Jugendliche jenna haze wäscht Füße mit Milch

Jugendliche jenna haze wäscht Füße mit Milch
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My Wild Wild Sister * A younger brother finds himself involved with his older sister. In dad's old RV out back, she felt free to do as she damn well pleased…* __Conley is my name. I have one older sister named Roxie. My dad just shakes his head and says she is a 'wild one'. She has long black hair and big titties. I've seen her naked before, and she liked me looking at her. She never told on me&hellip. but this time…she made me come in her bedroom and then she shut the door.

She stood with her back to the door and just smiled at me. She then pushed me down on her bed and laid on top of me. She asked me very quietly: "Do you like my titties?" I was young and admitted I did. I figured she would tell dad on me peaking at her. Instead she started feeling my cock. I got a hardon even tho I tried not to. "She said: "…Conley…you've got a hardon.

What if I tell dad that you were peeking at me and got a nasty hardon?" I thought, oh shit! Dad will beat my ass. Her tits on my chest were awesome. I could see her cleavage inches from my face. She kept squeezing my hardon and smiling. "Do you dream about me being naked at night Conley?" I couldn't help it, I smiled.

She grabbed my chin and said: "What are you looking at?…are you looking at my cleavage?…you little pervert!" Then she smiled and said: "Would you like to touch them Conley?…feel them?&hellip.lick them?

…suck on them? I figured I was already in trouble so I nodded my head 'Yes'. I'll never forget that look in her eyes. It was like a crazy woman or something. "I'm going to have to teach a naughty boy a lesson. Hold still!, close your eyes!" She started kissing me with her wet tongue. Ewww, kissing your sister&hellip.except&hellip.it was kind of a sexy feeling…I liked it as she kept feeling my hardon get harder.

"You'll do as I say Conley, or you'll be in big trouble. Now&hellip.kiss my tits." Did she just say kiss my tits? She pulled her shirt and bra up and put her tits in my face. She took one of my hands and put it on her butt.

"Squeeze my butt…do it!" I gladly did as she was now rubbing her pussy on my hardon. I felt her wonderful titties with the other hand. "You keep your little mouth shut about this Conley!…just do as I say." This was all ok with me. She had big soft titties to feel and I felt her nice tight butt as it moved around on my hardon. Roxie…… I am always horny. I got an idea to use Conley to get me off, when ever I wanted. I'll teach him how I like it done. He'll be my little sex slave, I like the idea of that.

Once I give him one of my super blow jobs, he'll be hooked and do anything I want. There is this girl I may want to have girl sex with. She makes me hot just looking at her. I'll use Conley to get her in the RV, and then I'll get in her panties and show her some hot girl sex.

I discovered that I loved to pretend to hold a girl down and make her all hot and turned on by rubbing my hot body on hers. Our struggling and resistance makes me so fucking aroused.

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I love pretending to force a girl to have sex with me, and her pretending to force me. Making us break down our resistance and enjoy girl sex at the end. We both get so hot, super horny and that is how I have my best super climaxes.

I know just how to finger and lick a girls pussy until she moans loud and gets off real good too. I like sex with guys, but&hellip.some certain girls turn me on. I found this out when I had a new boyfriend and we were going to have our first sex together.

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We were in his parents bed one afternoon and 'thought' we were alone. We were just getting started when his lesbian older sister opened the door and just came on in.

She was about 25 and a beautiful girl. She had on a long see thru nightgown. She startled the shit out of us and Randy told her to 'get out'. She smiled at us laying there all naked.

"Oh Randy, where did you find her, she's cute. Can I have her when your done?" He shocked me when he said: "Come back in an hour, Clair!… then I don't care what you do, now get out!" What did he mean? …come back in an hour?

Clair didn't leave but sat on the side of the bed. Randy said to ignore her and we went back to our first sex together. I had never had sex with a guy with his sister right next to us sitting on the bed. It was so strange, but I felt turned on by her watching us. We return to our fucking and Clair started feeling my body. Randy just ignored her, but I was turned on by her touching me. She started feeling my tits gently and she felt Randy too.

We went ahead and had very hot sex as she watched. I had a super climax with her watching us. She fingered herself as we came together. This left a burning impression in my mind. Randy got up and went in the bathroom. I lay there exhausted as Clair continued to feel me up. I admit, I like it. Randy came out and just left. Clair slowly got between my legs and spread them wide open. I watched her start kissing my upper legs.

I got tingles like I'd never had before. Her hands were so warm an soothing as the inched up to my wet pussy. I just lay there and enjoyed it. She eased herself up and started licking my pussy. I was stunned. I had never even imagined such a thing happening to me and she was making me extremely turned on. She came up and started rubbing her pussy on mine.

Our pussy's were all wet and slick and she move her clit across mine. So this was girl sex? It was getting me hotter and hotter.

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She was really aroused too and we rubbed pussy's until we both had great orgasms. She said: "…oh my, your fun to play with, we'll have to get together again sometime." She licked my nipples and got up and left. We never got together but I liked the girl sex part&hellip.but only with…mmm…just the right girl. Right now I had Conley under me and I had plans for him. I slid down and pulled his shorts down. He had a rock hard on.

I started licking it and then in my mouth it went. About 10 jacks and he was cuming real good. I sucked the head and just let him squirm. He was groaning and out of breath. That was my deluxe blow job for him to remember. I got back up on him and said: "I'm going to be bringing a girl over here. You do everything I tell you to, and you 'might' get another blow job from me&hellip.not a fucking word about any of this, understand?" He smiled and nodded.

I had met a girl at work who had nice tits and we became friends as we eyeballed each other. We were attracted to each other and I set up a 'get together' for us. We talked private in the lady's room that Friday. I invited her over Saturday. She smiled and accepted. It was so hot, she was the only girl I had found that 'might'…be the 'right girl' to have some girl sex with.

I still wasn't sure if she was into it. I had a idea to use Conley to get her 'in the mood' for a possible girl sex partner. Saturday morning and dad would be fishing all weekend. Jo Ann, or Jo, came over that Saturday morning. She was wearing a skirt and shirt with no bra. I took her and Conley our to the RV. We all sat on the big bed in the back. I told Jo that Conley was my sex slave, and to just watch. (I had this pre planned with Conley.) "Conley, come over her and feel my tits.

He came right over and started feeling my tits. Jo grinned as she watched. "Lift up my shirt and suck my tits." and Conley did it. "Conley, do you like Jo?" he nodded and smiled at her. "Go feel her legs, do it now." I said. Conley was so cool, doing it just right.

I watched Jo's eyes close and he massaged further up on her legs.


I went and sat by her. She was getting aroused. I could tell by her breathing. I said: "Conley and I really like you Jo. We'll do anything you want us to do. We both do wonderful massages." Without any hesitation she scooted and laid on her back. She appeared to now be 'in the mood'.

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She took my hand and Conley's hand and put them on her nice tits. She whispered: "Let's start here." That was her 'go for it' signal and I got a hot flash and felt the wetness in my pussy. Conley…… I liked Jo. She was hot looking and smiled sexy at me. She put her arms around Roxie and me both and began to rub us as we felt her nice tits. Roxie had set up a signal for me to leave, but she never used it. She let me stay and play with Jo.

I watched Roxie's hands and did the same. Soon Jo had her hand in my pants and in Roxie's too. Roxie smiled at me and whispered: (…"just let her do anything she wants to.") I nodded and put my hand down Jo's panties like Roxie did. Roxie's and my fingers were both feeling her slick pussy. Jo moaned as she let us know she really liked it. Jo…… Well this is way more than I expected. I could tell that Roxie wanted to fool around girl to girl.

She is hot looking to me and I hadn't had any girl sex in a while&hellip.but her brother, Conley…omg…I've never gotten a chance to play with young guy like him. He's so loving and is acting like Roxie's slave&hellip.oooo…I'd like to spend some time with him and teach him how to please me. Two hot people to play sex with. Who do I play with first?&hellip.I went for both…this is really a turn on&hellip. I pulled down my panties, Roxie took them clear off.

I spread my legs and looked down to watch them feel and finger my wet pussy. I could see Roxie was very excited. I played with her hair and eased her head down to my pussy. I pulled her body around to me and took off her shorts and panties. We were now a full on 69 and we began licking our clits.

I pulled Conley around and pulled on his pants. He took them off. I felt his hardon and slow jacked it. I rolled over to him and sucked on his cock. I could hear him groan as he started fucking my mouth.

I felt his hands feeling my pussy as Roxie licked it. It was double pleasure and a first for me. I reached down and put Conley's fingers in my pussy and worked them in and out.

He caught on quick and soon added more fingers in me. He started making those noises like he was going to cum. I deep throated him as he squirmed and let go with hot shots of cum in my mouth. Roxie had Conley's hand and fucking my pussy with it. She really knew how to lick a woman's clit and I felt a climax coming. I held her head and rubbed it on my awaiting clit. "Oooooo yes!!!! Oh baby, you lick me so good!!…ooooo", I moaned and sucked her clit clear in my mouth and held it as she had to climax with me.

Conley was shooting more shots of cum on the side of my face &hellip., all this was beyond awesome…… Conley&hellip. I had gotten two of those blow jobs and they made my hardon feel wonderful. Now I wanted to fuck Jo real bad. She probably would never let me, but it's all I thought about now. The RV was parked with the wind shield facing my bathroom window&hellip. I looked out and could see right in. I saw Roxie and Jo wrestling. They pulled at each others clothes and held each other down and forced kissed each other.

They wrapped their legs around each other and humped each other. Jo would get on top of Roxie and put her naked pussy right on Roxie's face, pull her hair and rock her pussy on Roxie's mouth. Soon Roxie would do the same to her and Jo would struggle to try to get her off…but then put her arms around her and lick Roxie's pussy. Girls sure do weird things, but it was so sexy to watch and get a hardon. After dinner Roxie grabbed me and said: "Slave, I've sold you to Jo, you go with her and you'll do as she says, got it!" I smiled and said: "Yes mistress Roxie." Jo put a piece of ribbon around my neck and pulled me like a pull toy.

We all went into the RV and I had to undress Jo. Jo said: "You just wish you could fuck me, don't you slave." I smiled and nodded my head 'yes'.

"You're a sex pervert aren't you, all you think about is licking titties, licking pussy's and cuming, don' you." "Yes mistress Jo." I said. "Put your fingers in my pussy and leave them there. No matter where I go, you keep a finger in my pussy. Do you understand?" I smiled and nodded my head again. I put my finger in her warm wet pussy. She patted my head and said: "Good boy". She stood up as I stood up too, my finger still in place, and she walked to the bathroom.

We went inside. Roxie followed and watched us. Jo said: "Take your finger out and pull my panties down. I loved doing this, she had beautiful soft looking pubic hair. She sat slumped back on the toilet seat.

She opened her knees wide and said: "Lick my pussy." I gladly did as she felt her own tits and moaned. "Now…take out your hardon and put it in my pussy, do it now!!

" I again gladly did what she said. This would be my first time to fuck a girl. I took my pants off and put my legs under hers. I put my hardon in her. She held me tight as Roxie still was watching all of this. Her pussy felt all hot and warm and wonderful. She started lightly biting my neck and whispering: ("…fuck me…deeper&hellip.rub my clit…I'm your new girlfriend now, fuck me good you little pervert!") More crazy girl's stuff&hellip.

but who cared, I was fucking Jo and she was hot. I was just getting started when Roxie came over. She took her shorts and panties off and put her legs over the toilet.

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Her pussy was right in my face. Jo moaned out&hellip."Lick Roxie's pussy…and rub her clit,&hellip. do it!" Gladly, I thought and I dived in to her pussy to lick it and rub her clit with my finger. No way I could hold it back and cum came out shooting in Jo's pussy&hellip. I pumped her pussy full as we all moaned. Roxie held my head and fucked my tongue as she must have cum too.

Jo squirmed as her pussy fucked me deep, she shook hard and I guess she had a cum too. &hellip. it was a the best cum I had ever had. Jo&hellip.


We all spent our weekends in that RV. I had a big crush on Conley. He like me a lot too. He was my sex slave now and I rewarded him with lots of sex.

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One Saturday Roxie and I got shock. Conley sat us on the bed. He stood in front of us and put on this 'Super Hero' type cape. His hands were on his hips, legs spread apart and he was looking all serious. "You sex slave girls have been convicted of being 'weird' and naughty. You must be punished!" We giggled as now he decided we where 'his' sex slaves.

He pulled is shorts off and started stroking his hardon as we watched and giggled. He said: "Girls!&hellip.get on your knees!……" We giggled, then got on our knees and played sex slave girls for him. He had us both suck on his hardon, then got us on the bed and 'made us' rub our pussy's all over him. He 'made us' put our pussy's over his mouth while sucking on his hardon. He 'made us' wrestle and get all hot and then rub our pussy's together until we orgasmed together.

He 'made me' lay on top of Roxie on our backs. He began fucking both of us, alternating between our two pussy's. Roxie and I got real turned on and started moaning loud as we felt each other. We squirmed and shook as he fucked us faster. We all peaked…and climaxed together as he shot cum in both our pussy's&hellip.he collapsed on us with this big content smile…… ----- * Time has passed and now and Conley was hanging out at the local park with his car buddies.

The subject of course was …girls. His buddies told of their first sex with a girl. When it came for Conley to tell his story, he grinned, cleared his throat and said: "Back when I had just turned…13."