Charming legal age teenager cutie looks fantastic in her softcore play

Charming legal age teenager cutie looks fantastic in her softcore play
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Brian sat in the arm chair in the lounge- watching some crap on tv. The curtains were drawn- part from a gap- where sunshine was lighting the dust particles in the room. He could here children laughing and playing outside. He turned off the tv and let his mind wander as he took another drink of his whiskey.

It was a normal day. He had been working late, as he had been for the last six months. He had been told a promotion was coming his way if he helped the company make the transistion with a new system. It had had its teething problems- and brian had been working hard. He was driving down the motorway towards home- he was meant to be staying in the city overnight- but decided to suprise his wife Carrie on their 10th anniversary. He picked up the box on passenger seat and opened it- one hand on the wheel.

Inside there was a beautiful pearl necklace. He couldnt wait to show her and see the look on her beautiful face. The face he loved with all his heart. A few minutes later he was driving down his street, the lights were off apart from his and his wifes bedroom. She was probably sitting up reading. He turned his ignition off and entered the house. He looked into the lounge and saw Carrie's daughter Molly curled up on the sofa.

Her golden curls falling round her face and neck. She has no pj bottoms on- just a cest and some white pants. He took the rug off the back of the chair and smoothed it over her. She often slept on the sofa. She wasnt his daughter- not biologically anyway. When he met Carrie Molly was one.

But he loved her like he was his own. She was the spitting image of her mother. He turned and walked upstairs, present in hand. He opened the door and what he saw broke his heart. His brother Tom wason his knees, with his cock sliding in and out of his wifes wet pussy. She was moaning in ecstacy, throwing her head up and down, begging to be fucked harder and deeper.

They continued fucking for what seemed like hours before they noticed Brian in the doorway. His wife's moaning stopped. His brothers thrusting stopped. They turned there heads and looked at Brain. Tom slipped his now flacid cock out of his Carries arse- Brian noticed the moisture around her arse and twat.

He turned and threw up outside the door. When he turned around Tom and pulled on some clothes. He turned to Brian and attempted to explain- 'Brian, look-we were going to tell you- we were just waiting for the right time.' Brain punched him, Tom fell to the floor 'you fucking bastard, you sneaky filthy cunt!' Brain kicked him in the stomach and ribs again and again 'BRIAN!

BRIAN STOP IT PLEASE!!!' Carrie pulled Brian away- he turned and looked at his Wife- tears were rolling down her cheeks- she hadnt attempted to get dressed just wrapped the quilt around her naked body.

'Get out- both of you. Just get out now' Brian walked out the room. He felt numb. He didnt know what to do- he had to get Molly into her room though- away from all of this. He went downstairs and picked Molly up in his arms, walking up the stairs with her she woke up 'Daddy? Your home?' 'yeh, go to sleep- im just going to put you in your room' He kissed her forehead 'Daddy? Why are you crying?' 'Its cos your so beautiful sweetheart- shhh just go to sleep' He placed her in her bed and covered her up again.

He left the room shutting the door behind him. 'Brian- I'm not leaving.

I Cant- ive nowhere to go!' Carrie had slipped on a nightgown- Brian could see everything underneath- her firm breasts- which had fondled and sucked so many times- all he could see now was Tom grabbing them. He looked down at her hairless pussy- he had licked, fucked fingered that pussy soo many times. Yet all he could see know was Toms cock thrusting in and out- covered in her juices.

'I cant look at you without seeing him, just go- i dont care where! I cant look at you' ' what about Molly?' 'What about her? she'll stay here- shes going nowhere. Just get the fuck out of my house NOW!' 'I'll go- but ill be back for my daughter- ill come by tomorrow and we'll talk then' She turned and walked away- Brian watched her perfect arse cheeks walking away from him, he fought back the tears.

Tom came out the bedroom and grabbed Carrie's hand. He whispered in her ear. 'Well bro- guess this is goodbye- im sorry though- really i am' 'fuck you tom- i hope you two are happy together- a druggie and a slut!!

Perfect couple- now fuck off both of you!' They walked out into the night, Tom wrapped his coat around Carries shoulders. Brian shut the door. He leant up againstit, and crumbled to the floor in tears. His beloved wife had been fucking his druggie brother. He felt something in his pocket- he pulled it out.

It was the pearl necklace he had brought Carrie for their anniversary. What a present she had given him. He couldnt stop picturing them together. All he had left was Molly, and Carrie was going to come back for her.

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He felt his world crashing around him. Brian felt the tears rolling down his cheeks. He wiped them away. His glass was empty, he stood shakily to fill it back up. He relived that night over and over again in his head, he could still see them together. He could smell the sex in the room. and his wifes moans rang in his ears. He had since lost his job, because of his abcense. His boss had been good though- giving him chance after chance, but he had to let him go in the end.

Turning up to work drunk was the last straw. Brains life had fell to pieces. Molly was still with him though. Carrie had taken up doing drugs with Tom, they were livingin his grotty flat. She had come back to talk to him- he remembered it clearly. [b] Brian heard the door knock- he looked at the clock- it was too early for Molly to be home. He stood up setting his glass on the coffee table. He opened the door and his heart stopped for a second.

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Carrie was standing there- she had lost weight, and was very pale. 'what do you want?' Brian asked 'Brian please- im sorry. i just need to explain things to you- This whole thing with Tom- its a mistake- i need you to help me off the drugs- i want you back, i want Molly back.

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you gotta help me' 'no- its over- you chose Tom you knew what he was like. Go back to him- you can both overdose for all i care' He was about to shut the door- but Carrie had put her foot in the door 'please let me come in, i need my stuff anyway- then ill leave and never come back' Brian thought about it for a second. 'Fine- but keep out my way' He stood aside and let her through 'and i want you out before Molly gets back- i dont want her seeing you like this- dirty and high' 'OK- thank you' Carrie walked upstairs and Brian couldnt help checking out her arse- it used to be full and perky but now it was hardly even there.

He sat back down draining the rest of his glass. He heard a smash upstairs. He ran up not knowing what to expect.

He opened the door and Carrie was naked. 'Erm sorry' she said covering herself with her hands 'I just wanted to change into some clean clothes and i slipped into the dresser' 'OK- erm hurry up' He was confused. Part of him wanted to slap her and throw her out- the other part of him wanted to fuck her till she screamed for him to stop.

'Brian- stop. Please talk to me! I still love you- i always will.' Carrie moved her hands away from her breasts and cunt. 'Carrie- get some clothes on- i cant forgive you' 'No- i made a mistake but i want you to forget about that- and remember how we were before- the way we made love on that bed, in the kitchen- in Mollys room, in the bath- all over this house- we made love and we fucked- and i want that back' Brian looked at his wife- he wanted her- his cock was getting harder and his breathing was shaky.

Could he do it? Could he actualy fuck his wife- after his brother had, after all the drugs. But his cock was yearning for a fuck- his balls felt heavy and sore- he couldnt face even face masturbating. He shoved her onto the bed- and took her hands above her head with his hand- and the other over her mouth.

'You wanna be fucked? I'll fuck you- harder then Tom ever could- Deeper then Tom ever could- and youll scream- and youll cry- like ive cried. Im going to rip you in two- you fucking drugged up slut. He took his hand of her mouth and reached into the bedside table 'Brian- what are you doing? Brian dont fuck me- make love to me- i want you to love me- and comfort me- Brian? Brian?' He slapped her- and took the handcuffs and electrical tape out the drawer.

'Shut up slut- Molly will be back in a few hours- and i want you gone by then- but before that im going to fuck you like the whore you are. So Shut the fuck up!' He handcuffed her hands to the metal head board. 'Brian- no i wanna leave- let me go- your scaring me' He tore some tape off the roll and stuck it over her mouth. He stood up and looked at his wife- chained to the bed she had fucked both him and his brother, and now he was going to take his revenge- and make her feel as worthless as he did.

He heard her muffled screams as he undressed- her legs flaying as she tried to get free. He pulled down his boxers and his now rock hard throbbing cock stood up straight. 'im going to fuck you over and over again- I haven't come in weeks- since the night before I caught you with Tom.'' Carrie was crying- and he looked at her- she had lost so much weight- her ribs and hips were sticking out' Her face had lost its warmth and was now gaunt and pale.

She was no longer the Carrie he married- but a druggie and a slut. Any second thoughts he was having about doing what he was about to do vanished. This woman had lied to him, fucked his brother in his bed, chose drugs over her daughter and now thought he was stupid enough to take her back?


Nah- this is where he was going to get even. He knelt on the bottom of the bed- Carrie kicked at him to get him away from her. She missed and he grabbed her ankles- one in each hand and spread them as far as they would go.

She wriggled her bum in a vain effort to get out. Brian spat on her stomach- then again on her breasts. 'Your a dirty slut- a whore- and im going to fuck you like the filthy bitch you are' He then spat on his cock- knowing how dry his wife would be. He realised he wouldn't be able to do half the stuff he wanted having to hold on to her ankles. He got up- and saw Carrie sigh with relief- he laughed and left the room pulling on his dressing gown as he did so.

He went into the garage looking for some rope. He found none- he went into the kitchen to look in the junk cupboard. He found some right at the back along with a permanent black marker, he laughed to himself again.

He opened the fridge and drank some milk out the carton- he could hear Carries muffled screams. He looked at the cucumber lying on the bottom shelf. He laughed again- this was going to make him feel so good and powerful. He headed back upstairs- when he walked back into the room he saw that she had been struggling- the blankets had been kicked off and her wrists were red from the handcuffs.

His cock was hard again- the feeling of being in total control. He could do what he wanted right now- he could let her go, he could make love to her, he could fuck her or he could kill her- slowly. He dropped the marker and cucumber at the bottom of the bed.

He tied her feet to the bedposts at the bottom ensuring there was enough give for a little movement. It was time to begin. 'OK Carrie- I'm going to start.


First thing im going to do to you is.' he picked up the pen 'write on you- so even when ive finished- you're going to have to get this off- wouldn't want Tom seeing this would you?' He took the top of the pen and started writing on her breast- she flinched as the nib scratched acoss her nipple.

WHORE. Then the other breast SLUT. He the wrote on her forehead- COCKSUCKER. He continued to write obscenities all over her body- she moved and wriggled to get away, tears still rolling down her cheeks.

When he had finished he looked at her and laughed. All over her pale drugged up, thin body was insults- all he thought about her. He wanted to humiliate her.

He looked at the clock 1pm- Molly would be dropped off at 3.30pm. He had less then two hours to fuck her and get her out the house- time to stop messing about. He grabbed the cucumber and spread her legs. She hadn't shaved her pussy in weeks. Tom must like it bushy he thought- angry he shoved the cucumber in her cunt- she was bone dry and clenched her arse in pain. He pulled it out again- and smelt it- she stunk.

'You need to shower Carrie- youve really been letting yourself go' He spat on the cucumber and put it in again- this time deeper. Carrie was still clenched- obviously not enjoying this as he was. He thrust it in and out again and again- she was dry as hell. He took the cucumber out- he had stretched her and hurt her enough now to fuck her- and get himself some pleasure.

He spat on his cock and massaged it up and down his shaft. He slowly put his head in her dry, tense whole as Carrie wriggled to get away from him. She started screaming again. He slapped her across the face- hard. 'Shut the fuck up BITCH' He thrust the rest of his cock into her cunt- and spat on the bottom of his shaft again.

He fucked her hard and deep. She lay there sobbing quietly- totally still apart from from his vicious thrusting. He bent forward and bit her tits hard- she flinched- crying louder. Brian pinched her nipples and rolled them hard in his fingers- the slapped her breasts and watched the wobble. He laughed and picked up the pace of his thrusting. He could feel himself about to come. He took his cock out and crawled up by her head- he let out his first load on her face- her eyes were covered in cum- glued shut.

He wanted more- he hadn't hurt her enough. He untied her feet and turned her over then struggled with her to do the same with her hands. She was now lying on her front. Her back didn't have any writing on- and looking at the time he realised he didn't have time.

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He lifted her arse and shifted her knees up so she was kneeling. Carrie moved so she was laying down again.

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He tutted 'Have you not learnt your lesson slut? You do what i tell you to- or you get this' He lifted his hand up 'Im going to fuck your virgin ass' She shook her head -as much as she could do- and pleaded through the tape. 'HA! I don't give a fuck if you want it or not- you wouldn't let me in the 12 years we were together- well im going to fuck your ass now! Ironic isn't it. Now i will give you a choice- my cock or cucumber?? Oh im sorry i cant hear you- so ill give you both' He picked up the cucumber again- and put her back on her knees.

She didn't move- she knew there was no point. He looked at her anus. It was tight- she had never allowed any form of anal intercourse. He took the cucumber and slowly put it in, forcing it slightly- deeper and deeper.He stopped then pulled it out and wiped the cucumber over her face.

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He put the cucumber back to her arse and thrust it in harder- the partly pulled it out then deeper again. He was fucking his cheating wife in the ass with a cucumber. His cock was hard again and he removed the vegetable and replaced it with his cock.

He shuddered with pleasure, and cum in her arse making the thrusting easier. He was still hard, so continued to thrust hard and deep. Carrie was shaking with agony and fear- which just turned Brian on even more. He wanted her to suck his cock but didn't know if he could trust her. He removed his cock from her arse and watched her anus close slowly. 'Now Carrie- im going to turn you over and take the tape off your mouth- your going to suck my cock clean of your ass juices- then take my cum.

If you try anything- ill fucking kill you- don't think i wont. Im not the same man you were married too- seeing you with my brother has changed me. You do as your told and ill let you go- no more pain. Its your choice' He turned her over and took the tape off her mouth slowly so as not to hurt her anymore- he didn't want her biting his cock. But she did give amazing blowjobs. 'Brian. please just let me go. please' 'I will when youve sucked me off- stay still' He took a tissue and wiped up the now drying cum off her eyes so she could open her eyes.

'right now just lie there and suck my cock- the better you do it- the quicker ill come- the quicker you can leave' He squatted over he mouth and edged his cock into her open mouth. She closed her mouth round his cock and sucked the head- she was crying again and had her eyes closed. Her lips were wrapped around his cock and he was moving his cock deeper and deeper into her throat- he leaned on the head stand and put his whole nine inches into her mouth- she gagged but he didn't take it out- she gagged again- still he kept it in- she opened her eyes pleading with him to take his cock from her throat.

He smiled at her and slowly took it out completely. She gasped for air. 'Brian stop it now please- youve made your point. Please just cum and let me go now' He laughed but felt pity for her- she meant nothing to him know- looking at her thin body covered in insults he had wrote on her.

He was wanking as he looked at her- but the moment had passed and his cock had gone soft again. 'Ok- its over. Ill talk to my lawyer tomorrow to get the divorce sorted' He went over to her and started letting her go.

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'I'm not going to apologize- you hurt me so much' He started to get dressed. 'My brother for fuck sake? Im better then him! Why him? How long was it going on for?' Carrie was sitting on the bed crying- a sheet wrapped around her. 'I don't know- you were away so much and he came round one afternoon 2 months before you found us- and we just clicked- we did some drugs and had a drink and then that was it- i needed a release- my life was the same every day- and i was depressed, and you were always busy and .

and. Im so sorry- and if i could take it back i would- but i cant. But were even now- you just raped me Brian- youve drawn on me and treated me like an animal- were even now ok? So we can move one' 'Spose so. But it is over- our marriage i mean. Molly stays with me- and when or if you clean your act up- stop taking the drugs- you can see her here for a few hours a week to begin with. Have a shower- put some clean clothes on and go.

Youve got three months to sort yourself out- well talk through our lawyers till then' He left the bedroom 'Youve got half an hour' Brian went and sat back in his chair with a glass of whiskey. He didn't regret what hed done- she deserved it- and now he did feel even with her. But he still hated her- any love he had felt for her disappeared completely when he saw her thin gaunt body covered in his writing. He looked at the time- it 2.45 Molly would be home in 45 mins. He smiled at the thought of his step daughter skipping through the front door.

In her little school uniform, her golden curls around her shoulders. She always did the same thing when she came home. Hugged and kissed Brian, then went and fetched a glass of milk and a cookie, and sat on the kitchen counter watching cartoons on the portable tv.

She had been brilliant throughout this whole thing. The day after he found out about the affair, she asked where her mom was. She was 13 so Brian told her the truth- she cried alot as did Brian. They had grown closer then they had been before- she looked after him.

He woke up many nights with a blanket over him. She'd also been watering down the whiskey in a vain attempt to stop him getting so drunk.

One night he woke up and saw her asleep on the settee. He had fell asleep in the chair as he did most nights. She was lying on her backs her vest was white and her arms were above her head. Brian could see her newly formed vests through her vest. They were small enough so she didnt have to wear a bra.

Brian guessed they were a B cup. He looked down at her pants- white pants with little frills around the edge. He could see her pubic hair protruding through the fabric- he felt his cock harden inside his pyjama bottoms. He stood up suddenly ashamed. 'Molly, Molly come on- off to bed' 'Er ok Dad, you coming up?' Brian looked at her- what did she mean? Surely not. 'Sorry what?' 'Are you going to bed too? I dont like you sleeping down here' 'oh yeah- just going to load the dishwasher and ill be up' 'ok- night Daddy' She walked up to him and hugged him.

Brian was conscious of his hard cock which was pressing up against her lower stomach. She didnt seem to feel it, but reached up to kiss him- he bowed his head and she pressed her lips tenderly for what seemed like minutes- Brian could swear she opened her mouth slightly.

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He pulled away- 'come on you-bed' She looked up at him and smiled 'ok daddy- night night' As she walked away she pulled her pants out of her ass cheeks. Brians cock was hard. What was happening? She kissed him- not like a good night kiss- more like a first kiss. And shes always working around in next to nothing. Was it all in his imagination? Carrie walked down the stairs, her hair still wet, but in fresh clotheswhich didnt fit her probably.Her forehead was red where she had scrubbed the word COCKSUCKER off her forehead.

'Right- ill ring the lawyer tomorrow and ill call you in three months to see how your doing' 'Ok. Erm. bye- tell Molly i love her and ill see her soon' 'Yeah ok, bye' Carrie walked out the door and Brian drank more whiskey and waited for Molly to come home from school. WILL BE UPLOADING PART 2 SOON. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS