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Tranny Schlampe jenna reitet Dildo
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Starts slow but builds up. Hope you like it. Constructive criticism welcomed. If you are going to be negative please let me know what you have written so I can take pointers. I was 17, school holidays and bored, then I found out we had new neighbours.


I didn't see them move in but my mum informed me at the tea table. They were a "Friendly coloured family" she described them as.

She never said "black". "The first coloureds in the neighbourhood" she proudly proclaimed, as if she had just won a prize "And right next door to us too" she went on.

Now O.K. there wasn't any "coloureds" around the neighbourhood but they certainly weren't a novelty, as my mum seemed to insinuate. My parents had moved around a lot and so were quite cosmopolitan in their attitude, my mum very much so, my father a little less tolerant of some but "coloureds were o.k" A couple of days went by before I met the father of the family, Derek.

He stood about 5' 6" tall and was slightly built. Derek was very black, probably the blackest skin tone I had ever seen, he introduced himself, shook my hand and off he went. I couldn't place his accent but it was very broad. He had proudly told me he worked permanent nights for the Fire-brigade. Mother then came out the house, she was a tall, statuesque, "Amazonian" and handsome woman, much taller than her husband. She was the opposite to her husband, a light coffee coloured skin, huge brown eyes and lips that looked as though they were just made to be kissed, full, deep red and moist.

High cheek bones and she had had her hair straightened and shaped into a "Bob" around her face, she was very pretty and I developed an instant adolescent crush as well as an instant boner! She shook my hand and introduced herself as Maisy. Her hand wasn't as big as I thought it would be, given her build and was as soft as silk, I didn't want to let go and must have made a right prick of myself, hanging on to her as I did. She told me that they had a daughter, about my age.

How she knew how old I was I don't know, probably my mum? I hadn't had the privilege of seeing the daughter yet but if she was anything like her mom!! "You'll have to come around for tea and meet Rosie" she beamed at me.

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"Can't wait" I spluttered out, without thinking. Maisy eventually managed to prize my hand from hers and went back into the house. Next morning I got out of bed, did my usual grabbing and stretching exercises, which mainly involves tugging and stretching my cock, threw back the curtains to let the bright sunlight in and, when my eyes eventually focussed saw movement in next doors garden.

There was Maisy and, whom I can only presume to be Rosie, her daughter, doing star jumps. Both dressed in tight lycra bottoms and skimpy, sleeveless vests. Maisy had huge breasts, restricted, or at least it was doing it's best, by a sports bra and Rosie, smaller up top but bra-less. I could see her nipples pointing through her vest from here!

Both looked up, smiled their huge white smiles and waved at me. Rosie had her curly black hair tied back in a kind of bun. She had the same high cheek bones and huge eyes of her mother and also those luscious lips.

Slightly smaller and slimmer than her mom but she looked lean and fit as a fiddle. Back to tugging on my cock! I fantasised off having both mother and daughter bent over, naked, and me taking turns to fuck them both in their pussies and bums.

I'd never fucked a girl up the bum so it was a bit of a favourite fantasy of mine and to visualise two big black willing bums, so it didn't take me long to cum, streams of white sticky stuff squirting into my sock.

Yes a sock jock! I got some cereal for breakfast and decided to walk the dog, both of us needing some fresh air. As I approached home a figure ran past me, a blur really as I was still fantasising. It was Rosie, she had the same tight vest on but now was wearing extremely tight red shorts. She turned as she went past me and stopped. "Hi, I'm Rosie" she said holding out her hand.

"You must be Dave&hellip.I'm 15, in case you were wondering. She was way ahead of me, yes I had wondered how old she was but for her to make a point of telling me? I quickly regained my composure and, purposely didn't put out my hand to hers.

"Around here it's customary to kiss when greeting" I cheekily said, leaning towards her and pecking her on the cheek. Her huge brown eyes lit up, she broke into a massive grin, bearing those perfect, sparkling, white teeth and replied, "Call that a kiss?" before jogging off again. The vision of her bum joggling along, as she ran, again caused me to walk with three legs.

Later that afternoon there was a knock at the door, I answered it to be greeted by Rosie, still bra-less. I couldn't take my eyes of her nipples, "As big as lorry wheel nuts" was the expression us guys used to describe big nipples. "Err…up here" she said as she saw me staring. I immediately blushed and looked up to her face. "Sorry" I stammered "&hellip. miles away".

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"Mom wants to know if you like Mango curry and want to come around for tea tonight?" she asked, lowering her eyes as she attempted to keep my eye contact, which was drifting south again. " I've never tried it" I eventually said, raising my gaze to hers. "Mom makes the most incredibly Mango curry, you ought to come around tonight and try it". Rosie insisted. "Er.o.k. then what time?" I answered.

"About 7 o clock, before dad goes to work" Rosie told me. "Yeah great" I replied. "Bring a cloth to wipe up your drool" she said with a smile as she turned to leave. I then noticed I was drooling, who could blame me, she was gorgeous and those nipples, damn fantastic! Later I showered and covered myself with aftershave, didn't want to make a bad impression at the tea table. My mum and dad were out for the night so I locked the house and went next door.

Derek greeted me, again shaking my hand, Maisy came to meet me and held out her hand to shake mine when suddenly Rosie came into view, "It's customary to kiss when greeting around these parts" she shouted to her mom, mimicking what I had said earlier. With that Maisy took my face in both her silky smooth hands and planted a big kiss on my lips.

They tasted heavenly and I stood like a demented moron for a moment before Rosie quickly made her way to me, she too grabbed my face I her hands and planted a wet kiss on my lips, taking a little longer than her mom.

"Hi" she said, a wicked glint in her eye as she let me go. Now whether on purpose or not, I don't know but as she dropped her hand from my face she slid it down my front and the back of her hand stroked across the inevitable hard on in my jeans.

I instinctively jumped back. Derek burst out laughing "Not used to two pretty black girls kissing you?" "No" I replied "Quite a greeting". The air was filled with the smell of the curry, if it tasted half as good I was in for a treat.

We sat at the table, Rosie sat next to me, Derek on the other side and Maisy opposite. Rosie was wearing cut-off jean shorts and a white tee-shirt, again no bra! Maisy was wearing a wrap around dress which showed plenty of cleavage, even more as she leaned over to serve the curry onto my plate, instant boner once again! "This'll warm you up" said Derek as he tucked in "Always makes me sweat" he continued "Just the thing for working cold nights". He was right, although the curry tasted sweat I soon started to, embarrassingly, perspire like a hot pig.

"Brought your drool cloth?" Rosie said as she chuckled at my predicament. "What?" said Maisy as she looked at her daughter. "Oh nothing" Rosie responded". I wasn't the only one to break out into a sweat, Derek's face was soon glowing and I saw the girls start to brak into a sweat as well. Now I've never considered sweat to be sexy until I saw a droplet snake it's way down Maisy's cleavage. I imagined in my head the journey this little bead of sweat was taking, all the way down to her pussy.

How I wished I could lick that bit of sweat up. This wasn't helping my constant hard on at all! I looked to my right, Rosie was starting to perspire too, not as much as me but her boobs were sweating. This made her white tee-shirt almost transparent. "Hot?" asked Maisy. "Yes she is" I replied, making a fraudulent slip before correcting myself "Yes she is right, the curry is hot". The girls looked at each other and laughed. Fortunately Derek didn't pick up on my slip.

I tried to look around the room, to take my attention from the girls. There was the usual "Wedding" photos, of Derek and Maisy, also baby pictures of Rosie. There were also some photos of a younger Maisy in an athletics uniform, holding a javelin. That must be where she got her athletic build from, I thought to myself. "So how do you like it living here?" I asked no-one in particular, trying to make small talk. "It seems nice" replied Maisy "But we've had to strectch ourselves, financially, to afford it" she went on "That's why Derek is on permanent nights and I work as many hours as I can at the supermarket".

I didn't press the subject as it could have been an embarrassment. "So looking forward to school" I asked Rosie "Are you sporty like your mum?" Rosie turned to me and replied "Oh me and mum are a lot alike and no I'm not really looking forward to going to a new school". Maisy quickly interjected "I'm sure Dave will look after you, won't you Dave?" I looked Maisy in the eye and cheekily replied "Oh I'll look after her alright". The meaning meant to sound as if it could be taken both ways.

"Well I hope you'll look after both my girls when I'm not here" said Derek as he polished his plate. I don't think he meant it as Ihopefully, understood it and noticed both mother and daughter give each other a kinda knowing grin. "Well I'd better be off to work" announced Derek as he rose from the table. He went around and kissed his wife and daughter on the head and made a quick exit. "Bye dad, love you" Rosie shouted after him.

"Bye honey see you whenever" Maisy joined in the farewell. "Whenever?" I quizzed Maisy. "We are like ships that pass in the night" she explained "I get out of bed, he gets in. I get in and he gets out" she continued. "I can't remember the last time I played with his fireman's hose". She burst out laughing, Rosie joined her. Rosie reached over and placed her hand on my lap, just catching the bell end of my cock under my jeans. "So are you going to be a fireman?" she asked with your long hose.

Again mother and daughter burst out laughing. "Come on" said Maisy "Lets get cleared up and we can open a bottle of wine and relax". We soon had the table cleared and made our way to the lounge. I sat on the sofa, Rosie next to me and Maisy in the armchair opposite. "I'm sooo hot" Rosie suddenly announced "That curry was awesome mum but I'm gonna have to shower".

She lept up and left the room. I quizzed Maisy on the photos, again trying to make small talk. Maisy was proud of her recent past and hoped Rosie would emulate her. Rosie soon re-appeared back in the room. She was wearing a short black Kimono. As she sat back next to me it rode up her leg exposing most of her thigh.

"I think I'll pop in the shower, if you'll excuse me?" Maisy said as she looked in my direction. I didn't reply as she left the room. "So what have you and my mum been talking about?" asked Rosie. "Nothing much" I replied "Just about her sports photos n stuff". "Nothing about me?" she asked as she gave a fake frown. "Oh she's told me a lot about you" I joked. Rosie jumped on me, straddling my legs and pinning my arms back against the back of the sofa. Her Kimono had parted, below its' belt and although I didn't get a good look, I knew she had no panties on, the top, above her belt had also opened a little, giving me a teasing glimpse of her boobs.

Maisy then re-appeared. She was wearing an off white Kimono, which accentuated her broad frame and showed off her muscular legs, barely reaching below her pussy. "Getting a bit friendly aren't we?" she said as me and Rosie fake wrestled. She sat in the chair opposite with her legs crossed.


Rosie got off my lap, much to my disappointment, and sat down beside me. "So tell me Dave, You got a regular girl or just playing the field/" Maisy asked. I tried to be all cool and replied "Just playing the field at the moment". Rosie jumped in "Playing with the five fingered girlfriend of his right hand I bet!" Maisy quickly responded "Now, now, everyone masturbates every now and then, don't we" she said looking at me.

As she said this she crept her left hand into her Kimono and cupped her right breast, "Sometimes it's the only pleasure we get" she continued as I could see her starting to roll her nipple, between her thumb and forefinger, beneath it's hidden covering.

Her nipple immediately became erect. She pushed her Kimono aside, exposing her breast and could now see her nipple, it was huge, almost as long as my little finger! Her right hand slid down over her stomach, undoing the loosely tied belt of her Kimono, she uncrossed her legs and slid down the chair a bit, exposing a shaven pussy.

Her dark brown lips were parted by the bright pink fold of her inner lips and her hand cupped over this vision of beauty as she began to gently rub herself. "Mom!" screamed Rosie "Stop it your getting Dave uncomfortable" she said as she placed her hand on my crotch. "Well you'd better take care of it for him then, wont you" her mom replied. Rosie re-took her position on my lap, legs astride mine, and she pulled her Kimono off her shoulders and let it fall behind her. Staring me right in the face were a pair of pert breasts, nipples already erect, not as big as her mothers' but none the less bigger than average.

"Go on then" she said "I know you've been dying to touch them". Not one to disappoint a lady I took both boobs in my hands. They were as firm a pair of boobs as I had ever had the fortune to cup. I brought my thumbs up to touch her nipples and she let out a sigh.

My signal to take one into my mouth. I craned my neck forward and enveloped her nipple in my mouth, flicking the nipple, sticking through my lips, with my tongue. She had her hands on my head allowing me to see past her to her mother who was now burying a finger up her snatch. "Don't forget the other one" Rosie said as she pushed my head across to her other nipple. This meant that I could no longer see her mom but I could hear her moaning, behind her daughter's back.

I slid my hands down Rosie's back, cupped her ass in my hands and pulled her to me. This had the double effect of pushing her boobs further into my mouth and also bring her crotch onto my restrained hard on. "Mmm" she said "Big boy all uncomfortable in those jeans?" I didn't respond, I had a mouthful of boob and nipple. I gently moved her weight so that I lay her, on her back, onto the sofa, boob still firmly planted in my mouth. I looked across at her mom, she was oblivious to what we were up to as she had her Kimono wide open and enjoying her own administrations.

Her finger was deep inside her and I could tell by her hand movement she was wiggling it around up her pussy. Her other hand was still cupping her boob and she was alternating between stretching her nipple, with her thumb and forefinger and craning her neck to lick it with what was the biggest tongue I had ever seen!

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I reluctantly removed Rosie's boob from my mouth. "You O.K.

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with this?" I asked her mom. Maisy didn't reply she just opened her eyes and gave me a big smile. I took that as acceptance of what I was doing, or intended to do, to her 15 year old daughter. I snaked my tongue down between Rosie's cleavage, over her flat stomach, around her belly button and through her, sparsely covered, black curly pubes.

Rosie opened her legs wide allowing me to see in all its' glory her pussy. Her outer lips were a darker shade of brown with her inner lips pink and pushing through her puffy outer lips. I gave one long lick up between her lips to reveal the darker pink inside of her pussy.

Gorging and swelling with blood the colour of her pussy contrasted with her brown skin much more than any "white girl" I hade been with. She gave out a large groan as I lapped, slowly, between her pussy lips. My saliva and her own juices joining in to lubricate my tongues' travels. I soon found her clitoris, a large nub at the top of her pussy. It seemed to swell to almost the size of her nipples as I licked and tugged at it with my lips.

I wanted to try something, something that some girls seem to like and some object to. I snaked my tongue down between her pussy lips, over the gap between her pussy and her ass and found her darkly coloured sphincter. I licked around it at first and then tried to dart my tongue inside.

At first it wouldn't go in but after she relaxed a bit I was able to bury it up her anal passage as far as I could. "Oh you crazy, crazy boy" she said as her hips moved from side to side. I alternated between pulling her clit, softly with my lips and darting my tongue up her rear passage. I glanced sideways at her mom, who was now burying her fingers right up her pussy, squelching noises coming from her pussy as she drove them in and out of herself, still caressing her boobs with her other hand and pulling at her own nipples, which stood out nearly 2 inches!!

I returned my attention to Rosie who then grabbed the back of my head and thrust her hips forward, pushing her pussy into my mouth as my tongue dug deep inside her. "Oh…oh…oh… noooooo" she cried as juices poured from her. Her whole body shook and her legs thrashed over my back, her heals banging my shoulder blades. "Ohhh you bastard" she shouted as she enjoyed her orgasm.

I pulled away from Rosie as she calmed down and watched her mother, only for a couple of seconds though as Rosie jumped on me. She almost ripped my jeans off but then took her time as she slid my boxers down. "Oooh, lookie lookie at this mommie" she said as my cock came into view. Taking hold of my shaft in one hand, slid her tongue the length of it, from balls to tip and back down again.

She then licked back up and engulfed my cock in her mouth. The feeling of her hot wet mouth swallowing my cock nearly made me cum there and then but I wanted to last so tried to think of anything but having my cock inside the mouth of this gorgeous dusky 15 year old maiden. Her head bobbed up and down as she gobbled me nearly gagging as my cock hit the back of her throat.

It was then that her mom got up from her chair, she pushed her daughter aside and somehow managed to throw onto my back on the floor, in one movement. "Mommie needs some cock!" she said as she positioned herself over me, her shaven pussy directly over my cock as she lined it up with her hand. He then slowly slowly dropped her weight on to me, my cock gliding into her. I felt every millimetre of her vaginal tunnel, much tighter than I had expected and so dam wet and hot! "Mmmmmmmm" she groaned as her pussy mound hit my own pubic mound, she had taken all of me inside her as she started to gyrate her hips.

I took the opportunity to grab her tremendous boobs, even larger close up and firmer than I was expecting. I massaged her boobs as she gyrated her hips. Maisy then leant forward and started to fuck me. Her nipples now in reach of my mouth, as she came forward I garbbed at them with my lips.

They were long and hard and she appeared to enjoy the little nibble I gave them now and then as she thrust back onto me. After a while she sat back upright and kept bouncing up and down on me.

Even though she was more than well lubricated I could still feel every little inch of the inside of her pussy on my shaft.

Rosie appeared over her shoulder, she reached over her and started to massage her boobs, pulling Maisy's nipples as she rubbed her boobs. Maisy turned her head to her daughter and the two of them started to French kiss. God this was sooo horny. How I didn't cum I still don't know seeing this happen. I put all my efforts into holding back as Maisy sped up her thrusts onto me. She suddenly, without warning, stopped bouncing up and down.

She broke off her kiss, with her daughter, gave the biggest grin and said "Mommie wants a special" to her daughter. She lifted her hips up and off me so my cock slid out her love tunnel, then I felt a hand grab my cock as Maisy mover her hips slightly forward and started to, again, lower herself. I felt my cock end hit something "closed". Maisy frowned a little and then gave out a big sigh as I felt my cock slide into an even tighter hole as her anal muscle relaxed, allowing me to penetrate her.

Fortunately my cock was covered in her juices but even so it felt on fire as it invaded her rear passage. I couldn't see but could feel Rosie playing with my balls as her mom started to ride me.

The sweat on her body made her skin glisten. As she lifted herself off my cock it seemed to stretch and pull it inside her even though our bodies were parting company, then engulfing it all inside her again.

Rosie was now licking my balls. All this proved too much and I shot stream after stream of cum up her mothers' bum.

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I was pinned to the floor by Maisy's hands on my shoulders as she wiggled her ass onto my cock, her anal muscles sucking my cum inside her. She wiggled once then twice and then let out a scream as she too orgasmed. "Oh baby, that was good" she said as she pulled her daughter to her for one last kiss. Maisy climbed off me and shuffled down my legs, bringing her face close to my cock. "Lick mummy clean" she instructed Rosie as, on her knees, she lifted her ass into the air.

Rosie made her way behind her mother, my view was blocked and I could only imagine what she was doing. Maisy meanwhile took my now flaccid cock into her mouth and proceeded to lick me clean. "Don't want a dirty cock inside my little girl" she said as she looked up at me with those big brown eyes. Her breasts, correction, nipples tickled the tops of my thighs as she sucked and licked my cock clean. "Make sure to lick all that cum outa my ass" she instructed her daughter "Don't want ya father to see any evidence when he comes home".

Rosie didn't reply, I imagined her sticking her tongue up her mothers' ass and licking the cum from her. My cock started to become erect again, either through Maisy licking it or me imagining what Rosie was up to. "Looks like this big thick cock is ready to take your cherry sweetheart" Maisy said wide eyed as she looked at my ever growing member.

"Now you gonna be a good boy for me and be gentle with my little girl?" she asked me. I just nodded my head in amazement. I'd just fucked, no I'd just been well and truly fucked by this Amazonian woman, had my first anal, which I had fantasised about for nearly a year and a half, now she wanted me to take her daughters' virginity, does life get better than this?

Maisy instructed Rosie to take the "doggy" position and beckoned me up behind her. She took hold of my cock and pulled it towards Rosie's virginal entrance.

Maisy spat on my bell end and wiped it up and down between Rosie's inner lips, Maisy, holding the base of my shaft pulled me forward so that the tip of my cock penetrated her daughter, "Gently does it" she told me.


I started to push myself but Maisy made sure I didn't push too much by holding my shaft firmly. It was then that I came up against Rosie's hymen. Maisy pushed my cock a little more, "Just a little more" she said. I don't know which one of us she was speaking to but I pushed and felt Rosie's hymen tear.

Rosie gave out a little squeal as my cock slid slowly into her. Maisy again spat on my cock as it slid in a passage even tighter than her mother's ass.

"Oooo mummy it hurts!" squealed Rosie as inch by inch I slipped inside her. Eventually, after what seemed like hours I was almost fully inside this virgins pussy, Maisy started to push me back, not letting go of my cock shaft.

She spat on my cock again and started to pull me forward into her daughters' extrememly tight pussy again.

Rosie grunted and tried to lean forward a bit as I pushed into her. Maisy looked me dead in the eye and said "Be gentle" as she let go of my cock and slipped her arm underneath her daughters belly.

I felt fingers at the bottom of my cock shaft as I penetrated. Obviously she was stopping her daughter leaning forward with her arm and tickling her clit with her fingers. I gently slid in so that my cock was buried up to the hilt, Rosie cried out in pain "It's too big" to her mother. Reassuringly Maisy said "There, there it'll be o.k in a moment". It was, I was soon sliding in and out of Rosie, not easily but easier than before.

I gained a slow rhythm and with Maisy holding her daughter, with her arm, she soon had Rosie in rhythm with me. I don't know what possessed me but I raised my hand and spanked Rosie hard on her butt. Maisy gave me a startled look but Rosie just yelped and took the rhythm upon herself.

Maisy smiled at me so I gave Rosie another spank which received another little yelp. Maisy then brought her left hand onto her daughters' ass.

This stopped my spanking as she started to circle her daughters' anal ring with the tip of her finger. Rosie was now rocking back and forth faster and faster, my cock felt as if it was on fire but I kept ploughing on. Rosie's breathing got heavier and faster as she started to really push back onto me, just then her mother pushed her finger up her daughter's ass and Rosie came.

She pushed back onto me, held herself and then shot forward, rolling around the floor. Her mom jumped on her and held her in a tight embrace, kissing her forehead. "Was that good honey?" she asked. "Mom.

that was epic… but I'm soooo sore". Her mom cuddled her some more and said "Don't worry the first time always is and I'm not surprised with that big thing inside of you" as she pointed to my cock. "Now come on, he made you come now you gotta return the favour". Slowly Rosie got up onto her knees and made her way over to me. She gave me a huge smile and then took hold of my still erect member.

She slid her mouth over the end of my shaft and then swallowed my cock into her mouth. Maisy took up position net to her daughter and they took turns in blowing me. It didn't take long for me to reach my own climax and wads of cum shot out, mother and daughter fighting to get a mouthful each. I was spent and lay back on the carpet. "Woah, that was incredible" I said as I tried to regain my breath.

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"Good enough to come back for more tomorrow night?" Maisy asked. "Oh yeah" I replied with the biggest grin on my face. "Rosie's gotta lose her anal virginity too" she said with a wink. "Mom!" Rosie shouted, embarrassed. After a short while I got up, the two ladies were locked in an embrace, swapping my cum between their mouths.

I gathered my clothes and took my leave. As I made my way out I heard Rosie say "Mom, can we get one of those strap on dildos so me n you can fuck each other?" I then heard Maisy reply, "Way ahead of you girl, got one upstairs".

I didn't go around the next night, I did hear the girls "at it" though and made to grab my cock for a wank. Nope, I thought, why pull myself off when there were willing females next door. So every other night, for the next week I went around. I didn't get to fuck Rose's bum that week but there would be plenty of opportunity in the future.

Part two to follow.