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Admirable Virgin Sorority Girl Pick Fucking
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The Chauffeur (#35) Oh, the Tales We Weave BY PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2019 CHAPTER 1 When I woke up Monday morning following the Thanksgiving weekend, it dawned on me that we needed to get Maddie back home to Toronto. Dakota called to get the plane ready and to have a car sent to take me, Maddie, Dakota, and Mom to Toronto. I think to myself that I really haven't seen but three of the fab five office towers that we purchased. I let Dakota know that we would stop in at the Eagle (Washington D.C.) and maybe a stopover at the Flamingo (Tampa) once again.

I also make a note in my head to check with Jennifer about how the search for any other towers is going. As usual, Dakota worked diligently to ensure that everything was set up as it should be. John came over to me and asked if there was anything that he could do or take care of.

"Yes, John I want to give you an important project. I want to replace EVERY window in this house to bullet-resistant, hurricane proof windows. I want to make sure that all our women are protected. Can you handle that for me?" I ask John. "Absolutely, sir," he tells me. As he walks away, he is checking his tablet. I see him tapping on several windows and door companies. I go see Jill and ask if she wants to go to Toronto with us and then make a stopover in D.C.

She declines telling me that she would like to get ahead of some work she knows is coming up after the first of the year. I kiss her and leave her to her work.

My phone buzzes. I see that it is Special Agent Fernandez. "Hello Agent, how are things?" I ask. "Well, David I could answer that two different ways.

First, our buddy Lt. Horowitz is blocking me from getting a copy of your incident report. He is hiding behind the old 'its an open investigation' excuse. I've called my boss and now he's looking into it. If he doesn't get a copy by mid-week, then he will file a complaint with the California Department of Justice, Internal Affairs at City Police, and the California Department of Law Enforcement.

My boss is very old school and doesn't like to be jerked around. He's been doing this for far too long. On the other side of the situation, you called and left me a message that you found a couple of shell casings in the bushes by your front door.

I'm going to send one of my junior agents, Donald Edelman to come to pick them up. Please only give them to him. He's going to deliver them to our crime lab on the north side of Los Angeles and I will have them checked out. Funny thing though, Horowitz said that they didn't retrieve any shell casings. Oh, the tales we weave," Agent Fernandez tells me.

I just laugh a bit thinking to myself, how does Horowitz remain in law enforcement? "Agent, thank you for taking the time to help me out," I tell him. "Well, all of my team is looking forward to your BBQ and pool party this coming Saturday. Would you mind if I invited my boss?

The Holy Ground I Walk On

I know that he's a bit crusty, but I think he would enjoy doing something family oriented and bringing along his 5 or 6 grandkids," Agent Fernandez tells me. "Absolutely, bring him along with ALL of his grandkids. You guys really worked hard at taking the Russian brothers down," I tell Fernandez. "Thank you, but you had a big part of it.

Oh, did I tell you that the two that you helped us get took a plea deal? 15 years each in Federal Prison, none of this get out in a couple of years on good behavior. In Federal lockup, you stay your entire time, no getting out early. Oh, and the US District Attorney has a second check for you. He says that the first one was underpaid," Fernandez tells me. I think to myself about how to spread the wealth with this new check, I'll talk to Jill and Dakota to get some ideas.

I thank Fernandez and we end the call. I tell John that we have a guest coming from the FBI named Donald Edelman who will be here to collect the two baggies of shell casings that I found by our front door in one of the planters. John acknowledges what I have said to him but goes back to making calls to set up estimates on the window replacement.

I dial up my friend Aurora to check on her. "Hey there Darling, It's David Greene. I was just calling for a couple of reasons, do you have a couple of minutes to talk?" I ask.

"David, for you anything. I'm sorry that my boss was a bit short with you. It's not like you called and had some guys drive into your courtyard and shoot up the place. He was just taken completely by surprise. Oh, by the way, I'm supposed to ask you when do you want the cleaning people to start?" Aurora asks. "Well, whenever they are available. Just so you and your boss know, I have one of my assistants getting estimates for bullet resistant, hurricane proof windows for the entire house.

In addition, we gave the Police a DVD of the shooters from our security cameras," I tell her trying to make her feel more comfortable about the Chateau. "Our estimator guy told me that is the wildest thing he has ever heard of for a Thanksgiving story," Aurora says giggling a bit. I wanted to let you know that I'm heading out of town for a couple of days.

I must take Maddie back to her job in Toronto, where I stole her from and then I'm going to stop in D.C. to look at a new office tower that my company bought there. Care to go with me?" "Darling, I would love to but first, I don't have the vacation time available and second wouldn't your wife be annoyed at an ex-girlfriend traveling with you?

I know that I would," she tells me. "Well, funny thing. My wife is fine with me traveling with anyone I choose to travel with, she is also willing to share me, so if you're still the feisty horny lady that I used to date, then maybe you should come along. Ever been in a private jet? You might just enjoy it.

As far as you having no vacation time available let me chat with your boss, I bet you that I can get him to let you take a few days off. Go ahead, transfer my call to him," I say to her. She agrees and transfers my call to Patrick. "Hello this is Patrick; how may I help you, Mr. Greene?" He asks. "Well, by letting me steal Aurora away for a few days," I tell him.

"Um, she's not scheduled to have any vacation time right now," he tells me "Well, maybe I can persuade you to make an exception. First, I'll cover her salary to make sure you don't have to pay her for the time she is not at work and out with me.

Second, I'll start your cleaning service now, not when I return from my trip, and three I can add on one of the pool homes that you never saw to my cleaning account, although they probably only need cleaning twice a week and not every day, but it would add more money to the overall total weekly charge. What do you say to that?" I ask. "Mr. Greene, we have a deal. I was more worried about having to pay her for the time off since she's on salary, but I certainly am not turning down additional money from you for additional services.

It's nice to do business with you, Mr. Greene," he says to me. "OH, by the way, how goes the investigation into who shot up your place?" Patrick asks. "Well, now the FBI has gotten involved. We gave the City Police a DVD from our security cameras and now the FBI has stepped in to help.

You would have to ask them as they are being a bit tightlipped about the investigation," I tell him not wanting to tip my hand to someone that I really didn't know. "WOW, that's just amazing. I hope they catch the bastards. Should I be worried about Aurora traveling with you? I mean, she will be safe, correct?" Patrick asks. "Yes, I believe she will be safe. I have my own security group so she should be fine," I tell him.

"Well, OK. I'll transfer you back to Aurora, have a great trip," he says before transferring me back to Aurora. "Pack your bags darling, you're heading with me to Toronto and then Washington D.C. I hope you have a passport," I say to her. "Yes, my dear, I just got it renewed this past summer.

When should I expect to see you?" She asks. "Would an hour be too soon?" I say being very cheeky. "For me, no. But I think that my boss expects me to at least work most of today out. Or, are you serious about wanting me sooner?" She asks. "I'm not joking, I would love to come by and get you. Tell him that you're heading home to pack and I'll come to get you in about an hour.

Oh, wait, I don't have your home address. Care to share it with me?" I say to her trying to sound sexy, but in my head, I think that I only sound ridiculous. She gives me her address. I jot it down. I decide that I want to pick her up by myself. When I hang up from Aurora, I tell Dakota that her, Mom, Maddie and Fred should take one car to the plane and schedule me another car to go pick up Aurora. Dakota makes the appropriate calls telling Paula that we need a limo for me in about an hour and a second one for the other four about an hour after that to take them to meet me at the plane.

"Are you planning on playing with your new toy, Aurora?" Dakota asks. "Well, we will see. I think you and Amy might just have a new contender to challenge you with sexual antics. Aurora was a real sensuous lady that loved sex. She's closer to my age but she used to be able to go for a while, but that was several years ago, so I really don't know her stamina today," I say smiling to my all-knowing Dakota. "Well, just don't wear yourself out with this new toy, you still have obligations with the rest of us," Dakota says smiling and giggling.

I kiss her and hug her. She takes such good care of me. I think that she will be a great Mother. I hold the hug a bit longer than she expected. "You know that I love you, don't you my dear?" I ask Dakota. "Of course, Daddy, and you know that I love you as well," Dakota says back to me. We keep hugging for a bit. When we break, I see Maddie watching us and smiling.

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I head down the hall to pack a bag. I put a couple of suits, three jeans, a couple of shorts and the usual stuff that I take along with me on a trip. I put my luggage by the front door. After kissing Jill, I remind her that John will most likely need her credit card to pay for the house remodel.

She says that she will tell John when it is needed to come to her. I kiss her again and head towards the front door as Dakota summons me with "Car is here, Daddy".

I pick up my paper with Aurora's address on it. I remember that I didn't get any cash out, so I head back to the bedroom and get $1500 to take with me expecting that D.C. will be a bit pricey. CHAPTER 2 Dakota gives me a kiss before I head out. Although it's not Fred, I just assumed that he was in Mom's room once again. I hand the chauffeur the address and he put my luggage in the trunk and shuts the door behind me as I get into the back.

This chauffeur was a bit annoying as he had no idea how to move past traffic tie-ups. I asked him how long he had been a chauffeur, he told me just over two years. I just shook my head and texted Paula to never give me this chauffeur as he is mediocre at best. She just replied, "I'm sorry. I've never had a complaint about him before,". She knows that I'm not mad at her, I just have specific tastes.

I text Aurora telling her that I'm moving slowly in traffic and I apologize that I'm not at her door already. She sends me a big smooch and tells me that the anticipation is making her hornier.

Finally, in what seemed like an eternity, we arrived at Aurora's door. I didn't wait for the chauffeur to open the door for me. I just opened it and got out myself and walked up to Aurora's front door of her apartment.

When she opened it, she put her arms around me and hugged me tightly and kissed me. I picked up her suitcase, well both suitcases and took them to the limo. I set them by the trunk and opened the back door for beautiful Aurora.

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She got in and I did as well. The chauffeur opened the trunk and put her luggage in then came around and shut the door Aurora and I got in. He started the limo up and headed for LAX. When we arrived at the roadway that entered the airport, I let the chauffeur know that my jet is at the private part of the airport.

He tells me that we can 'take a shuttle' from the main terminal to the private part of the airport. I politely discussed with him that I don't 'take a shuttle' and that is why I ride in a limo. He shrugged as if I had not said anything. I dialed up Paula. I explained what we were going through. She asked to speak to the driver, I handed him my phone. He hung the phone up and told me that it was impolite to drive and talk on the phone.

Now I was seething mad. I dialed up Paula again, "Darling, I'm going to fire my chauffeur right now. You may need to send someone to come get the car. I'm going to put you on speaker phone so you can hear what I'm telling him," I say to her. "Oh, Mr.

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Driver, please pull the car over, right here," which he does. "Mr. Driver, I hate to tell you this, but you are being let go, right now. Please leave the keys in the ignition and get out.

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You can Uber home or take a 'shuttle'," I say. He gets out but he doesn't want to give me the keys. "Paula, please let this guy know who I am and his options currently," I say to her. "Jay, I'm sorry to tell you that you are being let go right now.

Please hand Mr. Greene the keys to the car, since he owns the company and is a licensed driver of all the limos. If you need a ride home, I can call an Uber for you or you can take a cab home and we will reimburse you for half of it," Paula tells him. He just throws the car keys on the ground underneath the limo, pulls off his jacket and tie and tosses them into the front seat and walks off.

I just smile. Aurora sits wondering what the heck just happened. I reach underneath the car and get the keys and head over to the private part of the airport. When I stop the limo, I see another of our limos already here telling me that the rest of the gang is on the plane waiting for me. I just shake my head, completely annoyed. I see Dakota standing and smiling at the hatch to the jet.

I get out of the limo and pop the trunk. I take all four bags out of the trunk. Aurora walks up the stairs. Dakota steps aside to let Aurora enter the jet. As I start up the steps with two pieces of Aurora's luggage, Dakota giggles and asks me, "Hey, did you stop and play already? Is that why you're so late getting here?" She asks me all the while giggling.

"My darling Dakota, do you see a driver?" I ask. "Well, no. HEY, where's your driver? Didn't I just see you get out of the car from behind the wheel?

What gives Daddy?" For a rarity, I see Dakota confused. When I get to the top of the stairs, Dakota gets on her tippy-toes and gives me a kiss. However, I'm not in the mood for a kiss, even one from someone as beautiful as Dakota. Aurora leans back to Dakota and whispers, "He fired the chauffeur on the way over here," before she turned and walked into the jet to take a seat.

"Daddy, where's your driver?" Dakota asks. "Well, he's probably hitchhiking his ass back to his home," I say feeling a bit annoyed. "Why is he hitchhiking, Daddy?" Dakota asks. "Because I fired him.

He told Aurora and I that if we wanted to get to the private plane part of the airport, we would need to take a shuttle from the main terminal," I say really ticked off at this point. "No way. He told you to take a shuttle?" Dakota says now laughing out loud, not just a laugh, but big belly laughs. I put the suitcases down. Fred comes over and picks them up and puts them in the luggage compartment overhead. I head back down the stairs to get the other two pieces of luggage.

By now I'm sweating and am getting more annoyed by the second.


I carry the last two pieces of luggage up the stairs of the jet. The co-pilot comes out to pull up the stairs and shut the hatch. Dakota kisses me and heads over to sit next to Aurora. They start chatting like they are sisters, laughing and giggling as they talk.

Fred asks what am I going to do with the keys to the limo. I tell him that the company already has another set. They will send someone to pick up the car and take it back to the parking garage to get it prepped for its next use.

I also let him know that I'll overnight the keys to Paula, rather than carry them around with me on the whole trip. Aurora and Dakota are just chatting it up.

As annoyed as I am, I choose to sit on another couch by myself. Aurora and Dakota won't hear of it. They each get up and sit on either side of me. Both of them put their arms around my neck and take turns kissing me.

I feel so loved. Mom is watching and chatting with Fred. I see both of them smiling as they watch the ladies kissing me. Poor Maddie is just sitting by herself in the reclining chair. I get up and walk over to her, pulling her up out of the chair telling her, "Hey, if I can't sit by myself, neither can you, no matter how darn cute you might be," I say smiling at her.

She has been a delight but clearly is not quite as worldly as I had anticipated. She is young, beautiful, and wicked smart. I pull her over to the couch that Aurora and Dakota are sitting on and plunk her cute ass down on the side of me that is closest to Dakota.

She puts her arms around Maddie and tells her that it was fun to have her at the Chateau. Maddie just smiles at her. Aurora goes back to molesting me. She puts her arms around me once again, pulling me towards her. She is kissing me profusely. I turn my head and kiss her back. I see her reach past me and begin to play with Maddie's ear and caresses her neck.

As my body is tilted towards Aurora, I pull Maddie towards me as well. I feel the jet accelerate down the runway and take flight. Aurora doesn't miss a beat and keeps kissing me. I shift my whole body and end up kissing her. She is quite beautiful. I don't know why, but suddenly I feel a bit self-aware. Maybe it's Mom, maybe Fred, but whatever the answer I am a bit hesitant to get naked in the jet. Aurora begins to unbutton my shirt and slides it off me. She leans in and begins to suck one of my nipples.

I feel Maddie beginning to unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants, fishing my cock out and she leans over and starts licking and sucking on my cock.

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One of her hands is now playing with my balls. I just smile and decide to enjoy the ride. Aurora is still kissing and sucking on my nipple. Aurora moves her lips up from my nipple to my own lips. She parts her mouth just a bit to allow her tongue to enter my mouth. Our tongues wrestle for dominance, but it really doesn't matter as we are just enjoying each other. I look over to my left and see Maddie now standing and shedding her pants and cute little panties.

She unclasps my pants and lets them puddle on the floor at my feet Now that I'm naked, she stretches one of her legs across my lap lining up her womanhood entrance with my manhood. She plunges herself down on me. She begins to rock back and forth.

I see and feel Dakota's lithe little hand reach down underneath Maddie and begin to tickle my balls. Maddie's breathing changes significantly. She is now rocking her cute body on my cock with a purpose.

Maddie leans into me and puts her head on my chest. I continue to rock back and forth with my cock buried into her sex. Her body begins to expel woman juice in copious amounts.

I lift her up and turn around, laying her on her back as I begin to fuck her silly. I see her eyes begin to glaze over and her breathing gets even more shallow and of course, then it happens. Maddie goes totally limp. She's not responding to her name. Dakota takes a moment and slaps her causing her to take an enormous gulp of fresh air. Her eyes are still not focused when she says to me, "Oh David, I'll never get tired of the way you make me cum just before you make me orgasm so hard that I pass out.

Gawd this is so wonderful. You can do this to me anytime you choose," she says to me. I just smile at her and continue to fuck her. She is moaning and trembling underneath me. I feel her body continue to spasm on my cock. Her wetness is now covering my thighs. Behind me, I hear other sounds of passion. Dakota whispers in my ear that Fred is really putting it to Mom. I just smile, nice to know that Mom is just as much the horn-dog as I am. When Mom reaches that first huge orgasm, I hear her use John's favorite word "fuck" almost as if John himself was right there coaching her.

I just chuckled to myself. I must admit, when you begin to chuckle or laugh or giggle when you are fucking someone, it kind of puts them off. As it did with Maddie. "Did I do something funny?" Maddie asks me. "Um, no. I'm sorry my darling. Hearing Mom say 'fuck' just caught me by surprise," I tell her. She smiles, but I'm not sure she really believes me.

As Maddie finishes with me, she moves her body from underneath me only to have Aurora take her place. I don't remember Aurora feeling this tight when we dated before, but now she is very tight.

I must move slowly as I enter her. I push in a couple of inches and wait until her body adjusts. The entire time that I'm putting myself into her she is moaning. I feel her womanhood begin to spasm around my cock. Suddenly, the captain comes on the overhead speaker announcing, "Hey folks, I'm sorry but the ground crew forgot to fill the plane with enough fuel. We will need to make a small stop to get more fuel. We're going to be landing in about 15 minutes in Las Vegas.

Now everyone can stay on the plane, or disembark as they choose. The whole refueling should take no more than two hours," the Captain tells us. I'm excited that we're landing in Vegas. I begin to really fuck Aurora as my adrenaline is now amped up. She is moaning and squirting all her womanly juices onto my cock, balls, and thighs.

She reaches her first big orgasm, "OH MY GAWD DAVID, YOU ARE MAKING ME CUM SO DAMN HARD. FUCK ME, I'M CUMMING AGAIN AND AGAIN," she says as her pussy is milking me for every drop it can get. Finally, I begin to cum inside of her as well, "DAMN AURORA, YOU FEEL WONDERFUL.

I'M CUMMING, OH GOODNESS, I'M CUMMING," I say to her as I shoot all I have into her. As we are uncoupling, I hear the landing gear lock into place.

"Looks like we're landing," I say even though I'm being just a tad bit obvious. Just as the three of us and Fred and Mom are all finally redressed, the wheels of the jet touched down. We taxi over to the private jet part of the airport.

The co-pilot comes out and asks if we plan on staying on the jet or are, we disembarking? I speak for everyone and tell him that we are leaving the jet while it's being refueled. I did ask why the jet wasn't fully fueled before we took off, he shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't know. I let it pass for now as I wasn't going to ruin my mood with an argument about jet care. We all walked down the stairs.

Dakota already dialed Paula and told her we landed in Vegas and we need a limo to come get us at the private parking side of the airport.


About 5 minutes later a limo from our company, pulled up to the plane and we all got in and headed to the Bellagio for some quick fun, It really was nice to see Mom having a good time. Fred is his usual stoic self, but Mom seems to really enjoy him. Maddie is now worried about not being back to work in Toronto. I dial up Sharon and ask her to call the Blue Jay in Toronto and let them know that we had fueling issues and that Maddie won't be back to Toronto until late tonight and thus she won't be into work until tomorrow at the earliest.

Sharon says she will take care of it. My phone buzzes. It's Special Agent Fernandez. "Hello, Special Agent Fernandez. What's the honor of your call?" I ask him. "Hello Mr. Greene, oh wait, you want me to call you David.

Sorry, it's just all my training makes it a habit to say Mr. or Mrs. Anyways, I'm calling you to tell you that the two different shell casings that you turned over to us, well they come from two different weapons that the Mexican Drug Cartel usually use. I've put in a call to your Director of Security, Roger Johnson and he knows and has several of your security team guarding the house.

I think he told me he was sending over 6 plus he said that your protégé John, two nephews of your driver, and some guy named Marcus was already there keeping watch," Fernandez tells me.

I thank him for the information, and we end the call. I dial up Jill. "Hello, beautiful. What are you doing?" I ask. "Well, we have an army of people here guarding the house and everyone inside. There are 3 people in the courtyard, two at the back gate and one that patrols outside moving around. The two CG boys are walking around inside of the house along with John and Marcus making everyone nervous," Jill tells me. "Well Darling, every one of you in the house is important to me.

We just want to make you safe. We had to stop at Las Vegas as we didn't have enough fuel to get much further. I'm not sure, but it seems as if the amount of fuel would be checked before we ever left LAX. I'm going to check with the pilot and co-pilot after we get Maddie back to Toronto. We have a window of about 2 hours for the refueling so we are headed over to the Beliggo for two hours," I tell her.

She wishes us all some good luck at the tables and ends the call. When we arrived at the Bellagio, I used the house phone to dial up Agent Fernandez.

I asked him to tell one of his agents that was outside guarding the Chateau to knock on the door and speak only to John. I passed a message through Agent Fernandez to John, "Tell John that it's scenario 69," giving John a hint about how serious things are currently.

John and I have had private conversations and we set up a list of 100 private messages to each other. He would understand my message and take the appropriate action.

I asked the concierge lady to set up a commercial flight for Maddie back to Toronto. I also had her set up a commercial flight for Aurora, Mom, Fred, Dakota and of course myself.

We chose to fly Southwest air as their hub is in Las Vegas and they fly nearly every hour back to LAX. I kiss Maddie and apologize profusely for sending her via commercial flight back to Toronto. I have the Bellagio shuttle Maddie and myself back to the plane. We get all our luggage and have the shuttle take Maddie to the Air Canada gate.

Once again, I kiss Maddie and apologize. She smiles and tells me she had a wonderful time, even with all the craziness that went on. I promised her that somehow, someway I would make this up to her.

She kissed me passionately and whispered in my ear, "There's no need. You've given me a Thanksgiving story that will WOW everyone. I hope I get to see you soon," she tells me before kissing me once again and squeezing my ass. I watch her as she goes inside the terminal, ticket in hand. At least, I thought to myself I bought her a first-class ticket. I ask the driver to take me back to the Bellagio to meet up with my group. Once we were there, a bellman unloads the luggage and takes it to the front desk.

I ask the concierge to store our luggage as we had an emergency flight back to LAX at 2:45 pm. Of course, the concierge agrees, and the luggage is left on the cart and pushed into what appears to be a closet of some sort. I text Dakota to gather the gang and meet me at the concierge's desk. Although it takes about 5 minutes, everyone shows up. I take my group and head into the nearby restaurant.

I ask the hostess for a table for 5. She shows us to a nice out of the way table immediately. When we all sit down, Mom asks, "What's going on David?" "Well, the plane was messed with.

When I went with Maddie to get all of the luggage, I spoke with the flight crew that told me that the plane was messed with and that it would take a couple of days for them to check it out and ensure that it would be safe to fly again.

I called Agent Fernandez and had him quietly pass a message to John. I put Maddie on an Air Canada commercial flight back to Toronto, so she is now safe. I've also booked us on a Southwest Air flight back to LAX that leaves at 2:45 pm, so we have about 90 minutes to hang out here and take their shuttle to the airport." I tell everyone.

As I look around the table, no one is speaking. Fred finally pipes up, "David, what can we do? Do we have any idea who is causing all of this?" He asks. "Well, Agent Fernandez believes that this is the cause of some sort of Mexican Drug Cartel. I have sent private word through the FBI to John, so he knows to keep on alert to protect all the ladies in the Chateau. I think that if we take a commercial flight back to LAX and just Uber to the house, that will most likely give us an advantage of staying underneath the radar of the bad guys.

I don't think that they would expect us to fly commercial. Once we are on the plane, it's only about 65 minutes to LAX. I have everyone's luggage being held by the concierge here. The casino will take us all to the airport shortly.

I have the FBI checking Mom's plane now to make sure they didn't sabotage it. Anyone have any other questions or concerns?" I ask. Everyone shakes their head no. I see Aurora's face. She seems very nervous. Dakota leans into her and tells her that "Daddy will take care of all of us and for her not to worry". Aurora smiles a bit after Dakota assures her that everyone will be OK. CHAPTER 2 We have a quick easy meal. Mom and Fred had a nice bowl of soup and a glass of wine.

Dakota had a salad with a bottle of water, as she knew I was watching. Aurora also had a salad, albeit a different one. I decided to have a BLT sandwich on toasted bread along with a bowl of French fries. Of course, my lady Dakota slathered them in ketchup and began eating them.

She even stuffed a couple into my mouth giggling as she did that. The waitress came over to the table and gave us a message from the concierge saying that it's time to head to the airport. I paid the bill and we all headed to the concierge's desk. Once we were there, we were directed to the shuttle van. We all got inside and headed back to McCarran Airport. The shuttle driver dropped us at the Southwest Air entrance.

I gave him a $300 tip, which he tried to politely decline. I just stuffed the money in his shirt pocket and thanked him for the safe passage to the airport.

A bellman came and took all of our luggage and followed us to the ticket counter. We all had to present ID before the ticketing agent issued 5 tickets. We were on a plane that had three seats on one side of the aisle and two seats on the other. We all decided to get in line now as we wanted to get as far forward in the plane as possible. I walked with Dakota and Aurora holding each of their hands. Mom and Fred were holding hands and just a few steps behind the three of us.

When we got to the gate, we were the first in line. A flight attendant took all of our tickets and checked them with the computer. We all just stood at the doorway to the jetway to the airplane, which was already attached to the jetway. The flight attendant told us that it would be about 5 more minutes before they started allowing people to board the plane. I offered Aurora, Dakota, and Mom to sit down while Fred and I waited.

They all refused. Mom hugged me and of course, both Dakota and Aurora kissed me. I really was worried. I know that John was getting estimates on the window replacement. I just hoped that he had not started the work just yet as it would expose the house right now. I got a text from Jill asking what was going on. I called her from a landline phone hoping that no one was listening in on her end. I explained that the jet was messed with and we are coming home via commercial airline.

I kept the call very short as I didn't want anyone trying to listen in on the conversation. The five minutes went quite fast. The door opened to the jetway and we all hustled down to the plane and took the very first row of seats. Aurora sat with me on the side that had only two seats. Mom took a seat by the window, Fred sat in the middle holding her hand, and Dakota sat in the aisle seat. Several people boarded the airplane. I was a bit concerned with two guys that got on the plane, but they took seats way in the back, nearly the last row.

I figured that with them being that far back, we would be OK. In what seemed like just a short time, the plane fired up its engines and we backed away from the gate. I saw Dakota squeeze Fred's hand. Aurora grabbed my arm and squeezed tightly as well. The plane was about 40% full, which made me feel a bit less nervous.

The flight attendant came around telling all of us to make sure we were buckled in and our tray tables were locked into the seat in front of us, which they were. The plane hit its thrusters and headed down the runway. In just a few seconds, we were airborne. Since the flight was only an hour and five minutes, there was only enough time for the stewardess to pour us all a short drink.

All of my group just had water. As we heard the landing gear lock into place, I was happy that we had gotten back to LAX. The plane made it's decent and touched down with no issues. Aurora gripped my arm the entire landing procedure. I just smiled at her and once again apologized for this whole event.

She smiled and kissed me telling me not to worry. When the plane taxied to our gate, my group got up and were the first ones off the plane. We walked through the terminal to the baggage pickup. Of course, when you are the first ones at baggage pickup, it seems to take forever to finally see luggage begin to hit the carousel. I paid a bellman to grab our luggage and get us a large cab, which he did. I tipped him $100 and he thanked me for telling me that usually he only gets about $2 per bag so my tip was completely unexpected.

We got into the minivan cab and headed back to the Chateau. When we arrived at the gate, I had to give the FBI agent my ID before he would open the gate.

I could see the taxi driver wondering what the heck he had gotten into. He parked by the front door, the FBI closed the gate until we were all safely inside the house. The two CG boys came out of the house to help us all in with our luggage.

Fred, being the gentleman, he is, took Mom's luggage and stacked it on top of his own piece of luggage. In just a couple of minutes, we were all safely inside the house. I tipped the cab driver $200. He thanked me profusely and drove off, having to stop at the gate and wait for the FBI to open it to allow him to leave. I heard more helicopters overhead.

The agent at the front door said it was press helicopters once again. We were still one of the stories in the current news cycle. I was happy to see everyone in the house. Jennifer, Diane, Paula, Allison, Sammy and Bobby, the CG boys, Marcus, Sharon, BJ, and Danni were all just hanging out, making phone calls to ensure that work was still happening even though they weren't physically at their job.

The house smelled wonderful. Bobby was cooking up steaks and chicken. He had a large pot of noodles and alfredo along with sweet corn. Sammy had several cakes already made for our dessert and he was currently working on smoked fish spread on some Ritz crackers as well as several types of veggies with homemade hummus.

I went over to John and thanked him for taking care of everyone. He just shrugged his shoulders telling me that it was easy when you have an army of agents patrolling the courtyard and the back gate. I asked about Allison and the three in the pool home.

He tells me that Allison has been working hard in the studio and really hasn't left that building for several hours. The porn twins were safely in their house and Belinda was at the studio along with a couple of male actors that had to pass through tight security, which made them a bit nervous. John just smiled.

He went on to say that his mom was nervous and yet Diane was just so casual about the whole thing. John went on to say that he's had so many hot turkey sandwiches in the past day or two that he now feels like a big turkey.

That made me smile, we had finally hit bottom with John's eating. I laughingly asked Bobby and Sammy how many turkey sandwiches John must have had. They looked at each other and said somewhere between 15-20 sandwiches. I laughed out loud as did several others. John just shrugged his shoulders and walked over to Diane kissing and hugging her.

I logged into my computer, telling several members of the board of directors that an emergency had come up and I was postponing my trip to DC and Tampa. I would address the manager in Tampa personally and would make another trip to DC once the emergency was over. I also sent Roger Johnson an email letting him know that everyone was safe inside of the Chateau and thanked him for his personal attention. I also sent Special Agent Fernandez a thank you for all the FBI agents that were taking care of my home and my family.

As I scanned down the list, I saw an odd email requesting money. I read the email, it was from someone that I was not familiar with. They demanded one million dollars, or my family would be in danger. I forwarded the email to Special Agent Fernandez. I went to my bedroom and put my own firearm on my belt. I kissed Jill, who had her weapon on the nightstand next to her. Mom and Fred had retreated into her bedroom, which made me feel a bit better. Dakota was sitting in the TV room with several other ladies.

Oddly, I noticed Amy was nowhere in sight. I asked John where she was, he replied that she was 'running errands' all with the FBI's approval as one of the agents was with her.

I put a call into Special Agent Fernandez. "Hello David, I was just reading your email," he says to me. "Agent, where is my lady Amy? John tells me that she's out running errands with one of your agents?" I say a bit frazzled about this new development.

"David, she's fine. They just left the grocery store with a whole car full of groceries. My agent just checked in with me and all is well. They're on their way back to the house and should be there in about 10 minutes as they didn't go very far," Fernandez tells me.

I exhale still worried but not as much as a few minutes ago. In just about the 10 minutes that Agent Fernandez promised, Amy and her escort walked through the front door with several bags of groceries. Two other agents followed them into the house each carrying several bags of groceries. Sammy and Bobby went out to the car and carried in several bags of groceries. All in all, there must have been nearly 40 bags of groceries.

John, of course, circles the bags like a shark circles a lone swimmer. Bobby, Sammy, and Amy went to work putting the groceries away. Bobby even remarked about how nice it was that Amy took on the task of grocery shopping. He gave her a little smooch on the cheek. The additional FBI agents remarked about how wonderful the whole house smelled. I asked Bobby if we could up the amount of food to include feeding all the agents as well as our family.

He said it would be no problem and set to make more of everything. This also set Sammy to working on making more appetizers and a couple more dessert cakes. I saw John sneaking a couple of the fish spread appetizers, but for all that he has done in the past 24 hours, he deserves every bite. My phone buzzes. It's Maddie.

It reads only two words "I'M HOME".

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I was very thankful that she was safe. I went out to the TV room and sat down next to Jennifer. "How goes it sexy?" I asked her. "Um, good David. You certainly know how to amp up everyone for the holidays. Should I worry about what's going to happen on Christmas?" She says to me. "No, Darling.

This was unexpected. Hopefully, by Christmas most, if not all of this will be over," I tell her before I kiss her. "OH, I didn't tell you. Patrick called. He would like to take me out one-night next week. Isn't that exciting!?" She asks. "Of course, it is my dear. You deserve someone handsome to be in your life," I say to her. "Well, David, you're handsome and you're in my life. It's just that you are spoken for already. I mean, I love being intimate with you, but I would like to date someone.

Is that OK with you?" She asks me. "Of course, it's OK. You don't need to ask me that. You should know by now that I want you to be happy. Our time together is wonderful, but you need someone to love," I say to her, which prompts her to kiss me passionately.

I see John smiling at us kissing. He comes over and sits on the chair next to me. "Hey Boss, is there anything I can do for you?" John wonders.

"Yeah, when Bobby and Sammy get some more food prepared, you can take a tray of appetizers around to the FBI guys and give them some food to eat while patrolling our courtyard," I say to him. He just smiles and gets up. John heads over to the first tray of appetizers and holsters his gun and walks around to the agents that are inside the house offering them some. I remind John to take a handful of napkins for the guys outside. He reaches over the counter and grabs a huge handful of napkins.

He opens the door and heads into the courtyard. I see him through the windows walking from agent to agent letting them take as many of the appetizers as they want.

When the try is empty, he heads back inside to get another tray. Then he goes back outside with the second tray making sure he starts with the agents that haven't had any yet. The inside agents go out the back door and over to the gate to tell the agents at the back gate to head around front to get some appetizers as they will guard that gate. In my head, I make the decision that we should feed the agents first. I got Dakota, Jennifer, Diane, Paula, and Sharon all involved in making plates of food for the agents.

The ladies are all smiling as they feel good about doing something for the guys who are guarding us. Dakota, John, Marcus, and I all start carrying the plates of food outside to the agents in the courtyard.

I wasn't aware, but I saw Special Agent Fernandez outside, in the courtyard, talking to the agent in charge. "Well, well, Special Agent Fernandez. When did you arrive here?" I ask. "Oh, about 45 seconds ago. How are you doing David?" He asks. "Better now that I'm here at the Chateau and safe with all the firepower you have provided," I say to him. Suddenly, several shots rang out from a fast-moving car. Unfortunately, the idiots didn't realize that the house is being guarded by FBI agents as well, as the street is a dead-end street, which made the car stop and make a U-turn.

This allowed several of the agents to step out into the street, unholster their weapons and fire back, killing the three guys inside the car. This caused the car to go out of control and crash into a palm tree across the street from my house. The agents ran over to it and checked, yep, all dead.

All three of the guys looked to be Hispanic. Special Agent Fernandez said, "Well David, looks like dinner is canceled," He says smiling. I stop John, who ran into the courtyard with is gun drawn. I told him to holster his weapon and go back inside. He complied. I told him to have the ladies stop making plates for a bit as the shooting left three dead and the agents now needed to write several reports and call the coroner. When I went back inside, I told all our family what had happened.

The ladies were a bit nervous, but I assured them that we were perfectly safe. I put the already made plates of food down on the table and had everyone sit down to eat. I heard a knock on the back door. It was Allison and Belinda. I waved them in. Allison came right over to me and asked if I was alright. "I heard the gunshots and worried about you," Allison said to me. "We, including me, are all fine," I told her.

I got a big hug from her. Then when she broke the hug, Belinda stepped in and hugged me as well. I see another young man at the back door. I wave him in but ask the ladies who the guy is. "Oh, he's in the business as well. His name is Justin Case," Allison tells me. "Justin Case& in&hellip. Just In Case?" I say laughing out loud causing John and both Allison and Belinda to laugh.

"Well, you're the first one to get the joke," Allison says smiling and giggling. "Are you three hungry? If you are, we have appetizers and lots of food prepared. Care to join us?" I ask. I see Mr. Case head into the kitchen, apparently, he suffers from the same affliction as John, terminal hungry. He picks up a plate and fills it with food, grabs water and sits down at the dining room table and begins to stuff his face, which makes Bobby, Sammy, and I smile.

John extends his arm and escorts Allison and Belinda into the kitchen helping them make plates of food. He carries them to the dining room table as well and pulls out a chair for each of them. Jill comes out of the bedroom. She kisses me and heads into the kitchen and makes herself a plate of food as well. I take a good look at Dakota's beautiful body.

She is looking a touch heavier but not overly so. She gets up and fills a plate with mostly alfredo noodles, takes a bottle of water and sits at the kitchen table. I get up and walk over to her, put my arms around her and kiss her head from behind.

This causes her to stop eating and turn around to kiss me back. One of the inside agents asks me, "Hey, I thought you are married?" "I am, but this beautiful lady isn't my wife, she's my assistant," I tell him. "Wow, you sure do have a lot of pregnant women here," he says. "Well, that one over there is my wife, and she's pregnant.

This one here as I just told you is my assistant, and she's pregnant, and the one over there is Diane, and she's pregnant with her fiancées' baby John," I tell him. "If I may ask, who is Dakota's baby father?" the agent asks. "Dakota, care to tell him?" I say to Dakota. "Well, my Daddy is……not my real Daddy, but him, David," she tells the agent. "WHAT? Do you have both your wife and your assistant pregnant? What are you running here, some sort of Commune?" He asks smiling.

"No, no commune. Jill and I have been trying for a while. Dakota asked Jill and me if she could get pregnant by me. Jill gave her consent and well, nature took it's course," I tell him. He just sits there eating and thinking about what I've just told him.

"Wow, you must be the luckiest man on earth. I'm not sure any other guy gets to have both his wife AND his assistant pregnant," he says to me. "Well, thank you," I say to him.

Jennifer got up to refill her plate and says to the agent, "You have no idea how many women would like to have a baby of David's'. He's just so easy to love," she says. As she walks away from the kitchen, she stops in front of me and kisses me passionately. Sharon and Paula get up next. Sharon kisses me before going to refill her plate. Paula kisses me after refilling her plate. I just smile at the agent, who looks completely confused. "Agent, when do you think that the other agents outside can have some food?" I ask him.

He gets up and tells me he'll go check. He goes out and comes back in and tells me that about a third can stop and eat now, another third can stop and eat after they finish, and the last third in maybe an hour or hour and a half. I ask him to bring in the first third. While he is outside summoning some of the other agents, the ladies at the dining room table get up and move to the TV room.

John heads outside and goes over to the pool house to invite the porn twins to dinner, which they accept.

They fill a plate each and sit down next to the CG boys. The first third agents come in and thank us for feeding them. I direct them to get a plate and fill it to their heart's content, which they do. Each one grabs a bottle of water and sits down at the dining room table. Jill finishes and tosses her plate in the trash and asks Sammy where the delicious cakes are located. Sammy says he will start to bring them to this kitchen. "Um, Mr. Greene, just how big is this house?

I've never seen one this huge before," an agent asks. "Well, it's 28,000 square feet. It has 20 bedrooms and 31 bathrooms. It came with three kitchens, two top of the line video playrooms, two offices, a billiards room, several rooms we haven't assigned yet, two TV rooms, two pools each with a cascading hot tub and two pool houses both of which are rented," I tell the agent who asked. "WOW, how do you keep it all under control? My home with my wife is 1500 square feet and we struggle to keep it clean and in good shape," he tells me.

"Well, Bobby and Sammy, who you see in the kitchen do all the cooking. Amy, this young beautiful lady sitting at the bar keeps everything in the house running.

Dakota and John are my assistants and keep me on track on my schedule," I tell him. CHAPTER 3 As the first third of the agents finish up, they throw their plates away and each takes a slice of cake and head out to the courtyard. Another third of agents come in and get plates of food and sit down to eat.

Oddly, this group only eats and doesn't really engage with anyone. I shrug my shoulders to Dakota and let them just eat. When they are finished, the also toss their plates in the trash and take a slice of cake outside. It was nearly 15 minutes before the final third came in from the courtyard. These are the ones that fired their weapons and killed the bad guys.

I thanked each one for their hard work and dedication to protecting my family. They just shrugged their shoulders and made a plate of food each. Again, after they finished, the trashed their plates and took a slice of cake out to the courtyard. By now I was feeling a bit worn out. I got up, kissed the ladies next to me and headed towards my bedroom. It dawned on me as I headed down the hallway, that Mom and Fred never made an appearance at dinner. As I passed her room, I didn't hear any sounds of passion or orgasm, just silence.

I went into my bedroom, shed my clothes and got in the shower. Once again, I loved how the hot water was hot right from the beginning. I stayed underneath the shower letting the water cascade over my body. I guess I was in the shower for about 15 minutes or so. When I finished, I dried off and headed into my bedroom.

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I had guests. On one play bed, was Jennifer and Sharon. On the other play bed were BJ and Danni. Each set of ladies was beckoning me over using just one finger. Although playing with BJ and Danni first seemed very tempting, I was more worried about not having enough left in the tank for Jennifer and Sharon. I chose to play with Jennifer and Sharon first getting a couple of deep loud sighs from BJ ad Danni. When I walked over to Jen and Sharon, I was pulled literally into the bed. They went to work on my willing body immediately.

Jen began giving me one of her wonderful blowjobs while Sharon began kissing me. I felt both of their hands rubbing my chest and stomach. Their light touch felt wonderful.

Sharon just got her nails done and they felt great lightly scratching my chest. I had almost forgotten how nice of a kisser she could be. Sharon playfully pushes Jennifer's face out of the way and climbs on top of my cock. I feel her wonderfully soft pussy clamping down on my manhood.

As she is riding me, she begins to moan. Jennifer encourages her saying, "C'mon baby, ride that man. Fuck him with all you got," she says smiling the whole time she is encouraging Sharon. I see Sharon's eyes begin to roll back into her head as she continually thrusts her body down on my cock. Suddenly, John opens the door and tells all of us that there is something going on outside and leaves the door open heading towards the front door.

That certainly was a mood breaker. I unplugged myself from Sharon rolled off the bed and put on a pair of shorts and a white tee shirt. I grabbed my gun off the dresser and headed towards the front door as well.

I directed the ladies to stay safe in my bedroom. Jennifer got up and lowered the security window coverings. Sharon left the bedroom to go retrieve her firearm. Jennifer did as well after she had the security window coverings down and locked into place. Sharon returned in just a couple of moments putting her clothes back on as BJ and Danni did the same.

When I got to the front door, an agent told John and I that there were four guys in a crappy old Chevy Nova armed but none of them spoke English. "Mexican?" I asked the agent. "No, something from Eastern Europe, maybe even Russian," he tells us. "John, go check the house. Make sure that no one is in either of the pool houses, I want all of them safe inside this house, got it?" I ask.

"Yes sir," he says as he hustles out the back door and first over to the twins' pool house. He knocks tells whoever answered that they all need to go inside the main house right now.

Then he goes over to the other pool house. He knocks there as well, but no one answers. He turns the knob and just goes inside. It only takes a couple of minutes, but he comes out with Allison, Belinda and some guy. He herded them all into the main house. "Both houses are empty boss," John says to me from the backdoor.

"Lock everything down," I tell everyone. I see the CG boys with their gun holstered on their hips. I see Fred come out of Mom's room, also with his gun holstered on his hip. Jill has her gun. I have mine. Jennifer and Sharon both have theirs. Of course, Dakota has hers. Marcus has his on his hip as well.

Both Sammy and Bobby pulled their holstered guns out of a drawer in the kitchen and put them on their hips. The agent at the door asked us to remain inside and lock every entrance and exit, including the garage door, which we hadn't even considered as a weak point and a possible entry. Marcus said he would take care of it and headed out into the garage.

I had everyone begin to put the window security shutters down. I wanted everything to be as secure as possible. While I was in the living room, I could hear my phone buzzing.

I headed to pick it up and found BJ bringing it to me. I kissed her on the cheek and pushed her back into my bedroom asking that the ladies all stay safe in there. She smiled and headed back into the bedroom. We all heard a lot of language being used by the FBI telling the guys to get on the ground.

They repeated the warning several times. Finally, we all heard the commotion, but no gunshots. After several minutes, the agent at the front door knocked and announced himself.

John hesitantly opened the door with his hand on his gun. "Sir, not to worry, all has been taken care of. These guys are from Bratva which is the name of the Russian mafia," he tells us.

I thank him and ask him to extend my thanks to the other agents.


He asks, "Um if there are any of those delicious cakes, I'm sure another slice would go a long way," he says to me smiling. "Bobby, Sammy, is there any of those delicious cakes left?" I yell over to the chefs who are in the kitchen.

"Yes, sir. We have nearly 8 more cakes ready right now," Sammy says. Bobby continues with a list of what cakes are ready right now. "We have two devil's food cakes with milk chocolate frosting, a strawberry champagne cake topped with pink frosting, we have a vanilla cake with white frosting, a lemon cake with a yellow lemon frosting, two carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting, and a chocolate/vanilla swirl cake with dark chocolate frosting," he tells us.

"Agent, you heard what we have ready right now, tell the other agents whenever they are ready just let us know and we'd be happy to give them all the cake they want to eat," I tell the agent. He smiles and heads off to join the other agents. It takes nearly an hour for things to settle down outside. Once things calmed down again, the agent at the door knocked and announced himself again.

He asked if the agents could begin to get slices of cake. "Of course, just send them inside. We'll be happy to give them all the cake that they want," I tell the door agent. In just a couple of minutes agents began to come into the house for cake. Bobby and Sammy also offer them red solo cups of milk if they were interested. About 1 in 3 took the chefs up on their milk offer. I turned to the front door to see Agent Fernandez talking to the door agent. "Special Agent Fernandez," I yell from the dining room table.

He sees me and holds one finger up silently asking me to wait one minute. I nod my head indicating that I understood. He finishes telling the door agent something and comes inside, with several other agents following him in. The other agents head over to where all the cakes are laid out and each one took a small paper cake plate and a plastic fork.

Again, several of the agents took a red cup of milk. "Mr. Greene, I see that you have everyone armed inside the house. No need to worry, we've got things covered outside. However, if you keep feeding my agents, they'll fail their physicals for putting on too many pounds ha, ha," Fernandez says to me. Several of us laugh. I really like Fernandez. He has demonstrated time and again that he's to be trusted. "Agent Fernandez let me get you a plate of dinner," I tell him.

He politely tries to decline, but I wouldn't hear of it. Dakota is already up and filling a plate full of food. Fernandez just shakes his head and sits down at the dining room table next to me. While putting food in his mouth, he tells me, "I spoke to our buddy Lt. Horowitz. He says that there were no shell casings picked up by City Police.

He says he believes that you just made everything up. Of course, I told him that there are nearly a dozen bullet holes in your front windows. He assured me that he thinks you had that done just to garner attention to yourself," Fernandez says to me as he continues to stuff his face with the delicious food.

Jill pipes up, "Do you mean that this idiot from City Police is trying to say that we cooked all this up just to get attention? This jerk obviously doesn't know anything about us. We always try to stay under the radar. We don't want our face in the paper, nor do we want our family or extended family's picture out for the public." "Ma'am, I understand. What he doesn't know is that the US Attorney's office has begun an investigation into him and his 'team'.

I figure that there might be an indictment handed down by the end of the week or early next week, but that is not for release to anyone as we don't want him to know he's being watched," Fernandez tells me. "No problem, no one here will say a word to anyone," I tell him with those listening nodding their heads. "I think he's trying to weave a tale that he believes will cover his ass," the agent says to me. "Oh, the tales we weave.

Wouldn't the truth be a bit easier over trying to make up lie after lie?" I ask. "Well to normal people, such as you and me, yes. But to some, they must keep trying to spin the truth to stay in the spotlight. Problem is though they mess-up somewhere and the whole thing unravels," he tells me. I just nod my head in agreement. Special Agent Fernandez finishes his dinner, eats a slice of the lemon cake moaning as if he was getting a wonderful blowjob from Sharon.

"Mr. Greene, how the heck do you stay in shape with all this food?" he says as he laughs a bit. "You see all the beautiful women, don't you?" I ask laughing as well. This made everyone else giggle and laugh.

I announce to everyone in the house to put their guns away. I ask the porn twins and Belinda to pick a bedroom or two for the night and tomorrow they'll probably be able to get back to doing what they do.

The guy that came into the house let us know that he parked his car on the street and asked Agent Fernandez if he could get to his car to go home. Fernandez directed him to the agent at the front door. Fred headed back down the hallway to Mom's room, he went inside and closed the door telling her everything was alright now. Jill told me that she's tired as all the adrenaline of today has worn her out.

I agreed and kissed the four ladies that I was going to play with a good night, which elicited a couple of sighs of disappointment. Several of the family stayed in the TV room and decided to have their own playtime, which was, of course, fine with Jill and me. Agent Fernandez went back outside and eventually left. We kept the shutters down on the window for the rest of the night and will address that tomorrow.

Marcus had secured the garage doors with the simplest of things. He had a couple of carabiner clips in his backpack. He put them through the holes in the garage door tracks which wouldn't allow the doors to raise. Simple but genius. Jill and I headed to bed, followed closely by Dakota.

Although we were just going to sleep and not play, it looks as if I was going to be the middle of my two beautiful women. Anyone who was to say that being a chauffeur didn't affect my life would be wrong.

It made me a better person and who knew that the one evening that Jill and I stepped in for the other chauffeur with the Jaxson's would have such a dramatic impact on our lives. IF YOU ENJOYED THIS CHAPTER, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT AND DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!