Chubby slut rides hard on a bbc

Chubby slut rides hard on a bbc
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Yo what's up my name is Logan I'm 17 years old and I'm a junior in high school, and truth be told I hate my school so much, I hate the sports team, I hate the stupid rules at my school, I hate pep rallies, and I hate the assholes and bitches there basically I hate everything there but most of all I hate my fucking bitch of a principal and whats worst that principal is my own mother. I've seen how she treats the other students at school she always bitches to them all the time even to me and she does it in front of my classmates and what's worst she not only bitches to me at school but also at home too.

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Well let me tell you on my looks and on my mothers looks. I'm 5'6 I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, I work out but only at home cause my mother work out at a gym for 2 hours and I have the house to myself during that time, Also I'm into rock music like all kinds of rock so yea I'm a punk rocker. I wear a lot of black and have both my ear pierce. As for my mother well first of all her names Shally she has dark brown hair and light brown eyes, she is slim and if she wasn't my mother I'd say she has a smoking hot body with 32B big round breast they look fake but trust me they are 100% completely real, some of my classmates say she maybe a bitch but she's a hot one, I even over heard a student say that she looks like a pornstar name Mackenzee Pierce.

I looked her up and yea they do look a like but the only difference is that my mom is a bit tanner and has naturally brunette hair Well lets get this story started, I was asleep soundly in my bed with out a care in the world, I was even dreaming about my childhood crush who also turn out to be the girl of my dreams Danica, shes the one I love with all my heart and I don't want to wake up but then I was bitch slapped on the face and woken up by my bitch of a mom.

"Wake up dumbass your going to be late for school" wow and I thought afternoons were her high rate bitchiness but in the mornings she's worse. "Ok ok let me go take a quick shower and get dress" mom slapped me on the shoulder "Hurry up!" "Can you get out please" Mom had an angry question kind of face then she looked down and saw me covering myself under the sheets.

"Oh my god that's disgusting, you have a fucking morning wood god your fucking disgusting Logan" I may be showing an embarrassing face right now but deep in my head I was pissed off because it's not my fault I have a morning woods any guy could have that. "That's fucking disgusting ugh! All you men are disgusting I can't even believe that I got pregnant by your asshole of a father who ever the fuck he is".

For those of you wondering about my father well first off my mom got drunk on her last day of college and decided to throw one last college party and well she got so horny and drunk she would fucked any guy at the party and she did but couldn't remember who it was, a couple months later she turn out to be pregnant and I was born and was pissed that it was a boy she kept telling me she didn't care about being pregnant from a stranger so long as she has a girl but she got me a boy.

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Anyways I once again asked her to leave then she rolled her eyes at me "Hurry the fuck up and don't even think about touching that just go pee or something" after that said she left. I quickly got up and took a quick shower and put on some punk rock cloths and left my hair messy straight wet then joined my mother in her car.

It's 5:39 in the morning sense she's the principal she has to get to school first and sense school doesn't start until 7:45 I'm stuck in her office for 2 hours when I could be sleeping. What suck about being here in her office is that she won't let me text, listen to music or even read a book outside of school only the stupid books in the schools library and they are all boring and dull, what's worst is that even though I'm doing nothing at all she still bitches at me "Logan did you do your fucking homework?" gosh she pisses me off "Yea mom I did do my homework ok so quit bitching!" shit did I just say that!

Oh man I'm in trouble. Mom is just looking at me like shes going to kill me, shes walking over here looking like she's about to explode "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME!!! HUH!!??" I gulped "Nothing I'm sorry" she keeps looking at me with those deadly eyes, "I DONT CARE THAT YOUR FUCKING SORRY, YOU SHIT FUCK!!" I can also see her fist clenching hard, and out of no were she slaps me so hard on the face I fell off my chair and my head landed hard on the floor.

"DON'T YOU EVER DISRESPECT ME AGAIN YOU GOT ME ASSHOLE!!!" I forgot to mention that the walls, windows, and the door is sound proof so no one can here us, I'm willing to bet she made sure her office was like this so that she can yell at the kids here all she wants without anyone knowing or hearing her scream at them.

"Yes mam I'm sorry mom" I swear I could taste blood in my mouth, I got up from the floor as she walked to her desk gosh I hate her! "Just sit down and shut the fuck up" my mom said. Finally it's 7:40 that means I can get out of my mothers office and I also have five minutes to get to class so I got out and went to the bathroom instead to see if I was bleeding from my mothers slap.

I looked in the mirror and at the side of my mouth I actually was bleeding and I could see the red mark on my cheek from were my mother slapped me damn just seeing this pisses me off even more! I washed off the blood and quickly ran to class and then I saw her. Danica she was standing there with her friends and by the way she's also a cheerleader and I know that preppy people and puck rockers don't get along so well but it doesn't matter because I've had a crush on her sense the 3rd grade I slowly try to approach her and she saw me with a smile like she was welcoming me, I smiled back at her to show that I accept her welcoming but before I could even say anything.


Fuck I wish she didn't walk in maybe I could have had a nice chat with Danica, I looked at my mom angrily and she looked at me with a questionable look and seeing why am I angry with her "Don't give me that look Logan get to class too or your going to get a worst punishment then detention" I don't care what she said I was standing my ground and still kept giving her my dirty look, she looked at me still wondering why I didn't listen "Are you still mad at me for hitting you, it's your own fault that fucking happen" I kept giving her the dirty look but then I just walked away.

"Oh I see I came at the wrong time, you wanted to ask out that slutty cheerleader Danica right" my mom said and that caught me off guard. I turned around a gave an angrier look, she just gave me an evil smirk and then started laughing "What's so funny mom?" mom just looked at me with evil eyes, "The reason I'm laughing is because even if you like that cheerleading slut I highly doubt she'll go out with a loser like you also even if you ask her out and by some miracle she says yes.

I forbid you from going out with anyone!" I couldn't believe me ears, did she just took away the one thing I wanted to do, I was so pissed and she just stood there with a smirk. "Now get to fucking class before I get really angry" with that said I just went to class. It was still early and first period just started and the announcement are about to start "Good morning students this is your Principal Ms. Vivian as you know the seniors and Juniors have a dance coming up this month on the 30th so hurry up and buy your tickets that is all." finally her announcement is over "Also one last announcement, this goes to all the ladies out there that are Senior and Juniors, please stay away from my wonderful beautiful son Logan he's just a boy and not yet a man so please do talk to him he doesnt know anything about the female body and I've seen his penis it's too small, he also very sensitive so please don't ask him to the dance I don't think he can even dance either please and thank you that is all" Oh my god my own mother just humiliated me again but instead of just my class she made sure the hole school heard, I can hear all my classmate laughing even the teacher himself.

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I was so angry I couldn't take it anymore this isn't the first time she humiliated me, my first day in elementary school she made me go to school in a dress just because I forgot to take out the trash, in middle school when I got detention for getting into a fight she came to my school the next day with a Teddy bear and a stupid baby blanket and gave it to me in front the entire class also Danica was in that class, she also said to everyone not to bully me cause she loved me so much.

Ever sense that day I did my best to not to get into any trouble what so ever and once I reach high school the same high school she was principal I made sure I didn't do anything for her to humiliate me until now. During every class, hall way and even lunch everyone every single student, teacher, and employer were laughing even the freshmen were laughing and all I did was just stand there and took on their laughter at me. Finally school ended I couldn't even face Danica after that morning announcement, I fallowed my mother to her car and I could see everyone pointing and laughing at me, I think I just died inside.

During the ride home I didn't say a single word "What's wrong Logan are you mad or something? Well you had that coming to you and I was only telling the truth so don't be mad at me" my mother said, she kept telling me that the announcement was mostly my fault for giving her a dirty look this morning but I just kept my mouth shut and I didn't even look at her. Once we got home I quickly did my homework and the went to get ready for work.

I took my own car keys (also my mother doesn't let me drive to school cause she thinks driving with her is better so she could keep an eye on me she only let's me drive my own car for just work).

I finally got to work and by the way I work at GameStop. I could see my 3 best and only friends Chad a chinese dude, Dante a black dude, and Kelly a lesbian white girl the best part about them is that non of them go to my school.

"Hey Logan" they all said "What's wrong?" Kelly asked, after looking at all of them I decided to tell them everything because I trust them with my life. "Whoa dude that's rough man" Chad said, "Yea I mean I know you told us your moms a bitch but damn she's just evil" Said Dante, "Yo dude do you want me to kick her ass" respond Kelly, "Thanks kelly but no she's still my mother" "Dude I remember my mother was like that once but not anymore" Chad said.

That got to me wondering if his mother was like mine then how did she become so nice I mean I visited his house once and his mom is a smoking hot piece of ass and a nice person how was she like my mom. "Ok dude you got my attention how did your mom go from bitchy to nice?" Chad looked around making sure that there wasn't any costumers coming. "Ok I'll tell you but you guys can't tell anyone" Chad told me Dante and Kelly and we all looked at each other and nodded at him yes that we wont tell anyone.

"My mom was a bitch just like yours but there's a reason for that, you see all she wanted was to get fucked and not by any man but by me" we were all shocked to hear him say that, "You fucked your own mom" I asked "Oh thank god I thought I was the only who fucks their own mom" Kelly said, "You too?" I asked and she just nodded her head I looked at Dante "What about you dude?" he looked at me "Naw bro I didnt fuck my mom but I did fuck my older bitch sister" I was speechless all my friends committed incest "So you guys are telling me I should fuck my mom?" "Hey it might be worth it she might not be that much of a bitch to you anymore" Kelly said, "Looked dude we've seen your mom and she is a smoking hot piece of ass so if I were you I fuck her" Chad explain, and so I was convinced and they all started telling me how to seduce her bit by bit and cause of that and I was surprised that I got an erection.

Once work was over all I could think about was their plan and it even got me horny. I made it home and it was 10 pm once I quickly finish my chores and a meal I made I went to bed.

That night I was dreaming of fucking Danica but then for some reason Danica turned into my mother and I got really horny and in the middle of the night I came in my underwear.


I woke up before mother could and quickly took a shower and got dress, then got the spare key I made for the principals office door just in case my mother took anything from me and left it in her office, then I waited for her outside my door, then I saw my mother coming out of her room with just a black night gown I didn't look at her but I could tell she was surprise I was awake this early.

"Your up early, did you have a bad dream or is it that you didn't wanted me to wake up like last time?" I still didn't look at her cause I don't see her as a mother anymore not after what my friends told me.

"I'll be in the car" was all I said and then walked away and waited for her in the car. It took her 40 mins but she finally got in the car she was wearing a pink button shirt on the inside of her black business vest on the outside with a black mini business skirt on and we were off to school.

I was a bit nerves but then I kept remembering when Kelly said it might be worth it. We finally got to school and enter her office, she told me to close the door and when I did I locked it without her knowing then sat and waited for my perfect timing to come.


It was 5:40 and I was just sitting in the chair there like a statue "Logan did you do your homework?"my mother asked "Yes mom I did" "what about taking out the trash?" she asked again "yes", my mother just looked at me with evil eyes trying to figure me out. "Ok sense you did all that why don't you make yourself useful and do these extra homework I got for you from your teachers" my mother said, "Why?, I'm not failing my classes?" I told her getting a little pissed.

"Oh that's why I told them you aren't challenged enough so I asked them to give you extra hard homework to challenge your small brain" she said with a smile and I can't take it anymore it's time for my friends plan to come to use. "No I'm not doing it!" I just snapped and yea thats the first step of the plan, I look at my mom and she looked pissed, perfect "WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!!" she got off her chair and walked to me like she was about to hit, she raised her hand up looking like she was about to slap me but before she landed a hit I grabbed her wrist and held it tight.

I stood up looking at her angrily "WHAT THE FUCK!

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LET GO OF ME LOGAN!" she was about to hit me with her other but I grabbed it quickly then slammed her against her wall then put both her hands together and held it with one hand while I use the other to grab her big breast but I hesitated and grabbed it softly "WHAT THE FUCK YOU PERV" my mom yelled.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU SLUTTY BITCH!!" I yelled at her and grabbed her left breast hard and squeezed it hard, I think my ears are broken because I swear I heard a soft moan coming from her mouth, (Thank you sound proof glass, doors and walls), she looked at me both scared and surprised that I talked to her like that, I'd never talk to her like that until now, "All you ever done is yell at me, abuse me, use me, and humiliate me!

And I'm fucking sick of it!

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Your nothing but a sad useless whore who just need a cock to shut her up!" man that felt good. "Logan sweaty please stop this mommy's very sorry" oh now she's sorry hell no! "Fuck you bitch your not getting out of this at all if you even try to fight back and punish me later your going to stand trial for child abuse remember bitch I'm not 18 yet so I'm still a minor" the look on her face was priceless, she looked both terrified and defeated, I let go of her hands and quickly got to her hair and pulled on it "AAAH!" mom yelled a bit from the pain "I said shut up!

Now get down on you fucking knees, DO IT!" she slowly got down on her knees while I held on her hair. "You know what people say about cranky whores like you?" she just moved her no, "They say you miss the taste and pleasure from a cock" I slowly unzipped my zipper and quickly remove my belt and popped out my 10inch cock (Yea that's right it's 10inch don't judge me cause your hating on my penis size) man my moms eyes looked like they were to pop out of her head.

"Start sucking bitch!" I told her boldly, she slowly leaned toward and licked my head then she swirled her toung around it man the feels good, I tilted my head back and closed my a bit.

I looked down and she started sucking and bobbed her head back and forth, damn her cock sucking is incredible even though this is my first blowjob. Even though this feels incredible I can't get distracted I have to stay dominate. "Take out your breast slut!" she looked up at me with hesitation and fear but I just pulled her hair hard "DO IT BITCH!".

My mother started to unbutton her shirt but stopped her just far enough to only get breast out. Holy shit her boobs look huge definitely 32B size with her dark purple Lacey bra, "Pull down you bra mother, do it BITCH!

And don't stop sucking my dick" I told her angrily while gripping her hair harder, and she kept sucking on my cock real good. She then pulled her bra down and man her areola are pretty big for a non-pregnant woman and her nipples are sticking straight out.

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I reached out and grabbed her breast and feel her nipples while moving her head back and forth on my cock and holy shot I think I'm about to cum, "Oh fuck mom I'm about to cum" I said moaning and took her mouth off my cock with out me telling her, well let's see what the bitch has to say. "Please no more Logan I don't want to eat your cum please I'm begging you" She said while crying, that pissed me off because I begged her to stop hitting me multiple times and she never stopped and now the shoe is on other foot and I'm going to make her swallow all my cum and chock on it as well, "FUCK YOU BITCH YOUR EATING ALL MY CUM AND IF YOU SPILL SOME OF YOUR MOUTH YOUR GOING TO SUFFER WORSE" and with said I grabbed her hair and neck and starting fucking her mouth hard and fast.

While doing this I could hear her scream through my cock and that sent me over the edge and I came deep and hard in her throat and rolled my eyes to the back of my head and enjoying my first and best orgasm yet. After I unloaded the last drop of my cum I let go of her neck and hair and dropped her hard on the floor and pulled my pants up, "Clean your self up you slut school is going to start in a couple of minutes" and with that said I left my mothers office with her just laying down on the floor with her breast out and panting.

I slowly open her to see if anyone trying to enter her office and lucky no did or notice all the yelling and or screaming (Thank you sound proof office) and with that I slowly walked out of her office and closed the door quickly. "Everyone listen up my mother has a lot to do and doesn't want to be distracted so please knock her door before entering or you'll get her mad and you all know how she is when she's mad" I told everyone that so they don't see how much of a slut she looks like right now on her office floor.

I finally walk out of the administrations office and walk to class, then I thought to myself (Did I really just make my mom suck my cock?)