Sexy teen blonde hitchhiker gets ripped in countryside

Sexy teen blonde hitchhiker gets ripped in countryside
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Vengeance 39 "Ahh!" Ellie's yelp of surprise pierced the morning air as she rolled onto her side, half asleep onto a bit of couch that didn't exist. Unfortunately, being wrapped up in the blanket with her, her fall brought me tumbling atop her. "Ooof," she gasped, as we tried to extricate our nude selves from the blanket and from each other. After far more work than it seemed worth, we were free. I stood and stretched, yawning, while Ellie knelt before me, folding the blanket and put it aside.

"Well isn't this a coincidence," I said with a grin, as the position put her lips a few scant feet away from my rapidly rising cock. Before she had a chance to react, my hand was on the back of her head, pushing it towards me.

Ellie was quick to react however, and her tongue soon found its way between her lips and to my shaved balls. She licked them softly before first gently sucking one.and then the other into her mouth. Her soft lips and graceful tongue were the perfect way to start the warm Atlantic morning. Her hands gripped my thighs for balance as she licked her way up the length of my six and a half inch cock, pausing to swirl around the tip.

Her luscious green eyes looked up at me, smiling while her mouth did it's delightful work. I returned the grin, after all, why wouldn't I? Being dominant, creative and skilled with rope, I was a perfect match for the girl kneeling before me who could nearly cum from the feeling of hard flesh sliding through her lips, poking the back of her throat.

As if on cue, Ellie began sliding her way slowly down my shaft. Without any trouble, her nose was soon pressing into my stomach, her tongue rubbing the underside of the base of my shaft, a move she knew drove me wild. I flexed my kegel muscles, prompting my cock to harden within her mouth.

She grinned in spite of things, but did not gag. After a few more moments pleasure, she slid back down and off my cock. Stroking my now spit soaked member, she sat back on her knees and looked up at me, smiling mischievously. "Do you want to blow now, or do you have something devilish planned for the two of us today?" I grabbed her hands and helped her to her feet, kissing her softly on the lips once, then kissing her again, harder, inviting her tongue to play with mine.

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I slid my hands down her soft skin, bringing them to rest on her hips, enjoying the warmth that her body heat brought. It was several moments before we finally parted, the two of us short of breath. "Mmm," she moaned, grinning with approval. I sat down on the couch, spreading my legs before her. "Now you can finish," I said with a laugh. Ellie didn't need to be told twice as she was on her knees almost before I could finish the sentence.

Sliding her hands up and down my legs, she bent down slowly, her full C-cup breasts creating a sight that was too inviting not to grab. As her lips touched my head, I reached down so I could enjoy one of my favorite parts of my new wife's body. She deepthroated me several more times in quick succession, enjoying showing off her skills almost as much as she did pleasing me before starting a nice rhythm that saw her tongue working overtime on the head of my cock. I brought my hands to rest gently down on top of hers, taking in the lovely sight of her head bobbing up and down.

She never took her eyes off me as she worked, knowing how much I enjoyed watching. Within a few minutes she had me on the edge and about ready to burst. Realizing I was getting close, she slowed momentarily, prolonging the pleasure for both of us of my cock sliding between her lips.

All of a sudden her tongue kicked into high gear and she sped up once more. Her lips moved frantically over the last few inches of my cock, hitting me right where I was most sensitive, her eyes just begging for a load. Several seconds later she had her wish as I shot stream after stream into her mouth. She moaned as the first drops hit her tongue and slowed her pace, trying to make my orgasm as long and pleasurable as possible.

Moments later, when she was satisfied she had every last drop, she slowly pulled off the head of my dick and swallowed. She shut her eyes, enjoying the moment before spotting some cum on my cock that had escaped.

Eagerly, she finished cleaning me off before sitting back and giving me a look that said, 'what next?' I slowly peeled myself off the couch, weary from the powerful orgasm and helped Ellie to her feet. I walked her out into the kitchen where there was still rope strewn about from previous nights. I picked up a length and looked at her. "On your knees now." She complied immediately, pulling over a couch pillow that had made its way onto the tile floor.

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Obediently, she put her wrists together behind her back and looked up at me with doe eyes. I smiled at her, "I love how you're such a good girl.

But I don't feel like bending over to tie you, so stand up." She rolled her eyes, but grinned as she stood once more facing away from me.

I quickly tied a tight cinch around her wrists, and another around her elbows.

Forcing her arms so close together behind her back put her breasts on display nicely. I spun her around and held her at arm's length, admiring my work for a moment before pinching her nipples and pulling her close. She yelped at the sudden pain, but moaned appreciatively when I kissed her again, teasing her lips with my tongue.

I grabbed something from a bag on the kitchen counter, hiding it from sight for a moment. When she saw it, Ellie gasped, and gave me a pleading look. Laughing at her trepidation, I took the wand vibrator and held it fast to her right thigh. She instinctively moved away, "Don't make me spank you," I warned her. Obediently, she stood still, knowing the pleasure and at the same time torture, the vibrator could give her. She let out a short gasp as I made sure it was fast against her clit, slightly spreading her lips before grabbing a roll of bondage tape and ensuring that it would remain in place.


I flicked it on and off quickly, causing her to jump and laugh nervously. I pushed her down once more, and tied her ankles off to her thighs, keeping her in that position until I saw fit to release her. Checking the knots for a moment, I then flicked the vibrator to high. "Oh god," Ellie yelped at the sudden assault, and bit her lower lip. I put my hand on her chin, forcing her eyes to mine. "Every time you cum, I want to hear you say 'I love sucking cock,' understand?" She grinned in spite of herself and nodded, her forehead crinkling at the pleasure the vibrator brought.

I stepped to the side, opening the cupboard and getting out the necessary ingredients for toast and scrambled eggs. While frying them up, I watched Ellie writhe and squirm against her bonds and the inescapable vibrations of the wand. After a few moments, she said softly, "I love sucking cock," as her body shook with the throes of her first orgasm. She bit her lip hard, but a series of moans passed through her lips while her body betrayed her.

Her breasts heaved with every gasp and shook with every minute movement.


Turning off the burner and letting the eggs cool, I set plates at the table for us before sitting down to watch her. Her eyes fluttered open at the scraping sound of the chair, and she looked at me.

"Are you going to untie me?" she begged. "No, I want to watch you for a little while longer," I decided. "Oh god," she moaned as her eyes rolled back in her head. The pleasure was almost too intense, but her lips curled upwards. She was enjoying herself.

A few more minutes passed and I doled out food for the two of us. Ellie's been nearly silent for some time, holding her breath, eyes clamped shut, when they flew open once more.

She gave me a dirty look that would put most porn-stars to shame and said again, "I love sucking co." He last word caught in her throat as she threw her head back with such force that it nearly knocked her over. "Oh god, oh god." she moaned loudly as the second hit her.

Her hips gyrated as she tried to ride the vibrator, causing her breasts to bounce, a sight I thoroughly enjoyed.

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When the orgasm finally subsided, but the wand did not, she looked at me eyes wide once more, begging for relief. Feeling merciful, and hungry, I flicked the switch off and loosened her bonds. She about collapsed to the floor before I hauled her to her feet and set her down gently in the other chair.

After leaning back, relaxing for a few moments, she finally summoned the strength and clarity to pick up her fork and begin eating.

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The only sound during breakfast was the scraping of plates and forks as we both enjoyed the silence together. I finished first and slid my chair over next to hers, sliding an arm around her shoulder as she slowly finished up.

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Ellie had a tendency to be a bit slower than myself, more methodical, savoring whatever moment she was wrapped up in, whether it was sex, or simply breakfast. I didn't mind as it was just more time I had to enjoy her company. Soon she was finished and I cleared the table and cleaned the dishes while she set about tidying the kitchen and living room after our morning romp. Drying my hands off afterwards, I wandered up to the bedroom to look for her.

She was in a thong bikini, looking out the sliding glass door in our bedroom that faced the beach.

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It was a nearly perfect day with a cloudless sky, and a light breeze causing the flag out on the porch to softly flutter. Sneaking up behind her, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled the two of us onto the bed.

She yelped with surprise and giggled as I held her down and deftly undid her top, tossing it to the side. I pinned her on her back and straddled her body, holding my cock inches from her face. "Ready for me again already?" she giggled. "Unfortunately no," I said with a smile, letting her go and setting in beside her. "You really did a number on me earlier," I gave her a peck on the cheek that caused her to smile and her forehead to crinkle.

She returned the gesture before locating bikini top and refastening it. I slid a pair of swim trunks over my still soft cock, and completed the ensemble with a T-shirt and shorts. Ellie was just pulling a nearly sheer white tank top over her luscious curves when she turned to me, "so what are the plans for the day?" I walked over to the door and cracked it open, allowing the scent of the ocean to permeate the room.

"There's a beach and it's gorgeous out, do we really need plans?" "Mmm, I guess not," she said, walking close and kissing my neck softly.

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She ran her tongue slowly up my jawline to my lips before encircling them and kissing me again. I grabbed her ass, prompting a moan from her and grinned. "Jesus, I wish I could be ready to go again as quickly as you can." I slid my hand down to hers and led her out of the room and down the stairs. Packing some quick lunches, and towels and other necessities, we headed out the door and down the porch to the beach.