Squirting wife getting ass fucked in the kitchen anal)

Squirting wife getting ass fucked in the kitchen anal)
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Bounty pulled the car out of the drive and headed towards town. Sara sat uncomfortably in the passenger seat. Having both a buttplug and vibrator in and Bounty holding the remote to the vibrator made thing tense for her.

As Bounty turned onto the main road from the neighbor hood, she hit a pot hole. Sara's eyes rolled into the back of her head as the vibe and plug collided inside her from the violent jolt when they hit the pothole. Sara could only think to herself she was not going to survive the night like this. Before they had left every time she moved the combo collided and if she tried to move slow trying to prevent the collision Bounty would flip in the remote.

Pussy juices flowed from Sara down her legs. She could smell herself and part of her worried that others would smell her as well. Several times she cussed Bounty calling her a cruel bitch. Bounty would just laugh at her and go about getting ready or flipping the switch. Sara slowly adjusted herself in the seat, just before she settled herself back into the seat Bounty reached into her jacket pocket and flipped the switch.

"OH FUCK YOU DAMN SLUT OH FUCK OH FUCK" This orgasm nearly threw her for a loop, she could feel the pussy juices slide down the crack of her ass and soak her panties. She pounded the dashboard with her fists. Bounty sat and laughed at Sara's embarrassing pleasure ride.She had done it this time. But in the back of her mind, she knew that what ever Sara thought of as payback it was probably going to be one hell of a doozy.

Sara started to cuss her when she hit an another pot hole. Just as she began to yell at her for the intentional hit Bounty flipped the switch, so instead of yelling, she screamed in pleasure while cussing. "YOU GODDAMN SLUT I'M SO GOING TO GET YOU FOR THIS SHIT" Sara clung to the arm rest trying her best to fight the multiple orgasms attacking her body.

She thought to herself one thing was for sure she was going to sleep like a damn rock tonight. Her body felt like she had just run a marathon. Bounty pulled into the parking lot of a locally owned restaurant, as she did so she made sure to hit the curb. As she parked she bumped the curb. All the time Sara moaning and cussing through clenched teeth.

Sara looked down between her legs. Her pants were damp from all her juices. She looked at Bounty with an evil stare. "How the fuck do you expect me to go inside with my pants drenched?" Bounty got out of the car and watched Sara as she slowly got out trying to limit the clanging of objects. As she closed the door Bounty flipped the switch.

Sara clenched her teeth tight and tried to quiet the moans from getting too loud. Fortunately, she didn't go to her knees this time like she had several times at the house.

As they entered the restaurant Bounty took Sara's hand. They were greeted by a young lady at the front. "Hello, ladies welcome to Hall of Fame how many will be joining this evening?" "Just me and my girlfriend thank you" Bounty squeezed Sara's hand Sara leaned over to Bounty's ear, "Yeah, my torturous bitch girlfriend." Bounty laughed "You know you love it." The young lady motioned them to follow her as she leads them to a table for two.

As they were getting ready to sit down, Sara saw a family sitting at another table, and the mom was giving them a nasty look. Sara helped Bounty as she sat down then kissed Bounty square on the mouth. As she headed to her chair, she looked at the mom who had given her a nasty look and smiled at her.

As the girls read over their menus, Bounty kept flipping the remote on and off in quick secession. Sara clenched her teeth with the constant on and off of the vibe as it vibrated against the plug. A few minutes passed by and another girl came to their table. "Good evening ladies I'm Sharon, and I will be your waitress for the evening.

What can I get you to drink?" Sara looked over the drinks as Bounty ordered hers and said a silent prayer that Bounty wouldn't flip the switch.

She was wrong just as she opened her mouth and got two syllables out the vibrator went off and for some reason felt like it had increased with strength. "I'll have used the uh the bu bu budwieserrrr." Sara felt like a stuttering fool. It was all she could do to talk.

The young waitress looked at Sara then at Bounty and somehow deducted what was happening, and why the other girl's voice went up several octaves when she tried to order. She grinned and walked away. "You fucking bitch how dare you do that, fuck I feel like I'm going to explode.Why the hell did that thing feel like it increased in intensity?" she whispered through clenched teeth. Bounty laughed, and then produced the remote and showed her the power switch.

"It was set at one sweetheart, but I cranked it up to 3. And you slut have no right to bitch about me doing it while you ordered. I seem to remember your face buried in my pussy while I tried to order when we first met." Sara grumbled under her breath; she had her there. Sara went back to reading her menu. As she did so, she thought back to that night. God how she enjoyed that, how Bounty struggled even to talk. "BZZZZZZZZ" the vibrator brought her out of her euphoria.

Sara clenched her teeth as she felt an orgasm hit her. "fuck fuck fuck fuck" she whispered as quietly as she could. Bounty laughed "what is it baby having trouble sitting still." "Fuck you slut; you would to if I had control of that remote." A few minutes later Sharon walked back up to their table.

"Are you ladies ready to order?" As she took Bounty's order, she watched Sara wiggle a little bit in her chair. When Bounty finished, Sharon looked at Sara. "And what can I get you ma'am" as she saw Sara's mouth open, she watched as her mouth opened and eyes closed and her body tense. Sara was beside herself; Bounty had her on a hair trigger, she felt like her body would explode or worse she would piss herself. She was about to try to order a second time when the waitress leaned over and whispered,"it's ok hunny I fully understand what you're going through, my x girlfriend used to do the same thing." Sara looked with a total look of surprise.

How the fuck did she figure that out, she thought to herself. Sara finally was able to get her order out, and Sharon walked away. "That fucking bitch knew what the fuck is going on. I should slap you for this shit. I'm so fucking embarrassed." Bounty laughed, "well shit baby anyone paying real close attention could tell what might go on with you." She reached over and patted Sara's hand. "And besides you little slut you need a real orgasm: she smiled as she said it.

"Fuck you" she mouthed to bounty as a family walked by. "Oh hunny you have and you will later, and then when you are done fucking me I'm going to piss down your throat and the fuck you right back." As she said it, she kicked the remote up to five and flipped the switch.

Sara's eyes rolled into the back of her head "Oh fuck" she groaned. Sharon brought their food. The girls ate in quiet just staring at each other as they ate.

When they finished Sharon brought their check, bounty handed her card to pay for the meal. A few minutes she returned with the receipt and card. Bounty signed the ticket and took the receipt and gave Sharon 10 dollars for the tip. As the girls stepped outside to get in the car, Bounty was looking at the receipt and noticed what looked like writing on the back. She flipped it over and read what was on the back.

I enjoyed watching you torture your girlfriend; it was a total turn on. If you two would ever like a partner anytime, I'm off at 10:30 and off on Saturday and Sunday.

Give me a call. Sharon Castle 719-555-4546 I'm up for anything. Bounty showed Sara the back of the receipt. "is she fucking serious?" "Well, I would guess so if she left her number." Sara grinned and looked at Bounty with an evil glint in her eye. "What do you say to have ourselves a little torture slut of our own?" Bounty thought for a moment.

"The only problem you would get to play with her more than I would" Sara looked at her "whats stopping you from moving in with me. If it's our kids, we can cross that bridge when we get to it." Bounty laughed "I know why you want her, so I can't torture anymore." "I never said we were not off limits to what ever kinky shit we come up with for each other.

Just an added little slut to fuck." As the girls climbed into the car Bounty took the remote and showed Sara as she cranked it all the way to ten then hovered her thumb over the switch." Oh, you fucking bitch don't you OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH FUCK ME AHHHHHHHHHH" Sara's body went completely rigid her hands gripping what ever she could. She started thrusting her hips involuntarily. Bounty smiled as she left the vibe on. She looked down between Sara's legs just as her pants started to darken.

Sara thrust her hips uncontrollably as her orgasm crested she felt her bladder let go. Piss flowed from her bladder; she couldn't stop it. Her jeans quickly soaked.

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As her orgasm subsided, she relaxed and rested her ass back on the seat. "FUCKING BITCH" she growled. Bounty put the car into gear and turned the car towards the house. Bounty laid in bed next to Sara and watched her as she slept.

She knew she was exhausted from her experience. But Bounty knew she had enjoyed it. She reached over and caressed Sara's arm from the shoulder to her hands then back.

She snuggled up close to Sara and fell asleep. Mid afternoon the girls were up and about getting ready to leave. Bounty put on her favorite skirt and button down top, Sara put on a pair of tight jeans and t-shirt.

Bounty looked at Sara disapprovingly. Sara saw the look, "What? I'm driving this time, and I don't need you distracting me trying to finger fuck me." "Fine as long as your top goes up while we are headed to Denver. I'm not going to be the only one flashing the truckers." With that said the girls headed out.

Throwing their bags in the back, the girls jumped in and headed to Denver. Nearly an hour had passed, and they were south of Denver. A long line of trucks in the right lane. "We should have already been there, but you slut just had to get the truckers all hot and bothered." Bounty laughed as she tweaked her nipples for the trucker next to them. "Hey you have to admit it's fun, and we don't have to be there for another hour." Sara shook her head Bounty was right it was fun getting the drivers all hot and bothered.

Then Sara looked at Bounty. "You remember our waitress from last night? "Yeah what about her?" Bounty looked at Sara wondering why she was bringing her up now.

"Well, what do you think about inviting her over one night after you get moved in." Bounty was taken aback a little about the moving in part, Sara was serious about it. "Hmm, I have not thought about it. I don't see a problem, but we can talk about it later." Sara looked at the next truck and thought she saw a female in the mirror of the next truck. "get ready we have tits ahead I believe." As they passed, the next truck Bounty looked up to see a young girl of about 25 behind the wheel of the 18 wheeler.

The girl looked down at her and when she saw Bounty looking she stood up revealing a beautiful set of what Bounty gathered were at least DD's. Bounty lifted one of her tits to her mouth and sucked on a nipple while rubbing her clit. The girl reached over and pulled on the air horn chord in approval.

Finally getting into Denver Sara took the southern loop around Denver headed to Aurora. "Where is that hotel we are staying at again?" Bounty grabbed her phone and pulled up the app looking for the hotel.

"According to this it's over near the Harley dealer, and Flying J truck stops there in Aurora. After we jump off 225 onto 70 East, we need to take the N. Airport Exit. Mikes club is a block from there." 45 minutes later they had exited off I 70 and were winding their way around to the hotel. Bounty picked up her phone and texted Mike. We made it to town and are stopping at the hotel to change and headed to the club. As they pulled up to the hotel Bounty's phone buzzed.

She clicked on the message. Ok, see you two sexy bitches in a few. Just text me when you pull up. After getting their room, the girls quickly changed. Bounty kept her skirt but put on her more revealing corset, Sara put on a short skirt which just barely covered her ass and a small v-cut top revealing a lot of cleavages. Bounty grabbed her goody bag, and the girls headed out the door. When they pulled up, Bounty shot Mike a quick message that they had arrived, as they stepped from the car Mike opened the door.

As they both got to the door, Mike kissed both girls. Once inside the entered a hallway with a window at the far end. Mike have them give the girl working the window their info. A few minutes later she handed them both their membership cards. Sara looked at hers and saw the words, permanent Member, looking at Mike she asked why it said permanent. "Just like it says you are permanent members of the club. Only six people have that classification." Mike opened the next door as he explained. The girls followed him into the next room.

The main room was enormous with seats enough to sit about 300 people. On one end was a raised platform with one large chair with two nice sized tables on either side.To their right was another stage with two stripper poles on either side, With seats lined around it. To their left was a nice sized bar. Mike turned to look at them both. "Rules of the club are simple.

No full nudity and no sexual acts that are reserved for up stairs." He pointed towards the set of stairs between the bar and a door next to the center stage. "If you want to play on the stripper stage then add your name over there at DJ room" Pointing just behind them he looked at the window with sound equipment.

Mike had them follow him to the stage to the back. "This is my area here reserved for friends only." Sara saw two pillows on either side of the center chair," Um those pillows are not for us are they" Mike laughed "No sweetheart those are for my girls." Mike stepped on a button on the floor to the right of the chair.

Two girls stepped out of a door on the opposite side of the stage from the stairs. Both girls wore what looked like doll faces, and both were to topple. The masks only revealed their eyes and mouths. "Bounty and Sara meet Neela and Keela." The two girls gave a slight bow to Bounty and Sara. Sara couldn't take her eyes off the masks; they were kind of freaking her out. Mike noticed her discomfort. Laughing he removed the masks revealing their faces then replaced them.

"I got the mask ideas from the band "In This Moment" with Mia's Blood Girls. All the girls except the girl at the entry window were them. No one will know their identities.

The only difference is Neela and Keela serve my interests. And of course, those are not their real names. I prefer to protect their identity and you two other than those employed here know what they look like." Sara relaxed a little and the more she looked, the kinkier the thoughts in her head got.

Bounty stepped up to Neela. Then looked at Mike. He shook his head. Bounty reached up and pinched a nipple and began to lift. Neela winced a little but excepted the pain.

When Bounty reached a level, she liked she lightened her pinch and pulled till the nipple popped out from between her thumb and finger. Neela let out a slight moan. Mike ushered the girls back to the other room. Then took them to the bar where quickly met by a female bartender wearing the same style of baby doll mask. "This is Melody, and the other bartender is Sandy, who is speaking of which is late.Either way, both girls can make any drink you want." Next, he leads them to the door next to the stairs.

When he opened it they could hear the sounds of dogs barking. When the entered the room, Sara and Bounty noticed all the sound proofing material covering the walls all around the large room.

The room was just a slight bit smaller than the main room. Looking around Bounty counted forty-two cages each containing various size dogs.

Each one was of fair size for each dog to have plenty of movement. Mike spoke up," Each pup is very well taken care of, and they are on a special diet, and they get exercise several times a day." Sara looked quizzically at Mike "why do you have dogs at a club?" Again Mike laughed, "my club has its name for a reason, plus this is the only club that has dogs for sexual purposes." Sara gasped, "wait you mean these dogs are trained to fuck, as in bestiality?" " Yes, hun they are trained to fuck.A lady taught ten of them in Fl where I went to get them.

The others were trained here by two very dedicated ladies. All these dogs will only fuck on command. Otherwise, they are very well behaved." Sara shivered at the thought, but what made her uneasy is the fact that the thoughts in her head of some girl getting pounded were turning her on.

She looked at Bounty. "Are you into this?" Bounty looked at Sara and gave her a sly smile he went over to a cage to look at a beautiful Husky. Mike led them out of the kennel and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, they entered another large room. All throughout the chamber, there were couches and a scattering of tables.

Mike turned, "here in this room oral and full nudity is allowed. To my right is a hallway that leads to 20 private rooms, in those rooms you can have up to 10 people including a photographer and videographer, which is provided by the club I have 5 of each. Which leads to another rule, No private photos, and videos. But otherwise, all SD cards will be handed to who ever paid for it. Also available if a person wants a DVD can be made and sold in the club to members only.

Fifty percent goes to the owner of the video. Only videos not made into a DVD are K9 videos." As Mike was talking Sara couldn't shake the thoughts running through her head. One was of Bounty on her hands and knees getting fucked by the Rottie she saw in the kennel. Even worse was her pussy was soaked and juices running down her leg. Fuck whats wrong with me she thought. "To my left down this hallway are ten rooms all public play rooms. Two of the rooms have just beds, but others have different toys." Mike looked at Sara who seemed very frustrated.

"Whats wrong sweetheart." Sara turned flush then stammered, "Um well I uh um where does um uh the play happen with the dogs?" Sara could feel her face brighten. Bounty chuckled at Sara's quandary.She leaned over and kissed Sara. She whispered in Sara's ear,"I can tell not only are you embarrassed, but you are so turned on that your pussy is leaking down your legs." Sara's head spun, "oh my god she knows oh my god." Sara thought to herself. Mike chuckled, he loved watching a woman get uncomfortable.

They only happen in private rooms under the supervision of the trainers. Would you like to watch?" Sara started to blush. "Um uh, I uh yeah I mean I guess so." Mike pulled out a small radio," Kelly bring Boss to PR14″ then switched channels "Neela get your ass to PR14 now." Within seconds the heard Neela running up the stairs, without stopping she ran pass them.

They followed behind her. As they came to a door, it opened and out came a girl wearing a baby doll mask and holding the leash of a large pit bull.

Mike explained that that door led down to the kennel and was locked to prevent accidental entry. "Only myself and trainers are allowed into the enclosure unless I bring someone in." They followed Kelly down the hall to the room.

They entered the room; they saw Neela naked sitting on a stool. Kelly told Boss to sit, when he did she unhooked Boss from his leash. Mike moved over to Neela and leaned over and whispered something into her ear. She nodded and laid back and spread her legs.

Sara looked down and was intrigued by the fact Boss had not moved. As she looked at him from her position, she saw his cock peeking out. She felt a shiver run through her body. Mike called Boss over and then patted Neela on her pussy. Boss walked over and shoved his massive head between Neela's legs.Mike motioned for the girls to step over to watch. Neela moaned as she felt the big dog's tongue rub her clit. Sara knelt down on one side, and Bounty knelt on the other.

Bounty wanted badly to rub her pussy, but she just let her body crave being touched. She looked over at Sara. She was transfixed at the action before her. Bounty smiled she knew getting a dog to fuck Sara was not going to be a hard thing after this. She knew Sara's curiosity was going to get the better of her. Sara listened and watched Neela squirm. She watched transfixed as Boss's tongue disappeared upside inside her pussy.

Each time his tongue hit her clit, Neela would buck her hips. Neela was being driven nuts. She loved Boss but hated being licked by him. He is a big tease when licking. She was also a little nervous other than Master Kelly and her sister Keela she had not been watched by anyone else.

But it was exciting. Her orgasm was building then Boss would lick her leg or sniff her, and it would subside. "Boss back up" Mike commanded him then told him to sit. Boss complied. Sara looked at Boss then down between his legs. More of his cock was protruding. With out even realizing she was doing it she started to lick her lips.

She caught herself wondering what it would taste like. She shook her head "fuck" she thought to herself. Bounty also was looking at Boss's cock and wishing she could wrap her lips around it. She could just imagine each of his spurts hitting the back of her throat. "Neela assume the position." Mike reached down and tweaked her right nipple making her move a little faster. When she got on her hands and knees and was positioned, Mike looked at Boss. "Boss fuck your bitch." then slapped Neela's ass.

Boss wasted no time he wanted to breed his bitch. First, he shoved his muzzle into her pussy then mounted onto her back. He started thrusting after several experimental thrusts and several scoots forward his cock found the jackpot. Without any warning, he began thrusting at an extreme pace. Neela screamed as Boss's cock rammed into her pussy. "OH FUCK FUCK YES FUCK ME FUCK ME!" Sara jumped a little bit when Neela screamed.

But as she watched transfixed Boss's thrusts were fast and furious. She could hear his body slamming into hers. And from the moans, she was making she was enjoying herself. Neela gripped the rug she was on. Her orgasm building, she was holding it as long as she could she wanted to cum when they knotted. Boss was pounding her fast she could feel his knot growing.

"OH GOD YES I CAN FEEL HIS KNOt, FUCK FUCK!" With one solid lunge Boss shoved his swollen knot one last time into her. "AAAAAAAHHHHH FUCK HES KNOTTED ME, IM CUMMING OH FUCK!" Toes curling Neela let her orgasm roll through her body. Boss kept pumping her his knot swelling and pressing against her g-spot.

Neela's eyes opened wide' "HE'S CUMMING INSIDE ME, OH MY GOD ITS SO HOT." Without warning another orgasm hit her. Sara watched as her mind wished she was in Neela's place, wondering what it felt like.

Part of her wanted to, she wanted to get fucked but kept her mouth shut in embarrassment. Bounty's mouth was drooling, the thought of that hot cum hitting her pussy was almost torture just thinking about it.

She wanted to get under Neela and suck the cum out of her pussy; she wanted to swallow that cock and drain Boss's balls. Neela was in heaven.

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She loved when Master let her fuck the dogs. She loved it, even more, when Keela was under her. Some time passed, and finally, Boss's knot shrank enough to pull out.Cum poured from Neela's pussy. She slid her body down and laid on her stomach as Boss licked her pussy clean. Sara looked to the back side of Boss and let her mouth open as she stared at his cock and still slightly swollen knot. She felt her mouth start to water. Before she could force herself to lean toward it, Neela spun herself and positioned herself under Boss.

With one hand she grabbed his cock just behind the knot. She lifted her head slightly opening her mouth she slid his cock into her mouth. She closed her eyes as she bobbed on his cock, feeling cum hit her tongue and the back of her throat. She reached down and rubbed her clit loving the pleasure of Boss's cock.

Mike grabbed Neela's foot and dragged her out from under Boss.A pout creased her lips. He pulled her to her feet."Get yourself clean and no playing with Keela. Bounty and Sara both got to their feet, both girls extremely wet from the show. Sara was beyond fascinated now beyond curious. She wanted to get fuck, and she wanted to fuck now. Mike motioned for them to follow. "Dinner will be here in a few minutes, so we need to head downstairs.

Bounty and Sara sat at one of the tables at the center stage to the right of Mikes chair. Both his girls were kneeling on pillows on either side of the seat.

Sara couldn't take her eyes off Neela. Her thoughts are going back to earlier when she fucked the Pitbull and then sucking his cock. Sara could feel her pussy quiver. Bounty was watching the small but growing crowd of people coming into the club. She noticed Sara had not paid attention but instead looking at Mike's girls. "Sweetheart whats on your mind?" Sara snapped out of her trance.

Then stammered "nothing just off in another world" she laughed then turned to look at the rest of the club.

"Yeah, sure you are. You're looking at Neela like you want to fuck her brains out." Bounty said with a giggle. Sara blushed a little. She knew Bounty had to know how she was feeling. But couldn't admit to it. She was embarrassed. A waitress came up to the table, and like the others was wearing one of the baby doll masks. "Would you ladies like something to drink? Mike said to let y'all know your drinks are in the house tonight." Bounty thought for a moment.


"I'll take a Cuba Libre." Sara was a little quicker with her order "I'll take a Cherry Brandy and Coke thanks." The girl turned and headed to retrieve their order. Sara had never tried one but had heard Mike mention earlier it was one of his favorites. She figured what the hell, she was already trying new things why not drink. Around eight o'clock Mike came up to the center stage and grabbed a mic. "I want to welcome everyone tonight to the Grand Opening of The Doghouse. Tonight I would like to start the night by having one of my favorite songs played.

In This Moments song Blood. And for the entertainment, My girls will be on the poles." Mike turned and looked at his girls. They both jumped up and made their way to the other stage. "While they are headed that way. I want to wish everyone a great and kinky night.

Have fun and remember No Means No. All else is fair play." Mike nodded toward the DJ booth. The room came alive with music, and both girls started working the poles in perfect unison. Mike came over to the table and sat in one of the chairs. "Well so far at last count we have 86 guests, and still more coming in. I would say the clubs are opening night is going to be a success." Bounty and Sara both nodded with agreement. Sara stood up and excused herself and headed to the bathroom.

Entering the bathroom, she noticed there were a total four open stalls and six closed stalls. The open stalls were human urinals two female and two male urinals. All four were wearing baby doll masks.

A sign above them read "Piss only any violation of this will get you banned for life" She stepped up to the first female urinal. She pulled up her skirt and aimed for the girl's open mouth. She squatted as close as she could without losing view of the girl, relaxing her bladder she let out a nice steady stream.

She adjusted a little trying to aim the stream into the girl's mouth. To the girl's credit when the piss entered her mouth she quickly began to guzzle every drop she could.

Sara's mind raced back to her first night that she was introduced to the whole piss play thing. How not only did she feel humiliated but how excited she was. As her piss died down, she was about to straighten up when her urinal lifted her head and licked her pussy. Sara closed her eyes and moaned at the instant pleasure. She finally broke contact and stood up and let her skirt drop and headed out the door. Bounty sat watching the girls work the poles. Several people had gathered around the stage to watch.

She glanced at Mike he was looking carefully to make sure no one did anything they were not supposed to. She knew from experience how protective he was. Hell, he had beat a guy to a pulp several years ago when she still lived in Grand Junction for hitting her nose and causing it to bleed.

He had wound up in jail for it too. But when the guy didn't show to press charges, and they discovered he had warrants, The police dropped the charges and let Mike go free.

Mike decided then and there he would never share with any man period. Bounty went back to watching the girls. She was impressed at how they stayed in unison on the polls. She couldn't keep her eyes off Neela though, and her thoughts kept going back to earlier that day of Neela getting fucked by that Pit. God how she had wanted to get under and suck that pussy dry. Her thoughts went back to the first time she had been made a bitch.

Mike had come to town. They met up in a hotel there in Grand Junction. He had brought with him this beautiful Husky. Mike never touched her that night but that husky fucked her silly.

She had been amazed at how many times he had fucked her, and god that beautiful knot swelling inside her. Bounty shook her head. Mike glanced over at Bounty about the time she shook her head. "Are you ok?" Bounty felt her cheeks turn red. "Yeah just remembering my first time with that husky you had brought that night several years ago." Mike laughed. "Yeah, he fucked you real good that night.

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Not to mention the several blow jobs you gave him. Sure do miss that dog." Sara returned to the table and sat down.


"Mike I must compliment you on your restroom. Those urinals can take a lot of piss, not to mention clean you up quite well." "Yea they are good quality.

I'm glad you like them." Mike turned his attention back to the girls as the song was coming to an end. Both girls were near the top of the polls, bodies outstretched and spinning in different directions, just barely missing each other's toes by mere inches. By the end of the song, the girls had slid to the bottom of their polls. They each touched down and let go then bowed to the audience and made their way back to their kneeling pillows.

As the DJ put on the next song, Sara looked at Mike and blushed as she asked him a question. "Um just out of curiosity I thought bestiality was illegal, and why would you take a chance on getting busted?" "Yes it's illegal but many people asked for it to be available here and I aim to please. Again that is one of the benefits of being sole owner I don't worry about others trying to make decisions.

The only way people will know that the dogs are here is if they request because a dog has already fucked a friend." As Mike finished, his girls came up each giving him a kiss on his cheek and returning to their kneeling pillows.

Mike excused himself and headed back into the crowd to great new people coming in. Sara turned and looked Bounty straight into her eyes. "Alright slut time to come clean. Earlier when Neela was getting pounded by that dog, you looked like you wanted to be in her place. So start talking." Bounty sat quietly and smiled "Bitch don't even try to go there you were just as turned on. You were squirming like your pussy was on fire." "No the fuck you don't, there is no way in hell I'm letting you dodge this by making it about me.

Something tells me you have done this before, and that you enjoyed it. So answer me are you a dogs bitch or what?" Sara narrowed her gaze at Bounty. Bounty knew she was not going to be able to avoid the question.

But she also knew from Sara's reaction earlier that Sara was hooked and would be a matter of time, and she would be begging for the knot. "Yea I have on three occasions. Each time with one of Mike's Husky he used to have. The first time I was mounted and knotted several times, and I also sucked the dog off multiple of times. Ever since I have been hooked." Bounty watched Sara's reaction.

Sara almost couldn't believe her ears. She could only imagine Bounty bent over on all fours getting pounded by a beautiful husky. She remembered Neela's reaction when the Pit shoved his knot into her. As turned on as she was part of her felt like she couldn't do it. Part of her wanted to. But the thought was making her pussy wet. Nearly 2 hours had a pass, and the club was almost full. Nearly 200 people had shown up. Bounty got up and walked over to Mike.

"Hey, I want to take Sara to a private room. Would you and the girls join us? And can we have one of the Husky brought up later? Mike smiled "It would be a pleasure to join you ladies."Mike keyed his mic."What rooms are available at this time" A few seconds passed then he keyed up again. "Ok reserve 6, have Sherry meet me there with her equipment and Margret get Kimbo ready I'll let you know when to bring him up." Mike stood up and looked at his girl's let's go.

Bounty grabbed Sara by her hair. "come on you little slut I'm in the mood to fuck." Sara complied, and they headed up stairs. As they got to the top, about 16 people were sitting, kneeling or standing around the main upstairs room. Bounty watched for a moment as two girls were steadily sucking off one gentleman.Another couple was on a couch, the girl riding a man's face, and from the looks was about to cum.

Two girls were another couch enjoying a 69 with each other. Mike asked "so do you think the club is a hit tonight?" Sara responded, "Oh yeah definitely a hit." They rounded the corner and walked to room 6. Standing at the door was the cam girl with her equipment. Sara turned to look at Bounty. She was a little apprehensive about being filmed but knew Bounty wouldn't allow anything go bad.

They entered the room, and Sara noticed this room was slightly different. Instead of what she saw in the chamber earlier, she saw what looked like side ways cross, next to it was four beams built into a large square and chains inside it in with a web configuration. A giant King sized bed, a nice sized stool as well as a few chairs.

There was a large cabinet in one corner. "This is the only BDSM private room. It's not fully equipped, but it has enough for lots of fun." Mike walked over to the cabinet and opened it.

Inside were several styles of floggers, whips. There were various restraints, gags, and other various toys. "If you want any other toys you need to bring your own." Bounty quickly stripped and walked over to the chain web. "Mike, would you do the honors? I'm in the mood for some pain." Smiling she got herself positioned.

Mike grabbed several items from the cabinet and handed them to his girls. "Get Bounty secured for me." Then he grabbed two of the floggers a crop and a small box. Sara saw the box. "Whats in there?" She asked pointing at the box.

"Oh, that would be a tens unit. It's one of my favorite toys." Glancing at the cam girl. "You have it already?" Sherry nodded and lifted her came up and began filming the girls securing Bounty. Sara grabbed one of the chairs and positioned it so she could watch. Once the girls were done Bounty wiggled around to make sure the restraints were going to hold.

She knew from experience when Mike used a tens unit she was going to do a lot of moving. Mike handed the crop and flogger to Keela. "Neela go service Sara's pussy." Neela quickly complied and knelt in front of Sara and pushed her skirt up and leaned forward and applied her mouth to Sara's pussy. Sara threw her head back at the intrusion of a new tongue on her pussy.

She grabbed Neela's hair and pulled her face closer. Mike knelt down and opened up the Tens Unit box. He removed the unit and set it down just between Bounty's spread legs. "This unit is not cheap. It has four connections for maximum effect. Very powerful and guaranteed to make you wet yourself as you have a mind blowing orgasm." As he talked about the unit, he removed several wires from the box and plugged them into the unit.

He pulled out three packages and opened them. He removed a plastic film out of one package and removed the electrodes. Placing these on either side of Bounty's pussy. Standing up he removed another and applied those to her left breast.

He removed the final two and applied those to her right breast. He then grabbed a set of wires and plugged them into the electrodes attached to her pussy. As he was plugging them in, he saw her pussy was starting to drip. Reaching down he flipped a switch and turned the nob just slightly. Bounty felt the electric pulse hit her pussy and thrust her hips forward. She bit her lip. Her pussy quivered uncontrollably. Mike smiled at her reaction and cranked the nob two notches.

And watched as Bounty began to thrust her hips. He quickly turned it off. As he did so, he heard Bounty whimper. He then took the other set of wires and plugged them into each electrode attached to her tits.

Satisfied with the set up he knelt down next to the machine. Sara was in heaven. She had to admit Neela knew how to use her tongue, and she seemed not to mind having a pussy grinding her face.

At the moment she had completely forgotten what was going on with Bounty. Bounty felt her body tense up expecting the electrical pulse that would soon hit her body.

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She didn't have long to wait. Mike flipped the other two switched on. Looking and smiling up at Bounty he turned the switches on for her tits to five. The pulses hit, and Bounty lost control of her body. She pulled against her restraints as though she was trying to escape.

She fought the urge to scream. Mike turned the second nob; this nob increased the quickens of the pulses. He then turned the nob for her pussy electrodes to the three position. As Bounty pulled up her hips thrust out a word from the third pulse. She lost her battle of not screaming. "OH FUCKING GOD AHHHHHH OH FUCK OH FUCK" Mike quickened the pulse on Bounty's pussy.

He then intensified her tit electrodes. Just as quickly he shut them down. Bounty slumped, her breathing was labored. She managed to get a few words out between breaths. "Oh fuck god damn that felt so fucking good." Mike adjusted the pulses to a slower pulse, then turned all three nobs to six.

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Bounty's body once again lurched as she pulled hard on her restraints. "OH MY FUCKING GOD YES YES YES!" She was so ready to cum. She could feel the orgasm building. Before she could, Mike turned off the Tens.

"OH god no please please let me come to Sir, please. She begged and pleaded for him to turn it back on. Between Neela lapping at her pussy and watching Bounty begging to cum, she was more than ready for an intense fuck. She pulled Neela's hair even tighter feeling her orgasm building. Mike flipped the switches to seven then began increasing the pulse to its full intensity.

He moved him, and the unit to the side then instructed Keela to get down in between Bounty's legs and be ready to drink. Bounty screamed in pain and pleasure as the pulse came faster and sharper. Her hips bucked uncontrollably. Her orgasm began to build. She gritted her teeth and screamed between clenched teeth as she felt Mike increase the intensity higher. Her eyes squeezed shut "I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING OH FUCK FUCK FUCK DON'T STOP PLEASE DON'T STOP!" Bounty's hips bucked faster she felt her bladder let go as her orgasm slammed her body.

Keela opened her mouth wide as the stream of piss hit her face. It wasn't easy catching the piss in her mouth as Bounty bucked her hips But she didn't care she loved being soaked in piss. She drank every drop that landed into her mouth. One thing Bounty loved was pissing when she was cumming. And her bladder was full from all the drinking. Orgasm after orgasm racked her body.

She couldn't control her body at all. She could feel her energy being drained from her body, but she could care less at that moment.

Mike watched Keela try and catch all the piss and failing miserably, but she was obviously enjoying herself. She loved to pee almost as much as she did anything else. He knew she had her orgasms. Finally, he reached down and turned off the Tens.

Bounty slumped heavily against her restraints. Her breathing was heavily labored, beads of sweat started forming on her body.

Before she could gain all of her senses, she watched helplessly as Keela leaned forward and began licking her pussy and paying extreme attention to her clit. Bounty moaned loudly at the sudden pleasure. But before she could enjoy it Mike grabbed Keela by her hair and pulled her back. Sara was on her fifth orgasm or was it her sixth she thought to herself. Either way, she was in heaven. She had even squirted on a couple of them. Mike began to remove the electrodes and to give Bounty a moment as she hung from her wrist restraints.

Bounty felt moaned then let it be known she needed to pee again. Before she could finish, Keela had her mouth over her pussy greedily waiting. Bounty let her bladder go, and the golden flow filled Keela's mouth, but this time Keela had no problem drinking every drop. As the girls were each enjoying their given pleasure Mike put away the Tens unit and threw away the electrodes.

He then grabbed more restraints and some rope from the cabinet. He walked back over to the web. Moving Keela to a sitting position He then took each of Keela's hands and stretched her arms to their full length then secured them with restraints.

Then taking one of the short ropes, he tied one end to a chain then wrapped one of Bounty's leg. Then as he wrapped the rope around Keela's neck. Making sure one side was taunt he wrapped Bounty's other leg. He checked to make sure the rope wasn't too tight around Keela's throat. Taking another line, he made a couple wraps around Keela's body just below her arm pits. With one end he tied it to link then repeated with the other end making it taut enough it forced Keela towards the web.

Mike took the final rope and wrapped this one around Bounty's waist, with one end he made a few wraps around her right leg, then he wrapped it around Keela's arm then forcing it to taunt he attached it to a link near Bounty's head. He then repeated the process on the left side. With Keela now secured he reached for both floggers. Mike began to twirl one of the floggers and swing.

With each swing, he got closer to Bounty's tits. He intended to bring maximum pain to her tits. And each time he would make contact with them Bounty he knew would jerk and this jerking would tighten the rope around Keela's neck.

Bounty knew Mike was going to flog the hell out of her tits. She was ready and was welcoming the incoming pain. Her pussy was soaking wet, and Keela was not helping matters especially now that she could not move. Mike took great care with his distancing. He inched each swing closer. The first contact caught Bounty's left nipple then her right nipple.Back and forth he switched.

Bounty felt the sting of each hit one her nipples. She sucked in a breath and closed her eyes. Trying to will herself not to move. But with each hit more of her tits were being affected by the leather. Her tits bounced with each solid hit.

She resisted the urge to pull on her wrist restraints. Mike knew bounty could handle pain, but he also knew the more he increased, the more pain he could inflict.

His swings became slower, but he put more behind each blow. Bounty jerked a little when the strikes began to increase. Her tits were starting to turn a bright red. One thing she could count on after this she would have some very lovely bruises on her breasts. The pain was well worth it, and it had been a while.

Mike had only been the only one to inflict the right amount of pain. The pain she had grown to love. The blows became more powerful, and Keela could hear each hit. With each hit, her air would become restricted. She tried to focus on Bounty's clit. Her pussy was thoroughly soaked. Air restriction was another of her favorites. It always brought her massive orgasms. She loved when Master was fucking her and choking her hard. She almost always had a bruise around her neck.

And she almost always squirted so much that the bed would be soaked by the time they were done. Neela had even started choking her as well, but it had taken awhile for her to build the courage to do it. The first orgasm hit.Bounty felt as though her body was going to explode when it did.

She even heard the muffled tortured screams of Keela as the rope tightened around her neck. Bounty tried her hardest not to move, but Mike was not making it easy. Keela began to feel lightheaded s her oxygen supply began to dwindle. She formed fists with her hands, opening and closing them. Mike saw Keela's movements and quickly stopped. Reaching down he undid the neck rope and loosened it.

Keela sucked in a deep breath. Her body is trembling from her orgasm. Once again her Master had given her a beautiful gift. She closed her eyes and focused on getting her breaths. As the girls recouped, Mike started to remove their restraints. When he undid Bounty's wrist restraints, she began to collapse, her knees weak.

Mike easily caught her and helped her over to one of the chairs. Mike then turned and lifted Keela from the floor. Hugging her, he picked her up and placed her on the bed. He checked her neck closely to make sure she didn't have any rope burns then kissed her lightly on the lips. Checking on Bounty next he made sure her breast had no cuts from the leather. Bruises were good but cuts he didn't like.

He kissed each tit then kissed Bounty. "Take a rest girls I will be back in a few." He kissed each one of the girls then stepped outside the room. Bounty got up and headed to the bed and laid down next to Keela. She snuggled her up close. The night's excitement had only just begun, and she felt awesome. A few minutes later Sara and Neela joined them. All was good in Bounty's book.