Sexy Latina Cheerleader have a good time with dick

Sexy Latina Cheerleader have a good time with dick
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We're sitting in a hot tub in the back porch of the house. You're wearing a skimpy little bikini top with barely enough fabric to cover your nipples.

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It's sagging slightly under the weight of your gorgeous and tantalizing breasts. You have on a similar pair of thong bikini bottoms, the material going deep into your luscious ass, being completely covered, showing that you seemingly aren't even wearing on if it was for the strings going around your waist to the small v of fabric hiding your juicy treasure, molding in nicely to show off your pouty lips. I'm wearing just a simple set of shorts, a little tight around the legs, showing my erection as my eyes scan over your sexy body and outfit, knowing there is very little in the way from gazing upon your complete naked beauty.

You're sitting next to me, snuggled up into my chest with a hand on it, turned slightly toward me with my arm draped over you, resting on your shoulder.

Your breasts are pressed against my chest, I can feel your hardening nipples pressing into me, teasing me as they scrape across my skin. I look down into the water, feasting my eyes on your thighs and down to your ass again then back up to your almost bare breasts before I gaze into your eyes.

I inch my lips closer to yours, ever so slightly, making us both quiver with anticipation.

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Our lips finally meet, softly at first, our tongues reaching out to explore each others mouths. Our kiss becomes more passionate, our hands moving to explore and grope each others body, squeezing and caressing all the right places, going over ever inch of skin. One of my hands reaches for the back of your neck, holding you and place and pressing our mouths tighter together in our kiss while my other hand finds it way to your legs and finally back to your gorgeous ass, squeezing it firmly.

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I pull you into my lap an you straddle me with a leg on either side of me, your pussy dropping down and rubbing against my throbbing dick. We both moan in delight as we know we are getting closer to the inevitable. I reach my hands around your back, gliding my finger tips across your skin before I start raking my nails across it making you moan deeply into my mouth, stifling your cry with only my lips.

You rock your hips into me, grinding your pussy even harder against my dick, making it my turn to moan into your mouth. I untie your top and let it fall away into the water as I reach up and squeeze both your breasts firmly, running my thumbs over your hard nipples.

I start kissing and biting your neck, working my way down until I have your left nipple sucked into my mouth with my tongue flicking across it almost violently. This gets you going even more and you start gyrating on top of me even harder and faster. I pick you up by your ass and lay you on the edge of the hot tub. I lift your legs up, showing me your glorious ass again and slide your thong off, showing me your puffy and awaiting lips.

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I see them glistening in the moon light from your own moisture more than from the water. I move down and start kissing your thighs on the inside of your left knee working my way up until I come just barely in contact with your pussy before I switch over and do this same to the other side. You beg me to give your pussy my full attention but I just laugh lightly and keep teasing you the way I have been. I push your legs up, folding them over with your knees just a few inches from your chest and pulling them a little apart.

I watch as your lips come apart showing me your pink, juicy inner folds. I move my mouth closer to your pussy, looking up at you as you watch me closely in utter anticipation, anxiously awaiting the direct contact. I finally give in and press my lips against your warm awaiting pussy, sucking it into my mouth and flicking my tongue across your lips before I slide it into you, swirling it around and hitting every edge within reach.

You arch your back and roll your head back, groaning almost to the point of a scream from pure pleasure just awaiting the release that is barely out of reach as I make sure to not drive you to it. I withdraw my tongue from inside you and turn my attention to your clit, flicking my tongue across both sides of your piercing ad then pressing it against your whole nub.

I suck your clit back into my mouth and work my tongue across it rapidly as I push two fingers into you deep, reaching up and running them hard against your g spot bringing on your much awaited orgasm.

Your body shudders violently and I move my hand up to squeeze one of your breasts while simultaneously holding your body down.


I get out of the pull while letting you come down from your euphoric high from your orgasm. I strip out of my shorts, finally releasing my aching cock.

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You look up at me adoringly and turn your attention to my stiff member, reaching out to touch it and softly circling it with your fingers before you start rubbing it back and forth. You keep stroking it as you get to your knees and begin to slide it into your mouth, taking the tip in and working your tongue across the underside of the tip.

Then you take the full length in as you caress my balls with one hand and steady yourself on my hips with the other.

I reach down and grab a hold of your hair, being a little more forceful, controlling the speed at which you suck my dick. You slide me out f your mouth and kneel up high, wrapping your juicy tits around it, sliding it between them and teasing the tip with your tongue when it pops through.

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I feel my cum boiling in my balls, just aching to escape. I put my dick back in your mouth as I release the first jet of warm cum onto your tongue.

I pull my dick from your mouth and let my cum finish splashing across your breasts. I reach under your breasts and bring each one up to your mouth to lick them clean of my fresh cum, looking up at me with a tantalizing look in your eyes. My dick is still poking straight out, hard as ever and you reach for it with a little devilish giggle. You lay on your back, still holding it in your hand with a firm grasp pulling me onto the ground with you, laying my body across yours.

I I put your legs over my shoulders and press them against your chest as I plunge my dick deep into your pussy, up to the hilt in one stroke. You scream out my name from the induced pleasure and reach around and dig your nails into my back.

I withdraw slowly only to plunge back in with another deep, hard thrust. I start building momentum and speed, being sure that each thrust is faster and harder than the previous.

Your moans are guttural and almost animalistic as you clench your pussy around my thick hard dick. Your start to shake in the proximity of your next orgasm. I feel it coming and reach for your wrists, pinning them above your head with one had while I squeeze your ass with the other. I give you a couple more long hard strokes and your orgasm hits you violently. Your body shakes uncontrollably.

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I press my body harder against yours, keeping your hands pinned, thrusting my dick into you as deep as it will go, holding it in at the hilt maximizing your pleasure as I rock my pelvis against your clit.

Once your body calms down I put you on your hands and knees and enter you again from behind, slapping your ass and pulling back on your hair making your grunt and clench around me as I groan from the increased friction.

I rake my nails across your back before slapping your ass a couple more times. You clench down harder around my dick and I feel myself about to cum again.

I thrust deep into you one last time as I start gushing inside of you with a load just as big as the last one, if not possibly bigger. Spurt after spurt empty into you as you moan in pleasure, my cum triggering another smaller orgasm in you. Your pussy is milking my cock dry.

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I finish cumming and slide my sick out of you. You turn around and suck our combined juices off of it, licking it clean. You stand up and curl into my chest as we head to the shower.