Angelic brunette amateur first time nude and pulling her pussy lips open

Angelic brunette amateur first time nude and pulling her pussy lips open
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Fuck Buddy By Blueheatt …&hellip.I have a good provider husband. I thought he was like my daddy, but it turned out he was not at all. I was a dutiful good little wife.

After our son was born, hubby John hurt is back and our sex life was for me to give him hand jobs only. Our son was grown and gone now and that was my life. Housewife, and even the hand jobs stopped. My son treated me like his dad and tried to treat me like a slave. I put a stop to that and he rejected me as a bad mom. My good times were fantasizing about my dad, and the wonderful way he treated me.

As I became a teen we began to feel each other up and I got sexually aroused more and more. Daddy taught me how to masturbate and although it was relief, I wanted to have sex with my daddy.

One day this just happened&hellip. Mom was gone early that morning and I went in their bedroom to hug my daddy. I had on just a short nightie, and little panties. He had on just boxers. That morning I felt his boner pushing against my pussy. That feeling caused a sexual feeling that took my breath away and I held him tight to keep the feeling going. Our hands both started feeling our bodies. We rubbed ourselves together, his boner and my pussy.

Soon our hands were feeling each others boner and my pussy. We wanted to have sex so bad right then. He stopped and said he needed to show me how to masturbate to relieve the feeling.

As we stood there, he slipped his fingers into my wet panties and showed me how and where to rub my pussy. I played dumb as I had found this out already. I let him finger me and ask all kinds of dumb questions to keep him fingering me. Then I ask him how men masturbated. Again I played dumb as I had already jack off a few guys. Daddy wasn't stupid. He knew I was hot for him, but put my hand in his boxers and had me stroke his big boner. We both knew this was exciting us.

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He then pulled his boxers down some to let his boner stick out. We started in masturbating each other. I watched his eyes close as he moaned with enjoyment. I loved the feel of his big warm and exciting boner as I stroked it. His fingers were really exciting me like no other boy had. He knew just where my good spots were and I then&hellip.had the best orgasm of my life. A wave of super good feelings ran through my body.

I moaned out and held on to him tight. I jacked him as his boner got so hot and hard.


He moaned, jerked his hips and shot many squirts of hot cum all over my pussy. It ran down over my slit and I shuddered with the thrill. We both almost went down with weak knees and moaning. That was our first glorious time. I still love to think about it. After that we did everything but fuck. He taught me about sucking boners and showed me about licking a pussy.

He would lick my pussy so good, he could make me orgasm over and over. I would suck on him and let the hot cum go in my mouth, filling it and running out my lips. That always made me orgasm as he licked my pussy as he shot his cum.

I liked making my daddy feel good, and he made me orgasm over and over. We wanted to fuck so bad, but daddy said no, you'll get married some day and your husband will do that. I was the one that ended up showing my hubby to be, about sex. After we were married, our sex life slowly dropped off to a yawn. I missed my daddy's excitement and getting me hot and masturbating me to a moaning, shaking climax.

------------------- I never told hubby John about my dad. ------------------ I was laying in the couch one afternoon. I had one hand inside my pants and panties fingering my pussy. I of course was thinking about my dad fingering me and how I wished he had not moved far away. The phone rang and my friend Jan started talking about this home repair guy that did such a great job, and was a hunk. She went on and on about how sexy the guy was and she even notice a good sized bulge in his jeans.

She said watching him made her wet and highly aroused. Her boyfriend Dan was home, otherwise she would have liked to have a quickie with him. I had some things around here to be fixed also. She give me his number. I called him. I hear this very sexy voice and he said he could come over in about 30 minutes. I said great, and gave him directions. I felt myself getting excited for a change, and I liked the feeling.

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---------------- I lay in the couch day dreaming about this guy. I found my hand rubbing my pussy slightly. I was getting excited about a guy I had not even seen and realized how horny I really was.

I tried to calm myself, but no way. My pussy tingled already. Jan had said he was our age and my mind went over and over what she said about his looks and personality.

I'd never had an affair with any man, but the thoughts crept into my mind&hellip.if I could have just a…kind of a 'fuck buddy'…a guy to have sex with, with no strings attached…just some good healthy hot sex for both of us. Those thoughts started getting me hot and aroused. I decided I was going for it with this guy. He had already aroused Jan, so I figured to entice him to arouse me more. I jumped up and went in and took my bra off.

My best asset was my nice full tits. I was slim and I put on some sexy hip hugger jeans&hellip.I didn't put on any panties…my pussy was getting wet. What the hell was I doing?

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I was making myself hot! My low cut pants showed my still flat tummy. I put on a my black tight sweater and lip gloss. Calm Down…I told myself, but it was to late for that. Five minutes to go. Jan said he liked coffee, so I quick made some. Ding dong&hellip. Oh shit he was here.

I had the jitters bad and took a deep breath and answered the door. Oh My God&hellip. I got a shock. He looked a lot like my& Tall with blondish hair and he was a hunk ok. I scanned his jeans and saw a nice bulge in there Jan had talked about. I just stood there He said: "Hi I'm Tim, here to fix some things for you?" He held out his hand to shake mine.

He had to have felt the trembling in my clammy cold hand. Oh shit&hellip.he kissed my hand. Finally I said: "I'm Crissy…ca ca come on in." He followed me in the kitchen. I got him a cup of coffee and I held it with two hands to keep my shaky hands from spilling it.

He took the coffee carefully and then put his arm around my shoulder to thank me. I actually felt some faint. He said: "Why, thank you." and leaned over and kissed my forehead. I lost it… and started leaning forward as the faint took my balance away. He said: "Whoa&hellip.easy there, are you ok?" I laid my head on his chest and said: "I'm…ok…I just felt a little faint there for a minute&hellip.I…" He put the coffee down and held me and rubbed my back.

"Take a deep breath Crissy, then just stay here and rest a second." I was melting in his arms. His warm arms were around me and I was about to orgasm right then.

My pussy and tits both were pressed up against him. I was so turned on I shook. Then he took his hand and ran his fingers though my hair. I felt contractions in my pussy. He whispered: (…"damn you have soft hair, just relax and let me 'fix' things for you a little.") Oh my god he's picking me up and carrying me to the couch. Wow…he's strong…he placed me very gently on the couch.

I was now embarrassed and tried to talk to tell him I was sorry about&hellip.oh my… He's holding my face and smiling at me. He whispered: ("Dr. Tim is going to fix you first, then we'll look at these other things in the house.") I finally whispered back: (…this is so embarrassing .I…just need to rest a few minutes.")… I watched my arms go around his neck like some thing else was doing it and not me.

He said: "Your very warm, let's get you a little cooler." He started unbuttoning my sweater. He kept going button by button, all the way until my sweater was open and my tits were totally exposed.

I had never been this sexually excited in my life. I just started kissing his face. I gasp for air as my pussy was really wet now. Tim thought&hellip. Jan set this up and told me Crissy needed a good fucking to keep her away from her boyfriend Dan. I was only to willing to 'help out'. This woman is a beauty with a super hot body.

She is so horny like I've never quite seen before. Time for one of 'Dr.


Tim's' beef injections. Crissy…… His warm hand came up and felt my neglected tits. My nipples were dying to be fondled like this.

As I kissed his lips softly, I just reached down and undid my pants, and slid them off. We were going to fuck, so why waist time. I also undid his belt and pants. He wasn't going to get away from me, I need a good hot fuck, it had been way way to long. I felt his big boner and stroked it as I felt his finger slide across my wet slit. I was so excited I almost peed my myself. Now our tongues danced on our mouths and as he rolled my nipple and his fingers went deep in my wet pussy.

Oh my god,&hellip. that wonderful feeling as he massaged my slick wet pussy. My legs automatically went wide open. Oh god it had been so damn long. I loved the feel of his boner in my hand, all warm and ready to fuck. As soon as I felt his fingers leave my pussy, I pulled his boner in me.

There…that's what I wanted to feel… Daddy was right, I found that Tim was the right boner for me. What a perfect fit.

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I got sex chills over my entire body. I grabbed two hand fulls of his butt cheeks. I was getting some hot sex! I was going crazy with delight. Oooooo damn this feels so good. I going to fuck him so good, he'll come back for more and more, and he'll get it!

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I loved the feel of Tim's hips pumping away on me. It had been so long, my pussy was electrified with feelings. My hands ran over his bare skin, as we began to really fuck intense…he held me tight& tit in one hand and the other in my hair holding my head as our tongues went crazy with our feelings.

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We could hear the clicking sound of his boner fucking my very wet pussy. We had to break our kissing to get air and let our moans out that had built up. I started pushing my pussy to his boner as deep and fast as I could. He responded with a fury of fast fucking me so good…so deep…we began to yell…Ooooooo baby yes!&hellip.I was having the highest climax of my life when we both exploded with joy.

I yelled and my pussy jumped with the pleasure. He moaned long and loud as I felt him shoot massive cum in me. It shocked me that anything could feel that good. Oh god he fucked me deep with hot cum overflowing out the sides of my moving pussy.

My pussy clamped down on his boner all by itself and I shook as it vibrated my insides. I got so dizzy I held on to him in fear of passing out. My legs came up and locked around him and pulled his boner in tight to me.

I lock him up and let my pussy fuck hard and fast. Two moaning people like we had never heard before. Finally the real hot sex I had waited for all my life. I began to growled like an animal and I felt aggressive to fuck him more and more. I locked his boner in me as if never to let go. We fought for air as we had used it all up moaning. I had uncontrollable squirming as did he. It was a wonder the neighbors didn't call the cops with our noise.

It must have sounded like we were killing each other. We were burning up with body heat, but didn't care. My nipples we so full of tingles, both my tits felt in shock all over. We didn't want this to end and squeezed and squirmed every last drop of feeling out of us&hellip.I noticed the room spinning as I slowly passed out.

Tim's mind tried to think&hellip. What the hell was that! This wonderful woman is dangerous to my mental health. She'll make me go screaming crazy. My dick still thinks I'm cuming. It's stuck on 'Cum!'……&hellip. No words&hellip.none for what just happened. Looking at her content face…wow…she's so beautiful all over&hellip. Crissy slowly came around… It's a wonderful feeling to come to with a hot boner pulsating in you.


He shook as he tried to take some of his weight off me. I didn't care and held him tight……2 hours had passed. I fell wonderfully asleep again&hellip. ------------------ When I woke up&hellip.I wondered if had a wonderful dream at first.

My pussy tingles told me this was no dream…he was real. He was gone but he had left a note written on the palm of my hand. All it said was 'Tuesday's, 10am' I smiled, knowing… & fuck buddy would return&hellip. ----------------