Fucking Myself With Sharpie Amateur Cam Homemade

Fucking Myself With Sharpie Amateur Cam Homemade
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Chapter 5 As we woke up I told her to go to the bathroom and get cleaned up and then to put on her blue sundress so we could go and grab something to eat. The blue sundress was my favorite one although up to that day she had never worn it.

It had been a gift from her mother and being only about mid-thigh in length it was shorter then what Tina usually wore.


As I said, she had the looks but not the attitude to be incredibly hot. And thinking about the effect the sundress would have when her nipples poked through the material and her ass and pussy might occasionally be visible depending on how she sat.I decided to follow her into the bathroom.

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She was standing there naked in front of the mirror and was checking her face for first signs of pimples. I saw her ass and her thin waist forming a perfect hourglass figure from behind and at the same time I saw her big tits in the mirror. And I saw the jiggling motion her tits got from the way her hands were moving on her face.

I started to stroke my dick as I looked at her and after a couple of seconds I moved in behind her and pressed my crotch against her ass, pressing her whole body against the sink as a result. Then I put my hands on the sides of her hips and smiling at her through the mirror I slowly moved my hands to the front of her hips and then up over her flat stomach and further up to her breasts. First I took the whole soft mounds into my hands and then I moved my hands to the sides until my thumbs were at her nipples.

I took them between my thumbs and index fingers and gently rolled them as I said.

"Oh, you look so fucking hot!" She leaned her back against my chest and let her head sink back on my shoulder until her cheeks brushed against mine. Her head was resting on my shoulder and against my face at the same time as she whispered in a low and seductive voice.

"If I am so fucking hot, then why don't you just fuck me?" That hot little devil. I let go of her right tit and put my right hand between us and on her back. I pushed her forward so that she bend over the sink and as I let my hand glide down her back until it was between my crotch and her ass I saw her bite her lower lip in anticipation through the mirror.

I put my middle finger to her pussy to check if she was wet enough to enter her.

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Her pussy lips were a little dry but as I pushed my finger in a tiny fraction of an inch I felt the wetness inside her. I fucked her with my finger for a couple of strokes to get the outside of her cunt wet and then aligned my dick with her pussy and pushed in.

I heard a grunt escape her lips as I started to fuck her. She put her hands on the sink and pushed her body into a more standing position so that I could get better access to her tits and I started to knead her round jugs as I pumped into her. I decided to see how she would react to what I had in store for her for the day. "After I fill you with jizz we're going to show you off a bit at lunch and then a bit more at the beach. Then we'll find a nice place for an afternoon fucking session.

Some place with viewers." She grunted and her breathing deepened. "Then we'll come back to our room for a little photo session. I wonder how your pussy will look in the camera when you rub your juices into it in the afternoon light next to the window. Or maybe even right on the balcony." She was definitely getting off on this. Looks like we had more in common regarding sexual interests then I had ever imagined. "And after that we'll get to the high point of the day.

The end of your anal virginity. Tonight you are going to sleep with my cum in your tight little ass." That got her looking more than just a little shocked. I let go of her tits again and pushed her forward so that there was more room between her body and mine.

Then I put my hands on her ass. I pulled her ass cheeks apart with my left hand and pressed the middle finger of my right and against the muscle ring of her tight little rear entrance.

She still looked shocked but as I started making little circles against her asshole she loosened up again. I can't tell if she really enjoyed it or just did not mind but at that moment I did not care much. I enjoyed fingering her tight ass and that was all that was important to me.

After a couple of seconds I took my hand from her ass and licked my right middle finger to make it wet and then I put it back to her ass and started to push it in. I pushed the finger about a half inch into her asshole and then started little fucking movements.

I fingerfucked her ass as I fucked her pussy. The naughtiness of it got me really hot and I speed up the fucking on both fronts. By now Tina was breathing hard and had her right hand between her legs rubbing her cunt. "Are you gonna cum? Are you gonna cum with a finger up your ass?" She just kept moaning and groaning as I fucked her harder and harder. I had to contain myself not to change to her asshole right then and there.

After a couple more thrusts I let go of her ass and grabbed her hair. I pulled her head up and around to give her a full kiss on the lips as I thrust hard and deep into her and emptied myself into her pussy.

I continued fucking her lightly and she continued to rub her cunt as our tongues wrestled in her mouth and I felt my jizz overflowing from her snatch. That's when her tongue stopped moving and I more felt then heard her moaning into my kiss.

I felt her body bucking against mine and felt her cunt muscles grab my dick and pull it in. I felt the last driblets of semen being massaged from my shaft. Without thinking I grabbed her tit with my free hand and squeezed it hard just like she liked it when she orgasmed. I pulled her nipple and kept kissing until the last spasms had ended.

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Then I pulled my now limp dick from her cream filled hole and broke the kiss. I then gave her a couple little kisses on her neck as I gently caressed the tit I had just handled so roughly. She turned to me and gave me a little kiss on my neck, too, before falling to her knees and cleaning my dick from our combined juices with her mouth.

"Don't forget the spunk in your pussy and on your legs. Or do you want to have it dribble out of your pussy when we go to lunch? And how did you like my finger in your ass? Do you look forward to my dick taking it's place tonight?" She looked up at me with my dick still in her mouth and as I saw the look in her eyes I knew, this was going to be a fun night.

Chapter 6 After she had cleaned my cock she got into the shower and I went into the living room and opened the windows to enjoy some fresh air. I sat there thinking about how great things had turned out and listened to the water droplets from her shower hitting the floor. I was waiting for her to come back and was looking forward to seeing her all wet with her curly hair sticking to her face and shoulders.

Through all the fights we had in the last 6 months I had almost forgotten how beautiful she was but the memory returned fast.

Every time I saw her I was stunned for a moment and I was looking forward to seeing her whenever she went out of my sight for even a moment. And it was pure joy in looking at her.

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Not mixed with fear about the next fight like before. Damn, I could get used to this. I was still lost in my thoughts when I heard the water stop and saw her coming out of the bathroom a second later.

The little pearls of water sparkled all over her body which made her look like she was covered in pearls or little stars and the wet hair sticking to her neck gave her an animalistic, wild and extremely attractive look. I just continued watching her and smiled as she went to the bed and took a bottle of lotion out of her nightstand.

I watched her pour some lotion on her hand and massage it into her calves. She always started with her left side. Then I watched her continue upwards, slowly caressing her upper thighs with her hands. I saw how the white lotion went see-through when she rubbed it into her skin and how the skin glowed when she was finished.

She continued upward, and I realized she was making a show out of it for me, always turning so that I had a good view of the body part she was lotioning up.

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When she turned around and grabbed her ass with both hands, rubbing one buttock with each I took my dick into my hand and started stroking it. She turned around, putting her hands between her legs and then moved them upwards and to the side until her hands rested on her hip bones, and then she started rubbing lotion on her stomach.

She ran her hands in circles around her navel and then moved them further up to her breasts. While she was rubbing her breasts she started to moan softly and every now and then she pinched one of her nipples. And when she finally moved away from her breasts and up to her neck her nipples stood out firmly and invited me to kiss them.

She stroked her neck, still moaning and put her head to the side. At the same time she cocked her hip into an extremely sexy and alluring pose.

She had her eyes closed and it was like she was dancing alone trying to sex herself up, unaware of my presence. For a moment I thought about taking her right there but I wanted to safe up some energy for later and at the same time I had the feeling that she did not really want that. Throughout the last 2 days she had gotten off on me taking control and now she was taking control and I had the feeling she was just testing me.

Well, she had bought the ticket, now she was up for the ride. I approached her with long steps, grapping her hips I turned her around and pulled her to me. Her ass was again at my crotch and she started gyrating it in an inviting way. "I'm going to hit the shower now, Tina, and while I'm gone I want you to lay down on the bed and masturbate. Finger that hot little wet pussy but don't cum.

You are not allowed to cum until I tell you to." With that I pushed her on the bed, turned around and left. I turned around and left so fast because if she had seen the hard on I was sporting she would have known that one more look from her would have been enough for me to jump her without thinking about any powergames.

I took my time in the shower so that my arousal could drain and hers could build. That was necessary for me to expand my control over her.

When I came out of the shower I saw her lying on the bed. A thin film of transpiration was covering her body and her inner thighs were covered in her juice. Although the windows were wide open the whole room smelled of pussy.

I looked at her for a minute and saw that she was stopping. "No, continue until I tell you to stop." I then made my way to my closet and started dressing with my back to her. Again I took my time, aware how desperate she was to come by now. When I was completely dressed I turned to her and walked up to her head.


I took my dick out and put it to her lips. "Suck, but you are still not allowed to come." I enjoyed her lips and her tongue for a couple of seconds, just long enough for her to get the feeling that she was getting me ready to fuck her and she would soon get her relief. When I felt her getting faster because she felt like she could not wait any longer I pulled my cock out of her mouth and put it back into my pants. "Get dressed, we are going to lunch." She look at me filled with desperation but I stayed firm and so she slowly got up on wobbly legs and put the blue sundress over her head.

She did not put on any underwear and with the state she was in her nipples were poking through the dress like little mountains. She was so wet that her pussyjuice was flowing down her legs past the end of the dress and wetness was visible even when she stood still. This was sooo going to be fun.