Beautiful Venus Lux fucked on the couch

Beautiful Venus Lux fucked on the couch
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A little fact Liz forget to mention was that the spare bed, in which I was supposed to be sleeping in, was also in the room Amber was sleeping in. After paying the taxi, Liz opened the door to their house and as Amber went inside Liz stopped and held me back. "Listen Ryan, I don't mind you sleeping in the same room with Amber, after the incident, (a guy at Amber's old school tried to put his hand down her skirt) I had to tell her all about sex, masturbation and everything she shouldn't have needed to know back then." She sighed as if regretting that her daughter ever had to be put through something like that.

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"So, she knows all about sex, and I can tell she likes you, hell the way you were kissing back at the hotel, I know she likes you. And I know your teenagers and want to explore with each other, but please, just remember, you are only teenagers," she smiled weakly, and put her hand on my shoulder, "You a good kid Ryan, I like you as well, but please, don't do anything stupid, okay?" I nodded, "Yeah okay Mrs Pea.

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. ." "Please, I told you, call me Liz," "Okay, Liz, thanks for being so, y'know, cool about this, and I promise, I won't do anything stupid," Liz smiled again, her hand falling from my shoulder, "Thanks Ryan, I appreciate this." Amber called and Liz walked inside, I followed and shut the door behind me. Amber house was a small, almost cottage like building, built on the slope of the valley. Because of the slope the front door actually led to the lower part of the house, where the bedroom me and Amber were in was, and a small cupboard.

Up the stairs, an open plan kitchen merged with a small living space with a TV and a couple of sofas, and a small bathroom. A second stairway led up to the bedroom where Liz was going to sleep and a small toilet.

Sitting on one of the sofas in the living space, me and Amber listened to Liz as she talked to us while making herself a drink, "Now we're not going anywhere in the morning so you can have a lie in, but in the afternoon Ryan's got to get some clothes, and I need to get some food in, so Amber, it's up to you who you go with." Looking up from her drink she saw Amber glancing across at me, "Oh okay, I'm gonna go with Ryan and give him a few fashion tips, if that's okay?" she said sweetly, "Yeah that's fine, okay night then," she said hugging Amber and making her way upstairs.

As soon as we heard the bedroom door close, we leapt off the sofa and ran, as quietly as we could, down stairs to the bedroom. Amber reached the room first and leapt onto the bed farthest from the door, "Mine!" she cried triumphantly as she sat cross legged upon the bed. I did my best to look disappointed as I slumped onto my own bed, "Oh don't worry Ryan," she said, she said in a taunting manner, "If you're a good boy, you just might be able to share it with me," grinning I pulled my head from my pillow, "Reeaally.

.?" I asked childishly, "Yes, but only if you're a good boy," she said giggling, "But first, I'm going to have a shower," leaving me hanging, she skipped off to the en-suite and I heard her sigh as the water began to cascade down from the showerhead.

She only showered for a couple of minutes before I heard the hiss of the shower stop and for another minute she must have been drying herself.

Then she stepped out, her wet semi-dry hair swept behind her back and the odd droplet of water running down her skin she sauntered out of the bathroom and stood, chewing her little finger shyly, "So," she asked, "What do you think?" I gazed up and down her naked body.

Her legs were thin but not skinny, perfectly shaped, her body curved in all the right places and her thighs ran smoothly up to her still, hairless vagina. I could see hair baby-smooth outer lips running between her legs and a wandering finger, gently circling her clit. Moving up, her small boobs lay perfectly across her chest. Despite being thirteen she looked much younger, if not for her adolescent features you would have been forgiven for thinking her only ten years old.

Despite her because of her size her boobs were still only small, but perfectly proportioned, her small tits, hardly pea sized stood erect pointing away from her chest. "So?" she asked hesitantly, "Beautiful. . ." I sighed, gazing across her naked body She walked up to me slowly. I was still lay on my back on the bed and as she reached me, she crawled onto the bed and straddled my stomach.

Her boobs hung inches away from me but my arms were pinned by her knees, so I contented myself with gazing into those wonderful eyes as she spoke. "I thought. . tonight, maybe I could show you how I, pleasure myself, and then you could return the favour," she said, stroking a finger up my chest and across my lips.

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"Sounds good," I whispered, pulling her down I planted a kiss on each of her erect tits, then pulled her down further and kissed her gently on her lips. There was no resistance as I touched her lips with my tongue and once again our tongues swam around each other, twirling and twisting as our saliva mixed.

Slowly she eased away and our lips parted. She rolled over me towards her own bed and, after rearranging a few pillows to better support her, she lay down and placed a hand between her legs. Swinging my legs to the edge of my bed I shuffled down to get a better view. Her fingers were slowly rotating around her clit, while her other hand stoked up and down her opening.

She was teasing herself. Her whole body shook as a first finger plunged into her twat, and then a second. She released her breath as they slowly eased their way in, up to the knuckle, and then eased their way out again.

She continued slowly for a minute or so before she pulled out her wet fingers and began rubbing her clit between them. "Ryan. .

." she said between breaths, "In the draw. .


. something I want. . could you get it?" she asked. Leaning over to the bedside draw she'd pointed at, I pulled it open and inside was several pairs of thin laced panties and a few small bras. "Underneath them!" she said, and then moaned as her fingers plunged back into her twat. I'd pulled out most of the panties by now, and at the bottom I saw the long seven inch dildo she'd fucked Holly with, just over a week before, and a pack of condoms. I grabbed them both and lay them on Amber's bed before putting the underwear back in the draw.

"Oh god yes!" she whimpered pulling her fingers out of her twat.


Which was now glistening with her juices. With one hand rubbing her clit she grabbed the dildo and, as she moved her hand away began circling her glistening cunt. I moved across to the end of her bed and sat cross-legged, watching as the dildo slid around her soaking cunt. I heard Amber groan and her hand moved the dildo directly over her twat and pushed it in.

She whimpered as her pussy opened to let the invading item in. Letting her cunt adjusted to the dildo inside her, Amber looked up at me and sighed, "When I tell you," she said, "Lean forward and lick me out," she said it like a command but her eyes were pleading with me and I could tell she wanted me to. I nodded and she smiled as she closed her eyes. Turning her attention back to the dildo still nestling inside her, Amber pushed the dildo down, almost so it was pointing up towards her stomach from the inside.

Still applying pressure she slowly pulled the dildo out, shuddering as it passed a certain point. Repeating her pattern she pushed the dildo as far as it would go and, still keeping it pointing upwards she pulled it out.

Again she shuddered and I wondered what it was but it was obvious she was enjoying it. Leaving the dildo deep inside her, Amber flicked a switch on the end of the toy. It started humming and I could see its blurred outline as it vibrated within her. She clamped her knees to stop her vibrating toy from slipping out and beckoned me with a single, wet finger.

"Oh god Ryan," she panted, "Oh god I'm so close," she muttered, almost to herself. "Ryan, when I pull it out," she nodded towards her legs, "You bury your face there yeah?" she whispered.

Again I nodded and saw her smile, she slowly eased her legs open and I moved back to the end of her bed. I could see her slowly easing the dildo out, pleasuring every vibration it sent rippling through her body. I moved lay with my feet hanging off the edge of the bed and my face hovering so close to her wet cunt the smell of her juices were overpowering my nose. "Okay. . ." she said warning me, "Now!" she whipped the dildo from out of her soaking twat and I buried my tongue in the opening before the lips had even registered the dildo's exit.


I swirled my tongue around her cunt and felt it squeezing me. I placed my lips over her cunt and sucked the juices from around and inside her opening. I flicked my tongue from side-to-side across her cunt lips, sending ripples of pleasure down her body.

Amber had prepared herself well, for only a minute after I had latched onto her cunt I felt the ripples of her orgasm shuddering down her body, her cunt muscles latched onto my tongue I she stifled a cry as waves of pleasure rolled down her.

"Oh god! Oh god yeah!" she cried as wave after wave of blinding pleasure rippled across her body, "Oh my god!" she managed to groan, as the pleasure slowly subsided and she looked down between her legs. I lifted my face from the bed Amber looked down and she couldn't suppress a giggle as I wiped her juices from my eyes. "You could have warned me," I said, wiping yet more of Amber's cunt juice from my face. "I didn't know that would happen," she giggled leaning over, "I've never squirted before," still grinning she sat back up with a pair of panties in her hand.

"Come 'ere you," she said her hand stretched toward me. "Let me give you a hand." I rose off the bed and sat beside her and she smiled as she raised her clean white panties to my face and slowly wiped away the liquid running down my face.

"So," she asked, "Are you gonna' show me now?" "I dunno'," I said faking a yawn, "What! No! You promised," she whined as she hit me with the now wet panties, "Don't you go to sleep now!" I fell backwards onto her bed and she leapt across me, a leg either side of me, her hands pinning me down. "Okay, okay," I said laughing, "But only if you do me a favour," "What?" she asked, looking at me suspiciously, "You've got to start me," I said grinning.

"Oh fine!" she said, trying to pull a face at me. I pulled of my shirt and trousers, only my boxers now stood between my erect cock and ambers ready hands. I sat up against the bed's headrest and motioned to Amber, "Go on then," Slowly she crawled onto the bed and pulled down my boxers. With a slap my five inch dick sprung free and Amber pulled the boxers the rest of the way and flung them across the room.

"Kneel," she said, "I've got an idea," Cautiously I kneeled, my legs together I sat back so my arse was close to my feet.

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My dick was pointing upwards now, its swollen, red head twitching as I awaited ambers idea. I didn't wait long because as soon as I was kneeling Amber stepped across me, with a foot either side of me her so recently cleaned cunt was already starting to leak in front of me. I leaned forward slightly and licked up and down her cunt, but not penetrating her. I flicked her clit with my tongue and nibbled it gently. Amber moaned above me so I continued, and soon her cunt was wet with juices again.

She slowly crouched down until her open cunt was millimetres away from my quivering cock, and I was level with her small round boobs. Fitting nearly her whole breast into my mouth I began to tease her with my tongue. I flicked her hard tit several times before gently circling it with the tip of my tongue. I heard Amber groan and a released her tit and look up, her face was contorted with pleasure, and, as I released her she lowered herself down further, her wet twat opening to let my swollen dick enter.

Amber whimpered as her arse cheeks hit my hips and she slowly stretched her legs out behind me to steady herself. I could feel the blood pulsing through her cunt as its slick walls encompassed my cock, I felt her every movement as the muscles within her clenched and unclenched my dick. She leaned in towards me and whispered in my ear. "This is all your getting tonight," she whispered cruelly, "But tomorrow I have a special game we can play," My mind wandered to any number of games she might have in store for me but I was brought back to the present as her tongue slipped between my lips and for a third time this night we kissed.

Amber could taste the faint remnants of her juices that Ryan had so dutifully cleaned her of. She felt the fullness of his cock inside her and she moaned as it twitched within her. I broke the kiss with a gentle push to slip my hands between us so I could feel her boobs, each round fleshy orb filled my hand and I squeezed gently as I gazed down at them. I fingered each tit and twisted and pulled them as Amber moaned. Finally Amber pulled her legs closer and stood, her cunt releasing my cock with an audible 'pop'.

"I'm really tired," she said yawning, "D'you mind if I watch you from my bed?" she asked quietly. "Sure," I nodded, She opened her draw and put the dildo and unused condoms away, and then she pulled out a matching pair of white bra and panties with little pink spots dotted about. When she'd pulled the covers around her I began.

Slowly at first, I gripped my pussy soaked cock in one hand and began rubbing up and down. I groaned as my pre-cum began to seep out and mixed with ambers slick juices.

My rhythm increased and my hand bounced up and down my cock, I looked across at Amber who was watching intently and had slipped beneath her covers.

I felt the blood pumping through the veins along my dick, a reached with my free hand and cupped my balls. I stroked them gently and I felt my dick quiver. "Oh god Amber," I moaned, "I'm cumming," Then my dick released its load and cum splurted into the air, I closed my eyes as immense pleasure rolled over me. First from eating out Amber, then from her sitting on me and letting me feel her breasts, and, from jerking myself off to sounds of innate pleasure coming from Amber.

The cum streamed out of my dick and as my head lay back onto the pillows I felt myself drift into a peaceful sleep, full of dreams of Ambers special games. Completely unaware of my naked body left uncovered on the bed. * * * * * Liz lay on her bed, her eyes closed, her fingers tracing circles around her clit. She moaned as a stray finger wandered across her twat and it left a trail of slick juices along her hips.

She kicked the covers off of her and revealed her naked body to the moonlight coming through the roof-mounted skylight. She moaned again, her body seeming to soak up the moonlight.


Hooking her thumbs around the white panties and pushed them down, sending them across her small room with a flick of an ankle. Her bra was already on the floor, and, as the panties joined it Liz slowly dragged her hands up her body, following her curves, and stopping to lay her hands across her breasts her finger and thumb gripping the erect tits.

"Oooh god," she moaned, the feeling of her fingers teasing her sensitive tits. Kicking the covers onto the floor she sighed, a gentle breeze brushing across her body, she enjoyed the feeling of vulnerability, the knowledge that, if someone was to enter the room, she would be at the mercy of their roving eyes.

Normally, there was only Amber with her, but, with Ryan around the house, the exhilaration of discovery was at a new high. She writhed on the bed, her fingers finally making the dive into her twat, she gasped and her fingers pulled out, before plunging back in. She kept up the rhythm, her fingers plunging relentlessly in and out of her cunt. Her juices dribbling through her carefully shave pubes and dripping onto the bed sheets.

She kept up her pace but her body refused to obey, her whole body shuddered with pleasure but still her cunt refused the orgasm. Her mind screamed for release but still the freedom wouldn't come.

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Liz relented, her fingers slowing to a simple rubbing up and down. She couldn't orgasm, this had never happened before, same method, same waves of pleasure, but no orgasm, no immeasurable cascade of relief.

[i]I could go downstai. .NO! no, I couldn't, could? If someone came, I could make it to the stairs easy, no way they'd see me. But, what if, what if Ryan? No! I couldn't live it down. Her thoughts echoed through her head like waves trapped in a cave. You don't have to. They'll never see you, think of the adrenaline, the release. Another part of her mind spoke out, a part that had been suppressed for so long, long before Amber and that boy, that foolish, perverted little boy.

And yet, since that boy, she'd opened her mind again. She'd been so quick to invite Ryan, why? Because Amber likes him, she thought defensively. No! The fresh part of her mind argued, Because you like him, you want him. The thoughts dawned on her mind like a new day, the light of truth filtering through her mind. Resolute she stood, gently opened her door and padded onto the landing.

Her heart beat a solid drumbeat in her chest. Its movement pounding a pattern against her ribs. Slowly moving down the stairs, one hand against the wall, the other tentatively following the banister, Liz curled her head around the corner of the stairs, no light, no movement, they were obviously asleep.

Walking down into the living room, Liz felt her heartbeat increase, if that was possible. She sat herself down on a sofa, the same one Ryan had been on. Liz reclined and her hands traced back towards her glistening twat. Her fingers took up the rhythm she'd had in the bedroom and soon she was on the edge once again.

Her fingers slipped easily in and out of her slick cunt. Her back arched, forcing her four fingers deeper into her twat. She could feel the muscles quivering, begging for release, but, once again she couldn't cum, her body refused to orgasm. "Oh God Yes!" Liz's heart stopped.

That was Amber's voice. Her fingers pulled out, her thoughts of orgasm forgotten Liz walked slowly to the top of the stairs. Liz heard a moan and continued down the stairs, skipping the last step, the one that creaked. The door was slightly open, light from the room piercing the darkness of the hallway.

Stealing a glance through the gap she saw Ryan at the end of Amber's bed, almost drooling as he watched her daughter plunge a long vibrating dildo in and out of her twat. It shined in the light, the juices flowing over it dripping across the inside of her thighs and down onto the covers.

Ryan stood, and Liz ducked back behind the doorway. She heard them talk for a minute, than she heard a bed creak. Glancing into the room she saw Amber leaning over Ryan, his mouth latched firmly onto her tits.

Liz's hand strayed down towards her twat and a finger began circling her clit. Amber groaned, the noise covering Liz's gasp as she looked down towards Ryan's cock. Taking a second look, Liz held her breath as she saw it buried, hilt deep in her daughter's cunt.

She should feel angry, protective. But no, nothing.

All she felt was another stirring in her cunt, try as she might, she couldn't deny it. Her daughter being penetrated by this Ryan was turning her on! Liz stifled a moan of disappointment as Amber dismounted, but continued to watch intently as Ryan pumped her cock. Easily five inches long, nearing six if you were generous, Ryan's cock bounced up and down in his hand.

She watched for several minutes as he wanked, and, as he came Liz finally found her release. Tidal waves of pleasure rippled through her, she fell backwards onto the stairs and arched her back, juices flowed unchecked onto the stair carpet and left a stain as her fingers rubbed her twat.

Liz heard herself moan loudly, but Ryan's groans of ecstasy covered her moans. Finally, after she'd come round, passing out for only a few seconds, Liz stood shakily, hand on wall for support she saw Ryan, lying asleep on his bed, the covers around his ankles, his limp cock lying in his still growing pubes, coated in cum. And, as she watched, her daughter pulled back the covers, opened a draw and popped a single white tablet into his mouth, and opening the durex packet in the draw, she delicately rolled a condom over his still limp dick.

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