Sexy Redhead bbw Deepthroats riesigen lateinischen Hahn

Sexy Redhead bbw Deepthroats riesigen lateinischen Hahn
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At 18, I was still relatively new at this. I hadn't ever done anything like this before, but I can't say I had never considered it. As a lover of anal sex in general, I had always wondered what it was like with a guy.

Now I was feeling what many of my girlfriends had felt. Some of them had liked it, others had not, but with a guy anal play is always enjoyed. I had gone over to Jeff's thinking that we were just going to burn time before the party, I had no idea that I would end up like this, with a hard cock in my virgin ass and the taste of jism in my mouth.

The party was scheduled for 10:00 at a buddy of mine's house, but I wanted to get out of my house a little bit earlier.

Jeff had invited me over to his house. His parents were out of town and we were storing most of the alcohol for the party there. He figured we could get a headstart on the rest of the party crowd by taking a couple of shots before going over with the alcohol. I'm not going to describe how I came to know Jeff.

Nor am I going to describe the events leading up to this day. The details are quite inconciquential. The thing that is important was the feeling of the experience. I had had fantasies in the past involving guys. But I had never thought that I would ever act on them. I had never been able to picture myself with any particular guy that I knew, it always felt to weird. But with Jeff it was different. We weren't best friends, but we seemed to get along pretty well none the less. On this day, I was heading over to his house.

A few shots of vodka sounded good to me as I had just ended, what I felt was, a pretty good relationship. I knocked on the door and Jeff answered. After talking for a brief time we went up to his room, where the liquor was.

After pouring ourselves some drinks we sat down. I sat in a chair by his closet, and he sat on his bed. After a few moments we were talking and laughing and starting to feel the buzz that vodka can give you pretty quick. After laughing at a particularly funny comment about a guy we both knew and hated, I happened to glance into Jeff's closet. Sitting on the bottom shelf of the closet was a magazine. At first glance I thought it was a porno, playboy or something, nothing too exciting.

But after looking at it a little longer I realized that there was a man on the front cover.

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He had a huge cock and there was another man on his knees lapping at it with his tongue. Jeff must have noticed me looking at his magazine. When I looked back at him he was staring at me. "You like it?" he asked. I could tell that he was starting to get hard by the way he was shifting around. I looked at him for a second. I had always wondered what being with a man would be like, maybe this was my chance to try. Plus, if it went bad I could always blame the alcohol for my actions.

"I must admit that I do." I answered Jeff. "Have you ever done anything with a guy before?" asked Jeff with a smile. "No." I answered. "I didn't know you were gay Jeff," I asked after a minute. "I'm not." He said, "I'm bi, I think. I just get turned on by guys and girls, I still like girls but I just get hard sometimes when I think about guys." I could tell that he was just as confused inside as I was, but Jeff obviously had had experience with this sort of thing, whereas I had not.


"Ever thought about trying it with a guy sometime?" Jeff asked, the bulge in his pants getting quite obvious. "Yes," I answered honestly, getting very hard myself. "Maybe today's your lucky day," said Jeff as he stood up from the bed. As he stood he started to undo his pants and let them fall to the floor.

His boner was already making a tent out of his boxer shorts. He pulled those down too and let his cock stand straight out. He was about 6'' and shaved. I marveled at how hard he was.

The head of his prick glistened with a bead of pre-cum forming on the tip. His balls hung down below his shaft and I realized that I wanted to feel them so badly. I walked over to Jeff and he put his hands on my shoulders, pushing me down to my knees.

"Suck my cock." He ordered. Following his orders, as though I had no choice, I leaned forward and put my hand on his prick. I ran one hand along his shaft and savored the feeling of his smooth skin on my fingers.

My other hand incircled his hips and grabbed his ass cheek. I leaned closer and moved my hand to the base of his shaft. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue over his cock.

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I instantly felt more aroused than I ever had before. His hard cock felt wonderful on my tongue.

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He tasted so hot and salty. I wanted him in my mouth more than anything. I ran my tongue up the length of his shaft again, lapping at the underside of his prick with special enthusiasm. He moaned and put his hand on the back of my head. Pushing me to his cock. I gave in to the pressure and slid my lips over the head of his cock.

He moaned again and pushed harder on the back of my head. I kneeded his ass cheek with my hand and started to slide my lips slowly down the base of his shaft as far as I could go.

My other had cupped his balls and pushed them and the back base of his cock farther down my throat. I was amazed at how much of his cock I could take in my mouth. I had most of his 6' down before I slid my lips back up his shaft to the head of his cock. I sucked hard on the head and ran my tongue over it and around it. He moaned with pleasure and put his hand on mine.

Helping me grab at his ass even harder and eventually pushing my finger towards his butt hole. Presently I started to develop a good rhythm and started sucking his cock faster and harder. He placed his hand back on my head and held me in place as he started to thrust into my mouth. It felt so good. He cock tasted wonderful, and the feeling of him fucking my mouth has wonderful. I decided to start exploring his body while he was having fun with mine.

My finger had been resting on his asshole. I started to push at his butt. Wriggling my finger inside. He moaned again and clearly appreciated my enthusiasm. When my finger squeezed into his ass, up to my knuckle, I stopped and marveled at how tight and warm his butt was.

I wanted so badly to see it, to see his cheeks spread wide apart and his tiny asshole exposed. But right that second, I wanted more than anything to taste his cum. As he started to go faster in and out of my mouth I realized that he was getting there. He closed his eyes and ordered me, "Swallow my cum now." I closed my eyes and prepared to obey.

With a final thrust he plunged the head of his cock through my pursed lips and exploded in my mouth. Jism shot down my throat and filled my mouth. Jeff's body quivered and he moaned loud and long. When his cock finished jerking and spurting cum, I swallowed. "That's it. Swallow it all." He commanded. Again I obeyed. The salty sweet taste of his cum excited me more than I thought it would. I swallowed it all and licked the drippings off of his still spasming cock.

After I licked him clean, I stood. He leaned back and sat on his bed. He smiled at me and asked, "Are you sure you've never done this before?" Positive," I answered, "But I think I'm starting to like it." He laughed and stared at my crotch. I could tell he wanted to see my cock. I took off my shirt and dropped my pants.

After sliding out of my boxers I stood before him, naked. He stared at my rock hard cock. I could tell he liked it because he instantly started to get hard again. His cock rose inch by inch for what seemed like an eternity. Finally it was fully erect again and he started to stroke it.

He looked at me. "Have you ever been fucked in the ass before." "No." I replied getting very excited. He smiled. "Come over here." He commanded.

I obeyed and climbed up on the bed. He moved out of my way and ran his hand over my body. "Bend over." He ordered.

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Again I obeyed. I got on my hands and knees and leaned back. Jeff moved behind my and spread my butt cheeks with his hands. I felt him brush his cock over my ass crack. Then he moved back a bit, and I felt the tip of his prick on the back of my balls.

It then slided all the way between my butt cheeks and back up to the small of my back. I moaned and spread my knees further apart, spreading my ass cheeks wider.

After a minute, I heard Jeff spit into his hand and start to rub it on the tip of his prick. I closed my eyes and waited.

Jeff pushed his cock in between my butt cheeks. I felt the tip of his prick push up against my tight, virgin asshole. I moaned again and started to lean back. The head of his cock was slick with his spit and he pushed against me. After a few seconds the head of his cock slipped into my ass. I gasped. It felt so good, I couldn't believe that I was actually enjoying having something shoved up my ass.

He began to push harder and harder as the rest of his cock slid slowly up my ass. After a minute I felt his balls touch my butt. It felt so good to have a prick in my butt. It felt so full and hard inside my soft, tight ass. Jeff grabbed my hips and started to move back and forth.

I felt his cock sliding in and out of my ass. At first he just thrusted back and forth a few inches at a time. But after a minute he started to fuck my butt harder.


After five minutes he was plunging all the way in and all the way out of my ass. Everytime he filled me with his cock I closed my eyes and moaned, and ever time he pulled out of me I gasped and leaned back towards him, causing his cock to plunge into my butt that much harder again. Jeff continued to fuck my ass as hard as he could, his balls slapping against my butt, his dick popping out again. Back and forth, all the way in and all the way out.

Over and over again.

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Then he plunged into my butt and only slid back a little. But I wanted him to cum, so as he slid back I leaned back harder fucking against his cock with my sphincter. This was too much for him. He moaned and emptied his load deep into my ass. I groaned with pleasure and grabbed at his bed sheets with my hands.

Jeff pulled out of my ass and leaned back. I raised to my knees and was amazed at how empty and stretched out I felt without him in me. "Now look at this," he said, "I'm being terribly rude, here it is your first time and I'm having all the fun." I smiled.

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"What would you like to do?" he asked. I had no doubt that he was excellent at sucking cock, but I wanted something else. I wanted to fuck his ass, any girl can give a blowjob, but my rock hard cock wanted to fuck a guy's ass. I wanted to know what it was like. Jeff must have read my mind. He stood up and went over to the chair that I had originally been sitting on. "Sit down" he said. I did. As I sat down, Jeff climbed up so that he was squatting over my dick, facing me.

I watched as his cock started to get hard again. He smiled at me as his hand went down and grabbed my throbbing prick. He jacked my shaft for a few moments and then held me straight up. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on the sensations but it was too much. I opened my eyes again, because I realized that I wanted to watch more than anything.

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Jeff began to ease himself down onto my cock. He spit on his hand again and rubbed it on the head of my dick. Then he eased himself down farther. I felt the tip of my cock press against his tight asshole. It felt so good, I began to doubt that I could last very long inside of him.

Jeff eased himself down farther and all at once my cock popped through his sphincter and slid into his warm butt hole.

It felt so good. I looked over Jeff's shoulder and was delighted to see a mirror on the other side of the room. I could watch, with a perfect view, as my cock slid between his butt cheeks and disappeared.

I began to moan. His ass was so tight and warm and wonderful. Jeff slid all the way down my shaft until I was fully installed in his ass. Then he began to lift himself up again. Up and down Jeff fucked my cock with his ass. His cock started to get harder I began to jack him off as he fucked himself on my ass. It felt so good. His hot butt soft against my dick, while his sphincter contracted around my shaft sliding up and down, up and down.

The pleasure was so intense. I groaned loudly and came deep inside Jeff's ass, he liked this alot and at just that moment he came all over my chest and chin. Jeff collapsed forward on my chest and started to lick up his cum. I just laid there and concentrated on the sensations washing over my body. After a minute or two Jeff climbed off of my dick (my dick twitching with pleasure as it slid out of his tight butt hole) and started to get dressed.

Just like that we both got dressed and left for the party. Not a word to anyone about our encounter. It was my first gay experience, but it wouldn't be my last.