Black TS beauty riding a big cock

Black TS beauty riding a big cock
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"Behind Closed Doors" By Blueheatt Angi and I talked about a threesome. We liked the thought of a woman, but she couldn't think of anyone but Grace, and didn't know how to get a hold of her. We talked about a man, but no one came to mind, but when I brought up her single brother in law, she giggled. She finally told me why she chuckled. Her sister had told her they thought Wayne might be bi.


One evening she invited me over for a great fuck fest we loved and I said how about I bring Wayne with me? She paused, chuckled, paused some more and chuckled more. I…I…I she stammered and I could feel her embarrassment, I said we'll just see how it goes?&hellip.she said that might be hot, maybe we can find out if he really is bi or not.

Do it. We arrived about 9 pm and she had low lights on. She got out her favorite wine and sucked down a lot as she was so uneasy at first. Wayne and I were not aggressive and talked about good sex we had had in the past. She sat between us and started to get real zonked. She turned on a bi porn flick and we all watched.

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As we watched I started by holding her left hand as I set on her left and put my right arm around her. She snuggled up and I kissed her hand and then her forehead. She leaned back and watched the hot movie. I put her left hand on her tummy and guided it all around. She was getting hot. Her right hand was beside her and I put it on Wayne's hand.

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They held hands and rubbed each others fingers. I reached up and turned off the lights so only the porn film light lit the room.


I put her left hand between her legs as I started feeling her boobs. She wasted no time in rubbing her slit. Wayne put her right hand on her own boobs as they both felt her boobs. He was gentle and made her feel at ease. &hellip.I pulled down her jacket zipper and felt her, no bra, bare boob, while Wayne felt her right boob which made her moan with enjoyment.

I started kissing her boob. I let my hand drift down to her jogging suit bottom and slid my and her hand down inside the jogging suit and we felt her pubic hair. More moaning as she spread her legs propped up on the coffee table. Wayne started kissing her boob and joined me in kissing her neck and face.

She was starting to pant real good.

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I felt for her clit and softly rubbed it, then slipped my fingers in her vagina. She reached down and slipped her bottoms down and then the panties.

She reached over and found my giant hard on and squeezed it several times. I lowered my jogging pants, as she wrapped her hand around my dick. She tugged at Wayne's pants and he lowered them down some. She felt around for his dick and squeezed it, and starting stroking it. She whispered…"wow I'm having my boobs felt, my clit rubbed and fingers in my vagina&hellip.and…I have two dicks to hold!" I whispered back that we were just getting started and lifted her to the floor.

I removed her jogging bottoms and panties.

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I started licking her pussy as she was jacking on Wayne. Soon she was sucking on his dick as he lay beside her. She was huffing her breath as she sucked him and felt his dick and balls. He ran his fingers thru her hair and felt her lips as she sucked on him.

I sucked her clit while I put two fingers in her vagina, she gave out a long .mmmmmmmmm… as she opened her legs wide open. She moaned out …"your gonna make me cum"…as I licked her clit&hellip."Oh, I'm gonna cum!"…as she started lifting her hips up bring her clit to my lips with each lick.

My face and her vagina were wet and she pulled on me to put my dick in her.

As I moved up, she guided my dick in her vagina, and tasted all the wet on my face. She moaned : " Make me cum and I'll make Wayne cum …lets all cum together". Gasping for air in a shaky voice she muttered &hellip."oh god&hellip.I want both your cums. Cum for me Wayne…I want &hellip.I want &hellip.ohhhhhh…I gonna cum so big&hellip.oh dam …oh damn"…as she took over jacking on Wayne's dick faster.

…"give me your cum Wayne&hellip.cum in me Jay…oh god.OH GOD"… and she lifted her hips up and wrapped her legs around my back and locked her legs and pulled me in tight to her clit, then tighter and then yelled out…"OH SHIT, OH GOD OH DAM …oh damn …I&hellip.I&hellip.OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BABY YES!".

as she felt Wayne's dick explode with a massive cum on her lips and open mouth just as I shot a mega load in her vagina and she locked up with her cum and shook and shuttered as I squeezed her clit between my fingers.

We all yelled, moaned and moaned as cum was everywhere, running out her vagina as it twitched and clamped down on my dick and quivered and squeezed. …Wayne's cum was running out her mouth, onto her cheek and neck as she gulped and gulped it.

It made a clicking sound of the cum as she sucked it, tasted it and swallowed. Wayne was shaking with pleasure, his dick still in her mouth, sucking the last drop she could get.

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I pushed my dick in all the way just touching her cervix, just to hear her moan and jump as she liked it. The next night, she came over to my house with Wayne. As soon as she got in the door, we started undressing her, she moaned knowing what this night was going to come to.

She just stood there and let us make love to her, kissing her all the time as we carefully removed her, jacket, blouse, skirt, bra, shoes, panties hose and panties and put a robe on her. We helped her to her favorite soft gold chair, fondling her all over. We kissed every where with little love kisses. She was weak now from the attention and moaning as we whispered how hot she was and both kissed her and put both our tongues in her mouth.

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We put on soft music. I brought her, her favorite wine, and we put on a threesome porn movie. She said in a panting voice how much she loved us and we were the best lovers ever.


I got on my knees and just took a look at her beautiful vagina. She had a full bush which I loved and played with it as her eyes closed and played with my hair. Wayne kissed her and on down to her nice tits.

She moaned so nice and I kissed my way up her upper legs, so close to her vagina. and teased her by just letting the tip of my tongue dance around her public hair.

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She gave out a shutter waiting for me to lick her, but I made her wait as I just took the tip of my tongue and went up her vagina lips, as they started to get real wet. I circled around her vagina lips up one side and down the other, then reversed it, enjoying all the taste and aroma of a wet vagina. She bucked once, and shuttered while she softly said.''oooooooooooo". Wayne and her were starting to really get into some hot kissing and Wayne and her both feeling her boobs.

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Her hands guided my head to all the pleasure spots she liked, and pulled my hair when we hit one she really liked. Wayne had a huge hard on against her arm. Shorts with the head of his dick sticking out one leg. While still holding their kiss and one hand holding my hair, she pulled down his short pants until his dick sprang out.

She grabbed it and held tight. W went for kissing the back of her neck, bringing his dick closer to her mouth.

She pulled it into her mouth and stroked and sucked it. We then moved her upstairs to the bedroom and took her robe off and she put on a yellow nightie and lay on her back, legs wide open. Wayne stood that bed's edge as she sucked him and I got on my knees and licked her vagina.

She speeded up her action, she yelled: &hellip."ooohhhh damn!! …mmmmm!!!"…she started rocking faster…she held my head tight between her legs&hellip.her pussy was alive with juices…"MMMMM"…and Wayne exploded his cum over & over in her mouth&hellip."mmmm…mmmmm''&hellip.I climbed up and stuck my huge boner in an already wet vagina&hellip.I pumped as fast as I could…I felt those legs come around and squeeze my ass so tight I lost my mind…then the yelling began.

"AAAHHHHhhhhh oh oh oh……oh" &hellip.she yelled at the top of her lungs…I went delirious… pounding her over & over again while she sucked him in-between breaths &hellip.she swallowed it down and down&hellip."mmmm""mmmmmm" she was temporary satisfied&hellip.she whispered: "…your next."