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Kidnaping dolly When I was 16 I lived in a house with around 10 people mostly couples including me and my girlfriend at the time.

the house was pretty big it at one time was two apartments .my bedroom was the upstairs living room. I had plenty of cash so I let all of my friends stay but I was always jealous of their hot girlfriends cause mine although trustable and a good at cooking was bad in the sack and kinda plain looking but my friends were lucky. Plus me being a good guy I never cheated. bob had dolly who was about 5"3 short black hair pail skin well shaped ass pouty lips blue eyes nice tits about a c cup or a little bigger and a doll like face with a perfect strippers body.

Then there was Jasmine who was a friend of my girlfriends and is about 5"5 with long red curly hair big double d tits milky skin green eyes with a narrow face who was a little heavy but in a good still fuckable way there were more but that's a later story well after a while I got hitched then divorced but still I regretted not fucking these girls I had lived with so I set out on a mission.

It all started when my friend bob broke up with dolly I had kept tabs on them over the years dolly had become a stripper right out of highschool of wich was no surprise since she was kinda slutty.


now every thing started to fall onto place. I started going to see her dance and then I'd follow her home the first couple of times I didn't follow dolly home all the way then I finally did she had a pretty nice little apartment on the ground floor of a building I watched her over the next few weeks to grab ahold of her schedule some times she would bring guys home and fuck them I waited for the right opportunity.

Then one night she had a guy over and I had at that point snuck in and placed audio devices in her apartment. She and the guy started to fool around she unzipped his pants and started to laugh the guy taking offence got pissed off and they started arguing so I took this as a cue I put my mask on and ran to her back door which was unwisely open with only a screen door closed .

I waited there for a few minutes and I heard dolly talking to a friend on her phone laughing about the man who just left. About five minutes later I heard the shower start so then I sneak in and hide in the closet of her room covered behind a bunch of clothes on one side. I couldn't wait to hear the shower stop but I was suprized to hear moans coming from the bathroom after about five minutes I heard a loud moan and then the shower stop then dolly walks into her room unknowing of my presence she turns the light on and I'm right there in front of her she pauses for a split second and starts to scream I then grab her by the neck and throw her to her bed she almost instantly gets up and tries to hit me in the sack and run out the room but having come prepared with a taser some chloroform handcuffs and a nutcup just in case.

she gets about as. Far as me tazing her. After the expected tazing i finally spoke" every time I even see you flinch I'll taze you again bitch!!

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"She looked at me and started to cry at that moment I cuffed her in a hog tide position and gagged her and just because I could and so she knew I ment business I tazed her again for a few minutes. Afterwards I propped her on her back so her arms and feet were propped up. I then stood back to look at my new catch. I noticed a tattoo right above her juicy shaven surprisingly wet cunt dolly could see every move I made. I sat her at the edge of the bed her pussy facing me. Standing above her I started fondling her nice handful Titties rubbing my thumb over her quarter sized pink areoles and her nice pert hardening nipples .with my 7" inches of cock about to burst of of my pants as I leaned forward.

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I couldn't wait any longer and undid my pants i freed my cock out and rested it on her dripping pussy. I looked at her she was avoiding eye contact so I grabbed her by the chin and said "Im betting you have no idea about who I am do you bitch haha.


But guess what it doesn't really matter cause your mine know bitch your my cum slut I'm gonna fuck you whenever I feel like it". Right at that moment I slowly put the head of my dick inside her. she started to scream so slapped her across the face. " shut the fuck up or I'll put my fist up your twat.

so are you gonna a be good little slut" I pulled her gag out to hear her reply and in a weeping voice she said "yes". "yes master" as I slapped her So I started sliding my dick further into her down all the way to the base I could feel her clenching my dick the whole time I let it sit there for a second ." Dam dolly you feel fucking good" that's when she perked up and finally realised that I knew who she was .at that moment I took off my mask and almost immediately she recognised me.

With shock and disbelief on her face she looked strait into my eyes and said"Brad what the fuck are you doing motherfucker quit!


stop!raping me!". all I did was force myself in her deeper and chuckle a little"bitch you don't get to call me that you can call me master". As i smacked her ass and started pumping into her.I stopped for a minute to catch my breath "Ok hears the deal bitch your life as you know it so far is over .you've seen my face so I only have two options .one kill you" at that moment she freaks out and tries to get free and all I do is push my cock deeper into her as she starts crying out for help again making me slap her in face again saying "shut the fuck up bitch or I'm gonna have to.

Or theres option two which is my favourite. You become my cum slut. So which is it gonna be slut" as I pump into her faster she starts to moan a little as I can feel her grip my dick tighter "oh that's it bitch grip that cock "as I put her gag back on I quicken my pace feeling dolly start to loosen I started pounding her hard as I could .soon I could feel her body tighten around my dick and she started to buck and moan then I pulled out so the head of my cock was only in her glistening fuckhole then slammed into her harder causing her to start to squirt all over me as I pulled out of her.

this turned me on and almost immediately my balls tightened and I started thrusting into her wetness even faster then I started to bust the biggest nut ever in her wet fuckhole seemingly filling her to the brim as I collapsed I pulled my still hard cock out of dolly with a pop it seemed like a deluge of her juices and my semen just started to flow out of her now well used fuckhole. I Then spin her around so her head is off the bed then I take off her gag and tell her open up and don't even think of biting down or I'll go ahead with option one.

Opening her mouth.

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"Now clean my cock bitch " .getting me harder I start fucking her throat gaging her with my cock deep in her mouth hole bringing me to the brink of Cumming into her belly I slap her in her face and pull out just to look her in the face to tell her"your gonna fucking swallow it when I cum bitch" then continuing fucking her throat I get to the brink once again and I feel my sack start to tighten again so I grab her throat on bolth Sides and jammed even deeper into her throat hole and i start to spurt glob after glob of hot semen deep into her throat pulling out of her now choking mouth I collapse on the bed next to her "oh that's was fucking great oh I'm gonna have some fun with you hehe".thinking of all the things I'm gonna do to her.

I collapse next to her she starts to choke the moment I pull out. Out of breath I sit next to her fondling her tits again "you know what I think these aren't real are they?" I sit up and look right at her face and slap one of her perfectly shaped tits and weakley crying she says "yes there fake"squeezing one of her nips then rubbing my fingers over it. "YES WHAT?!!""yes mmmmaster" As i pnched a nipple well that's fine I like them anyway.

I defiantly think I'll be having alot of fun with you". I then go to the closet dolly watches to see what is gonna happen next. "You know what babe I can't wait to get you home I've got alot waiting hehe".dolly then started to cry again as I walked up to her with my little black bag and pulled out the bottle of chloroform with a rag.

doused the rag sat next to dolly's head and told her "you can speak now bitch it'll be one of the few times I'll let you speak free of punishment" dolly calm as she can while crying"why are doing this to me "."well because I've always wanted you even after all this time I still do and I'm tired of just wanting and not having what I want.

It's ok your my first slave but you'll have company soon enough."dolly then looked puzzled as I gave her a peck on the cheek then stood up spun her around again so her pussy was facing me and slowly slid my prick into her still slightly cum filled snatch at that moment I covered her mouth with the rag and watched her struggle into unconsciousness. While my cock still deep inside her wet cunt I could feel her entire body try and fight the cloriform but all she really managed to was clench my cock in a rapid panicked succession making me cum just around the time she goes unconscious i Then picked up my clothes grabbed my keys went to my van drove to the Back of the apartment stopped right at the door then walked back into the apartment wering rubber gloves then went through all of dollys stuff she had a bunch of pretty valuable stuff a game system a pretty nice lcd flat screen and a pretty nice stash of at least a grand under her bed but it was mostly in ones.

So I put all the stuff I found in a one of the two trunks in the back of my van well except the flat screen and computer of course then leaving the second trunk open and the side door of the van open i ran in and gagged dolly then grabbed the two remote egg vibrators from my bag and inserted one in her ass and one in her twat. I wrapped dolly up in the blanket that i had violated her on then situate her cuffs so she was just cuffed hand to hand foot to foot so I could just fireman carry her to the van all of a sudden I heard dollys phone wringing so I let it go to voicemail then listened to it "hey it's me I figured I'd tell ya We just got off work and will all be buy in about 20 mins.

"this shot adrenaline though my body as I texted her that I (as dolly)won't be going anywhere tonight or anything being persistent. Her friends kept up with it so I just locked the front door then the back on my way out.

Put dolly in the other chest Got in my van and left as I was going down the street I saw a car with a bunch of girls from dollys work drive by me as I tucked down not to be recognised at all just in case. But not a single one would. Not worrying about dolly escaping since I locked her in the trunk with the remote vibrators in her pussy and ass. so I went to nicks a gyro place that is open up late then a friend of mine told me of an after hours party at his place so I went .i figured aafter the good fucking I could use a drink or two.

And it'll let me use the remote vibe on dolly an hour goes buy it's about three am and everyone is just leaving normally I'd crash at my friends place but I had a new toy to break in.

I got home a little after 3:30 dolly had been awake sometime after 2:00 I had been using the remote on her since about 2:30and when I opened the trunk she was still in the position I left her in with her sitting on her knees with her arms behind her back and without being able to cum the whole time and well since I'd only turn the vibes in her on for maybe 30seconds at a time.I thought it was pretty nice that there was a wet spot right under her pussy.

she looked right at me with hatred fear and lust in her eyes as I opened the trunk. She was crying a bit. I left the ball gag in her Mouth so she couldn't scream as I took her to my basement were her now permanent residence is going to be there was a small bathroom with a toilet and shower in the back with no window as I dragged her to the bathroom she saw the contraptions I had built for her. she started to struggle a little but still couldn't move due to the restraints I had put on her.

I got to the bathroom with her over my shoulder I sat her down on the toilet still naked and told her "you gonna have to earn your cloths slut now take a fucking shower your covered with my cum and I want you clean" grabbing the hair on the back of her head I make her look directly at me "now remember you are mine and don't fucking forget ". I walked out of the bathroom locking it up tight I waited to hear the shower running and after minutes it started so I sat down on the couch watching some tv after dolly was done with the shower I unlocked and opened the door and told her"alright your done with that shower now get your ass out here"as she walked towards me I put a collar on her that was only able to be unlocked by a key I had upstairs it also had property of brad on the tag then I attached the leash.

I lead her across the room to a small dog kennel I told her"alright bitch this is your bed "she looked at me with a defiant look and struggled a little before I smacked her across the face making her fall to the ground I opened the cage then told her "either you get in or I'll chain you to the wall ".

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She reluctantly gets in. I lock it behind her with a padlock then head upstairs to get some sleep but Before that I turn to look at her in her kage"get some rest slut cause tomorrow your gonna need it. "laughing as I walk up the stairs. The next day After I woke up I made myself some breakfast and had completely forgotten my new toy in my basement then after watching a little tv I remembered dolly was in the basement so quietly snuck down the stairs and to were her cage was and there she was my new slave still sleeping quietly.

I rattled the cage enough to wake her. She started panicking right away after she remembered where she was. I smiled a little once she noticed the collection of apparatuses throughout my basement. I opened her cage and pulled on her leash" get out here slut "she tried to resist at first till I pulled out the cattle prod and zapped her cage " now see what happens when you don't listen".


I lead her over to were I had put her breakfast sitting next to a chain that was short and attached to the floor between my tv and couch so I could use her as a foot rest when I wanted. I attached the chain to her collar that only allowed her to be on her hands and knees and told her "hears the deal you are gonna have to earn the privilege of utensils ,as well as clothing and going outside.

" I sat down on the couch to eat my breakfast and turned on the t.v. After about 20 minuts I snapped my fingers at dolly and she jumped a little and looked at me I looked at her and asked " are u done with your food?" she replied "yes " me"yes what" dolly" yes. Master" me again "good at least your starting to realize your position here now".

I sat up and knelt down to her grabbed her ass and gave her a peck on the cheek"good girl now come sit on the couch with me" I told her she could stretch out if she wanted to lay down but I wanted her head in my lap as I sat down at the arm of the couch she just did as I asked.

I lit a cigarette and she looked at me "oh did you want one?" she nodded " well the only way you will get one is if you sit on my lap and smoke it" she nodded sat up and sat in my lap and I handed her a cigarette and lit it. she leaned into my left side and put her head on my shoulder I put my left hand on her ass cheek she winced slightly.

I slowly moved to her twatt I slid a finger in just a little then out I cupped her pussy with my hand while I put my cigarette out in the ashtray I sat and waited for dolly to finish her smoke she put it out and went back to leaning on me with her head on my shoulder I was surprised of her compliance so early but didn't care.

With my left hand I started playing with her clit and she started to moan and her pussy started to get wet so I slipped my middle and ring fingers up into her wetness slowly at first but then faster. Dollys moans got loader she started to play with her left nipple while with her free hand she was rubbing my cock .I felt her about to peak and have an orgasm.

I stopped just before she instinctually started rubbing her pussy but I smacked her hand away" I don't think so I havnt gotten mine yet bitch.

Now get on the floor your knees " I unbuttoned my pants and pulled my dick out "now I assume u know how handle this right "she nodded and said "yes master"she started to lean in to suck me off she grabbed my cock right as she does this I grab the back of her head and pull her lips to mine we kiss forcefully at first but then she seems to lighten up to it and starts kissing me back using more tongue Then while this is going on I'm playing with bolth her breasts and I slowly put by cock between them and titty fuck her fake melons.

Then dolly slides down kissing me on the way grabbing ahold of my penis ounce again .Now on her knees she starts licking the tip of my cock then licks it's length up and down up and down and then stops a little past my balls while jerking me she starts to suck them just one at first but she eventually fits them bolth. She then sucks her way up my member back to the tip then puts it between her lips starts sucking she starts going deeper only the first couple of inches at first then after a few pumps she just goes all the way to the base putting my cock deep in her throat and I said "you are gonna take it all slut then when I'm soft your gonna suck me hard.

Then I'll allow you to come" at that time she sped up wich brought me straight to the edge an then over making me cum deep into her belly"now suck me hard slut"I said. she started kissing my cock once again then sucking on the sides then puts the head of my penis in her mouth and virally sucks it in and out of her mouth. After about a minute she starts to go deeper an by this time I'm fully hard. I grab her by the head and pull her off to ask" you wanna cum now slut" she says "yes .master" so I lean back with my hands behind my head "well u better get to it then" she pulls away from my cock with a slight pop when she let's my member loose.

After she pulls away from my cock I grab her by the collar to say "now the only way I am gonna allow to pleasure yourself is by using my cock and you don't get to use your fingers do you understand ?

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" she just nods "good now u may use my cock"she grabs hold of my cock and turns away from me and puts the head of my cock inside her twat then slowly slides down my pole. She then starts rocking back and forward forcing my cock in and out of her wet twat. She then leans back and puts her hand on the back of my neck to anchor herself and starts to gyrate on my cock at the same time I started playing with her tits rubbing her nipples I could feel her get wetter and tightening her pussy muscles on my rod .she starts moaning as I start thrusting into her I grab her hips and start to ram her as fast as I could .dollys moans get louder and her breathing starts to quicken her pussy clamps down on my cock as she screams and starts to squirt her juices all over my cock .dollys body goes Limp I quicken my pace my sack tightens and I start to pump a load of cum deep in her twat again.

After a few minutes or two our orgasms subside. I'm slowly going soft in her. I then reach between the seats for her cuffs and she notices them in my hands. Suddenly she jumps off my pinis and makes a bolt for the stairs. It didnt matter because all I had to do is hit one button for and she was down in an instant. Because her collar was a special collar I had to order online that had a remote shocker imbedded in it. Needless to say she went down like a sack of hammers on cold tile.

I was a annoyed but not surprised at her actions I'd had her less than a day and haddent broken her just yet.

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I walked over to her. She was in shock her body wide eyed and mouth open I let off of the button and about thirty seconds later she started to come around.

I knelt in front of her and marked were head had landed with a marker on the tile.saying "well you got this far. Guess I was thinking you were more submissive guess I'm gonna have to break you." (breaking dolly to come). Please comment as much as you want