Desi girls bra change video

Desi girls bra change video
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The next morning, Sarah was almost her usual self. She acted like nothing had happened. The guy in me was distressed by this, because this extremely attractive girl who I lived with made a move on me, then went and ignored the entire event. I think most of you know EXACTLY how that feels and it is, indeed, a very frustrating feeling. Nonetheless, I kept my cool and went along with it. Sarah made me smile so easily, I didn't really care that I wasn't about to sleep with her. Don't get me wrong, I would be very much cool with it, but I wasn't about to start pining over something as ridiculous as that.

Okay, at this point you might be wondering, Oscar, exactly how the fuck are you so mellow? Well, frankly, I'm not. But every time I get frustrated, I put myself in the scope of things.

How big of a deal is the situation that is frustrating me? Is it life changing? Or is it just an obstacle, in the massive river that is life? I lied, by the way. I'm not. that normal. People have described me as "lost potential". I am, apparently, good at everything I do, but never invested enough to excel. I'm handsome, but I don't take advantage of it (and would prefer wearing trackpants to denim, or a hoodie rather than a coat).

I'm physically strong, but certainly not a body builder. I am dedicated and hardworking. but, like people say, I'm unmotivated. I like to think I'm lazy, but I know that's bullshit. I get up every morning and run a few miles, hit the basketball court, do pushups and squats.

There's no real rhyme nor rhythm, but I do it, nonetheless, and that's something most people (especially people from my socioeconomic background) can't identify in themselves.

I called myself a generic guy, earlier. well, am I really that generic? I don't think so. Half my generation would give you a blank stare if you asked them "is Australia part of the European Union?" Don't get me wrong.

I don't think I'm that "special" or whatever. I think I'm slightly above average, but not by a margin that makes me stand out. Whatever. Let me just get my (very late) introduction over, so we can get on with the story. My father was partially Native Indian, so I inherit a strong jawline, high cheekbones, and hollowed cheek proper. The only aspect I really inherit from my mother is my thin and straight nose, full red lips and dark green eyes. Yeah, fuck you man.

I know what you're thinking. Quit being such a homophobe. Though, for the record, I'm straight as an arrow. Anyway. where were we? Oh yes, breakfast. I thought I was a good cook, but trying Sarah's hand at breakfast was like. well, mind = blown. There were fried eggs, bruschetta (actual, proper bruschetta), caramelised tomatoes, caramelised onions, sausages and pancakes. The dining table was actually bending under the weight. Sarah was consuming her meal at her usual (extremely fast) rate. A normal person would probably have been worried she would choke, but I had a cousin who ate like that, so I was more or less used to it.

As I approached the table and sat down, she slowed down her rate of consumption, took a swig of juice and placed the pitcher on the table. I smiled at her. She smiled back. and then her expression vanished, replaced by a vacant eyed staring into her lap.

"What's up?" I asked, slightly worried by the sudden change in demeanour. "Oh. Nothing. Just thinking. Sorry, if I freak you out when I do that, don't worry. I kinda go into my own little world, where I can think clearly." "Huh. No idea what that's like. I'm not a savant, like you." "Oh, stop," she blushed. Ahhh, picturesque, this woman, even after having gobbled down a meal fit for a (fat) king. "I was thinking." "Breakup speech already?

Yeesh, I wasn't even sure this relationship had started." I said it in a light, joking tone, but her steely stare caused my grin to evapourate. "." "Sorry. I was just trying to lighten up the mood. Look, I'm not even remotely upset about last night. No, seriously. You were sad, you let it out and I just happened to be in the firing line. " Her eyebrows went from flat to jagged in about a tenth of a second. "Don't think you know me." "I don't know you. But now?

I really, really, really want to get to know you." "Why? Because I'm a curiosity? Let's all see if we can't help damaged girl, I'm sure she could use it!" Her tone had turned vindictive. I knew she sought to hurt, but I wasn't going to be offended. "No. Because I like you." "So you want to get into my pants that bad, huh?" "Nope. I like you." "What do you mean, you like me?" The anger was seeping out of her voice, now replaced by irritation, "Just cut to the chase already!" "I mean, I think you're great.

You're just really hurt, that much is apparent. But you're a good person. I can tell." ". What does that even mean?!" Now she sounded distressed. Okay, better close it down. "Short version? I'm a people watcher. I like to observe the smallest details people make and overanalyse them to oblivion. A lot of people think this is a bogus art, but it's not. I can usually tell an entire person's emotional state, and emotional background, just from talking to them. You. are somewhat of a conundrum, but, simultaneously, I can tell in your heart of hearts, you're a good person." "Huh.

Yeah, sorry, not going to buy into your optimistic bullshit." "Fine by me. I do, though. And not out of faith in you, as horrible as that sounds, but faith in me and my skills." "Your supreme skills of deduction, Mr. Savant?" "That hurt. It's a point of pride." She looked at me with the strangest expression. It read sorrow and regret. I reached out and grabbed her hand.

"Don't even think about it," I whispered, raising a hand to her lips, "You're hurting, I get it, so you wanna lash out. It's natural. I do it all the goddamn time, and if you're going to live with me, we best get this out of the way now. We're going to hurt each other. It's inevitable. But I'll be damned if I let that stop you from smiling." She stared at me for a little while, partially expressionless, before bursting out into laughter.

That put the wind out of my sails. "What?" I pouted. "Oh my god, that has to be the corniest thing I've ever heard." "Aww. I tried, okay, I thought it was good. Sadface" (yes, I said the sadface aloud. It's a thing) "It was good!" Her voice was so patronising. "Hey, I was being nice. Not cool." "Honestly." An extended pause, "Honestly, that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Thanks" Her tone went from teasing to sincere.

Have I mentioned how much the sensation of her voice fluctuates? That sound is the sound of warm honey and ginger, easing its way gently out of her throat. Liquid serenity. "Good. Shall we pack up?" We'd actually finished the meal, during our discussion. Somehow. I'm not even sure. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Whoa, dude, something's happening. Okay, okay.

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No. I'm remembering. "Honestly. Honestly, that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Thanks." I held her hand for a few more moments, before turning my head away. I don't remember it this way. How. why? Slowly, she placed her other hand over my hand, and, her head pointed at her laps, she raised her eyes to meet mine.

A great cacophony of spilling juice as we rushed at each other, across the table. Our foreheads bumped into each other, as we strived to reach the other's lips first. I shut my eyes and took in my first taste. Her lips were a gentle combo of salty and sweet, tasting, partially of the meal we had just ate. I took my head in her hands and pulled us closer, moving away from the table, her following me. No. This is a lie.

No. This can't be true. No, I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THIS! THIS ISN'T HAPPENING! SHE WOULDN'T! NO! SHE WOULD NEVER TAKE THIS MEMORY AWAY! HOW COULD SHE?! NO! NO! As the memory played back, I could hear the rasp of my throat as I screamed. Far, far away, rotting in a mental hospital, I was screaming, while, simultaneously, I was kissing her. Her voice changed to a gentle mumbling, as we pushed her way to her room, keeping the kiss going. I figured she wanted to say something, so I went for her neck instead, giving her some space to breathe.

"Mm. We shouldn't." She moaned, her voice becoming a sultry whisper. "Oh. Shouldn't we?" I said, taking my lips of her neck. I looked her in the eye, then gave her a gentle lick. "Oh. Don't. I. Fuck it." She stated the last part, blandly, breaking out of the makeout cycle. She pushed me with surprising force, off her. "Ah, shit, sorry. I got a bit-" "Oh, come here you idiot." She grabbed my waistband and hurled the door open, flinging me in.

God, she was really freaking strong. but I was stronger. I used my forward momentum, grabbing her waist as I passed her, and, together, we swan dove onto the bed. "That was actually pretty cool," she muttered, a smirk crossing her lips. "Less talking, more kissing." She grinned at that, before gently pulling me in for a kiss.

The gentleness didn't last long. The kiss had a layer of need underneath it, need that I latched onto. I let my left hand drift slowly down her waist, cupping those excellent buttocks, kneading the half firm flesh. She moaned into my mouth, pushing her crotch into me, allowing me to sense her excitement, letting her body language direct me to wear she wanted to go next.

She applied some pressure on my chest and I broke the kiss, as she scrabbled for the bottom of my T-shirt. I allowed her to lift it off my chest, as she took a brief glance at my torso. "Oooh, me likey," she whispered, playfully. "This is hardly fair. I've no shirt. You do. Pfft. Laaaaame." This cracked her up, once again, and I enjoyed the lovely sensation of being slightly crushed by a laughing young lady. "Hmm, we better fix that," she replied, her smile growing by a few hundred watts.

She lifted her shirt, in one smooth motion. Her lower torso was a very light shade of tan, not reaching even close to the tan of her arms, but still more tan than pale.

I was impressed. I was also right on my earlier observation; she was naturally slender, but her bone structure put some emphasis on her curves. She wasn't skinny, but there were no fat rolls, at all.

"Oh, delicious," I muttered. I dove in for her, kissing the lowest point of her visible torso, slowly making my way up, causing her to giggle a little (which was awesome. That bra was coming off, ASAP). As I passed her belly, I allowed my tongue to roll out, and snake its way across her skin, the lightest pressure I could possibly apply, without breaking contact. This caused her to shiver (oh my god, I need to get that damn bra off). As I reached the clasp of her bra, I ran my tongue over it, before alternating back to kissing, up the valley between her bosom.

As I reached the apex of the climb, I leaned left, biting gently on the flesh of her exposed breast. She whimpered at that, and grabbed my head, pushing me in. In some corner of my mind, I was cheering that her boobs were sensitive, and I was eager to find out how much exactly so. While I continued a gentle, circular bite pattern, alternating between biting her skin directly and biting the bra, intentionally encouraging it to chafe her nipples (this caused her to squirm, and in proximity to her boobs, the effect was delightful).

I was torturing her, she knew it and she was loving every second of it. The temptation to push her to the edge of endurance was there, but I gave into my baser instinct of self satisfaction, and decided to put her out of her misery. Sort of. I reached around and grabbed the bra clasp, and I shit you not, first time dude. Man, RNJesus (random number generator) was on my side that day. The clasp was undone, but I wasn't quite done with my bra-based fun.

I allowed the material to loosen a little, but when she went to shrug it off her shoulders, I immediately grasped them, growling at her gently. She loved that, and attempted to nip my lips, but I pulled back, before diving into her neck for a counter attack.

I growled and bit her a few times, harder than before, but still not hard enough to bruise. Saving that for later. I pulled ever so slightly back, holding her in place by her shoulders, and watched as a pout developed across her lips and she whimpered. Hands down, most pitiful sound I'd ever heard. My resolve would've been shattered if there wasn't a twinkle in her eye and the ghost of a smile.

I smiled, menacingly down at her and applied a light upward pressure to the straps, intentionally causing the cups to scrape against her nipples. She shuddered and moaned, so I released, and she took a breath. As soon as the breath was in, I tugged upwards again, then down, then up, three times, in quick succession. She gasped, audibly, struggling to get loose, but I was way too heavy for her. "Please." "Nah. I'm just getting started." I tugged again. "Oh my god, PLEASE!" A smile crossed my lips, as I heard the first drops of desperation cross her lips.

Wanna know what her desperation sounded like? It's the most sultry, primal thing you've ever head. It's a clamour for release, vocalised only by the slightest shifts in sound.

It's a whimper and a moan, combined into a perfect "groan". It sounded like music to my ears. I let out a theatrical sigh and made a show of defeat. before quickly chafing her nipples, as I tugged the bra, up and off. Oh, that's gotta sting. "OH!" she gasped, loudly, "So not cool." "You love it," I replied. "Don't you know it?" She returned, with a saucy wink. I took the opportunity to take in her nipples, and the shape of her bosom. Lying down, her breasts appeared 100% immune to gravity (as breasts do, when the lady is lying down).

They were plump and round, slightly bigger than her chest, but not abnormally large, certainly not as large as her shoulders. The top area was pockmarked with semi-transparent freckles, while the bottom was rounded and white. They were pale, as a whole, making the dark areolas stand out, with the pinkish-red nipples standing out at the tops. To say her nipples were hard was an understatement. I grabbed them both, kneading them between my index, middle and thumb.

Her response was instantaneous. Her hips bucked, as she leaned into my fingers, gasping loudly. Interesting. Seized by inspiration (perhaps inspiration that had originally occurred to me with a girlfriend with less sensitive mammaries), I began my standard procedure for assault on nipple hill.

The troops (my tongue, namely) were dropped at an LZ in the valley. Not safe for a hostile LZ drop, but you'll take what you can. I sent it up and around the northern end of the left mountain, where, at the peak of the chest, I sent my tongue heading towards the centre of her left breast. I took my time, closing in on the target area, preparing my troops to unleash an assault like never before (okay, I've had enough of this ridiculous analogy. Time to return to normal speak). As my tongue passed over her nipples, her hips bucked once again, but, prepared for this, I placed my hands on her waist, keeping her in position.

I repeated the swirl around her left nipple, twice, before taking it into my mouth and immediately maxing out the vacuum I could produce. She gasped, sharply, attempting to buck again, but I held firm and broke the pressure seal on my lips, causing air to rush in.

As soon as the seal broke, I bit down, quite hard, over her entire areola. She moaned, loudly at this and shuddered. I let go, and returned to sucking.

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"Please, please, please don't stop." Yeah, I wasn't about to. I alternated nipples, giving her right side a similar treatment, while taking my left hand of her hip and stimulating her other nipple with it. About ten seconds into this, I felt her move under me, but she wasn't moving away.

I took my eyes off her breasts for a second, and watched as she shucked her jeans, moving her waist to and fro, and immediately disposed of her panties. They clung to her mound as she removed them, causing her to shudder slightly as they departed. "Enough foreplay.

I want you. Now." I happily obliged, taking my pants off, then my briefs, and was about to complete the act, when she, with the tremendous force she possessed, knocked me off balance, and onto my back, opposite her. She immediately straddled my lower legs and, not giving me a second to think, took my rock hard member into her mouth. This was her turn to get revenge.

She immediately evacuated as much air as she could from her mouth, while simultaneously taking as much as she could of me, into her mouth, without swallowing.

As she reached the end of the length of her own mouth, a few inches short of engulfing my entirety, she stopped, and reversed direction. I wasn't that surprised. My last girlfriend was a master at head, but it took her a while to learn to deepthroat me, so I wasn't going to ask Sarah to give a go first time round. By the way, I was moaning away like this was the best blowjob of my life. Sarah picked up the pace, bobbing faster and faster, until the ends of her hair were a blur.

Man, she may not be able to go deep, but she made up with it in speed. About three seconds after that, she slowed at the tip of my cock, sucking the head in, making my eyes roll into the back of my head. She applied pressure, consistently, all over the head. She let go of her breath and I saw a flash of steel in her eyes. She dived for it. Head angled up, throat open. I can't describe the sensation.

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It was warm, wet, tight and I could feel the muscles in her throat moving, as she fought to dampen her gag reflex. She fought, for one second, before giving in and pulling out. Naturally, no tears were in her eyes. "That's the first time I've done that." "Seriously?

That was. wow. Out of this world, Sarah, high five!" I placed my hand out and she slapped it, laughing the whole while. Her laughter did wondrous things with her breasts, forcing them to jiggle. "So. enough foreplay?" She asked, this time clearly enquiring if I was finished with her blowjob. I really, really didn't want to say no, but some voice in my head was telling me this meant a lot to her.

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"Maybe we can get back to the mild game later." "Agreed." She smiled, raising her hips up my knees, straddling my cock. "Oh, absolutely not.

I'm taking you. Not you taking me. Nuh-uh, I will not allow my masculinity to be taken from me." ".Seriously? You." "I'm just fucking with ya, do whatever you want." "OH MY GOD, YOU ASSHOLE! You totally had me." "Hahahaha :D" In the back of my mind, I was very glad she could take a joke. She contemplated something for a few seconds, before rolling over to her side, looking into my eyes. She kissed me gently, and I slid my hands between her thighs. The skin on her thigh was warm and flushed, but the moisture had since evapourated during her blowjob.

Fun fact, women don't really get off on blowjobs, just like dudes don't really get off on felatio. Sure, it might be fun, and arousing, but it's not like you can orgasm from giving someone ELSE head, excluding exceptional circumstances. So, I strode to give her as much pleasure as I could, while maintaining the kiss.

Some of you might've been much more exceptional at sex when you were twenty. I wasn't that great, so I didn't exactly know the anatomy of what I was dealing with, without a visual representation, i.e., being able to see what I was doing. So, I did the obvious thing, and reacted to her body language and stimuli. I placed my finger on her entrance, and applied a bit of pressure. I was surprised to find that it didn't yield. She was either resisting or.

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nah, that's not possible. "Hey, what's up?" "I. I'm sorry." "Hmm?" "I'm. I'm not wet enough," she whispered.


".Wait, what? You're not resisting?" "No! Of course not. I really really want thi-" I cut her off with a kiss. "Wait, quickly, you're not a virgin by any chance." "No. My ex and I had sex." "Okay." "Once." "Come again?" "We had sex once." I looked at her, my eyes widening. By the way, guys, that is totally the wrong thing to do.

The girl doesn't get that she's a unicorn, she just feels inexperienced. Be nice, kay? "I'm sorry." "Oh my god, stop apologising. I'm honoured to be your second." "Huh?" "Hey, it's a big deal. The first is ALWAYS a mistake." "True." I glanced down at her pussy.

I'd been massaging it the whole while, and now it was slightly damp. I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and the downstairs area immediately got wetter. I slid my index gently into her hole, feeling the sensation of it popping through her vaginal sphincter. I slid it around a little, before attempting to introduce another finger.

After a few moments of attempting, it finally slid through and Sarah was thrashing and moaning away. Seemed like the best sex she'd ever had. Come to think of it, it might've been. And that's when it hit me. No condom. Nothing a mood killer quite like a lack of contraception. I sighed. She detected the change in my tone immediately.

"What's up?" "I. have no condoms." "I'm on the pill." "Oh. Are you okay with continuing?" "I've never done it without a condom. but. yeah, let's do it." I twisted my fingers around inside her twat, witnessing her gasp as her breathe caught in her throat. I withdrew till the tips of my fingers remained, just over the first knuckle. Moving my body around, rolling her slightly under me, I aligned my shaft with her entrance.

"So, you are going to be on top," she whispered, a coy smile embracing her gorgeous lips. I smiled, leaning in and kissing her, as I simultane- I shudder, breathing deeply, letting the air flow into my lungs and push the pain away.

Cmon. Let's do this, Oscar. Let's do this. .leaning in and kissing her, as I simultaneously withdrew my fingers and applied my cock directly at the base of her hole. I slid in slowly, a velvet glove wrapping itself tightly, definitely a little painfully, around my dick.

I started the motions. In a few scant minutes, the silent room was transformed into a plethora of moans and groans. There it is. The repression trigger. The thrusts grew in intensity, as I alternated between rapid fire bursts and, long, slow, deep thrusts. I could tell I was driving her wild, her hair wrapping around us both, as she kissed between ragged breaths and loud moans. I was sure the neighbours could hear us.

I kept pace, pounding away, despite the growing pain near my genitals. Her tightness was chafing me, and if this was what I was feeling, I had no idea how bad it must be for her. She didn't complain though, keeping pace without dillema.


A few minutes in, I knew I'd reached the point of no return, as she started to suddenly gasp. Her body twitched, violently and for a moment, I thought she was having a seizure, until I could see the burning intensity in her eyes.

She came. I came. The rush of moisture flooding towards each other was overwhelming and the intensity of the pleasure, the sensation of her internals milking my cock was almost unbearable.

It was indeed, quite painful. But looking, deep into her eyes, the pain was a distant thought, the pleasure of being with her overwhelming. "I love you." The whisper came out of nowhere and I. I confess. I panicked. I hesitated half a second too long. "I-I love you too," I replied, in a stutter. She sighed, deeply. "If only." I felt the sensation of what I now realise to be a hypodermic needle pierce my skin and. I came to, in the kitchen, the meal disappeared, holding her hand.

She said it again, in her same mellow voice. "Honestly. honestly, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me. Thanks." I could tell something was off, at that moment.

I felt like. well, now I know. I smelt like her. She smelt like me. I could feel the warmth of my lower regions, having only been fucked to rawness a few moments ago. But then, I didn't have the knowledge to deduce. How could I? We'd just had a nice meal. No, I didn't sleep with her. What a ridiculous notion. She left, and I packed my bags, heading to class. COMP. Oh, yay. As I passed down stairs, Greg looked up at me and winked, giving me a thumbs up. "Huh?" "Oh, we heard you two going up there, like animals.

Nice, dude!" "Uh, what are you talking about?" "Ahahaha, you daaawg. Nah, man, I get it. One doesn't kiss and tell, am I right?" I had no idea what was going on, so I went with it. "Yeah, sure man." That's the trigger. It was Greg. Greg had held a fragment of the memory, external to the moment of the memory's creation and, as such, I was able to trigger it based on his knowledge. She said she loved me.

Did she lie? Why has she put me here!? WHAT THE FUCK. I WILL FIND OUT.