Maduro roludo metendo sem d oacute_ no novinho

Maduro roludo metendo sem d oacute_ no novinho
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I've always enjoyed spending time at my boyfriend Daniel's house. My parents are so overprotective, but his let us do whatever we want. We watch a lot of Netflix, and spend a lot of our time making out on the couch with movies on in the background.

He's 22, and I'm 18, but we've always been good together. Today, I was sitting on the couch with some movie on in the background.

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I'm in the middle, and Daniel was to the left of me. Sitting on my right was his big brother, Jackson, who's 26. I turn to my left and start making out with my boyfriend. I feel his finger slip inside me under the blanket we have over us. This has always been our game: To try to get ourselves to cum without no one else noticing.

His large fingers get deeper into my already wet cunt, slowly rubbing against my clit. I moan softly into Daniel's mouth. "What's up, baby?" Daniel murmurs into my ear.

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"What do you think?" I say breathily, trying to stay quiet so Jackson doesn't overhear. I feel the cold metal of a ring on Daniel's finger slipping inside of me… And then it hits me. Daniel doesn't wear a ring, but Jackson is engaged and wears one… I glance over at Jackson, my breathing growing louder as the fingers inside of me start to slide faster, and he winks at me, and then looks back to the screen.

Under the blanket, I can see Jackson's hand moving quicker, my moans becoming harder to stifle. And then he stops.


Jackson pulls his fingers out of my pussy, slowly trailing his fingers down my thighs, leaving my juice down my legs. "I'm going back to my room. Alice will be here any time now, and I have to clean up the guest room before she gets here.

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She'll kill me if I don't." Jackson says, looking into my eyes as I look back shocked that he'd do that right here in front of his brother, my boyfriend. "Alright, tell me when she gets here so me and Elise can go into the guest house out back." Daniel says, oblivious to what just happened under the same blanket we're still covering ourselves with.

I've always thought Jackson was sexy, but I didn't think he'd ever try anything with me now that I'm with his younger brother. Especially since he's to be married next week… "I'm going to go make something to eat, do you want anything babe?" I say to my boyfriend, trying not to stammer. "Bring me a coke, will ya?" Daniel says, looking back at the screen to the movie. "Of course," I say, quietly leaving the room into the kitchen. I walk into the kitchen and sit on the counter, trying to calm myself down.

I've always fantasized about fucking Jackson, but I didn't think anything would ever happen between us.

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I love Daniel, I can't do that to him. "Hiding from him now, are you?" Jackson says, walking into the kitchen, standing a few feet in front of me. "N-no…I'm just making something to eat." I say softly, trying not to look him in the eyes.

"Come on now, girl. You know you liked it… there's more where that came from." He says, walking up to me sitting on the counter.


He takes his hands and grips my thighs, spreading them apart. My boyfriend's brother lifts my dress higher, exposing my bare cunt. "Mm… looks like someone isn't so innocent after all. No panties? Such a shame…" He purrs, sliding his hand up my thigh.

"S-stop it, Jackson… I'm your brother's girlfriend.

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And you're engaged. I don't want to cheat on him." I whisper, not wanting Daniel to hear from the other room. "He doesn't have to know," Jackson says quickly before pressing his lips to mine and kissing me.

His tongue enveloping mine, and he uses a finger to rub my wet slit. "I brought you so close to cumming before, don't you want to finish?" I pull away from his kiss and lift my dress back down. "Stop it or I'll tell your fiancé and she won't want to marry you anymore." "Big words for such a small girl… Let's see you try to fight against me." He purrs, unzipping his jeans. Not taking them off, but sliding his 9 inch thobbing cock through the hole, pulling my thighs apart, and bringing me closer to his monster cock.

"N-no, Jackson, stop!" I say more forcefully, trying to get up and away from him. He takes his hands and pulls my own arms back, behind my back. Using one hand to hold my wrists behind me, he uses his other hand to cover my mouth. "Don't be scared baby, and don't yell. Shut up, or I'll gag you.

Shake your head yes if you'll be a good girl now." He whispers into my ear, still restraining me forcefully. My back pressed against the wall, and I'm still sitting on the kitchen counter, his body against mine as his cock is teasing the slit of my pussy. I nod yes, and he takes his hand off my mouth and lets my arms go. "I've only ever had sex with Jackson, and I only lost my virginity to him a few months ago. P-please don't fuck me… I'll do anything, just don't fu—" I lose my breath as his cock slams into me, so large it nearly knocks the wind out of me.

I've had sex before, but Daniel's cock is about 6 inches, and not very girthy. Jackson picks me up, so he's standing and I wrap my legs around him, and he's holding my hips so he can thrust his cock into me. His thobbing cock starts off slowly, and gets faster and faster. "Oh god, Jackson, this is wrong…Please let me down and I w-won't tell anyone, I swear." I say, my breathing uneven as he slams back into me every time I speak.

"Be quiet, Elise, or Daniel will hear you. You don't want him to think you're nothing but a dirty slut, do you?" He spits out, grabbing onto my ass to use as leverage to slam back into my soaking cunt. "Babe, are you okay?" Daniel calls out from the living room, while his brother's cock slams into me more forcefully, knocking the breath out of me. "You better fucking tell him you're fine, slut." Jackson whispers into my ear, pulling me tighter against him, his cock still inside of me.

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"I-I'm fine, baby! Just making something to eat r-really fast!" I call out, trying to keep my voice as normal as possible.


I start kissing Daniel, moaning into his mouth so the noise is muffled. Jackson walks towards the closed door of the kitchen, the only thing hiding what we're doing in here. His cock still inside of me as he walks, and presses me up against the door, my legs still wrapped around him as he takes his cock out of me, and slams back in so hard I can't help but scream out, banging me against the door, only feet away from my boyfriend sitting on the couch. The harder he slams into me, the more noise the door makes.

"How would my baby brother feel knowing I'm fucking the life out of his 16 year old slut girlfriend against this door? Mmm. god, your pussy is so fucking tight. I knew I should've done this sooner." He whispers as I moan into his neck, suddenly feeling his load burst inside of me. He sets me down and zips his pants back up, looks down at me and says, "Clean yourself up, you look like a mess. I do like the look of my cum dripping between your legs though… Maybe I'll come say goodnight to you tonight when my brother falls asleep." I can't look him in the eye, and I wipe his cum from between my legs with my dress, pulling it back down, trying to cover how brutally he fucked my pussy.

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To be continued…