June is a lovely MILF

June is a lovely MILF
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The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16 even if it sounds like they should not be. Enjoy. ;-) ____________________________________________________________ It is only weeks till my college graduation and I'm sitting here thinking back over my life.

My name is Paul. I'm from Sacramento and I am about to graduate form UCSD, a big school in a big city. San Diego is a great beach town and UCSD has always been known as a party school. People jokingly say that you can get degrees in surfing, underwater basket weaving or beach orgies. Actually I'm a little bit of a science nerd. My mind pulled up my first time with a girl. It was at our elementary school graduation.

The lower grades and junior high and high school were all separate schools. Our elementary school had a formal graduation where all the girls wore nice dresses and the boys mostly wore suits. After we went up on stage and got our diplomas at six pm, the parents would leave and there was a dance till nine when the parents would come back and pick everybody up.

I was sitting in a chair watching some of the kids dance and talking with a couple of my guy friends when Jenny came up to me and took my hand, "Come on Paul, come dance." I could dance a little bit so we went to the gym floor and I did my best.


I had known Jenny for several years and she was a friend, not a girlfriend. We had done a couple science projects together. After our second dance, Jenny took me by the hand and led me out of the gym and down the hall. We walked down the hall and she tried doors till one of them opened.

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It was the door to a janitor's closet. When it opened she pulled me in, turned on the light and shut the door. Jenny stood in front of me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "We're going to be going to different schools next year. I've liked you for a while now and wished that we had become boyfriend and girlfriend.

We may never see each other again so I want to give you something so you will remember me." She dropped to her knees in front of me, reached out, undid my belt, unzipped my fly and pulled my slacks and underpants down to the floor, exposing my young erection.

At that time I was probably around five inches and didn't have more that a half dozen small pubic hairs. Jenny took hold of the base of my pecker and slid her mouth over it. I had been masturbating for several months but when Jenny's lips first touched my cock, it was the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt. I almost shot my load on the spot.

Jenny started bobbing up and down on my shaft while sucking like she was working to get a thick milkshake thru a straw. I didn't last a minute but it was the best minute that I had ever had in my life up to that point. I moaned, "Jenny, I'm gonna shoot. Jenny." She didn't stop and just as I got those words out, I flooded her mouth with my jizz.

Jenny swallowed quickly and never spilled a drop. I was shaking and my voice was squeaky. "Wow Jenny, where did you learn to do that?" "My older brother taught me." Jenny gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Now you have to remember me forever." I pulled up my pants. Jenny opened the door and we went back to the gym just before all the parents arrived to take the students home. She was right, we have never seen each other again and I still do remember her." Over the next couple of years I grew, both in height and in the male equipment area.

My voice got deeper and I got a few hairs on my chest and a lot more pubic hair. One thing I found out was that my cock was long enough and I was flexible enough that I could get my own cockhead in my mouth. Many a time I sucked myself while jacking off.

I can't count the number of times I drank my own cum. But I never had any desire to do anything with another guy. I also learned that I was usually able to come to an orgasm three times before I lost my erection. Thru high school I had several girlfriends for varying amounts of time and a number of single dates. I wasn't the class stud but did manage to get laid occasionally.

I also had my first sex with an older woman. Near the beginning of my sophomore year, Mrs. Brown, my homeroom and English teacher caught me and a girl making out in an out of the way spot behind the building at lunch.

The girl had my cock out, in her hand as she jacked me off while we kissed. Mrs. Brown ordered us to come to her room at the end of classes. She gave us a real strong talking to and told us that if we got caught again, by anyone, that we would probably get kicked out of school. Then she sent the girl away but told me to stay.

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I bet you have guessed it. I wound up fucking Mrs. Brown. She was probably almost forty and more than old enough to be my mother, but she was still quite attractive and had a nice body. After locking the door she walked over to me, took my hands and put them on her tits. They were by far the biggest tits I had ever touched.

Then she unbuttoned her white blouse and unfastened her front hooking bra. Her tits stuck out and she pulled my face to her chest.

"Suck on my nipples. Paul." For several minutes I went from one to the other, nursing like a baby. She stood there with her eyes closed and one hand behind my head, moaning in pleasure. "I've never done anything with a student before but for some reason I just needed to have you with me.

I'm sorry, Paul." She reached for my crotch. "You are growing to be quite the young man." She wiggled her shoulders making her blouse and bra drop to the floor.

She reached for the zipper on the back of her skirt. "Are you going to join me?" We were both nude at about the same time. Mrs.

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Brown dropped down in front of me and took my manhood in her hand. "Very nice. You're as big as my husband and even harder." She leaned forward and kissed my cock. It jumped.

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She sucked my cock for about a minute and then got up and sat on the edge of her desk with her legs spread wide. "Have you ever eaten a woman before?" I told her no. "Well if you want to learn how to really please your girlfriends, put your face between my legs." I excitedly did as she instructed.

She reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart. It was the first time I had ever gotten an up close and personal look at a woman's, or girl's, pussy.

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I liked what I saw and felt the excitement growing between my legs. "See that bump above my hole? I want you to pay a lot of attention to it. Lick it and kiss it and suck on it. Then stick you tongue in my hole and then do it all again. Her bump grew as she told me what to do. I leaned forward and touched it with my tongue. She jumped and fluid started to drip out of her hole. Over the next five minutes, I got better and better at eating her pussy and I really enjoyed doing it.

I brought her to two climaxes. Each time, she pulled my face tightly to her crotch and rocked her hips against my face while trying to hold back a scream. Her pussy juices would flood and I would lick them up.

I loved the taste. Sometimes she made it hard for me to breath. Finally she let my head go and told me to get up and fuck her. I stood. She lay back on her desk with her legs pulled up and spread wide and her pussy at the edge.

I stood between her legs. "Mrs. Brown, I don't have a condom." "That's OK Paul. Just fuck me. Fuck me now. I need your cock in my cunt." She didn't need to say it again. I shoved my prick deep on her soaking wet fuck hole.

"Yesssss," she said loudly." I put my finger to my lips. "Shhhhhish." This was the first time I had ever had my cock in a girl without it being enclosed in a condom. It felt different. It felt good. I fucked her hard and fast. She lay back on her desk with her eyes closed. While I fucked her, I was squeezing her tits with my hands. I heard her say, "Oh yes, Nick. Fuck me hard.

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I want it so bad. Fill my cunt with your wonderful cum. I love you, Nick." Nick was he husband's name. I continued to pummel her pussy.

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I felt my load building in my balls and knew that it would not be long before I was filling her with my seed. I warned her but she sternly said, "Don't stop. Don't you fuckin' stop. I need to feel you cum in me." We both came at the same time. As good as it felt to fuck without a condom for the first time, it felt even that much better to fill her cunt with my cum without a rubber catching my load.

She held me tight as she came down from her orgasm. Then Mrs. Brown slid off the desk and down in front of me and sucked my cock clean. As she slid her lips up and down on my shaft, she saw that I did not go soft so she kept at it till I exploded in her mouth.

She drank it all down. That was the first time I had the cum sucked out of me since elementary school graduation night. Again she saw that I did not go soft. She leaned over her desk and I fucked her again, this time from the rear.

I had never done that before. I lasted almost ten minutes this time and we were both sweating when I finally came, adding another cum load to her pussy and I pulled out. She never said a word during this last fuck. Again she sucked our fluids off my now deflating prick. "We need to talk, Paul.


I should not have done that. It was completely wrong but when I saw you and Donna out behind the school, something came over me and I just could not stop myself. I love my husband but he has lost interest in sex and almost never fucks me any more.

I'm so horny all the time. I sit at my desk while I am teaching the class and rub my pussy all the time. As I watched Donna play with your nice cock, I knew that I just had to have it. I'm so sorry. I'll never do anything again or mention it unless you let me know that you want me to. I swear. But just to let you know. You were great." About a week later, I walked up to her desk after class and said, "Mrs.

Brown, I've been a bad boy. I think you will have to keep me after class." She understood my thought and replied, "Well, I guess I will just have to do that." We fucked at least once a week for the rest of the school year.

She wasn't the only one I was fucking. I really knew how to please a girl now and some told others and I didn't have any trouble getting dates. Sometimes it was even the girl that did the asking. Mrs. Brown usually drove us out to a cabin she and her husband owned at the beach so there would not be a chance of being caught at school. As the school year came near an end, you could clearly see her baby bump growing in size.

She never said a word to me about it but the last week of school she announced that she and her husband were moving away and that she would not be back the following school year. I spent a lot of time wondering if that was my baby she was carrying. I never found out. This started out to be a story about me and my two guy friends' sex life at college, with just a quick introduction to my early sex years but I guess that story will have to be a continuation to this one.

Watch for "Three great packages" soon. 713

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