nowhere near the size of uncle Toms'. She had necked in the back of cars and even sucked a few boys off but most off them came before they even got their cocks out of their pants.

She just had to rub them through their pants a little and it was all over. However, and fortunately for Tom and Cindy, her Mom had thought Cindy was so well developed for her age, that it would be a wise precaution to put her on birth control pills, so she and Tom were able to fuck with wild abandon and not have to worry about accidental pregnancy.

After the first cycle on the pill had passed and it was safe, uncle Tom finally fucked her without pulling out at the last moment. He shot a huge load of hot semen as far up inside her pussy as it would go. It was a new sensation for her and she loved it. They were fucking so much now, it was a wonder uncle Tom could keep up. He would fuck Cindy sometimes twice in an evening and then sleep for a few hours and then fuck her Mom in the early morning before he would leave for work.

He knew he was one lucky guy being able to fuck both mother and daughter at the same time. Mom showed no indication of suspecting anything but she always had to suck him real hard and finger his ass to get him hard in the mornings. Now, Tom was working really hard to groom Cindy for anal sex. Often he would sit her on the couch naked and slide two fingers gently into her ass while he kissed and fondled her stomach and breasts.

Then he would make her lay back and watch as he slid his fingers in and out of her anal passage, gently massaging the inside walls as he moved his fingers around inside her. She was getting used to it and enjoying it and she loved to masturbate uncle Tom while he was doing it. She would pull on his big cock and make him cum all over her tits and then she would lick up the cum with her fingers. He would also slide his fingers up her ass on a regular basis as he fucked her. She seemed to like that even better.

After a few weeks of this, he tried finally to get his cock into her ass but it just would not go. He pushed and she pushed back, but her sphincter muscle would not relax enough for the head of his cock to break through that tight little ring. The big bulbous head of his cock was just too big. Even though it could now spread the inner lips of her pussy open with ease and slide through into her waiting vagina, it just would not go into her anus.

Then one night he brought out the butt plug they had used when he first tried to fuck her pussy and that made all the difference. The little plug fit tightly but easily into her asshole once it was lubricated and he began the ritual of pumping it up and then deflating it until her tight little rosebud began to stretch.

It didn't seem to hurt her but it took well over a week of inserting it every night until finally he could get three fingers into her asshole. Something she really liked was when he would pump up the plug in her ass until it was nice and tight and then he would lay her on her back and slow fuck her in her pussy with his big cock. Another new sensation was when he would slip a finger into her ass and his thumb into her pussy at the same time and then squeeze them together so that all separated his thumb and forefinger was a thin little membrane of skin between her cunt and her rectum.

That felt delicious! He would always lick her ass when they were finished. A week later, after more stretching with the plug, he tried again and this time there was limited success. The little ring of muscle opened up and the head of his cock was able to force its' way in, but she cried out for him to stop because it was too dry and it hurt. His cock was also sore as his foreskin was stretched way back. He eased his cock back out and then bent forward and pushed his tongue into her hole as far as it would go.

He licked and pushed and twisted his tongue around inside her asshole and she started to relax again. Now he took a large amount of K-Y jelly and smeared it up as far into her rectum as he could get it and then he smeared the length of his cock with the silky substance.

" Now lie on your side and lift one leg, " he told her. When she had moved into position, he slid one of his legs between her legs and crawled up until the head of his cock was touching her asshole again. The little hole was actually partially open and as he pushed his hips forward, the head of his cock slipped through easily this time and his cock started to slide into her waiting ass.

Before he realized it, his cock was half way in and there was no pain for either of them. Just a wonderfully tight but still slippery feeling as his cock moved past the walls of her rectum. He pushed more and it just kept sliding in deeper and deeper and soon it was in all the way and their pubic hairs were touching each other. He reached up and held her tenderly as he cupped her breast and felt the swollen nipples growing harder in his hand.

He just lay there and flexed the muscles of his cock as it lay buried inside her. She was totally relaxed and moaning gently. " Oh god ! that feels so good uncle Tom, " she whispered. " Try squeezing the muscles in your ass, " he told her, and as she did, he nearly went through the roof with pleasure. " Are you ready for me to fuck you now? " he asked and when she said yes, he started to slowly move his cock in and out a little, increasing the length of the stroke a little with each thrust until it was moving smoothly up and down about half the length of his cock.

He didn't want to pump too much of his cock into her all at once for fear he would hurt her so he took his time and it was a good three or four minutes before the whole length of his cock was sliding in and out of her in a slow but firm gentle rhythm. There was no crying like the first time he had fucked her pussy and her arms were wrapped around his neck and she was kissing him all over as he continued to fuck her ass while at the same time he cupped her cheeks with one hand and started to rub her clitoris with the other.

She started to cum and began squeezing his neck harder and whispered into his ear" keep fucking me slow uncle Tom, I'm going to cum for you," and as she spoke she released her juices and bathed his hand and balls with the sweet sticky essence of her womanhood. Simultaneously Tom's balls started jerking wildly and his scalding hot milky load catapulted up into the depths of her bowels.

She moaned again with pleasure as she felt it's warmth deep inside her and then she shuddered and whispered, " I like anal sex " " Baby, you were terrific, " said Tom as they dozed off still locked in their tight embrace. Cindy wasn't kidding! She did like anal sex and she wasn't shy about asking Tom to " do her ass. " She still liked it in her pussy too but she just seemed to go wild when Tom was in her ass.

She was turning into a bit of an exhibitionist and liked Tom to fuck her in positions where she could watch in the bedroom mirror and see his cock sliding up into her ass. Tom enjoyed it too. It was really erotic to watch his cock slipping in and out of that tiny asshole and the fact that a little 15 year old could take all 10 ½ inches of his cock in her ass was still almost unbelievable.

You could watch and actually see the tight little muscle of her asshole expand and open up to accept his big cock and then it would cling to his cock as he pulled back on the out stroke. About ½ an inch of transparent skin, or membrane, would cling to his cock and her little rosebud would pucker backwards and then it would all go back in again as he thrust forward.

She soon learned how to reach down and hold his balls as he fucked her and she knew just when to slip a finger into his ass as he came.

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The truth was, she was a much better fuck in all ways, than her mother, but Tom didn't dare tell her that. Toms' sex life was too good to be true. He still had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Yes, it was too good to be true, but as with all good things, it had to come to an end. Teenage girls loved sex but the biggest problem was that they couldn't keep their mouths shut.

Cindy knew how to keep her mouth shut around Toms cock alright, but then she made the fatal mistake of telling her best girlfriend about how she was fucking her Mom's boyfriend and that he had a 10 ½ inch cock.

Naturally her girlfriend didn't believe her so Cindy had to prove it. But how? They devised a plot whereby Cindy would get Tom to start fucking her at a pre-determined time and then Janet, her girlfriend would sneak in the back door 10 minutes later and watch them from the kitchen. It was a good plan and would have worked except that a few things went wrong. First Janet was a little early and when she snuck in and peeked around from the kitchen they weren't actually fucking yet.

Tom had Cindy's panties down around her ankles and he had her bent forward over the back of the couch with her legs spread and he was on his hands and knees behind her with his tongue buried in her pussy, licking both those pink spread lips and her little puckered asshole at the same time. Tom still had his shorts on but she soon reached in and started to take his cock out and fondle it. Janet almost passed out as she saw how huge it was and she audibly gasped before she could stop herself.

Tom spun around and saw her and said " Oh shit ! " who the hell are you ? "Janet ! you idiot, " shouted Cindy, " you were supposed to stay quiet and just watch. " "You know this girl ?" asked uncle Tom incredulously. " What the hell is the matter with you ? Do you know how much trouble I would be in if people found out what we are doing ?

" " Oh don't worry uncle Tom, Janet won't say anythingshe just wanted to see your big cock and watch you fuck me. " Tom was amazed. " You want me to fuck you while your friend watches ? " " Sure, why not, " said Cindy. She turned to Janet and said, " get naked so you can enjoy this." Janet was a little hesitant but she reached up and lifted her sweater over her head and unsnapped her bra to reveal a gorgeous set of tits and then she stepped out of her skirt so she was standing naked except for a little pair of lacy blue bikini panties.

Tom was still partially in shock from the whole situation and his hard-on had drooped but seeing this almost naked girlfriend of Cindy in front of him, made his dick start to rise again despite his apprehension. Cindy reached for him and started to fondle his big cock and as soon as it started to get hard again she knelt down and started to suck on it. Soon it was hard and up to it's amazing 10 ½ inch length.

Cindy was taking about 8 inches at a time into her mouth as she sucked him off and Janet just stood and watched amazed. " Holy shit Cindy ! " she said. " You weren't kidding&hellip.its' huge ! how can you swallow it like that ?" Between gulps Cindy said, " Uncle Tom showed me how. It's not that hard really. Even you could learn how to do it.

" "I'm ready uncle Tom, " said Cindy as she pulled him towards the couch and lay down on her back with her legs spread wide. " Show Janet how you fuck me." " Come over here so you can see real good Janet, " said Cindy as she pulled her legs up to her chest and spread her cunt as wide open as possible for Tom to see.

Tom didn't need to be asked twice. He moved between her legs and placed the head of his cock into the entrance to her vagina and started to push. Right in front of Janet's unbelieving eyes, Cindy's pussy opened up to accept his manhood and the great cock slowly disappeared from sight in one slow continuous thrust.

She sighed with pleasure as she felt his balls touch her ass and she knew he was all the way in. He started that slow delicious pumping, pulling the whole length of his cock almost out and then slowly plunging it in again. He was leaning over her and kissing her at the same time when Cindy whispered in his ear " Why don't you reach over and feel Janet's tits uncle Tom, I know she wants you to. " Janet was watching the whole thing zombielike and offered no resistance as Tom reached for her and pulled her to him.

He kept fucking Cindy while at the same time he started to fondle Janet's breasts and squeeze her big hard nipples. Janet was moaning and hanging on to Toms neck and before she knew it, Tom had pulled her panties down over her ass and his hand was between her legs feeling her wet pussy. She started to writhe as his fingers delved deep into her vagina and started to rub her clitoris. "Oh yes ! Oh yes ! " she cried as Tom rubbed the hard little sex button, driving her mad with desire.

" Here Janet, " said uncle Tom as he helped her step out of her panties, " Sit up on the back of the couch and face me and spread you legs. " Janet did as he asked and then Tom leaned forward and grasped the cheeks of her ass while at the same time lowering his face into her pussy.

Janet almost came unglued. She was sitting straddling her friend Cindy who Tom was fucking, while at the same time he was eating " her " pussy. Cindy leaned her head backwards and was able to watch uncle Tom's tongue furiously licking her best friend's cunt, while at the same time he was beginning to fuck " her " harder and harder.

Tom's cock was moving faster and faster and Cindy could feel her insides starting to churn as her orgasm began to build. Tom's balls were beginning to tighten and jerk. It was almost time ! Janet grabbed Tom by the head and began to grind her pussy into his face. She was cumming too ! Tom's cock convulsed and shot a stream of cum deep into Cindy' fiery insides. Cindy let out a groan and bucked her hips one final time as her pussy released it's wet sticky juices to bathe uncle Toms' cock and Janet screamed as she climaxed and soaked Tom's face with her juices.

The three of them collapsed in a heap and lay there exhausted for the longest time. Finally they recovered and uncle Tom made Janet lick his cock and balls and then made her lick Cindy's pussy also until all the cum was cleaned up.

Cindy seemed to enjoy watching her friend licking her and Janet seemed to enjoy doing it. Tom let Janet jerk him off later that evening and she got to really taste his cum. As he shot his load, Cindy pushed a finger up his ass to heighten his pleasure. Damn ! this evening had turned out alright after the initial shock, Tom thought to himself, as they sent Janet home a satisfied believer.

This whole scene could turn into a really great deal if he played his cards right. Not only could he fuck both mother and daughter, but also the daughter's best friend.

He was sure he would fuck her, but it would have to wait until next time. Friday night Janet came over again and in no time they were all completely naked on the living room carpet, rubbing and sucking and feeling each other. It turned out that the last time Janet was there, was the first time a man had ever licked her pussy, so in no time Tom had his head buried between her legs again and was noisily sucking and licking her wide open cunt.

She had a lot of dark pubic hair and Tom had to keep parting it with his fingers so he could get his tongue all the way inside her. She was loving it and her pussy was soaking wet and real slippery.

Tom slipped two fingers up inside her and then three and began to pump them in and out as hard as he could. She moaned a little but kept pushing back against his hand as he continued to finger fuck her.

"Janet, " Tom said " do you want me to fuck you ?" " Oh Yes ! Oh Yes ! please fuck me Tom, " she cried out. Obviously she wasn't a virgin but Tom wondered whether she would be able to take his cock or not. " Lay down on your back and lift your legs a little, " he instructed her, and " Cindy, kneel down by her head and hold her wrists tight. " Cindy's eyes had a funny glint to them as she did as he asked.

Tom then crawled up between Janet's legs and positioned the head of his cock up against the entrance to her pussy. " This may hurt a little, " he said, " so just grit your teeth and hang on to Cindy." Then without any warning he bucked his hips forward and plunged his cock hard into her vagina.

It must have gone in about 7 inches on that first thrust, and she screamed out in pain, but Cindy hung on to her hands so she couldn't move and screamed, " Fuck her uncle Tom, fuck her hard ! give her all that big cock, she told me she wants it.

" Tom pulled back and lunged again, this time sinking the full 10 ½ inches into Janet's waiting cunt. She was screaming and yelling, Stop! it hurts," but at Cindy's urgingTom started to fuck her harder and soon he was sending the whole length of his huge cock slamming in and out of her tight little pussy as fast as he could go.

She cried out for a while longer but then started to moan and grip his hips with her legs and soon she was fucking him back as hard as he was fucking her. Her eyes were closed and she was lost in the ecstasy of the moment. Her voice was almost incoherent as she cried out. " fuck me, fuck me, Oh God, Oh shit ! it feels so good, don't stop !

" Tom kept fucking her, first fast then slow and then fast again. She was ready. Tom could feel her pussy start to relax and her pubic mound go soft as the first drops of her cum started to swirl around his cock.

Then her orgasm started in earnest and she was drowning him in her juices. Her legs had him in a vice-like grip as her hips bucked against him and Tom literally had to fight to get his cock out so he could shoot his cum up over her tits and face. He didn't know if she was on the pill or not, but he wasn't taking any chances.

Once again the girls both licked up Tom's cum and sat there grinning like Cheshire cats. " Well ? said Cindy. " Now do you believe me ? How did it feel to get fucked by that big cock ? " " Unbelievable," replied Janet. " It hurt so bad at first, I thought I was going to die, but then once it was in and Tom was fucking me, I thought I was going to die again, but this time from sheer pleasure.

I had no idea how a cock could be so huge and how good it would feel once it was inside me. " You're a luck girl Cindy, having Tom to fuck you whenever you need it." " I know, " said Cindy as she snuggled up to Tom. Before she left that night, Janet whispered to Tom," My parents are going away this weekend, could you get away from Cindy and come over to my place Saturday nightand fuck me again, just the two of us ?

" "Don't tell Cindy," she added as she left. Tom thought about it for several days before he decided &hellip. What the hell Janet was a good fuck and Cindy didn't have to know. Saturday, Tom told Cindy and her Mom that he was going to go bowling with some friends that evening but he wouldn't be too late and he would be home before Mom got back from work. He drove off at about 7:30 and was parked behind Janet's house 15 minutes later.

When he had looked around and made sure there were no cars in the driveway and he could only see Janet through the windows, he knocked on the back door and Janet rushed to let him in. " I thought you wouldn't come," she said as she rubbed up against him in greeting. "Well, this is off to a good start, " Tom thought to himself as she led him through the house to her bedroom and they sat down on the bed. " I know you think this is weird," said Janet, " but would you just let me see your big cock and hold it for a little while first.

" " Sure, " said Tom and unzipped his pants to help her get it out. She reached into his shorts and took the now swollen monster into her small hands and began to slowly tease it up to it's full size. She was still amazed at it's size and she could just barely get her hands around it as she began to rub and fondle it. Tom stood up and stepped out of his shorts so she could get at his cock better and then proceeded to slowly strip off her clothes until she was completely naked.

There was no doubt she was a gorgeous well developed little thing. Her breasts were large with big pointy brown nipples and her pussy was covered with a huge mass of dark pubic hair. She took a hold of Tom' big cock again and started to rub it all over her body. Over her face, licking his balls as she went, then down to her tits where she squeezed it between them and masturbated it with the big soft orbs.

She sucked the head into her mouth every time it moved up between her breasts and deliciously ran her tongue under and around the swollen glans. She then pulled him down on top of her and pushed the head of his cock between her pussy lips and humped up and down on his cock without actually letting it go in.

Tom then rolled her over and spread the cheeks of her ass so he could see her little puckered anus, and did the same thing. Just rubbed the huge bulb of his cock up against her back door without actually entering. She gasped as she felt the size of it up against her little asshole but she humped her ass up against his cock to enhance the feeling.

Tom picked her up and sat her down in her lap so that his cock was rubbing up against the inner lips of her pussy but the head was sticking straight up between her legs so she could fondle it while she moved up and down against his cock.

Tom had both her titties in his hands and was squeezing them and pinching the nipples while she humped up and down. She was soaking wet and was ready to be fucked but although Tom was nearly blinded with lust, he still thought to whisper " How old are you Janet ? " " I'm 16, " she replied. " Are you on the pill " he asked.

" No, " she said, " but it's safe to fuck me today " Tom was still dubious, but despite his misgivings, he moved his cock into the entrance to her vagina and started to ease it in. She was just incredibly wet and ready and her pussy muscles were completely relaxed.

His cock slid in easily all the way to the hilt and then she contracted her muscles and started to squeeze his cock. The pleasure was unbelievable. How did a 16 year old learn how to do that ? She moved her ass back against him to meet his thrusts and they lay there slow fucking for an eternity.

Tom felt her pussy get even wetter as she came and then he started to cum too. No thrusting, just gentle short movements and his hot semen started to slide out of his cock in long slow squirts until he had emptied his balls deep inside her vaginal cavity.

Janet felt the heat as it shot into her and moaned loudly as she gripped his cock even tighter. They lay there spent, until Toms cock finally lost its erection and slipped out of her cum soaked pussy.

After a while they showered and then later that evening Tom made her suck his cock hard again. She wasn't as good as Cindy but she had learned how to swallow about 7 inches of his big cock and he showed her how to gently chew on it as she sucked.

He then made her kneel on the bed and hold on to the headboard while he crawled up behind her and licked her pussy and her little pink asshole. She squealed as she felt his wet tongue slide into her ass, but he grabbed her hips and forced his tongue in deeper. "Are you going to fuck my ass Tom ? " she cried, as his tongue burrowed deeper. " Maybe," Tom replied, but then he moved up behind her and roughly pushed his cock into her pussy from behind.

She gasped momentarily as the big cock forced its way between her lips and sank into the depths of her pussy but she soon recovered and started to fuck him back. Suddenly she felt Toms finger rubbing around the entrance to her ass and then he gently started to push his finger into her anus. It went in a full 3 inches but damn it was tight. Then she felt something cold and wet as Tom squeezed some liquid stuff around her asshole and on his fingers and then he started to work the stuff into her tight little hole and in minutes her ass had loosened up and Tom had three fingers inside her rectum gently probing its depths.

He kept fucking her harder while he was feeling her ass and she could feel herself starting to cum. Before she knew what had happened, Tom took his fingers out of her ass and pulled his cock from her pussy and then in one quick movement he placed the head of his cock up against her asshole and pushed hard.

Involuntarily her sphincter muscle relaxed and his big cock started to slide into her anus. It went in hard and fast and he had 6 inches up inside her before she started to yell.

" Oh God ! you're killing me, " she cried. " Take it out, Take it out ! " Tom eased his cock backwards and the pain started to subside but then just as it was almost out, he lunged forward and shoved it in again. Once again she screamed and once again he pulled it out but again he quickly pushed it back in and after about the 5th lunge she stopped screaming and was just moaning and crying softly but she didn't ask him to stop.

Tom reached down and spread some more lubricant around his cock as it slid in and out of her ass and now it was beginning to move easily. He couldn't get his whole cock in, she was just too tight, but this would do for now.

Soon he felt that familiar tightening in his balls and then his cock shot its' hot load way up into her rectum. She cried out once again when she felt its fiery heat wash against the tender inner walls but then she relaxed and reached between her legs to feel his balls.

She massaged them for awhile and then with a soft squishy " plop, " his cock slipped out of her ass. She turned over and threw her arms around his neck while she pressed her body up against him and whispered, " That was my first time that way Tom.

" " Did you like it ? " he asked.

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" It hurt a little at first but then it was nice, " she said. " Cindy told me that you fuck her ass all the time and she really likes it, so I kind of knew what to expect. " Tom continued to sneak over and fuck Janet on a regular basis and so far Cindy didn't seem to know anything about it but the situation was beginning to get uncomfortable.

Janet kept telling him that she loved him and wanted him to only fuck her and not Cindy. Tom tried to explain that he lived with Cindy and her Mom and that it was really hard to suddenly stop fucking them.

How would he explain it to them. Janet said she didn't care. She wanted him all to herself and that they should run away together to Mexico or somewhere. Tom told her not to be silly but then the bitchy side of Janet started to show through. One night she told him if he didn't run away with her soon, she would tell Cindy's Mom how he had been fucking her daughter for the last 3 years.

Tom got really angry and told her it was over and she had better keep her mouth shut, or she would be in real trouble. Tom hadn't seen Janet for almost three weeks and Cindy never mentioned her, so he thought " the silly little bitch must have gotten over it " He was back to fucking Cindy and her Mom on a regular basis and things were going well. He had gotten a raise at work and Cindy's Mom was now night shift manager at the restaurant.

Life was good. Tom bought a new motorcycle and he often took Cindy riding. Then the shit hit the fan. It was Friday night and they were in the living room.

Cindy had just sucked Toms cock to get him hard and she was kneeling up on the couch. Tom was standing behind her and had all 10 ½ inches of his huge cock buried deep in her ass and was fucking away like crazy. Cindy was bucking and yelling " Fuck me uncle Tom, fuck me harder, " when suddenly Cindy's Mom was in the room and she was screaming incoherently.

She was white with anger and she rushed forward and jumped on Tom's back scratching and hitting and biting. "You bastard ! you dirty rotten cheating bastard ! Get off her, " she shouted as they fell to the floor. Cindy screamed and cowered against the couch as her Mom continued to beat Tom about the head with her fists and tried to kick him in the balls.

Tom jumped up and covered his balls and shouted. " It's not what you think Moira, "Cindy begged me to fuck her, she cant get enough. " " Liar ! screamed Cindy. " He's lying Mom ! He was raping me " " Shut up ! both of you. I'm not blind. You were enjoying every minute of it you little bitch and Tom ! how could you ? She's not even 16 yet. I'm going to kill you, you son of a bitch," Moira shouted as she ran to the kitchen and came back with a huge carving knife and started to slash at Tom.

Before he could pull away she had opened a big gash in his arm and nicked his belly. The cuts weren't that deep but there was lots of blood and Cindy started to scream with fear. Tom wrenched the knife away from Moira and hit her hard across the mouth knocking her to the floor.

She lay there in a heap yelling, " Get out of here you bastard. If you come near me or Cindy again, I'll kill you for sure. " Tom took the hint. He ran into the bathroom, washed and dressed the wound, then ran back to the bedroom where he threw some clothes into a bag and minutes later was out the front door crying " I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

" They heard the motorcycle fire up and then he was gone. They never saw him again. He called a week later and had Moira send some more of his things by UPS to an address in Colorado and that was the last they heard from him.

Cindy was sent away to a boarding school for girls and her Mom went back to work at the restaurant and tried to pull the shattered pieces of her life back together. Two months later Janet disappeared and was declared a runaway ?