Der beste Weg um die Miete zu bezahlen 19

Der beste Weg  um die Miete zu bezahlen 19
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Family Bathroom Our family lives in an old farmhouse that had only one bathroom for the four of us to use. The family includes my dad and mom, my sister and myself. Dad is 36, mom is 34, I'm 17 and my sister is 16. Mom is what guys would consider a MILF, she is trim and fit with big tits and a nice ass.

My sister takes after mom and was an early bloomer and has tits almost as big as moms'. I am very much like my dad, 6'2" tall and about 175 pounds. Dad manages a store for a living and sometimes works six days a week. Anyway, since there was only one bathroom it was always a busy place in the mornings and evenings.

And the fact that the bathroom was in our parents bedroom at the other end of the house from mine and my sister's room's meant that we had to go clear through the house to get from our bedrooms to the bathroom to take a bath or shower and to pee. Plus in the mornings and at night sis and I would often walk in on mom and dad when they had very little or even no clothes on. Sis and I took baths together when we were little and at night after we would take our baths we would walk out wrapped in only a towel.

Mom always likes to have us come to her so she can take our towels and rub us dry while she and dad are watching TV in the living room. Even to this day mom still loves to do this for us.

I will walk into the room and go stand in front of mom and she will pull the towel from around my waist and I will stand there naked as she rubs me down. Then I will sit next to mom naked and watch TV until sis comes out from her bath and she will stand naked while mom rubs her body down. We then will both say our goodnight's to mom and dad and walk naked to our rooms to go to bed. So needless to say, sis and I have seen each other naked almost everyday.

Mom has always wished that we could have a second bathroom but dad has always said that they just couldn't afford it. Sis and I agreed that it would be nice to have a second bathroom, then we wouldn't have to stand in line and wouldn't have to get up so early to try and beat the rush. Mom finally told dad that he needed to figure out a way to get us another bathroom put in. So one weekend that dad had off work, he and I started to try and figure out how to get us a second bathroom.

We started looking at how we could do it and decided that the only way was to put it in the space, between mine and sis's rooms, where there are two large walk-in closets. Sis wasn't happy to be losing her closet since she has lots of clothes. I didn't care so much, I'm a jeans and t-shirt guy myself so I didn't need the big closet.

Sis would just have to make do with a wardrobe cabinet in her room. Dad and I started demo on the closets and soon had the walls stripped and we then found that there had been a bathroom there in the past and some fool had converted the space into closets. Why someone would do that is beyond me but it made it fairly easy to convert it back to a bathroom. We put a door from it into each bedroom and a big walk-in shower and a vanity with two sinks so sis and I can use it at the same time.

We got it all done in record time and it didn't break the bank. That night I stripped off my clothes in my room and went through the door into the new bathroom to take my first shower in the big new walk-in shower. As I walked in sis walked in naked from her bedroom at the same time.

"Hey sis, I was just going to get my shower." "Oh? Me too." "You go first sis, I'll wait." "No, that's okay, you go first and I will brush my teeth and stuff until you're through." "Well, okay then." I stepped in and turned the water on and stepped into the spray.

Lucy fiddled around brushing her teeth and then sat on the toilet and peed. Then she took some shave cream out and sprayed a blob on her hand and lathered up her pussy.

I was watching her through the glass of the shower as I soaped up my body. Lucy spread her legs and started to drag the razor over the stubble of her pubes. We had not been in the bathroom together like this since we were little and I had never seen her shaving her pussy before. I had never seen her with her legs spread wide with her pussy open and on display to me.

It all started to get to me, and my dick was growing hard watching the display. Then after she finished shaving Lucy started to masturbate fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. I figured if she was willing to rub herself off in front of me then I could jerk off in front of her so I took my soapy dick in my hand and started to stroke.

The faster that Lucy rubbed, the faster I stroked my dick. Pretty soon Lucy was moaning and cumming, she was facing me in the shower watching me jerk off and when she came she squirted her pussy juice right on the glass. That did it for me and I started shooting my cum right back at her coating the inside of the glass. I stepped from the shower after rinsing off and wrapped a towel around my waist but I still had a hard dick and it tented the towel out.

"Damn Jack! That was hot!" "Sure was sis. We never did that before, masturbating together." "I know, I don't know what came over me.

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I guess it is that the last time we were in the bathroom naked at the same time was when we were little and taking baths together and now we're not little any more. I saw your big dick sticking out and it excited me and I started to rub myself, then you watched me and started jerking off and I kept getting more excited.

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I never came so hard before, never squirted so hard, usually I just squirt a little." "I never saw a girl squirt like that except watching some porn video. I thought that sort of thing was something made up but watching you just now was real and hot!" "Well bro, I hope we can do this again, maybe tomorrow night." "Sure sis, it's a date!" I walked out of the bathroom into my room and was about to start drying myself off but stopped and decided that even though sis and I had our own bathroom that there was no reason that I couldn't go out and continue the old family tradition.

I went out to the living room where mom and dad were sitting on the couch watching TV. I walked up in front of mom and she looked up to me. "Hi baby, all through with your shower?" "Yeah, Lucy is in there now." "I'm a little surprised that you came out here in your towel, figured since you and your sister had a bathroom right off your rooms now that you would not be coming out here like this." "Mom, just because we don't have to walk through the house to get to our rooms from the bath doesn't mean that I don't still want you to dry me off like always." "Baby, I'm happy to hear you say that." Mom reached up and took my towel and pulled it from around my waist.

My hard dick flopped out in her face and was throbbing. "Goodness Jack, what has you all excited tonight?" "Lucy was shaving her pussy while I was in the shower and I hadn't ever seen her do that before and I got hard watching her. Then she got excited seeing my hard dick so she started rubbing herself off and that got me excited and I started jerking myself off then we both came at the same time.

Lucy even squirted her juice out in a big stream and then I shot off too." "Wow baby, that's so hot!" Mom then stood up to dry me off and her robe came open giving me a view of her naked body. She rubbed the towel through my hair and my dick poked her in her stomach.

Mom continued to rub me down, my shoulders, my back and butt. Then she got down on her knees to rub my legs, doing the back first and then had me turn to do the front. This put my hard dick right in her face as she rubbed my thighs.

Mom moved up and rubbed my balls with the towel and moved last to my dick. Mom wrapped the towel around my dick and stroked back and forth as I looked down on her big tits and on down to her pussy. Soon I was getting that feeling in my dick and started to move my hips making my dick stroke in the towel even faster until I couldn't hold back any more and started to shoot my cum.

The towel wasn't covering the head of my dick and my sperm went all over mom's face, some of it even went in her mouth. Mom was smiling up at me and then licked and kissed the head of my dick cleaning the last of the sperm oozing from it. I sat down on the couch and mom moved up beside me.

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It was only then that I saw dad sitting at the other end of the couch with his robe open stroking his hard dick having watched me cum all over mom's face. Just then Lucy came into the room with her towel wrapped around her waist, her big tits out on display. She walked up in front of mom sitting next to me, her robe open and legs spread with her pussy on display. Dad had stopped stroking his hard dick but still had his robe open and his dick was still hard and sticking up.

"What's been going on out here? Is that cum all over your face mom? Did daddy cum all over you?" Lucy asked, looking over at dad's hard dick sticking up. "No girl, this isn't your daddy's cum, it's your brother's. When I was drying him off he shot his load all over my face." "Oh cool mom! I'm ready for you to dry me off like that too!" Mom grabbed Lucy's towel and pulled it off as she stood up leaving her robe on the couch.

The two of them stood naked facing each other as mom started to rub the towel over Lucy's body. They stood nipple to nipple as mom hooked the towel over Lucy's back and dried it, then she took the towel and wrapped her tits in it and massaged them. Mom then sat down and had Lucy prop her leg up on the arm of the couch while mom rubbed it dry working her way up to just below her pussy. She then had Lucy switch legs and Lucy propped her foot up on the couch right between my legs with her toes touching my balls.

Mom dried that leg off but when she got to the top she started to rub Lucy's pussy with the towel. Lucy started to moan as the towel rubbed between her legs. A minute later mom dropped the towel and just started to rub Lucy's clit with her fingers. Lucy was moaning even louder and was thrusting her hips back and forth as mom's fingers rubbed over her pussy. My dick was hard as a rock again and I started to stroke it as I watched mom and Lucy. I looked over at dad and his fist was flying up and down his hard dick too.

Pretty soon Lucy started to cum, squirting over mom's hand. When mom saw this she leaned in and stuck her tongue in her pussy and sucked up her cum.


Dad was now standing up beside me stroking for all he was worth and started shooting his cum across me and onto mom's tits. Seeing this sent me over the edge and I started shooting off all over myself and Lucy's leg and foot that was still between my legs.

Lucy collapsed on top of mom and me and dad dropped beside me and we all just sat there for a few minutes catching our breath. "You kids better go rinse off in your shower and then go to bed. I'm going to grab your dad and take him in the other bathroom and get us a shower and let him fuck me." Mom pushed Lucy off her and then I stood up and followed Lucy into our bathroom as mom and dad went toward theirs.

Lucy walked up to the sink and bent over looking at herself in the mirror as I lifted the toilet lid and started to pee in the bowl. "Damn bro, what just happened out there?" "I don't know sis. When I went out there to get mom to dry me off I had a hard on and mom asked me about it and I told her what happened in here and pretty soon she was mostly naked and jerking me off until a blew my load on her face.

Then you came out and you know what happened then." I had finished peeing and was standing behind Lucy looking over her shoulder at her face in the mirror. Lucy looked up and smiled at me and then pushed her ass back against me, my dick sliding into her ass crack.


She wiggled her ass back and forth over my dick and it started to get hard again. "Bro, I'm still so horny. Have you ever thought about fucking me while you jerk off?" "All the time sis, mom too." "Well, mom is in there fucking dad so how about fucking me?" Lucy then bent over even more and spread her legs exposing her pussy to me and she reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips. I bent my knees and lined my dick up with her opening and eased the head in.

I started to inch my dick forward into her pussy until I was bottomed out. Just then we heard mom almost scream as she was apparently in the throws of an orgasm. I looked at Lucy's face in the mirror and we started laughing. I thrust my dick in and out of my sister's cunt as I reached around and took her tits in my hands and started to gently squeeze them. She was moaning and pushing back against me, meeting my every thrust. "Jack, fuck me hard and fast!

I'm ready to cum!" I slammed into her as hard and fast as I could and soon I could feel the cum start to rise up from my balls.

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I suddenly thought of something… "Sis, can I cum in you?" "Yes bro, shoot it in me! I'm on the pill!" The cum came blasting out of my dick and into my sister's protected womb. Blast after blast, coating her insides with my cum. I could feel her pussy convulse around my dick as she came at the same time. I could feel her cum as it ran down over my balls.

I pulled Lucy up and wrapped my arms around her as my dick slid out of her pussy. I kissed her on the back of her neck and she turned around in my arms and we kissed like lovers for the first time.

"Sis, that was wonderful." "Yes it was." We kissed again.

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"Lets get a shower and go to bed." "No Jack, no shower. I want to take you to bed and I want you to put your dick back in me while I lay on top of you and I want to go to sleep like that and I want to smell our sex." I followed Lucy into my bedroom and she pushed me down on the bed and she got in and straddled my waist. She raised herself up and grabbed my rejuvenated dick and lowered her pussy down on it and then she lay down on top of me and we kissed again.

I wrapped my arms around her and lay my hands on her ass cheeks, she laid her head on my chest and we drifted off to sleep. Damn I'm glad mom finally made us put that new bathroom in…