Deep throat that big dick

Deep throat that big dick
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BOUND & BLINDFOLDED As I may have told you previously, my wife and I have had a very honest relationship concerning sex. We discussed with each other what we enjoyed and what we liked and didn't like and most of the choices were determined through experimentation. Our fantasies, which were a major part of our love making, were used to enhance our pleasure and to provide the degree of variety we needed to keep our love fresh.

We tried some light bondage and submission with the full understanding and agreement that there would be no severe pain. That was something that we both didn't like or enjoy. We would tie each other to the bed on different occasions and sometimes we would be blindfolded, sometimes not.

Pleasure and titillation would be administered by the dominant person.

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On one particular Saturday afternoon, my wife had just finished her shower and informed me that she was in the mood for some fun and excitement. She asked me if I was in the mood for a tie-up session. Of course I was always ready and she told me to get my shower and come to the bedroom as soon as possible. When I entered the bedroom, Mary was dressed in a black garter belt, black panties and black fish-net hose and that's all.

She was in full command as she told me to lie on the bed and she tied my arms and legs to the four corners of the bed with the special leather straps we had purchased for such occasions. She then proceeded to blindfold me.

Being vulnerable like that and feeling the anticipation of not knowing what she was going to do, caused my flaccid member to stir and grow hard immediately.

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Mary started to pump and stroke my hardening cock and soon, I felt her warm mouth slide down over the mushroom crown of my prick and she completely engulf me in her soft warm mouth.

Her hand was stroking and "jacking me" while her tongue circled the head of my throbbing manhood when I heard the doorbell ring. She let my member slip from her mouth with a plop and told me she was slipping on her robe and would be back in a minute to finish what she had started.

I heard Mary open the front door and then heard her talking to someone but I could not make out either the conversation or the identify of the person she was talking to.

There was a pause of several minutes and I heard whispering when the bedroom door opened. I could hear some muffled sounds and giggling when I heard Mary say, "Don't talk or say anything, he doesn't need to know who it is. We do this little bondage thing every two or three months and today is my turn, kind of wild huh? "What do you think of my captive?" Well, I started yelling and telling Mary to get whoever it was the hell out of there and she told me that it was alright, her friend was just interested and wanted to see how this sort of sexual bondage play really happened, so that she could do the same thing with her husband sometime.

Again, whispers and giggling and I sensed that I was really being looked over from head to foot. My cock was jumping all over the place and laughter every time it did spring about.

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Mary continued by saying, "You see, it has a mind of its own, I was just getting him excited and ready when the doorbell rang. He likes me to. you know.

. kiss and suck him for awhile prior to getting down to some serious business. As you can see, he could still use some attention before he's really ready. "Can I watch what you do, do you mind at all?" I heard the woman ask. "You bet, I like the idea of someone watching me suck my husband's cock, that's kind of kinky fun, I think." I felt her mouth slide down over my cock again as she wrapped her tongue around the head and swirled it, coating my shaft with her saliva.

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"He's getting harder and bigger. isn't he?" the woman guest said in a whispered tone. "Yes, It's really exciting when I can feel his cock grow in my mouth, I get sooo wet every time I do this." "I'm really wet too, just watching you." the woman said again. Then I heard her ask, "would you mind or let me touch him?" "Sure go ahead." I felt a warm wet hand stroking my cock up and down as the woman was giggling as she stroked me for several minutes.


"Would you want to taste him too," I heard my wife ask. "I'm so hot and wet from watching you, Hell, yes I want a taste!" and I felt her lips slid down over my cock. She worked quickly, savoring the delicious morsel now lodged in her warm mouth. After a few minutes of that she stopped. I then heard shuffling and zippers and wondered what was happening, could.

just maybe.

yes, the mystery guest must be taking off her clothing, when Mary said, "OH ,Yes, your so pretty and such lovely titties. I'm getting wet too, just thinking about what the possibilities could be here." I felt the bed move and soon I felt soft warm soft lips slid up and down my shaft. "Jerry always likes that!" Mary said, "If fact, let me help you!" They were actually taking turns wrapping their lips around my twitching cock and enjoying themselves immensely at my expense.

I started yelling and Mary said "Hand me your wet panties and I'll stuff them in his mouth to keep him quiet, then we won't have to worry about the neighbors hearing him yelling. "Mary, why don't you straddle and ride him so I can see his cock slide in and out of your pussy.

I'll guide his dick in as you settle down on it.OK?" Try as I might, I could not recognize that voice, but I knew I'd heard it before! I could feel the juices boiling up inside me and I was moving my hips up and down in order to meet those warm attentive pussy lips when I felt someone straddle my hips and a hand guided my prick into a soft and well lubricated pussy.

After a few short strokes I felt the walls of a pussy grip my cock like a piece of clay. I was sure what I felt was Mary's pussy gripping my prick and the woman's hand directing the operation. It was a different feeling but what I do know is that it felt wonderful.

I heard the girl say, "God, I've never seen anything this wild in all my life. Watching him sink his cock in your pussy.Oh!, it's just beautiful." I could feel her hands massage my balls and grip my cock as Mary would move where she was about to slip off my cock and then she would plunge down, fully impaling herself on my rigid member.

After riding me awhile as she did, Mary lifted her body and my cock slipped out of her cunt. "Oh, look, It's covered with your juices, let me ride him Mary, do you mind?" I felt warm lips again on my cock licking up the juices and letting my cock move deeply into a warm mouth.

"Suck him clean now, does it taste good with our mixed juices on it?" Mary was giving orders to her as well.


Then, as she straddled my torso I felt my cock being guided into yet another wet wonderfully tight pussy and she started to grind away on my rigid prick. Mary took the wet panties out of my mouth and made me promise to be quiet and not yell anymore. There was more movement on the bed as Mary, I think, was getting in to positioning herself near my head and I suddenly felt a cleanly shaven pussy brushing my face, rubbing up and down on my cheeks and lips.

She lowered her slit onto my waiting mouth. Mary was talking as she moved over me, "He enjoys having a pussy on his face. He really has a talented tongue you know, I think you'd like his oral talents." I felt Mary reach down with her hands and spread her puffy wet lips and although totally blindfolded, I could only envision the tender pinkness of my sweetheart's "shaved" pussy.

The sexual electricity was mind boggling and the sweet aroma of a woman's sex glued to my mouth, caused my seminal fluid to boil and I felt the pressure in my balls grow with each moment.

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I used my tongue like a blind man uses his fingers to read Braille. I found her pleasure button and I gently pulled the clit between my lips and flicked my tongue back and forth over her extended and excited clitty. "Oh Yes, eat me Honey," It was the most exciting time of my life to realize that it was my wife's shaved pussy I was licking.

When I heard my wife yell that she couldn't hold off any longer and said, "Oh, Yes, I'm cumming!", as she rubbed her "shaved" wet slippery pussy harder against my lips and probing tongue.

"How do you like my shaved pussy Honey, did I surprise you?" I said in between licks, "Oh, God, it's wonderful, I love soft and tasty. "You really do know how to suck a pussy," she moaned. To have my mouth clamped to a woman's pussy at the precise moment of her climax is the most intimate expression of love and passion one can offer. The pure lust of the moment was fantastic and I couldn't hold off any longer and exploded a copious amount of thick warm love cream deep into the gripping pussy surrounding my cock.

Then I heard Mary ask the other girl, "Did he cum? I wanted some of that too." Again, I didn't recognize the voice but she said, "I think he has filled me with his hot cum." It was a very emotional moment and her voice was probably distorted from the shear passion of the moment as I still didn't place or recognize the sound of her voice.

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I felt the girl roll off of me, but still lying on the king sized bed. She was apparently just satisfied to watch my tongue snake in and out of my wife's dripping cunt and licking her enlarged clit. Knowing that she was probably watching the scene before her, caused me to want to perform to perfection and I increased my attention on Mary's sensitive clit and alternated between thrusting my tongue in as far as possible and then back to her sensitive clitty.

It didn't take long and she pushed her bald cunt harder against my wet slick mouth. "Oh, yes, Oh Yes, Honey, Ohhh my!, I'm cumming again", she exclaimed.

She collapsed, and I could feel the tension subside in her body and from her shattering climax. We rested for several minutes and I sensed that the girls were caressing each other titties as I heard them moan and say how wonderful it had been.


Then I heard Mary say, "Do you remember what we girls did some months ago at bridge party at your house? Listen, don't think badly of me but I've always had a fantasy about licking my husband's cum from another woman's pussy. .how would you like to fulfil my fantasy?" "Yes, Oh, yes, yes, yes you kinky girl" said the girl, "Do it, hurry!" The unknown girl moved next to me and I could feel them getting together off to my right.

It was obvious that Mary was going to lick her girlfriend's cum soaked pussy and unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to watch.damn! damn, damn!. I can remember Mary telling me many times her favorite fantasy to taste my cum from another woman.God, I never thought it would ever happen and now it was happening right here.

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right now and right next to me. Listening to the licking, sucking and moans from these two women was driving me crazy. I told them I wouldn't tell.just let me watch.Mary ignored me and the girl continued telling her just where she needed her tongue to be.

"Yes, there, right there .now bite my clit gently with your teeth.Oh yes, God I'm cuummmming!, I heard the woman say, "I'm cumming, still cumming .can you taste his cream yet Darling. I can feel his cum sliding down inside my pussy now.get ready so you get what you wanted?" I heard Mary mumble what I thought was a "yes" and then I heard Mary say, what I'm sure was meant for my pleasure and benefit, "There it comes now, Oh! I can see it peeking between your pussy lips now.

Oh, how pretty!" The girl quickly added, "Lick it quick, I can feel it sliding out of me, Yes, that's it., now, cup your tongue like a spoon and catch his big wad of "sweet love nectar." I heard Mary yell, "I've never seen so much cum. OH! so sweet.I heard the sucking, slurping sounds of Mary as she tried to get every bit of our mixed juices from this woman's pussy.

Then I heard the girl say to me, "Jerry, she really is beautiful when she is licking my pussy, you should see her pull those ribbons of cum out my slit with her tongue, Oh my, that's hot." When Mary had finished cleaning the girl's wet, moist pussy, they went giggling into the shower.

I heard them laughing the whole time. They talked in low voices and I could not hear what they were saying but I got the impression they were working up a reciprocal understanding for when Mary's friend was going to tie up her husband.Would Mary be invited to join in?

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Now, that really excited me to think of Mary with another man! Would she really do something like that with another man? Well, that was my first experience licking a shaved pussy and for a guy who loves oral sex, I knew that I wanted to have Mary keep her shaved pussy.

After all was said and done I must say that the memory of that Saturday afternoon and the true identity of my mystery sex partner would never be known to me. And that is the way it is today, unknown! -=| THE END |=-