Insatiable Thai wife cheats on husband with his friend

Insatiable Thai wife cheats on husband with his friend
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6. Morning Tina was awakened by the door to her cage opening. She looked up to see Alex and Sue standing there. "The whore as peed on herself and phew she stinks. Clean her up while I fix her breakfast. Alex said. Tina hadn't gotten much sleep at all. She was hungry and thirsty but the fire in her clit was much more bearable now.

It still burnt but not so intensely. Tina was thoroughly humiliated having had to pee in her panties and having the stale urine smell in her nose most of the night.

Sue stepped in her cage, produced a knife, which she used to cut away Tina's skirt, top, and adjusted her bra. When Sue turned around and left the cage Tina could see her ass was full of reddish welts.

Alex had given Sue's ass a real workout last night and Sue was in a foul mood.

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She got a hose from the wall and turned the cold-water tap. She adjusted the nozzle to produce a narrow powerful stream. When she was satisfied the water was cold enough she turn the hose on Tina. "AAAhhhooooaaa." Tina cried out.

The water hit her hard in the face. Sue moved the stream across Tina's face then down her back and legs. Back up to her head and hair. She kept the hose on Tina's face as she moved into a better position and then gave Tina's tits and belly a good wash. Finally, she moved in closer and aimed it at Tina's crotch. Tina cried out as the stream hit her still very sore and sensitive clit. The water started to fill the bottom of the cage and Sue kicked a lever to open the drain in the floor.

She soaked Tina thoroughly until she started shivering and goose bumps appeared on her skin. She turned off the hose and waited for Mistress Alex to return. Tina looked like a drown cat standing spread eagled in her cage.

She shivered from the cold water that had soaked her body. Her hair clung to her face and water dripped down on her face. "Maybe I'll use hot water tomorrow whore." Sue said. Tina sobbed. Her legs ached from standing in six-inch heels and she was dying to sit down or lie down any position that would relieve her tired legs. Alex returned carrying a tray with a bowl, a bottle, a funnel, and some type of bundle of straps Tina couldn't make out.

Alex handed the tray to Sue and picked up the strap contraption. She went into the cage and stood behind Tina. She put the first wide strap on Tina's forehead and tightened it in the back. There were two straps attached to the headband strap one each side. Alex pulled both straps under her chin and fastened them together. The side straps each had two lock clamps on them. Alex adjusted the strap, so the clamps were in line with her upper and lower lip respectively.

She attached a strap to each side strap just above each of Tina's ears. These were pulled behind her head and locked together; this ensured that the side straps couldn't be slipped off. Alex checked that all the straps were tightly fitted on Tina's head except she left the side straps under her chin with some slack they would be tighten firmly last.

Tina just moaned. She heard the rattle of a chain a heavy chain by the sound of it then a click and she felt the chain down her back.

Then next thing she heard was a humming from a motor and then chain tighten. The chain pulled her head back slowly. Soon she was looking straight up to the ceiling of the cage. The humming stopped but Tina's head was secure starring straight up.


"That should do it don't want to break your neck whore." Alex got the funnel from the tray and got a small stepladder that she placed in front of Tina. Steeping up a couple of steps, she had her breast level with Tina's face. "Open your mouth Whore." Tina kept her mouth closed. "Sue give the whore a taste of the prod on her clit." Tina's mouth flew open wide.

"Oh, don't want to dance eh." Tina could feel the tip of the prod pressing against her clit. She was scared. She couldn't handle more dancing her clit would explode or burn up.

"Tongue out." Tina stretched her tongue out as far as she could. Her tongue was clamped to the underside of the funnel and Alex carefully pushed the narrow ending of the funnel down Tina's throat.

Just far enough that Tina still had to swallow whatever was feed through the funnel but far enough that she couldn't get anything out. Alex also made sure her airways were clear then she used the four clamp locks from the side straps to hold the funnel in place.

Tina would still taste what she was feed but if she didn't swallow, she would suffocate. Tina could only grunt and moan. She was no longer able to speak. Alex tightened the side straps under her chin and checked everything one more time making smaller adjustments to the feeder harness.

" This is called a feeder harness you will wear this until you learn to eat in a proper fashion." "Aaargummpphh." "Ready for your breakfast whore?" "Uummphhff." Alex took the bowl and started to pour the slimy brownish mixture into the funnel. Tina felt the first load hit the back of her throat.

She swallowed desperately although the taste was rancid and bitter. Alex took the bottle and poured some of into the funnel. "Here is something to wash down your meal with." Tina just swallowed the liquid slightly salty but tasted mainly like carbonated water. Alex alternated between the bowl and bottle until both were empty. Tina swallowed desperately but she could feel her stomach filling and turning.

She fought a need to retch. Whatever the meal was it didn't exactly agree with her. Alex pulled a tube down from the ceiling and taped it to the rim of the funnel.

Sue had in the meantime covered the sides of the cage with a foot and half high glass panels. She fitted the corners tightly together and used a silicone sealer to ensure nothing could leak out.

This would allow the bottom of the cage to be filled with any fluid up to the edge of the glass panels. Alex put a string in Tina's left hand. "Hold on to this tightly this is your drink bell. Pull the string and a bell rings. This will release about a glass of water into your funnel for you to drink. Try it." Tina pulled the string and water spurted from the tube attached to the brim of the funnel. Tina drank for some reason she was thirsty, and the water tasted nice a cool.

"Looks like the whore is set for the day. I have we forgotten anything Sue?" "Maybe she wants to know what was on the menu this morning, Mistress." "Of course. How silly of me to forget. I have a blender that I prepare all your meals in.

Today mixture consisted of one-part baked beans, one-part fried onion rings, one part of Sue's shit from last night, one part horse semen and the white of one egg just to make it slide down easily. I added several vitamins etc. The water contained a salt concentrate." Tina retched, and vomit rose up her throat, but she was forced to swallow it again or suffocate. The feeder harness was devilish in it design. "Oh, I almost forgot I added some muscle relaxant drugs and a laxative.

You should start feeling the effects of that in about twenty minutes." Tina retched again and sobbed. She was being totally humiliated and her neck ached badly. She was tired and felt thirsty again. Every part of her body hurt. They few garments she wore were all wet. She was in shear hell. "Have a nice day. See you at dinner time." Alex cheerfully told her.

The cage door closed, and Sue and Alex walked toward Linda. Linda could hear someone approaching but could of course not see anything.

She was very tired her udders burning at a constant level. Her shoulders were almost numb. She wondered if she would ever be able to straighten them again or pull her arms forward. "How is our little cow doing this morning?" Linda heard Alex's voice. She braced herself for whatever was coming. Sue unclamped Linda's catheter tube.

"Pee cow." Linda let her bladder go it was a big relief her bladder had been cramping for the last hour. Alex checked Linda's body by feeling her muscles. Prodding and poking as she felt along Linda's body. Alex felt the strain in Linda's arms and shoulders and thought she better give her muscle relaxant shot. Pushing her skirt aside, she promptly stuck a large needle in Linda's left buttock. "UUUMMPPPHH." "Get ready cow I will feed you breakfast through your tube now.

Swallow quickly I haven't got all day." Sue filled a large syringe and unhooked the tube from the water tank, attaching it to the end of the syringe. She squeezed the thick grayish mush down the tube and into Linda's mouth.

Linda was surprised by the force of the mush hitting her tongue and started swallowing franticly. It had a very sweet taste with a touch of bitter. The consistency was slimy, but Linda swallowed. Sue filled the syringe again while Alex still poked and prodded her body. Alex pushed on the butt plug and gave it another pump to inflate it some more. Linda moaned but had to swallow her breakfast.

Sue was in the process of feeding her the fourth syringe. "Are you done feeding her?" "One more to go Mistress.

She is a slow eater." "She'll eat as fast as you push it in so step on it." "Yes Mistress." Alex clamped the pee tube while the fifth helping was served to Linda. Linda almost choked and was struggling to keep up with the pace she was being feed at. Her stomach started to feel full as well. Sue had finished the feeding and attached the tube back to the water tank. Alex pulled up a stool next to Linda's dangling udders. This was the fun part.

She started squeezing Linda's left udder. It had started to produce fat and it was important to get the fluid distributed evenly so they wouldn't sag but stand straight out. Pressing the udder between her thumb and fingers with both hands she squeezed the udder from the nipple pushing up to the base of the udder then let go.

She kept repeating this motion while Linda screamed. This made the burning in her udder intensify to the level equal to when she first got injected. "AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHIIIIIEEEE" Linda could make few sounds. Alex mused. She would massage each udder for about ten minutes. Linda was in severe pain again.

"That is, it you lovely little cow sing for your Mistress." Alex chuckled. "Sue, give me a syringe with a blocker." "Yes. Mistress." Alex massaged Linda in a slow but very methodical fashion.

She checked the syringe Sue handed her then gave it back to Sue. "Just jam it in her ass cheek then put the panties back on her." "Yes Mistress." Sue jammed the needle in her ass cheek and injected the content.

This made Linda give off a new scream. "UUUUGGGGGHHHHHIIIIIIIEEEE" "That's a very lovely song cow. Keep singing. You'll sing a lot for me over the next few weeks or months." Linda's udders burned terrible again and she cried in her hood.

"In case you couldn't tell your diet consists of four cups of sugar, four cups of bull semen, two raw eggs and your vitamins.

The mix also contains your drugs. We will have you milking in no time." "Ummggghh." Linda felt sick. The stuff hadn't tasted bad, but the thought of bull semen made her sick.

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She wasn't sure if it was the drugs or what is was, but she had started getting wet and felt horny. "Well.I guessed we are finished with you for the day. Your udders are shaping up nicely and so are your nips or suckers as they are called. Not that you'll be suckered that often you will mainly be hand or machine milked. Tomorrow I need to change the tubes and inject them again but they are going to grow nicely.

Have a nice day little cow." Linda sobbed and was left with the pain again flaring in her tits and feeling a little horny. She was miserable. "Go feed the bitch while I have my breakfast." "Yes Mistress." Sue hurried off toward the dog pens. Jackie was just lying on her blanket. She was sore and tired. She had drunk some the water in her bowl to ease her thirst.

Sue entered her pen and plopped down a bowl of dog food. "Come out and eat your breakfast bitch." Sue yanked the chain and Jackie slowly crawled out. She wasn't hungry but one swat of Sue's crop and she started eating away. Today it was some type of meat in gravy. "You'll need your strength today bitch, so you better clean your bowl. The hounds are waiting for you.

They like a nice piece of ass in the morning." Sue loved when she was alone and could taunt a bitch or whore freely. Jackie's ate and sobbed. She would have to fuck the dogs again. Her pussy and asshole were still sore and swollen from yesterday's pounding. Jackie finished her food and Sue hooked a leash to her collar and unhooked from the doghouse. "Heel bitch." Jackie crawled next to and Sue led the way with Jackie crawling next to her.

She was lead to a larger pen with a stake in the middle. Sue hooked her leash to the pole and walked away. "Better pee and shit if you need to before I get back." Jackie squatted and peed. She didn't need to hit. Jackie waited on all fours. Meanwhile Gina woke up and at first couldn't remember where she was.

Still a little sore but she had slept well. At first she thought she was alone but then she saw Master at the table having breakfast. She sat up in bed. "Come over here Gina." She got out of bed and walked over to the table. Master unhooked her writs. "Need to pee?" "Yes Master." Gina remembered last night and felt a bit sick to her stomach. "Get your bowl then and pee." Gina got her bowl and standing next to Master started peeing in the bowl. She finished with a few drops lingering in her bush.

"You will pee in your bowl unless you are told otherwise. If you are told to drink it you drink it, if not you empty in the toilet." "Yes Master." Gina waited a few moments but since he said nothing she took the bowl and emptied in the toilet.

She put the bowl next to the toilet and returned to the table. "Sit down and eat. We have a busy day today. When your done eating get your bra and panties back on." "Yes Master." Gina was leery. She was to be given food and eating at the table. There was bacon, eggs, toast, and marmalade in a basket.

Some cheese and honey. There was orange juice and coffee. Gina thought this is a trick. All this is laced with something. The Master was eating so it couldn't be Gina was hungry very hungry, so she dug in on the bacon and eggs and toast.

She had both juice and coffee. Everything tasted just fine. Master said nothing he just watched her eat. He was still naked though. When she finished and felt full, she said. "Thank you Master." Master pulled back his chair and his cock was erect. Gina figured that was they signal for her to suck him, so she dropped to knees and started sucking his cock. A few minutes of sucking, licking, and then Master ordered her up and to get on board.

Gina had to think a few seconds what on board meant but she quickly straddled Master's lap and put his cock in her pussy. She rode him up and down while he played with her nips and tits. Gina was still sore, but Master's cock didn't feel bad at all, in fact, she got wet and she rapidly started to get excited. She put her hands-on Master's shoulders and increased her riding speed.

Gina felt the climax building but remembered Master had to cum first. She squeezed her pussy muscles and she could feel him contract then he shot his load deep in her pussy. "May I come Master?" "Yes, you may but don't lose my cum." "I won't Master." Gina used her hand to rub her clit while she just sat on Master's with his cock in her pussy.

It didn't take her long to climax. She squeezed her pussy as she dismounted and knelt to lick his cock clean. Gina knew how men liked it and it was almost instinct that told her this was what the Master expected.

"Very good Gina. At least you are thinking today. No get your shoes off we are going to shower, and you will wash me then yourself. Then you'll dry both of us off and dress as I told you before then wait at the door with your leash and chains." "Yes Master." Gina took off her shoes.

It felt so good to be out those high heels. She didn't ask about the stockings and garter clearly she was meant to shower with them on. She turned on the water and made sure it was the right temperature. "Your shower is ready Master." Gina washed Master from head to toe and then washed her own body while Master played with her nipples and tits. Gina started to get aroused again.

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She dried him off and started drying her body. The stockings would stay wet but the would soon dry. It was a bit strange wearing wet stockings but if that was the worst she had to suffer, she was happy.

"There is make-up in a box by the washbasin make sure you are done up the way you should be." "Yes Master." Master went to his desk and scanned the monitors. He dressed as he sat there. Gina hurried with her make-up pulled her panties and bra on and got the leash and chains and went to the door and knelt. Master was watching her busing herself to get ready on one of the monitors.

He was going to change his mind Gina would make a good servant slave it would be a waste to make her a pony. She wasn't a bad fuck and with some rings and maybe one injection to her tits, she would be almost perfect. She was a natural slave even if she didn't realize it herself. The ease with which she replied and obeyed were all signs of her slave aptitude. The other three had to be broken but Gina had almost accepted her fate after the fucking on board.

She would serve him well and gladly even. Sure, he played rough, but Gina would learn to handle that too without fear or complaint. He walked over to Gina it was time to look at the others and continue Jackie's training.

"Gina when you kneel at the door you should kneel with your back straight not sitting on your haunches. Your leash should be hooked to your collar and held in your mouth.

The chain between your wrist cuffs should be attached and locked. The hobble should also be in place." "Yes Master." Gina felt a tiny bit of fear she hadn't done this right and somewhere in her mind she felt bad being corrected.

She quickly made the adjustments. "I'm so sorry Master." She heard herself say. Strangely enough, she was sorry. She didn't really understand why. Was it because this man had controlled her yet not treated her badly.

She got a strange feeling that she had been chosen for this role somehow. She wasn't here of her own free will but that didn't bother her very much this morning. Master took the leash from her mouth and she followed him down to the main room. They went to Tina's cage.

Tina was moaning and groaning straining to control her bladder and bowls movements. "Looks like you been fed and taken care of this morning whore." He said to Tina. "UGGGHH" Tina was having real trouble with her bladder and stomach now. The salty solution made her ring the bell often, to satisfy her thirst.

Gina felt lucky all of a sudden, that could just as well have been her. Master moved on to Linda. Linda could hear him coming but Linda was frantic with the burning in her udders. "Your udders look like they are doing fine this morning. You'll be big in no time." "UMMpphh." Master smiled and looked at Gina just to see how she was reacting. Gina looked straight at Linda but didn't look unduly disturbed. They continued out to the pen where Alex and Sue were now standing taunting Jackie. "Gina go get two chairs from the shed over there." He pointed to a shed next to the pen.

"Yes Master." "I thought that whore would be in the stable by now Master." Alex said. "There is going to be change here." He replied Alex looked a bit unhappy, but she still feared the Master. One word from him and both Sue, Sarah in the kitchen and Sammy who ran the stable would turn on her and help Master correct her.

Sue might be hers, but she would obey the Master before her. Sarah was loyal to Master. Sammy would die for him. Apart from the fact there was nowhere else she could go and still be allowed her little experiments.


"What changes are you planning Master?" "I'm going to give Gina a week to see if she works out as a servant slave. When Linda is ready, she will be brought to the barn. Tina will be trained as a cow as well. No point in limiting those two's training. Jackie has found her place I think, so no change with her. Alex smiled again. She had wanted Gina in the barn, but Linda would be just as much fun and getting Tina as a cow appealed to her as well.

"I agree. That sounds like good changes. What if Gina doesn't work out?" She added hopefully. "Then I'll send her to the house for a few months to make some money." Alex liked that idea sending Gina to the whorehouse would really give her a workout.

If she thought the fucking she got on the yacht was bad, the house would prove a pure hell. Sanchez worked the whores hard and he had an agreement with the army post, where he sent a whore up there every weekend.

A whore could easily make 5.000 dollars a week for an owner. The whore got nothing of course; it wasn't that kind of whorehouse. Gina returned with two chairs and Master and Alex sat down.

Gina stood beside Master's chair. Sue brought in all the hounds and they ran up to Master to greet him. Even the dogs were loyal to Master and would attack on his command. Nero was the leader of the pack followed by Cain and Hannibal then Play Boy, Targ and Devil.

The pecking order was firmly in place amongst the hounds. "Sue will assist the hounds. Did you set the cameras Master?" "Yes, everything will be recorded in the office." "Good. When you are ready to start I'll prep the bitch." Alex said. "You can prep her now; the hounds are antsy." "Yes Master." Alex rose from her chair.

She walked over to Jackie and squatted behind her ass. Sue hammered an iron stake into the ground next to each wrist of Jackie attaching each cuff to the stake. She moved behind and pulled each leg out a bit and then hammered a stake besides each ankle and hooking her ankle cuffs to them. Jackie was in place even if she could move she couldn't close her legs or cover herself. Alex nodded her approval to Sue. The bitch was now easily accessible.

Still she could work her ass and wiggle. The hounds would take care of the rest.

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She pulled on Jackie pussy lips and attached a clamp to the left one and then one to the right pussy lip. She added one more too each lips and Jackie moaned her lips were sore. Alex pulled the top left clamp chain around her leg under her belly and then back over her leg and attached to it the right top clamp.

The two bottom clamps were pulled to each respective ankle cuff and then tighten. "OOOOOHHHHHHAAAAA" Jackie hollered as her lips were stretched to the max. Alex tightened the top chain and a new holler came from Jackie. Alex inspected her work the lips were now held widely apart, and the fuck hole opened a bit.

It would be easy for the hounds to hit home without help. Satisfied the bitch was open enough placed the bowl under her pussy. Sue was busy getting the hounds ready sucking on Nero's cock.

"The hounds are ready for you bitch. We want to see and hear more enthusiasm today than we did yesterday. I will leave you there all day letting the hounds fuck you until I'm pleased with your performance. If by the end of the day, I'm still not happy you will be left out here during the night with your fuck hole stuffed with honey. They night creatures will enjoy that. Then we start again in the morning until you get it right.

Is that clear bitch?" Jackie was crying and scared. She knew that wasn't an empty threat. "Yes. Mistress." She sobbed.

"Better get started then call the hounds one by one. Nero is always first then Cain, Hannibal, Play Boy, Targ, and Devil for your ass hole." "No please not him in my ass." Jackie blurted out. "Quiet and do as you are told, or we will be here all week." "Get to work bitch." Jackie knew she had no choice unless we wanted to die slowly out here.

She had to call the hounds, or she would be here until she died or called them. Sue had gotten all six hard and was now sitting by Alex's feet. Jackie took a deep breath. "Up Nero." Nero leaped toward her and wasted no time mounting her. With her pussy so open, he had no trouble getting his cock inside her. "AAAAIIIIIIEEEE." Jackie cried out as he entered her.

Nero started pounding her just like yesterday hitting deep inside her. His knot started to pound the opening wanting to get in. Jackie wasn't loose enough yet for the knots of the hounds to enter without help. Jackie tried to move with his strokes but found it was better to just let him pound away.

She tried to concentrate on anything but the pain in her pussy, so she totally forgot to sound enthusiastic. Alex mused Nero's turn with the bitch wouldn't count.

Nero finished and pulled out. "She didn't do anything with Nero." Alex said.

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"No that was a poor performance." Master agreed. Jackie felt defeated what had she done wrong. Then she realized she hadn't talked to the dog, she had just stood there. "Nero gets another fuck after lunch then." Jackie just cried and didn't call Cain. After a few minutes she recovered and called Cain "Up Cain." Cain mounted her quickly and humped with force.

Jackie rocked back and forth. "Fuck me." Jackie meekly tried. Alex let Cain finish before she shouted. "That was even worse it took you five minutes to call Cain and one pathetic fuck me." "Cain gets another chance too." Jackie sobbed. It wasn't fair she was trying, and she was so sore. "Up Hannibal." Hannibal mounted her and pounded her already sore pussy. "That's it fuck me." "Harder Hannibal." "Get your knot in." Jackie was trying to think what else she could say.

She couldn't think of anything. She looked at Alex. She felt Hannibal shooting a big load in her pussy and as soon as he dismounted, she called for Play Boy. "Up Play Boy." This time she tried to wiggle her ass as he approached. Play Boy mounted her and her pussy just didn't close now so he got all the way in the knot on the first hump. "Yes, fuck me Boy." "Deeper Boy." "Get your knot in." Jackie couldn't think of anything new, so she repeated the same phrases.

Play Boy humped her with vigor and shot is load. "Up Targ." Targ wasted no time and Jackie got a new pounding. "Fuck me Targ." "Harder Targ." "Get your knot in Targ." Again, she did the same phrases. Alex mused. She would make the bitch suffer all day. She wouldn't think she had any fuck hole left by the afternoon. Targ had finished and Jackie forgot that Devil was supposed to fuck her ass. "Up Devil." Devil was in her pussy in a flash. Jackie repeated the same three phrases.

Devil took his time but finally shot his load. Jackie's pussy had been stretch, so it was wide open and made no sign of closing. The semen was running out of her hole down into her bush and then dripping into the bowl. Jackie was almost numb.

Her pussy ached so badly.


Tears rolling down her cheeks. "That wasn't any good at all. You sounded like a broken record bitch. You better improve this afternoon. You should have taken Devil in your ass not in your front fuck hole. I'll give the hounds time to recoup over lunch and then we start again.

You on the other hand bitch will stay where you are and think about proper bitch behavior." She walked over to Jackie and with her crop gave Jackie a hard swat on her ass. "AAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEAAAARRRRGGGHHH." Jackie hollered. "Quiet or it won't count. You get one stroke for each hound you failed to perform with. If you howl it won't count and you could end up with a bloody ass." Jackie sobbed and bit her lip as the swats rained down on her ass in rapid succession.

"We will be back after lunch and you better be ready if you know what's good for you." Jackie cried silently she was about to pass out. She was left alone and Alex took Sue for a lunch date. Master looked at Gina and smiled he could see the small wet patch on Gina's panties. She was wet and excited by the dog fucking. He took her back to his quarters and they had lunch.