Lovely femdom likes it rough

Lovely femdom likes it rough
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After a very long delay here is the next part in my series. I had intended for this to be the final part, but it carried on longer than i intended so I've decided to post it while i work on the next part.

Enjoy PART 12: LAUREN We all just lay there, slowly coming back to our senses after our first little group session. I was desperate to orgasm myself but I figured I could wait for now, I was sure it wouldn't be long before I got some attention as well. I was so proud of Caitlyn; she seemed to finally be getting over her hang ups about boys and cocks. After a couple of minutes of silence, Caitlyn reached out and lightly touched Alex's cock, still sticky and shiny from the blowjob I had given him.

I gave Alex a quick look, trying to convey to him not to move or do anything to startle Caitlyn. He gave me a nod and just watched as she picked his limp dick up between two fingers and moved it around a little bit. She continued to move it around for a bit and then turned her attention to his balls, stroking them before raising them up and cupping them in her hand. Unsurprisingly this started having a noticeable effect on Alex as his dick started to grow under Caitlyn's inexperienced touch.

As his cock slowly started to grow, she returned her attention to his shaft, holding it in her hand, feeling it swell and harden in her grasp. "That's it Cat," murmured Sara as she watched from the other side of the bed. "See how it's growing? You're causing that, Alex is getting hard for you.

There's nothing but good things that come from a lovely hard cock like that. All it will do is make you feel incredible things." Caitlyn stroked Alex's cock a couple of times, pulling his foreskin right back, revealing his swollen and purple knob before sliding her hand back up. She then released his cock and sat up, kneeling besides Alex's head. "Hmmm, it does feel kind of nice, all velvety smooth, hard and soft at the same time.

Maybe later, but right now I think it's time for breakfast!" She gave me a shove, sending me flying off the side of the bed and crashing to the floor, causing them all to burst out laughing as my legs were left flailing in the air as I tried to get back up. "Owwww! I'll get you for that!" I finally levered myself up and jumped back on the bed, wrestling her down and pinning her between Alex and myself. Then we both started tickling her, bringing squeals and gasps as she pleaded for us to stop.

Smack! The sound of Sara slapping me on the ass resounded throughout the room, quickly followed by my squeal as I sat bolt upright, bringing my hands back to my stinging butt cheek. "Sara!

What was that for?" She'd slapped me pretty hard and caught me completely unprepared.

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"I like spanking you," she replied with a wicked smile as she got off the bed, "and besides, I think it is time for breakfast. I have a feeling we're all going to need lots of energy today. Why don't you two go get started while Alex and I take a quick shower. I feel very sweaty and sticky and definitely need one before I want to do anything else." Still holding my tender cheek I poked my tongue at her, "Spoilsport! Fine, come on Caitlyn, let's go rustle up some food while stinky and slappy here get cleaned up." I untangled myself from the other two and got off the bed, Alex seemed reluctant to let go of Caitlyn, but eventually she untangled herself and we both headed for the door.

"Don't take too long you two, breakfast won't be long" Caitlyn said as we both walked out "And no funny business either, at least not without us!" She called out as we headed downstairs. "Without us?" I asked.

Maybe she was ready to jump into the boy end of things sooner than I thought. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs and turned towards me, taking my hands in hers, she looked into my eyes. "Yeah, us. You obviously like boys and their cocks, even dog dicks too!" She laughed as she said that bit. "And if they are so important to you and you like it that much, then they have to be good.

So as long as you're with me then I'm willing to try them as well." There was a nervous, hesitant look in her eyes, but something else as well. A kind of resolve and confidence I hadn't seen before. Kissing her lightly on the lips I asked, "So you're ready to suck Dusty off as well?" We both burst out laughing, breaking the tension. "Ummmm, maybe… you first though." She replied with a nervous half-smile. "Come on, let's get breakfast started." I headed for the kitchen and the sound of Dusty scratching at the door, eager to be let in and have his breakfast too.

I opened the door and he bounded in, immediately sticking his nose in my crotch and his tongue snaking out, trying to lick all of me at once.

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Reacting without even thinking about it, I spread my legs and squatted down to give him better access as he slobbered at my eager pussy. Caitlyn watched for a moment, before she grabbed Dusty's collar pulling him away from me. "Not now you two! We need to have food before we eat anything else!" Dusty and I both whined at being taken away from some of our favorite things.

"Damn girl, how am I supposed to concentrate on food when his tongue is just waiting for me? I didn't get to cum this morning." "Awww you poor girl! You'll just have to wait and until after breakfast.

And if you can't keep his tongue away from you then you'll have to put him outside while we eat." Caitlyn was smirking at me, as I was still standing there with my legs bowed out and my pussy all red and puffy with my matted pubes covered in a mix of my juices and dog slobber. "Fine, hold him for a minute while I fill his bowl and put it out for him." Turning around I quickly opened the pantry and grabbed his biscuits and filled his bowl.

Dusty was whining and quivering, I'm not sure if he was eager for me or his food, probably both. But he wasn't trying to get away from her grip, just sitting beside her.

Picking up one his biscuits I held it out to him as he strained forward pulling Caitlyn slightly off balance, I pulled back, teasing him as his eyes followed my hand and his food. Quickly darting my hand forward and between her legs, Dusty turned and snuck his nose into her pussy, searching for his treat, his tongue instantly snaking out and running along her pussy and my fingers as he sought his prize.

Caitlyn let out a gasp and a quick moan, letting go of his collar in surprise as Dusty got in a few quick licks before she backed off clenching her thighs together before I gave Dusty his other treat.

"You sneaky little tramp! You're supposed to be feeding him dog food, not me!" she was half laughing as she tried to look angry, but she was failing miserably. "What? I was trying to feed him, it's not my fault that your pussy has a magnetic pull on my hands. It just tries to suck them in whenever they get close to it. It's like a black hole really." Even I couldn't keep a straight face when I said that. We both started laughing as Dusty sat between us, his head going back and forth trying to figure out what these two weird humans were doing and wondering whether he was going to get a treat or food.

"My pussy is a 'black hole'? Are you kidding me? You're the one that likes to stick anything inside yours." She was leaning against the counter, trying to regain control of herself as we continued laughing.

"You are such a weirdo and that's just one of the reasons I love you so much Lauren." She reached over and grabbed Dusty's bowl and headed for the door, "Come on Dusty, time for you to eat something else. We don't want you to get sucked into a black hole or anything." Dusty bounded after her, deciding that food was more important than treats right now.

She opened the door and put his food down and quickly stepping aside as he dove in, gobbling up his food. "Pig," Caitlyn said as she ruffled his head before coming back inside and closing the door behind her. "Now, let's cook some food before we have anymore interruptions shall we?" I really was pretty hungry, so I decided to put my horniness on hold and get some food.

"Ok, how about I make toast and you can do the eggs?" Making toast was about the extent of my culinary skills, anything else tended to end up burnt or rather uncooked. "Yeah, that will do, sure you don't want to cook?" Caitlyn asked.

She was always teasing me about cooking, but I didn't really care to learn. I'd always planned on just being rich and having someone else cook for me. But I hadn't really figured out the getting rich part yet, but hell, I had plenty of time to work that out.

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We both got started and I soon had a pile of toast that was pretty well done by my standards and Caitlyn had a pile of scrambled eggs on the way. Alex and Sara came down the stairs as I was setting the table, I was happy to see that they were both still naked. I loved the way Sara's big boobs bounced as she came down the stairs and Alex's cock jiggling and swaying in front of him. "Take a seat guys, the food is almost ready." "Hmmm, something smells good," Alex said as he pulled out a chair for Sara.

"Why thank you kind sir!" Sara said in a posh English accent as she sat down. "Wow Alex, what a gentleman! I've never seen you pull out a chair for me!" I teased. He started blushing as he sat down, "Yeah well, Sara's different." Sara and I both giggled at his reply before I headed back into the kitchen.

Caitlyn was just taking off the apron she had put on while cooking. "All set? Foods ready and it sounds like our two love birds have come down to join us." "Yep, we're ready to go." I grabbed two plates and she grabbed the others, before leading the way back to the table. We all dove in, obviously hungry as we devoured the mountain of eggs and toast that we'd prepared.

No one really said very much, just mumbled appreciation of the food. My attention was diverted to the two wonderful pairs of naked boobs on show, just as Alex was. Except he had 3 pairs to feast his eyes on, he couldn't seem to decide who to stare at, quickly going from one pair to another, settling for a while before darting off to another set. I loved Sara's brown nipples, sticking out like two pencil erasers, wonderfully setting off her big round boobs.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on them again, the small touch I'd had upstairs only whetted my appetite for big boobs. My own were so small in comparison, barely there when compared to hers.

My nipples were probably bigger though I thought. My clit was really tingling and I was sure I must be leaving a wet spot on the chair. I started running a finger up and down my slit, teasing myself as we finished eating and just sat and stared at each other.

I think we were starting to feel a little weird and unsure of how to carry on. Which seems kind of weird after what we'd already started upstairs and now that we were all sitting naked around the table. Sara and Alex were sitting pretty close together and I noticed that Sara's arm was making small motions. It took me a moment before I clicked.

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"Sara! Are you jerking my brother off at the breakfast table!?!" I blurted out in my scolding voice. She jerked her hand back, smacking her elbow on the seat-back, bringing a small gasp of pain.

"What… ahh nooo, I." she started to say. "Because if you are, then I must say it's very rude of you to do that when we can't see what's going on!" We all started laughing when we realized the absurdity of the situation. "Well I guess I was," Sara said as she rubbed her elbow.


"If you want to see what I'm doing then why don't you come over and have a look?" She reached back over, bringing a smile to Alex as she must have grabbed his dick again. "Don't you want me see me stroking your big brothers cock?" Her arm movements were much more noticeable now, obviously pumping his dick. I turned to look at Caitlyn, "Shall we?" Scooting back my chair I dove under the table, almost smacking my head in the process.

I was greeted by the lovely sight of Sara's spread legs and Alex's fingers sliding in and out of her dripping pussy. Guess they were both tired of eating. Crawling forward I placed my hands on Alex's knees, spreading his legs apart and squeezing myself between them. I could finally see the object of my desire. His balls were hanging down between his thighs, moving up and down in time to Sara's strokes. I could only see the very bottom of his shaft as the table was in the way, but he looked awfully big and hard from my point of view.

There wasn't a lot of room, but I squeezed forward and pushing my face tight against his thighs I took a nice long lick up his sack, causing a quiver to race through his body. Sucking one of his balls into my mouth, I luxuriated in the feel of it, so soft and smooth against my tongue.

"That looks so hot Lauren," Sara cooed, "Alex, why don't you move your seat back so she has some more room?" "Uhh, sure." Alex mumbled, too caught up in the feelings to be thinking straight. Grabbing the edges of his seat he scooted it back a bit and then spread his legs wider giving me room to get my head out from under the table, and then he just leant his head back, mouth open and moaning contentedly.

Sara was looking right into my eyes as she continued to pump his cock and I returned my attention to licking and sucking his balls.


It was then that I felt Caitlyn's hands on my ass, pulling my cheeks apart and her tongue flicking at my butthole. I arched my back and moaned my approval around my mouthful of nuts. "Damn Lauren, those beautiful blue eyes of yours look so sexy when you're sucking on your brothers nuts. Don't you think so Alex?" Sara smacked Alex on the chest to get his attention. "Huh, yeah she really does, doesn't she?" Alex was looking at me now as I pulled back, sucking hard at one his balls until it slipped out of my mouth with a wet pop.

A long strand of my saliva connected my lips to his balls. Trying not to break eye contact I stuck my tongue out and traced a line all the way from the bottom of his balls and along his shaft and over Sara's fingers as she stopped pumping until I reached his swollen knob.

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Swirling my tongue around I licked up all the precum that had been steadily oozing out, before I opened wide and tried to get his whole cock into my mouth. Sara tilted his dick downwards, eager to help me get it all in. Alex moaned, half pain, half pleasure as his hard and throbbing dick was bent down at an uncomfortable angle to aid in my blowjob.

It was getting harder to concentrate as Caitlyn was nibbling on my clit and poking at my butt with a finger now. I could feel my juices dribbling from me as she licked them up; I was so close to orgasm now. Sara released her hold on Alex and pushed her chair back and got up, walking around the table and out of my sight.

His cock was pushing against the roof of my mouth now, trying to stand up straighter instead of being bent down so far.

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He was still watching me, a glazed look in his eyes I was learning to recognize as his about to cum face. "Suck it Lauren, suck my cock you horny little bitch. You're going to make me cum any minute now." He put his hands on top of my head, exerting some pressure, trying to get his dick deeper in my mouth. Caitlyn took her hands away from my ass and cupped my boobs, stroking them as they hung beneath me, she must be lying underneath me I now realized.

Then she took my nipples between her fingers and thumbs, pinching them hard and pulling me down closer to the floor. The sudden burst of pain with all the pleasure set me off and I finally got my first orgasm of the morning. I had to release Alex's dick I was shaking so hard, my stomach heaving as I dwelt in that moment of perfect ecstasy when you first start cumming.

Caitlyn abandoned my clit, diverting her attention to my pussy lips and the juices leaking out onto her awaiting tongue. She eased off the pressure on my nipples, just tweaking them and rolling them through her fingers. I just hung my head for about 30 seconds, trying to get my breath back as Caitlyn continued teasing me, already trying to build me up towards my next climax.

Alex gave out a polite cough, "Uh hmm, excuse me?" I looked up to see him holding his dick and pointing it down at me. "I think you still have some unfinished business up here?" With an eager smile I levered myself up, placing both my arms on his thighs I grabbed his dick and popped it back into my mouth, eager to get another load of cum. He was still steel hard and I didn't think it would be long before I had him ready to cum again.

"Sara, where did you go? You're missing out on all the fun?" I looked up to see Alex looking across the table behind me. Sara must have come back from wherever she had gone. "Oh I think I can see what I've been missing; you should see the view I have right now. That smooth little pussy of Caitlyn's has got my mouth watering. I think it's about time she got a good licking don't you?" I tried to voice my agreement but I didn't want to take the cock out of my mouth, so I just grunted and moaned a couple of times as Alex nodded enthusiastically.

"Yeah Sara, I think that is exactly what she needs right now." Caitlyn must have agreed as well, as she really seemed to up the tempo on my nether regions. She now had two fingers in my ass and two in my pussy, pumping them in and out alternatively as she licked and nibbled on my lips, ignoring my clit for now. I was getting really close to cumming again but I wanted to get Alex off before I did.

I figured it was going to be close; Alex blowing in my mouth would probably set me off even if she stopped right now I was so close. This must be paradise I thought, my brothers hard cock in my mouth and my sister/lover sucking on my pussy about to make me cum.

It just doesn't get any better than this does it? Alex started breathing heavily and his legs tensed up, "Here it comes Lauren, suck my cum out of me!" His voice rising to an almost girlish level as he began erupting into my mouth.

One, two, three hard blasts coating the inside of my mouth with thick creamy cum before I swallowed it down and pulled off his dick to let it slap back wetly against his stomach as the rest of his cum slowly seeped out the tip and dribbled down the sides of his glistening shaft. Finally I could concentrate on the incredible pleasure Caitlyn was giving me and with my mouth free I could do more than gurgle or moan. "Mmmm Cat, I think Alex just blew in your sisters mouth again.

I think the next lot of cum he delivers should go straight into your sweet little body." It sounded like Sara was right behind me now. I could only guess she was going down on Caitlyn or she was about to.

"Make me cum Sara, please! I want you to eat me while I make Lauren cum again. Make us cum together." Caitlin finally stopped licking me long enough to plead to Sara. Listening to the two of them and not being able to actually see them was driving me nuts. I knelt down a little lower and started grinding my clit against Caitlyn's mouth, almost smothering her with my juicy pussy.

All I could really see was Alex's softening cock and the big grin on his face. Obviously he had could see Sara, but I doubted he could see Caitlyn at all, with her being under me and the table being over both of us. "Go for it Sara, I know you want to" he panted. Suddenly Caitlyn squealed and jammed her fingers hard into my pussy and ass as she tried to sit up straight, head butting me in the groin.

I jerked upright, smacking my head on the table as Caitlyn started spasming and crying out beneath me. "OH MY GOD! NO SARA! STOP HIM! OH FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD, STOP HIM, OHHHHH FUCK, OH FUCK THAT'S IT, DON'T STOP!" Caitlyn was practically screaming at the top of her voice.

What the hell? Then I heard something that I had come to know so well.


The unmistakable sound of Dusty's big slobbery tongue going to work on wet and tasty pussy.