Wet hot sex party with loads of breathtaking slutty babes

Wet hot sex party with loads of breathtaking slutty babes
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The Party Pt1 14. The Party Pt2 15. Feeling Hidden 16. Raping Silk 17. Bad Day Sex 18. Club Cane - Coming Soon 18. Blurred Lines Defined - Coming Soon *************************************************************************** Please send me love.

**************************************************************************** Michael had a bitch of a day at school. The station wasn't much better either.


Everything was just turning into a shitty day all the way around. Michael hadn't done his homework the past few nights opting to spend time with Silk.

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She was proving to be a delight Michael couldn't get over. He had to spend time with her like he needed air. The intensity amazed him but, he greeting it with open arms. At the station things didn't get much better. There was shit and it usually ran down hill. This time it happened to be him at the bottom on this problem.

One of the students claimed sexual harassment by another student and since it was one of Michael's duties to deal with student matters he was slammed with it.

He now had to interview every student to see who knew what and then interview the two students in question with the Head Program Director. The interviews started that afternoon. He had interviewed 5 students by the time Silk was done with her show. He was planning to stop then also. He was in a terrible mood and the interviews weren't going well as everyone had a different story.

When Silk came to get him after six he was ready to go home, finishing up the interview he cleaned up his office so he could leave. Silk watched him while he picked up his desk. She could tell he was in a bad mood. She had talked to him before her show and she knew he wasn't having a good day but she didn't know about the station mess yet. Finally he was done so they went to his truck. When he saw the flat tire she felt his stress level hit the roof across the air. She went back inside to wait while he changed the tire.

When he was done he came to get her to leave. She saw he'd cut his hand as they drove home and knew he was pretty pissed off. She knew he wouldn't take it on her by yelling but she left him alone all the same.

He'd speak when he wanted to. This she knew well. They got home and he went straight to the dungeon without a word. Silk could pretty much figure out what would happen next and this excited her. She knew he would take it out on her by whipping her first then he would please himself and her too if she did well She had already grown to love this aspect of the lifestyle.

Michael would be rough on her but she could tell there was more emotion then anger in his actions. It was that part that made her submit to him and made her happily and comfortably call him Master. She wouldn't call it love yet as it was all still new to her but she knew it was close and if things went as beautifully as they had so far she knew it would become love.

She just knew somehow he was the one. Already after a month and a half she was sure she knew but she kept this to herself for now. She'd wait and see making sure it was real and returned. Silk sat down to wait, pretending to watch TV while she waited for him to call for her.

She knew the routine so she wasn't surprised when he came out 20 minutes later and waited for her to notice him. She pretended not to see him for a minute just to up his level. When she finally looked up she secretly smiled to her self at the dark devilish look on his face.

He crooked his finger at her so she got up off the couch, turned the TV off and came up the landing to meet him. He hooked her collar and pulled her up close to his face till their lips almost touched, "Ever heard of bad day sex?" She blinked and said, "No," but her mind was already figuring it out so she licked her lips in anticipation.

He smiled at her anticipation; she was already too used to this lifestyle. His heart swelled knowing she was the one. He thought of this a lot in fact but right now it was the farthest thing from his mind.

Right now he needed to relieve the stress of the day and he knew just how and she was going to help him. If she helped well she'd receive a reward with him, if not he'd have one anyway.

"You will soon and then you can tell me your opinion," He laughed and led her to the dungeon. Once inside he led her to the lower floor. He turned on some music then took a seat in his chair and ordered her to strip, "Strip for me like a stripper.

Make it sexy. Make me want you or pay the penalty," He told her. Silk did a slow strip tease for him starting with her shirt. First she turned her back to him; she was glad it happened to be a snap up shirt. Quickly she ripped it open but then slowly peeled the shirt down her body exposing her naked back to him while she glanced sexily at him over her shoulder to see his expression and made love to him with her eyes. When the shirt hit her waists she turned towards him to show him the front.

As she did this she freed her hands from the shirt and tossed it to the side. Next she went up to cup her breast encased in her black bra. She pushed them up to cause her tits to push out the tops giving him teasing glimpses. Then she put her arms back and undid the bra, dropping her shoulders dropped the straps down her arms and then she teased him with more flashes before dropping the bra all together.

She did all this while dancing to the rhythm of the music also. Next she turned back around and bent over. First she smiled at him between her legs then reached up and lifted her skirt. Once out of the way she began to peel of her thong and dropping it to her feet where she slickly danced out of them. She kicked these to his feet in offering.

She was glad when he picked them up and sniffed her scent. Next she danced around some more then slipped her skirt off. This left her in just her garter, stockings and heels. She wondered if she should finish. When he didn't tell her to stop after a few moments she kicked off her shoes and danced closer to him. She straddled his lap teasingly, rubbing her tits on his face.

She felt his control by how he just allowed her to play so she stepped things up a bit. Standing up and pacing her left foot on the arm of the chair she unhooked her stocking and rolled it down her leg.

She did this to flash her wet pussy at him. Once it was off she put her foot down and stepped back and turned her back to him again. She bent down and took her other stocking off too. Finally she faced him, and with hips swaying she took off the garter belt. Finally naked she dropped to the floor into kneel then leaned forward and placed her head on his feet. Michael was impressed anyway by how she made love to him with her eyes while she stripped but when she ended it by dropping to her knees and then lowering her head to his feet he knew she'd earned a reward but he'd have his first.

He stood and clapped his hands, "Very well little one you've earned a reward," Bending down to clip a leash on her collar he growled in her ear, "After I've had mine first." He jerked on her to follow him.

He led her over to the hooks he had hanging down near the bed. He told her to stand and then cuffed her wrists. Next he clipped her cuffs to the hook he had hanging down above her head. Then he took a blindfold and placed it on her eyes. He loved taking away a slaves sight, made their anticipation even greater. Once he was done with securing her, he noticed her hair was still in a braid down her back so he took the tie out and began to comb his fingers through it to un-braid and straighten it out.

Once he had it like he wanted it he began to gather it all into his hand, satisfied with it he jerked lightly on it tipping her head back and to the side. This gave him access to her neck which he took full advantage of. Biting it at first then easing up in to sucks and kisses. Soon he grew bored and began exploring her body with his hands. He started on top running his hands gently down her arms, back and front. He cupped and played with her breast even pinching her nipples till she hissed in pleasure.

After he fully examined her upper body he made his way to the lower half by kneeling on the floor. Once on the floor he slapped her thighs reminding her to keep her legs spread leaving her pussy front and center for him.

He could see her wetness pooling at the entrance to her pussy. Taking a finger he swirled it around between her legs, spreading it all over her from her clit to her puckered asshole. Once lubricated, he couldn't resist so he lifted one of her legs over his shoulder and fastened his mouth to her wet center. Silk jerked her head in surprise when she felt Michael's mouth on her pussy. Normally his pleasure came first. Silk was confused but she didn't let her bother her.

Michael would do what he wanted when he wanted to. She didn't have to be confused long anyway; Michael brought her close, sensing it he stopped before she could even begin to taste pleasure. Michael knew he'd confused her by licking her pussy. He didn't care though; he just had to taste her. Only giving into a small amount of temptation he played till her felt her orgasm stirring then stopped.

When she moaned in disappointment he smiled to himself and went back to exploring her lower body. Running his hands up and down her legs first then up to her ass and waist, he totally ignored her pussy.

Inspection done he stood back up. He pulled her close and said, "Did you think you'd get that reward before I had mine slave?" "No Master," She mumbled. Michael just laughed at her.


He knew she was confused and that he had stirred her fires. As he stood there he noticed her nipples were bare so he found her clamps. Turning her he grabbed the riding crop and slapped each nipple till it was hard.

He then placed the clamps on them and smiled at the hiss that escaped her lips. Next he took the crop and alternated between slowly caressing her body with it to slapping select places. Once he had her warmed up he switched to the flogger.

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As he caressed and slapped her with the crop, Silk knew it was only a warm up and more was to come. When she felt the first stroke of the flogger, she moaned in pleasure. She loved the flogger most of all. Michael flogged all the places allowed till her body glowed red with slash marks.

He kept control as he moved around her prone body, allowing her hisses tell him when to ease up. As he slashed, he watched her noting she mostly leaned into the hits. When he felt she had enough, he stopped. Grabbing the paddle, he came up behind her and grabbed her hair once again and tipped her head back to speak into her ear, "More," he asked.

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Silk shook her head yes so he swatted her ass with the paddle and watched her dance on her toes. Each time she eased back down, he swatted a different check. Just when she got the rhythm down he switched on her swatting the same cheek, "Anticipation is the bane of every slave," He told her. Finally he knew she'd had enough s so he removed the blindfold and let her down.

Once her hands were free, she dropped to her knees and he dropped his pants. Taking his cock, he rubbed it on her lips till she got the hint and opened her mouth.

She opened wide, as was expected whenever his cock was near her lips. He guided his cock in and out of her hot, wet mouth finding pleasure. "Oh, slave, you are so good at that" he said as he began to pump in and out of her mouth. He let her suck him till he felt the need for more. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and then stuck his thumb in her open mouth and pulled her to her feet.

Giving her a wicked smile he pushed her toward the bed by her mouth. She fell onto the bed on her back she now knew not to turn or try to position herself on the bed, he'd put her where he wanted. She did place her arms above her head as was expected. She was surprised when he pushed her on to her back though; normally he opted for on her knees or stomach. Michael climbed over the top of her and pushed up on the bed with his thighs placing her where he wanted her.

He also grabbed a pillow and her leg, pulling her up he placed the pillow under her ass. Then giving her a twisted grin he began pounding her roughly. After about ten or twelve thrusts he could feel her orgasm approaching and hissed, "Don't cum yet or else." Silk knew this was coming and slowed her approaching orgasm by breathing and tell herself no.

This was still hard for her but she controlled it well. Soon he stopped and she was grateful as she was about to lose control anyway.

Michael didn't want to stop be he could feel she was losing the battle. He knew she was still new at this so control was hard for her especially since she came so easily. He held still for minutes watching her till he felt her temperature lower. As he felt it lower, he started again just as rough as before. As before he drove her close and stopped again, only this time he pulled out and ordered her to turn over. Silk did as he commanded quickly and rolled to her knees and returned to the spot in front of him.

After she was in position, she dropped her top half to the bed leaving her ass up in the air. Michael smiled at her eagerness. Time for some real fun he thought to himself as he reached back and grabbed a tube of lube.

Opening the bottle he let it drip out onto her upturned ass. After he felt he had enough he dripped some on his cock. Closing the tube he dropped it on the bed and returned to the task at hand. Silk wasn't sure what was coming but when she felt the lube drip on her, she had a guess. As she felt the lube she couldn't control a shiver that crept up her back.

She had always liked anal sex once she relaxed into it but Michael had turned her into a fiend with his mastery of her body. She went from a few times a month with Reed to at least twice a week with Michael.

At this point she was sure she would do anything he asked. Michael saw her shiver and this made his cock throb. He knew he had turned her like of anal sex into an obsession. One he shared too. He liked doing it anyway with Silk but anal was so personal and a gift that not many slaves gave up thus he relished it greatly.

Leaning forward he pressed into her tight ass and as his head popped past the rosebud ring, he reached his hand around and rubbed her clit also.

He wanted her to relax and allow him entry without any pain. As he pressed deeper Silk couldn't help to let out a moan. There was a point his cock hit that made her head swim.

She called it the point of no return because no matter how much it hurt in the beginning, if he made it past this point she was too turned on to stop. Soon she felt him all the way in and then a slap on her ass. "Breathe slave," Michael ordered. Silk caught her breath not realizing she was holding it. She had mastered the breathing aspect except during anal sex.

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Often as he entered her, she forgot and held her breath. "I shouldn't let you come now for that," Michael told her knowing full well he wouldn't do it. He liked it when she came so it would have to be a very bad deed for him to deny her. Silk begged, "Please no Master. I am sorry; it was so intense I forgot." Michael didn't answer, just started pounding her ass.

After only minutes he knew she was close.

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"Hold it," he told her as he watched her. Silk groaned in response and held it longer. She hoped he would let her come soon. It was beginning to boil inside her. Her mind was hazy with the need to explode.

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Michael slowed to help her control it and once he felt her cool, he started again hard and fast. This time as he felt her near he growled, "Beg for what you want slave." Silk was almost out of her mind so it took a lot of control to speak, "Please Master," she panted. "Please let me come." Michael liked her panting. Pounding into her even harder he said, "Come now slave," and felt her explode. After her orgasm lessened Michael felt it was time for his own release so he allowed it to build.

Silk begged again for an orgasm but he told her not till he did. When Michael told her to hold it till he came she hoped it would be soon because she still wasn't able to control when he took her anally. Just as she was about to lose it, Michael ordered her to come with him. Michael felt her temp rising and timed his own with hers. When he felt her breath catch he told her to come and let go himself. When it was over he pulled back from her and got off the bed.

Without as much as a word he slipped on his jeans and left the room. Silk was puzzled by this but didn't spend too much time on it.

She got up, grabbed her clothes and headed to the bathroom to clean up. Once clean and dressed she went out to where Michael sat at his computer. Michael looked up at her and noticed she looked a little hurt by his abrupt leaving so he smiled at her and said, "Sorry little one.

I have a mess of school work to catch up on. Spending time with you these last weeks I've neglected my work and now I'm way behind." Silk smiled back and said, "I understand but when you left like that I thought you were mad." "No not at all," He told her, "I just needed to relieve some stress and after it was either crash or get up and get on my school work." Silk understood so she told him with a laugh, "Okay I understand.

Just wanted to be sure you're not mad at me. I'll just do my work; I too am a little behind also. You're not the only one distracted around here." She then took her school work and went to the bedroom.

Michael watched her leave then forced himself back to his work. It was really hard to do his work with Silk so close but he pushed himself, reminding himself he was the one in charge here. They both caught up on work, only stopping to make a bite to eat.

About ten-thirty Silk was done so she told Michael she was going to shower and go to bed. Tomorrow was an early day. Michael told her he was far from done so he'd stay up and finish. As she walked to the bathroom she reminded him that he too needed sleep. Again Michael desperately wanted to follow her but forced himself to stay put and work.

He had to get as much done tonight as possible or he was going to fail his courses. So he just stayed put and worked.

Silk took her shower hoping Michael would join her. She was still keyed up and needed Michael. When he didn't join her she was disappointed. As she dried off she noticed her cuffs next to her collar. Hoping to tempt Michael she put them back on and even went to the dungeon to get her leg cuffs which she also put on. After she dried her hair and put her collar on she went back out into where Michael sat completely naked save for her collar and cuffs.

He watched her walk out to where he was and noted her cuffed wrists and ankles. He groaned to himself wanting very much to take what she was so obviously offering but knew he had to finish what he could tonight. So instead he just ignored her and when she finally gave up and went to bed he felt like an ass even thought he knew it was for the best.

Silk tried to get Michael's attention but failed, when this happened she sadly went to bed. She decided to sleep naked still trying to tempt him to come for her but soon she fell asleep. Michael also noted she was in bed naked, cuffed and collared but still he finished his school work.

He worked on it till about one the morning and finally felt he was caught up enough to please his professors.

He still had about one more night of work to do but he was too tired to do anymore. He put his books away and shut off the computer. Next he went into the bedroom and again noted Silk's lack of clothing. This and the thought that she tried to get his attention turned him on so he decided to act, but a shower first.

He left her there, sleeping while he went to take a shower. When he returned to the bedroom his was hair sopping wet, water dripping down his naked form. Silk was still sleeping on her stomach and half covered. This caused sensation of arousal in Michael once more. Noting her wrist cuffs were still on he gently fastened them behind her back. As he did this she stirred finally waking.

Lifting her head up, she met his gaze and noted the look in his eyes. Before she could speak he said, Stand up," Silk struggled to stand since she was cuffed behind her back. Once up he led her, prisoner style to the dungeon bed and pushed her face down onto it. Michael took his place at the head of the bed, his back resting against the headboard. "Get me hard," He ordered Silk struggled to bring herself to her knees to make her way between his legs. She hated giving a blowjob without the use of her hands, but she made the most it.

Slowly she began to suck him till he was hard as she did this she felt Michael's hands in her hair. As Michael helped guide her she could feel herself getting wet and hoped Michael would please her also.

Michael sensed this immediately. He knew she would respond to anything he did. Soon she had his cock standing at attention after a few moments of her skilled mouth. As he watched her lips sliding over his erect cock he felt the desire to kiss her. "Give me your mouth," he demanded. The sound of his voice sent chills through Silk and she moved to comply immediately.

She knelt next to him while trying to keep her balance as she bent over to kiss him. When their lips touched, Michael's mouth devoured hers. "Mount me, facing the foot of the bed." He demanded when he ended the kiss. Silk moved to comply. She turned her back to Michael and saddled his hips. As he entered her, he held her bound arms like a horse's reigns with one hand while the other grabbed her hair and pulled her back to bite at her neck. Michael said nothing as he began thrusting his hips in sync with her bounces, watching her instead while he bit and sucked her neck.

All too soon Silk neared orgasm and begged for it, "Please Master, may I come?" "How bad do you need it?" He asked. Silk moaned at his response, "Bad Master," and then, "Please Master." Michael waited feeling her orgasm just on the edge before finally saying, "Come now." Silk exploded and moaned loudly while rubbing her hips into his. She felt her head swim as it over took her. When it was over she felt ready for more.

Michael waited as she finished and then decided to change the game up a bit. Letting go of her arms he reached over next to the bed and grabbed the flogger off the nightstand. "Okay slave, I'm going to use this while you ride.

Your goal is to see if you can come while I do it," He told her with a grin. Silk glanced back and almost smiled. This would be easy as pie she thought to herself and continued bouncing on his cock.

The first slash was a sting but it didn't cause her to stop. Michael smiled when she took the first hit without stopping. Noting this he kept it up growing in intensity as she rode him. When she finally came, he smiled again with pride. Silk felt the flogger on her back and noted he was being a bit rougher then normal but there was no pain in it as the sensations only served to bring her orgasm closer with each hit.

Once her orgasm was over Michael ordered her off his cock. As she got up he ordered her down so she dropped her chest to the bed with her ass up in the air just close to the edge. Michael stood up as she arranged herself and got behind her. Once she was in place he grabbed her hips and slammed into her. This caused her to cry out but Michael knew it wasn't from pain. Michael thrust into her roughly till he felt her near orgasm once more.

At the precise moment he was sure she would beg, he pulled out and stepped back. Watching her cool off, he decided what to do next.

Glancing over his shoulder he noticed the swing. Silk hadn't got to try that yet, he thought to himself. Turning back to her, he ordered her to stand up with a jerk to her cuffs. Silk stood and decided she liked his cold attitude. He wasn't being overly cruel or mean, just cold. She stood waiting to see what he had in mind next.

Michael didn't make her wait long as he slapped her ass and said, "Follow me slave," then turned toward the swing. He led her to it and said, "Stand here and don't move." Next he went over to the remotes hung on the wall. Taking the remote to the swing, he lowered it to the floor. He then walked back over to her. He watched her glance back when the swing started lowering and when she turned back to him, he gave her an evil grin. Reaching around her to unclip her cuffs, he whispered in her ear, "Do you like swings slave?" Silk swallowed hard, "Yes Master," she whispered back.

The idea turned her on so much she felt breathless at the very thought. Michael bent down to help her place her legs in the right holes then once she was settled he told her, "Reach up and hold on while I lift you." Silk did as he asked and once she was lifted just where he wanted her, he told her to adjust herself till she was sitting so she could swing.

Once she was situated, he showed her what that evil grin was for by re-clipping her cuffs over her head. She wasn't sure what to make of it; she felt like she might fall over backwards but she trusted Michael explicitly. After he had her hands up, Michael tipped her hips up to meet his still hard cock. Grabbing up her hips at just the right height, he entered her. Then holding nothing but her hips, Michael began to thrust in and out of her allowing her to feel that falling feeling he knew she would have.

Silk didn't like it too much at first. She felt like she would fall and just when she wanted to stop Michael, he seem to know and stopped. "What's wrong slave?" He asked voice full of concern. "I feel like I might fall Master. It scares me too much to enjoy," She told him in a soft voice. Michael was touched by the sound of her voice so he decided to be nice. Reaching up to her hand, he flipped down two loops and told her, "Grab these." When Silk grabbed them good and tight, he resumed his thrusts and asked, "Is that better?" Comfortable now, Silk purred, "Perfect Master." Michael continued thrusting making Silk cum and cum.

Soon she was so wet Michael could hear her wetness with each thrust. The smell of her was all about them like a cloud. It filled Michael's mind with a lust filled haze. He knew he was addicted to Silk at this very moment and that he had to keep her somehow.

The depth of his feelings actually astounded him but he also knew it was too soon. So on that note Michael went out of his way to show Silk in every way that no other was more perfect for her.

He was good to her in ways most never thought about, he gave her anything she desired regardless of whether it cost or not and he gave her mind blowing sex. While the later didn't make a relationship Michael knew it could break one so he made sure she would never desire another. Silk was so lost in the lust filled haze as well.

Michael was by far the best lover she had ever had. She was spoiled for anyone else in that field. She too felt strongly for Michael but she was just taking it easy, no need to jump in head first. They had all the time in the world but right now Silk's mind was on the wonderful things Michael was doing to her body.

The swing Michael had put her in was something very new to her but she tried like she did in everything Michael showed her, to adapt. The feeling of falling was to great however and she couldn't relax into it. Michael however the ever patience Dom that he was, had a solution so he gave her some loops to hold on to which helped greatly.

While she still felt like she was falling to a point, she wasn't afraid anymore. Now she could enjoy it and Michael made very sure she did. Michael's need to cum soon came and he knew by the exhaustion showing on Silk's face she too was ready for it to be over so he stopped and stepped back.

At Silk's look of confusion he took the remote and lowered her to the floor. Helping her out of the swing he led her to the bed once more and pushed her onto it. Flipping her over on to her back he placed a pillow under her hips and entered her once more. Silk was confused for a moment when he stopped and lowered her to the floor but when he led her to the bed and put the pillow under her hips all became clear.

Michael was ready to cum. Once on top of her he slid back into her hot wet center effortlessly. Michael marveled at the tight fit as he thrust deeply.

While he thrust into her he looked deeply into her eyes. He could almost read her mind he felt but was to scared to believe what he thought he saw. Instead he kissed her deeply allowing the kiss to suck at both their souls. He put all that he couldn't say into the kiss.

Silk too felt stirrings of something more but her mind screamed, 'no it's too soon,' so she left it unsaid opting to put her feelings into her kiss. She didn't realize what was reflected in her eyes, had she of she might have been more careful. All too soon Michael felt the stirring once more and linked their hands above Silk's head. He broke the kiss as they neared the crest of their lust and once more looked deeply into her eyes. When she began to close them, Michael commanded in a hoarse voice, "Look at me Silk and don't close your eyes." As they came together Michael's heart flared at the love he was certain he saw but he kept the thought to himself and just enjoyed the moment of cumming together.

Afterward he fell exhausted on to her body. He felt Silk let go of his hands but before he could protest, she wrapped them around his body. He felt her sigh in contentment and gave a similar sigh himself. Soon he worried he might be to heavy so he rolled them over so that she was on top.

When she looked up into his eyes he couldn't help but kiss her once more. Soon the kissing felt like it could lead to more so Michael eased back, when Silk pouted he laughed, "What aren't you satisfied yet little one?" Silk looked up, "No it's not that but if you're going to tease Master." She led off.

Michael laughed again, "Oh so it's all my fault?" He tipped her off the top of him so that she was nestled into his side. Giving her a swat on the ass he said, "Well if you insist then I guess I could put you back in the swing." Silk gave him a funny look, "Whatever pleases you Master." She had picked this up from the other girls.

It meant not really but if you want to. Michael knew this expression as well and gave her another swat on her ass, "That's what I thought. You do realize its almost 4AM?" Silk jumped up and glanced at the clock, "Oh shit," she muttered, "Well I guess we'll be dragging ass today," She said with a laugh.

Michael agreed and decided it was time to take them to bed so he got up and pulled her up as well. Turning out the lights as they left the dungeon, he led her to the bedroom. Once there he pushed her into the bed and joined her, pulling her up close to spoon. "Good night little one," he said as he settled into sleep. "Good night Master," was all Silk said in return as she snuggled into sleep as well.