Sex tollywood actress xxx sex stories story

Sex tollywood actress xxx sex stories story
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The sirens wail as Officer Tom Blake, a tall, handsome man with close-cropped blonde hair, turns on his speeding squad car's radio. "This is cruiser 115. Matt, are you hearing me?" The answer comes back quickly: "Coming up right behind you, partner! Did you get a make on the car?" Tom checks his rearview mirror. Sure enough, there's his backup partner, fellow officer Matt McClint's cruiser, weaving through what little traffic there is, pulling up fast on his right.

"It's a white Lexus RX-330. Haven't got the license yet, but--there he is, right ahead!" Officer Blake is just rounding a bend in the road and manages to catch sight of the white cruiser just about to round another turn.

Officers Blake and McClint had just pulled up alongside the site of a traffic accident and were about to talk to the individuals involved,* when the Lexus blasted by like a bat out of hell, heedless of the other cars it was barelling past. Blake steps on the gas, sirens wailing, and makes a mental note of how fast he has to speed up to catch up to the Lexus, which has finally pulled over on the road's shoulder when the driver realized the sirens were for him.

As Blake's squad car comes to a halt only a few feet behind the Lexus, Officer McClint's car pulls up just a little bit behind his. Blake gets out, mindful of the passing traffic, and gestures for his partner to hold back and wait in his car a moment.

Blake keeps a hand on the butt of his holstered gun as he approaches the driver's window. To his surprise, it isn't a man who was driving at all; it's a young Asian girl who can't be more than 17 or 18 by the looks of her. She has rich brown eyes, long straight brown hair that reaches to just past her shoulders, and the most succulent-looking little breasts he's seen in a while. She sort-of reminds him of the Asian woman that he had left behind at the car accident, who also wasn't that old.

Blake had been thinking about the legs on that other woman during the entire speed chase with the Lexus, and had barely been able to keep himself from getting a hard-on in his pants by thinking about what he'd do to the driver when he caught up to him.

But looking at this new little hottie has got Blake's dick shifting uneasily in his pants again. "License and registration," Blake says sternly, switching to professional mode. The young woman--who's obviously scared, it's all over her face--says nothing. She simply nods obediently and carefully reaches into her glove box, pulling out her registration.

She then picks up her purse from the passenger seat and keeps it tilted toward him as she opens it, so he can see the contents as she rummages through and finds her license. She silently hands both over to him, and Blake notices she has tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

Good, he's good when people respect the badge. "So, Miranda," he says, taking note of her name and age--Miranda is a very hot 18 year-old, "I'm sure you know why I pulled you over.

Do you have any idea how fast you were going?" Miranda shakes her head quietly. "I'd appreciate it if you answered when I ask you a question. And be sure to speak up," Blake says firmly, certain to let her know who's in charge. "N-no, sir," Miranda says respectfully. "I don't know how fast I was going." "Well, Miranda.this is a 55 mile-per-hour road you're traveling on, and you were doing 70.

Got a good reason for that?" Miranda shakes her head slowly, and tears begin to spill down her cheeks. "No. I'm sorry! I was just trying to get home to my daughter. My parents are watching out for her and--" "Whoa, whoa! A daughter? Someone as young and beautiful as you has a kid already?" Miranda smiles at the compliment and swipes at her eyes.

"My ex-boyfriend and me had a baby a few months ago**. But he didn't want the responsibility, so my parents help me look after her. I was just trying to get home to take over for them." Officer Blake nods thoughtfully as he listens to her speak, but his eyes are slyly peering into the car, catching sight of Miranda's beautifully smooth and slender, very spreadable-looking legs.

Blake steps back a couple of feet and makes a "come here" gesture. "Make sure your car's in park, and step out here for a moment, ma'am." Miranda's about to question him as to why, but thinks better of it. As the driver's side door opens, Blake quickly toggles his shoulder radio and glances at McClint's car. "6-9, 6-9," he says quietly. "6-9" or "69" has always been a secret code between the two officers for when one of them needs to check out an extremely hot female they might see on the street.

Miranda steps out of the car, her four-inch black heels and beautiful long legs unknowingly being modeled for the officers as she steps down from the Lexus' high seat. As she comes into view, both men get a good look at her short one-piece black dress with the barely-there spaghetti straps holding it up. She has a small homemade necklace of beads around her neck. Somehow, her nervousness and vulnerability just make her all the more sexy looking. "Wait here, mind the traffic," Blake says as he turns and walks briskly over to Matt McClint's car.

McClint--glasses, early fifties, dark mustache and hair peppered with grey--rolls down the window, trying his best to keep a professional look on his face as he ogles Miranda's shapely young body.

"Holy fuck!" he whispers as Blake stands beside him. "You weren't kidding! That is one hot young piece of ass!" Blake leans on the door frame slightly and whispers back, "Yeah, and she's nervous as shit. She's already got a kid too." McClint's eyes widen. "That fine young thing has a kid? What the hell kind of exercises does she do to keep a shape like that?" Blake shakes his head. "I dunno.but I have a couple different exercise positions in mind for her, if you're up for it." McClint chuckles and nods.

"Well, we have been talking about doing this for a while now. And if she's as nervous as you say, she's probably willing to do whatever it takes to get out of this situation." "Just what I was thinking, partner," Blake says and points to a small copse of trees just off to the side of the main road. "We'll pull over there and do the 'interrogation', huh?" The two officers share a chuckle over this, and Blake heads back to Miranda, who is looking around anxiously at the passing cars, embarrassed at being called out like this in public.

"Ma'am, I'd like you to pull your car off the road, over to that small group of trees. My partner and I need to talk to you a moment." "But--but I was just speeding," Miranda says softly, her voice shaking. "Don't I just get a ticket, or--" "Ma'am," Blake says sternly. "Just pull over like you're told. The sooner you do that, the sooner you can get out of here." Miranda's about to question him again but stops herself. She turns and climbs back into her Lexus as Blake heads back to his own car.

She does as she's told, carefully pulling off the shoulder, driving a few feet down the main road, then pulling off and parking amidst the little clearing within the trees. The squad cars follow, pulling up on the side and behind the Lexus, cutting it off from the main road.

The two officers step out of their cars and approach Miranda's vehicle. Blake tells her to get out and she does. "Miranda, this is Officer McClint. Turn around please, put your hands behind your back." "W-what--?" Miranda says, her eyes going wide.

"You're under arrest for speeding," Blake says as he makes a circular motion with his finger, signaling for the young Vietnamese cutie to turn around. Miranda is in shock, fresh tears appearing in her eyes as she turns her back to the officers. "B-b-but I thought." "You were going almost twenty miles over the speed limit," Blake says as he pulls out a pair of handcuffs and brings Miranda's arms behind her back.

She cries out at the harshness of his tugging on her arm, and tears run down her face. "P-p-please, I'm sorry.! I won't do it again! I'm just trying to get home." "Well, you're going to be taking a little detour to the station," McClint says as Blake clicks the handcuffs tightly around the young girl's wrists. Miranda breaks down, sobbing as Blake takes her by her slender shoulders, rubbing her baby-smooth flesh with his thumbs a moment before turning her around.

McClint begins reading Miranda her rights, but Blake gives him a stealthy wink and very visibly waves him off so that Miranda can see the gesture. "So you think we shouldn't arrest you for speeding?" Blake asks her.

"No!" Miranda cries desperately. "It should just be a ticket, I'll gladly pay the fine, I just wanna get home." The two officers exchange a look; they've got her. "What if you paid another fine instead?" Blake asks her. Miranda looks at him, confused. "I.I don't understand." Blake licks his lips and reaches down, taking hold of the hemline of Miranda's dress and quickly pulls it up, revealing her purple silk panties underneath. "Hey!" she cries, and takes a step back from him.

The two officers laugh and Blake moves closer to the young woman, who fearfully steps away until she's backed against the Lexus with nowhere to go. "You said you wanted to get out of being arrested," McClint reminds her. "Y.yes, but--not like this!" Miranda replies, eyes wide with fear. Blake shrugs. "Oh, well. It's down to the station then. You'll be fingerprinted, entered into the system and fined heavily. And just remember that there's two of us, so if you try to report us, no one's going to take your word against two cops." Miranda groans pitiably, her shoulders slumping.

She can't believe she's in this mess! "B--but you're police officers! You're not supposed to do stuff like this!" Blake reaches out, gently running his fingers through Miranda's hair.

She's scared, doesn't want him to touch her, but she's more fearful of what will happen if she tries to shy away from him. "We're also men," Blake says. "Two men who happened to come across a hot little piece of Asian ass. So you decide, honey.suck some cop cock, or get a record." If Miranda were more experienced, she'd know the cops don't have the slightest right to do what they're doing.but her only thoughts right now are for the embarrassment she could spare her family from.

And she doesn't want her daughter growing up thinking that mommy's a criminal. With a heavy sigh, Miranda nods slowly. "I'll do whatever you say. Please just don't arrest me." "Alright, honey.alright," Blake says with a smile, then opens the rear passenger door of the Lexus.

He turns Miranda around and gently places her front-first against the driver's door. "Just need to frisk you to make sure you're not carrying anything you shouldn't." "I'm not--" "Sshhh!" Officer McClint warns. Miranda shuts up as Blake takes his strong hands and spreads her legs easily, planting her feet apart. Even though she's not wearing pants, Blake still runs his fingers up the cool flesh of her long, beautiful legs, plants his palms on her small but well-rounded butt.

Miranda grunts lightly as he gives them a firm, quick squeeze and then continues "frisking" her.running his hands up her slim waist, rubbing one across her flat tummy.

Then as she expected, his hands find her breasts. He presses his body against hers slightly, and she can feel his cock, barely contained by his uniform pants, rubbing up against her ass as he fondles her breasts, rubbing and pinching her nipples.

Miranda's barely able to keep from crying out as he pinches them, but she's determined to not give either of these men the satisfaction of hearing her beg for them to stop.

Unexpectedly, Blake brings his hand up to Miranda's face.

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"Oh! Ughhmmmphh." She mutters in dismay as Blake forcefully inserts his finger into her mouth, rubbing it back and forth across her tongue. He turns her around with his free hand and watches her closely as he finger-fucks her mouth. Miranda gets the message, and begins sucking on his finger. Through her teary eyes, she can make out McClint standing a couple feet away, his attention divided between making sure no one passing by on the main road can see them and watching the spectacle with Officer Blake and her, even as the elder cop starts squeezing his crotch through his pants.

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Blake finally pulls his finger out of her mouth, but quickly unzips his pants and sticks his hand into the opening. He looks at Miranda lustfully as his hand briskly moves around inside his pants, his breathing increasing as he gets what he wants and pulls his hand back out.

"Stick your tongue out," he orders. Miranda grimaces in disgust, but does as she's told. Blake raises his index finger, which has some glistening precum on it, and rubs his finger against Miranda's tongue, making sure her tastebuds get to sample the entire drop. With a groan, Miranda puts her tongue back in her mouth and swallows as she knows she's expected to.the salty taste now sticking slightly to the roof of her mouth as her tongue brushes it.

Blake nods, satisfied, and looks at McClint. "I think she's clean, partner.but you might want to double-check, just to be sure." "Think you're right," McClint says and heads over to Miranda. He turns her around again so that her back is to him, and begins repeating Blake's procedure.

Only this time, as his hands run up her legs, he moves her purple panties aside and rubs two of his fingers firmly back and forth against the young girl's pussy, even while he sticks his face under her black skirt and sniffs her bum like a dog in heat.

Miranda closes her eyes, trying to fight back tears. She's known as the "blowjob queen" in her high school, for the number of guys she's gone down on in the locker rooms in between classes.but she enjoyed doing it all those times, because in those situations, she had all the power!

She knew guys fantasized about her, she'd had less experienced guys beg her to give them head once they'd heard how skilled she was, and it was always up to her and her mood as to whether she'd say yes or no. She knew that she could always leave the guys she was blowing frustrated and unfulfilled simply by pulling her mouth away at any moment if they annoyed her, and she LOVED having so much control!

But now, in this situation, she was just plain little helpless Miranda again.just as she'd been the first time her ex-boyfriend, Darren, had forced himself upon her just because he wanted to.


Now, as Officer McClint keeps rubbing her pussy and clit, she can feel herself warming up and beginning to moisten at his insistant touch. Finally, he pulls his fingers away, which are now lightly wet with Miranda's juices. He sucks on his finger, giving an approving "yummm" to his partner, who can't help but chuckle at the young girl's shame.

McClint then turns to Miranda and takes her by the arm, helping her up and into the Lexus' rear passenger seat. The officer climbs in after her and closes the door behind them, while Blake gets in on the other side and likewise closes his door.

Miranda nervously looks at the two officers seated on either side of her. "Aren't you going to take off the handcuffs?" she pleads with Blake, who shakes his head. "You can do what we want just as well with handcuffs on, princess. And you do understand that you're going to do everything we want, right?" Miranda nods silently.

"Say 'yes officer'," McClint demands. Miranda looks at the older man, who's still squeezing his crotch through his pants. "Yes, officer," she answers quietly. She feels hands on her from behind and turns her head to see Officer Blake pulling her spaghetti straps off her shoulders. He then pulls her top down all the way, revealing her small palmable breasts, the nipples hardened significantly from his hands all over them earlier.

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Miranda huffs, on the verge of crying again, and moans weakly in protest as Blake grabs her shoulders and pulls her back to lean against him, while McClint reaches over and pulls her skirt up just enough so he can see her purple panties. The older officer pulls them down around her lower thighs, his breathing increasing in anticipation, just like his partner's.

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Blake reaches around, fondling Miranda's tits and kissing and nibbling on her shoulders while McClint pulls out his cock--a stubby nub of a prick, which has more grey hair than black--and begins jerking off while he sticks two of his fingers inside Miranda's already moist snatch and begins lightly fingering her. The young Vietnamese beauty tries to fight it, but the pleasurable sensations from her nerve endings overwhelms her, and soon she's moaning softly, her body learning to relax at the touch of the two men.

Her nipples are almost as hard as miniature diamonds as Blake pinches them and squeezes her breasts roughly in his strong hands. He brings one hand up, turning Miranda's face toward him as he kisses her.her mouth now opening to allow easy access to his tongue while her own tongue willingly submits to his mastery.

As they kiss, McClint moves his fingers in brisk circular motions inside Miranda's now smoldering pussy, her juices dripping all down his fingers and his hand as she's pressed closer to the verge of orgasm. Miranda barely realizes she's started helping the older cop, riding his fingers as her hips gyrate in matching rhythm. After a couple minutes, Blake pulls his tongue out of Miranda's mouth and McClint frees his fingers from her soaking pussy. Miranda looks at the two in confusion, but McClint grabs the back of her head, pulling her face-forward to his cock while Blake half-kneels on the seat behind her, quickly undoing his belt and pants, pulling out a long stiff blonde dick.

As Miranda's lips wrap around Officer McClint's stubby cock and she begins sucking him off, Blake reaches down and grabs his nightstick off the floor. He rubs the hardened rubber end between Miranda's legs, twirling the tip around her wet pussy, getting it nice and lubricated.

He pulls it away but holds it high in the air while he holds onto her taut young thigh with his free hand and presses his cock against the opening of her love tunnel. He finds her pussy very accepting as his cock enters easily, filling it fully with its thickness.

He doesn't start riding her yet though; taking the slickened tip of the nightstick, he now spreads Miranda's anus with his free hand and begins pressing the stick against the opening. Miranda had her eyes closed as she sucks off McClint, surprised that she's enjoying the taste of the elder man's cock, which in some ways reminds her of old man Williamson, whom she had serviced a year ago in the dental office where she interns. She even enjoys the feeling of Blake's engorged cock entering her.

But then, at the sensation of the nightstick pressed against her anal cavity, ready to violate it, Miranda's eyes snap open and she manages to wriggle her head out of McClint's grasp and cranes her neck to see Blake's black stick poised to rape her asshole. "NO! No, stop!!" Miranda screams. "I'm not doing that, not like that--gllppph!!" she gags as McClint grabs her roughly by the hair and shoves his cock back into her mouth to keep her quiet.

She tries to struggle, but it's in vain; this awkward position on the long seat, where she's doubled over with her mouth and pussy full of cock from both ends, means she can't gain leverage to get loose from either man. Blake begins pressing the slickened tip of the nightstick inside Miranda's ass.

She tries to fight it, but the strong fingers on his free hand keep her anus open, allowing the black tip to press in fully as she screams in muffled protest around McClint's nubby cock! Blake angles the stick, allowing a couple more inches in, and then he begins fucking her with both his rods at once, pushing his cock inside her as hard as he can, while gently rotating the nightstick inside Miranda's asshole as he gently moves it in and out.

The nightstick widens her painfully, but after a few moments she just gives in, letting Blake do what he wants while the older cop keeps on depositing warm strands of semen down her throat.

No one speaks. The only sounds in the Lexus are heavy breaths from the two officers, mixing with the sounds of Blake's balls slapping against the teen beauty's ass and Miranda's loud slurping around McClint's shaft. This goes on for nearly twenty minutes, before McClint cries out in satisfaction as he blasts one final load of cum down Miranda's throat, which the young girl swallows like a champ. Then it's Blake's turn as he and Miranda cum simultaneously, his own cock shooting what feels to Miranda like a quart of sperm straight into her pussy, the throbbing of his young cock matching the shudders of her body as her own orgasm hits hard.

McClint leans back a moment, breathing heavily, then looks to his partner as Blake pulls the slightly bloodied nightstick tip out of Miranda's ass and dumps the thing on the floor.


"Well, that's it for me," the older cop says. "You sure?" Blake asks. McClint nods and grabs a handful of Miranda's hair, wrapping it around his nub cock and using her hair to wipe it clean.

"I'm gonna get back on patrol, and make sure no one's been calling for us," the older man says as he tucks his prick back into his pants. He pats Miranda lightly on the cheek. "You're okay in my book, kid," he says and then climbs out of the Lexus, slamming the door behind him. Miranda is barely able to roll over to her side. Her ass hurts, but not in an altogether bad way.

"Did I do okay?" she asks Blake, who's leaning back on the seat, catching his breath. The blonde cop looks at her and chuckles. "Did you do okay? I didn't say you were done yet!" "But I thought--" "Thinking isn't your strong suit, honey," he chides Miranda as he grabs her by the hips, flipping her over onto her back and sliding her toward him on the seat.

"You're done when I say you're done. And I gotta say, I'm liking your little bush way too much to let it go just yet." He places her legs on top of his and slides his cock inside her once more, her pussy unable and unwilling to resist.

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With his cock planted firmly inside Miranda's sopping wet snatch, Blake reaches around her back, hoisting her up to a sitting position on his cock. He leans back on the seat and looks at Miranda expectantly. She doesn't get it right away, so he slaps her hard on the ass as incentive, making her cry out.

Now getting the point, with her hands still cuffed behind her back, she starts lifting herself up and down on his cock, doing her best to maintain her balance as she rides it. Miranda's pleasured moans at Officer Blake's thickness soon fill the car once more, and Blake leans forward, a look of ecstacy on his face as he begins fondling Miranda's tits again and sucking on her hardened nipples. Just before he comes close to busting another nut inside her though, he rolls over with her, laying her back against the seat.

He pulls out momentarily and pushes the baffled girl's knees up to her chest. She winces slightly in pain as he pulls her arms up and pushes her legs in between the cuffs, now bringing her shackled wrists around to her front. Miranda sees where he's going with it this time though, and spreads her legs wide for Blake as he brings her arms up and inserts his head and neck through the shackles, her arms now wrapped around his neck as he pushes his rock-hard member inside her once more.

They moan together at the reentry, and even though she's still a little angry at what he did to her asshole, Miranda can't help it as she looks him in the eyes. "This is so much better than getting a ticket," she admits with a smile. The couple laugh and then share a deep kiss as Blake begins pounding her tight little pussy once more.

It takes them another fifteen minutes of furious fucking, but finally the cop blasts one last, hot load into her waiting womb. They rest together a moment, the cop's body on top of hers. Miranda automatically shifts into nurturing mode, kissing him on his sweaty forehead as if to signal her gratitude for the hot fuck.

Blake pulls free of her arms and pulls his cock out of her. He fumbles for his keys, but finally manages to uncuff her. The two sit in silence a moment, and Miranda stares at his cock, slick with the mixture of his sperm and her juices. His dick is throbbing lightly and slowly losing its erection. She looks at him and then bows her head, offering her hair. With a smile, Blake takes a handful and wipes his cock with it. "You're a good girl," he says as he tucks his cock back in his underpants and pulls up his uniform slacks.

He picks up his nightstick and gets out of the Lexus, watching as Miranda pulls her purple panties back up and readjusts her spaghetti straps. Aside from the drying semen in her hair, there's no evidence that anything happened at all. She climbs into the driver's seat and looks at him. Blake pulls out a business card and hands it to her. "Just in case you ever have any problems with traffic violations," he says with a wink.

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The cop closes the passenger door and heads off to his squad car, Miranda watching him as he goes. As he carefully pulls out onto the main road again, the young girl smiles slyly to herself. Her parents are supposed to watch her little girl again in a couple days while she's out.

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It just might be that she'll have a problem with traffic violations after all, now that she knows where she can get a cop when she needs one. (*See: Stacy the Asian pharmacist: The Make-Good) (*See: Miranda: The Price of Modeling and Miranda: Naughty Dental Assistant)