Breast milk sucking and sex

Breast milk sucking and sex
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In the 70's being a popular instructor at a school was a hard job. Especially as I was the same age as most of my students. For some reason it seems many of the girls wanted to make it with me.

Few girls wore bras. Miniskirts were in fashion. I would easily know the one's that wanted me. They would sit in the front of the class with no panties and with their legs slightly spread. Verbal communication was infrequent: simply a stare into my eyes when one of them noticed I had glanced between her legs or down her halter top. At the end of class, one or more would come up to "ask a question" .no fool I would say "lets go to my office." One February day, one of my students a pretty sensual blond, named Sharon, about 5'6", thin, about a C cup came into my office to "talk".

The subject matter was dispensed with with light speed. She wasted no time telling me, she was unhappily married, wanted sex and wanted me.

It was now my move. We locked eyes and moved toward each other. Her lips slightly opened. I pulled her to me and we kissed passionately. Our tongues, intertwined as we swapped spit. I was as hard as a rock. As I moved my hands over her breasts she moaned and drove her tongue and spit into my mouth more. I said to her she has to be really wet by now, her legs parted as I reached down to finger her cunt. Girls were hairy then, I touched her wet bush. I put my fingers, into her sopping wet cunt and moved them all over her hairy groin.

I could smell her sex drifting up from the heat between her legs. She kept moaning and continued to spread her legs as best she could as I reached down to wet her ass hole. I knew we could not do anything further in the office as another student or instructor could suddenly come by. I had one of the few keys to the Department lab and the office off the lab area.

I also knew, no labs were scheduled for the rest of that day. I broke off our foreplay and told her we were going to the lab to do an "experiment," but not before I took my wet fingers and put them between our tongues so we could lick them clean.

I could hardly contain myself as I tasted and smelled her sex on my fingers.

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It took all my power to break off. We quickly went up to the next floor were the lab was located. As classes were in session no one was in the hallway to see my mountain erection in front of my pants.

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I opened the door, we went in and I made sure it was locked from the outside. I opened the lab office door.


Her top was off as I was closing the door, and her mini skirt was down her ankles on the floor. We both started to undress me while resuming the deep frenching we left off. I wanted to taste her sex and asshole. I knew it would be much more sensual to leave a trail of spit and kisses from her lips to her tits and work my way down to her sex. I knew she wanted me down there right away and wanted me to pound her, but I also knew she would be so much hotter, if I took my time.

I love the natural taste and smell of a girl. Lucky for me perfume was not in at that time. Being natural was the way to be. This was sensual heaven. So licking, smelling and tasting her everywhere I could was just making me that much more aroused. We had moved down to the floor. I remember it was tiled and cold but did not seem to mind. She was on the bottom with me between her spread legs.

I did leave a trail of kisses and spit from each beast and nipple, down to her naval and down further.


I knelt between her outstretched legs and pushed them back over her shoulders while placing my mouth over her sex. The same tongue treatment I gave to her month I started on her lower mouth.

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I could not get enough to the taste and smell of her cunt spit. The natural dirty blond hair of her bush was glistening with the spit from my mouth and the discharge from her hot cunt. I now wanted to taste her musky ass hole. I started fucking her dirt hole after tasting it, all I heard were moans, and cries of don't stop. At this point, I was almost ready to shoot my scum without any direct stimulation.

She tasted so strong and sweet at the same time. I pulled up and in one motion pounded my cock into her open, sopping pussy. We pounded each other cock and cunt with abandon, while resuming the month fucking with our tongues. I do not remember how long each of us lasted. it was not too long.but we exploded together. Our bodies were covered in sweat. The floor no longer seemed cold. We laid in each others arms while our passions subsided. My cock got soft and limp, I dropped out of her pussy which was felt like an ocean of wetness.

I looked down at my cock. It was covered with red and brownish streaks. I saw red streaks on her pussy and bush and on the floor. She had gotten her period in the middle of our fuck.The light brown streaks on my cock were obviously left over from her musky ass. We got dressed. I remember she had to go and do something for her husband and was now running late. [For a few years the reddish streaks on the floor, remained.

Of course they had turned dark brown and just looked like a regular stain. How the janitors never were able to get the 'stain' out with washings and waxing is a puzzle to me] This is not the end of my story. Two more sexual events happened that day. I had just gotton back to my office and the " two Lindas" [they both had the same first name and hung out together -to differentiate them they were called Linda B and Linda C] walked in. Both had olive complexions and were had were about 5'7".

Linda C had long hair, that day in a pony tail and was wearing jeans. Linda B had long loose hair and that day in a red micro mini dress.

Linda C sat down on a chair as she entered the office with a view out the door. It as Linda B that really had the hots for me. She came over to my desk (I was standing) sat on it with her legs spread apart. I had turned to reach for something and she reached around behind me and planted a wet kiss on my neck and then told me how much she loved me.

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She said she had to fuck. I turned toward her and pressed myself into her and our tongues and spit began swirling between our mouths. I looked over at Linda C, who had her hand between her legs and was masturbating out side of her jeans. I asked [knowing full well he answer] if Linda B is she was wet. She took my hand and started masturbate herself with it. I felt my hand was under a warm waterfall. Her panties were dripping wet. I could small her pee musk and sex scent. I was as hard as a rock .I asked Linda C is she thought someone was coming, while furiously continuing to masturbate she said "No." .

I spread Linda B's legs pulled away her panties and drank her discharge and licked the crack of her ass. I came up to kiss, her and she sucked her juice from my mouth . I told her we had to go somewhere. Linda C.

said we will go to her place. She live a block away from the school and had her car. I disengaged from Linda B and went over to Linda C and frenched her. She moaned as she licked the leftover girl juice and musk from her girlfriend left on my face. As she did this I reached down between her legs and rubbed her cunt. Her juice too had penetrated her jeans, I licked my fingers, the gave them to her to lick and then to Linda B.

I said lets's go. Although a block away . it seemed like an eternity. . I sat in the middle of them in the car. Linda B was frenching me the minute we left the parking lot. I in turn was masturbating both girls, and touching their D size tits. I had lifted both their sets of tits our of their bras .When the car stopped for a light . I turned around and swapped the spit from Linda B into the mouth of Linda C, who in turn discharged her spit into my mouth so I could drink it and give some to her girlfriend.

Both girls were trying to my rock solid cock out of my pants.

On arriving we ran into the apartment and undressed immediately. Both went down on their knee and started to suck me. Now I had just fucked Sharon and her juices and stains and smell of musk, piss and sex were all over my cock and groin. This was not a turnoff to my girls, it was a definite turn on. They said 'Look he fucked some cunt before us, he did her ass too. Was she good? I said : "yes, very good" She both responded by targeting the red and brown streaks and couldn't stop moaning.

I said I want to see you to kiss and make love. I will play with myself .then I will fuck both of you in your ass holes and pussies. In actually they were kissing and swapping spit while blowing me.

I brought them over to the bed and they started this beautiful sapphic encounter .I was like a movie director and the Lindas were the best of actresses. I told them taste each other, swap spit. .suck each other nipples . taste each other's cunt, drink your juices . tongue fuck and taste each other ass. . tell me how each of you tastes and smells .By this time my cock could have erupted a volcano of scum . I said to Linda B " I want your pussy." I went down on her jet black sopping forest of pussy.She had cum so many times she exuded sex smell and piss .I brought her to a cunt squirting orgasm .With her discharge in my mouth I I entered and started to pound her while frenching back her juice from my mouth into both Lindas.

I then pulled Linda C over Linda B face so B could eat her out cunt while I tongue fucked her ass. I pulled out and started fucking Linda C first in the cunt and then in her ass. I told Linda B to eat her friend, while I ass fucked her. He ass was loose and wet . I was in ecstacy .I pulled out and told Linda B to clean her girlfriend dirt with her mouth from my cock. I went back into Linda B's pussy and now I knew I was going to cum.

I told both girls I was going to cum in B's cunt and that Linda B and I would bring Linda C off (for the nth time ) orally . that is how it ended .we laid in each others arms coverd with sweat and sex . it was wonderful. They drove me back to my office. I had some work to do it was now the evening. Evening classes were about to begin and I could get in a little work.

After a short time in walks Polly. Now Polly is the smartest girl in the school. She too has a beautiful body .She has dirty blond hair, and wears it cut pixie short.

She is attractive but not beautiful like Sharon and the two Lindas.

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You might take her as a sister to Barbra Streisand. . well she sits down to talk. This time there is some meaningful academic substance to the 'meeting' .in this case I do not think she came in to 'seduce' me. But at some point the talk did turn to sex and it happened after a period of thougtful silence . Polly said ." you know I am attracted to you like many of the girls are here . but I do not think you would ever want me" I said something like "Why would you say that?" She said something like I am not as beautiful nor as forward as they are .I remember hesitating a little then reaching and pulling her face to mine in a kiss.

She opened her mouth slightly and I could slightly taste and feel her tongue. But I knew she was responding and suprisingly so was I. W e were silent a little more then she really surprised me in what she said next. She said " I don't care how many of the other girls you fuck .just would be happy just to be the last one in the day. " I then said something like .

but suppose I am all wet with their sex all over me . she said "I don't care .I just want you any way you are" . We reached for each other and we started to kiss passionately, I taste her, she tasted sweet and fresh . I touched her tits moaned and opened her mouth we could swap more spit.

We both reach for each others groins .Now she would be the 4th girl I would have that day . I reached up under her minidress and started masturbating her first over and then under her panties. . her bush was just starting to get wet .

but I could tell both of us were winding up. She started to pull down my zipper and take out my rock hard cock . I knew I was really ripe from the ass, cunt and cum from three other girls as well as my own. I told her Polly, "You know I have had sex today .are you sure you want to go on .? She said " I told you just save a little for me ." She then asked ." how many other girls did you fuck today ?" I told her a "gentleman doesn't tell ".

She said .".well I think you with with Sharon and the two Lindas ".".I want to taste them " She bent over and gave me a soft gentle blow job, cleaning every discharge on my cock while masturbating herself .She then said ." now you are ready for me." She sat down on my lap impaling herself on my cock and started to slowly move herself up and down, while frenching me and putting her tits in my mouth .It was so different from the raw hot passion of my three other girlfriends I had fucked that day .smothered in her arms and tits and her frenching me my cock was being slowly drawn to it's 4th orgasm of the day .

it happened slowly then quickly . she started to move fast, breath quickly, clench my cock with her cunt muscles and I too scum out my last into her cunt .I said to her "Baby, now I have your sex all over my cock and groin" .

She said "Finally I have your scum up inside my pussy" .I 'll have it tonight when I masturbate myself to sleep and when I wake up in the morning. .I'll suck, smell and taste my fingers all night" . It was a hard day at school.