Teen Indian Rubs pussy on Toilet POV

Teen Indian Rubs pussy on Toilet POV
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This happened at my girlfriends house. She had invited her little neice over to spend the night with her when i was coming over that night. We were going to watch a movie and have dinner together. Once i found out that her neice was over there i didn't really want to go but i knew that she would be very mad at me if i had blew it off. Little did i know, that night was going to change all of our sex lives.

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When i had gotten over there with the movie i saw that they were both cooking dinner for us so i told them i was going to take a shower before we ate. I went into the bathroom and saw panties on the floor and realized that they weren't her's. After i had gotten out of the shower i had realized that her parents had left for the night because they were going to a party and were going to be totally drunk if they made it home the next morning. When i left the bathroom, i walked into the kitchen that smelled so good.

Once we had ate and watched the movie, the girls asked me if i could go and rent another movie to watch, so i did.


When i returned, i saw that nobody was in the living room or in the kitchen. I decided to go in her room, and i did not expect to see what i did. I had walked in on my girlfriend eating out her neice. Her neice hollered for me to take off my clothes and i looked and my girlfriend and she told me to do it.

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When i was naked, her neice walked over and grabbed my dick and kissed me, then told me how she had always wanted to feel my cock in her virgin pussy. She then dropped to her knees and started sucking on my cock.

She let go and told me to take her cherry, so i looked at my girlfriend and she nooded telling me to do it, so i did. I rammed my dick in and out of her little (now non-virgin) pussy. We all fucked each other all night.


I got to cum on both of their big tits and fucked both of their pussies and asses. We were all soooooooooooooo sore by the time the next day came that we didn't wake up until about 3 in the afternoon. My girlfriends parent had called her and told her they wouldn't be home for the next few days. They had me stay the night until her parents got home because there were a lot of robberies around her place.we all stayed naked and fucked in every room of the house, plus i came in the both of them plenty of times and was suprised that neither of them had gotten pregnant because we weren't use any condoms.

The very next night we we're having sex again when my girlfriends neice had told me that she wanted me to give her an anal creampie. She wanted it so she got it.she then stuck her finger in her ass and sucked the cum off of her finger.i was grossed out, but also turned on at the same time.

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I then stuck my cock in her mouth and told her to suck the cum off my dick and clean it like the slut she was.my girlfriend had never seen me like this but i was so turned on that i couldn't help it.i then shoved my dick into my girlfriends pussy and slammed her til i came in her then shove my cock back into her neices mouth and told her to clean it again. Her neice then told me that we should all take a shower and clean up and watch a porno that she got from my girlfriends parents before they left the night before.

So we all took a shower and they both sat on my lap during the porno, playing with my cock trying to make sure it stayed hard. Even though they couldn't help but to play with each other too. I loved watching them make out and play with each other. They got tired of me and started eating each other and making the other cum.

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I was loving it, I wanted to join but i was so so so tired that i had just fell asleep in the chair.next thing i know, im in the bedroom with them standing over me. I told them both that i had needed a rest so i could stay up, plus something to eat for my stamina.


They made a good lunch, so we all went out to the nearest park and had ourselves a little picnick. I, myself, loved the lunch since it had been the first thing i had ate all day. I wanted more so i ate more.they were astonished at how much i had ate and they questioned me about it and i told them that i felt like i had been starving since that morning.

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When we got back to the house i saw that her neighbors had been robbed so i went and seen if their was anything i could do for them. I had found the robber since i kinda knew who it was because of what he had stolen.

He had been one of my best friends since i moved down here. I somehow found the courage to beat him senseless and got their stuff back and he went to jail. Once i got back to the house, both of them were asleep so i decided to take a nap myself. When i had woke up i realized that the girls were outside playing with fireworks since it was close to the fourth of july.

When my girlfriends parents had returned they didn't know a darn thing about what had happened over the past few days since we cleaned up everything.

I had found out the next day that my girlfriend was about to move about 45 minutes from me and i was devastated that she had broken up with me, but what she didn't realize was that he neice was still around and she has been having an eye out for me and her aunt to break up so she could get to me.

She knew what was going on so she made her move and we started seeing each other and i had forgotten all about my ex. All i wanted now was her, Haley.