Mona entbeint und anspritzen auf dem Parkplatz

Mona entbeint und anspritzen auf dem Parkplatz
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Oblivion 'Thank you for finding J'skar for me' Jeanne said 'don't forget about me when you reach the University, maybe we could help each other out some time…' Her voice trailed off, offering me something I was sorely tempted to take. She was 5ft 4 with a lovely face, deep brown eyes and glorious red hair cascading down her back. She also had just right tits, not to big and not to small.

Plus I was a horny Wood Elf who hadn't been laid since I'd left my homeland. 'Now that you mention it' I reached out and cupped her chin 'there is something you could do.' I leaned in and kissed her cherry lips, parting them with my tongue.

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I darted my tongue in and out of her mouth, playfully curling around hers, and then unravelling away. My hand wandered down her back, stroking her long hair as it went.

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I cupped her arse through her dress, feeling its firmness. With my spare hand I flicked a small amount of magic at the door, shutting and locking it. I pushed her down on the bed and lifted her dress. To my surprise I found that she'd decided not to wear panties that day! Obviously she had planned this before the moment.

To reward her determination to bed me, I plunged deep in to her awaiting snatch, earning myself a gasp. She had a faint layering of red hair above her pussy; I avoided this, not wishing hair on my tongue. I licked around her feminine folds with long solid strokes, and then with a hand I parted her outer lips and gently massaged the inner lips with them.

Her juices began to glisten and her breathing grew heavier. I quickly licked this precious dew of her with quick flicks, but soon found this was not enough. The amount there meant I had to dive in, so dive in I did, sending a wild series of shivers and quiet moans through her. My tongue penetrated deeply with the help of my fingers, causing increasing displays of passion from this mage guild leader.

When I attacked her clit she finally broke, grabbing a pillow to stifle her screams she let rip with a massive orgasm.

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Juices gushed out, which I slurped up, rather enjoying the musky taste. With her 'reward' over I decided it was my turn for something, pulling her up and pushing her to her knees, I undid my breeches. This released the monster within (well 8 and a half inches, but everyone brags). My cock flopped out, hitting her cheek. She began with the same slow teasing licks I had, but I didn't have the time. Holding her head I forced my cock into her throat.

Though unexpected, her quick reaction to accepting this meant that she didn't gag. Instead she began bobbing her head upon my dick, forcing more into her throat. Then she began to gentle hum, slowly increasing the tempo. My sperm lathered her throat when my penis erupted (the result of a three month dry spot), but she quickly had me up for another round. I pushed her down on the bed and hiked up her skirt. I contemplated her luscious arse, the milky white skin calling me more powerfully then the forest.

I looked between her clearly virgin arsehole and her previously used cunt, and then decided to treat myself and take both. Aiming myself up I launched myself into her pussy. Despite not being pristine, her pussy was still tight, milking my cock and trying to slurp it back in when I tried to remove it.

I got my rhythm going though and pounded that bitch like there was no tomorrow (which there wouldn't be if I didn't shut down those damn oblivion gates). I kept going for a couple of minutes, reaching down occasionally to massage her clit or up to massage her tits. After her second orgasm was when I made my move.

Just as she was down from a climax, I lubed up a finger with her juices and spread her creamy buttocks.

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I worked it into her arse and moved it around slightly. I knew she felt it because she froze for a moment, before deciding it felt good and went back to moaning.

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I sent a tiny pulse of magic through my finger, cleaning her out thoroughly, but at the same time giving her a pleasantly warm feeling down her sphincter. I pulled out of her pussy to the crown of my cock, and then swapped my fingers for her pussy and my cock for her arse.

I pulled her arse cheeks further apart and pushed gently against her rosebud. Her backdoor resisted for a moment and then gave up, allowing my dick to slowly enter further and further. I leaned forward, 'It'll hurt less if you don't squirm and if you relax' I whispered in her ear 'Just go with it.' I was halfway in now and progressing well. Her tight, tight arse was giving my cock sensations I hadn't felt in closer to 7 months.


I was all the way in. I pulled out, and then pushed in again. Before long my rhythm was back and I picked up the pace. I kept building my speed up until I suddenly squirted my elf juice deep inside her rectum, filling it up until it overflowed.

"See you around," I said, winking at her exhausted form "You can keep the cream, I'll be lighter without it." And with that incredibly witty remark (come on I was pressed for time) I left, just noticing J'skar holding a recording sphere going the other way. He silently slid it into his pocket as I went by and grinned at me. Thinking that it was to do with what ever prank that was next in the works, I smiled back and left the Mage's Guild house.

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This is my first real story and is based on the popular game 'Oblivon', and just in case of copyright I am not claiming to own any part of Oblivion through this story and I do not feel that I in any way own the characters or races mentioned. On the other hand though I am copyrighting this bit, but feel free to take it away and do what you like with it, be it posted on other sites or some such.

If you don't like stories with magical woodland critters and rape than please refrain from reading my next story (jokes…or is it?).

If your still reading this and wonder why I'm not shutting up, its because I need more charcters before I can post it. Does it include spaces or not?


Who knows please tell me. Soon. 4953 just 47 more. This is really quite long. Helps please. Currently making a different story to this involving Lesbianism, teen sex, anal, incest, female/older female and probably some more besides.


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